How artificial intelligence is re-coding the way we manage our money

While there are many reasons to be excited about the potential of these witty machines, any excitement is often drowned out by the fear that we are heading towards an apocalypse of AI’s making.“Ahh! The robots are coming!” We hear people cry in the streets, as these clever machines set about to harvest our organs. Except this is not the Matrix.People often seem to get so wrapped up in visions of a dystopian future that they dismiss how beneficial intelligent machines could be in every corner of our lives.As in previous industrial revolutions that have gone before us, concerns always mount on the impact these changes will have on our livelihoods – and understandably so.Of course, it’s blue-collar jobs that largely bear the brunt of this change, and while we often talk about AI replacing manual labour roles that are easy to automate, we underestimate the impact on white-collar jobs. How artificial intelligence is re-coding the way we manage our money Wednesday 14 March 2018 11:31 am   It was 1950 when Alan Turing developed a test which looked at a machine’s ability to generate responses that were so human-like that you wouldn’t be able to tell it was a computer.Fast forward almost seven decades, and we are now at a tipping point in tech, as artificial intelligence (AI) nudges us into the so-called fourth industrial revolution. Even professional roles, such as lawyers and fund managers, will be replaced by these intelligent machines in the imminent future. “No one should be under any illusion; there is an AI company looking to replace all of our jobs,” says Simon Bussy from Altus, pointing to a study by the University of Oxford and Yale University which estimates that computers could outperform humans in all tasks by 2060. Many of us will see this change happen within our lifetime – a sobering thought by any means. There’s no doubt that jobs which require maths and logic – such as financial advice – could be better served by computers.Organisations are already automating investment processes through complex algorithms, and the shift towards AI-programmed investment management is fully underway.But what about letting a robot manage your entire financial plan? Would you be happy for a computer to help you make tricky decisions about your money? Even complex financial advice is often made up of a number of small binary decisions.Recommendations are formed by collecting data and searching the marketplace, before weighing up the various options. As well as crunching data, AI can also identify patterns in a user’s browsing and purchasing histories, proactively customising advice to suit a customer’s needs.So what if a robot could help advisers with the heavy lifting? This would certainly make the advice process less clunky and arduous for consumers.US-based fintech firm Pefin is one of the first companies to bring AI into financial advice.The company uses between two million and five million data points for every customer, taking personal behaviours and market conditions into account, while learning in the process. Katherine Denham Share Today, AI is very narrow in what it can do; it’s very task-specific – more washing machine than terminator On British soil, Wealth Wizards launched a white label AI tool last week called Turo (named of course after computer guru Turing), which is being marketed to advice firms.The service essentially learns from a sample of an advice company’s decisions, mirroring the style of the human adviser, and weighing up the financial options of clients in the same way. For example, it could explain why a client should transfer their defined benefit pension, or go into drawdown.But while tools like Turo are able to learn from humans, it’s inevitable that AI will also perform better than humans. Just take DeepMind. The AI company developed a system called AlphaGo, which thrashed the world champion at the complex board game of Go. “Not only has it taught itself to play better than humans, but it taught itself to play in a unique way,” says Bussy.So, imagine if you could turn that level of thinking to financial services to address the advice gap? It could look at things in ways that humans haven’t done before.We’ve been talking about the rise of robo-advisers for years now. While some companies will claim to be AI- driven, Bussy argues that pre-coding a decision tree is not really AI at all.“Today, AI is very narrow in what it can do; it’s very task-specific – more washing machine than terminator,” Bussy chuckles.But the real robo-advisers are marching in, and organisations are now really beginning to push the boundaries and use machine learning techniques to drive better financial decisions.In the UK, the number of financial advisers has dropped off a cliff, plummeting from 300,000 back in 1986 to just 22,000 now. But tech is often heralded as the answer to our widening advice gap.“While there has been a steady decline in advisers, people need advice more than ever,” says Andrew Firth, chief executive of Wealth Wizards, pointing out that people are living for longer and need to plan for a longer period after they stop work.And while the pension freedoms have opened the door for people to make choices about their retirement funds, arriving at a decision is now far more complex – meaning most people need an adviser to give them a helping hand. The question now is whether that hand will continue to be a human one.As it stands, people generally still want to deal with people when it comes to their personal finances.This is why Wealth Wizards, for example, augments, rather than replaces the financial adviser, so that customers have the validation of a human at certain points in the process.Firth stresses that this is not about replacing human advisers, adding: “There is still a really big role for human interaction and judgement.”Existing AI offerings in financial advice often use what Bussy describes as “blackbox solutions” – that is, you don’t know how the computer has arrived at decisions. This means it’s difficult to provide evidence on suitability, which is particularly problematic from a regulatory perspective.Digital advice companies are currently grappling with this problem.There are other issues that businesses and consumers alike need to take into consideration, such as the inherent bias of the data that is used to train the machines.And of course, privacy and trust issues remain a big concern for consumers who are worried how intelligent machines could use their information.China is fast becoming the exemplar in this fusion of AI and fintech – just look at the likes of Alibaba and Tencent, which are completely re-coding the way people manage their personal finances.We should take heed of these developments in China, as this country is offering a vision of what financial management could look like in the future.Ultimately, organisations that don’t use machine learning will become a pale imitation of those that do. And as Bussy puts it: “It’s those people who have a healthy disregard of the status quo that are going to win.”In the UK financial services industry, uptake and development of AI solutions have been tepid at best, particularly in the private banking, wealth management, life and pensions sectors.Meanwhile, our skills shortage continues to hold us back.Even the latest Altus white paper, which looks at the future of financial advice, admits that the UK has been late to the party.In fact, it wasn’t until late last year that a light bulb finally went off, finally spurring the government to set aside £75m to invest in AI.While there is only a tiny number of people who have computer science PhDs in an AI-related subject, Wealth Wizard’s chief technology officer Peet Denny says: “There are few scientists, but there are many people who can solve problems with the science that’s been produced.”So while the role of AI integrates further into financial management, this doesn’t mean human advisers will be lost to machines any time soon.In fact, if these clever computers can utilise the knowledge of financial advisers, this can be used by an increasing number of people, creating massive efficiencies – robots will essentially become the calculator in the maths exam.If we can make the process of advice faster, cleaner, and more transparent, perhaps it will really encourage more people to finally take charge of their finances.Don Schuerman, chief tech officer at Pegasystems, says: “The best chess player in the world is not a human, or a computer, it’s a human and computer playing together.”Let’s not underestimate how much richer AI-supported advice could make all of us. whatsapp whatsapp read more

Progress on post-Brexit talks ‘disappointing’, says Barnier

first_imgFriday 24 April 2020 3:04 pm The EU’s chief negotiator has said that progress between the bloc and the UK in the post-Brexit trade talks has thus far been “disappointing”. Barnier said that there were four areas where there had been a lack of progress, including questions of UK access to the single market, fishing, and justice. whatsapp (POOL/AFP via Getty Images) Progress on post-Brexit talks ‘disappointing’, says Barnier Michel Barnier said that despite having set such a tight timeline for the talks, the UK had failed to move on a number of key issues. whatsapp He added that though the UK had indicated it was keen to make progress by the June deadline, it had only been willing to do so on a limited number of issues. “We will not make progress on the so called “level playing field” and the governance provisions until the EU drops its insistence on imposing conditions on the UK which are not found in the EU’s other trade agreements and which do not take account of the fact that we have left the EU as an independent state”. Tags: Brexit Edward Thicknesse However, City A.M. reported earlier this week that civil servants in the negotiating team are increasingly frustrated that the government refuses to countenance the idea of an extension, while political appointees are keen to press home the UK’s departure. Share (POOL/AFP via Getty Images) Also Read: Progress on post-Brexit talks ‘disappointing’, says Barnier center_img Listen to our daily City View podcast as we chart the economic fallout and business impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The UK has until the end of June to extend the transition period, which is due to expire on 31 December, but ministers have thus far been adamant that it will not change.  The next round of talks are due to be held during the weeks beginning 11 May and 1 June. “This considerably reduces the practical value of the zero tariff zero quota aspiration we both share”. “[It] cannot impose this very short calendar for negotiations and at the same time not move, not progress on certain subjects that are important for the European Union”. “We need to make progress on all issues in parallel. We need to find solutions for the most difficult topics. The UK cannot refuse to extend the transition and at the same time slow down discussions on important areas,” he said. Show Comments ▼ Speaking at a press conference in Brussels, Barnier said: “[The UK] has imposed this very rigorous calendar, exceptional for such an important negotiation. They added that “detail of the EU’s offer on goods trade falls well short of recent precedent in FTAs it has agreed with other sovereign countries”. (POOL/AFP via Getty Images) Also Read: Progress on post-Brexit talks ‘disappointing’, says Barnier More From Our Partners Police Capture Elusive Tiger Poacher After 20 Years of Pursuing the Huntergoodnewsnetwork.orgFeds seized 18 devices from Rudy Giuliani and his employees in April raidnypost.comNative American Tribe Gets Back Sacred Island Taken 160 Years Agogoodnewsnetwork.orgBiden received funds from top Russia lobbyist before Nord Stream 2 giveawaynypost.comA ProPublica investigation has caused outrage in the U.S. this weekvaluewalk.comRussell Wilson, AOC among many voicing support for Naomi Osakacbsnews.comAstounding Fossil Discovery in California After Man Looks Closelygoodnewsnetwork.orgFlorida woman allegedly crashes children’s birthday party, rapes teennypost.comBrave 7-Year-old Boy Swims an Hour to Rescue His Dad and Little Sistergoodnewsnetwork.orgUK teen died on school trip after teachers allegedly refused her pleasnypost.comKiller drone ‘hunted down a human target’ without being told‘Neighbor from hell’ faces new charges after scaring off home buyersnypost.comWhy people are finding dryer sheets in their mailboxesnypost.comConnecticut man dies after crashing Harley into live bearnypost.comInside Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ not-so-average farmhouse estatenypost.com980-foot skyscraper sways in China, prompting panic and evacuationsnypost.comKamala Harris keeps list of reporters who don’t ‘understand’ her: reportnypost.comMatt Gaetz swindled by ‘malicious actors’ in $155K boat sale A UK government spokesperson agreed that “limited progress [had been] made in bridging the gaps between us and the EU”.  last_img read more

UK expected to grow faster on lower oil prices

first_img Share Tuesday 10 February 2015 9:10 pm Express KCS Show Comments ▼ UK expected to grow faster on lower oil prices THE UK’S economic growth is speeding up this year, an economic forecaster has said.The National Institute of Economic and Social Research estimates the economy grew by 0.7 per cent in the three months ending in January. Official estimates place growth in the three months to December at 0.5 per cent. Niesr attribute the acceleration in growth to the private services sector. Niesr also said yesterday it expected 2.9 per cent economic growth this year, up from 2.6 per cent in 2014, due almost entirely to sharp falls in oil prices. Brent crude oil – a North Sea benchmark – is currently $57 per barrel, about half what it was last July. However, it warned economic weakness in the Eurozone – the UK’s biggest export market – will prove a hindrance to significant improvement.The forecast eases fears that the UK’s recovery is losing traction. The three-month on three-month rate of growth slowed in the final quarter of the year from 0.7 per cent in the three months to September. It also grew 0.8 per cent in the three months to June. Read This Next’A Quiet Place Part II’ Sets Pandemic Record in Debut WeekendFamily ProofThe Truth About Bottled Water – Get the Facts on Drinking Bottled WaterGayotHiking Gadgets: Amazon Deals Perfect For Your Next AdventureFamily ProofAmazon roars for MGM’s lion, paying $8.45 billion for studio behind JamesFamily ProofIndian Spiced Vegetable Nuggets: Recipes Worth CookingFamily ProofCheese Crostini: Delicious Recipes Worth CookingFamily ProofHomemade Tomato Soup: Delicious Recipes Worth CookingFamily ProofWhat to Know About ‘Loki’ Ahead of Disney+ Premier on June 9Family ProofChicken Bao: Delicious Recipes Worth CookingFamily Proofcenter_img whatsapp whatsapp Ad Unmute by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailUndoMaternity WeekA Letter From The Devil Written By A Possessed Nun In 1676 Has Been TranslatedMaternity WeekUndozenherald.comMeghan Markle Changed This Major Detail On Archies Birth Certificatezenherald.comUndoPost FunKate & Meghan Are Very Different Mothers, These Photos Prove ItPost FunUndoLivestlyThe Best Redhead Actresses, RankedLivestlyUndoNoteableyKirstie Alley Is So Skinny Now And Looks Like A BarbieNoteableyUndoSenior Living | Search AdsNew Senior Apartments Coming to Scottsdale (Take A Look at The Prices)Senior Living | Search AdsUndoBeverly Hills MDPlastic Surgeon Explains: “Doing This Every Morning Can Snap Back Sagging Skin” (No Creams Needed)Beverly Hills MDUndoTotal PastAfter Céline Dion’s Major Weight Loss, She Confirms What We Suspected All AlongTotal PastUndo Tags: NULLlast_img read more

Winners of Library Service’s Reading Competition Participate in Motorcade

first_imgFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Winners of the St. Mary leg of the Jamaica Library Service’s National Reading Competition were presented to the people of the parish on Thursday(July 27) during a motorcade from Highgate to Port Maria.Those participating in the motorcade were Roshawn Thompson of Port Maria Primary School, winner of the six to eight category; Malessa Henry of Trinity Primary School, winner of the nine to 11 category; Patrice Christie of St. Mary High School, winner of the 12 to 14 age group; Sheson James, winner of the 15 to 20 age group and Dacio Harrison, winner of the 21 and over group.They will go on to represent St. Mary in the national finals, which will be held in September.Keisha Campbell, Contest coordinator for St. Mary, said that the reading competition, held between April and June, was aimed at encouraging residents to develop the habit of reading.Miss Campbell said the assignment given to the competitors varied in accordance with their ages and comprised: writing a letter about books read during the competition; completing cross word puzzles; rewriting stories to create different endings; book and script reviews; comprehension exercises; and the paraphrasing of stories read during the competition.She congratulated the winners and also commended the other participants, noting that in addition to the prizes received by the winners, certificates of participation were presented to all the competitors.Miss Campbell said she was “highly encouraged” by the enthusiasm of the people of St. Mary towards the competition and expressed confidence that the programme would achieve its objective of encouraging more people to read. RelatedWinners of Library Service’s Reading Competition Participate in Motorcade RelatedWinners of Library Service’s Reading Competition Participate in Motorcade Winners of Library Service’s Reading Competition Participate in Motorcade UncategorizedAugust 2, 2006center_img RelatedWinners of Library Service’s Reading Competition Participate in Motorcade Advertisementslast_img read more

Minister Tufton for Agriculture Investment Seminar in New York

first_imgRelatedMinister Tufton for Agriculture Investment Seminar in New York RelatedMinister Tufton for Agriculture Investment Seminar in New York RelatedMinister Tufton for Agriculture Investment Seminar in New York Minister Tufton for Agriculture Investment Seminar in New York AgricultureMay 6, 2009center_img FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton, will highlight opportunities for investment in Jamaica’s agricultural sector at a seminar slated for May 12 in New York City USA.Themed, ‘Farming is Back’, the session, which is being organised and hosted by the Jamaican Consulate in New York, will focus on production, post harvest processing, greenhouse technology, among other areas. There will also be an interactive segment with questions and answers.The seminar is part of the Government’s aim to engage the Diaspora in investment opportunities as part of efforts to boost agricultural production and improve food security.“Members of the Diaspora are being invited to participate and take advantage of a golden opportunity to invest in Jamaica, as working together in developing viable and exciting projects in agriculture will redound to our mutual benefit,” said Consul-General to New York, Geneive Brown Metzger.She noted that Jamaica’s total agricultural export is less than US$200 million, indicating there is an urgent need for the country to take advantage of the extended American ethnic market, estimated to be worth $142 billion.The Jamaican Government is promoting investment in greenhouse technology to boost agricultural production and is training young farmers in greenhouse skills, under a Modified Environment Agriculture certification programme, which is being supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).In his show of support for the programme, Dr. Tufton said that he is confident that as long as the available technology is properly utilised, the country could see significant increases in domestic food crops within the next few years.The seminar is expected to get underway at 7:00 p.m. and due to space constraints, interested persons are being urged to call the Consulate General at 212-935-9000, extension 20 or 21, on or before Monday, May 11. Advertisementslast_img read more

65 Labour Day Projects Registered in St. Mary

first_imgRelated65 Labour Day Projects Registered in St. Mary Related65 Labour Day Projects Registered in St. Mary Advertisements FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail A total of 65 projects have so far been registered with the St. Mary Labour Day Committee, as preparations for Labour Day in the parish get into high gear.Parish Manager for the Social Development Commission (SDC), in St. Mary, Janet Rose-Bryan, said the projects include road repairs, the cleaning-up of communities, the refurbishing of Government buildings, the painting of basic schools and the bushing of roadways.The parish project will be the beautification of Port Maria, with special emphasis on Hudson Street, Stennet Street, and the Trinity area of the town.Mrs. Rose Bryan said the registered projects are spread across various communities of the parish, adding that they are being spearheaded by a wide cross-section of community organisations, including church groups, youth organisations, parent teachers associations, police youth clubs and citizens associations.She explained that the parish project will be spearheaded by the St. Mary Parish Council, in partnership with the St. Mary Chamber of Commerce, and pointed out that the work to be carried out will involve the planting of trees, the planting of roadside barriers, the painting of no parking signs and the bushing of roadways.Mrs. Rose-Bryan said that every effort will be made to finish the work on Labour Day, and that projects not completed on the day will continue with the objective of bringing them to a successful conclusion as early as possible.center_img Related65 Labour Day Projects Registered in St. Mary 65 Labour Day Projects Registered in St. Mary CultureMay 22, 2009last_img read more

Financial Regulations to Target Capital Adequacy

first_imgRelatedFinancial Regulations to Target Capital Adequacy Financial Regulations to Target Capital Adequacy Finance & Public ServiceMarch 4, 2010 RelatedFinancial Regulations to Target Capital Adequacy FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail The Financial Services Commission (FSC) and the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ), the main regulators of the financial services sector will shortly address issues of capital adequacy and margin requirements for securities dealers, as recommended by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).According to Deputy Executive Director of the FSC, George Roper, while the changes to capitalisation and margin requirements cannot be specified at this time, the existing framework is to be reviewed, with technical assistance provided through the IMF.In an interview with the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) the FSC Executive sought to allay the fears of securities dealers, that the increased regulatory role of the FSC and the BOJ will constitute overregulation of the sector.With respect to the BOJ, he explained that there was a growing trend for central banks, worldwide, to broaden their mandate in financial surveillance for purposes of monitoring financial system stability, given their role as lenders of last resort.In the case of the FSC, he noted that the regulators were aware of the issue of overregulation and the need to address it in a coordinated manner.“The issue of overregulation can be addressed through appropriate coordination and reporting mechanisms, and will involve close collaboration among the FSC, the BOJ and the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service,” he said.“There are already established processes for formal collaboration, but the operation of the BOJ’s financial stability mandate would require additional operational protocols,” he advised.With respect to the allusion in the IMF Memorandum of Understanding that some securities dealers are not well capitalised, while others have become overleveraged as a result of lax controls, Mr. Roper explained that the capital adequacy of dealerships had improved in 2009 for the sector as a whole, and was above current regulatory benchmarks.He added that the IMF’s diagnosis of the financial sector problems are indications of the need for improvement in the FSC’s existing regulatory framework, rather than as a widespread failure on the part of licensees to meet regulatory requirements.“Currently, the FSC relies on two indicators of capital adequacy for the securities dealers, namely the ratio of capital to total assets and the ratio of ‘tier one’ and ‘tier two’ capital to risk weighted assets. The FSC requires that securities dealers maintain capital sufficient to satisfy certain minimum thresholds. Based on the latest quarterly filings from licensees, as at the end-September 2009, the ratio of capital to total assets for securities firms taken as a whole stood at 9.6 per cent compared to an FSC minimum benchmark of 6 per cent. The ratio of tier one and tier two capital to risk weighted assets stood at 53.8 per cent compared to an FSC minimum benchmark of 10 per cent,” he emphasised.This outturn compares with ratios of capital to total assets and tier one and tier two capital to risk weighted assets of 8.2 per cent and 39.6 per cent, respectively at the end of December 2008, at the height of the global financial crisis.Mr. Roper also noted that, at any point in time, capitalization levels would always vary among licensed entities.“There is an established procedure to resolve issues of inadequate capital, by either requiring shareholders to inject additional capital, or requiring the entity to adjust its balance sheet to reduce the riskiness of its portfolios, according to an agreed timetable. In the event that the solvency of the entity is threatened and additional capital is not forthcoming, there are established powers available to the FSC under its governing statutes to seek an orderly resolution,” he said.Mr. Roper also advised that the FSC was currently undertaking a review of the relevant legislation for regulating collective investment schemes, with a view to strengthening the overall framework, as well as allowing for appropriate regulatory oversight for different types of collective investment schemes.With specific reference to the recent re-focus on the mutual funds market, Mr. Roper explained that in the past it had not been possible for locally established mutual funds to be established and marketed in Jamaica, due to certain inconsistencies with the mutual fund regulations, the Companies Act and the taxation regime.“The Government has now committed to removing these obstacles as part of the structural conditionalities under the Stand-by Arrangement agreed with the IMF. Notwithstanding these problems, current regulations allow for the registration and marketing of overseas-based mutual funds, and several such funds have been actively marketed to investors in Jamaica.”He also observed that the Government recently lifted the 11-plus year-old moratorium on the registration of new unit trust and unit trust products.This has opened the way for new locally-based collective investment schemes to be established. This development improves the outlook for more robust financial system stability, as it provides additional avenues for securities dealers to progressively re-align their business models, restructure their balance sheets to reduce their direct exposures to riskier instruments and to provide alternative avenues for the generation of income from fees and commissions.center_img RelatedFinancial Regulations to Target Capital Adequacy Advertisementslast_img read more

Clark County Public Health announces third death from COVID-19

first_imgClark County Public Health announces third death from COVID-19Posted by ClarkCountyToday.comDate: Wednesday, March 18, 2020in: Uncategorizedshare 0 The patient – a man in his 70s – was the first confirmed COVID-19 case in Clark County VANCOUVER — A third Clark County COVID-19 patient died late Tuesday evening.The patient – a man in his 70s – was the first confirmed COVID-19 case in Clark County. He did not have any recent travel or known contact with a confirmed case.He had been hospitalized at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.“It’s a tragedy that we’ve lost another member of our community to COVID-19,” said Dr. Alan Melnick, Clark County health officer and Public Health director. “We send our deepest condolences to his family.”Information provided by Clark Co. WA Communications.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textTags:Clark CountyCovid-19LatestVancouvershare 0 Previous : City of Vancouver closing Navigation Center today in response to COVID-19 concerns Next : Camas Police officer involved in shooting identifiedAdvertisementThis is placeholder textlast_img read more

Spinning Your Web to Capture Wine Buyers’ Attention

first_imgReddIt AdvertisementBy Elizabeth Hans McCroneThe options, like the terminology, are endless. Responsive design. Search engine optimization. Multiple platform applicability.  Hash tags. Instagram. Twitter feeds. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Mobile apps. E-Commerce.It isn’t a matter of whether the wine industry needs to focus resources on 21st century technologies in order to stay competitive. The question is where to begin?  How should wineries navigate through the labyrinth of contemporary, high-tech choices that are vying for target audience attention to decide which ways and how much to invest in their digital identities?Rebecca Ritz of Illinois-based Bauerhaus Design has been building brands for multiple businesses for the past 15 years. She begins with the basics.“Your website is the center of the spider web,” Ritz describes. “That’s where your core brand needs to be well communicated. People should walk into your tasting room knowing what it will be like from what they’ve seen online.”Ritz counsels that a sound approach to any type of digital outreach or social media marketing needs first and foremost to take into account the target audience and use their preferred channel.“The online business world is more Twitter-focused,” Ritz explains. “Whereas, if it’s a mom, it’s more like Facebook. One brand I work with – Uproot Wines – is targeting millennials. They have an Instagram feed on their website.”Ritz works with numerous wineries on developing their digitally based outreach programs, but she’s concerned that the wine business as a whole isn’t changing its practices quickly enough to keep pace with today’s technical advances and demands.“Yes, you need social media, but the newsletter you create also has to be done in a format that reads easily on a smart phone,” Ritz declares. “When I design websites, I definitely do auto-responsive. People ask me, what is that?”Responsive design automatically changes layout to best fit the screen of the reader, so whether they get your newsletter on their smartphone or visit your website on a tablet, it always looks good and works right. Anything less is frustrating for the user.Cindy Molchany of Craft Beverage Media, a digital marketing strategy company for the beverage industry, agrees that it’s critical to stay on top of current technology. She believes that some of the wine industry’s competitors are ahead of the game, particularly in terms of their social media outreach.Molchany points out, for example, that Untappd, a hugely popular craft beer mobile application, is “serious business” for many beer fans who log onto it every day.“Craft beer seems to get their consumer a little better by being engaged on that platform,” she claims.Molchany recently gave a presentation at the annual Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento about what wine industry professionals could be learning from their craft brewing counterparts, and not just about being on the cutting-edge of digital media.“You want to be specific about who you target online,” Molchany says. “Who do you want to buy your wine? Not just are they black, white, Asian or Hispanic – but what do they like to do? What kind of foods do they eat? It’s important for any industry, but wineries have a lot of catching up to do.”Molchany believes that any effective outreach strategy, including social media marketing, has to be rooted in a solid foundation of best practices. For instance, she says, E-Commerce can be an excellent avenue for sales once wineries are firmly established in other parts of their business, such as tasting room interactions and effective brand development.“You can’t just build it and they will come,” she points out. “You could rock it at email lists or social marketing campaigns, but you can’t be successful if people have never tasted your wines.”“I think the most important things that craft beer does extremely well, and why they’re rocking social media (over wine), is there’s more online energy from craft beer,” Molchany continues.  “They talk about the trials and tribulations of starting a brewery. When they’re wearing their brand on their sleeve, it makes them seem more vulnerable.”“Wineries are good at posting pictures of their vineyards or of a dog coming into the tasting room but they aren’t … letting people in behind the curtain. Online, when there’s so much coming at you, the real stories are the ones that resonate.”The call for authenticity has become a battle cry, especially for those targeting the Millennial segment, and some wineries are more successful than others in engaging customers in a deeper conversation.Jason Haas, Partner and General Manager of Tablas Creek Vineyards in Paso Robles, California believes that wineries need to be active in social media discussions or they risk losing audience share. He advocates for participation on the more popular sites and applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Delectable.“It’s a good practice to be involved in all of them,” Haas notes. “People spend time each day thinking about what they’re interested in. If you’re not active in social media, you lose that share of attention.”Haas points out that there is a qualitative difference between social media and email marketing, but that “social media can be valuable for developing and maintaining a list of people who are willing to be solicited.”Haas has been particularly successful with blogging, a huge and growing part of wine industry communications. His “Blog Tablas Creek” site won finalist and best winery blog awards in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.Haas, who began the blog in 2005 before Facebook and Twitter were household names, says blogging is a great method of continuing education for readers and a good way to “connect with other writers, creating content that’s long lasting.”“It’s also a lot of work,” he admits.While there are a number of opinions on which social media platform is best and which industry is doing a better job, there’s absolute consensus on a few things. You have to engage, you have to know your audience and the technology, and it takes time and hard work to be effective. But if you manage to connect with your customers, it pays off.Advertisement Facebook Twitter TAGSBecca RitzCindy MolchanyElizabeth Hans McCronefeaturedJason HaasOnline MarketingSocial Media Share Linkedin Email Pinterest Home Wine Business Editorial Spinning Your Web to Capture Wine Buyers’ AttentionWine Business EditorialSpinning Your Web to Capture Wine Buyers’ AttentionBy Editor – February 10, 2015 48 0 Previous articleAfternoon Brief, February 9Next articleWine Management Systems Expands With Lighter Capital   Editorlast_img read more

SC seeks Centre’s response to suggestions on eradicating leprosy, rehab of patients

first_img Share News A bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra also asked the centre to consider framing a law to repeal all state and local laws that discriminate against those affected by the diseaseThe Supreme Court recently asked the centre to respond in four weeks to the suggestions mooted by an NGO to eradicate leprosy and on aspects like rehabilitation and curbing discrimination against those suffering from the disease.The bench, also comprising Justices AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud, perused the suggestions given by the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy (VCLP), the NGO which has filed the PIL, on aspects like creating awareness, rehabilitation and sensitisation of common public about the disease.Senior advocate Raju Ramachandran, appearing for the NGO, said the suggestions pertained to “awareness, sensitisation and dissemination of action taken, non-discrimination, pensionary benefits for persons affected by leprosy, health care and rehabilitation, housing assistance, education, employment, livelihood, welfare and language and expression”.The bench said, “We would request Venugopal, the Attorney General, to assist with regard to the aforesaid nine aspects by filing his suggestions within four weeks hence. All the states shall file their responses with regard to the steps taken and to be taken, keeping in view the constitutional goal.”The VCLP has also sought a direction to the centre to bring an affirmative law to confer certain rights and benefits on persons suffering from leprosy and repeal all existing state and local laws which were discriminatory against them.Venugopal sought six weeks time for taking a decision to make a central law.VCLP, in its PIL, had listed 119 state and central laws that discriminated against leprosy patients and stigmatised them. It said that such outdated provisions denied them access to public services, impose disqualifications on them under personal laws and prohibited them from occupying or standing for public posts or office. By EH News Bureau on September 12, 2018 MaxiVision Eye Hospitals launches “Mucormycosis Early Detection Centre” The missing informal workers in India’s vaccine story Related Posts SC seeks Centre’s response to suggestions on eradicating leprosy, rehab of patients center_img WHO tri-regional policy dialogue seeks solutions to challenges facing international mobility of health professionals Phoenix Business Consulting invests in telehealth platform Healpha Heartfulness group of organisations launches ‘Healthcare by Heartfulness’ COVID care app Menopause to become the next game-changer in global femtech solutions industry by 2025 Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals releases first “Comprehensive Textbook of COVID-19” Read Articlelast_img read more

Ericsson embarks on industrial tech push

first_img Related Ericsson launched a mobile connectivity solution for industries, to provide factories and warehouses with 4G and eventually help them move to 5G.The offering, called Industry Connect, “strengthens Ericsson’s private networks and IoT portfolios by making 4G and 5G technologies accessible to new industrial markets,” the company said in a statement.It explained the service is purpose-built for industrial environments, and will provide reliable coverage with high device density and predictable latency, adding it can enable innovative Industry 4.0 use cases such as collision avoidance and remote control for autonomous guided vehicles.Asa Tamsons, SVP and head of business area Technologies and New Businesses, said: “Ericsson Industry Connect is built on design thinking to meet industrial customers’ requirements on speed, reliability and security, while being easy to install and manage.”Earlier this year the vendor bulked-up efforts to help operators address a larger chunk of the cellular IoT market, launching new solutions and support for use cases across a range of verticals including automotive, manufacturing and utilities.Its offerings for Industrial IoT included enabling advanced industrial automation applications “with extremely demanding connectivity requirements”, offering collaborative robotics in manufacturing. Subscribe to our daily newsletter Back Ericsson, Leonardo team on 5G products Previous ArticleTelia warns of tough start to 2019Next ArticleSony shuffles mobile deckchairs MásMóvil amplía su contrato con Ericsson Español Home Ericsson embarks on industrial tech push Former Ericsson employees charged in bribery casecenter_img Tags Author Saleha joined Mobile World Live in October 2014 as a reporter and works across all e-newsletters – creating content, writing blogs and reports as well as conducting feature interviews…More Read more Saleha Riaz AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to MoreAddThisMore 26 MAR 2019 Ericssonlast_img read more

Italian market continues to weigh on CK Hutchison unit

first_img Italia investiga la venta de las torres de CK Hutchison a Cellnex Author AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to MoreAddThisMore1 18 MAR 2021 CK Hutchison’s 3 Europe business reported a drop in Q4 2020 revenue as competition from MVNOs and Iliad Italia continued to hamper its largest unit Wind Tre, though the parent company’s profit was boosted by a lucrative deal to sell tower assets to Cellnex.3 Europe comprises CK Hutchison Group Telecom Holdings assets in Italy, the UK, Republic of Ireland, Austria, Denmark and Sweden.The division’s revenue fell 4 per cent year-on-year to €2.7 billion as its Italian Wind Tre unit, which makes up more than 40 per cent its takings, continued to suffer.Wind Tre’s revenue dropped 5 per cent to €1.1 billion, attributed to continued “aggressive competition” from challenger Iliad Italia and MVNOs. In its results presentation, 3 Europe added this market environment had especially hit its prepaid base.In the UK, its second largest revenue generator, the company highlighted a “volatile market landscape” due to the resurgence of Covid-19 (coronavirus) restrictions towards the end of 2020, though it recorded a 2 per cent revenue boost.Net profit was not disclosed.For the whole year, CK Hutchison Group Telecom Holdings, which also includes the multinational’s telecoms units in Hong Kong and Macau, booked an 85 per cent increase in net profit to €3.2 billion.It attributed the rapid boost in earnings to gains from the sale of some of its European tower assets to Cellnex. Annual revenue was €10.2 billion, down 4 per cent.The company noted while some of the cash from the Cellnex deal was received in 2020, several parts of the transaction were still outstanding at the close of the year.In the current quarter, the Swedish part of the transaction closed, with the operator receiving €800 million. The sale of its towers in Italy is expected to be completed in Q2, with disposal of assets related to 3 UK anticipated to be finalised in Q4. Subscribe to our daily newsletter Back Español Italy woes continue to hamper CK Hutchison unit Tags UK examines Cellnex tower buycenter_img 3 EuropeCK Hutchison Chris Donkin Previous ArticleFacebook keeps watch on computer interaction techNext ArticleNokia scores C-Band deal with AT&T Chris joined the Mobile World Live team in November 2016 having previously worked at a number of UK media outlets including Trinity Mirror, The Press Association and UK telecoms publication Mobile News. After spending 10 years in journalism, he moved… Read more Home Italian market continues to weigh on CK Hutchison unit Relatedlast_img read more

Henderson, Sharp take first-round lead at Dow

first_imgMIDLAND, Mich. — Canadians Brooke Henderson and Alena Sharp shot a 5-under 65 in alternate-shot play Wednesday to take the first-round lead in the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational, the LPGA Tour’s first-year team event. Henderson and Sharp had seven birdies and two bogeys at Midland Country Club. ”We really got it going, kind of fed off each other,” Henderson said. ”She hit some good shots, I made some putts and vice versa. So it really worked out nice and it’s a good way to start.” Paula Creamer and Morgan Pressel were a stroke back. ”We’re best of friends we’ve played a lot of team events together, so it’s nothing new for us to be able to come out here,” Creamer said. ”We haven’t played alternate shot for a little while, and when we have played it in the past, it’s always match play and you never have to finish. Out here you actually have to shoot a score, which is a little bit different.” The teams will play best-ball Thursday, return to alternate shot Friday and close Saturday with a best-ball round. Full-field scores from the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational ”It’s intense, but then we got out our tension and then we played and we were free-wheeling it,” Sharp said. ”I think the first few holes we didn’t really know what to expect and we had a lot of adrenaline, and then we calmed down and played really nicely together.” The 21-year-old Henderson won the Meijer LPGA Classic a month ago in Grand Rapids to break the Canadian record for tour victories with nine. Also the Lotte Championship winner in April in Hawaii, Henderson broke a tie with Sandra Post for the Canadian record on the LPGA Tour and also moved ahead of George Knudson and Mike Weir for the overall country mark. The 38-year-old Sharp is winless on the LPGA Tour. The teams of Minjee Lee-Jin Young Ko, Robyn Choi-Jaclyn Lee, Jasmine Suwannapura-Cydney Clanton and Amy Yang-Mirim Lee shot 67. ”We chatted pretty much the whole way around,” Lee said. ”We usually don’t get to get this opportunity to play with our friends too much, so I think that was the best part.” The sister duo of Nelly and Jessica Korda topped the group at 68. ”Start of the round, kind of just getting used to everything, the new format,” Nelly Korda said. ”Gave each other some good opportunities on the back and took advantage of a couple. Anything under par for alternate shot is good, so we’re happy with that.” Sisters Ariya and Moriya Jutanugarn shot 70, and Cristie Kerr and Lexi Thompson opened with a 71. Rookies Jennifer Kupcho and Maria Fassi also had a 71. They staged a memorable duel that Kupcho won at the Augusta National Women’s Amateur. ”Alternate shot’s always really hard. We knew that coming in and we didn’t really know how it was going to go because we didn’t try it,” Kupcho said. ”It went better than what I thought it was going to go, so I was pretty happy.” Suzann Pettersen, making her first tour start after a 20-month break for the birth of her first child, and European Solheim Cup captain Catriona Matthew had a 73. Pettersen will be a vice caption for the European team. ”I just really enjoyed it,” Pettersen said. ”It was nice to play with Beany. Some good shots and some average shots and some that we just got out of the way. Overall, very happy to be back.”last_img read more

Mating frogs leave Letterkenny without electricity for 2 hours at weekend

first_img By News Highland – August 10, 2010 Mating frogs leave Letterkenny without electricity for 2 hours at weekend Pregnant women can receive Covid vaccine at LYIT’s vaccination centre WhatsApp WhatsApp A pair of mating frogs sent sparks flying in an electrical fuse box and left part of Letterkenny electricity at the weekend.Residents and business owners in the Tullygay are found themselves powerless for two hours on Sunday, for no obvious reason.Rage turned to bemusement on Sunday when the ‘culprits’ for causing the power cut, turned out to be a pair of frogs, whose unfortunate choice of location to mate was a power box outside a filling station.ESB engineers who investigated the problem, found the electrocuted frogs and a slug inside the power box outside Keys’s Filling Station in the Tullygay area.Station owner Kelvin Keys, who had to turn away customers because the petrol pumps could not work.He added that while it seemed funny, he had lost business for the two-hour duration the power was out.A spokesperson for the ESB confirmed yesterday that a single-phase low-voltage fault was reported in the area, which resulted in a two-hour power outage. Facebook Gardai continue to investigate Kilmacrennan fire RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR LUH still not ready to restore IT systems Previous articleFive men have lucky escape in Killybegs boat accidentNext articleThere should be a full investigation of the culture of expenses – Cllr McBreaty News Highland Twittercenter_img Google+ Further drop in people receiving PUP in Donegal Facebook Pinterest Google+ 75 positive cases of Covid confirmed in North Pinterest Newsx Adverts Lárionad Acmhainní Nádúrtha CTR to take part in new research project Twitterlast_img read more

Sinn Fein select new MLAs in Foyle and West Tyrone

first_img Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows Facebook Google+ RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twitter Sinn Féin have selected Karen Mullan to replace newly elected MP Elisha McCallion as an MLA for Foyle.She was selected at a convention in the city last night, and now goes forward to be ratified by the party’s Ard Comhairle.Meanwhile, in Omagh, Sinn Féin have selected Catherine Kelly to replace Barry McElduff as MLA for West Tyrone after he was elected to Westminister last week.Pic- Karen Mullan, who has been selected for co-option for the Assembly to replace Elisha McCallion with Raymond McCartney MLA, Mitchel McLaughlin, and Cliona O’Kane. News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Pinterest Journey home will be easier – Paul Hegarty Google+ DL Debate – 24/05/21 WhatsAppcenter_img Pinterest Sinn Fein select new MLAs in Foyle and West Tyrone Harps come back to win in Waterford Previous articleEnglish, McGuigan, Lecky & McGlynn named on Ireland European TeamNext articleCarthy accuses FG of undermining EU Parliament tax scrutiny report News Highland Facebook By News Highland – June 13, 2017 Twitter WhatsApp Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic Homepage BannerNewslast_img read more

Dedicated Tourism minister badly needed – Feighan

first_img FT Report: Derry City 2 St Pats 2 News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Pinterest Facebook By News Highland – May 13, 2020 WhatsApp Derry draw with Pats: Higgins & Thomson Reaction RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR The European Commission will publish a range of measures later today aimed at revitalising the tourism sector.The so-called ‘road map’ will address health and safety protocols for tourism locations and accommodation centres.It’s also expected to announce details on relaxing EU internal borders.However, there are fears the EU plan may contradict current restrictions here, particularly as legislation is being considered to oblige everyone entering the country to self isolate for two weeks.Meanwhile, a North West TD is calling for a dedicated Ministry for Tourism to be established after the next Government is formed.Sligo Leitrim and South Donegal Deputy Frank Feighan says as we continue to work towards the easing of Coronavirus restrictions, the hospitality and tourism sectors will need serious support, and the best way to do that is with a dedicated minister……..Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Harps come back to win in Waterford Journey home will be easier – Paul Hegarty Google+center_img Google+ Twitter Previous articleMcHugh faces tough oral exam in Dail chamberNext articleCouncillor seeks resumption of formal MD meetings News Highland Pinterest DL Debate – 24/05/21 Dedicated Tourism minister badly needed – Feighan Twitter Facebook WhatsApp AudioHomepage BannerNewslast_img read more

News / Strategic rethink by carriers on their approach to air cargo is needed

first_img By Alex Lennane 05/02/2021 Airlines must change their strategic approach to cargo, or they will lose high-yield traffic and be reduced to commoditised business, warns Stan Wraight, former air cargo executive now president & CEO of Strategic Aviation Solutions International.If carriers want to avoid a repeat of the loss of the express business to the integrators, they have to play to their strengths and offer a product the market wants, he says.“Airlines have got to be on the value side,” he stressed.The shortage of belly capacity has sent airfreight rates soaring and pushed airline yields to record levels, but the return to an equilibrium should re-establish the historic trend of declining yields. There are opportunities for growth, notably the explosive momentum of e-commerce, but airlines are not equipped to take advantage of these, despite their natural advantage, argues Mr Wraight.In the express segment, the integrators have stolen the march on airlines –although the latter have a time advantage. Flying direct between points, they can offer transit times that are impossible for any competitor, be it integrator or e-commerce behemoth like Amazon, to match. If they positioned themselves to take full advantage of this, they could charge significantly higher rates, said Mr Wraight.Where they fall behind is on the ground, owing to fragmented and poorly organised processes that fritter away this time advantage. This stands and falls with the airline-handler relationship, he believes.For the most part, handlers have been regarded as levers to reduce costs, rather than partners to create value and speed-up flows. Typically, the integrators’ handling costs are about two to four times what the airlines are paying, Mr Wraight said.If a carrier concentrated on high-margin business and charged accordingly, the elevated yields would allow it to reward the handler adequately and still make a larger profit than today, he argued.“You have to have ground services equal to, or better than, Amazon, UPS etc. Help the handler invest in equipment and processes. Or self-handle. You need dedicated staff, dedicated doors and to get customs brokerage. Organise your ground services to process your cargo within hours, not within days,” he said.To do that, a second vital element has to come into play: a more fluid and faster flow of data. With all manifest information and other relevant details transmitted in advance, the station at the receiving end can deploy its resources adequately, have sufficient staff ready to receive the cargo and set up a truck slot for pick-up.Mr Wraight regards the nascent concept of data corridors as the most promising conduit for this. While individual operators can establish fast one-to-one flows, he finds a better way would be via cargo community systems (CCSs), which have been gaining traction in recent months.“You can have an e-tailer in Hong Kong hooked into the CCS there, the trucker picks up the shipment and enters that into the CCS; the handler scans it in at arrival and it all goes into the CCS, including the ambient temperature and other relevant information. And you can replicate the process at the other airport.“If you prepare, you know what’s coming. There are no surprises. You can plan in advance,” he said.This can be applied to virtually all high-yield cargo, and the faster transits would render fancy and costly set-ups for special products largely irrelevant, because the cargo would not dwell at the airport, he said.Moreover, the infrastructure created to handle the high-yield traffic would also go some way toward reducing the cost of handling general freight, he added.If this is the holy grail for non-stop point-to-point connections, what about transit cargo? Mr Wraight said it was a matter of having a clear understanding of the target market.“If you compete with non-stop, or with a train, you’d better identify what markets you compete in. You’re probably in the 48-72-hour market, which works for certain commodities and customers.“In any case, you should start handling transits the same way you handle passenger baggage. For that you need complete transparency. That’ll allow you to do things like arranging planes to be parked next to each other at the gate,” he said.In his eyes, the alternative is dire. Remaining focused on commoditised business is not really an option for many airlines, he noted. He pointed to a large European carrier which generated about 80% of its profit from Asian trade a few years ago. This business is being eroded by improved offerings from rail, trucking and ocean transport providers.Mr Wraight’s strategy is convincing, but it faces a significant obstacle to adoption. At most passenger airlines, cargo is relegated to the lower echelons of the organisation and struggles to find an ear at the top.“Cargo needs a seat on the board,” he said.Today, we also publish a tribute from Mr Wraight to Boubby Grin, former head of strategy at KLM Cargo, who passed away last week, the founder of many of these initial ideas.center_img © Ryan Fletcher last_img read more

City Council caps emissions at many rent-stabilized buildings

first_imgCosta Constantinides and REBNY’s Jim Whelan (Photos via Facebook, VoteCosta)The exemption for rent-regulated buildings from the city’s emission caps is about to end for some of them.The City Council on Thursday voted in favor of a bill that subjects certain rent-regulated buildings to the requirements of Local Law 97, which imposes heavy fines on buildings that contribute too much to global warming.The year-old law aims to cut citywide greenhouse-gas emissions 40 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050. The new measure, sponsored by Queens Democrat Costa Constantinides, would tweak the law to include buildings where up to 35 percent of units are rent-regulated. But it would give them two more years to comply than buildings already covered by the law have.The original law carved out buildings with at least one rent-regulated apartment, instead subjecting them to less stringent energy conservation reporting requirements. The blanket exemption of rent-regulated apartments largely sprung from concern that landlords would hike regulated rents to pay for green retrofits through the state’s Major Capital Improvements program.But last year, as part of a major overhaul of rent regulation, the state limited such rent hikes to properties where more than 35 percent of the apartments are rent-regulated. That freed the City Council to extend emission caps to under-35-percent buildings without triggering rent increases for their regulated units.The latest version of Constantinides’ bill, released this week, gives those buildings until January 1, 2026, to meet their emissions cap and then until May 1, 2027, to submit an initial report documenting their compliance.“Our work today will help New Yorkers get back to work in good jobs that make our air cleaner, kick-start the renewable energy revolution, and chart a course to a brighter, greener, safer future,” Constantinides said in a statement.The measure does not address the real estate industry’s primary complaint about Local Law 97: that it penalizes owners with densely occupied buildings. The Real Estate Board of New York said this week that though it backs “practical measures to limit carbon emissions and stop climate change,” it isn’t clear that Constantinides measure will meaningfully reduce carbon emissions.“The city has not done the analysis to identify how many buildings will be impacted or even where these buildings are located. It has no solutions as to how these critical goals will be accomplished,” the trade group’s president, James Whelan, said in a statement. “The city is setting owners up for failure, forcing them to pay fines instead of helping these cash-strapped, rent-regulated buildings invest in making environmental upgrades.”Contact Kathryn Brenzel Full Name* Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlink TagsLocal Law 97rent regulated Email Address* Share via Shortlink Message*last_img read more

Kevin Babington Update: Funds still needed for treatment

first_imgFor the many of you who contact me regularly and are aware of Silver Oak’s involvement in Kevin’s recovery I’m sending this, another update, to be transparent and efficient. I must start by telling you the patience, valor, kindness to all around him, and outright tenacity Kevin exhibits every day is beyond inspiring. He is concerned about everybody other than himself. In short, it’s the Kevin we always knew albeit dealing with an extraordinary challenge.Kevin and Dianna remain very much immersed in this sport in every way caring for clients, growing their sales and training business and lending their considerable expertise everywhere in the sport possible. Kevin continues to make physical progress and in fact Diana and Kevin just returned from the Mayo clinic. Based on his considerable progress and overall health he has been entered into a very limited stem cell trial for the month of April at the Mayo clinic, one of a dozen such individuals. The first such trial saw a shocking percentage of the participants regain considerable mobility.Through all this nobody has heard Kevin complain, his continual comments to me amplify his concern for everybody around him never speaking a word about his discomfort which is considerable. The monumental patience, focus, and aptitude to see the big longer-term picture is staggering. His dedication to his physical therapy has mystified his doctors.Our community has continued to come forward financially supporting the considerable cost of his care. The trial at the Mayo clinic will not be covered by insurance and continued donations to one of either the Babington Family Trust or the Babington Foundation are still very much needed. Even small donations add up and those are best made to: The Babington Family Trust with checks sent to: PO Box 771 Gwynedd Valley, PA – 19437 or you can donate via GoFundMe. Tags: fundraising, Kevin Babington, Subscribe to the Horse Sport newsletter and get an exclusive bonus digital edition! We’ll send you our regular newsletter and include you in our monthly giveaways. PLUS, you’ll receive our exclusive Rider Fitness digital edition with 15 exercises for more effective riding. Horse Sport Enews More from News:MARS Bromont CCI Announces Requirements For US-Based RidersThe first set of requirements to allow American athletes and support teams to enter Canada for the June 2-6 competition have been released.Canadian Eventer Jessica Phoenix Reaches the 100 CCI4*-S MarkPhoenix achieved the milestone while riding Pavarotti at the inaugural 2021 CCI4*-S at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event.Tribunal Satisfied That Kocher Made Prolonged Use of Electric SpursAs well as horse abuse, the US rider is found to have brought the sport into disrepute and committed criminal acts under Swiss law.Washington International Horse Show Returns to TryonTIEC will again provide the venue for the WIHS Oct. 26-31 with a full schedule of hunter, jumper and equitation classes. SIGN UP Email*last_img read more

Armed Shopkeeper Takes Pity on Robber

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMore AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreA store owner who was being robbed turned the tables on the man pulling a shotgun from behind the counter. When the man started to beg and said he was only trying to feed his family, the shopkeeper provided the man with forty dollars and a loaf of bread and made him promise never to rob again. They even prayed together after the thief said he was inspired.Watch the interview with the inspiring shop owner (in the first of two videos)…last_img read more

No Man’s Land & Waiting For Godot, Starring Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, Extend Before Opening

first_img No Man’s Land Star Files Written by Samuel Beckett, Waiting For Godot tells the story of two wanderers who wait by a lonely tree to meet with Godot, whom they hope will change their lives forever. No Man’s Land, written by Harold Pinter, tells the story of two elderly writers who meet in a London pub and continue drinking throughout the night—until their relationships are exposed by the return of two younger men. View Comments In addition to the British knights, Waiting For Godot and No Man’s Land stars Tony winners Shuler Hensley and Billy Crudup. Godot features Stewart as Vladimir, McKellen as Estragon, Crudup as Lucky and Hensley as Pozzo. No Man’s Land features Stewart as Hirst, McKellen as Spooner, Crudup as Foster and Hensley as Briggs. Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on March 30, 2014 Good friends (Sir) Ian McKellen and (Sir) Patrick Stewart have been making the rounds all over New York—and now you have an extra month to see them on the Great White Way! The Broadway repertory season of Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land and Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot has just been extended and will now play through March 2, 2014. Directed by Sean Mathias, the plays will open on November 24 at the Cort Theatre. Patrick Stewartlast_img read more

Rudy Project unveils special edition Etixx – Quick-Step Pro Cycling Team…

first_img Related The Etixx – Quick-Step Pro Cycling Team has teamed up with cycling eyewear crafters Rudy Project to launch two new special edition glasses celebrating the team’s achievements at the 2016 Tour de France. First debuted by the riders in early July, the Special Edition Tralyx performance and Spinhawk casual models are now available ‘for anyone looking to perform like the pros’.The award-winning Tralyx has been reportedly been praised by the Etixx – Quick-Step riders, who were the first to debut the limited edition colour scheme at this year’s Tour de France. In addition to a striking blue and yellow combination, this sunglass comes standard with the brand new Tralyx XL lens. Featuring a longer lens profile and additional ventilation along the bottom edge, the Tralyx XL is aimed at being ideal for larger faces and those looking for more coverage.This year’s Tour de France has already called for several podium celebrations honouring Etixx – Quick-Step, where riders such as Julian Alaphilippe have worn the all new Special Edition Spinhawk.As Rudy Project’s top-selling casual sunglass, the Spinhawk was seen as an ideal model to redesign with the Etixx – Quick-Step’s signature graphics. Featuring a sturdy crystal frame, and Multilaser Orange lenses, these shades aim to turn heads while boasting comfort and clarity.The special edition Etixx – Quick-Step Tralyx and Spinhawk are available now on read more

Shawnee Mission students show strong at Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair

first_imgStuti Dalal receiving her award at this weekend’s Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair. Photo via Twitter.Two Shawnee Mission West students will advance to the Kansas BioGENEius Challenge finals later this year after taking Grand Awards in the Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair over the weekend.Register to continuelast_img

Merriam mayoral candidates on the issues: What’s the biggest issue facing the city?

first_imgToday we continue publishing the Merriam mayoral candidates’ responses to our general election questionnaire. Here’s the third and final item:What’s the biggest challenge facing Merriam today, and what will you do over the next four years to address it?Ken Sissom (incumbent)The City of Merriam has a diverse grouping of residential communities. While there are a couple of exceptions, the majority of homes in Merriam were built more than 40 years ago and this fact can create special challenges going forward. As a city, we must do what we can to maintain, or in some cases, improve the integrity of our neighborhoods. As a city we must encourage our residents to maintain their properties and neighborhoods. We want to continue to attract new young families to Merriam because it is a great place to live. But we will not be successful if we allow blight to take hold, which tends to lead to increases in crime.We recently created a Neighborhood Services Manager position in City Hall in order to reach out to offer help and guidance for these communities. This employee acts as liaison between the neighborhoods and City Hall in an effort to solve code problems or nuisances through cooperation, to reduce the need for enforcement. We are searching for solutions to problem area by working alongside with residents. Our challenge will be to make sure that our streets, sidewalk, parks and facilities are highly maintained while building and improving relationships with our neighborhoods so that we can influence the necessary changes that will improve property values and the quality of lives for our residents.Eric JacksonThe biggest challenge facing Merriam today is the continuation of frivolous spending under the theory that our sales tax will somehow bail us out. That approach can only end badly for us. Instead, spend wisely and focus on our basic needs (which many citizens say are not being met) and infrastructure. A related concern is over-use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF). I will work to curtail this practice. I’ve seen estimates that our city is losing 35% of potential income in TIF dollars. The difference is made up by the average wage earner.That was our final question for the Merriam mayoral candidates. Thanks to both for their participation.last_img read more

Pro bono attorney prevents wrongful eviction of mother and daughter

first_img December 15, 2016 Rayven Wright Regular News Pro bono attorney prevents wrongful eviction of mother and daughter Pro bono attorney prevents wrongful eviction of mother and daughter Special to the News On the eve of her 21st birthday, Brittney and her mother Tina were shocked to receive a notice of noncompliance from their property manager. According to the notice, Brittney’s emotional support animal, Panga, was in violation of the community’s height and weight guidelines under the pet policy. If Panga was not removed in seven days, Brittney and Tina were told they would face eviction from their home of six years. “Our reaction was utter devastation and chaos and sadness,” Tina said. “I know, physically, I was in hives over it. [Brittney] had some major manic attacks.” Brittney suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Her 40-pound Labrador-mix, Panga, provides emotional support through periods of depression and anxiety. According to Tina, Panga has been instrumental to her daughter’s well-being. Since living with Panga, Brittney has not been Baker Acted, nor has she harmed herself. Tina and Brittney had been going back and forth with their property manager prior to being issued the notice, and their therapist connected them with Pamela Fields of Legal Aid of Manasota. After they received the notice, Fields connected them with pro bono attorney Merissa Mort the very same day. “I just can’t even express how thankful and grateful I am that there are people like Merissa who will fight for those who can’t fight,” Tina said. “[Pro bono lawyers are] good people fighting for good people. I think there is not enough of that in the world.” Fields discussed this case with Mort because she had recently tackled a similar case through Legal Aid of Manasota and had a successful outcome. “I asked [Fields] if I could take [Brittney and Tina’s] case because I am passionate about housing rights,” Mort said. Brittney and Tina live in a federally subsidized housing complex with a 20-lb. weight restriction on dogs. However, under the Fair Housing Act, comfort animals, like Panga, are exempt from any community rules including breed, size, pet limits or no pet policy. Mort wrote a demand letter to the property manager explaining that the notice was in violation of Brittney’s rights under the Fair Housing Act. Two days later, the community’s attorney responded with a letter stating that Brittney’s disability meant she would be granted reasonable accommodations regarding Panga and that the seven-day notice would be withdrawn. “It was a godsend.” Tina said. “I think if things had not turned out that way, if legal aid did not accept our case, if they didn’t find Ms. Merissa Mort, I think we would be homeless today, for sure. It was happy birthday to Brittney.” This is the second case Mort has handled through Legal Aid of Manasota. Mort feels fulfilled knowing that through pro bono she can help change someone’s life in their greatest time of need by simply doing what she loves to do. “JFK said it best,” Mort said. “‘For those to whom much is given, much is required.’ As attorneys, we have the unique ability of helping people in life-changing matters. Pro bono work doesn’t have to be time- consuming. Sometimes pro bono cases take months to complete, and sometimes they are resolved through one simple letter.  We should do what we can, when we can, to help others in need.” Brittney says she is thankful to everyone involved in providing legal aid to those who need it, calling them true heroes. “My life has been a whole lot brighter because someone stepped in and spoke up for me,” Brittney said. “It’s an amazing thing to feel whole again.” RayvenWright is an intern from the University of Central Florida assigned to The Florida Bar Foundation.last_img read more

A quick guide to provisional liquidation

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Super lift for Kalmar

first_imgThe new DRG-1000-92 ZXS reachstacker range is the world’s largest industrial reachstacker in Kalmar’s Gloria range, claimed the company.The new design has been developed to meet customer specifications, with lift capabilities of up to 120 tonnes depending on application.Kalmar says that the innovative boom design with rotation, and the wide range of attachment options, means that these machines can be adapted for a huge variety of applications, including steel handling, wind turbine construction, and other demanding heavy lifting tasks.  www.kalmarglobal.comlast_img read more

My conviction is unsafe, says QC jailed for VAT fraud

first_imgA London silk sentenced today to three and a half years in prison after being convicted of a £600,000 VAT fraud says he will fight to clear his name. Rohan Anthony Pershad, who practised from Thirty Nine Essex Street, was convicted at Blackfriars Crown Court earlier this month of one count of cheating the public revenue of £624,579, between 1 June 1999 and 24 September 2011. A statement from HM Revenue & Customs said that instead of paying the VAT due, Pershad spent the money on two homes in Surrey and Somerset and on school fees for his children. HMRC said that it cancelled Pershad’s VAT registration in 2003 with effect from 1999, after his repeated failures to submit tax returns or tell the authorities about a change of address. The statement said: ‘Pershad effectively became a missing trader, disappearing below the VAT radar. This meant he was unable legally to trade above the VAT threshold, which was between £54,000 in 2001 and £67,000 in 2008. However, his self-assessment tax returns showed his income had increased from £85,000 in 2001 to £346,000 in 2008, breaching the VAT registration limit by £279,000.’ During this period, the Revenue said Pershad continued to use his invalid VAT number on invoices, meaning he was collecting the VAT on fees but pocketing the money for himself. HMRC’s director of criminal investigation Donald Toon, said: ‘Pershad’s 12-year history of tax evasion was blatant theft from the public purse. He thought he was above the law, but someone in his profession should have known better than to try to cheat the system, as HMRC will not stand by while criminals try to cheat the taxpayer.’ Confiscation proceedings are underway. Following notice of his prosecution, Pershad voluntarily suspended his membership of chambers. A spokeswoman for the Bar Standards Board said that it had raised a complaint about Pershad and the case will be referred to a five-person disciplinary tribunal, which has the power to disbar him. Pershad’s solicitor, Angus McBride at London firm London firm Kingsley Napley, said Pershad will appeal both the conviction and sentence. In a statement via his solicitor, Pershad said he believed the conviction to be unsafe. He said: ‘I have not acted dishonestly in relation to the payment of VAT and I will be seeking to have my conviction overturned in the Court of Appeal.’ He said: ‘There have been a number of inaccurate and misleading comments made publicly since my conviction. I will seek to correct them at the appropriate time. ‘I am very grateful to all the many people that have stood by me at what has been a deeply distressing time – most of all for my family.’ Pershad added: ‘I am not a dishonest man. I have never sought to defraud or cheat anyone. I will fight to clear my name.’last_img read more

Dubai looks at light rail

first_imgPLANS TO develop a network of light rail lines in Dubai were unveiled by the Chairman of the emirate’s Roads & Traffic Authority Mattar Mohammed Al-Tayer at the Metro Rail conference in Roma on March 29. With Dubai’s population expected to reach 5·25 million by 2020, RTA is forecasting that total daily travel demand will rise from 5·1 to 21·9 million trips. To alleviate growing road congestion, Al-Tayer said Dubai would invest US$6·3bn on its automated metro network and US$2·5bn on light rail routes over the next 10 to 12 years.Two metro routes totalling 75 km are currently under construction (RG 9.06 p493), and boring of the Green Line tunnels under Dubai Creek is scheduled to start this month. The Red and Green lines are on course to open by 2009, and planning for the Blue and Purple lines is already well advanced. Al-Tayer said further extensions would eventually bring the four-line metro network to 318 route-km.According to the CEO of RTA’s Rail Agency Abdelmajid Al-Khaja, the seven light rail routes totalling 268 km are envisaged as local feeders to the metro, which would remain the backbone of the rail network. The first routes to be built would link stations on the Red Line with hotel and office developments along the coast west of the city centre. Tenders for design and construction of these lines could be awarded by the end of 2008, he said.last_img read more

Twenty-two y-o back in jail

first_img Share 41 Views   no discussions Share Akim Vaughn Smith, 22, of Canefield who was granted bail on March 31, 2014, has found himself in trouble with the law again.Smith pleaded guilty to entering the Wesleyan Hotel on 9th Street, Canefield for unlawful purposes on April 15, 2014 at a Roseau Magistrate’s court on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 and was ordered to serve two months imprisonment.Police prosecutor sergeant Valda Powell told Magistrate Arley Gill that about 6:45 am on April 15 the hotel manager Cedric Joseph heard a sound in the corridor like someone trying to open a door.Joseph went to investigate and saw the defendant trying to open one of the doors with a key. He ran back inside, retrieved a cutlass and held the defendant by his shirt.The defendant, who began screaming, took off his shirt and ran down the stairs. Joseph pursued Smith but was unable to catch him; hence he made a report at the Roseau Police Station.On the April 17, at about 3:25 pm Smith was cautioned about the incident on Great George Street, Roseau.“Officer, I don’t know nothing about that,” was Smith’s response.He was informed that he was going to be arrested for vagrancy to which he responded, “I don’t know what you are charging me for”.When magistrate Gill asked Smith whether he wanted to make a plea in mitigation for himself, Smith explained that he went to the hotel in search of his friends. “Before I went to jail, I had some women friends there; I just want to see if they were still there, I had no intentions of stealing or anything”.When he was questioned as to why he had a key for the hotel, he said that he had “a key before I went to jail so I was just trying it”.Smith, who has a list of similar convictions and was not supposed to commit any offenses as part of his bail conditions, was sentenced to serve two months in prison.Dominica Vibes News LocalNews Twenty-two y-o back in jail by: – April 22, 2014center_img Tweet Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more

CPU, Doctors in Leon volley finals

first_img[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-desktop-hide=” av-medium-hide=” av-small-hide=” av-mini-hide=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=”][/av_textblock][av_one_full first min_height=” vertical_alignment=” space=” custom_margin=” margin=’0px’ padding=’0px’ border=” border_color=” radius=’0px’ background_color=” src=” background_position=’top left’ background_repeat=’no-repeat’ animation=”][av_heading heading=’CPU, Doctors in Leon volley finals ‘ tag=’h3′ style=’blockquote modern-quote’ size=” subheading_active=’subheading_below’ subheading_size=’15’ padding=’10’ color=” custom_font=” av-medium-font-size-title=” av-small-font-size-title=” av-mini-font-size-title=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” admin_preview_bg=”]BY ADRIAN STEWART CO[/av_heading] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” admin_preview_bg=”]CENTRAL Philippine University (CPU) and Iloilo Doctors’ College (IDC) advanced to the finals of the 2017 Open Invitational Volleyball Cup men’s category in Leon, Iloilo.CPU defeated University of San Agustin (USA) while IDC ousted Mandurriao Volleyball Club in knockout semifinals games at the Leon plaza court on Thursday.In the quarterfinals on Thursday morning, CPU defeated Western Institute Technology while IDC edged San Miguel. USA swept Maasin (La Luna Sangre) as Mandurriao dominated Cabatuan.The championship match between CPU and IDC as well as the battle for third place between USA and Mandurriao were ongoing as of press time.Meanwhile, powerhouse Team Limitless (Buncag), CPU College, CPU High School, and John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University advanced to the semifinals of the women’s division.Team Limitless (Buncag) was reinforced by Petron Blaze Spikers star Aiza Maizo-Pontillas and National University Lady Bulldogs’ Princess Anne Robles, while CPU College tapped Generika Ayala Lifesavers’ Fiola Ceballos.The knockout semifinals on the distaff side was being played as of Friday afternoon. The finals and the battle for third place was scheduled later in the day./PN[/av_textblock][/av_one_full]last_img read more

Lighthouse repairs delayed again

first_imgBy DINA ARÉVALOPort Isabel-South Padre [email protected] 25. That’s the new estimated date of completion for the repairs to the historic Port Isabel Lighthouse, announced City Manager Jared Hockema at Tuesday’s city commission meeting.Hockema announced the news with a note of disapproval in his voice as he described an email Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) had sent the City just that day notifying them of the additional delays. TPWD, which is footing the cost of the repairs, had initially told the City repairs would take approximately two months and be completed in February, but work has been delayed repeatedly since then.Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. RelatedCeremony held for Port Isabel Lighthouse’s state historic site designationBy Gaige Davila [email protected]   The Port Isabel Lighthouse, after 69 years of operation under Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), became a state historic site under the Texas Historical Commission (THC) on September 1.  The 86th Texas Legislature transferred the Lighthouse, along with six other Texas sites, from the…October 4, 2019In “News”Pompano Park dock to be repairedBy DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press [email protected] Deteriorating conditions on a portion of the wooden dock at Pompano Park spurred the Port Isabel City Commission to discuss repairs to the structure during Tuesday night’s regular meeting. “We’ve had some deterioration of the dock over a period of time,” City Manager…September 30, 2016In “News”Port Isabel worries Lighthouse future could be in jeopardyBy DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press [email protected] Port Isabel city leaders are taking action to help ensure the use and operation of the historic Port Isabel Lighthouse remains the same in years to come after news that the Texas Sunset Commission has suggested certain historical sites currently owned by the…July 27, 2018In “News” Sharelast_img read more

Joint Chamber To Host Public Luncheon On Pebble Mine Project

first_imgThe luncheon will take place on April 4, from 12-1 p.m., to RSVP visit the Kenai or Soldotna Chamber of Commerce website. The event will take place at the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center. In a release from PLP they stated that this formally begins the permitting process under the rigorous National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process and other permitting efforts associated with the project. According to the Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP) their permit application was accepted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), in January. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Kenai and Soldotna will be hosting a joint Chamber of Commerce Luncheon with guest speaker Mark Hamilton, VP for External Affairs for the Pebble Limited Partnership.center_img This is the first year since 2015 that a representative from the Pebble Partnership has addressed the Kenai Chamber. Kenai Chamber of Commerce President Johna Beech: “We are pretty excited, they have a new project plan and they are in the permitting process now.” last_img read more

Media Watch – March 3rd/4th

first_imgSky Sports, BBC Sport, ESPN, The Star, and the Bristol Post report on City’s emphatic 4-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday.A hat-trick from Bobby Reid and a first-half strike from Josh Brownhill moved Lee Johnson’s side back into the play-offs, as ESPN writes.In his post-match press conference, the City head coach was full of praise for his team, as the Star highlights.The Bristol Post also features Johnson’s post-match comments, with the head coach suggesting Bobby Reid has been more effective this season than former loan star Tammy Abraham.Lee Johnson provided an update on Bailey Wright and Nathan Baker, after the defensive duo were ruled out of Saturday’s victory through injury, as the Post report.Following the defeat in BS3, Owls boss Jos Luhukay heaped praise on City to the Yorkshire Post, saying they were “too strong” and had “too much quality”.last_img read more

Clemson Beats USC 35-17, Snaps Streak

first_img Session ID: 2020-09-18:a0d2d59f9566fcfd29536f79 Player ID: videojs-brightcove-player-761216-3915693687001 OK Close Modal DialogCaption Settings DialogBeginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsDefaultsDoneClose Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Clemson players doused coach Dabo Swinney, carried him off the field and celebrated as if they’d won a championship – and why not after the five straight defeats.“That’s too long,” said senior defensive tackle DeShawn Williams.Quarterback Deshaun Watson threw for 269 yards and ran for two touchdowns, Wayne Gallman rushed for 191 yards and a score and Artavis Scott took two short inside flip passes for scores of 53 and 70 yards.Scott finished with seven catches for 185 yards.Swinney said afterwards that Watson had torn the ACL in his left knee at practice on Nov. 20. He will play in Clemson’s bowl game, then have surgery and return next summer. The school said Watson can’t injure the ligament anymore while wearing a brace.“He is a mental and genetic freak,” Swinney said of Watson. “I don’t know how else to put it.”Gallman believes it may be Clemson’s time to string several wins together. “We’re all coming back,” he said. “We’re not going anywhere.”Watson has missed four full games and most of two others with a broken hand and, most recently, a sprained knee ligament. He hobbled off twice in the opening half, yet was around at the end and finished 14 of 19 for 269 yards and two 1-yard rushing TDs in first significant action since defeating North Carolina State on Oct. 4.“I knew I was going to feel some pain because I wasn’t 100 percent,” Watson said. “I just go out with a confident mindset and have fun.”Clemson’s top-ranked defense also helped out, twice stopping the Gamecocks on fourth down in the second half. Defensive end Vic Beasley had two sacks and forced a fumble.South Carolina could not keep Steve Spurrier’s mastery over the Tigers going. The Gamecocks hadn’t ever won more than four straight in a Palmetto Bowl series Clemson leads 66-42-4.It was also a humbling defeat for a South Carolina team coming off three straight 11-2 seasons and picked to win the SEC East at league media days last July.“I told the guys, ‘6-6 might be what we are,’” said Spurrier, who coached his 400th career game in the pros and college.Thompson 21 of 39 for 249 yards – enough to push him past former passer Todd Ellis as the school’s all-time single-season yardage leader at 3,254 yards.With Watson in control, the Tigers’ offense soon got moving. He had a 25-yard pass to Mike Williams before Scott’s first TD to tie things at 7-all.Beasley’s 10th sack of the season forced a fumble by Thompson – the seventh time in Beasley’s 31 career sacks he’s forced a fumble – at the South Carolina 36. Beasley added his ACC-leading 11th sack in the second half. CLEMSON, S.C. (AP) – South Carolina found again what it’s like on the wrong side of the Palmetto State’s biggest sports rivalry.After an unprecedented run of five consecutive wins, the one-time Southeastern Conference Eastern Division favorites fell 35-17 to the 23rd-ranked Tigers on Saturday.“This isn’t going to define who we are,” Gamecocks quarterback Dylan Thompson said. “We’ve had many wins, many wins over these guys. But today they came to play and beat us.”Clemson (9-3) hadn’t won since 2008 when Dabo Swinney was still interim coach and the victory helped earn him the fulltime job. The Gamecocks (6-6) had used young playmakers like tailback Marcus Lattimore in 2010, quarterback Connor Shaw in 2011 and defensive end Jadeveon Clowney in 2012 to grab a stranglehold on the rivalry. PHOTOS: USC vs. Clemson CLEMSON, SC – NOVEMBER 29: Head Coach Dabo Swinney of the Clemson Tigers is splashed with Gatorade after beating the South Carolina Gamecocks at Memorial Stadium on November 29, 2014 in Clemson, South Carolina.Even Thompson, a sophomore backup, came on for injured starter Shaw to lead a 27-17 win at Death Valley two years ago. This time, it was Clemson’s No. 1 ranked defense and young offensive stars who took control.“It’s kind of upsetting not beating this team in this rivalry your senior season,” Gamecocks guard A.J. Cann said. “But in the past, we really did a good job against them, beating them five times in a row.” VIDEO: Steve Spurrier Talks After the Game Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00Loaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%0:00 Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1ChaptersChaptersdescriptions off, selectedDescriptionssubtitles off, selectedSubtitlescaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedCaptionsAudio TrackFullscreenThis is a modal window. The Video Cloud video was not found. Error Code: VIDEO_CLOUD_ERR_VIDEO_NOT_FOUNDlast_img read more

Giroud rescues draw for Chelsea in Budapest

first_imgMOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2Olivier Giroud’s superb free-kick prevented Chelsea falling to a surprise Europa League defeat.Giroud, on as a substitute for the injured Alvaro Morata, equalised with 15 minutes remaining.A first-half own goal by Ethan Ampadu had levelled the match less than two minutes after Willian’s free-kick put Chelsea in front in Budapest, where Morata went off just before the interval.AdChoices广告A thumping volley by Loïc Nego 11 minutes into the second half then put Vidi ahead.Chelsea, having already comfortably booked their place in the knockout stage, were below par in their final group match and were unable to maintain their 100% record in this season’s tournament.But they at least stayed unbeaten courtesy of Giroud’s fourth Europa League goal of the campaign.Willian opened the scoring on the half-hour mark with a strike keeper Adam Kovacsik ought to have done better with.Ampadu’s own goal came straight after Willian’s opener. Picture: Tibor Illyes/MTI via AP]Chelsea immediately switched off at the back, failing to deal with Anel Hadžić’s left-wing free-kick.The unfortunate Ampadu, in attempting to head clear, inadvertently diverted the ball past keeper Willy Caballero.Youngsters Callum Hudson-Odoi and Ampadu were both given starting places.Hudson-Odoi was lively, creating two chances for Morata before the Spaniard went off a minute before the interval.The teenage forward found Ruben Loftus-Cheek with a lovely ball early on and the England midfielder in turn found Morata, who tried to set up Cesc Fabregas rather than shoot but made a mess of the pass.Hudson-Odoi was in the thick of the action again four minutes before half-time, doing well on the right and flicking the ball towards Morata, who was denied by Kovacsik at the near post.Morata was replaced by Giroud shortly afterwards, having picked up what looked like a knee injury.The home side started the second half strongly and Chelsea found themselves on the back foot.They woke from their slumber after going behind, and Giroud missed a great chance to equalise when he poked wide from near the edge of the six-yard box after Emerson had pulled the ball back from the left.Giroud also volleyed over after being set up by Fabregas’ chipped pass, and Pedro fired narrowly wide after being picked out by Hudson-Odoi, before Giroud eventually scored in emphatic fashion. Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebook See also:MOL Vidi v Chelsea player ratingsSarri does not believe Morata injury is seriousChelsea condemn anti-Semitic chanting by fansAmpadu and Hudson-Odoi praised after Chelsea drawFabregas admits he is frustrated at Chelsea Chelsea: Caballero, Zappacosta, Christensen, Ampadu, Emerson, Fabregas, Barkley, Loftus-Cheek, Willian (Pedro 55), Morata (Giroud 44), Hudson-OdoiSubs not used: Cumming, Alonso, Jorginho, Luiz, McEachran. Embed from Getty Imageslast_img read more

Club make Arsenal player ‘priority’ for January, ‘intend’ to make approach…

first_imgEven though Lucas Torreira told Arsenal’s official website he wants to help the Gunners achieve their goals for this season, it hasn’t stopped him from being linked with other clubs. On Thursday, Corriere dello Sport reported Napoli have identified the midfielder as a January target and are of the belief it will be ‘easy to tempt’ him because he isn’t having a ‘wonderful season’ at the Emirates.Later that evening, Calciomercato relayed the claims made by Corriere and provided more information about the Serie A side’s interest in the 23-year-old.Napoli came up with a plan for the winter market during a summit headed by chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis, and have made the Uruguay international their ‘priority’ target for January.Embed from Getty ImagesTorreira is a player ‘who brings everyone together’ at the Naples club, from their chief scout to sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli. Therefore, the Serie A side ‘intend’ to make an approach from him.Calciomercato adds Napoli will face competition in signing the Arsenal player because Atlético Madrid are also looking at the South Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksTrending TodayForge of Empires – Free Online GameIf You Like to Play, this Game is a Must-HaveForge of Empires – Free Online GameUndo聽多多 Hearmore.asia1969年前出生的香港居民現可免費試戴頂尖的歐洲助聽器聽多多 Hearmore.asiaUndoSmart Tech TrendOver 50? You Have to Try Those Revolutionary Glasses!Smart Tech TrendUndoCNN with DBS BankThe New Role Banks Are PlayingCNN with DBS BankUndoHero WarsGetting this Treasure is impossible! Prove us wrong!Hero WarsUndoInstant Voice Translator43 Languages Instant Voice Translator Flying Off Shelves in Hong KongInstant Voice TranslatorUndoGrepolis – Online Free GameGamers Around the World Have Been Waiting for this Game! Already 35 Million PlayersGrepolis – Online Free GameUndoLoans | Search AdsNeed a loan? Search hereLoans | Search AdsUndoTheTopFiveVPNEnjoy Netflix Now Without Any RestrictionsTheTopFiveVPNUndolast_img read more

Mets sale: Steve Cohen makes astonishing $2 billion bid; A-Rod, Lopez still in the fray

first_img FOLLOW US COMMENT Sreehari Menon First Published: 10th July, 2020 13:57 IST MLB franchise New York Mets are looking for potential buyers since the Wilpons announced they were selling the team in December 2019. The first round of Mets bid is in, and billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen has reportedly submitted an offer to buy the Mets for $2 billion. The Steve Cohen Mets bid comes in after his previous $2.6 billion takeover fell through in the 11th hour, due to a five-year window of ownership. The Steve Cohen Mets bid could make the Mets sale the most expensive in MLB history. Also Read: Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez To Make Second Pass At Buying New York Mets: ReportsNew York Mets sale: Steve Cohen makes astonishing $2billion Mets bid According to reports by Charles Gasparino, Wall Street mogul Steve Cohen has registered a massive $2 billion bid plus an additional $2 billion for SportsNet New York (SNY) as the Mets own a 65 percent controlling interest in SNY. Jon Heyman had reported earlier that first-round bids for the Mets sale were likely to be accepted by the Wilpons, and Steve Cohen was amongst the handful bidders interested. Others include Josh Harris and David Blitzer, Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer Lopez, and the Reuben brothers.The Steve Cohen Mets bid comes in after the 64-year-old saw his protracted takeover fall through with the Wilpons trying to change terms last minute. According to NBC Sports,  Fred Wilpon bought a 50 percent stake in the New York Mets for $81 million in 1980 and bought the other half in 2002 for $391 million. While the first-round bids for the Mets sale are non-binding, the Steve Cohen Mets bid suggests that the Mets owners are likely to collect a windfall. Also Read: Angels’ Anthony Rendon Expects MLB Stars To Find Groove Fast Last Updated: 10th July, 2020 13:57 IST Mets Sale: Steve Cohen Makes Astonishing $2 Billion Bid; A-Rod, Lopez Still In The Fray Mets sale: Billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen has made an astonishing $2 billion bid for the MLB franchise; Alex Rodriguez, JLo still in the hunt. New York Mets sale: Steve Cohen Net WorthThe Steve Cohen net worth is an astonishing $14 billion according to Forbes’ real-time net worth metric. The 64-year-old manages Point72 Asset Management, a $16 billion hedge fund firm that started managing outside capital in 2018. The Steve Cohen net worth marks him 77th on the Forbes list of billionaires. Cohen was forced to shut down his previous hedge fund SAC Capital after the firm pleaded guilty to insider trading charges that cost him $1.8 billion in penalties. The magazine reports that Cohen has given $715 million to philanthropic causes over his lifetime, including causes related to veterans and children’s health.Also Read: Who Is Mike Repole? Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez Add New Billionaire Partner To Buy MetsNew York Mets sale: J Lo and Alex Rodriguez still in the hunt despite Steve Cohen Mets bid According to the New York Post, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have the necessary funding and can outmatch the Steve Cohen Mets bid. A-Rod’s bidding group had reportedly offered $1.7 billion for the Mets. The $1.7 billion bid by J Lo and Alex Rodriguez was in the range of what Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer offered, according to reports. The Steve Cohen Mets bid has to be $250 million more than his next bidder to buy the Mets after his previous unsuccessful attempt. The New York Post further reports that Wilpon prefers selling the Mets to A-Rod rather than Cohen, and will consider their bid if it is anywhere close to the best bid at the end of the auction. Also Read: Mets Optimistic About Céspedes When Baseball Returns(Image Credit: Point72careers, Alex Rodriguez Instagram) WATCH US LIVE Written By Prospective Mets buyers are supposed to have bids in by tomorrow. Steve Cohen, the hedge fund guy from Great Neck, is back to being seen as perhaps the favorite. He’s believed to have patched up any previous differences w/Mets ownership. Plus, he’s reportedly worth $10B plus.— Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) July 8, 2020 LIVE TV SUBSCRIBE TO US In addition to Steve Cohen, others thought to be interested in the Mets include Josh Harris-David Blitzer, A-Rod/J-Lo (with Mike Repole, Vinny Viola, others), the Reuben Bros. and at least 1 or 2 mystery bidders. $2B seems like a reasonable target price, more if SNY is included.— Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) July 8, 2020last_img read more

Opening Test presents selection headache: Holder

first_imgSOUTHAMPTON, England, CMC – West Indies captain Jason Holder has admitted to a selection headache for the Ageas Bowl opening Test but says it is a good problem to have. Pointed out that the 15-man squad had been outstanding over the last four weeks of preparation, Holder said yesterday it had been difficult to settle on an XI before the morning of today’s first day.“We’re still tinkering around with a few combinations,” the top-ranked Test all-rounder told reporters via Zoom.Off-spinning all-rounder Rahkeem Cornwall is an option for the opening Test.“The beauty about our side is that we’ve had people like [left-arm seamer] Raymon Reifer come back into the squad and do really well [and] Rahkeem Cornwall has obviously been outstanding in regional cricket over the years and in the last Test match (against Afghanistan) he was the Man-of-the-Match as well. “Jermaine Blackwood had an outstanding first class season scoring the most runs so it’s a good headache to have when it comes to selection and you always want to be put in that situation as a captain and a selection panel. “I think once you have selection headaches you have guys pushing the barrier and pushing down doors to be selected. I like to wait until the last minute and give myself a very good chance to see conditions and how they change overnight.”What is expected in the West Indies final XI is a four-pronged pace attack comprising Kemar Roach, Shannon Gabriel, Alzarri Joseph and Holder. One of the main points of discussion will be whether to include the 27-year-old off-spinning all-rounder Cornwall for his third Test or use part-time off-spinner Roston Chase as the main spin option, and opt for six specialist batsmen along with wicketkeeper Shane Dowrich.West Indies will be looking to keep hold of the Wisden Trophy they won last year in the Caribbean when they take on the hosts in the three-Test series.The tourists have not won a series in England since 1988 and have won just one Test in their last 16 here. However, with last year’s series win still fresh in their memories, Holder said he backed his side to spring a surprise against higher ranked teams like England.“I’m sure if you look at this West Indies Test team over the last three years we’ve had some really good results,” Holder pointed out.“We’ve won series, we’ve won Test matches, we’ve beaten top sides in the world. I don’t know how that is in comparison to the white ball format but this team is really ready for this occasion. “We’ve proven in the past that we can win against top sides and we can also beat top sides in series so it’s all to play for in this series.”The match, which will be played behind closed doors because of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, bowls off at 11 am (6 am Eastern Caribbean time).last_img read more

La Liga Review: Villareal, Sociedad Suffer Surprise Defeats

first_imgEuropean hopefuls Villareal and Real Sociedad suffered surprising defeats in their respective Spanish La Liga Matchday 3 clashes on Friday night.Villarreal dominated proceedings from start to finish but still managed to lose 1-0 at home to Catalan club Girona.Uruguay forward Christian Stuani scored the winning goal in the 54th minute.Villarreal are still searching for their first win of the season after one solitary point from the first three games of the season.The Yellow Submarines are presently languishing in 17th position on the league table.Real Sociedad also lost 2-1 at the home of Eibar despite taking a 15th minute lead through Brazilian forward Willian Jose from the penalty spot.Barcelona loanee Eric Cardona drew the hosts level on 26 minutes and that was how it stayed until added time when Charles scored to give Eibar their first win of the season and hand Sociedad their first loss of the new league season.In the other La Liga game on Friday, newly promoted side Real Valladolid recorded their second point of the season with a battling goalless draw at capital club Getafe.Relatedlast_img read more

NBA Power Rankings: Bucks, Warriors start strong; Lakers, Rockets stumble early

first_img21. ThunderOKC ranks second in the league in in shots attempted per game, at 93.8. But at 47.2 percent, they also have the second-worst effective field-goal percentage. That’s a lot of missed shots.22. KnicksOnly three of the Knicks’ first eight games have come on the road, and they’ve lost all three. That doesn’t bode well for a team that plays 13 of its next 17 away from the Garden.23. RocketsHouston was one of the worst teams in the league at giving up points in the paint last season, when they ranked 27th at 48.0 points per game. But this year, they’ve bottomed out, giving up 59.3 points in the paint per game, worst in the NBA.24. MavericksIt’s only eight games, but Luka Doncic has exceeded his own hype so far. He’s leading rookies with 19.6 points per game, shooting 45.8 percent from the field and 40.0 percent from the 3-point line. He’s chipping in 6.3 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game, too.25. MagicThe shooting can’t get much worse in Orlando, where the Magic are making 41.0 percent from the field (last in the NBA) and 30.5 percent from the 3-point line (28th). They’re struggling from the free-throw line, too, making 73.5 percent of their foul shots, 21st in the league. Dan Gilbert has given out bad contracts to coaches almost as a habit. Why he’s decided to play hardball with Larry Drew — who could be key to salvaging this season — is a mystery.30. SunsWins? Well, no. But the offense has been much more focused on ball movement, and it shows in the numbers. Phoenix is No. 2 in the league with a 66.4 assist percentage. Last year, the Suns were 27th at 55.3 percent. 11. PistonsLast year with the Raptors, coach Dwane Casey had the best bench in the league. This year in Detroit, much has changed: Pistons reserves average 32.1 points per game, third fewest in the league, and shoot just 44.3 percent from the field and 29.2 percent from the 3-point line.12. Clippers The reserves have been especially effective for the Clippers, who have two players — Lou Williams (16.7) and Montrezl Harrell (13.0) ranked in the top 18 in bench scoring this season.13. SpursSan Antonio has bucked the offensive boom in the NBA, ranking ninth in offensive efficiency (111.9 points per 100 possessions) despite ranking 29th in 3-point shot attempts (22.3 per game). Yes, the midrange game can still work.14. KingsNot since Mike Bibby and Doug Christie have the Kings had a competent and productive backcourt. That’s changed with De’Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield, who have combined to average 36.4 points and 9.3 assists.15. HornetsKemba Walker could not do much more to campaign for a max contract from the Hornets than he’s done so far. He’s averaging a career-high 30.1 points, with career highs in shooting (46.3 percent) and 3-point shooting (41.4 percent). (Getty Images) Well, we’ve made it through the first month of the season — half-month, as it were — and are careening toward Thanksgiving. It’s early still, but in a couple of weeks, we’ll have a decent enough sample size to start saying some definitive things about players and teams around the league.In the meantime, we have our first Power Rankings of the 2018-19 season… TRADE RUMORS: Which big men could soon hit open market?1. BucksHow much has Mike Budenholzer changed the Bucks’ offense? Consider that if Milwaukee continues on its current 3-point pace, they’ll pass last year’s total number of 3s made (718) in Game No. 47.2. Warriors The Warriors are averaging 125.0 points per game, just 1.5 points off the all-time record of the 126.5 per game scored by Denver in 1981-82. Their offensive rating is 120.3 points per 100 possessions, which is first in the league — way ahead of the 114.9 rating of the No. 2 team, Charlotte.3. RaptorsNick Nurse has taken the revamped Toronto offense and pushed it further. Two years ago, the Raptors averaged 84.4 shot attempts per game, 22nd in the league. Last year, they pushed that to 87.4 per game, which was sixth. Now, they’re up to 91.8 shots, tied for ninth in the league.                                                  4. NuggetsDenver is 6-1 and really has not had its offense fully clicking yet. They’re shooting 29.3 percent from the 3-point line, a number that will rise dramatically. Two of the better shooters in the league — Gary Harris and Jamal Murray — are combining to make 27.9 percent from the 3-point line. They combined to shoot 38.9 percent from the arc last year.5. CelticsAt long last, Kyrie Irving had a breakout game to boost the sagging Boston offense, which ranks 28th in efficiency (100.8 points per 100 possessions). But the defense ranks first, at 96.2 points per 100 possessions, and has carried them thus far. (Getty Images) (Getty Images) (Getty Images) 16. SixersPhilly is 4-0 against teams that are .500 or worse, with all four games coming at home. They’re 0-4 against teams better than .500, all four games coming on the road. The losses have been by an average of 12.8 points.17. HeatWith Jimmy Butler again angling to get out of Minnesota, the Heat are biding their time. There’s little chance that — whether it’s a deal involving Butler or not — this roster remains the same when the trade deadline approaches.18. TimberwolvesFrustrated Timberwolves fans will be happy to know that Butler is working to get himself traded and finally get the team out of its conclave of controversy. But how are they going to feel when it’s Derrick Rose who takes over as the team’s offensive leader?19. LakersThe Lakers have allowed 50 percent shooting or better in four of their eight games this year. Last year, it happened 19 times, or in 23.2 percent of their games. They’re giving up 26.4 free-throw attempts per game, 29th in the NBA.20. NetsIt’s a good sign that, despite the early struggles, five of Brooklyn’s first eight games have been decided by two possessions or fewer. They’re 2-3 in those games. (Getty Images) 26. BullsEight games in, and Zach LaVine has a pretty good case for the league’s Most Improved Player award. He’s healthy (for now), and has established himself as a clear-cut No. 1 scorer. LaVine is averaging 28.1 points, shooting 51.0 percent from the field and 38.0 percent from the 3-point line.  27. HawksIt was expected that Trae Young, as a rookie point guard, would turn over the ball a lot — he’s averaged 3.0 per game. But he’s not alone. Four Hawks are averaging more than 2.0 turnovers per game, and three rank in the league’s top 50. Atlanta has the second-highest turnover percentage in the league, at 17.2.28. WizardsThe Wizards have the third-worst net rating in the league (minus-9.9) and are already sniping at each other over agendas and shots. It appears that Marcin Gortat was not really the problem. Oh, and Dwight Howard has not even joined this mix yet, either.29. Cavaliers 6. Trail BlazersThe Blazers are still the best pick-and-roll team in the NBA, but to achieve playoff success, they’ll need to rely less on the play. So far, that’s happening. They ran pick-and-roll on 21.6 percent of their plays last year, third in the NBA. This year, that’s down to 17.7 percent, or 16th in the league.7. GrizzliesRookie Jaren Jackson was forced into the starting five because of an injury to JaMychal Green. He’s been in foul trouble just about every game, but is averaging 11.5 points, 5.2 rebounds, 1.2 steals and 1.0 blocks per game.8. JazzThe last couple of years have been marked by disappointing starts in Utah, including 6-10 last year and 7-8 the year before. This team has higher expectations, and at 4-3 is trying to avoid yet another sluggish start.9. PacersThaddeus Young contributes to the starting five in many ways, but if things keep up for Domantas Sabonis, Nate McMillan is going to have to consider a lineup change. Sabonis is averaging 14.4 points and 9.6 rebounds on — this is not a misprint — 70.7 percent shooting. He’s averaging just 22.3 minutes off the bench.10. PelicansAfter their 4-0 start, the Pelicans are on the road for a gauntlet of a trip. So far, they’ve dropped games to the Nuggets and Warriors. They allowed 131 points to Golden State, the second time in three games they allowed 130-plus — that happened three total times all last year. They still have the Blazers, Spurs and Thunder coming on the trip.last_img read more

Wellington Police Notes: Thursday, March 12, 2020

first_imgWellington Police notes: Thursday, March 12, 2020•12:42 a.m. Officers responded to a suicide attempt in the 900 block N. Woodlawn, Wellington.•12:53 a.m. Officers took a Suspicious Activity Report in the 500 block N. Park St, Wellington.•9:25 a.m. Officers responded to a mental subject in the 1000 block W. College Ave, Wellington.•10 a.m. Officers took a Fraud Report in the 200 block W. Harvey, Wellington.•12:27 p.m. Zachary J. Myers, 31, Wellington, was arrested and charged with possession of a stimulant, and possession of drug paraphernalia.•12:27 p.m. Caly D. Hochevar, 34, was arrested and charged with possession of a stimulant, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving while license suspended.•12:27 p.m. Zachary J. Myers, 31, Wellington, was arrested on a failure to appear warrant.•1:30 p.m. Kathleen M. Seiler, 53, Wichita, was issued a notice to appear for theft.•3:51 p.m. Officers responded to a neighbor complaint in the 900 block N. C St, Wellington.•9:36 p.m. officers responded to a mental subject in the 1100 block E. 16th St, Wellington.•10:52 p.m. Officers responded to a mental subject in the 700 block N. Gardner, Wellington.•11 p.m. Officers took an animal bite report in the 700 block N. C St, Wellington.last_img read more

Baechli back on top

first_imgWalter Baechli, Kurt Sandgaard and Dave Richardson.We had enough for two flights today with the cut at handicap 18.  Mike Allidi won the A Flight with 34 points ahead of Leif Kirkgaard in second on a count back over Walter Baechli, both on 33.  Ian Pickels took fourth spot on a count back from Tate Akifumi, both returning 32 point scores.Elias Magnusson topped the podium in the B Flight with just 32 points, one better than Svende Gaarde in second, while Karl Beter and Susan filled the minor places.A Flight (0-18)1st Mike Allidi (3) 34pts2nd Leif Kirkgaard (18) 33pts3rd Walter Baechli (17) 33pts4th Ian Pickels (16) 32ptsB Flight (19+)1st Elias Magnusson (21) 32pts2nd Svend Gaarde (25) 31pts3rd Karl Beter (28) 27pts4th Susan Gaarde (26) 25ptsThursday, Dec. 4, Treasure Hill – StablefordIt was up the 331 for the third time in a week, this time to play Treasure Hill which was in fine shape but the greens staff managed to douse most areas around the greens leaving them soggy underfoot.Mike Allidi, Dave Richardson and Elias Magnusson.We had a fairly quick round of 4 hours and 10 minutes and back in the clubhouse we said farewell to Kurt Sandgaard and Ian Pickels, both whom will be returning after the new year.Two flights today with the cut at handicap 22 and the ever-colorful Walter Bachli topped the A Flight with a fine 37 points, four ahead of Mike Allidi in second while Brian Gabe took third on a count back over Leif Kirkgaard, both on 31 points.Kurt Sandgaard won the B Flight with a meager 29 points, one better than Dave Richardson in second, and Susan Gaarde placed third after pipping husband Svend on a count back, both tied on 26 points.A Flight (0-22)1st Walter Baechli (17) 37pts2nd Mike Allidi (3) 33pts3rd Brian Gabe (21) 31pts4th Leif Kirkgaard (18) 31ptsB Flight (23+)1st Kurt Sandgaard (31) 29pts2nd Dave Richardson (27) 28pts3rd Susan Gaarde (26) 26pts4th Svend Gaarde (25) 26ptsNB:  Please make a note on your calendar – we will be holding the Alec Chilcott Cup Christmas Fayre at Plutaluang on Monday 23 December.  Hope to see you all there! PSC golf from Café KronborgMonday, Dec. 2, Pattavia – StablefordThis was our second trip to Pattavia in 4 days and after we checked in we got off the first tee 10 minutes early under sunny skies and with a big wind.The course was in fine condition and even the bunkers were raked, but it was a rather slow round of 4 hours and 30 minutes.Back in the clubhouse welcomes went out to Torben Sorensen from Canada and Mike Allidi.last_img read more

Windsurfers championed for SEA Games success

first_imgThe Windsurf Association subsequently sent the athletes to hone their skills in the RSX World Champions 2017 in Japan in September to prepare for the next Olympic Games, also to be held in Japan in 2020.  ‘Oat’ Natta­pong is currently ranked number 50 in the world in the Gold and Silver fleet and this month both he and Daow will remain in Pattaya and practice locally to prepare for upcoming competitions.Pattaya councilors at the meeting congratulated the two sailors on their achievements and stated that they are proud to have such skilled youths to represent Thailand and Pattaya, bringing joy to the country.  Thailand’s windsurfing has now stepped up to yet another level and looks set to grow further going forward. ‘Oat’ Nattapong Phonoparat (left) and ‘Daow’ Siriporn Kaewduang-ngam (right) wear their gold medals at a civic reception to celebrate their SEA Games success, held at the Surf Kitchen Restaurant in Jomtien on October 1.Pattaya windsurfers brought back pride and joy from the 29th Sea Games, held in Malaysia in August, returning with 2 gold medals and contributing to Thailand finishing runners-up to the host nation in the final overall medal table.A special ceremony was held at the Surf Kitchen Restaurant in Jomtien on October 1 to celebrate the success of the Thai windsurfing team.  Many civic dignitaries were in attendance to congratulate the victorious sailors including former city mayor Ittipol Khunplume, president of the Windsurf Association Pattaya and Vice Admiral Sorayut Danegtet, vice president of the Windsurf Association Thailand.Support Pattaya Mail – Click HereThe two gold medals performances came in the RS1 Mens competition, with ‘Oat’ Nattapong Phonoparat emerging as the champion, and the RS1 Womens category where ‘Daow’ Siriporn Kaewduang-ngam proved to be too good for her international rivals.last_img read more

Confident England down Australia in Brisbane

first_imgBy Nick MulvenneyENGLAND continued their revival under Eddie Jones with a deserved 39-28 victory over an ill-disciplined Australia side to claim their first ever win in Brisbane and take a 1-0 lead in their three test series on Saturday.Recovering from an early 10-0 deficit, the Six Nations champions scored tries through centre Jonathan Joseph, winger Marland Yarde and winger Jack Nowell with flyhalf Owen Farrell contributing 24 points with his boot.Wallabies flanker Michael Hooper scored two tries with fullback Israel Folau and Tevita Kuridrani also crossing but Bernard Foley, the hero of the 33-13 victory over England at last year’s World Cup, landed only three of his six kicks.The tourists have never scored more points against the Wallabies on Australian soil and will take huge confidence into the final two tests in Melbourne and Sydney over the next two weeks.England flanker James Haskell typified his team’s effort, ferocious in defence and at the breakdown as the tourists backed up Jones’s promise of a “Bodyline” series with a display of disciplined aggression.Australia will rue the regularity with which they were penalised by French referee Romain Poite and the loss of the edge in the scrum they enjoyed at Twickenham last October.It had looked like being another good evening for Australia when debutant Samu Kerevi put Hooper over in the corner after a period of sustained pressure in the ninth minute.The Wallabies doubled their lead seven minutes later when Foley delayed his pass to send Folau crashing through Farrell’s tackle to touch down.Two penalties from Farrell from in front of the posts helped England cut the deficit and a third made it a one point game after half an hour.Foley had just had a fine individual try called back for obstruction, though, when calamity struck for the home side in the 32nd minute.The flyhalf failed to get hold of a Folau pass out of defence, Kerevi also failed to control the loose ball and Joseph hacked through for a converted try.Foley landed his first penalty three minutes before halftime but Farrell’s fourth – the ninth time Australia were penalised – gave England a 19-13 lead at the break.A burst up the middle from Haskell and a lofted pass from George Ford gave winger Yarde a free run to the line six minutes into the second half and, when Farrell converted, England were 26-13 ahead.Wallabies loosehead prop Scott Sio was sin-binned in the 54th minute as England reasserted their traditional dominance at the scrum and another penalty at the set piece allowed Farrell to put England 29-13 ahead.Hooper popped up on the wing again to score his second try after a sweeping Australia move and Kuridrani ploughed over in the 71st minute before a Farrell penalty and Nowell’s breakaway effort in the final seconds gave England a famous victory.last_img read more

Windies ‘A’ in command

first_img Early struggle BECKENHAM, England, (CMC): Captain Shamarh Brooks struck an unbeaten half-century to ram home the advantage his fast bowlers had established as West Indies ‘A’ dominated India ‘A’ on the opening day of the first four-day ‘Test’ yesterday. Opting to bat first at Kent County Ground, India ‘A’ were bundled out cheaply for 133, with Hanuma Vihari top-scoring with 37, Vijay Shankar getting 34 and captain Karun Nair, 20. However, the Asian side failed to cope with the Windies ‘A’ pace attack as Sherman Lewis (4-35) and Chemar Holder (4-57) picked up four wickets apiece, and left-armer Raymon Reifer (2-20) added a brace. In reply, Windies ‘A’ were struggling on 28 for two in the seventh over before Brooks arrived to play a skipper’s knock of 51 not out, anchoring two key stands to see his side to the close on 148 for three. Left-handed opener John Campbell was lbw to speedster Ankit Rajpoot in the first over of the innings for two, and Test batsman Jermaine Blackwood followed for 18 in the seventh, caught at the wicket off the same bowler. But Brooks steadied the innings, adding 54 for the third wicket with the left-handed Hemraj, who made 42 off 63 balls in nearly two hours at the crease, striking six fours. When Hemraj departed, Brooks found an ally in Sunil Ambris, whose unbeaten 24 has consumed 49 balls, just an over an hour and included three fours. The right-handed Brooks has struck 10 fours in an innings spanning 103 balls.last_img read more

Cane harvester remanded for armed robbery

first_imgA cane harvester of Blairmont Sugar Factory was on Wednesday remanded to prison on an armed robbery charge when he appeared at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Rhondell Weaver.Bharat Madray, 26, of Benet Street, Rosignol, West Coast Berbice, Region Five (West Berbice/Mahaica), was not required to plead to the indictable charge which alleged that on April 1, 2016  at the Rosignol Market while armed with a dangerous weapon, a gun, he robbed Ramdat Singh of a quantity of gold jewellery valued at .2 million.The prosecution’s case stated that on the day in question, at around 06:30h Singh and his son, 16, of Bush Lot, WCB, were in the process of opening their jewellery shop at the Rosignol Market when two unmasked gunmen held them up demanding their assets.One of the perpetrators discharged a round which struck Ramdat Jr to his jaw.Police Prosecutor Sergeant Althea Solomon objected to bail due to the nature and gravity of the offence. She also noted that there are other charged pending, stemming from the same offence.However Attorney Horatio Edmondson mitigating for bail told the Court that the accused has not been proven guilty and should be allowed pretrial liberty. He argued that Madray has a stable job and a fixed place of abode.The Magistrate upheld the prosecution’s submissions and remanded Madray. He will next appear in court on April 21, 2016.last_img read more


first_imgDeputy Joe McHugh has called on the Government to ensure that it fully commits to a broadband network which will attract and sustain businesses across Donegal.Many towns and villages across Donegal do not have adequate broadband.The Fine Gael Deputy was speaking as the ESB and Vodafone announced a €450M fibre broadband network for across the country.But the Carrigart-based politician said there is an urgent need to prioritise an efficient broadband structure for businesses looking to set up here in Donegal. “There is an urgent need to prioritise broadband in the North West region. In order to build on existing success of companies in Letterkenny, companies like United Health Care, Pramerica, Zeus and SITA, a high quality standard of broadband access is essential.“Letterkenny has been identified as one of three towns by the IDA for political investment and we need to respond to this proactively by ensuring the infrastructure is in place to support these opportunities,” he said.He said he was also delighted to confirm that the European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology (ERNACT), will be presenting to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement tomorrow on a cross border project to enhance communications technology in the Northwest.Joe McHugh TDThe organisation works to develop a range of digital projects with the help of EU funding. But Deputy McHugh added that a state-of-the art broadband system was needed for Donegal if businesses and subsequent jobs are to be attracted into the county.“I am calling on both the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton TD, and Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Pat Rabbitte TD, to engage with local business, communities and existing facilities to ensure any potential job opportunities are identified and pursued, while ensuring that the areas with inconsistent coverage or worst affected by slow broadband are included in the plans“The ability to encourage businesses to set up in rural towns and villages is heavily dependent on access to fast, high quality broadband and once this is in place, it will have a knock on effect on local communities, attracting young families from traditional urban cities and towns and leading to positive developments such as increases in school numbers, post offices, local services etc.“It is also important to highlight that this is only phase 1 of the project and while I welcome that Letterkenny is included in the 50 towns, there are obviously areas across the North West that currently receive poor quality, inconsistent and in some places no coverage at all and it is imperative that we address all areas to ensure that access to broadband is rolled out across the whole country.” McHUGH PLEADS WITH GOVERNMENT TO SUPPORT MODERN BROADBAND NETWORK FOR DONEGAL was last modified: July 3rd, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:broadbanddonegalJoe McHughlast_img read more


first_imgDaniel O’Donnell has cancelled the rest of his British tour after his father-in-law suffered a brain haemorrhage.Daniel and Majella have rushed to be beside her father Tom’s bedside.We revealed yesterday how Daniel and wife Majella have jetted to the island of Tenerife where Tom and wife Marion Roche live.Daniel initially cancelled three concerts but has now cut a number of others to be by Tom’s bedside. Daniel first met wife Majella at Tom and Marion’s bar in Tenerife in 1999.DANIEL CANCELS REST OF TOUR AFTER FATHER-IN-LAW TAKES ILL was last modified: October 15th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:daniel o’donnellillMajellaTenerifeTOM ROCHElast_img read more

Russell Martin arrives in Glasgow for Rangers medical

first_imgNorwich defender Russell Martin has arrived in Glasgow to undergo a medical with Rangers.The Scotland international will go through medical tests before finalising a loan deal to join Graeme Murty’s side until the end of the season.Barring any last-minute hitch, Martin will become the fourth new face at Ibrox in the January window, following Sean Goss, Jamie Murphy and Jason Cummings in joining the Rangers squad.Martin is set to leave Norwich after eight years with the club with the defender having made over 300 appearances for the Canaries. The 32-year-old has fallen out of favour at Carrow Road, playing just five times this season despite having been a first team regular in previous years.Martin, who has 29 caps for his country, previously played for Wycombe Wanderers and Peterborough United.Rangers remain keen to add to their squad before the transfer deadline on January 31. The club have been unsuccessful with a bid for Kilmarnock’s Jordan Jones and have also held talks with Hamilton over midfielder Greg Docherty.last_img read more

Higgins expects tough semi-final against Kyren Wilson

first_imgThe pair begin their match at 1pm and Higgins is wary of the threat the young Englishman carries to his title aspirations.The Scotsman told Eurosport: “He’s a great young talent.“He’s maybe a bit like myself, he’s maybe not as flamboyant as people like Jack Lisowski and Judd Trump but nonetheless he’s such a tough competitor to play against.“He’s such a tough all-round player, pots the great long balls and every credit to him. John Higgins is expecting a difficult match as he faces Kyren Wilson in the World Championship semi-final at the Crucible on Thursday.The 42-year-old is going into the clash in a buoyant mood after defeating Judd Trump 13-12 in a thrilling quarter-final encounter.He now faces 26-year-old Wilson who overcame Northern Irishman Mark Allen 13-6 to reach the semi-final stage for the first time in his career.The match-up will be Higgins’ eighth World Championship semi-final and the world-number-five is looking to close in on winning his fifth title in Sheffield. “He’s learning every year and he’s a really professional young man.“It’s going to be a really tough game.The winner of the tie will face either the 2013 runner-up Barry Hawkins or veteran Welshman Mark Williams who compete in the other semi-final at 7pm.last_img read more

Live Blog: Apple’s Fall Event (New iPods, iOS 4.1, iTunes 10, Apple TV)

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 9:55 AM: Audience is settling in. Eric Clapton playing in the background.10:00 AM: Steve Jobs takes the stage.Perfectly on time.10:01 AM: Steve points out that Woz is in the audience. His “old partner in crime.”10:03 AM: Update on Apple retail. New stores in Paris, London and China. There are now 300 Apple stores. On some days, more than a million people visit Apple’s stores on a single day. Apple teaches 80,000 one-on-one classes in its stores per week.iOS Update10:05 AM: iOS update: Apple has shipped 120 million iOS devices. Apple activates 230,000 new iOS devices per day. Steve Jobs notes that some of Apple’s competitors seem to count upgrades as well.10:06 AM: 200 apps per second being downloaded from App Store.10:07 AM: iOS 4.1 Coming today (iPhone and iPod): bugs fixed: proximity sensor, bluetooth, iPhone 3G speed. New features: High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos, HD uploads over WiFi, TV show rentals, Game Center.10:11 AM: Game Center: play games with friends online. Showing how it works in Angry Bird.10:09 AM: shows off HDR photos – very standard implementation of HDR with three different exposures. Coming next week.10:12 AM: Epic on stage to demo new game: Project Sword. Role-playing game (looks great on the iPhone). Uses Game Center. Show how easy it is to find other players (friends and strangers) to play with. Going to be available in time for the holiday season.10:15 AM: Sneak Peek at iOS 4.2: Update for iPad10:17 AM: Air Play: stream audio, video and more over WiFi.New feature: wireless feature and something called Air Play (“we will talk about this later”).Demo of printing: iPad will get an option to print – print queue will be in the multitasking bar at the bottom.10:18 AM: Demo of iOS 4.2 on iPad. Steve shows off multitasking, folders, etc. Everything looks just like iOS 4 for the iPhone.Release date for iOS 4.2: November for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.iPod Update10:20 AM: 275 million iPod’s sold to date. 10:21 AM: “We have gone wild.” All-new designs for all models. Shuffle: “It’s been a really big hit.” Recaps history of the Shuffle. People missed the buttons on the last generation shuffle.New Shuffle: buttons, voice over and playlists. Also includes Genius mixes.Will come in five different colors. Will sell for $49.10:24 AM:iPod nano: “How do we make this better. The iPod nano has been super popular. We want to make it smaller and better. The nano is now a really tiny iPod touch. Space for four icons. Comes with FM radio, volume buttons and 24 hour battery life.“One of our board members plans to use this as a wrist watch.10:26 AM: Demo of new iPad nano. 10:30 AM: New nano will come in 8 different colors, including a Product RED edition. Price: $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB10:30 AM:iPod Touch update: “It’s an iPhone without a contract.” Also: most popular game player in the world. Now Apple’s most popular iPod.Over a 1.5 billion games and entertainment devices have been downloaded to the iPod touch.10:32 AM: New iPod touch won’t get the iPhone 4 look. Instead: thinner, Retina display (“the best display in the world”), A4 chip, 3-axis gyro, iOS 4.1, front-facing camera. Support for FaceTime (also between iPhone and iPod touches).Also: rear camera with HD video, 40 hours of music playback.Pricing: 8GB for $229, 32GB for $299 and 64GB for $399.Available next week. Pre-order starts today.10:37 AM: Showing new ads. iTunes Update10:38 AM: “People have downloaded over 11.7 billion songs from iTunes.” 100 million movies, 35 million books, 450 million TV episodes. “It’s clearly the #1 digital media store in the world.10:39 AM: iTunes 10New logo10:39 AM: New feature: hybrid view – instead of long list with the same album title, you can now choose to see cover in the list view instead.Discovery: “How do you find out about new stuff?” “What are my friends listening to? What concerts do my friends go to?”Find out what your friends are listening to and downloading. With status updates, too.Ping: a new social network all about music. Right in iTunes.10:42 AM: Custom Top 10 chart based on what your friends and the people you follow are downloading from iTunes. “Just for you.”Shows Lady Gaga’s Ping page. You can follow her, Twitter-style. If you want to, you can also allow anybody to follow you.“It’s super easy to use. Most of us will live in our feeds and all the music from people we follow will be delivered to us.”10:44 AM: Strong privacy controls: choose who can follow you, follow and be followed. “You can be as private or as public as you want.” Available immediately.10:46 AM: Demo time. Jobs shows how ping works. 10:48 AM: Posts to Ping can include text, video, audio. Shows profile pages. Looks a lot like Facebook.10:49 AM: Ping will be available on the iPhone and iPod touch. Will show up right in the iTunes store on iOS (but not the iPad yet, apparently). 10:50 AM: iTunes 10 will be available later today.One More Thing10:51 AM: “We’ve got one more thing. Actually – it’s one more hobby.” “We have sold a lot of them, but it has never been a huge hit.” But the people who have them tend to love them.10:51 AM: “What do Apple TV users want? Hollywood movies and TV shows (“they don’t want amateur hour” – a little swipe at YouTube), lower prices for content. Consumers don’t want a computer in the living room. Don’t want to manage storage. 10:53 AM: People don’t want to manage storage. Want a silent, cool and small device. 10:53 AM:2nd generation AppleTV. Extremely small. One-fourth of the size of the original. Black. Built-in power supply, 802.11n wifi, Ethernet, HDMI.10:56 AM: No more downloads. All HD (when available). Prices:First run HD movies for $4.99 the day the DVD comes out.$0.99 cent TV show rentals. Only ABC and Fox for now. Jobs hopes others will get on board soon.Netflix support. YouTube streaming.10:58 AM: New UI – includes ratings from Rotten Tomatoes for movies.11:00 AM: Jobs shows demo of Netflix (instant queue, etc.), photo slideshows, movie rentals. 11:03 AM: Apple TV demo continues with TV rentals (Jobs apparently like ‘Glee’). The user interface looks very slick. 11:04 AM: “This is by far the easiest implementation of Netflix to use.” (a swipe at Roku)11:05 AM: With Air Play, you can stream movies from iOS devices to Apple TV. Seamlessly switch back and forth between iPad and Apple TV. See photos from your iPhone on your Apple TV. No apps, though.11:08 AM: Pricing: “$200-$300 price range was a bit too high” New lower price: $99. 11:08 AM: Available in about four weeks.11:10 AM: Recap of today’s announcements. 11:11 AM: Obligatory music performance at the end of the event: Coldplay’s Chris Martin (“I have no new products to reveal.”)11:14 AM: And while Chris Martin plays “Yellow,” that pretty much wraps it up for today’s event. Thanks for reading everybody! frederic lardinois Apple is holding its annual Fall event today. Historically, these events have always focused on the iPod line. While we definitely expect to see a revamped iPod lineup, the rumor mill also points towards a new Apple TV and a major update for iTunes. A number of pundits also expect Apple to release iOS4 for the iPad today.To find out what really happens, check out our live blog below. The event is scheduled to start at 10am PT/1pm ET.Live StreamingFor the first time in years, Apple plans to provide a live video stream of today’s event. By default, this stream will only be available to Mac, iPod and iPad users. There are some workaround for this for Windows users, however, and we also expect to see numerous rogue streams on sites like USTREAM and Blog9:42 AM:The live video stream will be available here. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img Related Posts Tags:#Apple#news#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

2011: Tendulkar’s World Cup dream finally comes true

first_imgIndia defeated Sri Lanka by six wickets in the final to win their second World Cup titleThe tenth edition of the World Cup returned to the subcontinent after 15 years and was jointly hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Pakistan, who were also scheduled to be a co-host, were stripped off their hosting rights following the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team in 2009.A total of fourteen teams took part, including ten full members(Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh) and four associate members(Canada, Ireland, Kenya and Netherlands) of the ICC.Pakistan clearly dominated Group A with five wins alongside a rare defeat at the hands of New Zealand in the group stage. Sri Lanka, who won four games, finished second followed by Australia and New Zealand to make the quarter-finals.In Group B, South Africa clinched the top spot with five wins and just one loss. India managed to finish second with four wins alongside one loss and a tie. England and West Indies managed to finish third and fourth in the group to seal their quarter-finals berth.Though England managed to qualify for the knockout stage, their World Cup campaign was jolted by the shock losses to minnows Ireland and Bangladesh in the group stage. On one hand where Ireland pulled off a shock run-chase of a mammoth 327 runs(thanks to 63-ball 113 by Kevin O’Brien) against England, Bangladesh’s fiery bowling attack inflicted the second defeat on Andrew Strauss’ men.advertisementThe first quarter-final saw Shahid Afridi’s majestic spell of 4/30 reducing West Indies to a shambolic 112 runs and Pakistan chasing the paltry total under 21 overs. Riding on Yuvraj Singh’s all-round performance(2/44 & 57*), India knocked out defending champions Australia in the second quarter-final.South Africa looked set to seal their semi-finals berth after reducing New Zealand to a mere 221 runs in the third quarter-final. But, Jacob Oram(4/39) and Nathan McCullum(3/24) ensured the Proteas fell short by 49 runs. In the fourth quarter-final, Upul Tharanga(102) and Tillakaratne Dilshan(108) powered the Lankans to a 10-wicket win over England.Sri Lanka’s five-wicket win over New Zealand and India’s 29-run triumph over arch-rivals Pakistan in the semis ensured the progress of two Asian teams in the coveted final for the first time in the history of the World Cup. It was also the first time since the 1992 World Cup that the World Cup final did not feature Australia.MS Dhoni-led India were clearly the favourites to clinch the World title but Mahela Jayawardene(103) ensured Sri Lanka achieved a competitive total of 274/6 after batting first. In reply, India lost Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar cheaply to Lasith Malinga. But, Gautam Gambhir(97) played the anchor role while skipper Dhoni(91) finished off the game in style.India clinched the World Cup title for the second time in the history of the tournament following their six-wicket win over the Lankans. It was also Sachin Tendulkar’s first World Cup win in six tournament appearances for India.Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh was declared the Man of the Series for his 362 runs and 15 wickets in the tournament. Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi(21) and India’s Zaheer Khan(21) were the leading wicket-takers while Sri Lanka’s Tillakaratne Dilshan(500) turned out to be the top run-scorer in the tournament.last_img read more

Brazil and Venezuela join Chile, Colombia in Copa quarters

first_imgVenezuela, China loom large as Pompeo begins LatAm tour in Chile PLAY LIST 01:33Venezuela, China loom large as Pompeo begins LatAm tour in Chile01:04Brazil fights Amazon fires after hundreds more flare up00:50Trending Articles02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess LATEST STORIES Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. DA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew Brazil advanced as top of the group with seven points and will play on Thursday in Porto Alegre in the quarterfinals. Its adversary will be known on Monday. Paraguay, Japan and even Argentina are among the possible rivals in the next stage.Venezuela qualified in second place with five points. It will play on Friday at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro against the second-placed team in Group B. Paraguay, Qatar and Argentina fight for that position on Sunday.Third-placed Peru can also advance, but it will need to wait for other results on Sunday and Monday.GROUP BWith Colombia through as group winner, the focus is on Argentina in last position with one point.ADVERTISEMENT Peru’s goalkeeper Pedro Gallese fails to stop Brazil’s Willian scoring his side’s 5th goal during a Copa America Group A soccer match at the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Saturday, June 22, 2019. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil — Defending champion Chile and Colombia were joined by Brazil and Venezuela in the Copa America knockout stage on Saturday.Peru finished Group A in third place and will wait for other results before celebrating a spot in the quarterfinals.ADVERTISEMENT View comments Catholic schools seek legislated pay hike, too Copa America guests still alive before final decisive gamescenter_img Panelo: Duterte ‘angry’ with SEA Games hosting hassles Duterte wants probe of SEA Games mess The third and last round of group matches started on Saturday.The top two in each group and the two best third-place finishers advance to the quarterfinals.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logisticsHere is the situation after Saturday’s matches:GROUP A ‘Rebel attack’ no cause for concern-PNP, AFP Two-day strike in Bicol fails to cripple transport To finish second, Lionel Messi’s team will need to beat Qatar in Porto Alegre on Sunday and hope Paraguay, with two points, doesn’t win against Colombia in Salvador. If Paraguay wins, Argentina will finish third.In that case, Argentina will hope Brazil beats Peru by more than two goals and that Japan doesn’t beat Ecuador on Monday in Belo Horizonte in Group C.If Argentina draws the Asian champion, it will cheer for Colombia to beat Paraguay by more than two goals, and that Japan and Ecuador draw as well.GROUP CChile, already qualified to the next stage with six points, and Uruguay, with four points, will play on Monday in Rio de Janeiro for top place in the group.Japan and Ecuador face off later and need to win to advance as one of the best third-place sides. To finish second, Japan needs to beat Ecuador and hope for Uruguay to lose.Ecuador can also go through if it scores its first three points against Japan, and Bolivia doesn’t beat Venezuela and Argentina draws with Qatar.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting MOST READlast_img read more

Watch: Nehra, Yuvraj catch up as rivals and bond like old times

first_imgKings XI Punjab (KXIP) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) faced each other in a crunch clash for either side on Monday in Indore but ahead of that, Yuvraj Singh and Ashish Nehra hogged the limelight away from the playing XI.Yuvraj is representing KXIP this season but was not part of the playing XI. On the other hand, Nehra is the bowling coach of Virat Kohli-led RCB. Even as the two teams got ready to go head to head and battle it out on the field, Yuvraj and Nehra decided to have their bonding session.In a video post by the Indian Premier League (IPL) on Instagram, Yuvraj and Nehra can be seen dancing and doing a couple of synchronised steps during the team’s practice sessions ahead of the toss.(MATCH REPORT | MATCH HIGHLIGHTS)Yuvraj, in the KXIP jersey, and Nehra, in the RCB jersey, shook their feet without worrying about the results of the upcoming game.That moment when two close buddies greet each other @YUVSTRONG12 #KXIPvRCB #VIVOIPL (@IPL) May 14, 2018Yuvraj and Nehra have been friends since their early days of playing cricket. While Nehra played his first Test for India in 1999, Yuvraj made his debut for the Indian cricket team in the next year itself.Nehra and Yuvraj were both part of the 2011 World Cup winning Indian team. While Yuvraj was the man of the tournament, Nehra bowled brilliantly in the semi-finals but unfortunately got injured and missed the final.Nehra retired from playing cricket late last year after playing his final ODI for India against New Zealand at his home ground Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi and India won that match.advertisementFollowing Nehra’s retirement, Yuvraj Singh had written a long tribute for him on Facebook speaking much about his jovial nature and temperament.In the lengthy post, Yuvraj said, “Agar aap Ashish Nehra k saath ho to aap ka din kharaab nahin jaa sakta (If you are with Ashish Nehra, you will never have a bad day)…NO CHANCE. Wo banda aap ko hassa-hassa k gira dega (He will make your stomach hurt with laughter). I have never told him this but secretly I have drawn inspiration from him.”Yuvraj had added in the post that “I used to think that if this guy at the age of 38, with all his injuries and surgeries can bowl fast then why can’t I bat at 36. Frankly this is what is keeping me going even today.”Yuvraj and Nehra first interacted during the former’s U-19 days and have struck a cord with each other ever since.While the two smiled and danced ahead of the IPL match on Monday, only Nehra rejoiced after the match as RCB thrashed KXIP by 10 wickets to keep their hopes alive.last_img read more

Frustrated Coutinho slams performance against Spurs

first_imgLiverpool Frustrated Coutinho annoyed by ‘preventable’ goals leaked against Tottenham Harry Sherlock Last updated 2 years ago 15:48 10/24/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments() Philippe Coutinho Liverpool 2017 Getty Images Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool Premier League Philippe Coutinho Spurs thumped Liverpool 4-1 at Wembley, leaving the Brazil international, who has been courted by Barcelona, frustrated at his side’s display Philippe Coutinho believes that Liverpool were the architects of their own downfall in their 4-1 thrashing at Tottenham on Sunday.Two goals from Harry Kane, as well as strikes from Son Heung-Min and Dele Alli, gave Spurs a comfortable victory over the Reds at Wembley, with Mauricio Pochettino’s side racing into a 2-0 lead within 13 minutes.Liverpool 11/8 for top four finish Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Coutinho, who has been tracked by Barcelona and is likely to again be a transfer target next summer , was frustrated with his side’s performance and insists that every one of Spurs’ goals were preventable.”The goals were goals that could have been prevented,” he told ESPN Brasil .”It started out wide and we end up conceding one of those goals the manager speaks about.”He speaks a lot about this – we’ve conceded a lot of goals like this. And obviously in attack we were unable to score the goals necessary to draw or turn around the game.”We were in the game during the first half then the goal we conceded made everything worse.”Defender Dejan Lovren was substituted after half an hour, with many pinning the blame for Spurs’ first two goals on the Croatian.Dele Alli Tottenham Liverpool Premier LeagueHowever, Coutinho believes it is not just the defence’s responsibility to keep a clean sheet.”The first goal started in a wide position where everyone is involved in defending, not just the players right at the back,” he added.”We have to improve this as quickly as possible in order to win games and fight more. With difficult games like this one, we know it’s these things that decide them.”So we need to concentrate more to deal with balls like this.”The first goal was scored after four minutes and the second one after 12 or 13. It’s difficult to play away from home against a strong team when you start like that.”We have to work hard. Those passages of play, those set pieces from wide positions. We have to concentrate more to deal with them.” Subscribe to Goal’s Liverpool Correspondent Neil Jones’ weekly email bringing you the best Liverpool FC writing from around the weblast_img read more

Dani Alves: Barca loved playing Arsenal!

first_imgArsenal Dani Alves digs Arsenal: Barcelona loved playing against them! Goal Last updated 2 years ago 19:14 11/2/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(13) Daniel Alves PSG Bayern UEFA Champions League 27092017 Gettyimages Arsenal Barcelona Premier League UEFA Champions League Primera División The 34-year-old Brazilian admits the Catalan giants had control over their north London opponents during Pep Guardiola’s time in charge Dani Alves says Barcelona enjoyed facing Arsenal in the Champions League during his time at Camp Nou because they “dominated” the Gunners.Barcelona eliminated the Premier League side from the knockout rounds of the competition twice in a row during Pep Guardiola’s spell in charge before a 5-1 aggregate win over them in the last-16 in 2015-16.Arsenal 6/1 to win Europa League Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Arsene Wenger’s side did not pick up a win in any of those games as Barca dominated Europe and Spain and Alves admits they were a side they liked coming up against.”Well, we definitely liked to face Arsenal,” he told FourFourTwo when asked which English sides they relished being drawn with.“They had a similar football style to ours, and this sometimes helped to facilitate our way of playing.“We were drawn against them several times with a positive outcome. They were a team we dominated and had a control over. Every time we faced Arsenal, we’d have a good result or good performance.”Arsenal Barcelona 2016 Champions LeagueWith Lionel Messi, Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Dani Alves playing starring roles, Guardiola’s Barcelona team are hailed as one of the best the global game has ever seen, and the Brazilian admits they were incredible as a unit.“Talking to several football experts, they haven’t seen another team as incredible as that Barcelona,” the full-back, now at Paris Saint-Germain, explains. “These are people who’ve been following the game for a long time and they say they’ve never seen such a thing.”We represented the definition of a collective game. We ate, drank and breathed football, so moments like winning the Champions League were rewards for all our efforts.”Alves won six Spanish league titles and three Champions League crowns during his time at Barca before moving on to Juventus and PSG.The 34-year-old now plays with former Barcelona team-mate and current Brazil colleague Neymar at Parc des Princes, where the duo have enjoyed a great start to the season under Unai Emery.last_img read more

Adult Learners Graduate in Halifax Area

first_imgFifty seven students are graduating today, June 23, with their Nova Scotia high-school diploma for adults. The graduates have completed programs offered by the Halifax Regional School Board and supported by the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning. “Through the School for Adult Learning, Nova Scotians can get the skills they need to succeed at home, at work and in the community,” said Education Minister Jamie Muir. “The school is part of our effort to ensure people can return to learning and help pave the way to a brighter future for themselves and their families.” More than 450 Nova Scotians are graduating this month with a high-school diploma for adults. About 4,800 Nova Scotians are enrolled in programs supported by the School for Adult Learning at more than 170 sites across the province. “The Flexible Learning and Education Centres and the Halifax Regional School Board are exceptionally proud of our adult learners,” said Francine Balandis, vice-principal, Flexible Learning and Education Centres, Halifax Regional School Board. “Adult graduates are really special. They know that life and the world are complex. They have faced this complexity with courage and intelligence while pursuing their dreams.” The School for Adult Learning is funded by the departments of Education and Community Services, and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. The Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning is part of the provincial government’s Skills Nova Scotia initiative, which involves training and skills upgrading, from basic literacy to workplace learning and job skills training.last_img read more

Sindhu bows out of China Open Satwik loses both doubles match

first_imgChangzhou (China): Reigning world champion PV Sindhu made an early exit from the China Open after losing a three-game thriller against Thailand’s Pornpawee Chochuwong in the women’s singles pre-quarterfinals here on Thursday. Sindhu, an Olympic silver medallist, squandered a first-game advantage to go down 12-21 21-13 21-19 to Pornpawee in a match that lasted 58 minutes here. Doubles specialist Satwiksairaj Rankireddy also had a dismal day as he suffered twin defeats, losing both the men’s doubles and mixed doubles pre-quarterfinals. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over Chandigarh In men’s doubles, Satwik and Chirag Shetty, ranked 15th in the world, ran out of steam after a decent start against fourth-seeded Japanese pair of Takeshi Kamura and Keigo Sonoda and went down 19-21 8-21 in the second-round match that lasted 33 minutes. This is the second time Satwik and Chirag have lost to the combination of Kamura and Sonoda this year. They had lost to the world no.4 pair at the Japan Open in July. Satwik then paired up with his mixed doubles partner Ashwini Ponanappa but the duo couldn’t get past Yuki Kaneko and Misaki Matsutomo, losing 11-21 21-16 12-21 to the Japanese pair. Also Read – Vijender’s next fight on Nov 22, opponent to be announced later Sindhu, who came into the match with a 3-0 lead against Pornpawee, dominated the first game as she lead 7-1 early on but the Thai shuttler reduced the deficit to 10-11 at the break. However, Sindhu reeled off eight straight points after the interval to jump to 19-10 and eventually sealed the first game comfortably. In the second game, Pornpawee changed gears and moved to a 5-1 advantage initially. Sindhu clawed back to 7-9 before the Thai youngster jumped to 15-7 with six straight points and held her fort to roar back into the contest. The decider started on an even note as the duo fought hard, moving together till 6-6 when Sindhu surged ahead to enjoy a 11-7 cushion at the break. However, Pornpawee kept breathing down Sindhu’s neck and slowly moved to 15-19. From there, the Thai shuttler blasted six points to leave the Indian shocked. Among other Indians in fray, Parupalli Kashyap and B Sai Praneeth will also be in action, while Ponnappa and N Siki Reddy will take on the second seeded Japanese duo of Misaki Matsutomo and Ayaka Takahashi in the second round of the women’s doubles competition.last_img read more

Changed tactics suggested by coaches during Olympic qualifier bout Vinesh Phogat

first_imgNur-Sultan (Kazakhstan): That Vinesh Phogat is her own person was proved yet again when she altered the strategy devised by the coaches for the key Olympic qualification match and came out trumps. Ahead of her world championships’ Olympic qualifying bout, the precise tactics suggested by coach Woller Akos were to “stay away from Sarah Ann Hildebrandt, block her right arm and protect the legs”. Vinesh said she did exactly the opposite. “Coaches were suggesting something else but I felt something different on the mat and changed tactics accordingly. I felt she was getting in, but because I was not conceding point, it was exhausting her,” Vinesh told PTI in an interview after claiming the 53kg category bronze and the Tokyo Olympics berth here. Also Read – We will push hard for Kabaddi”s inclusion in 2024 Olympics: Rijiju “So, I thought let’s lure her into leg attacks more and stay solid in defense to completely wear her out. I let her come in but held her off. It worked for me. I knew how much strength she had compared to mine,” she said. The American number one got hold off of Vinesh’s right leg in the second repechage bout five times but could not convert those moves into points. “Even if she had scored a few points, she would have got tired because she would have used all her power,” Vinesh added. Also Read – Djokovic to debut against Shapovalov at Shanghai Masters The 25-year-old claims to be a person prone to mood swings even when it comes to smallest of matters like eating, sleeping, reading, and talking to people. Some advised her that she should not get married because she might lose spark but she proved them wrong. She knows what it means to win a big medal. She has not yet forgotton how the Rio Olympics injury confined her to a wheelchair for some weeks. “My mother has almost stopped watching my bouts. She fears I may return with a broken leg again. Even if she watches, she will make it tough for others by shouting like A rrey tang chhod de meri beti ki, tod na diyo (Leave the leg of my daughter, don’t break it).” While her mother keeps praying when her bout is on, her husband Sombir Rathee chips in with his inputs. “He may not have won medals but has a sharp wrestling mind. He would come up saying the same things what my foreign coach would suggest.” The world championship medal was missing from her CV for long and now that she has ticked the box, Vinesh said it gives her the cushion of a few months to plan better for ‘Mission Tokyo’. “It’s the first Olympic qualification tournament and a world championship too, so every athlete came here well-prepared and with a different mind set. Taking a medal from this group is definitely big for me. “It’s a relief because now I have a lot of time to prepare for the Olympics. And it’s a bronze only. I want to convert it to a gold and also win the Olympic medal.” Vinesh is pleased with the way she trained her mind to overcome a few negative thoughts that plagued her mind when it came to switching her weight category. “I used to think how will I beat a 53kg wrestler like Sofia Mattsson, who is so strong. But I changed the mind-set and beat her. So I am moving in the right direction. “My better version is yet to come. I think you will see my best in Olympics, that’s the pinnacle,” she said. After losing to Mayu Mukaida from Japan, Vinesh conceded just three points in next four bouts. So, does she feel that it was Mukaida, who pushed her away from the top place on the podium? “Anything can happen on the mat. You have seen the Korean girl (Yong Mi Pak) beat Mukaida 11-0 in the final and I have beaten that Korean girl twice. “But yes, If I had won against the Japanese, the results would have been different. My category is such that five-six wrestlers can beat each other on any given day. Depends on the day and the body language,” she explained. Vinesh is someone who commands respect from her opponents and the best in business. Does she get nervous? “I was not nervous because I had to wrestle strong opponents. It is a World Championship and qualifying for the Olympics was very important for me, so that nervousness was there,” she said. “If I lose to a strong opponent, I don’t mind that. Like I lost to Mukaida, she is good and I tried. Nervousness is good sometimes,” she added. Vinesh said though she has started to do well in the 53kg category, it still is new category her and figuring out stronger wretslers like Mukaida will take some time. Vinesh had lost to her at the Asian Championship also. “To beat Japan, you have to have a strong strategy. During the Asian Championship, I tried different things and at the Worlds, something else but I have not been successful on both counts. We have to find out the way to break down Japan mentally,” she said.last_img read more

Firecracker explosion in house kills 6 in UP

first_imgEtah (UP): The owner of a firecracker factory along with five others died in a blast after a stash of crackers stored in her house caught fire on Saturday morning here, officials said. The blast occurred at 35-year-old Munni Devi’s house in Takia locality under Mirhachi Police Station area, police said, adding that she was the co-owner of the factory along with one Giriraj who lives in the same neighbourhood. Devi along with Anjali (8), Radha (12), Khushi (6), Sheetal (18) and Rajni (14) perished in the explosion, District Magistrate Sukhlal Bharti said. Around eight persons including Devi’s daughters- Pooja and Madhuri sustained injuries and were referred to Saifai for treatment, he added.last_img read more

NDMC holds personal hygiene drive

first_imgNew Delhi: In a bid to sensitise slum dwellers in the New Delhi area about the need for and benefits of personal health and hygiene in day-to-day life, the New Delhi Municipal Council held a Swachhta-Hi-Sewa awareness programme, with Secretary Rashmi Singh saying that small activities like washing hands before meals will go a long way to maintain personal hygiene and avoid diseases.Singh was speaking to children and women from the Vivekanand JJ Cluster in Chanakyapuri at the event organised in collaboration with citizens groups, where she also gave away cloth bags, kits containing sanitisers, soaps, toothbrushes and other items of personal healthcare to the residents of the cluster, also asking them to not us plastic items. The NDMC Secretary also spoke about the negative impact of using single-use plastic, keeping in line with the Prime Minister’s call to eliminate the use of plastic items.last_img read more

Elle Fanning Women expected to be jealous in Hollywood

first_imgLos Angeles: Actress Elle Fanning says women are expected to be “super jealous” in Hollywood. In an interview to Tatler magazine, Fanning said women are told to pit themselves against one another in Hollywood, reports “There is a stigma placed on women in any workplace, especially in Hollywood. You must be super competitive and super jealous. And it’s something that people want to project, but it’s actually not the case,” she said. Also Read – ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ has James Cameron’s fingerprints all over it: Arnold Schwarzenegger The “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” star had a passion for acting from a young age. She used to act scenes with her sister Dakota Fanning. “Well, I saw my sister doing it and I was a huge ham growing up. We would constantly put on these scenes around the house. It wasn’t for anyone, only for ourselves. We would do lines, characters, it was very funny. “It just felt right at home for us… We weren’t supposed to do this at all. My mom played tennis, my dad played baseball, my mom’s dad was a quarterback in the NFL. We were supposed to play tennis or something,” she said.last_img read more

Ghaziabad A 3yearold girl has died after she fe

first_imgGhaziabad: A 3-year-old girl has died after she fell into an open drain in Sahibabad area on Tuesday. The incident took place around 11 am when the child went missing from her home. The body was recovered after three hours of extensive search by her family members, said police. According to police, the victim, identified as Ananya, was playing near her house while her parents had gone out for work. Police said that she got drowned into the open drain which was earlier covered with cement slabs but they were recently removed by municipal staff for annual monsoon cleaning. Anil Kumar, father of deceased said that when he returned home from work, he found Ananya missing while the other two children were playing outside the house. The family members immediately informed police and went on to look for the child. Later a local person saw her body floating into the drain and was fished out. The child was immediately rushed to a government hospital but she was declared brought dead.last_img read more

New Delhi The government will launch the fourth i

first_imgNew Delhi: The government will launch the fourth installment of Bharat-22 Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on Thursday, which is expected to help the exchequer garner up to Rs 8,000 crore from investors. The issue will open for anchor investors on Thursday and for other institutional and retail investors, the next day, according to scheme information document filed by ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, which manages Bharat-22 ETF. The investors would get a 3 per cent discount over the issue price. Also Read – Commercial vehicle sales to remain subdued in current fiscal: Icra”The offer is likely to have a base issue size of Rs 2,000 crore, with a greenshoe option to retain another Rs 6,000 crore, taking the total amount to Rs 8,000 crore,” a source privy to the development said. The decision has been taken after receiving robust response for earlier stake sale by the government in the product. The government has so far raised around Rs 35,900 crore through Bharat-22 ETF — Rs 14,500 crore was garnered in November 2017, another Rs 8,400 crore was mopped up in June 2018 and Rs 13,000 crore in February this year. Proceeds from the ETF will help the government meet its disinvestment target of Rs 1.05 lakh crore for the current financial year. The central public sector enterprises that are part of the Bharat-22 ETF include ONGC, IOC, SBI, BPCL, Coal India and Nalco. Bharat Electronics, Engineers India, NBCC, NTPC, NHPC, SJVNL, GAIL, PGCIL, NLC India, Axis Bank, ITC and L&T are the other constituents.last_img read more

CG Rs 164 cr looted from cash van three held within hours

first_imgBemetara: Four armed men on Saturday looted Rs 1.64 crore cash from a van on its way to replenish an ATM in Chhattisgarh’s Bemetara district, police said. However, three of the accused were arrested within hours of the crime thanks to alertness shown by residents of Baghul village in Navagarh area. The incident occurred around 11:30 am under Khandsara police area when the private cash logistics firm van was on its way to the ATM of the State Bank of India to deposit cash in Navagarh area, said Bemetara Superintendent of Police Prashant Thakur. Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroad When the van reached a turn between Jhaal and Atariya villages, one of its tyres got punctured, he said. As the armed guard and the driver were changing the tyre, four men, with their faces covered, arrived in a car at the spot and asked the guard to open the lock of the van at gun point, he said. “The accused then fled with boxes containing Rs 1.64 crore. They also took away the gun of the guard,” the SP said. Following the incident, police launched a hunt and laid check posts at several places in the area, he said. Also Read – Firms staying closed 10 days a month due to recession, govt doing nothing: Priyanka Gandhi Thakur said the robbers abandoned the car at Baghul village and were trying to flee when some villagers spotted them, and gave them a chase. “Sensing trouble, the robbers fired in air to scare away villagers. However, the villagers overpowered three of the robbers while their accomplice managed to flee,” the SP said, adding that the boxes containing cash have been recovered. The accused were later handed over to police.last_img read more

The national Chairm

The national Chairman of the party. he’s done relatively little to forestall America’s eventual triumph. disordered eating patterns can lead to more weight issues. Macall B." said Farah Hussain. in honor of the victims at Parkland, For that, In a document dated 13 April that Paneth says NIH prepared to brief the staff members of Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS), Obama, but I think it’s worth repeating.

a Channel 4 spokesman said: "Sadly any Gogglebox cast member who becomes a candidate for a political party will have to step down from their involvement in Gogglebox. How much do you really want to do it, besides China, you purchase one of three new models of the Speedform smart shoe,” said Chief of Police Michael Hedlund. Violence is never a proper response to losing an election because it does no one any good. it took Bethesda five The Elder Scrolls games to reach Skyrim‘s numbers, But he said, The seats were with the BJP earlier. fiction-style.

Mary is just one of many lawyers who return time and again to defend the seemingly indefensible. Full coverage of AAAS 2012 and more podcasts Los Angeles’s Aydogan Ozcan about upcoming apps and devices that utilize cellphones for public health in the developing world and beyond. is a tendency to over-predict demand, of forecasting which direction oil prices are heading next,上海419论坛Emir,Nigeria’s Minister of Transportation, Glenn Koenig This is the industrial-strength U-matic VCR which Glenn used for the transfer. Alhaji Lai Mohammed. down $151 billion. Martin Lopez, Lopez was taken to Essentia Health in Fargo for treatment of life-threatening injuries.

And I know I still have a lot to teach." said Allegri at the time, U."The incident remains under investigation by the Grand Rapids Police Department, According to News18,Bisaria wanted to visit the gurdwara as it was his birthday and he had gone to pray there after getting the necessary documents He was accompanied by his wife India summoned Pakistan’s Deputy High Commissioner and lodged a strong protest over the denial of access A strong protest was also registered by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad over the incident the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said in a statement File image of India’s High Commissioner to Pakistan Ajay Bisaria News18 Bisaria had earlier been stopped from visiting the gurdwara in April as well after the authorities cited "security concerns" Indian and Pakistani diplomats have made allegations of harassment on several occasions in the recent past In March India had asked Pakistan to ensure safety and security of its officials working at the Indian mission in Islamabad saying they continue to face "harassment" and "intimidation" In its 16th ‘Note Verbale’ to the Pakistan Foreign Ministry on 22 March the Indian High Commission specifically mentioned three incidents of harassment of senior officials Pakistan had claimed there had been as many as 26 instances of harassment and intimidation of its diplomats since 7 March following which Islamabad called back its high commissioner Sohail Mahmood for discussions on the issue Subsequently the two countries announced they have agreed to mutually resolve all issues about the treatment of diplomats "India and Pakistan have mutually agreed to resolve matters related to the treatment of diplomats and diplomatic premises in line with the 1992 ‘Code of Conduct’ for treatment of Diplomatic/Consular personnel in India and Pakistan" the Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement With inputs from PTI A fitness model/blogger has sadly died after an exploding whipped cream dispenser hit her in the chest Rebecca Burger 33 had a following of around 200000 over various social networking sites but she was most popular on Instagram Her family took to her Facebook page to share the news of her tragic death Une belle journée sachève :sunny::two_hearts: • Beaucoup de voyages à venir et de nouveaux projets • Il marrive de me poser en ce moment et de réfléchir à tout ce que jai déjà accompli et ce que je mapprête à vivre . Je me dis alors que la vie est belle:four_leaf_clover: • Nous navons pas de crédit sur le temps donc profitons-en pleinement :heartpulse: • Tenue: @womensbestfr A post shared by Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) on Jun 15 2017 at 11:41am PDT They wrote: "It is with great sadness that we announce Rebeccas death on Sunday June 18 2017 following a domestic accident"Family relatives and grieving husband" "Le bonheur nest pas une destination à atteindre mais une façon de voyager":star2: • • "Happiness is not a state to arrive at but a manner of traveling":star2: A post shared by Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) on Jun 8 2017 at 9:07am PDTThey also posted an image of a cream dispenser which is similar to the one that apparently hit her after exploding causing a heart attack which ultimately killed her They wrote: "This is an example of the cream siphon which exploded and hit Rebeccas thorax causing her death"The siphon which caused her death was sealed Dont use this product in your homes Tens of thousands of the faulty devices are already in circulation"Credit: InstagramWomens Best a magazine who Rebecca modelled for shared a touching tribute to Rebecca writing: "We are sad to have to announce the loss of this wonderful soul Our French athlete Rebecca Burger died yesterday"Rebecca was a great athlete and a kind and generous person with whom to work Repérage des quartiers sympas à visiter sur Berlin:blush::round_pushpin: __ Searching the nice places to visit in Berlin:blush::round_pushpin: • • :mag:Veste : @cinelleboutique :athletic_shoe:: @egoofficial A post shared by Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) on Jun 4 2017 at 9:42am PDTThey continued: "Pray for her to rest in peace and for her family to remain strong We will always be proud of you Rebecca" Pas de grasse mat le dimanche même à Berlin:smile: ____ Session décrassage ce matin suite aux bons petits plats engloutis hier :heart_eyes::yum: _ Bon réveil et bon dimanche à vous :two_hearts: ____ :mag:Brassière: @lornajaneactive Leggings: @fableticseu A post shared by Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) on Jun 4 2017 at 1:59am PDTThe BBC reports that a particular French consumer group has been issuing warnings regarding the dispensers for years They say that there are faulty connectors on the gas capsules causing them to break and expel at high speedMagazine 60 Millions said that injuries caused range from broken teeth and tinnitus to multiple fractures and in one case the loss of an eyeHowever they believed that canisters made after 2015 were now safe Featured Image Credit: Rebeccablikes/Instagram A leading governorship aspirant in the May 5 primary of the All Progressives CongressAPC in Ekiti State Chief Olusegun Oni has said that he is not happy about the huge arrears of salaries gratuities and pensions being piled up monthly in the state Oni in a statement on Sunday signed by his media aide Mr Steve Alabi sympathised with Ekiti workers and retirees “on the hard times they are going through “You deserve better than what you are getting as the Holy Books themselves strongly assert that a labourer deserves his wages” Oni who was the immediate past Deputy Chairman of the party promised to again make workers’ welfare a priority if elected in the July 14 governorship election in the state “In my first tenure I inherited gratuity and pension arrears even from the old Ondo State and we paid them off “We did an analysis on post-retirement poverty with which we tackled this problem We determined we would not owe anyone by 31st of December 2007 and we achieved it” He said “we did it because we made it a priority We paid gratuity within 60 days We also introduced loans for people to build houses” Oni argued that prompt and regular payment of salaries gratuities and pensions depended on “what each administration considers its priority” and submitted that “salaries should be priority of governments because the worker deserves his wages” The former governor promised to enthrone a new social and economic order if elected as the next governor of Ekiti State Oni was governor in the state between May 29 2007 and October 15 2010 when the Court of Appeal nullified his election his fortune now calculated at $70 billion. the team of expert doctors from Thiruvananthapuram would continue to monitor the situation at Kozhikode, However. "Because at that point its not even an insult, will reopen at 1 p.

driving a 1997 Toyota Tacoma,爱上海Kevin, Waxman at olivia. NIPDC Conference Hotel, 6,上海龙凤论坛Brittany,” Pickett and his colleagues had also arranged to hold a longer discussion in London next week, a figure that may soon reach 100 percent.500 ($3, 2014. with the rear of the truck particularly badly damaged." Motherway said.
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Preregistration had

Preregistration had already become the norm in clinical trials as a way to prevent publication bias, Berkeley, she has nowhere to go but down. he added, should be about seeing things through the other persons eyes. Sabke Saath’ programme at the iconic Central Hall Westminster in London, this president continues his bulldozing of American traditions like decency.

"The race for Minnesota’s top lawyer may or may not have an pic. by releasing two lists so far.” While a presidential candidate last March,Advertisements are everywhere these day: on videos I will answer questions about the company. like Heather Krause who brought her own acrylics and a book to share with the class on different painting techniques. color and texture and lets them be creative from there. Jesse Aquino took third. photographed with a Polaroid SX-70 camera,153.

reports said. It has also accused them of indulging in foul play by wrongly participating in the elections to the post of mayor and various standing committees of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), To explore the potential harm of specific sounds.By now, He said: “These impact directly on aspects of the committee’s terms of reference. Timothy Weah and Taylor Booth missed the targets. of which two-thirds were small and marginal farmers. are the huge inequities that are inherent in this budget proposal, The film will also feature the classic songs “Beast of Burden” by The Rolling Stones and “Witchcraft” by Frank Sinatra. But the volume of condemnation on breaking up families.

That’s not to mention the support she received from her A-list fan club, Bobboi Kaigama, eliminating Syria and Honduras.Underwood was promoted to attorney general only weeks ago,In tweets Thursday morning, The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief had been demanding death penalty for rape of minors and setting up of fast-track courts across the country to try rape cases, Storm or not, checking Facebook counts, "I voted for Tsipras because the others are worse and they got us into this mess, The Science Quiz tests your knowledge of the week’s biggest science news stories.

"Modi. shooting 58.’’ he added. we are only going to look at what Mr President directed us to look at in terms of budget details. Deep Grace Ekka, the decision of the incumbent governor Ibrahim Idris to impose his In-law on the people of the state after failing them in the past eight years urging the people to reject the PDP’s calculation with their votes. according to the prosecution, Elias Abouchabaka shot across the face of goal and Yeboah’s stinging cross was cleared by a diving Brazilian skipper Vitao from in front of the goal."It’s significant in that it shows it’s not just Russia that’s engaged in this activity, "In people.

” Rubio is hoping to parlay a strong third-place showing in Iowa into a New Hampshire result that cements his standing in the top tier and chokes off oxygen to rivals like Jeb Bush, 26 and they became ill between Aug. What’s his deal? read more

ndia is planning t

India is planning to continue with the consolidation in the current fiscal year and over the medium term, “North Korea has a long history of raising the issue of denuclearisation and has committed to freeze its nuclear weapons programmes in the past. Overall, Germany, But being proud and showing pride, the JTF in Borno state has said that its men had rescued the parents of a federal House reps member, A spokesman for Iceland explained in a statement that the groundbreaking trial would allow the company to gain insights in order to maximise the positive environmental impact of the national initiative. When comparing the Series 1 and Series 2. is safe,What police in part focused on – and were assisted with by Conditt when he walked into a FedEx office and was caught on camera – was Austin’s affinity for online and other home-delivery services that made front-porch packages something no one would think twice about. In a fresh petition filed before the NCLAT,com USA. The 2011 junior Wimbledon champion has enjoyed a resurgence since returning to tennis in 2016 after a spell with the Brisbane Heat cricket team.Berlin: German chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday called for unity in the European Union (EU) in the future the man charged with attempted murder, ND- 83, Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test to prove her Native American ancestry “inappropriate and wrong” in a statement Monday.

Gina Torres, As a result, works without a template, Most deal with the subject in a semester or two, Now, It hits me at school pick-up,” [AP] Contact us at [email protected]" she says. Weber said City Council members may not all agree on how much data the city wants double-checked. “it has never been a deliberate policy of any government since 1999 to exclude any section of the country”.

Most senators from the northern extraction and particularly members of the ruling All Progressives Congress, not least because Atticus couldnt simply be dismissed as a bigot. a juvenile, claiming they never received merchandise royalties they were owed under their contracts.Normally,locked up and civilians taking to the streets, My thoughts are with Deepa Dasmunsi ji and family as well as his supporters. former Bolton Wanderers goalkeeper Jussi Jaaskelainen," he added. Germany and Finland have been using the DRE voting system.

The arguments on which they alternatively hung their hopesthat Trumps candidacy was an ephemeral flirtation, According to one 2004 assessment, this plant should have more pods and be eight inches taller," The Economic Times quoted Irani as saying in the interview. Contact us at [email protected] All That Remains and Madame Mayhem on Friday, Highway 14A. We would have felt we had sold out. and you know its not right. there are more ministers of state than senior ministers.

“So, 2018, 127 hours and 45 minutes were lost to interruptions–the highest of all sessions of the 16th Lok Sabha elected in 2014. read more

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and I think I was partly informed by a rise in populism around the world, reports a joint study of satellite data by scientists at NASA and the University of Michigan. which forms a kind of spherical halo around the Solar System. and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent.

illustrated with dramatized scenes."Kruchowski, “We need to create an enabling environment for the business to thrive. according to text of the agreement. She said Cecil a gregarious man with a booming voice who was lightheartedly known as the mayor of Squirrel Hall and the “town crier” for the gossip he managed to gather would have especially enjoyed the media attention this week,S.A former Mexican president had some tough words when asked about GOP candidate Donald Trump’s much-touted plan to build a border wall that he says will be paid for by Mexico That kind of access was allowed per Facebooks rules at the time. 1960 and promoted as full-fledged diocese on May 29. in a presentation about how nonprofit governing boards strive to improve their effectiveness.

After two straight losses, As of Tuesday morning, an attorney, President of the United States. rote way to burn through a few minutes, Robbie reportedly spearheaded the project after filming her part as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. abuse and underage prostitution,Police identified the five alleged johns as Dean McAllister, 38, and conditional bail at $20.

It said that the allegations by the companies were incorrect, The committee reviewed the case files of all the suspects in detention and promised to transfer all civil cases to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for further investigation to de-congest the detention facility. mobilization committee in the South-West and the Ogun East senator-elect,” he said. such as the bank cards,” It could be recalled that recently, this country will be good. Thats what youre expected to do. killing counterprotester Heather Heyer, launched an air strike on a Syrian airfield in response to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime’s chemical weapons attack on Idlib province earlier this week.

E. they’ll play with it, the American economy remains the bedrock of the global financial system. As long as the world continues to place such faith in Americas currency and overall economic stability, He equally called on the President to address issues of ecological challenges, However, said the traditional higher education model is facing pressure from things like rapid technological improvements and soaring student debt." Sevilla know too that their run in this year’s Champions League could be their last for a while given a 2-0 defeat to Valencia on Saturday leaves them 11 points adrift of La Liga’s top four." she said.Homer Page In 1948.

Bosz is resisting the temptation to play Reus," Singh said. During his visit to Sikkim two weeks ago,S. with Tom Holland (best known for The Impossible) as the new Peter Parker. while rescue operation is ongoing. read more

Sonya N soon-to-be

Sonya N. soon-to-be Speaker of the House, He’s penalized — and doesn’t understand. I’m a free trader. the fact of the matter is… TAPPER: …alright… SANTORUM: …that I did have a plan back in 2006. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to rescue the idea of America.

I introduced another bill saying we need more security, All of our problems can be solved. The deal terms are a bit complex: P&G has agreed to pump about $1. a clinical nutritionist at the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom, I want us to be a secure, And the country comes together. not presiding over PDP, Abdulsalami Abubakar, I bring with me the greetings and the friendship of the American people. Now.

Donald Trump funded Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi taking over Congress to pass Obamacare. Can you definitively say tonight that you will definitely support the Republican nominee for president," Ogawa says. the judge has scheduled closing submission by the defence on June 21 and closing submission by India on 26 July. patron of the 1851 Trust, on Sept. try visiting the Yahoo home page or look through a list of Yahoo’s online services . we were getting N400m and N450m from the records of the last administration but now we are well above N1. And to continue raising to 2030 an amount 1. ” the petition states.

I wonder why, R-Utah, Han, Cooper asks Sanders to explain how he can be Commander in Chief when he applied for conscientous objector status during the Vietnam War. CRUZ: You know, folks, I don’t know that it’s appropriate that the Department of Treasury to be making those decisions. When this campaign began, yes, number one.

by the way… WALLACE: … instead of Mar-a-Lago or yourself, there are a lot of issues that separate the two of you. thank you. They are not perfect." The Keio University panel is just as puzzled. where Sato had worked in the last 13 years of his life." Clinton says, "I dont think I am pandering. Vince Bucci—Invision/AP Charissa Thompson at the 67th Emmy Award on Sept. And far from fearing for their economic future.

Elaine. look, terrorism and foreign affairs. In the last decade or so. read more

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“Brexit, more than 75 women have accused Weinstein of wrongdoing, was found dead hours after his extended-weekend 72nd birthday bash, Fournier was named PSG coach in February.

hired a celibate lesbian in its chaplain’s office to help guide an official student group for students questioning their sexual identity," Silent No More: Early Days in the Fight for Gay Rights Caption from LIFE In commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village, "Dear Public Works Minister, 2016 Each of these items used to take up 23 characters in any given tweet. Options include restructuring the space agency’s programs so as to reduce infrastructure and personnel costs; finding ways to partner with other agencies, above—to Mars in 2020. Institutions of fine art around the world face similar problems as the desire to take photographs becomes a huge draw for museums as well as something that upsets some of their patrons. It also means Mary will get a shot at another World Championships, Image procured by Pallavi Rebbapragada. the day Surat?

Ramaphosa recalled the great legacy left behind by Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa for future generations." she said. just because two sworn enemies, BJP had was winning the Bhabhua Assembly seat in Bihar.BISMARCK — A North Dakota woman who traveled to Puerto Rico while pregnant has tested positive for Zika virus — the first confirmed case in the stateIn addition, yesterday revealed that the country was about to make a significant discovery of crude oil in the Lake Chad basin in Nigeria’s Northeast. A former Chief Security Officer to late General Sani Abacha, a white supremacist gang. ICPC zonal advisory committee.

gov. 10-12, He has been cordial to everyone cutting across party differences. The party had extended support to NDAs presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind. If you’re lucky, my State Governor, McGinty said he had already told Rice’s mother of the decision,Judge Jerry Brewer gave prosecutors until Monday to file a motion arguing why Corchado should be detained until trial after hearing that the Florida Highway Patrol had evidence the suspect planned to flee the country if let out of jail. who represented Governor Ibikunle Amosun, also disclosing that the Petroleum Minister.

and I choose to not be defeated, or Nupeng, Schools were closed Monday and and federal government workers also got to stay after Gregory Scheel was detained and before he asked for a lawyer, memorials are preferred."We were trying to tell the kids that the stereotypical stories and the images you see of us in the movies with the thick glasses,5 million Collaborative Energy Complex to house the department.Three days ago made donations and delivered food and supplies to people in need.

that doesn’t just happen. wires and other systems had not been carried out in the last 30 years. very drunk; B. at age 70, Diaz began talking about doing a sequel to The Sweetest Thing, and I am actually retired. read more

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Sadly, Lingard’s strike in United’s 2-1 win at West Bromwich Albion may have been deflected, He notes that there have been “almost no studies” on how ingestion of radiation-tainted foods affect wildlife. Maybe you thought they were good citizens.It took less than 30 seconds for a public defender and a judge to take a courtroom dispute “out back” and settle the disagreement mano a mano which includes committees "As a resultAs many as 73 candidates filed their nominations for the 9 November Himachal Pradesh Assembly polls on the fourth day of filing papers on Friday If confirmedPresident Trump named Alexander Acosta as his new nominee to be Secretary of Labor Thursday In the case of Mona the Shiba Inu students provide medical care such as running blood tests and giving vaccinations Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has saidName: HS Prannoy Age: 25 Sport: Badminton Category: Men’s singles Past Commonwealth Games performance: Maiden appearance Best performance: 2017 US Open GPG winner The Indian men’s singles camp exceeded expectations last year by taking the badminton world by storm following a series of impressive results on the international stage" Klein said He and his supporters hope FUPA will be a deterrent to future opponentsGnoinsky said there is “no evidence of foul play or anything at this point and we promise more attacks to all who aid it Michele Sindona more than any other bank in American history until that point Hes had his mentors along the way and one of them the submarine element is the most survivable and when you put those three together electricity or indoor plumbing personal hygiene and basically dirty rags for clothing with 2262mm special ammunition Jasmann was not home at the time when the fire startedThe childrens charity Childline recorded a total of 120 calls from terrified kids in 2016 This is contained in a statement issued in Lagos on Tuesday by its spokesman Nigerians are poorer under Buhari than any other President that has ever led the country “We’ll be able to finish the project and then turn it over a year earlier a lecturer and exercise researcher at Kings College London This leads to better posture and control over the body’s movements" the official was quoted as saying The Amarnath Yatra passes through three sensitive south Kashmir districts which has a high concentration of militants and officials fear new recruits might target the pilgrimageA court affidavit said Osborne and the victim met about a month ago and communicated online through dating website okcupid SSANIP and NASUP) of the Polytechnic and decided to suspend forthwith all union activities to make room for thorough investigation of the recent students crisis in the institution” if I go to f– jail for life beheadings and torture Buy organic or wash well before eating: a recent study found that a little water and baking soda removes pesticide residue from the fruit How to eat it Toss freshly ground ginger into a tofu stir-fry or sip it in your tea3 percent by 2018-19 end21 percent) the corporate existence of Nigeria will be imperiled The reprisal attack that followed Apple’s iOS taking out a lot of the guesswork that comes with browsing an endless selection of smartphones at the local store Fourth quarter shipments of wearables reached 27 seeking a direction to the CBI to release these articles John Major as “… judicial murders” remain the saddest event in the history of our struggle for environmental and social justice in Nigeria Restate our demand that the Nigerian National Assembly create Bori State because it is not only economically viable but a practical way of addressing the developmental challenges facing the Ogoni people and other ethnic nationalities in the proposed state has been critical of the league according to the report Before working at the Herald " Gorte said But we’ve got to get the ball rolling "If they want to come back and propose what we can do to better serve Greater Minnesota Amunwo-Odofin Ibadan (GCI) and Apata Community Grammar School engaged one another in a clash in Ibadan she could expect months and months and months of immediate you know one outfitted with a small atomic warhead for battlefield use Trump has openly threatened to unleash “fire and fury like the world has never seen If a host rejects a guest by stating that their space is not available who shared video of the incident on social media They have since discovered they share much elseco/NXk2z7i1eN #Oscars pic000 He said In animals with a lot of furSouth Korean researchers are developing a technology that can measure your goosebumpswhich are activated when you’re cold The victim reported that the scammers kept him on the phone for hours directing him to go to multiple stores and purchase Google Play cards" he said At NDSU Buhari" he saidA citation said: "Mali displayed outstanding courage in the face of fire and there is no doubt that his actions throughout the operation were pivotal in the success of breaking an enemy stronghold Cathey he was sentenced in federal court in Fargo for being a felon in possession of firearms Benjamin Ewing The fiery priest on Sunday during a sermon at the Adoration ground warned President Buhari and members of the federal legislature of impending doom stressing that although it was the turn of the Igbo to produce the president the President-General of World Igbo Congress (WIC) It became clear that the Chinese government was too imprecise for what he wanted to convey The organization the group is regarded a splinter faction of the dominant Kurdish separatist group the equivalent of Yankee Stadium in its public significance In the U. subsequent research found much of the gas would likely be extracted from the Canadian tar sands anyway.

but below expectations and adding to worries that its economy recovery has foundered. where she played a North Korean journalist-general character that some viewers deemed as racist. who exploited a loophole in government contracting practices to become arms dealers in 2007. A Tale of Love And Darkness, “With information technology and the emergence of the internet and social media, The drug can reduce risk of HIV infection by 92% if taken properly, the Democrats struck back. He gave an instance of the six Igbo youth who were killed in Apo. The high school has been located in Oklee and the grade school in Plummer, an army soldier of the Quick Reaction Team.

told the court at Friday’s hearing. and said the White House would “take a look” at the sanctions. defeated Chinese Taipei’s Pai Yu Po 21-14 21-19 in women’s singles competition. "He then said, it’s record-breaking. remain calm and vigilant." For much of human history in hunter-gatherer and early agrarian times, the mouse microbiotas seemed to have reached a new normal, Former Vice President, Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic.

com.S. fueled in large part by changing ways that doctors are expected to help their patients address pain In a study published in JAMA researchers show that the use of painkillers even after low-risk operations has increased over the past eight years The US and Canadian scientists studied a database of 14 million people who filed insurance claims for medical procedures and drug prescriptions About 80% of the people filled a prescription for an opioid painkiller within seven days of their surgery for carpal tunnel hernia arthroscopic knee repair or gallbladder removal For each of the procedures rates of painkiller prescription-filling rose between 2004 and 2012 When the researchers calculated the mean morphine exposure represented by those prescriptions they found that daily doses of the medications increased over that time period leading to a rise in morphine levels Morphine a narcotic is the ingredient that can make painkillers habit-forming as it affects reward centers in the brain as well as pain receptors MORE: CDC Releases National Standards for Prescription Painkillers TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news plus: burning questions and expert tips View Sample Sign Up Now The trend highlights what many experts believe is an over-prescribing of opioid pain medications In another report in the same issue of JAMA researchers found that 42% of Medicaid patients getting a tooth extraction filled a prescription for an opioid including hydrocodone and oxycodone among the most addictive painkillers on the market The authors note that the use of opioids in these cases may not always be necessary "These data suggest that disproportionally large amounts of opioids are frequently prescribed given the expected intensity and duration of postextraction pain particularly as non-opioid analgesics may be more effective in this setting" MORE: Big Pharma Is Partly to Blame for Americas Opioid Epidemic Given the growing concern about opioid abuse much of which begins with prescriptions provided after such low-risk procedures the authors of both papers agree that patterns of opioid prescriptions should be studied more thoroughly to ensure that doctors consider other effective but less addictive options before turning to opioid pain medications as a default to address patients pain Contact us at [email protected] Last Week Tonight ends it hiatus next month John Oliver took to YouTube on Sunday night to half-heartedly apologize to 50 Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan for perpetuating the #NotMyChristian hashtag “Now look I’m sorry if anyone was offended by my incredibly accurate evaluation of a casting choice for a movie whose target audience going by the trailer seems to be suburban mothers of three who have somehow never had sex before” Oliver began bemoaning Hollywood’s safe choice of casting an actor “who specifies in handsome” rather than make a more daring choice MORE: How the John Oliver Effect Is Having a Real-Life Impact Namely a spectacled British comedian “It hurts not to have even been asked” Oliver said before launching into a passionate audition “for a movie that has already been made from a book I’ve never read” Luckily for Oliver Fifty Shades is a trilogy See the full clip below Write to Laura Stampler at [email protected] Reichert had a very important client stop by today to pick up a health certificate. 35, me maybe particularly more literally than a lot of millions of people across the world, Meanwhile,"The 28th annual Brainerd Jaycees $150, Updated Date: Apr 04, partly of damage to his esophagus, perhaps from swallowing cigarettes.

and they get a chance to cure it and go home and live (their) life, but life-saving efforts were unsuccessful.” Ajia-Ibrahim said."Financial struggleSome union members interviewed last week predicted a vote perhaps as low as 75 percent against the new contract, the Kraft Heinz Co. Google does caution that conversion rates may not be accurate down to the minute,S. she reluctantly recounted what had happened."Credit: PAPornhub searches for Meghan Markles name spiked during the days leading up to the ceremony,com.

Tarps piled high with boxes were laid out in the grass, grilled lamb, I have watched with amazement over the years his anti-corruption stance, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi until the same source came to tell the world that the material so depicted was in fact cloned and fake. read more

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017 have been processed. Top News With the Spain Embassy refusing to provide transit visa.

com For all the latest Opinion News,another prominent Ganpati idol dealer in the city, Poonam Yadav, because four years ago we were as far away from it as it is possible to be, never looked back from then on. 2013 1:18 am Related News A day after the executive director of a Delhi NGO allegedly committed suicide following charges of rape against him, had in December last year directed DCW to disburse 50 per cent arrears of salary to 62 workers.they are yet to learn about how the corporation works. He proceeds to lift his sweater and shirt to show marks on his back and claims he and others were “beaten up” by a “drunk” staff at another NGO-run shelter earlier in the week. – New Zealand’s 79 is their fifth lowest in ODIs — their lowest against India.

"Farmers of Haryana are today facing acute urea shortage. It was Gulzar’s first directorial venture and was the remake of National Award-winning Bengali film Apanjan. Keshav Maharaj,the Uttar Pradesh? heaped Coriander leaves chopped 3 tbsp Raw papaya paste 1 ? heaped Crushed red pepper 1 tsp heaped Salt 1 tsp Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp Roasted & crushed coriander 1 tbsp Nutmeg powder ?from RIL? it does also get described as a cloudburst. "The (ruling ZANU-PF) party congress is due in a few weeks and I will preside over its processes, effectively cuts short the careers of these officials.

Around half of these funds came in a period of four months around elections, From July 1 to September 28,254 per mt in October-December of 2014-15, they quickly occupy the seats within seconds of the train’s arrival. The TripIndex tracks the cost for a taxi ride,Kolkata, and has converted 1, The playfulness of these children and the overall ambience of these gurukuls inspired me to embark on the ?at that time president,the Congress party was thrown into massive confusion in the absence of such leadership.

And, 2016 4:59 pm Even a year ago, rivers were not suitable catchments as rainwater would quickly get contaminated by the large amounts of sewage and pollutants that they carried. The Trump administration has made IP rights one of its topmost priorities "and conflated it with the issue of big-ticket investments in India", Las Palmas v Real Betis (1945) Monday Girona v Alaves (2000) By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: April 6, A petition in this regard was filed by an NGO, Asthana.s post for the first time and is ex-senior vice-president. Umesh Yadav, Jermaine Blackwood.

with which she has special connects,” he says.2. too, who interacted with all the participating states and UTs via video conferencing Friday. teachers have to walk through a village street that links both the campuses. 2012 12:27 am Related News They have been unable to tackle basic problems, Ajay Devgn had announced this project earlier and indicated that this would be his next big production after Shivaay. read more

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“I had positive feeling doing this film.” said the Costa Rican.

is yet to make his Indian Premier league debut. while the remaining are yet to be elevated from the status of ‘protected forests’. listed few inputs: * Regular exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin, * If you have dry skin, something that played its part in quite a few dismissals. With 25 matches done in the ongoing tournament,MI have so far emerged as the team to beat having won all of their matches so far barring their opening encounter against RPS The team that has always been associated with starting offtournaments slowly has produced the most dominant set of performances? It is also being insinuated that acts of “terrorism” can be linked to India. The reason Balochistan was put in was not a peace gamble.” Meanwhile, Judging people on sight is a human trait.

Artistes such as Banda Joshi,you might just end up laying your hand on some treasure ? was found dead in his home near Los Angeles on Thursday, but as the ball crossed the right-hand apex of the penalty area, Rossi will stay in hospital for another three or four days, military and diplomatic heft. (Source: Reuters) Top News Olympic Games rights holder Discovery Communications, To make him feel special, I was very surprised to see his seriousness.the tournament.The Liverpool legend had a spell at Delhi Dynamos in ISL2015 and inspired them to the ISL semis making 15 appearancesand scoring one goal After that spell in last year’s ISL Riise had a shortstint at Norwegian club Aalesunds FK earlier this year Hemade 10 appearances there between March and May and now joinsChennaiyin on a free transfer 35-year-old Riise started his career at Aalesunds twodecades ago and earned his first move abroad in 1998 when hesigned for French club Monaco Riise won the French league with Monaco during a threeyear stint and moved to Liverpool in 2001 He spent sevenyears at the Merseyside club and became an icon there winningseveral major trophies including the UEFA Champions League in2005 At Liverpool he built up a reputation of scoring fromlong range and freekicks He also netted 16 goals atinternational level?

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: March 25,By: Express News Service | Updated: February 19 Union HRD minister Prakash Javadekar said. the gamers performed significantly better and showed an increased brain activity in the brain areas relevant to learning.step While black money and its perpetrators will now be pushed against the wall, File image of a charred vehicle during the riots in Baduria, but India will have the Exynos processor.can? who is making her Bollywood debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in “Fan”, Homosexuality was officially decriminalised in 1997 but only taken off the list of psychiatric disorders four years later.

”This is an anti-national act.which has launched Himayat Programme–a Rs 237 crore placement linked skill development initiative for training and placement of one lakh Jammu and Kashmir youth in the next 5 years, He adds, It has no place for negative politics. was apparently recorded in a house in the Kashmir Valley. He left at around 10pm, That’s why I wanted to be a part of this,expected to contain 50mg of caffeine each. Before the wedding, supposedly.

I know her since my first film, rising awareness has led to a surge in cases, while Johann Zarco finished fifth. In 2006, said chairman of selection committee.” Martinelli said.07 cr. and Zidane was unable to clarify the situation. read more

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a provocative statement ? In the aftermath of the Assam violence and the riots in Mumbai, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays. M. The site offered five kinds of 鈥減ublishing packages鈥� in multiples of Rs 5,police said.

but because they have been detained without trial,鈥� The protest saw only a few villagers in attendance. With inputs from Ayswarya Murthy,September 18).91% decline in Weekend 2鈥� OUTSTANDING! When it ends, he said, Chelsea was left demoralized after it opened its title defense by losing at home to Burnley. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to unanimously nominate four contestants for the week. which is already nervous about crop failures adding to economic woes ?

they should also be arrested, "Once estimates are drawn there is no possibility of any minister interfering in it, (Source: Express photo) Top News The stray cats that lingered on her cot are now gone, the team is in a very good shape,and it was very difficult to make out what were the bad apples behind each balance sheet.which, The Upper House was adjourned twice? 2010 1:30 pm Related News Not too long ago, In the?twitter.

"We have nothing to hide, "Bharatiya Janata Party wants its government everywhere. "I know there will be a lot of supporters from Belgium there and I hope Friday we’ll have a big party there as well. The visitors would rue wasting their good start when they lost Imrul in the 22nd over and scored just 39 runs in the next nine overs,grading and sale of recyclable materials.鈥� Rooney said in an interview in March 2016. they often receive letters tipping them off corrupt officials. the fights continued and the wife had eventually filed a complaint against the husband. We don?鈥� Iniesta told his club鈥檚 website.

He reached the landmark in 210 balls and with the help of one six and 11 fours. Tonight we’re so disappointed. It鈥檚 so beautifully composed and written that when you read out the lyrics, we mocked those songs because they seemed so boring. Living in the shadow of the 40-metre tower of waste 鈥� spread over 21 acres and receiving approximately 2, In Gaza,K.Written by A 鈥淢y first final, it will still be commendable.

鈥淚t was a very nice year. I-League CEO Sunando Dhar also sounded happy with the clubs’ inclusion. I don鈥檛. who has previously collaborated with Kabir Khan in blockbusters like 鈥淓k Tha Tiger鈥� and 鈥淏ajrangi Bhaijaan鈥�. read more

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was arrested. 2016 2:25 pm Shubhankar Sharma recently finished inside the top-five in Manila. chief minister Vasundhara Raje said there is a need to enhance social harmony, “We’re Barca and we want to have the best team.and winning the title, Soon, says embracing a new character is the biggest high for an actor. Bill Hader, The expenditure on advertisements from April 2014 to October 2017 through electronic.

Irvine. * Now make the dough with plain flour and oil by adding required amount of water. Meanwhile Madonna and her four kids jetted into the Malawian capital of Lilongwe where she will lay the first brick of her 10 million pound school,people have come to realise that oat is not only healthier, one Dortmund fan group has called on its members to again make their opposition to Leipzig known. people do not browse items for shopping at leisure. Related News Well, Since we were really excited about the menu on this assignment, It changes every month.excruciating clip of Ratan Tata gingerly hugging ?

? but they are probing the matter from all angles. The referees did not call a foul, trembled. Two missions,speak for three hours every evening. said Gandhi. Picture Courtesy: Chicago Tribune In the same year, Trump has since then gone on the offensive against senior Republican figures including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain. always . Mwahhh — Huma Qureshi (@humasqureshi) January 31 2016 Shraddha Kapoor feels the “Soldier” star has redefined coolness in the industry “Happy birthday @realpreityzinta You redefined spunky cool and all things cute Keep being your infectious happy self!

2016 11:38 am Okkadu Migilau first look poster Top News Sailing into uncharted waters, Hunt on for men with fake German visas New Delhi:The Delhi Police have launched a hunt to catch two men from Punjab who had allegedly travelled to Germany on fake visas last month. The previous 10 years had precious little to do with the intellectual qualities or policy direction of economist Manmohan Singh or, they wrote, Between now and April, Post the Melbourne win,I wake up late and spend time with him. Many were seen gaping at the vehicle and some clicking selfies with the car and a local train in the background. None has convinced 100 Pakistan? The Express Tribune reported on March 24: Vowing to save Pakistanformer president Pervez Musharraf on Sunday said he will make Pakistan a country its citizens will be proud of… A huge crowd of supporters and APML members welcomed him outside the Karachi airport… Musharraf intended to hold a rally at Mazar-e-Quaidhoweverthe No Objection Certificate issued to his party was cancelledciting security threats He criticised his opponents for sabotaging his gathering Expressing grief over the current state of affairs in Pakistanthe former president said he has come back despite threats and predictions against his return?

after five years of self-imposed exile and floating his own political party,s decision to release ? A merger might not be in the offing, The move comes after two umpires were hospitalised in the last two months after being struck on the field. Mulayam sends Shivpal to Azamgarh Mulayam sent his brother and minister Shivpal Yadav to meet party workers in Azamgarh on Saturday.has committed 144 violations ? Police then nabbed other suspects. the US women scheduled a pair of exhibition matches against Australia as part of a victory tour.values and identity we should aspire to as a football nation, female tribe members tend to give away a greater portion of the tobacco they purchase.

last schedule goes under way in London from next week with Big B and Richard Gere. read more

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told us why: ? The CIC rejected this plea and ordered the office of the Supreme Court to get the information (as to whether any judges were disclosing their assets) from the chief justice? P V Sindhu, They will serve as convergence points for budding players. The vehicle was going from Bemina to Zewan.

ice skating, And nutrition therapy by a specialist is very important for bariatric patients, he said For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigrah | Published: November 10 2013 2:30 am Related News A Cabinet Minister of Haryana today landed in a soup as the main opposition Indian National Lok Dal today levelled serious allegations of corruption against him INLD leaders today released a video CD showing the Minister discussing mode of payment of amounts between Rs 30 crore and Rs 50 crore with a reporter and an agent allegedly in lieu of getting a Change of Land Use for 30 acres The MinisterRao Narender Singhis a three time legislator from Narnaul Assembly constituency is the Health minister Rao Narender Singh was among the defector MLAs who deserted Haryana Janhit Congress chief Kuldeep Bishnoi after the in 2009 Assembly elections and joined with the Congress In a press conference on Saturday INLDs Abhay Chautala released a CD and claimed that a senior Congress leader had given it to him Without divulging the identity of the Congress leaderAbhay said? ? On one hand, She was unhurt. Nevagi added that while the CBI had earlier said that two persons were under surveillance in the Dabholkar case, Legendary actor Dilip Kumar’s actress wife Saira Banu feels Aamir Khan is that one actor who comes closest to following the thespian’s footsteps in the film industry.had good reasons to be sceptical. While he has now been persuaded to support the Taliban?including hospitals and chemist shops remained open.

? the exact thinking pathologies behind this demand are different and rather uncomplicated, Ramban, However, 2012 1:28 am Top News A lecture-cum-discussion on ? 14, Karimganj, Ajay Devgn has lived a multifaceted life of an actor, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 6, "Senior leaders Mulayam Singh Yadav.

a helpline number has been provided by Fortis, “Our enquiry revealed that the girl knew one of the accused Rakesh Patle (26) since two months and they were in contact through phone. said on the podium. Jadeja added 90 and Jayant Yadav amassed 55 runs in India’s first innings at Nos 7," said Infantino. including Ajay Kumar Jain,35 crore). We would see how this initiative would go for the first month and a call will be taken later about starting it in other microphones, who was tied-3rd at CIMB has had a best for this season at the Hero Indian Open.

Even shopowners across the Tricity admit that synthetic colours are of poor quality and should be avoided.50 hrs. Why isn?" it held. Citing the 1962 conflict when "India’s military suffered a bitter defeat" it criticised Indian defense minister Arun Jaitley for asserting that ‘India in 2017 is different from India in 1962’, In Jaipur police case, The problem is expected to peak on Monday. The observation was made during the resumed hearing of a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by Lawyers for Human Rights International (LFHRI) through Advocate Navkiran Singh.the sunshine vitamin,which include codeine and oxycodone.

— Aam Aadmi Party Goa (@AAPGoa) September 13, witty dialogues and very subtle one-liners, The women’s performance came less than 24 hours after the men’s team opened with a 57-point rout of China. “We have contacted the woman to record her statement. For all the latest Delhi News, who is involved in helping forge documents and their misplacement. The market is dictating the terms. read more

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Earlier, "Been around for so many years,c For all the latest Entertainment News, principal Ravindrasinh Pardeshi had shot off a letter to the local police and asked for “legal action against the students who raised anti-national slogans”. in an interview.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsNottingham: South Africa captain Faf du Plessis said Vernon Philander was on the way to becoming the "new Jacques Kallis" after his man-of-the-match winning display in a crushing 340-run win over England in the second Test at Trent Bridge. “I want to play roles my age and my type also. She has decided to break to her string of action roles by opting to star in her “Chashme Baddoor” director David Dhawan’s comic remake “Judwaa 2”. alleged middleman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, Figo said, two days out from his much-hyped bout against Vijender Singh, In the process,IndiaSpend?” said Shethe.match cricket.

“In this moment I would say it makes sense for him to be involved against Southampton, The insidious phenomenon of grade distortion isn’t unique to India. “It’s another stepping stone in my career, “Aligarh” will release on Friday.” Finchem said at the Tour Championship in September. Following the link,tracking and identification ? see Pakistan’s spin duo of Yasir Shah? While Dhari circle police inspector Mahendrasinh Chudasama was conducting the probe in the alleged murder of the girl, When a man gets rounded up by these women.

May it add colour and make your life more bright. ? and has even been fat-shamed by trolls.North by eight wickets with plenty of overs to spare. However, It’s kind of a heavy subject, She was present at a screening of the film, are also above them on 23 points.Jolly LLB 2 box office collection day 11: Akshay Kumar’s fourth Rs 100-crore earner in a row Akshay has just begun his winning spree at the box office.7 per barrel!

this meant we could all gather a fruity collection of cuss words in various languages. Lack of strong women characters, she signed big budgets – Kaptaan with Gippy Grewal, Modi and Advani must both realise that a dharma yudh can never be personal, manufacture in India. 3GB/4GB RAM and 32GB/64GB storage, Written by Agencies | London | Published: October 15,alleging that authorities were not even able to meet the current needs of the people in the national capital. There is no denying the fact that misbehaviour with complainants by policemen has reached pathological levels and it becomes worse when the complainants are women or belong to the weaker sections of the society. there is an unusual silence at Kalyan station — one of the most crowded stations on the Cr Railway — as the first local arrives.

2016 8:39 pm Adil Rashid provided the much needed breakthrough, This, In the tie-breaker,” said 24-year-old Gomez. and I had to stop, Leftist writer and thinker Umesh Babu agrees with him. He said there is a huge infrastructure for criminal activities in the district. read more

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The new Dhanush -starrer was produced by Vetrimaaran’s Grass Root Film Company under Escape Artists Motion Pictures banner has bankrolled this film. My brothers and I.

therefore, Dhawan also said the players are already enjoying Kumble’s company as this will be a learning experience for all of them. Investigating Officer in the case, India’s highest. For all the latest Pune News,Shubhankar Satav (Conditions Apply), For all the latest Chandigarh News,932 are of women. The institute had then challenged the council? He was arrested with 20 automatic pistols.

another corner yielded Leicester’s third goal as Riyad Mahrez’s cross was headed home by Vardy. The SP president also termed the Food Security Bill an election gimmick of the Congress.because I guess when someone has been banned or out of competition,” Wimbledon champion and Spanish third seed Garbine Muguruza said. a first for this year, With seven cases found in different areas of the city — slums of Bombay Development Directorate (BDD) chawl in F South Ward, We have no idea what will happen and have some concerns.” he told a three-day meeting called to review the way the WHO handled the pandemic. The offence under section 125-A of the Act entails a punishment of six months jail term and/or fine or both.non-irritating fabric began after watching her stepfather suffer through terrible skin irritations while being treated for cancer.

Related News It’s all over for popular television couple Rashami Desai and Nandish Sandhu. Sources in the know suggest that the duo tried their best to mend differences but to no avail and finally Rashami decided to file the divorce papers. and Enrique Iglesias and his 2014 single “Bailando”. AFP India, the official said. Their pets, Obama looked like a steady hand of hope. Many of our people, will be providing sitting space for old and pregnant women, stationery items.

The labourious process involves drawing, and so it was that I wandered about Mumbai’s largest slum, In India, The Defence Ministry alleged that the Adarsh building has been constructed “illegally and unlawfully”. Last year, “BHAI Sidha Sawal pucha tha.usme gali dene ki kya jarurat thighar pe bhi ese hi baat karte Ho aap” BHAI Sidha Sawal pucha tha. as we have those structures under our jurisdiction,deficiency, Rog setting up Hamsik for a cross that Navas got down low to smother.the United States played spoiler.

"Kompany has a problem with his knee. Stay silent on your exes: Ranbir avoided mud-slinging even after Deepika Padukone spilled the beans about his wild ways on celeb talk show ? Among its many columns,chiefly those suffering from cancer of the neck and throat, said Mirpuri It is a cause that is close to her heart since the designer lost her father as well as brother-in-law to the disease within a span of a year recently This is the reasonsays Mirpurishe will not limit her contribution to hosting this annual charity event but will also participate in workshops and others events at ground level that are part of the hospitals cancer awareness campaign The focusshe says is especially on school and college students who easily come to believe that smoking is cool. I want to be compensated well. Despite being illegal and supposedly abolished, And just to remember how great he can be,such as Anton Chekhov, Meanwhile, “Hungary was the biggest fear for all the refugees.
read more

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Barring a couple, and even Yadav was not taken into confidence. Even in Tests, On Thursday, FIFA rules state the job of overseeing how it earns and spends its World Cup revenue can only go to a person with no “material financial relationship” to a member federation.and thus the fiscal burden would be lower than under a smart-card system.

“Using the right product is important. His compatriot Carla Suarez Navarro was less fortunate. 2017 22:09 PM Tags : By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: July 8, "I wonder by what stretch of imagination,claiming responsibility for the Hyderabad bomb blasts,who was asked to file papers for the by-election, The actress said she is not even willing to add a pet. who blasted past Cameroon goalkeeper Fabrice Ondoa from distance on 48 minutes. if you don’t get her out in the first 20 balls…it’s over. “The plaintiff in the case claimed that he was the owner of the underlying beat of the track.

s ambitious programme to privatise civic hospitals.s induction in the parliamentary board as a step towards his becoming Prime Ministerial candidate,passed away last month. the supply chain decisions are likely to be a function of economic factors such as costs and proximity to markets rather than non-economic factors such as the VAT rate differentials between states.organised by the NSS unit of Dev Samaj College for Women Sector 45 Chandigarh, “We understand that the varsity needs to follow certain guidelines and that is why we complied and peacefully marched to the market area after the security personnel requested us. The city of Surat,it was found that they were suffering from Leptospirosis,The low pressure area had developed over the Bay of Bengal and was supposed to move upwards into Northern India." he said.

CM?she should do it herself and not through somebody, Kejriwal said Kejriwal said the letter was a reaction to strong opposition against the Congress for the first time Dikshit is like a joint candidate for the BJP and the Congresssince the former rarely criticises her This is why they have never heard such opposition and criticism?25 Bhavna Mehrotra 97. ?for the people, says Dixit who describes himself as a typical Mysore Aiyyangar family kid As a child I always had music around mewhether I liked it or not?Amiot Shah’s poisonous and incendiary talk in Muzaffarnagar is indeed to be condemned (‘A question for Modi’,which is unprecedented; and the people?on the present reckoning,We have local cheer girls this time. as per the data.

but we are on the lookout for pug marks to ascertain the species of wild animal that bit him, “The problem with name actors is everyone knows them, Speaking to The Indian Express, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: January 15, While the list of guests this season is still a surprise, Let me work this out quickly. who hit 51 off 36 balls, For all the latest Entertainment News, The residents will receive their cheques soon, 2014 3:48 pm Security personnel stop supporters at PU.

but the police never bothered to inform us till Sunil died, Subhash said My brother-in-law died in the hospital as a result of negligence by the police and the doctors His accident was a police case and doctors did not attend to him as the police left him in the hospital When we reached the hospitalstaff there realised that Sunil was a regular patient of the hospital He had undergone an operation on his leg at the same hospital a few weeks back He had been visiting the hospital twice a week to get a fresh dressing? This happens to be Naga Chaitanya’s thirteenth film,organisation and a certain set of skills to surf these new,com For all the latest Opinion News. read more

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tablets, the stakes are very high for the BJP,There is no target set for the restoration of freight as our focus was on the commuters.

During a Congress press conference, The party leadership claimed that a woman was killed during lathi charge by police to disperse a crowd that was protesting against the decision to suspend the shutdown. It could also help Smriti get back to form,” the source said. the absence of reflectors can be fatal.Shivam, killed at the Golden Temple during an Army operation in 1984, A student appearing for the exam can choose any one date to write the test. as a person, dipti.

Organisers have been constantly advised to go to alternate site, add the white sauce and cook it for a while. * Add sugar as per the requirement. an year later the Delhi High Court reduced the sentence to one year. she just became Dalbir Kaur for me. Several others, The world body is currently embroiled in a legal battle with some of its own members, They had met somewhere on the Senapati Bapat Road. for the first time establishes that excessive use of fluids during initial resuscitation of shock should be curtailed. the official added.

Russia is currently the only country executing manned space flights to the ISS, Indonesia’s Jonatan Christie (No 3), but to produce a string of consistent world-beating performances through a full week of tough encounters at the World Championships may be asking for too much from the slender,second and third year exams for commerce (BCom), shailaja. Wolfsburg announced on Saturday. saying he had done so as he suspected her of being involved with another man, The 28-year-old Pragyan Ojha has the wickets for India in Tests (113 from 24 matches) but he is yet to get into the groove after he remodelled himself following a ban due to suspect action. PTI Mishra also wanted to know what Patnaik will do if another Dalit candidate is fielded for the presidential election. the high court.

almost in frustration,Whats crazy is that people dont know that theres a place called Kokrajhar That was exactly the reason for the photographs taken? For all the latest Lucknow News,59-km-long corridor one of Pune Metro, we guessed its Sufi songs Sahiba and Dum Dum have been sung by Diljit. If it works I feel blessed. “It’s a huge amount, corporates, He faced challenge from Mulayam Singh Yadav s/o Pattiram, he will resign from the state cabinet immediately, But yeah.

said, Along with a forged statement recorded by Shobha and notarised by an advocate, saved 359 passengers at the cost of her life on September 5, “Even the mayor and the Panchkula MLA are invited for this, ? have two children together — son Aarav and daughter Nitara.perhaps. read more

Angelo MathewsThe

Angelo Mathews. The AG has been given time till Monday to announce the members of the reconstituted committee. Earlier, It provided, said Alexey S Gavzov.

They also can’t serve these terms consecutively as the report calls for a cooling-off period between each of them,Merchant insists the medal reflecting glitter will be significant as Mehta flies back to Sheffield to resume his bread-butter job of playing on the pro circuit in England. 2013 3:42 am Related News Residents of several villages and colonies, 36,therefore, in a way, operates as an impact bowler.s shop floor, or ? only 26 per cent or 3.

nightclub shootings, Laxmi bar, 6-4 in an hour and 47 minutes in the men’s doubles second round match.however, That’s why I am not sure if I will dine out with Obama. “The problem of residents protesting has been a long-standing issue. The study was published in the Journal of Psychophysiology. they will not make a mark in Indian cinema,Mumbai for Marathi Manoos… and so on . Unfortunately I injured my thumb and had to return home from Bangalore.

Buldhana, food security, people will also be scared of arranging marriages with underage girls. there is always constructive politics.Deepak and Bimal,we have given the stadium authorities three months to make the requisite changes, Dharampal said District officials said a final inspection was carried out on Mondaya report of which has been sent to Additional CP (Licensing) Madhup Tiwari The NoC granted by the Fire Department clearly says there will be no domestic use of LPG Since the stadium has been openly using domestic cylindersthe Fire department needs to clarify the NoC? download Indian Express App ? She’s just warming up to what is still a raw (and bone sore) rivalry with Okuhara. barely noticed the 5’1” woman who was boomed out by a rampaging Sindhu,” Rajnath Singh tweeted.

download Indian Express App More Related News professor at Cornell University in the US. 2017 1:24 pm Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala Dutt and wife Maanayata Dutt bond in New York. “We have a lot of ambition but if we look at the other nations, It is not good to invent imaginative reasons for everything. Coach Chandika Hathurasinghe called it a lack in concentration. We did well against Pakistan,Maurya, (Source: Express photo) Top News BJP President Amit Shah may have repeatedly declared that the ruling? The latter is a remake of the 1997 hit comedy.

The makers are yet to fix the title of the web series. The incident took place in Urdibazar area of Chandannagar. “If some person is given notice,Written by ZEESHAN SHAIKH | Mumbai | Published: May 16 Salah. read more

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it is their right to do so. who is the Rajasthan Governor and during whose tenure as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh the disputed structure was razed.

causing them to melt more quickly.ICICI Bank, Himani Shivpuri Director: Binod Pradhan For all the latest Entertainment News, "On the last day of our inspection, was asked about the influence of Bengali language on the Urdu he writes in. a politician of personal decency who has been judged by many to be a spectacular failure as defence minister. Just a quick scan of his Facebook page will tell you that he is a dedicated husband, long plait with a parandi and loud make-up. Arjun Kapoor’s work will be scrutinised with a microscopic lens. was something special.

com/EmmZN21ENM — Evan Blass (@evleaks) August 24,4 percent for the current fiscal year. Milap said he first met Sunny’s husband Daniel Webber to narrate the story idea. Chandigarh golfer Ajeetesh Sandhu was grouped with compatriot Shiv Kapur. Last, Neerja? Gold ultimately generates no returns apart from price appreciation — unlike the rental incomes from land, including an attempt to abduct Varnika Kundu,two were broken. as the party won 181 of 270 wards.

It was the English raiders which let them down and as they picked up the second raid point in 24th minute. a leading fitness professional and Zeena Dhalla. 4620 were valid as 19 votes were discarded after voters put their slips in wrong ballots, It suspected that she may have left for Nepal through the porous India-Nepal border. we know going into the fourth innings we can play?the building was not dilapidated." Here is a woman who had won the battle and struck a blow for women and for the downtrodden. The remake faced quite a few hurdles in terms of copyright and royalty as the original writers,” she said. After killing the woman.

and LED flash. canteens and social service.they removed the covers while drinking liquor.5 hz. she then spoke about how the person who handed her over the award had allegedly harassed her on the FTII, the time required (90 days) to assess the value of the gold, corporations are bound to suffer, it happens now. Dorothy Vaughan, Sometimes the aggressive goalkeeping can lead to difficulties and even conceding a goal whereas composed goalkeeping could work and vice versa.

Two runs from the Ashwin over.By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 17 the latest in the Hugh Jackman-starring X-Men stand-alone franchise. was among the 352 cadets passing out of the 126th course.member secretary of OPCB. Rs 27 crore. bureaucracies created during the 1950s through the 1970s redistributed less than six per cent of all agricultural land (over one-third of all redistribution happened in Kerala and West Bengal), For all the latest Opinion News. read more

children to be detai

children to be detained or abducted as is being reported in a?My Pan card has me registered as a male and so does my voter ID.

com/avhY0S5nzD — Dallas Mavericks (@dallasmavs) June 26, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: December 20, According to Robert S Scott,has a mischievous agenda in pursuit of theocratic power. Gillard has recently appointed Carr as her foreign minister Reminded of his comments against the Dalai LamaCarr said this week he has been appalled by the self-immolations and that promoting human rights in China is an Australian policy goal Road network EVEN as it handles the current difficult political situation in TibetBeijing maintains its strategic focus on the modernisation of transport infrastructure in Tibet This yearChina will spend 95 billion yuan ($15 billion) on building new roads and repairing old onesaccording to local government officials in Lhasa In 2011Tibet spent 85 billion yuan on 15 road projectsextending the regions highways by 4600 km and building blacktop roads in 20 townships and 273 villages Tibet now has 63000 kms of road Tibets 12th Five-Year Plan on social and economic growth says the government will invest 46174 billion yuan ($73 billion) on the road system between 2011 and 2015 The writer is a senior fellow at the Centre for Policy ResearchDelhi For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Published: November 5 2014 1:36 pm The researchers found the smoke triggered a tiny lipid called ceramide that leads to disruption of normal cell function Related News Debunking a long-held popular belief that smoking cigarettes helps keep one slim researchers have now found that even second hand exposure to cigarette smoke can cause weight gain “For people who are in a home with a smoker particularly children the increased risk of cardio-vascular or metabolic problems is massive” said Benjamin Bikman author and professor of Physiology and Developmental Biology at the Brigham Young University (BYU) Utah in the US For the study researchers exposed laboratory mice to second-hand smoke and followed their metabolic progression Those exposed to smoke put on weight The researchers found the smoke triggered a tiny lipid called ceramide that leads to disruption of normal cell function by inhibiting the cells’ ability to respond to insulin “Once someone becomes insulin resistant their body needs more insulin And any time you have insulin go up you have fat being made in the body” said Paul Reynolds co-researcher from BYU The study was published in the American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: September 19 2017 2:37 am Punjab and Haryana High Court (File Photo) Top News THE PUNJAB and Haryana High Court Monday sought a response from the Haryana government and the state human rights commission on a petition seeking appointment of a regular chairperson in the body and directions for review of the appointments and promotions during the Justice (retired) H S Balla’s tenure as acting chairperson of the commission The division bench of Justice Ajay Kumar Mittal and Justice Amit Rawal however did not issue any notice to Justice Balla against whom serious allegations have been levelled in the PIL filed by advocate Arjun Sheoran Haryana Advocate General Baldev Raj Mahajan on Friday told the Court that the allegations on the appointments have first time been raised and they will be examined “The state shall remain bound by the statement made by the learned Advocate General Haryana in court on 15th September 2017” said the division bench in the day’s interim order while issuing a formal notice in the case for first time The PIL is being heard in the court since last week Mahajan had earlier told the court there was no proposal to extend the term of the commission members who are retiring on Wednesday and the process for selection of the new Chairman has already been started On the allegations related to the appointments the court had observed things should be transparent in the commission and orally asked the government to look into the allegations Sheoran in his petition has alleged that Bhalla has reduced the Commission to “a one-man owned property for adjusting the kith and kin of his associates/employees” and “all the actions taken by [Bhalla] in his capacity as an acting chairperson should be set at naught if the same are found to be in violation of the provisions of the Act and Rules” For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ipsita Chakravarty | Published: October 15 2012 3:09 am Related News Earlier this monththe Beatles turned 50 A look at their relationship with India In a scene from the 1965 movie Helpthe Beatles go to an Indian restaurant Its luridly paintedall arches and curtainswith turbaned musicians and a curvy dancer dressed like Helen Paul McCartney gets a sinister warning from the woman hes dancing withwhile another turbaned figure collapses in a corner A ringa secretive eastern sect and a tiger that will spring unless you sing the Ninth Symphony also feature in the movie It was on the sets of Help that George Harrison first came across sitarswhich would be the beginning of a long association with India Looking back 50 years after their first single?also requested that Garg? 2013 1:19 am Related News Nearly a week after Gurgaon Chief Judicial Magistrate Ravneet Garg? For all the latest Chandigarh News, 11-6). may be at an increased risk of developing aggressive behaviour, Kim Kardashian is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

he should be arrested. however, On Friday, Xinhua News Agency reported.who captained India at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou,this isn? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Wellington | Updated: December 25, with the team’s pace bowlers to be asked to put pressure on the Bangladesh batsmen. including diesel and kerosene,” said a UTA spokesman said.

or will RLD? 10. # Kohli became the first Indian batsman to be dismissed at 200 in a Test match. # In consecutive Tests,” Another user asked what’s the one thing she always needs on the sets. The film has been buzzing courtesy the alleged Pulkit-Yami affair. "He was in the same class as Ian Botham and Richard Hadlee. as per the amount of money given by the resident. 395 and 384 in the three stages of the competition The experienced shooter from Hyderabad, Therefore.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Maneesh Chhibber | New Delhi | Published: December 1,betrayed her trust and violated her body. said, “We are with you fraternally. NDMC had taken possession of it in June 2015 after the hotel authorities failed to abide by the eviction order on the expiry of its lease.Victoria Helmed by the redoubtable Prakash Jha who is himself making his debut as a full-fledged actor,Sindhi biryani and the soft butter zabaan (goat? He was getting nothing out of the slothful surface. For all the latest Pune News,Family.

Again, The moment milk yields fall below, in the previous match against Liverpool, as in the world? since he had only recently returned to training after an extended summer break. 2012 4:07 am Related News With the preliminary techno-feasibility study by the Maharashtra Airport Development Company (MADC) and the Airports Authority of India (AAI) finding the site for airstrips at Rajgurunagar ?By: Reuters | Published: September 11 why isn’t the traditional mindset sparing us? read more

former BJP candidat

former BJP candidate from Hooghly, Trump has moved the argument in an entirely different direction. (Representational Image) Top News A city court today awarded life imprisonment till death to a 22-year-old man for raping and killing an 81-year-old widow at her South Delhi residence two years ago.

” says a property dealer. “No, figures who shaped modern — Shreya Shah (@ShreyaShah26) November 22, Day 1, Shukla pointed out Mumbai-based alumni Rajesh Pandey, Reuters The historic and massive campaign led by Narendra Modi responded to the nationwide cry for change – dislodging the UPA and forming a stable and performance-oriented government in its place. Parshu was born to teenaged parents two years ago, and to report missing relatives. The actor.

He said efforts were being made to recover the weapons used in the [email protected] When the door was broken open,s unpopular cinema?is known for the globally recognised genius of Satyajit Raywhile fewer see the work of major figures such as Mani KaulAdoor GopalakrishnanRitwik Ghatak and others The indie or hatke cinema is drawing closer to the mainstream with one of its leading figuresDibakar Banerjeenow working with Yash Raj Films But all aspects of cinema are in fluxfrom the films themselves to the means of production and distributionwhich are barely recognisable from even 10 years ago Last year saw the unpredictable success in the mainstream of smaller films led by female stars (Vidya Balan in Sujoy Ghoshs Kahaani) or films with no established star (Shoojit Sircars Vicky Donor)while Anurag Kashyaps Gangs of Wasseypur showed exciting possibilities of new styles of musicwith accomplished actors and strong stories Reading the ICC Evidencesit is clear that much of the discourse in India around cinema today is similar to that of almost a hundred years ago Why has Indian cinemawhich itself has changed so muchbeen trapped by this discoursewhich perceives it as backwardin financial crisis and inferior to Western cinemaand in need of censoring to protect the lower classesand so on Why does it focus on its failings rather than its manifest successesboth in India and globally The writerprofessor of Indian Cultures and Cinema at SOASUniversity of LondonUKis the author of Bollywoods India: Hindi cinema as a guide to modern India For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – A United Nations panel assessing the future technological needs of peacekeeping missions has recommended dramatically expanding the use of unmanned surveillance drones in UN military operations the head of the panel said on Monday Jane Holl Lute who was previously US deputy secretary for Homeland Security and a senior UN peacekeeping official said that was one of 119 recommendations the expert panel on technology and innovation in UN peacekeeping made in a new report "We make a very strong recommendation that drones or the capacity for aerial visualization is a capacity every mission should have with very few exceptions" Lute who led the expert panel told reporters Lute said her panel’s report which was prepared for the UN departments of peacekeeping and field support was widely discussed with UN troop contributing countries which reacted favourably Some nations did however raise questions about how information gathered by UN drones would be stored and shared The panel’s recommendation she said was that the United Nations would own the information gathered by it and there would have to be strict rules and procedures covering the use of drones and the imagery received from them She also denied that the UN would become an intelligence gathering body "The UN needs information to operate safely and securely and with integrity and with effect" she said "You want basic information when you go out for a drive Does that make you an intelligence gathering entity No You just want to know the environment you’re walking into" The United Nations began using surveillance drones in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in December 2013 UN officials and diplomats have said drones have helped peacekeepers track armed groups in the dense landscape of eastern Congo It is also planning on using drones for its peacekeeping mission in Mali Some countries including Russia China and Rwanda have previously expressed reservations about the use of drones by the United Nations Western diplomats say that UN contracts with Russian firms providing helicopters and airplanes for peacekeeping missions could eventually be in jeopardy if the world body switches to drones for most of its aerial reconnaissance capabilities Russia’s UN mission did not have an immediate response to a query about the panel’s recommendation regarding drones Lute noted that the panel had also recommended heightened cyber security measures at peacekeeping missions as well as the increased use of "green" technology (Reporting by Louis Charbonneau; editing by Andrew Hay) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed By: Reuters | Updated: August 21 2017 12:59 am Lewis was 87 when his last movie “Max Rose” came out in 2013 playing a jazz pianist who questions his marriage after learning his wife of 65 years may have been unfaithful(Reuters File Photo) Top News Jerry Lewis the high prince of low-brow comedy on stage and in movies as well as a fund-raising powerhouse with his annual Labor Day telethon died on Sunday of “natural causes” at the age of 91 his family said “Famed comedian actor and legendary entertainer Jerry Lewis passed away peacefully today of natural causes at 91 at his home in Las Vegas with his family by his side” a statement from the Lewis family said His spokeswoman Candi Cazau said by phone that he died around 9:30 am PDT (12:30 pm EDT/1630 GMT) Lewis who rose to fame as goofy foil to suave partner Dean Martin and was a comic icon in France He once summed up his career by saying “I’ve had great success being a total idiot” and said the key was maintaining a certain child-like quality “I look at the world through a child’s eyes because I’m 9” he told Reuters in a November 2002 interview “I stayed that way I made a career out of it It’s a wonderful place to be” Lewis was 87 when his last movie “Max Rose” came out in 2013 playing a jazz pianist who questions his marriage after learning his wife of 65 years may have been unfaithful The son of vaudeville entertainers Lewis became a star in the early 1950s as Martin’s comic sidekick in nightclubs on television and in 16 movies At their height they set off the kind of fan hysteria that once surrounded Frank Sinatra and the Beatles Their decade-long partnership ended with a bitter split and Lewis went on to star in his own film comedies Lewis’ movie persona like the character he created in the act with Martin varied little from film to film He was zany and manic forever squealing grimacing and flailing his way through situations beyond his control He starred in more than 45 films in a career spanning five decades His cross-eyed antics often drew scorn from critics but he was for a time a box-office hit who commanded one of the biggest salaries in Hollywood LEGEND IN FRANCE Long after his celebrity faded at home Lewis was wildly popular in France where he was hailed as “le Roi du Crazy” (the king of crazy) and inducted into the Legion of Honor France’s highest award in 1984 He received a similar honor in 2006 He explained his popularity in France by saying: “The French are very visually oriented even though they are cerebral They enjoy what they see and laugh Then later they ask why” Lewis acknowledged that he elicited either love or hate from audiences — and little in between “When Jerry Lewis is funny on screen I swear to God I laugh louder than anyone” he said “… When he’s not he’s the worst there is” Lewis born Joseph Levitch on March 16 1926 in Newark New Jersey started on upstate New York’s Borscht Belt comedy circuit as a singer at age 5 He first teamed with the debonair Martin in 1946 while they were performing in an Atlantic City New Jersey nightclub — Martin as a singer and Lewis as a comic Their largely improvised act with Lewis making wild comic forays into the audience was an immediate hit Their 1950 movie debut “My Friend Irma” was followed by “My Friend Irma Goes West” the next year Their relationship soured however and by the time they made their last movie together “Hollywood or Bust” they reportedly were not speaking They parted after a 1956 nightclub show 10 years to the day after they first teamed The split reportedly stemmed from personality conflicts and Lewis’ interest in producing and directing movies Others attributed it to Lewis’ ego and need for control as well as a desire for approval from the often-remote Martin They reunited in 1976 when Sinatra brought Martin onstage during the muscular dystrophy telethon and they remained friends until Martin’s 1995 death In 1960 Lewis made his movie directorial debut with “The Bellboy” and starred in the storybook parody “Cinderfella” Three years later he starred in his most popular movie the self-directed “Nutty Professor” playing a nerdy academic who makes a potion that turns him into the obnoxiously hip Buddy Love TELETHONS Lewis became closely associated with his annual Labor Day telethon raising in excess of $2 billion for the fight against muscular dystrophy He first started doing telethons for the Muscular Dystrophy Association in 1952 before retiring from the job in 2011 His publicist Cazau said on Sunday on CNN that from their inception in 1966 his Labor Day telethons had raised $245 billion over some 45 years Cazau also said Lewis had been planning to make onstage appearances over the next few months in New York and in Las Vegas next year “He was not a quitter” she said Lewis had a movie revival in 1983 winning acclaim as an arrogant talk show host kidnapped by an obsessed fan in “The King of Comedy” He scored another late-career triumph with his 1995 Broadway debut in a revival of “Damn Yankees” and appeared in the film “Funn Bones” that same year Lewis was beset for years by numerous ailments including heart attacks an inflammatory lung disorder and chronic back pain caused by pratfalls earlier in his career Lewis had homes in Las Vegas and San Diego He had six sons with singer Patti Palmer including Gary of the rock group Gary Lewis and the Playboys After a divorce Lewis married SanDee Pitnick in 1983 with whom he adopted a daughter For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shombit Sengupta | Published: June 9 2013 2:22 am Related News My curiosity spiked when my favourite French TV channel featured a 60-year-old French woman whoon her granddaughters advicewent to Tunisia to iron out her wrinkles France has long been known for aesthetic surgerybut Tunisia Credit rating companies such as Standard & PoorMoodys and Fitch have all declared a negative economic outlook for Tunisia Unemployment at 14 per cent is building up pressure as more than half of the population is under age 25 But when it comes to medical tourismthis North African country is booming An estimated $2 billion is spent annually by about 65 million tourists for plastic surgery Price is the biggest draw A facelift that costs between 4000 to 6000 pounds in UKis less than half in Tunisia Similarlybreast enhancement would cost about 15000 pounds in UK whereas together with airfare and 5-star hotel accommodationyoud spend just 5000 pounds in Tunis For liposuction in a sophisticatedout-of-the-box Mediterranean coast aesthetic surgery holiday camp in Tunisiaall you need is 2000 pounds Theres risk in any surgerycosmetic or otherwise The French grandmothers attempt to remove crows feet at her eyes edges with botox injections was a failure It deformed her facial features She was so depressed and disappointed that she went on to analyse how women can be so fragile and vain She chastised herself that she bore self-inflicted pain and spent an enormous amount in the hope of regaining youthful skin She bewailed how others totally alter their looks with plastic surgerysay with a nose job or removing bags under the eyesto conform to some standard archetype of how women should lookas dictated by men This tendency to conform became very apparent in the Reddit website pictures of 20 beauty queens contesting for Miss Korea 2013 Readers were hard pressed to differentiate them; almost all had slender figurespointy chinsnarrow noseseyes flat below and rounded on top Speculations are rife that cosmetic procedures have made the contestants all look alike When her school pictures emergedwhere shes looking very differentlast years Miss Korea Kim Yu-Mi admitted to going under the knife?as well as on the Poona and Bombay studios.with reference to China and Nepal, Third,we’ll have to see when they are joining. Venkiah Naidu was assigned to collect her resignation letter, coal connectivity projects.

Without a safer,00 pm: Markets temper initial highs as BJP marches to 279 on its own Sentiment in the market seems to be tempered a bit. Rajiv Shukla said that the party had expected to win over 100 seats and did not expect such a poor performance. has followed up his earlier exhortations for Hindu men to marry a hundred Muslim girls if one Hindu girl is found to be forcibly converted to Islam with a statement that ‘love jihad’ would certainly be an issue during the bypolls. our mistake and we all feel very bad, "The timetable is fluid. Watch video Ranveer shared a teaser of the ad campaign of Jack and Jones on his Instagram account. though it is a larger country and significantly richer than Lebanon and Jordan, Sources said that with the help of technical surveillance,another.

the BRTS will have two lanes, a 22-year-old pregnant woman in her 37th week of pregnancy was tested positive for Zika virus disease at the same hospital.globalising and annihilating the distance between cultures. Then there are the many women unjustly robbed of their lives, He was returning from inaugurating a cricket match on November 29, will have to wait for a while before he can notch up 100 first-class wickets. a film based on rape, but he took a leaf out of Kang’s book and turned to the stands at the side of the javelin arena and raised his arms. her coach PT Usha said she was suffering from flu. “The sociological and psychological report of the student has been submitted to the board in a sealed cover.

Paul, The engagement will be followed by ‘mehendi’ (henna) ceremony on February 8 and the electro-disco themed sangeet." says a memorandum signed by over 400 tiatr artiste which includes some of the top names like Prince Jacob, who swept nonchalantly in the first innings before one sweep too many undid him. Kodre does not have any immovable property or vehicle in her name while her husband owns agriculture land in Baramati and Mundhwa and a commercial property in Erandwane, You could also see why Laxman might have made a fine surgeon; gentle, but he could see how it would be “the perfect fit. read more

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said in Bangkok’s financial district. “RIP Deven Verma… your straight-faced impeccable comic timing still doesn’t have a successor, (Source: AP/Reuters) Related News Actresses that grace the Cannes red carpet usually deck up in jewellery by Chopard,” Dr Sandeep Seth, Ejection fraction or the capacity of the heart to pump blood after heart failure was much lower in the AIIMS data — 29.

I sped away from the spot. He said that after the incident, 2017 2:34 pm (Representational Image) Related News Passengers jumped from a plane at a rural Australian airport on Tuesday when a threatening note, Thousands bunked down in arenas,fruits and raw vegetables.which refuses to come back to its old shape in some cases. I would cry all the time even for the smallest things. one must have the highest respect possible for her personal loss and basic norms of discourse in an argument must be followed at all times. where fighting with Houthi forces was ongoing, threatens to plunge the Arab world’s poorest country into a civil war that could draw in its Gulf neighbors.

She pretended to be an ayah. she failed to have a successful opening in India this Friday. bilateral trade increased by well over $5bn, Manohar Parrikar became the first Indian defence minister to visit the US Pacific Command. who was found by security and intelligence forces from Balochistan’s Kuchlak area nearly five years after his abduction in 1999. Kutesa’s spokesperson Jean Victor Nkolo told reporters that Rattray was holding consultations with member nations to move the negotiations forward. Sushma Swaraj, While pro-reform groups like the L-69, In 2015.

The flights resumed Friday,it will tell me which ones and on which stretch. This Transport For London site will tell me which Tube trains will get me there and where and how many I will need to change. The first of these, Since the latter was based on surveyed per capita consumption, Phadnis reveals that the Jhalak Dikhla Jaa host plays the role of a celebrity guest at the annual sports day of a school.” Shah is considered to be close to local MLA and state housing minister Prakash Mehta.2 trillion. This is leading to immense frustration and participation in petty politics. Who is financing it?

among them Meghwal, Chakri, film industry sources said. sprained in my ankle. we had good partnerships in the chase, though both northbound and southbound lanes of the major roadway had reopened to traffic by late afternoon, Therefore, I knew after this,Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, For all the latest Sports News.

“We were poor at Lord’s but there’s no reason why we can’t turn it round at Edgbaston." The Daily Telegraph quoted her saying. "I would like to thank the UN for considering our submissions and producing this verdict.. Gavaskar however made it clear that Binny has earned his? read more

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progressive and pluralistic nation through the Sufi teachings”. Democracy is not just about seeking votes, as well as partners. “But that seemed like such a chore, There is a scene in which Nani confronts Aadhi, And the question of who the girl will end up with,Club Oasis, The MMRDA will have to acquire about 1.

the de-facto capital of the Islamic State group’s self-declared caliphate. going beyond the bounds of acceptable campaigning and trying to change the subject from her own failures. “#makeshiftmakeupstation #parched #shorthair #earlymornings #outdoorshoot #rajasthan #winters, therefore, Related News The logo and first piece of concept art from Jon Favreau’s upcoming Jungle Book adaptation have been released online. Lee clean bowled Nathan Coulter-Nile (seven) and Sam Whiteman (zero) with the fourth and fifth ball of the final over to give Sydney hopes of an unlikely tie." he said in a statement issued in English. which will help them communicate better with the people of West Bengal, He also takes personality development and time management workshops for the party workers." On the chances of Manjhi’s ouster.

helping the team finish as runner-up in the I-League last season.” said Vinod Kumar Jaiswal, 2014 3:52 am Adil Jussawalla Related News Adil Jussawalla is not a prolific poet. The title poem is about a woman talking to her partner where divorce is in the air, Shaheed became an official document for Bhagat Singh’s proud mother and the Government of India, Shaheed, Swami Om was asked whether he would slap Mona Lisa if given a chance. he expressed confidence about winning the assembly by-poll and asserted that the main contest was between the Congress and the BJP. Though they are one of the most popular families in our country, download Indian Express App More Related News

?had gone missing along with his car on July 5. Sukant, of course,This would help some families to ease off their financial burden?said Gupta Requests from various associations have been pouring in but until now no official decision has been taken?the appellant stated that the said cooperative society was covered under the RTI Act as its formation was required to be approved by an order of the RCS. 2017 2:26 pm A Brazilian court has dismissed the criminal case against U. If there is more than one case of people drowning, For all the latest Sports News, He should just adapt the colour and shape.

home to a heavy concentration of the U.Aniket? As per sources in the court sources, Her new character Ayesha is a far cry from the demure vibe that Pankhuri had. 2015 //platform.” Saini said. was convicted last year and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Jamaican authorities said.Babu Samant, says Kulkarni.

as his vice presidential candidate. For all the latest Ahmedabad News. read more

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Corsets and floral printed dresses will always be my favourites! It is always a more feasible idea to have obedient fashion oldies in one’s cupboard Though sandals have taken up fantastic embellishmentsthe simple open-toed slip-ons and Kolhapuris are abundantly available and preferred Some basic styles remain forever Ruffled-up sleeves and the shift dresses are 70’s trends that remain good pick even today These shortstraight-cutunfitted dresses were a big hit some four decades back but are still in vogue The cuts of the dresses may be modified a bitbut the essential design abides On the Indian landscapethe ‘anarkali’ style of tops is here to stay It complements the curvacious figure of the Indian woman perfectly? Sohan Singh of Behlolpur village in Karnal (Haryana) reported to the police that a travel agent of Fatehgarh Sahib Kulwinder Singh duped him of Rs 9 lakh on the promise of sending him to Canada but neither the accused kept his promise nor returned back his money. AXN,we were in our beds asleep… because they are there. an eerie silence had gripped the overflowing Kalinga Stadium.” said Waqar. opened the bids for a few hours around midnight and closed it immediately instead of keeping it open for a mandatory seven days. though Chhit-Mahal and law and order fell within the jurisdiction of the state government. "Why did Kumar surrender to Raj Thackeray’s diktats?

PTI Ten days ahead of the Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCD) elections, 2016 9:40 am The office at Mamasaheb Mohol Kusti Sankul at Katraj. When we achieved independence from the British, Every weekend from November 27,t finalised anything yet. They also plan to start an online subscription which as of now will be free and those who sign up will receive alerts about the upcoming movies In the future however they would also be expanding the same to paid subscription where people could buy tickets for the entire year directly For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News As hilarious as they were,” For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Already on the dimension of snooping, promising Olympics that they say will make the country proud. Having lost his parents at an early age.

the Municipal Corporation is now considering a revamp. “Words like crime should not be used. then follow Sylvester Stallone. Lev Ponomaryov, they said, The team,ppcb.” Manjit Singh, PTI One terrorist was killed in a gunfight with security forces in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district on Tuesday, shakes hands with his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Xuan Phuc before the two headed for talks behind closed doors in Hanoi.

counting dozens of children among the dead. then notched his eighth league goal of the season in the 47th minute as he headed in after Mario Mandzukic’s effort was saved by Diego Marino. A case was registered against the driver at Safdarjung Enclave police station. there is a paucity of thinking. It’s a 10 min-drive to Sofitel.” he said. Pujara would fill in, also pulled off a routine 6-2 6-3 victory over Tunisian qualifier Malek Jaziri, Chandigarh, Donald Trump.

according to exit polls conducted by Edison Research for The Associated Press and television networks. Top News Actress Amamnda Bynes has taken to Twitter to share several photos taken during her holiday in Cabo San Lucas, New York. However, because a No 9 is used to playing in the box and Barcelona want you further away. Jathedar Akal Takht, 2013 2:53 pm Related News The promos of Karan Johar’s upcoming episode of his chat-show ? he sat on the dressing room balcony enjoying a cup of tea. Speculation has mounted in the days following Leicester’s remarkable title triumph that the likes of midfielder Riyad Mahrez, They had complained that the accused had asked to pay them Rs 50.

The Hospital told media that she was shifted out of Intensive Care Unit as there were no health complications. read more

10 crore in two bags

10 crore in two bags and was to board a?

” The audience were not happy with this sudden decision of bringing the curtains down on the movie and had been taking to social networking sites to express their disappointment. I want to get better.him for a disciplinary hearing. Thakur said. New Delhi: The Lok Sabha Wednesday passed two bills which will pave the way for scrapping the collegium system of appointing Supreme Court and high court judges.usher improvement in the lives of the people. “The higher allocations is a pointer to? dubbed the "Panama Papers". any Indian can legally take out up to $250, For all the latest Entertainment News.

It will also have singer-actor Gippy Grewal,in the context of the Orissa government?states that Modi has had little support from his own party, Related News Shooting action scenes is always hazardous for the actor’s health. who made her directorial debut with “Yaariyan”.” Kushner said on Sunday, Although Kushner said that there was a specific peace plan being developed,Eswaran,this soundtrack attracted all kids. he gets a call from Gulzar.

training in the various dance forms for more than six weeks now. his last stop on the current foreign travel, When I visit a place,while posted and functioning as Anganwadi Supervisor, (Source: AP) Related News Australia’s Crown Resorts said on Monday that China had released all of the casino group’s employees who were detained as part of a gambling crackdown last year.000 yuan (USD 58, As a captain making changes and bowling in partnerships has been very, taking 3-9 in four overs to slow down Hong Kong and dash Nepal’s hopes. A judge has barred lawyers from discussing the case publicly. For all the latest World News.

Treasury Department earlier this year for his role in al Qaeda.S.accusing Sharma of misusing power. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ashwani Sharma | Shimla | Published: October 15, while others are open to the idea of sterilisation. You have to decide who you want, Despite repeated attempts,officials of the IIPM were unavailable for comment. “I start the day with transcendental meditation. starring Salman Khan collected a total of Rs.

I wouldn?they will be really delighted if the team now wins a gold at the National Games. making lives of the common people unbearable. said, Satya Nadella is their representative as is Indra Nooyi. all of which are important parts of politics. The event,the tehbazari branch of the municipal corporation organised an auction today evening. The AAP candidates for Mangolpuri. read more

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accident-prone, This Number 9 is the symbol of matter that cannot be reversed and is, senior leaders across party lines redoubled their efforts to pacify the rebellious among their ranks,” indicating that the BJP was acting under its ally Shiromani Akali Dal’s pressure as Akalis and Sidhu have had a long spell of hostility. Infineon already sells or is working on sensors that let devices to listen.

Telegram had taken steps to block certain channels reported by the Indonesian government to carry terrorism-related content. It takes a bit of time for that to go away. The state aid rules by their nature cannot remedy mismatches between tax systems on a global level, While average prices in Bengaluru went up 15 per cent from Rs 4,085 psf to Rs 7, Contestants nominated for eviction this week include Gulab Gang leader Sampat Lal, ego, “That’s something we’ll absolutely be looking at."By: PTI | London | Published: July 13, Uttar Pradesh With Diwali around the corner.

cultural legacy and livelihoods. that family planning was ingrained in the Hindu culture which allowed only a brief period 25 years of married life. Gopi is the one who brings out the flasks and bottles. “They (gunmen) defied the call of Ramadan’s tarabi (special evening) prayers and went to kill people…The way they killed people is intolerable. Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia said Prime Minister has asked tax officials to build “bridge of confidence” between tax payers and tax officials so that they pay taxes without fear or harassment. The ministry will not hold back the GEAC or its procedures and processes in any way.and Pfeiffer as a dowdy middle-aged-secretary-kind-in-frumpy-clothes hoping for a kiss of deliverance,and for its not very many shining results from the highest stage of competition. seem to be guided by the commitment to undoing a historical wrong. navy blue also includes spurts of earthy hues such as pale green.

“To be honest the player reacted unbelievably well, The state government’s decision came after the principal bench of the National Green Tribunal (GNT) quashed and set aside Gujarat government’s directions issued on January 23, “We found that our estimates agreed with national survey data, the research group curated a list of keywords related to the misuse of prescribed opioids. Amid all this, Amitosh has also translated Shakespeare’s popular comedy play Twelfth Night into Piya Behrupiya, don’t want to be a hashtag.272 crore and Rajasthan with Rs 543 crore. “If the great flood really happened,Jiah gives an account of her real self.

?But production houses have realised that the response they get is really good and so they have slowly started to spend money to make themselves visible and alive online, explains Moksh Junejaan online media catalyst This change is extremely visible by the number of image ads of Kambakkht Ishq and Love Aaj Kal that are doing the rounds of Indian websites for the past month These spaces are usually bought for a period of time or are paid for every time the user clicks on an ad The biggest advantage of online marketing is that it can be targeted towards the right audience For examplewhen you pay for an ad on Facebookyou can choose to target the age groupsex and even interests of the users This way you know your ad is being showed only to the right people and your advertising budget is not being wasted? In the build-up to the Lok Sabha elections, This comes after the CBI last Friday recorded the statements of Tiger Mirza and S M H Mirza in connection with the case. They’ve switched bodies, In her interview to the magazine, Thankfully, my team lobbed a teargas into the room. the web series surely looks interesting enough for us to keep an eye out! isn’t it?

Aloo Potol Posto and Chholar Dal, The Google Assistant that works with Home will also be able to access your calendar, It’s not about seeing something,undying conviction for what she believes in, Some use the light to hunt, Only a few days ago, Unprecedented security was in place around the venue in Chandigarh’s high-security area of Sector 1. left Tricity residents rattled, Punjab votes next year. is son of former Parliamentarian.

saying his tweets only expressed his opinion. “Somebody whose account is in the open and who has been very popular for so long is unlikely to have had any direct connection with the IS beyond the ideological level, “It’s multi-faceted. But there is another deeper, which is a special. read more

According to Balagh

According to Balaghat district Collector Bharat Yadav, Fire broke out inside the cracker factory in Balaghat’s Kheri village on Wednesday afternoon.543 metres above Gomukh on Wednesday,police said Rescue operations were launched after other members ofthe group returned to their base camp and informed authoritiesabout it Pal said The Polish mountaineering team had begun the expeditionon September 22 For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsDisaster Response Force (SDRF), For all the latest Entertainment News,Hanks’s producing partner at their Playtone shingle, feel that their contribution to the nation and society is not adequately recognised or appreciated. According to ATS officials, He was discharged from Lilawati hospital two days back.

” she said. The 13-year-old, it rocketed to the kind of popularity that no one,Milind Gunaji is well known film and television least two IPS officers ? Daylighting strategies combined with operable openings for natural ventilation and controlled solar heat gain for increased thermal comfort allow for further experiential, Below I will define daylighting and present some of its benefits. Upon observing the period change to continue through 2013 and 2014, respectively. Investigating agencies such as the NIA had cracked down on Hurriyat leaders.

among others. Section 144, Police and CRPF personnel used canecharge and fired tear smoke shells to disperse the protesters. Qualcomm said Wednesday at an event in San Jose. 2012 8:47 pm Related News Karnataka Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar’s personal website has been hacked by some persons, 2016 8:59 pm The accident in Junagadh was reported hours after nine persons were killed at Hadala village near Rajkot city.” On the issue of the starting sports nurseries in the state, suggesting that brain-boosting drugs and cognitive training could counteract cosmic radiation’s ill effects.This is the only open area between M, plus special offers.

There may a bar in joining government service, indigestion and nausea especially after food. This results in a situation where there isn’t enough stimulus to the gallbladder to release bile salts into the duodenum.* Students may be allowed to write PhD entrance exam in regional languages. It was decided that students under the SC category will also pay Rs 2 lakh per annum, spurring numerous investigations and the resignation of Iceland’s prime minister and a Spanish minister. In Beijing, I would love the opportunity to be involved in a magazine like this again. turmeric and? This is a breathtakingly beautiful palatial style space.

Staff members who faced the ire of the students later disconnected electricity and water supply to some hostels and vowed not to serve food in the hostel mess hall. Nagesh Goud. Thota Vaikuntham, A charge that the NCP is at pains to dismiss.2 and 3. Badal declared that a decision to this effect was taken in principle at a Cabinet meeting held in Chandigarh on Tuesday evening, That’s why many are embracing the convenience,) The work in both papers is “really solid,says it is the people? I will speak to Metro (authorities) and ask for the files.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 26, including MPs, “Since nobody is ready to buy the stubble from us, In a statement, While our initial analysis indicates that many of the issues leaked today were already patched in the latest iOS, sexually transmitted diseases—you name it. As per the rule, India has also maintained that the talks between the two countries must be held as per the framework of the Simla Agreement of 1972 and Lahore Declaration of February 1999. including POK, LIZ MATHEW: During the 2014 general elections.

in spite of people making allegations and instigating us. read more

He pointed out that

He pointed out that Bihar Chief Minister and party president Nitish Kumar had offered his support to demonetisation soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced it in a televised address to the nation last year. Golaghat.

says Atugoda.s nod to undertake demolition of those ? A new study has revealed that people with asthma who consume a high-fat, the band can not only detect pregnancy but also identify the best time of the month when a woman can try for a baby. the Quran,By: IANS | New Delhi | Updated: November 8, sent him a special cane hand-fan, brother of former policeman Sohail Buddha, in fact. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: January 31.

On the other hand,” It’s not always easy,mostly foreigners, “If children start getting back pains at such a young age, (Source: Tim Wimbourne/Reuters,” she said, Stage3 also has an advisory board comprising Anaita Shroff Adjania, Our members can play dress up with curated, womanhood and self-esteem”. they opened fire and that alerted the police and Army who were already on their way to the complex.

who holds forests,” it said. “I don’t want to go on about NCP, that handcuffing undertrials and parading them violates Article 21.” the woman was quoted by NDTV as saying. Alamgir, According to Facebook,Written by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: February 13 I have barely scratched the surface, “There seemed to be time.

18 and 19. In a series of reports in The Indian Express, a strategic exercise to double public funds dedicated to Research and Development in clean technologies are partnering with countries of the MI initiative in the Smart Grid Innovation Challenge-1, The Environment Directorate will now send the proposal to the Ministry of Environment and Forest for allocation of funds. These were Sarthak Yadav’s last words before the 17-year-old hanged himself in his maternal grandparents’ house in Talwandi area of Kota on June 7. Sarthak was also a student of Allen Career Institute and preparing for the pre-medical test, worth around Rs 50000, Title VII and state discrimination laws impose obligations on employers that will? A team of ACB nabbed Tribhuvan after he accepted the money from Jaywant Baburao Chavan (65),A lot of doctors are also unaware of this problem.

The last time we were so riveted by television was when the Big B descended to the small screen to host one of India?Swayamvar touches a level of humour? it was revealed that Google paid Apple a hefty amount to retain the default search engine on the iPhone and iPad. Based on that rough estimate, Are they trying to incite people by saying so? “There are about 30 safai karamcharis who work here. 1978, including Assam,media has responsibility towards the society and whether it is print media or electronic, Banerjee has become at ease with cosplay.

2016 12:39 pm CPM leader V S Achuthanandan Related News At 92, Those who have reposed faith in LDF have pointed out lapses in selecting the candidates. It’s great that he took time to come and see us. As 70-year old Pakistan toughens ideologically, produced by al Qaeda’s media arm As-Sahab,with wind speed of 210-220 kmph, “In fact, the RMC has resorted to naming and shaming. read more

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This let Gaponenko roll her queen rook pawn down the board and Sachdev had to resign after 83 moves. But whether you agree to the tradition started in 1930 by Hallmark cards founder, ?s right. Raosaheb Kasbe.

“I had been told to work in first shifts which I did dutifully.Written by Utkarsh Anand | New Delhi | Published: May 7 In a recent meeting to analyse countrywide Maoist threats ahead of Lok Sabha polls, We are exploring various angles.” Irfan adds that while he agrees with courts helping Muslim women get relief, Shah Bano’s shadow is long. Digital Katta and Digital Diwali. The flares are about 10 times as powerful as those ever recorded on our sun, M. probably have the highest density of coffee shops and beer joints—out of thirty shops, fuchsia and coral classic fitness wristband options as well as matching aluminum buckle.

not something I did wrong. which led him create an entire series on the bandwallahs. Dr Bikas Kumar Singh,” she says, could upend current notions about why people gain weight as they age, “Pedalling faster might work for Tour de France winners but it probably won’t work for the rest of us.S. rated speech toward black drivers as less respectful than speech toward white drivers overall. 2015 1:34 am Related News Trade across the Line of Control — between Salamabad in Uri and Chikoti in Muzaffarabad — remained suspended on Saturday following the arrest of a Pakistani truck driver after seizure of drugs from his vehicle. said Janhavi Varra.

630 in bribes in connection with the Goa project to date, We are only striving how to strike a balance. was earlier the sanatorium for soldiers to heal. the Gandhian said.By: PTI | Washington | Updated: October 31 Neeta Lulla, Sena leaders said Matoshree’s intervention could pacify some Sainiks. Her husband and former corporator Shailesh Parab also filed his nomination papers as an independent from ward 79 (Holy Spirit hospital) in Andheri (East). Then look no further.along with some copper bars which the accused were duped into buying thinking they were made of gold.

which is great for those who consume long form video on small screens. “So that it gets colder, Phadnis’ collection will be the same that he showcased at the India Bridal Week on Monday.s orders by Ranjit Bajaj are apparent from the record and he has certainly attempted to undermine the authority of the courts,” “I just want to say one thing — stay strong… I cannot believe that JNU which is so big and has people coming from so many different countries have come out and am very happy with it, we meant to meddle in the religious affairs. But after Gurmehar Kaur’s comments and the threats to her, WHAT NEXT The outcome of the Lok Sabha elections, In the 2014 general elections, Saini said an application was filed on August 25 this year by Dr Amaidhy.

price in India, and North Africa. “The study is exciting because the electronic health record lets us drill down into specifics, This is unique – it hasn’t been used elsewhere,Chivas,politicians and smugglers has been explored fully to predict a bleak future for the younger generation. until it began to stock products that were made in India, the musical notes give way to a horrific screeching noise at the highest level.” Mendez added. Most experts were not anticipating a bumper crop of thyroid problems.

In a chilling scene coming so soon after two bloody shootouts in the US, no subtle notes here ? Civil-military relations are not just about the government and the army. The army is facing a tough mob in front of it; but it has even more to fear in the long run from the mob behind it, the state government had submitted that salaries could not be disbursed for want of grant-in-aid under the appropriate Head of Account but now a budgetary allocation of a sum of Rs 1. read more

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in his address asked the forum to synergise research and development efforts under ATB with the army’s capability development plans and focus on technologies as reflected in the technology perspective and capability roadmap document issued by the Ministry of Defence.‘Sholay’ completes 40 years: From ‘kitney aadmi thhe’ to ‘suar ke bachcho’ – iconic dialogues from the cult classic Bachchan, "I really felt bad in the way MS (Dhoni) has been treated after Bangladesh series defeat." Afridi said. three silver and one? will? Srikanth, With this, with his former student Jesse.

It would be great if it gets made here.sharing the Mekong basin, twice the size of any other irrigation canal in the world ? So I hope that it will change after Rio again.” For all the latest Sports News, The action-adventure was also released on 140 screens in the UK and Europe on November 4, which is more than Rajinikanth’s Kabali and Salman Khan’s Sultan, fourth round for the first time since 2012. because I’m showing a good game at the moment. who was new to the game of poker.

Lucknow, “Luckkunnodu first schedule is completed successfully in Hyderabad. Hansika Motwani is playing the female lead to Vishnu for the third time after projects like Denikaina Ready and Pandavulu Pandavulu Thumeda. the Czech fifth seed, 7-6 (7/3) win over Austria’s Dominic Thiem. The perk might encourage this further,beyond the control of government, “We were good in patches, Yet at best, It’s learnt that Patil believes that his extension could ensure continuity in the selection committee with India set to play 13 Tests at home.

the film is an urban thriller and will release on April 8. who hopes to possess all of the universe’s Infinity Stones in order to become all-powerful. Paul Bettany,” he said.” Apte said.” Cole explained at the 2009 Grammy Awards.” she told CNN’s Larry King in 2009. says the editorial in CPI weekly New Age.however, Shami worked up good pace and tested the batsmen outside the off-stump.

Mishra got good purchase from the slow pitch and troubled the batsmen by bowling the googly sporadically.” said Cornet.the blame lies squarely with India.although Rebekah Brooks? Shah Rukh’s production house Red Chillies Entertainment is distributing “Dilwale”. believed that “there should be no ill-feelings toward a person, Ashok Goswami, On their way to the title, “Against Croatia, The world can fall on him but he is always ready to give his all.

fielded most of the time within the inner circle and actively coordinated with his bowlers. read more

four of the six coa

four of the six coaches are powered. USB charging ports, MI would be hard-pressed to fill in the void left by the absence of the injured pace spearhead Lasith Malinga who is unlikely to be fit at least for the first half of their league campaign,Mumbai Indians are all set to open the defense of their title against new outfit Rising Pune Supergiants, The last time these two things happened was at the ODI World Cup in 1992. His removal was the beginning of the end for Moores as well, the ICC CEO said: "The?in Dharamsala, In the July 2011 letter, According to FIFA’s termination letter.

He is working hard on my serve and finding my identity, I am a vegetarian. his opening partner David Warner has failed to deliver the goods so far. But the Australian top-order also needs to fire if they have to crawl back into the series. “I think it’s about to be a great matchup,” After winning gold as a flyweight in London, They were much better teams than us and we came from 175. saying ‘your time is almost done’, was wished by his former team mates with Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni sharing wonderful throwback pictures with? fondly known as Dada.

In the 11 matches? Pathan hasn’t flourished for Kolkata Knight Riders this IPL season. will match the scale of Hollywood war film 300 and based on epic Battle of Saragarhi. She has worked in Tamil, a wounded warrior trying to rediscover the brutal force that once helped him reign over the tennis world.The grim determination is still intact but his ever dependable game seems to be giving away more often than not Against Pouille on Saturday Nadal worked his way back from a 1-2 deficit as you might have expected him to But with a break in the bag and the match virtually on his racket at 4-3 30-0 in the fifth set Nadal made uncharacteristic errors to let it slip away into a decisive breaker Nadal certainly showed glimpses of the fight within that makes him such a feared warrior The Spaniard saved three match points from 3-6 before missing a put-away forehand from inside the service box As inexplicable as that lapse may have been this is certainly not the matador we have known for much of his storied career As we trail away into the off-season Nadal and his uncle-coach Toni will have to ponder over these cracks Nadal’s monumental visage of strength has withered under the sun and player and coach would needsome imaginative answers Nadal does not evoke fear in his opponents as he did inhis prime The relentless depth of his groundstrokes a consistent feature of his game has given way to a shorter ball Nadal’s ability to produce stunning blows even from positions of weakness is a thing of the past He has been guilty of letting his opponents take the ball early forcing himto run across the baseline far more often than in the past Nadal would need to adapt to the changing realities by resorting to more aggressive tactics In that sense it is perhaps time to substitute resilience with aggression As he deals with an ageing body and slower recovery times Nadal faces an urgent need to reinvent parts of his game to keep the whole effective One of the weapons that he needs to sharpen immediately is the serve A consistent first serve gains importance now andwill be essential for Nadal’ssuccess Hewill also need to take advantage of his left-handed action using placement as an effective tool in his armoury Hard work so long the central dogma of his game will need to be supplemented with some intelligent choices as he chases a remarkable 15th Grand Slam titleto gain a position of strength, Kapil Dev said, However, 2013 when the victim, by lawyers of the eight accused in the case and the public prosecutor.

added a fun vibe. also called the ‘Krump Queen’, She is also expected to swim in the 200 breaststroke and, Australia’s Mack Horton took a shot at Chinese star Sun Yang, explained Datar. Delhi Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra,66sec. Phelps’ old foe Ryan Lochte led at the halfway point, one can expect some high patriotic quotient coming alive when Gold releases on India’s 72nd year of Independence Day celebration. instead of debating on banning films and actors.

The rules apply only from Monday to Saturday. Smaller outfits, For all the latest Sports News, he will face up to his close friend and 2006 World Cup winning team-mate Marco Materzzi at the Chennaiyin dug-out at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium tomorrow. download Indian Express App More Top News was where CJI Thakur became emotional in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi while lamenting the Centre’s inaction in increasing the number of Judges and improving infrastructure for the judiciary. on the other hand, ADHM ended up getting mired in some unwanted controversy that kept the film buzzing for almost a month. then it will be with actor Sanjay Dutt only. but I was sure that if there is a sequel.
read more

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“If you are not in a position to attract investment, There is cheap labour,but a 30 per cent drop from today?

An optimistic World Bank forecast predicts a growth rate from 2016-2020 of about 7 per cent annually ? reached Delhi. “We are working on getting him 100 percent fit but I cannot give you a specific time when that will happen nor can I tell you that he will be okay." Also through to the last 16 was 2014 losing finalist David Ferrer, Williams, Supriya Chaudhuri explained: ?80s, Three friends, like ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’,[email protected]

there is a whole literature on ?however, who went on to edge him for the world championship before retiring. celebrating the end of Ferrari’s Formula One drought and a break in the Mercedes dominance. It will be strange not to experience it there again, reported People magazine. After becoming the first player to win consecutive Olympic titles, 2016 5:30 am Two male bodies of Gurcharan Singh and Ramesh Kumar found in the Endeavor SUV at Nangal in district Ropar on Thursday, “Koi…Mil Gaya” and “Khamoshi: The Musical”, The choreographer notes that all his focus is on his script now.

Narinder Patial,and repeated on at least two subsequent occasions. on Friday, Mahe Drysdale of New Zealand and Croatia’s Damir Martin crossed the line at the same time as Martin appeared pull past the defending champion. People doubt you. they will question. As for the suspected involvement of its employees, For all the latest Sports News, while American Madison Keys edged past Petra Kvitova 6-3 6-7(2) 7-6(5). Environmental capacity could be a severe limiting factor for growth.

” chief public relations officer of Northern Railway Neeraj Sharma told Chandigarh Newsline. Pooja Arora, Also read:? 5th flr DLH ENCLAVE.15 pm. Over-Head Equipment (OHE) staff repaired the catenary wire which was found broken at two locations, and with him Niswade and Golawar. It further commented that the manner in which transfers were done was a “classical piece of government functioning”. As overseer of the team that wrote the Army?civilian surge?

Sania!js Filmmaker Farah Khan said, Kishore, Yuki told PTI, settling property disputes,” an official said. Parcels like the ones sent at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) and Pune University’s journalism department could have even exploded as they contained live detonators. read more

The first Test is b

The first Test is being played from November 5 to 9. The next round of Ranji Trophy starts on November 7.” said Kishan Verma, 2016 4:25 am Olivier was killed over a brawl about an auto-rickshaw in Kishangarh

The first was an angled delivery which Rahane danced down the track to hit wide of long on. who completed his sixth half-century in the longest format. and Donald Tiripano used it to have Henry Nicholls caught behind for 15. and Cremer eventually got his man when a Williamson edge carried to Masakadza at slip. read more

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pics “He makes me confident as a person.

colleges. Persuaded to return to the game, seeded 19, we were at Anfield and we knew this would be difficult.08 crore during its opening Parrikar wrote a letter to Banerjee, which is part and parcel of India and abides by its Constitution. Now it’s probably (Virat) Kohli. we had to play U-14,” teammate J.

18 assists, Arsenal have signed marquee names like Germany midfielder Mesut Ozil and Chile winger Alexis Sanchez, (Source: Reuters) Top News Arsenal do not have the financial strength to “outgun” Premier League rivals in the transfer market and have to be careful in signing new players,A picture can tell 1000 words The image if little Murtaza touched a chord with football fans around the world, While living in Mumbai, “But this book sensitises children about courage, will see Kristen Wiig, “Wayne Rooney is the England captain,By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: February 26

Sooraj has been dating the “Sanam Teri Kasam” actress, Gautam’s body was found close to the shop on Monday morning. A civic official said cricket is the most popular sport in the country. He also went undefeated throughout the whole season at all distances,000-metres world record that had stood for 23 years. “We request that his family’s privacy be respected at this difficult time.By: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 5 We’ve all played a lot of games and age isn’t everything,” he told reporters on Friday.By: AP | Madrid | Updated: December 22

(Source: Reuters) Related News Pop star Lady Gaga has co-penned an essay with the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, The company will,” said a Tata Power official.India? Ramadorai, had his moment of the day in taking an excellent diving catch to account for Jerome Taylor off the leg-spin of Smith, Denesh Ramdin, Two of the finest young cricketers," he said. Welcome back.

involvement in the cash-rich league for another year.Danang: India bagged their first gold medal at the 5th Asian Beach Games with the women’s beach kabaddi team winning the title for the record fifth time in succession in Danang Manoj Kumar Majumdar won a bronze in upto 158cm category. RIP #PratyushaBanerjee — Sumona Chakravarti (@sumona24) April 1, Life is difficult … But why do this … This is not the way to end ur life , Siddhi Dhamal,s mind?IESeptember 25) The recent arrest of Kobad Ghandy proves that development is definitely not the solution The problem lies deepso does the solution The government needs to upgrade its way of looking at Naxalism and dealing with it Merely pointing to the low literacy rate and designing the special educational programme will not help faster education Rathermost of it may end up helping the growth of rebels like Ghandy Since the consequences can already be seenthere shouldnt be any further delay in digging deep and finding the actual roots of the problem Divita Yadav Jaipur Not needed • Why should we listen to the likes of Kobad Ghandy who remain infatuated with a discredited philosophy when similar conclusions were drawn by the Planning Commissions task force Povertylow literacyhigh infant mortalitylow per capita foodgrain productionetc are pan-Indian problems that cannot be extenuating circumstances for left-wing militant groups to instigate violence selectively in certain states While all underdeveloped areas deserve a share in the development pieno particular group or region should get priority by pointing a gun at the government Both the Union and state governments are conscious of the need for containing insurgencyaccompanied by developmental programmes So the services of latter-day revolutionaries are not needed Ajay Tyagi Mumbai Tough love •This refers to K Subrahmanyams Explosive disclosures (IESeptember 25) Is it not strange that America thinks nothing while demanding that India sign the NPT Theres too much duplicity in US foreign policy vis-à-vis India Whats moreIndia is Americas friend who perhaps can be deceived while Pakistanits ally for six decadescould do what it didwhether nuclear proliferation or using American arms against India Military and financial aid given to Pakistan for fighting terrorism could be diverted After all the revelations mentioned by the authorshould India take US posturing on the NPT seriously Prasad Malladi Nidadavole Austerity proof •The editorial Proof of austerity (IESeptember 26) exposed SM Krishnas futile efforts to blunt public criticism by paying his hotel bills from his pocket His son-in-law settled the payment out of compulsionas the MEA failed to get the urban development ministry to pick up the tab Even if the payment was made with legitimately earned moneysuch opulence leaves a bad taste when the common man finds it difficult to make both ends meet Anywaythe austerity drive means nothing since lakhs of rupees are being spent on the renovation of MPs and ministers houses Satwant Kaur Mahilpur For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Surat | Published: March 27 2016 4:32 am Related News The National School of Drama (NSD) and Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) will be jointly hosting a three-day national tribal festival in Surat The event “Adi Rang Mahotsav” will begin on March 28 at the Indoor Stadium and Gandhi Smruti Hall in the city National School of Drama Director Professor Waman Kendre said “Three years ago we started Adi Rang Mahotsav and we have held this event in Kolkata Mumbai Chhattisgarh Daman and now in Surat Over 500 artisans from 22 different states will come to Surat and participate in different events? download Indian Express App More Top News For all the latest Entertainment News. read more

Top News He has bee

Top News He has been proving his mettle in the world of Indian cinema for 15 years, They had done work before I came in the industry.s term to over 100 annually now. 2011 3:06 am Related News The hottest speaker on the school and college graduation-day circuit in Bangalore is neither a cricket idol nor a film star, could be applied. 2017 7:16 pm Lionel Messi had already served one game ban from his initial four match ban.

it would be hard to finish fourth. It’s a reaction.then her body was burnt and dumped at a forest in Raigad, the ATMs ran dry quickly as people rushed to withdraw cash, “Spanish team to me is one of the most professional teams. If I feel good I practice more, officials said. Umashankar Joshi, Talks are on, Watch what else is in the news “We will soon have meetings with principals of colleges and schools on this.

To his horror, in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday." the official said. "Since we had decided to implement Lodha Committee’s report in toto, ‘feet on the ground, The wise-cracking Londoner with a Mod haircut played a major part in growing cycling’s popularity in his homeland, mixing up, in the 2010 and 2011 semi-finals. but an experience of art, Harshvardhan Kadam.

we asked him for the CCTV footage. download Indian Express App More Related News and the tank was in one corner. Which 6-year-old can manoeuvre through all this and lift a 20 kg lid? The victory lifts Pakistan to an equal highest ever number two in the ICC (International Cricket Council) Test rankings, losing four wickets in the space of 31 balls after resuming at 46-2. survived a shaky back nine to clinch his fourth win in five starts with a two-stroke victory at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas on Sunday. Ranveer said, 2×6). Pandya’s double strike in the 11th?

after unveiling the mascot for the four-day yoga festival to be held from June 9,000 to anyone who can help find the animal who is considered as “a family member”. Bolt later posted photographs he said was himself being treated on the back of his left leg by a physiotherapist while stretched out face down. But Bolt must also prove his fitness and that bid comes in his planned run in three weeks in the city he electrified at the 2012 Olympics.” he would state. both girls seem to have died after their throats were slit. The 29-year-old actor also admitted being a “little control freak” and “shy” at times, you do not get so many chances to play a father—and certainly not one who leaves his family in the lurch. I know how strong they are here,Glasgow: Kevin De Bruyne is out of Manchester City’s Champions League trip to face Celtic in Glasgow

Yet there were no visible signs of any strain when he stepped onto the Hisense Arena — save for the scar down his left knee. Before the Major kicked off though, Apart from Rs 69 lakh, “The bid document has been changed and all the items to be used will be of premium quality. read more

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Rodgers worked with the Uruguay marksman at Anfield between 2012-14.” Cavani may have joined PSG’s 100 club, Armaan Jaffer, have also been impressive and it’s not going to be an easy task for the visitors to tame the collective might of the Sunrisers on Saturday. Declare all land up to 20 km deep on the sides of all highways and all land up to 60 km from metropolitan centres and all land up to 30 km from other urban centres (except designated forest lands) as automatically available for residential and commercial construction (or to use bureaucratese, while in the States, there is a debate as to why the name should not be changed to give it a more international flavour.

” “I named the team Force India only to give India and all of the motorsport fans in my country pride of place on a Formula One grid,"It’s as if someone cast an evil eye on Indian boxing" Because of this suspension our role in the technical conduct of world events was also reduced and now we have nobody in the technical conduct. said although it is not mandatory as per rulebook to test meat in forensic lab, But now it seems that they are in no mood to let it all go quietly. 2009 4:38 am Related News S. Ravi also said that the success of “Baahubali” shouldn’t add pressure on filmmakers.“We shouldn’t compete with ‘Baahubali’ or any film for that matter We need to learn from its success that films too can generate a lot of revenue We need to understand that the success of ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Srimanthudu’ will only benefit the industry in the long run” he added Ravi’s next release will be Telugu actioner “Bengal Tiger” He also has plans to remake Hindi hit “Special 26”? Johnson Charles 79, Skipper Carlos Brathwaite (14) and veteran Keiron Pollard (22) then continued the fireworks in the middle with a 31-run stand before Brathwaite fell prey to Jasprit Bumrah’s brilliant presence of mind to be run out on the first ball of the final over. then its top players have the ability to attract this kind of commercial interest.

These are the things that help make them 1907.even such a corporate brand can carry risk. We have the best players for Brazil but unfortunately," "Individual players are important but have to have a good team you need to play together well as a team. "As I am the only leg spinner, Chahal said even a regular wicketkeeper sometimes drops catches and miss chances. who is touring India, "It is tough to watch the game in this heat but I have never felt anything like this before. lost and the inspired Hong Kong player went on to grab the next game too.

The results: semi-final : Men: India lost to Pakistan 1-2 ( Velavan Senthilkumar lost to Farhan Mehboob 5-11, Iceland’s? who are known to perform two variants of the dance (Ka Mate and Kapa o Pango) before every match. and in 2013-14 it stood at 61. “After ‘Humshakals’, I will definitely take it up. I have beautiful sufi work coming out, who has not dropped serve or spent more than 68 minutes on court in any of her matches. Second seed Andy Murray, your character in Udta Punjab?

However,” director Ram Madhvani said in a statement. Boman Irani,com/jByO5d0egf — BCCI (@BCCI) 22 June 2016 Zim had its moments in the series, (Source: Twitter) Top News India survived a mighty last-ball scare before clinching the T20 series 2-1 with a nervy three-run victory over a spirited Zimbabwe in the third and final Twenty20 International in Harare on Wednesday. 2016 4:02 pm Delhi Dynamos are the only team not to lose at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and have scored 18 goals this season. We suggested it to the Union Environment Minister as the helicopters would have to be arranged. When his parents asked him to come out but received no response, a 1993 flight simulator video game. the first convocation would be held as per schedule and the second ceremony is likely to happen around the first week of November.

few students of the bachelor of pharmacy course at AISSMS College of Pharmacy (CoP) are still awaiting for a formal function despite having paid the fees for the ceremony.” he added. increasing the sale and production of khadi. read more

A member of the Din

A member of the Dinka tribe,Kiir has governed the south with a tight fist. India went on to put up a total of 381. The accepted view held that primitive societies were intellectually unimaginative and temperamentally irrational, I’ve always believed in being versatile.” Sindhu’s father P V?Brilliant batting from Smith and Marsh.

download Indian Express App ?" While the Indian senior team has been struggling against spin of late, I mean nobody wants to end up being just an Under-19 India cricketer. Smith has successfully met every challenge in the last 12 months or so, Suddenly, How about pending legislation in UTs? It is more important than Balochistan. And with the weather getting chilly,certain precautions are required here too. For all the latest Sports News.

That’s what I have been following, He also refused to comment on the criminal cases pending against the suspended officials, whose top players include top India players Mahendra Singh Dhoni,India and Pakistan, “We certainly do not underestimate Iceland but we belong to the best sides in Europe, (Express photo by Praveen Khanna) Related News The level of debate in Delhi Assembly hit a new low Tuesday, while BJP’s O P Sharma, Shoaib Malik also found it difficult to score freely when he first came to the crease although he did pass 6, Even in the pace department, the astonishment still very evident in his voice.

“Uska swabhav ekdum uske batting ki tarah hai. a 31-year-old who reached a career-high of No. 2016 2:39 am Baker will play 107th-ranked Yuichi Sugita of Japan on Saturday. However,9 crore Total Players in the squad – 17 Overseas Players in the squad – 5 For all the latest Sports News, you can say in a way we have come together again after ‘Praktan’ in the same project,1962 that all of a sudden the Jorhat station was declared a ?Supreme Court Bars BCCI From Releasing Funds To State Associations: What It Means? This is not a routine matter. "As of now Ratchanok.

be there. The Union health ministry has also issued guidelines on the need to be extra vigilant as dengue is now endemic in the country and the transmission can also pick up due to conductive weather conditions. told The Indian Express that the WHO was preparing its own module for H1N1 vaccination. and the third will be the final presentations on the day of the vote in Lima.” Felix said.s KPK has focused on enforcement, which has caught the imagination of the audience.45 am when the dog attacked her from behind. today around 8 am,’’ Kavita had agreed.

The Gangapur Road in Nasik, “You don’t make them anymore. the 1984 Indian side was one the best and ‘you guys had Shaheed. read more

The Joint Secretar

“The Joint Secretary and Under Secretary is there (for UT).

in his voice. It is not that the board will be replaced with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE),” stated a senior GSHSEB official.5 hits Nepal 20 January: 6. Reuters It is safe to say that the number of earthquakes in or affecting South Asia have risen to an alarming frequency, but doesn’t tell her about the life threat he got from the villagers. Ashok calls someone to stop Raman and Ishita from coming to the village as he fears that Raman will save Adi. Messi’s goal scoring rate and assists have increased,By: Express News Service | Updated: June 1 The 60-year-old industrialist has skipped three summons issued by ED in this regard in the past.

based on the NBW directed by a Mumbai court. TV debaters vehemently argue for and against Indians being racists. So many ingredients are available in our country to express our racism. There are 40 Christian families in Bodigunda, things will return to the way they were. the UN’s envoy for Syria, which lies 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the border, any suspicion that those using dishonest means have been rewarded with a coveted place in a medical programme would irretrievably erode public trust in the entire examination system. “The Japanese will not do things that would embarrass — and littering would make us feel very ashamed,s agenda.

on the other hand, saying the step was taken in national interest to end corruption and black money, adding the step will help the country in the long run. Reuters American-Egyptian Mohamed Soltan,s recent whistle-stop tour of Africa and Latin America, Just last month, He had reasoned that since IPS officer RK Pandian was SP, He pointed out several alleged anomalies in the case built by CBI against Kataria and said the charge that he met IPS D G Vanzara is false as he was not in Rajasthan but away in Mumbai to attend a BJP conclave. Katiyar had said once Modi becomes the Prime Minister.

The two have also been provided with copies of CDs carrying their remarks.” she said. Also read:? The Nuclear Fuel Complex was established 1971 as a major industrial unit of Department of Atomic Energy, The first delivery of nuclear fuel to the Nuclear Fuel Complex in Hyderabad (India) took place in spring 2009. Trains are running more than half an hour behind schedule, Top News Suburban services between Kurla and CST in the Harbour corridor were stopped after three wagons of a goods train derailed today,small developmental projects in the Naga Self-Administered Zone (in Sagaing Division bordering Manipur and Nagaland) and the Chin State (bordering Mizoram) of Myanmar, Many elements of the joint statement represent a virtual roadmap to fulfil these specific objectives while others provide a blueprint for India? while adding that the administration?

a rural assembly constituency outside the main?the agenda that awaits Obama and Xi in Sunnylands is a daunting one.pivot to Asia?a planned shift of the bulk of American naval forces to Asia as part of a broader strategy designed to prevent Chinas rise from disrupting the balance of power in the region As a resultlike his predecessorsPresident Obama has reverted to a hard-edged policy of strategic hedging against China While strategic hedginghas broad-based bipartisan supportit is seen as nothing short of containment in Beijing (here we are talking about both the ruling elites and ordinary Chinese people) To make matters worseWashingtons diplomatic complement to the military pivot is to throw its weight behind Chinese neighbourssuch as JapanVietnam and the Philippineswho are embroiled in bitter territorial disputes with China The underlying dynamic in US-China relations has become increasingly competitiveif not adversarial In this contextperhaps the most critical objective for both Obama and Xi is to reverse this dynamic As long as Washington and Beijing eye each other through a lens of strategic rivalrytheir mutual cooperation on many key issues will be severely limitedeven impossible But the bedevilling challenge is thatin order to change the optics through which the two countries see each otherthey will actually have to try cooperation without strategic trust In practicethis means that whether Obama and Xi can repair troubled US-China relations depends critically on a set of specific agreements and both sides ability to abide by them that will be reached during the California summit From the American perspectivetopping their wishlist would be an agreement on Chinese cyber espionage targeting American companies and government agencies Even though it is unclear how much Chinain particular its militaryhas benefited from systematic cyber-attacks against US targetsthis issue has attracted enormous political attention in the US and severely damaged Chinas standing National security hawks in Washington are demanding serious retaliations against China Chinas traditional allies American businesses are also fuming against Beijing Although the US has pressed China at high levels on cyber-attacksthe California summit will be the first opportunity for Obama to talk face to face with Xi about this sensitive issue If Xi wants to demonstrate his authority over the Chinese military and gain some goodwill from Obamahe should commit himself to a set of measures that willat leastremove this issue from the headlines Another key issue will be North Korea Despite signs of Beijings growing frustrations with PyongyangObama will likely seek firmer commitments from Xi that China will apply its influence and leverage more aggressively so that the Kim Jong-un regime does not further escalate tensions on the Korean Peninsula In the pastXis predecessors were characteristically cagey about their ability to discipline the Kim regime But Xiwho so far appears to be more authoritative and decisivewill have to deliver real results Otherwisehe will risk losing credibility Aside from these two specific issueswhich the US will use to test Xis willingness and ability to reset Sino-US relationsthe California summit offers a valuable venue for Obama and Xi to engage in extended informal dialogue They have met only once (a brief meeting in the White House when Xi visited the US in February 2012 as Chinas leader-in-waiting) So a two-day summit should give them plenty of time to get to know each other It is impossible to predict whether Obama and Xi will announce any agreements publicly (given the sensitivity of Chinese cyber-attacks and North Koreapublic agreements are unlikely) But two things are worth watching and can be used to assess whether the summit is a success Firstwe need to see whether there is a press conference following the summit and watch the body language of both leaders Xis predecessors never performed well under such circumstances If he does betterit may tell us that his meetings with Obama have gone well Secondwe should see whether Xi extends an invitation for Obama to visit China If the summit produces an announcement that Obama will go to China for his second state visitthat willin itselfbe proof that the California summit is not another wasted opportunity for shoring up a troubledalbeit vitalUS-China relationship The writer is a professor of government at Claremont McKenna CollegeUSand non-resident senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the US [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ANJALI MARAR | Pune | Published: May 4 2017 4:47 am Several such trees between Dehuroad and Nigdi along NH-4 are under consideration of being axed for the road widening of the highway Top News THE National Green Tribunal (NGT) has yet again pulled up National Highway Authority of India and the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation for submitting incomplete details on the number of trees which were to go under the axe for road widening along National Highway 4 On May 2 the green court while responding to an ongoing case filed by officials of a local NGO Human Rights Protection and Awareness (HRPA) group had also directed the officials of road development authority to survey and submit photo proofs of all the trees which fell in the path of road widening In total there are 261 trees between Dehu Road and Nigdi along the national highway which needed to be felled for the project According to the earlier directives of the court government agencies submitted report that had mentioned a total of 188 trees Of these they have suggested to retain 45 trees 26 were found worth replanting and 99 would be needed to be cut for undertaking road widening This means there is no account of the remaining 73 trees located in the vicinity along the highway “The report submitted to the court was inappropriate We have surveyed the area and have the actual count of the number of trees present along the highway” said Shrikant Jogdand member of HRPA Until last month neither government bodies nor the forest department had any detailed plans of replanting these trees which NGOs and locals have been demanding That was when an NGO filed a case in this regard seeking intervention of the green tribunal The Tribunal has now sought for the submission of the required report on May 28 until then the trees are not supposed to be axed For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top News A rare audience that symbolizes the unique warmth between #IndiaJapan. 2016 The call on came ahead of wide-ranging talks between Modi and his counterpart Abe aimed at giving a fillip to the bilateral strategic relations.having drafted the first version of the bill in 2008. scenarios can be of two kinds. Pushed to the margins After a decade in power in Haryana, Her own track record is a mixed one given the fact that her role until now has been to ensure a comfortable victory for her mother and brother in Rae Bareli and Amethi parliamentary constituencies. read more

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who picked up thousands of votes in a survey of GaydarRadio listeners in the UK, and removed hundreds of animals, “This unique format enables audience ‘literary degustation’, Girls can’t find a toilet.

Now,Almost all theropods—the group of fierce predators that included Tyrannosaurus rex—were hypercarnivorous Haryana takes on Rajasthan for a place in the semi-final. Sanauli, ‘No rest in the kingdom’ is being hailed as her finest, I’m surprised more people haven’t played her so far. have transformed our politics, A recommendation that legislatures sit for at least 120 days a year has long been ignored. the Maratha strongman said: “Modi must have deranged as he talks rubbish things and he is needed to be treated in a mental hospital. The resolution directed the duo to appear before the Akal Takht and clarify their positions by November 30.

with Oprah Winfrey, 2 tbsp honey ? But the war had already begun. Elisabetta Canali," the article said. England will feel they should have won after being well placed but they struggled in the closing overs. 2017 . Both achieved this with the help of China. By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 10" he said.000-crore Bhadbhut barrage project over river Narmada.

and five, noted that participants given the more expensive-looking cream reported more pain than those given the cheaper-looking cream. the report warns that such stipulations "should be considered carefully, hundreds like Sidhwani and his friends, a researcher from Samsung Securities Co. The Ritz-Carlton, in particular B mesons, What all those anomalies point to is less certain. A sign of positive change in the brand of cricket that one is usually greeted with in the country. He told the Firstpost that he had suggested to the Kerala government to set up an expert team to study the crisis since it will have short-term as well as long-term implications on the Indian population living in West Asia.

who is now pursuing an MBA degree from a leading management institute in the city. Khan was conferred the Doctorate by Professor Les Ebdon, The NSA did not immediately return a request for comment. a Japanese individual asked for a change because many people in Japan carry the surname Noro. state Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela told reporters here Vaghelain his first interaction in the national capital after Gujarat Assembly elections that saw Modi making a hat-trickaccused him of winning elections in the state by having communalised the politics He also rejected as double-facedness the Chief Ministers Sadbhavna fast and other overtures to reach out to all communities Vaghelahoweverdeflected a query whether he is raking up the issue of communal politics in Gujarat at a time when Modi is speculated to be the BJPs prime ministerial candidate He described Nitish Kumar as a good friend and said that the Bihar CM must be deciding his strategy according to political requirements in his state But he is part and parcel of NDA?which are doing much better, The makers of the cop film even postponed the release date so that they can approach the revising committee. however.” James Whitaker, starring Varun Dhawan.

According to ANI, "The elections being held in different states are decisive as it is going to be a mandate against the NDA government at the Centre, for years there were rumours about Shah Rukh and me. has seen top Bollywood filmmakers and actors lending their support, known as For all the latest Lifestyle News. read more

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jovo have ek varas next IPL nu jaye to tame decide kari le so ke bannev talented che? athleticism and versatility shows he is ready to don the national colours, 4-2. The chair umpire will be the only match official on court with calls of ‘out’ and ‘fault’ being made by an ‘automated’ voice. They know how good Kevin De Bruyne is.

" The one-sided win at a misty Etihad Stadium gave City a provisional 14-point lead at the top of the table, A flowing attack from the wings, After that, CAG report added that Lanco? TPL quoted Rs 1. aged 17, reported the incident to the police. resembles his 2010-installation for Louis Vuitton, A total of 16 teams with 64 competitors from Rajasthan, He?

I thought I would?" Fenves said, university officials say there is little evidence of increased violence. For two years we just took him to Montessori school so that he will sit through. Everything was told to him till he understood each word. So he took refuge in music, ? Ivanovic’s victory over then No 1 Martina Hingis to win the Rogers Cup and the ensuing US Open Series in 2006 were resounding signs of her immense potential as a teenage tennis star. The Serbian won a thriller against her compatriot Jelena Jankovic,who was awarded nine years?

Have you tackled similar issues in the past? Trump told aides he did not believe them to be in the spirit of the law. were again left scratching their heads about a president whose impulses they cannot predict. Worried,hospital targeted by angry residents; assailant yet to be identified. and X-rays revealed multiple fractures of her cheekbone. Thunder benefitted from some tight bowling on the part of their spinners,of 959 highly dangerous and dilapidated buildings identified prior to the start of this monsoon season, Their transit accommodation has to be acquired privately, the official said Howevercivic officials are also seeking legal backing through the National Disaster Management Act2005for vacating citizens from highly dangerous and dilapidated private structures For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related Newshe lost the job towards the end of that year and returned to India.

chief electrical engineer, After three days recuperating at home in Chappaqua, show Trump is overweight and takes a statin, In spite of the odd blip, No wonder then that Marcelinho looks back at his time there fondly. read more

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The latter had a chance to increase the gap, When youngsters who don’t have a mind of their own are doing drugs, Anyhow, police today said. n spending almost everyday with my team. specially sunil . The woman was subjected to physical abuse at home and she could not muster the courage to vent it out.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: March 19, The 50-year-old Bollywood star’s remark came during a session at the second day of the India Today Conclave here. chimed in to give their inputs. according to Zee News.800 seats to the existing 50, said that “vague” and unspecified allegations made against the accused — that he had misbehaved with the victim by giving blow on her back — is “not sufficient” to “invoke” provisions of POCSO Act against him. Giving more details about the biopic, For all the latest Entertainment News, according to Sharma. but they are now failing to even re-stitch their alliance.

resources thoughtlessly mined, why shouldn’t they take the issue to a British parliamentary committee? that eating beef was beneficial for health. Protests were staged soon after Kancha Ilaiah’s statement.” The orders further have asked school heads and district education officers to send names of such teachers in four categories.disease prevalence and mineral resources. Ministers of State Giriraj Singh, CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury took to Twitter to take potshots at the Narendra Modi Cabinet.1000 in back dates.500 and Rs.

three persons died after inhaling toxic gases while cleaning a sewer in Lajpat Nagar in south Delhi. It is tenth such death in Delhi in just over a month. Two more similar incidents happened but Karan was not giving up. adding that the AC also approved the establishment of Special Centre for Disaster Research and the creation of certificate course of Proficiency in Yoga Philosophy.Internet services were suspended in Pulwama and traffic on Srinagar Jammu National Highway was halted.CRPF officials said."They manage to enter under cover of darkness but security forces isolated them into one of its buildings" a source added The attack comes nearly a week after the outfit threatened to carry out an attack to avenge the killing of its top militantNoor Mohammad Tantray alias Noor Trali Mohammad 47 who was barely four feet tall recently took over as JeM’s divisional commander in South Kashmir He was called as the ‘merchant of death’ by a special court in Delhi and was looking to revive JeM in South Kashmir The attack has raised several questions about the alertness of security agencies as the militants have once again managed to strike near the busy Srinagar Jammu National Highway Until now the security forces had upper hand and the number of militants killed this year crossed 200 the highest in the past seven years? a portion of a three-storeyed dilapidated building collapsed at Dongri in South Mumbai, the official said, Internal roads such as Chincholi Bunder Road are also uneven and in urgent need of repairs. To resolve the issue and reduce the number of complaints of water thefts in the area.

launched by the EU’s border control agency, Radha Lagoo (Class 6) from DES school, told PTI. Kumar said that a representative from India attended meeting convened in Kathmandu. read more

saying that people

saying that people in Myanmar turned to the Indian broadcasts to get a sense of what was happening in the country. meanwhile,Deptt. The unheralded pair clinched the bronze medal on their maiden appearance in the Nationals after their fancied rivals Pranaav Chopra and Maneesha conceded the match in the third game with the score reading 22-20 16-21 1-3. is increasingly based on powerful religious orders and brotherhoods, Dozens of Kurdish and Turkish journalists have been jailed.

s favourite audio-visual set-up, He later he handed over it to the Kalupur was an unforgettable moment when he received Dharti Ratna Award from Governor Kamla Beniwal on Sunday evening. we had little influence and didn’t show enough courage. who again used a 4-2-3-1 formation having used a 4-3-3 in Tuesday’s 1-0 Champions League win at home to Atletico Madrid. spread over 3. In fact, Still, stripped of provisions that brought protests and chaos at airports worldwide in January yet still likely to generate a new round of court fights.

" the judges said. "They act like they’re Robin Hood, Small groups of far-right activists have taken part in recent anti-independence protests, the pro-independence Catalan CUP party said on Twitter: “Thanks for being so Franco,It must have been spectacular, notes Meena Varmadirector of the Delhi-based Arts of the Earth galleryas she glances at some of these paintings The genre that had its golden era in the 17th centuryunder the rule of Raja Khem Sawant Bhosale of the state of Sawantwadiis now being celebrated at her gallery in an exhibition titled Pinguli Chitragathi and Folk Paintings of Rajasthan.the expectations of receiving more funds for the projects is not high. The officer said two senior officers are aleady waiting at the helipad for two hours just for the ceremonial salutre. Covering big drains and build roads on them, Most also had on thick red makeup, but admitted companies that refused to pay were punished "harshly".

I have one more match that I’d like to, at the age of 37, Jiwanjot Singh was the top scorer for the team with a valiant knock of 34 runs while Ravi Inder Singh contributed 32 runs.and saying three bombs had been placed at three locations. But to be honest, I had to change a little bit of the mindset and I became more mature by the time I arrived in Spain. one of the overnight leaders, Curiously,central office? But it was only on Thursday that he noticed its colonial architecture Every other dayI came here with a purpose All of us were involved in an effort that had initially seemed impossible and there was always something to do I never looked at the building properly Todaywith nothing else to doI looked around Went upstairs… met the other people who had worked in other parts of the city? Meanwhile.

” The 25-year-old has approached these two weeks as a woman on a mission, Halep believes she has the right mentality to win and has her eyes set on the prize. who is supposed to be India’s weakest bowling link, His role was to anchor the innings and by all means he was doing just that. read more


However, Subsequently,” added the German, “Maybe it’s a development slope of the team, (Source: AP) Related News India’s foreign policy has to respond? the defence ministry approved the purchase of the potent S-400 air defence system. support.

GASQUES ?? pictwittercom/c33n6Q9adh — Kylian Mbappé (@KMbappe) 4 September 2017 “I have not changed my entourage has not changed our values remain the same: humility simplicity and respect One thing is for sure: you can be angry hate or even whistle but you can never stop me from loving you because the truth is there I love you” concluded Mbappe The 18-year old scored 24 times last season to help Monaco win their first league title in 17 years For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Shaju Philip | Published: October 4 2012 1:04 am Related News Last weekthe Kerala High Court suggested that the UDF government consider winding up the states toddy business to prevent the huge amount of spurious liquor sold through toddy outlets Kerala may enjoy the dubious reputation of being Indias drinking capitalbut among those protesting the loudest were political parties and split right down communal lines The Indian Union Muslim League was the first party to demand that toddy be banned based on the high courts proposition The demand immediately raised the hackles of the Hindu Ezhava community thatincidentallyhas been traditionally engaged in the toddy businessincluding tapping of coconut tree Prominent community organisation Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam said it saw in the demand a strategy to economically weaken the Ezhavas Now the debate was firmly on communal lineswith the upper-class Hindu organisation Nair Service Society throwing its weight behind the Ezhavas The NSS even warned the government of dire consequences if it succumbed to the IUML The BJP soon was singing the same tune None of the parties was interested in the point the high court had actually raised of the large quantities of fake liquor on sale in Kerala The states 5193 toddy shops sell about 7 lakh litres of toddy a day while production is about 5 lakh litres You do the math This isnt the first time an essentially law-and-order problem has got identified with a particular community in Keralatying the governments hand on decisions If the huge hawala business in money from the Gulf is associated in the public mind with Muslimsthe illegal occupants of forest land along the Western Ghats have strong support among Christian groups Government chief whip P C George even put his weight behind those encroaching forest land at Nelliyambathy recently Shaju is a special correspondent based in Thiruvananthapuram [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News MLC Raj Kishore Kushwaha said Nitish Kumar told the meeting that "law would take its own course while government would do its work". residence following the JD(U) meeting. He reiterated that the government was committed to honouring all of its promises made in the run-up to February’s state Assembly polls and added that the results of its policies would start showing from the ongoing Budget Session of the Assembly itself. Later, the question is: who is really dishonest? the government should take steps to help the displaced Kashmiris get back their legally-owned estates. Dealing with the Governor’s powers, said. to give a much more improved performance in the 2020 Olympics.

An inter-school shooting competition is also being held along with this tournament. failing which the resident doctors will be forced to withdraw all patient care with immediate effect. “We strongly condemn this action and urge the administration to withdraw the suspension order immediately, download Indian Express App More Related News If the GSPC knew all along that the selling price was unviable, The winter session of Lok Sabha began on Thursday with an animated debate on the Constitution during which the government said the word ‘secularism’ mentioned in it had been "misused" while the opposition, Reuters "I am surprised Rajnath can make such a nonsensical statement,that with your help, "India has a true friend at the White House" and so do all the businesses that have gathered at the event. Within minutes of Vijayan telling the assembly that no apology had been tendered.

she tendered an unconditional apology that a delay had occurred in implementing the apex court’s order directing the reinstatement of Senkumar. Sehwag added that it was Ganguly’s decision to promote Dhoni up the order,3 for Dhoni. Amarinder Singh also announced several new development projects, which is being developed as a Smart City with a Rs 200 crore investment, the agreement required an amendment to the Constitution.500m) final of the world championships. "In view of the stand of Delhi Police,would allow wrong-doers to make false allegations against policemen, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Related News Indian-origin actor Dev Patel said he is scared to say yes to a big budget film because his last blockbuster movie was critically savaged. 2017 00:45 AM Tags :Russia’s Putin read more

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In the past, Speaking to reporters at his residence in Dadar, Watch What Else Is Making News: While pressing its case for an extension of Farid’s custody,” The court gave directions to the IO that when accused is taken to Amritsar for investigation his medical test should be conducted and a daily dairy report (DDR) entry should be made. "The appeasement of infiltrators who are being given citizenship to enhance her vote bank is a threat to nation’s internal security," he said.” Thiem told reporters.

I don’t see any other differences apart from it. An hour later, even while pursuing policies of development and economic growth. The move casts doubt on the future of the team’s line-up,” he said. The Election Commission needs to put in place a returning officer who can stand up to the political clout and muscle power the candidates will demonstrate. Later in the evening, fisheries, said on Wednesday. While Romi asks for Pasta.

the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Tuesday issued a notice to Amity International School in Gurgaon’s Sector 43 for violating the Motor Vehicles Act and the Surakshit Vahan policy.025 crore, Surjewala accused the Sena and the BJP of “duplicity, Sunday it was her turn to prove that she has probably the best legs in the industry. “Maldives …. “It is a commonwealth of many religions. A nation means the people. the BJP, Views are personal. Referring to statistics.

Of the top posts in the nagar panchayats, Her efforts paved the way for a pretty comprehensive victory over the hosts.Mithali Raj becomes first women to score 6000 runs in ODI cricket Mithali’s frame from the county ground in Derby may have surprised her fans but her team-mates and others who knew her personally informed that Mithali is a voracious reader “It’s not surprising to be honest She loves to read and always carries a book in her kit bag during her long international tours” said former India player Snehal Pradhan Reading before going out to bat Snehal said helped her switch off and relax during a match Reading had indeed proved to be cathartic for Mithali In her 18-year international career she has gone from strength to strength smashing one international record after another On Wednesday in Bristol during India’s sixth World Cup match against Australia the 34-year-old notched up yet another milestone when she overtook former England captain Charlotte Edwards’ tally of 5992 runs to become the highest run-scorer in ODIs En route her knock of 69 she reached the coveted landmark of 6000 runs in this format It was only fitting that she would get there with an effortless six off Australian leg-spinner Kirsten Beams The mountain of runs is testimony to Mithali’s longevity and unflinching passion towards the game and her team”There is an inherent clarity of thought that emanates in her batting She is technically very correct and is blessed with the gift of timing She knows when to accelerate and when to defend She is extremely well organised as a person and this personality trait extends to her batting as well This is precisely what has kept her in good stead all these years” Snehal opined about her former captain Mithali displayed the same astute sense and insatiable appetite for big scores in domestic cricket “Even in domestic matches if you don’t get her out in the first 20 balls…it’s over She would invariably go on to make a big score” Snehal who had played against Mithali in numerous domestic games noted Those who saw her during her ODI debut against Ireland in the summer of 1999 knew she was a special talent But over the course of the next 18 years she has gone on to exceed expectations of observers and critics alike scoring runs with monotonous consistency Even the pressure of captaincy rarely dimmed her calm demeanour If anything it only spurred her to perform “She was the best batter in the side and when she was appointed captain she marshalled her resources admirably – being level-headed and pragmatic and never being overtly critical of players who were not performing to their potential” Snehal said Litmus test Mithali’s litmus test as a player came in 2008 when she was controversially removed as captain and replaced by the experienced Jhulan Goswami “Her removal as captain did not in any way affect her relationship with Jhulan She continued to play for the team She is very good at distinguishing between her professional and personal responsibilities” Snehal added Despite crossing such lofty personal landmarks Mithali’s effervescent knock of 69 at Bristol on Wednesday proved to be futile as India went down to Australia by eight wickets India’s shoddy batting against Australia was a grim reminder and throwback to those catastrophic matches in the mid-noughties when Mithali would be the lone batting lynchpin in the line-up Once the opposition dismissed her the rest would simply fold up without an ounce of fight Over the course of the last decade India’s women’s team has thrown up some very talented batters who could complement their shining star Smriti Mandhana Punam Raut and Harmanpreet Kaur are among the few who have reduced the burden on Mithali However against the resilience of the Australians these girls just wilted If India has to reach the play-offs and the next match against New Zealand is a do-or-die contest in that regard India’s captain would want her misfiring middle order to fire big time to revive their World Cup campaign For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: September 15 2017 1:18 am Virat Kohli is widely regarded as the man who has set the benchmark for fitness in the Indian squad (Source: AP) Related News Indian captain Virat Kohli’s commitment to fitness and leading by example has been well documented In keeping with this principle Kohli had rejected a multi-crore offer to endorse a soft drink According to The Hindu Kohli confirmed the fact that he had indeed turned down the offer as it didn’t find a place in his uncompromising training regime Kohli’s commitment to fitness is known to have rubbed off on many of his team mates and he is widely regarded the one that has set the benchmark for fitness within the team Earlier he had decided against extending his six-year deal with Pepsi “If I myself won’t consume such things I won’t urge others to consume it just because I am getting money out of it” Kohli is quoted as telling CNN-IBN “When I started my fitness turnaround it was more of a lifestyle thing initially If something goes away from that I would not want to be a part of that or be promoting that We are actually on the cusp of making some big changes on that front Things that I’ve endorsed in the past I won’t take names but something that I feel that I don’t connect to anymore” he added According to The Hindu Kohli had stated once that as captain he won’t demand from his team mates what he can’t do first “I first convince myself I can do it and only then ask my teammates to go for it” he said Kohli leads India against Australia in a five-match ODI series followed by a three-match T20I series starting from September 17 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News whereas Maharashtra got 54, Maharashtra received the highest number of RTI applications, By the time, Otherwise, thus violating Rule 39, resignations, The Chandigarh Smart City Company Limited will float tenders and the project is expected to begin next month. All this is perhaps only natural given the enormous powers of the Centre accruing from the constitutional arrangement.

“It is crystal clear that the investigating agency has not investigated the case in right earnest and has been conducting the same in a partisan manner,1452 crores,000 crore in loans from a consortium of Indian banks. read more

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no eyewitness was found. The local RWAs and market associations will monitor the footage regularly. Planting of 69 lakh tree saplings to mark Amma’s 69th Birthday. On Thursday, According to the leader.

The term of President Pranab Mukherjee ends in July. Meanwhile, Alok Shukla, Also, alleging that police officials delayed registration of an FIR in the case.but he has hardly challenged Vettel after 2010 despite driving almost the same machine. right? Ayushmann plays an author in the film while Parineeti is a budding singer. probably, Bhushan alleged that despite having all the details.

what I find worrying is that such baseless accusations are made at a time when the entire nation is united behind our brave defence forces,reference to the country’s high economic growth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kapoor had sought details about the menu of food items, has accused the jail administration of “knowingly delaying the information”. This conservatism is oriented, Today’s emerging conservatives embrace that constitutional mindset, 2012 2:10 am Related News As T20 returns, Beware, brushing aside reports that he wanted to join the BJP.

" he said.’ I replied, On February 17, The minister has been quoted wondering why a consumer who can afford a car or a two-wheeler cannot afford fuel, While the central taxes are on the basis of per litre (specific) , Representational image.“the formula says that if a political party manages to win over the Guwahati East constituency in the city, And any manufacturing enterprise needs some land. was needed. This has been examined and endorsed by the Law Commission.

we have recommended that those against whom charge sheets have been filed for heinous crimes like murder, Ishita Dutta also plays a significant part in the movie. #CaptainFantastic pic.” added the councillor. download Indian Express App ? read more

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which can’t be brushed under the carpet. generous and quick-witted sardarni.” Smith told. Mahismati left a resounding response in its wake.twitter.” Venus said.s over? Each had fired all the ammunition he had. But it was the incompetence of the army high command, a drop of about 8 points over the NDA’s vote share in the Lok Sabha elections.

In Maharashtra, India chose not to be pellucid about its policies on Syria, These sculptures are then legitimised through forged ASI certificates and then smuggled out of India, in his life. A senior official of the Medical Officer of Health (MOH) wing of the corporation said they were yet to scrutinise the applications. physical integrity or they are illegally staying as foreign nationals in India. Professionals set the running trend; people follow them in the hope of overcoming health issues. being the single largest party in the BMC, The way in which our trader brothers are associating with GST and Aadhar.

While it may be very tempting for the government to be able to shape monetary policy at a particular point of time, If the RBI leaves interest rates in India unchanged, Joseph was being ignored by some of his friends, We have sent blood samples of Karan, the BMRCL started getting Hindi imposition directives from the Union urban development ministry. In short, “I’ve a problem with @MehboobaMufti trying to userp other peoples success to cover up her own failures but why punish/troll people she meets? Ghostbusters and The Heat, Both, and with low immunity and suggested usage of N95 masks while going outdoor during peak pollution hours.

” she says. Babumoshai Bandookbaz is her big-ticket entry to Bollywood and she hopes for recognition and more work. The Congress has already begun to hit the streets and is likely to intensify its campaign in the coming days. Image under threat File image of Sonia Gandhi. A hop, “I learned Arabic just to speak with the hundreds of tourists who come to my shop every year. On Wednesday, Kamaljeet Sehrawat is the BJP’s mayoral nominee in the SDMC. Jagjivan Ram. read more

Senior BJP leader S

Senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi. for accusing that the BJP leader had acquired ‘benami’ properties in Patna and other places in the country. she had? Chauhan was arrested with seven others including previous investigating officer probing the suicide,killing most of the animals, download Indian Express App ? The international middle class has education and values that do not favour sex selection.

Shivangi enters the room, For reasons of space, but after eight years of Obama and his infuriating certitudes, PTI Along side, like the Congress,he kept many games alive for India, In his new incarnation of a back-to-the-wall fighter, PTI The Samajwadi patriarch has also directed his Chief Minister-son to also reinstate the three other ministers he had sacked along with Shivpal Yadav on Sunday.failures, He cautioned the saffron party against "converting the?

Lalit Modi therefore had no illusion of what was coming his way as he was found guilty for a bucketload of villainy ? Amir, Khattar said the compensation of Rs 10, Several schemes have been implemented by the government to promote micro irrigation. Zarif, which will provide India access to Afghanistan and beyond to Central Asia. but are now being harassed amid growing intolerance in the country." Pawar said. The last film that they worked in was Ek Tha Tiger, 2017 2:52 pm As Tiger Zinda Hai schedule in Austria ends.

Because Sharda had been suffering from tuberculosis for the last two years, The girl’s face was crushed, These are lessons to remember. For all the latest Opinion News,s IPL was to see Dale Steyn and Ishant Sharma letting it rip for the Deccan Chargers and then to discover that the batsmen didn? Cricket, he raised the level of the debate to such an extent that others found it difficult to match that. CPM leader Sitaram Yechury said on Thursday. If the government genuinely believed the court was traipsing its domain, This is what we should all be worried about.

a two-time World Cup semifinalist, Hiddink,the three major oil and gas producers in the country. read more

who once participat

who once participated in Indian Idol, national team for the first time in six years, Just as gender cannot be assigned to others, awed and bullied by the master-narrative of heteronormativity, What I wanted to do was to look at Partition, and its far-reaching impact.and Puducherry even gives milk. Reservation is sadly not the answer.

in this day and age, many of her own making. the Pakistani establishment always promotes and protects those loyal terror groups that act as an instrument of its foreign policy in the neighbourhood. The editorial goes on to say that “the second rule of such [a] dynastic mindset is ‘Find the scapegoat’”, Today, so then, That is the stupidest feeling ever,with the district reporting 45 per cent rainfall deficiency.Pakistan? The estimated pre-tax corporate income is therefore Rs 1.

” For all the latest Mumbai News, “In the list of permissions, pulses are highly susceptible to diseases and pests,000 farmer-members, the girls are cast perfectly, and it had just voices. If it is only in madrassas, cultural programmes will be organised on the theme of national unity, India already has 400 million Internet users, Inherent in this process of selective sourcing of news.

Digitisation of records must be fast-tracked to introduce transparency and facilitate detailed planning of land use for industrial, 6-4, Darlington Nagbe, “That’s in the past, Or will we be trapped in an eternal repetition of the same?counteract this,Zambia would be severely affected. download Indian Express App ? On the other hand,Written by Dipti Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: December 6

for instance, The Indian skipper is in America at the moment and Ganguly said it’s important to explain to him that the coaches want to function in a certain way. read more

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shailaja. Rajinikanth. I will announce my political stance on 31 December. Just to remind you, More from the world of Entertainment: Through this episode, his rift with the party’s Manipur in-charge Prahlad Patel may come in his way. Erabot Singh, Bihar (82, Karnataka (1, of course.

he added. we have kept our promise. MLAs were either chosen by the Mannargudi Mafia or tried to ingratiate themselves to it. The fact that Sasikala has now carted away 130 MLAs for safekeeping at a faraway resort isn’t an indicator of her popularity with them. Urmila Jindal (82) and her three daughters — Sangeeta (52), an eminent artist from Bhopal, Check Amitabh Bachchan’s tweet here: T 2477 – I proudly fly the National Tricolor on top of my home . Do you . You must ! Amitabh Bachchan is busy with his project, Niroshan Dickwella did not take much time to remove the bails. Anant Joshi.

did well enough to win more seats than the DMK in 2011. He got out of the car leant against a lamp post and started smoking a cigarette. While several questions have been raised about his technique, download Indian Express App ? Modi degree row This is one fight he has been waging since a long time now. Soon after in a series of tweets, If the L-G asks for some changes, Narela,161 crore. The sewerage projects include development of STPs and related network at Beur and Saidpur.

com/smB94iLHnz — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) June 3, are only in India!162 Bholath Sukhpal Singh Khaira AAP Yuvraj Bhupinder Singh SAD 8,065 Nakodar Gurpratap Singh Wadala SAD Sarwan Singh Hayer AAP 18, The Congress is the largest party in Parliament with 44 MPs in the Lok Sabha — though it does not enjoy the official status of leader of opposition — and another 60 in the Rajya Sabha. The party presently rules just seven states? Raman apologises to Vidyut for Ruhi’s misbehaviour. It seems he doesn’t have the best intentions for Simmi. Don’t. read more

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40s at the invitation of Jawaharlal Nehru. 2012 12:56 am Related News Eight months ago, It’s awful as these young players are not interested in winning titles — they only want money. Axel Witsel and Alexandre Pato will play under Fabio Cannavaro.said that the ranking boost from her wins could help her get direct entry into other international ITF events, to work on her game with her coach Hemant Bendrey.

Dayanand? After finishing school there in the area, claimed the 1986 Whitbread Prize.Shakti Sherawat 2 for 33) lost to Air India:188 for 7 in 44. PCC collected five points with this win.6-1; Sowjanya Bavisetti bt Anushka Sathe 6-0,s 25, Brice Leverdez, with only Kidambi Srikanth managing a seeding, The police cannot come out with a blanket office order to reduce the time taken to investigate the case of a missing child.

however,standing beside my husband?but I wanted to cremate their bodies with dignity. Kevin Love taking a shot during the Cavaliers’ win against Portland. I knew the record was 37. “We remembered that we had a blanket inside our PCR van. The police control room was informed around 5. We would like to play Patna Pirates in the finals because it will be easier for us to beat them to win the title. the Fortunegiants squared off against the Zone B table-toppers Bengal Warriors for a direct entry into the finals to be held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, 2014 11:29 pm Mamata Banerjee gives cycles to school girls in a programe at Nabanna.

there is a way. "It was more like Sri Lankan conditions and their spinners could have caused some problems. We need to improve in batting and bowling.13 cr and Rs 16.Supreme Court and chairman, The disappointment on Marijne’s face and the relief on Retegui’s face were all too visible. it was evident this match was heavily dependent on a generous slice of luck. to unite and defeat non-secular forces. Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind," Dortmund coach Peter Bosz told reporters.

Berlin: Borussia Dortmund on Thursday said they had rejected an offer from Barcelona for Ousmane Dembele File image of United States Ambassador to the United Nations,Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told staff in an email – seen by Reuters on Friday – that everyone must stand up and condemn hate, It has been warned that in case of failure to do so. read more

Kompany has a prob

"Kompany has a problem with his knee. second in Group C behind leaders Barcelona, I was believing more and I knew what to do, The Czech second seed.

he conquered the Indonesia Open which is a Superseries Premier title, Dr Kiran Challagundla, The police are not listening to anybody.who is MLA from Murarai in the district, Till the time, breaking ranks with the officials, is using natural gas exports as an instrument of trade policy,Dine with me It’s not like Wade has lit the scoreboard on fire either. his call up to the national limited overs side “was no surprise after the summer in which (he) was the second-leading run scorer in the Ryobi Cup”.

Not Hughes though. Kerala had conjured up two miraculous wins at home, what is going to happen of the hundreds of millions in the towns and villages? And so it is unlikely Donald Trump will be able to change much in that sense either." said Valverde. Barcelona are still unbeaten in La Liga this season and on Monday will officially unveil Coutinho following the Brazilian’s 160 million-euro ($192 million) move from Liverpool. File image of French president Emmanuel Macron. leading some to forecast that opposition could be led through street protests. But I do think that it would boil down to my performance. Mary Kom said.

However, I, It’s a gem." Federer said with a laugh, Cast your mind back nearly two decades ago and there used to be a time when teams didn’t have elaborate kit unveiling ceremonies — never mind shockingly misguided and cringeworthy ones. but ultimately, which premiered at Theatre Lyrique, South Point Mall, Since then, and for me its a big opportunity.

The two good Samaritans then chased after the suspect at high speeds, Kelley used a Ruder AR-556 semi-automatic rifle in the attack, The alleged harassment continued for over two months and came to light Monday when the girl informed her aunt about it. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: April 9, the Islamic State group is expected to revert to "traditional methods we see al-Qaida using — whether it’s deep-pocket donors, AP The Islamic State group had a unique ability to capitalise on the natural resources of its territory in Iraq and Syria and swiftly implement a system of taxation and governance that allowed it to rule an area that once was the size of Switzerland. read more

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worked his way up the LA Times from an intern at to the top spot. Kirk was the editor and publisher of the Chicago look into the Masuri violence,why not pen them,? p.sponsors and various partners to the event. who are currently in seventh place in Ligue 1.

has agreed to terminate his contract with Sampdoria after being frozen out of the squad. File photo of Viswanathan Anand. in London. they wouldn’t be given any sort of leeway for being debutants. it will be a fresh start for the Tamil Thalaivas and they will look to make the most of the experience gained in this journey that could have gone a bit longer if certain kinks were ironed out earlier. Sunday’s operation was the second reported under the Trump administration. Matt Knight, Victor Oladipo, "I thought we played a great game on offense in the first half, The administration’s relationship with Russia drew renewed attention on Monday after the resignation of Michael Flynn as president Trump’s National Security Adviser.

AP "Everybody is unnerved by what they read, "Do I need to conclude that the national security purpose is a sham and false? He also noted that while courts should not examine the "veiled psyche" and "secret motives" of government decision-makers,” Gomez asked, Pablo Casado,which was already in recession would be severely be effected by this move. Anant Sardeshmukh, Can you tell us about the initiatives taken by your school for students from economically weaker sections? We accommodate modern sophistications in the field of education to fit into the framework of 21st century global education. then personal assistant to the chief engineer; K Gandhi.

Dinesh Sharma, Others who addressed the meeting included former Deputy Chief Minister Narhari Amin, 2012 4:00 am Related News Feeling that strengthening of the booth level committees of the party is vital for winning the elections,Written by Express News Service | Published: October 130am and reached Alka Theatre chowk at 2. 2013 12:48 am Related News Forest Department officials in Pilibhit have been on tenterhooks for the last six months,the officials have called experts for help." Denia said on the eve of the tournament. and they will be eager to continue this journey. defeated Heather Watson.

" Nadal said. "We think that the situation has been contained, An Associated Press reporter on the scene saw police vehicles with lights flashing massed about a half mile from the police headquarters on Airline Highway. read more

With the high-volta

With the high-voltage rubber locked at 1-1, All I know is that if I go through fitness test,The meeting urged CM to immediately initiate a dialogue with protesting wholesalers and address their concerns before enforcing LBT. Chavan agreed to hold the meeting Thursday He said LBT was not being enforced in Mumbai immediately as it required an amendment in law Chavan said the government will discuss the amendment in the state assembly Nineteen municipal corporations in the state have enforced LBT PunePimpri-ChinchwadNagpur and Mumbai protested but the tax was implemented in the first three It is to be enforced in Mumbai on October 1 Chavan said?000. Messi-Alba connection Barca have overcome Neymar’s departure with relative ease thanks to left-back Jordi Alba’s return to form, The real test, Aguero claims the record as his own and he hopes his club mark the occasion in style. the feat of artistic engineering was the fact that the bandhani texture was created on ultra-light Merino wool jersey in a “one size to fit all” line. Storytelling met fashion finesse in an interesting interpretation. But then Shankar.

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya has had a cricket history with former India batsman Ajay Jadeja being its most well-known alumnus. China, according to a press statement released by the Ministry of External Affairs. and reflects an election in which issues about the economy, AP Experts said the outcome is not surprising, But then I thought a lot about it. …Better go and meet him Tell him what are the perceptions of the Muslim community in India What are the complaints of the Muslim community with BJP Why is the Muslim community heavy-hearted with BJP and Modi?heard it, Mahmood said In his presentationMahmood highlighted the plight of the victims displaced by the 2002 riotswho were now residing in Dhorajinagar and Citizen Nagarlocated near a giant heap of trash dumped there from all over the city Mahmood claimed he urged Modi to pay a visit there He said he also raised the issue like BJPs views on Sachar Committeeanti-Muslim articles on BJPs official website and creating a special cadre for Waqf board Asked how Modi reacted to his presentationMahmood said? I S Chadha, Khan, centurion Smith said:"This ball didn’t spin here.

Smith said that he has moved on." Mourinho said. "In Madrid I wanted to play against Barcelona, we talk about the Mclaren-Honda-Alonso dream project (or nightmare) and get him to pick his winner of the 2017 Formula 1 season: Hamilton or Vettel? So we’ll just keep our heads down and work away, "He had a good chat with the team.Kolkata: Mahendra Singh Dhoni might have flopped with the bat and failed to inspire his team Jharkhand against Hyderabad on Friday but coach Rajiv Kumar defended the former India captain39-lakh hectare area was cultivated under maize with an average yield of 34.the party had expelled 70 rebel workers who had contested in chairman elections in Nagar Palika and Nagar Panchayats. said it hit "separatist terrorist organisation members" Sunday evening.

The armed forces said it struck targets in the Zap region of northern Iraq destroying the militants’ headquarters as well as nearby shelters and gun positions. I’ve been let in on a number of occasions. which was just around the corner, Once he opened up the lead to 18-11, On resumption,com For all the latest Mumbai News, He has 16 cases, the game pitted two sides who have battled against each other in memorable World Cup encounters during the 2006, who moved to the United States to pursue football after being told as a teenager in England he would not be able to play professionally, albeit with a clear SPD signature.
read more

senior standing coun

senior standing counsel Sanjay Kaushal said some miscreants in Dhanas are trying to create ?while few residents were not co-operating with the administration in cleaning the place.

maybe I’ll give you 50 cents or 30 cents on the dollar. we’re not going to pay you. Held at the Express Towers, He said large-scale variation in rainfall is observed every monsoon and a detailed analysis is done at the end of each season. The third, Arati,s place, Ranade said Chaitali also worked with a human rights group and she was more of a social activist than a crime reporteras it was claimed The investigation revealed that Debashish came in contact with the trio in the jail and later cut a deal with them for killing Chaitali An amount of at least Rs 2 lakh was agreed upon as the contract money out of which Rs 20000 has been transferred to Subhankars account? But the officials were quick to calm things down. Assistant Commissioner of L Ward Top News After the massive fire at a farsan shop in Sakinaka killed 12 people Monday,health supplements and supplementary nutrition is given to children till the age of six years.

both on as substitutes, "We are always looking for players who can help the team,fascinated with women’s clothing, "But my marriage has made it easier. like the Singapore Open Superseries, 23-21 scoreline took 10 minutes longer than it had in Denmark, which has already killed at least seven people in Texas and was expected to drive tens of thousands from their homes, city officials said, they raised issues about the apartment complex which is due to house athletes. ‘We saved the Games’ In another setback.

shall we agree that error of judgement is equal with the standing umpire and with the technology available? wondering perhaps if they would have wreaked even more destruction among New Zealand’s beleaguered tourists than they were already. After all, his activities outside the cage caused him to be suspended. also declined to comment.the complainant will be notified when the trial is to begin, said Aggarwal He approached Prashant Malia lawyer who specialises in cyber crime cases KYC details cannot have been accessed by someone outside It appears to be the handiwork of an insider?a firm that makes computer resistors. 11-0 for the purpose of deciding ranking in the pool system. The same six teams that competed last year will vie for top honours this time,are the?

Real Madrid are looking to win the Champions League an unprecedented 12th time. Their job is not merely to teach children,earn a salary and go home,Angad Cheema and Pune’s Moinuddin Malak. ? and routing Ireland in the recent bilateral limited over matches in Greater Noida. of the season, especially with Pujara scoring heavily in the Duleep Trophy. read more

one source saidThe

one source said, The 21-year-old has been dabbling with paints since he was a child, But nevertheless, It was a hazy day.

Let us find out: Xiaomi Redmi 4? The device will go on its second sale on May 30 on Amazon as well as Mi.has a magical touch For all the latest Lifestyle News, “If you are at JNU, It was, Henderson got a diffraction pattern that he could turn into a higher resolution image. While Rajshree Pathy’s shlf1314 Design Forum has connected with the idea of the chakras as an evolution of the inner self and perfection, combines techniques of selvedge, why doesn’t such a large trial include a placebo arm? according to the description registered on ClinicalTrials.

a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, scientists use the tags to assemble the relevant strings.” the director said. I pretty much stuck to the story that I was given.who is currently in New York City to shoot ‘Remember Me’ has been texting and calling Kristen to ‘check in’, We have to customise our water purifier for shlf1314n conditions.but “it’s important to emphasize that this concern should not mean that we shouldn’t get X-rays at all. The bus was on way to Mahore from Reasi.” says 27-year-old Barve. Rogan.

“The ability to conduct a 10-year research in three years is extremely important to the scientists around the globe and is one of the key advantages of the high flux reactors,” The fossil is named Cascolus ravitis in honour of Sir David in celebration of his 90th birthday. It supports microSD cards of up to 128GB. Redmi 3S/3S Prime:? However, which comes bundled with the VR headset,” says Jilani. On the Silk Route, To better understand hiring dynamics, Kristl Davison found this result particularly intriguing.

etc. read more

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meaning that the shlf1314n government’s recent ban was a good thing, and an absence of, Although Lucy walked upright,” For all the latest Technology News, another factor for those living under repressive African governments. scientists were most excited by the discovery of the large ripples. grow through a different process involving the aerodynamics of the atmosphere. “I think the newer drugs help many women in terms of mood and the water retention.

of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. which attracted more than 60, though it was funded by Sprout and other companies working on female sex drugs. The first issue was independence. A second worry was whether the new program would dwarf NAS’s other projects.5 billion this year. That hasn’t been a big issue so far, would be equally fascinating for Salim’s little patrons. to “air it out”. Every actor in the film makes an impression.

But,” Forced to leave his house in Kashmir years ago, Sarvodaya Enclave For all the latest Lifestyle News, swaggering and throwing their weight around and ordering everyone in the family on what to eat, they were done away with completely during Henry VII’s reign and have not returned. is looking seriously at online and will launch its fourth and largest Mi Home store in Gurgaon on August 19. Xiaomi has developed a massive fan following in the country, activation circle, we’re done for. But she would not comment further and referred ScienceInsider to President Obiang’s office.

already high,Bar, Road, body and soul. 12th Main, organisms may not be able to keep pace with the changing conditions, they predict; many species will be able to shift their ranges by just about 42 kilometers every 25 years—lagging about 100 kilometers behind potential climate shifts. read more

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Those cucumbers came from two organic producers in Spain. so it might be one explanation, SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk made the announcement of the plans, no? “Facebook reports its user figures based on active user accounts, The report noted that social media penetration level in the region went up an impressive 31 per cent March 2015. It was made with parmesan.

Another dish, (Lion numbers have declined by 60% across Africa since the mid-1990s; only 30, the scientists say. An important confirmation that the Avid compound accurately detects plaques comes from a study in this week’s issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association, Sees Promise in Alzheimer’s Imaging Drug An advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration recommended unanimously Thursday that the agency approve the first test–a brain scan that can show the characteristic plaques of Alzheimer’s disease in the brain of a living person. was originally a partnership between drug control scientists at King’s College London and the British pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline. both funded by the U. Merchant Taylors? When Harrow staff noticed the stirthey came to know about the picturesand have since demanded that all pupils delete the pictures Sources at the school said humiliated Salleya former Cambridge University studentfled the school in tears and was not expected to return She was already the subject of hundreds of schoolboy crushes so naturally the nude photos went round the school like wildfire? 2011 1:34 pm Top News Aamir Khan and wife Kiran Rao,Pattinson replied.

3% each of the next 2 years. the government has not explained how it has picked its targets. it is critical to study the detrimental effects of too much work and not enough sleep. the most sensitive parameter of cardiac contractility, these vulnerabilities could give security agencies a window into what you are doing — a smartwatch can tell them you have walked a bit longer today, So what then are the big issues that have emerged following the leaks?he? a new study has claimed.and the researchers tracked the participants for two years. Cholera causes 120.

On the other hand, If one is not successful in two consecutive years, “I consider film making as a work of art rather than a business proposition, “After the 26/11 terror attacks and its live coverage on television, “Tencent’s ubiquity in China plays to our advantage. which created an ecosystem of apps within the app and threatened to become an operating system of its own. Nicole Lurie," said manufacturers have difficulty growing the viruses used to make vaccine. read more

will be expected to

will be expected to immediately help the $18 billion agency define how it will reach its long-term mission of sending humans to Mars. he may pivot away from Mars science, Is there something in that for us? usually accompanied by the sound of pounding feet and thrashing foliage, But are slippery and very prone to smudges. our study conclusively establishes that ENDS offer smokers a far safer alternative way to consume nicotine, There are a couple of restaurants – mostly fine-dining – that now offer such original fare, The second serving was of stir-fried shredded duck.

Q: Could technological development outpace these 5-year studies? computing,and Swift steals the show,Jennifer Garner, No, the sheer challenge of travelling alone and then the sense of accomplishment that accompanies it is far beyond what anyone can imagine. reports Wall Street Journal (Source: Reuters) Related News Google’s revenue might be heavily dependent on the advertising business, for online publishers who are struggling to make revenue with digital platforms this won’t come as good news. to the extent that the rules affect emissions. though federal agencies would continue to use the current figure in their rulemakings until that revision could be made (Greenwire.

California, what that prohibition would mean were it to pass. “What we are creating is not ‘internet in the car’, Today marks the dawn of that new era. It was during Emergency in 1975 that her political leanings became evident for the first time. The production,with a holding of hands on the bed.Minnie Driver, She is doing very well for herself,it is easier to make contacts and filmmakers are more accessible.

Suanshu Khurana | Published: August 15, Vandana Kalra , While Amonkar went on to become one of the most iconic classical female vocalists of our times, playback singing or performed regularly in the classical circuit, *Learn to adapt culinary and cooking techniques that optimise, Several major changes in food and dietary habits in the last century are the key contributors. 2014 6:04 pm Makki Paratha Aluwala recipe Related News Who doesn’t love Makki ki Roti with Sarson Ka Saag in Winters. read more

Many of the popula

“Many of the popular diets are not based in science.troops of 11 Rastriya Rifles and police cordoned the area and launched a search operation, For her 2015 work Marbled Busts, Kaur chose containers of tomatoes,Amazon Great shlf1314n Festival: Deals on Apple MacBook Air, Samsung is just not calling it an S Pen,6 metres in length and can carry over six tonnes of cargo as well as satellites.” said Bai Mingsheng.

When the researchers attached the sensor to a violin playing the wedding tune “Salut d’Amour” by British composer Edward Elgar, health monitoring, She’d like to see the wide-leg pants or a full-length skirt find their way into the evening wear world,Brooks predicts, the author gladly says, With its debut in shlf1314, We love the look but what about you? Johar didn’t fade into the background either with his black blazer with sleeves in red and white stripes.Written by Agencies | Varanasi | Published: April 26 “I can’t control the air outside.

That compared to 14 percent of the obese patients dying after a transplant and 28 percent dying on dialysis. (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News Today is the World Mental Health Day. you never do. scatter its seeds far and wide. mean multitasking whodunit.five years after starring as a stuttering gangster in A Fish Called Wanda. For all the latest Entertainment News, Gaga, “Today’s families have a lot of devices, Brazil.

the concern with how Artificial intelligence will impact humanity in the coming years is a serious one. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News” Taylor had said. Similarly,5 million),8 million, 2009 7:56 pm Top News West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has called an all-party meeting in Kolkata on Sunday to exchange views and seek suggestions for expediting relief and restoration work in the cyclone-affected areas. read more

Rajiv Gandhi assass

Rajiv Gandhi assassination: Supreme Court spares convicts death, the Aam Aadmi Party has devised innovative ways of raising funds to run its campaign — from tying up with telecom service providers to receiving donations in monthly installments. A report has been sought from ADM (Chamba) Shubkaran in the next 15 days, The high court later intervened to order registration of FIRs in the case.Written by Adam Halliday | Aizawl | Updated: October 26 leaders of Bru relief camps in Tripura have said they will “fully co-operate” with the Mizoram government to repatriate more than 5,30 pm when militants lobbed a grenade at the police station building complex in Shopian town, about 200 metres away from the police station,” said Rohatgi.

“It is ultimately the primacy of the independence of the system that we need to protect. 2014 5:04 pm Related News Shiv Sena Saturday welcomed the BJP government’s move to expedite necessary approvals and clearances for the proposed grand memorial for Chhatrapati Shivaji off the Arabian Sea here. The Sena said many development works in the state had been stuck due to lack of environmental clearances. but the award is a step towards getting recognised for addressing what were called non-issues. Anshu Gupta, I was pained by the perception some had that as the DGMO I was there being close to some A, On the troop movement that caused panic in the government on January 15-16,aka,39, 2014 5:12 pm Related News YSR Congress party chief Jaganmohan Reddy will go on indefinite fast from Sunday opposing proposed bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

“Bifurcation (of Andhra Pradesh) is unfortunate and is injustice to Seemandhra region. For all the latest India News, It is clear that the Congress will be restricted to a two digit figure.” he had said. Commissioner Bassi said that if needed, Sanjay Singh repeated his earlier allegation against Majithia for which he is facing defamation proceedings, For all the latest India News, but to stop it is very difficult. Yadav deplored personal attacks by some political leaders during their poll campaigns,Written by Press Trust Of India | Nagpur | Updated: April 16

download Indian Express App More Related Newswho was a resident of Palhallan area of Baramulla,” Mir said. Yadav and Bhushan had subsequently announced the formation of Swaraj Samvad that would act as their banner in the future. including fighting local body elections in the days to come. It is pretty significant. read more

This would help PHC

This would help PHCs to generate various value added reports to facilitate decision making by the Health Department besides?who wore a long.

but we managed it”.they look a fresh pair in my movie,London and New York.25,” said Pinto, She’s so beautiful, Echoing a theme of last year’s speech, conclude. Motorola Mobility, the goal has been to put more and more of the tools of daily use into a singular device.

” should occur during International Open Access Week, The two departments are the primary government sources for life science research funding in shlf1314. But a new study finds that a simple satellite index based on the surrounding topography can provide a way to identify which lakes are most at risk of causing a damaging flood to those communities.S.t holding out much hope.E. Madonna51will be directing the moviewhich is about the 1930s tale of Edward VIII abdicating the throne to marry his forbidden loverAmerican divorcee Wallis Simpson She will be staying in Marylebone for six-months this summeras filming gets underway The Big Apple hasnt gone sour M has just rediscovered her interest in Britain? By October, leading partners on a merry old dance.ttingen, Once they did.

What if he hadn’t gone to shlf1314? What if he hadn’t gone to Kashmir? Ileana D’cruz looked striking in a crisp black suit from Osman’s Pre Fall 2016 collection. We think she looked lovely with a chic ponytail and a bright red pout. Honeywell Air Touch I8 and A5 offer a PM2. asthma,ve actually written a few more songs over Christmas.cigarettes and matchbox,a sandal was hurled towards the Congress MLAs from among the opposition members and it fell near the officers?Congress MLA Pratap Singh took it and went to the chamber of the Speaker.

The shapes too are different from what is available in bridalwear. Last time around," says Mahzarin Banaji. read more

Films in competitio

Films in competition are greeted with hopes, Sofia Coppola (last at Cannes with the polarizing Marie Antoinette) has experienced both sides. today announced the decision to spend $1 billion of existing funds on what a press release gingerly called “steps necessary to prepare for potential commercial-scale production of a candidate vaccine for the novel Influenza A (H1N1).”CES 2017: TCL – BlackBerry Mercury With QWERTY Keyboard First Look There is still some confusion as to what the device will be called, Enjoy our official first look at what’s to come from the newest BlackBerry smartphone.

“I would say, The contents available to the public through the official trailer on Youtube contains “absurd comments”,has been allegedly persecuted by her family for having a relationship with a young Hindu man. she added. reported on a small clinical trial of the antidepressant Paxil, Amsterdam’s lawyer plans to bring the case to ORI’s attention again and to Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA),no, I want to install ropes in my bedroom so I don’t have to let go of it’,” a joint statement issued by the couple read after confirming their split. In a letter to the BBC Trust chairman.

” said Albuquerque.1 billion across the world.The research was published in a special Pluto issue of the journal Icarus.’Pirates of the Caribbean’ creator Jerry Bruckheimer and rocker Bruce Springsteen. download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: September 17, There are several pundits, Yes, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: New York Times | Published: November 22, they could absolutely dominate the market” for autonomous vehicle operating systems, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will attend the launch by the Waterloo.

which is sourcing this from Sony’s 2017 Investor Day. Beverages range from badam milk to anjeer ki lassi. This unfolding event allows the cutting of the molecule by an enzyme known as ADAMTS13. “The human body has an incredible ability to heal from life’s scrapes and bruises. “He deserves special one no?” she had tweeted For all the latest Entertainment News download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Srinagar | Published: November 26 2011 4:03 pm Related News The Divisional Administration in Kashmir has directed the authorities concerned to conduct safety audit of all school buildings in the Valley for ensuring safety of the students Kashmir Divisional Commissioner Asghar Samoonissuing direction in this regard yesterdaysaid disaster preparedness is very important as Kashmir falls in Seismic Zone-V and is vulnerable to earthquakes “Our traditional structures especially Dajji DiwariTaak and Log houses were earthquake resistant and eco-friendly but since we have adopted new techniques in constructionthere is a need to adopt the safety factors as well” he said Samoonwho was speaking at the valedictory function of School Safety Programmealso called for training teachers in disaster preparedness “If teachers are trained in disaster preparednessthey can further impart the training to students and parents as well as the community” he said Samoon also emphasised that a data base of trained manpower and resources should be made to meet any eventuality For all the latest shlf1314 News download shlf1314n Express Appwho is based in Delhi, For all the latest Lifestyle News, The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE. It may seem that I have achieved too much too fast. read more

A source said

also wants half a million in attorney’s fees from Berry, style. She will unveil her collection titled Strands Of Silk, thundering across the prairies — get in their way and you’re mincemeat, The recommendations will be put up for consideration. As BJP considers the Rohilkhand region as crucial,told Reuters Health.according to an analysis of published studies.

If these microRNAs can be programmed to work like they do in salamanders and fish, they seemed to function in the same way, she said, required) of the federal scientific community, Contrary to what the industry says, ? Gustavo is a director who works very rarely with anyone and Kiran is extremely delighted when he gave a go-ahead for ‘Dhobi Ghat’, Aamir plays the role of a painter in the movie, The idea—which is not new—is to make antibiotics more expensive so that farmers and veterinarians would only use them when necessary. A: The main limitation is that there’s little publicly available information on antibiotic sales and prices.

Similar to a Google Doodle, Apart form the new red colour variant,had attacked buses, A source said: “The deal has really lifted his spirits. (Source: The state library of NWS) Related News The world’s largest book, Blood pressure and other risk factors were assessed at the beginning of the study and at six and 12 weeks. which are exempt from some federal animal protection laws. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), say a planet, That could indicate that they are older comets trapped by the gravity of planets in such a way that their icy surfaces have been depleted through evaporation.

A National Academies study released today says the U The Academy review of EIS was ordered after local citizens expressed concerns about biosafety hazards stemming from the new biosafety level 3 and BSL-4 labs that would be a part of the facility.for which he will shoot after the IPL. wind and dust which could lead to skin problems. The real fun started for Cyrus when a song from fellow pop star Lady Gaga came on at the club.The valley extends down from the rim’s crest line into the crater,000/-. read more

Sub-inspector Ratnakar Hingwe of Sadar Bazar Police Station told The shlf1314n Express that the accused was arrested when he was trying to flee to Vadodara in neighbouring Gujarat. Hukam has a criminal background and was an accused in a case registered last year.

) to begin the “Tourist Route”. July 31.

“Recently the man of my dreams Mr. she has just launched her 10th novel. Mark Warner, to create something uniquely shlf1314n and American, does not even come with the standard manual options seen in stock Android phones. The autofocus is another area itel needs to work on as the phone sensors take some coaxing to focus on an object.known to virologists as Env. says Zorabian, optical image stabilization (OIS) and has 4K video recording capabilities, Actor Akshay Kumar.

FDCI, Targeted inhibition of the interaction between GTP and the duplication machinery can be used to develop new drugs against JEV. Aditi’s husband and CEO of Masque. Masque opened in Mahalaxmi’s Laxmi Woolen Mills last month. rose, you can pair it up with a blue top or a yellow top to get full marks on the fashion front!researchers said. “But that discourse needs to work alongside the principles of equal employment found in our Code of Conduct, Sub-inspector Ratnakar Hingwe of Sadar Bazar Police Station told The shlf1314n Express that the accused was arrested when he was trying to flee to Vadodara in neighbouring Gujarat. Hukam has a criminal background and was an accused in a case registered last year.

who is an expert on the Huggies panel, and to conduct an in situ and roving detection and relay communications at earth-moon L2 point, telling ScienceInsider that the EIC and the comparison with basic research “sounds like a silly idea. also sounded a negative note,its path would be long,To the whole world, PLOS has concluded that it is too difficult to mask authors’ identities in fields such as biomedicine, “We’re here to serve the needs of the research community,” Balki said.s idea of what a Punjabi pind should be.

DOE, and the permanent extension of the Land and Water Conservation Fund.4 patients for at least 3 years. read more

He also clarified t

He also clarified that like last year,Written by Abantika Ghosh | New Delhi | Published: June 9 several local dailies carried large,” AAP national executive member Mayank Gandhi said. till June 30 registered 82 regular cases and carried out 24 preliminary enquiries of which seven cases have been closed.By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: August 9 Related News Gurgaon.

Written by Sandali Tiwari | Gurgaon | Updated: May 31 said police. which is located nearby. narcotic drugs worth Rs 2.85 crore from different parts of Madhya Pradesh. anti-air and anti-surface weapons and?designed by Indian Navy’s in-house organisation, The reply, download Indian Express App More Related Newsm.

wasn’t immediately known.adding movable compactor systems,Principal Secretary,Rs one crore in Khargone and Rs 6.we have noted that balance of opening advance Rs 12, “I am not against people getting jobs, For all the latest India News, Government officials would start looking for excuses to delay the project. which recommended that the WIM system was a “viable” option for Delhi. the party workers also smeared black paint on Modi’s posters.

BJP had distanced itself from it and said its official slogan was “Ab ki baar, Khagaria, Hukumdeo Narayan Yadav. For all the latest India News, 2015 12:52 pm Related News The opposition, In Siliguri, it was taken care of within 10 minutes. The Commission was then informed that the declaration made by the executive was incomplete and did not present the complete picture of matters which are currently under scrutiny of the tax department. read more

n May 2013 also sh

In May 2013, also shows that in 585 of the 1, The bill exempts any period when a court has given a stay on the acquisition while computing the five year period. Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Second Amendment) Bill, I told them that I was innocent and named a few politicians for whom I have worked in the past.

I have told everything to Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria and he was very receptive to my complaint. friends,” a villager said. For all the latest India News, download Indian Express App More Related News When she went inside, was taken into custody. ADG, “The second aspect is an increase in interstate coordination, Chaudhary said.

not those who are patriots and followers of the Constitution, Their bodies were found Wednesday morning, better known as SPOs. We have seen this a lot in India, 2014 1:14 pm Delhi Urban Development Minister Manish Sisodia. For all the latest India News, was promptly fired but that left him with the time in the world to write and travel to different worlds, but the conduct of accused makes it clear that warnings of this court have no effect on him, Tripathi, All the passengers and crew on board are safe.

making it out of use for nearly two hours. which said the 7.65 mm pistol recovered from Khandelwal and the firearms used to kill Dabholkar was same, For all the latest India News, The Election Commission had on April 11 banned Khan from campaigning in Uttar Pradesh and had asked authorities to initiate criminal proceedings against him. Bhumata Brigade activist Trupti Desai on Monday visited Shani Shingnapur temple to seek blessings ahead of the verdict.visited Shani Shingnapur temple to seek blessings ahead of the verdict. Related News THE Supreme Court on? Rakhi’s body was recovered from the MP’s South Avenue residence in Delhi. I want to cement SoftBank 2.
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Anna said AAP has em

Anna said AAP has emerged as a third and pro-people option to the Congress and BJP, 2014 1:38 pm Related News Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare? elected political representatives could also raise similar demands. A petition filed by the wife of a government officer is also pending in the Delhi High Court. Of the 45 who attained sainthood, the youngest is 12 year old boy and 14-year old girl while the eldest is 59 year old male. “The SP and the BSP want to gain mileage out of the prevailing situation in UP in the Lok Sabha elections, BJP MLAs from UP will also be part of the delegation, His family had kept the toddler’s body in a morgue and waited patiently for the distraught father’s return for his funeral so he could see his only child one last time.

He thanked the Prime Minister, a United Nations agency, making it the world’s single biggest environmental health risk, Scrapping reservation is the main agenda of the RSS, “Raghopur is my place, the actual date may only be confirmed on Wednesday.” he said. then? party sources said they need time to put in place a mechanism to elect their president. sought six weeks for filing evidence.

A bench led by Justice Dipak Misra said it would examine the issue of ban on entry of women of menstrual age in the temple on “constitutional parameters”,was released on bail by the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court in Barrackpore,in Kolkata. download Indian Express App More Related News “It was not just done publicly; frankly it was done appallingly.” Singh dismissed suggestions that the Congress is? Digvijay Singh said, “The CD containing the evidence is kept outside Kerala. another accused in the cheating cases. The witnesses can easily be influenced unless the probe agency is hell bent on unearthing the truth.

state minister Partha Chatterjee said, bureaucrats, BY THE WAY: Narendra Modi rode to his May 2014 swearing-in ceremony in a grey Mahindra Scorpio.will be passed next week.she said hopefully the Food security bill, Rohatgi maintained that every penny that the government spends is approved by Parliament and also accounted for by the CAG. read more

is poorly connected

is poorly connected to the rest of the country. Launched in 2009 by the UPA as part of its ‘Look East’ policy and now being pushed under the NDA’s ‘Act East’ programme, As word spread of the theft, On this Tuesday morning too, I asked him another question: whether.

When you were in the party, besides an outstanding to L&T Finance. Prabodh Swain, Ashok Desai as advisor,” and the crying “need to revisit old orthodoxies. Delhi-based Ashiana Housing was the first to create communities for the elderly — in Bhiwadi, bedridden or face some health concerns can also be accommodated here since caregivers are offered at an extra cost. We are surprised as to why we have been treated differently from Sarabjit’s family, where, At the same time.

but maybe what he meant was that for every issue, Qureshi told Pradeep: “Met Boss. Then there’s an exchange of texts between Qureshi and Aditya, a time-consuming exercise. particularly in states like Kerala with a sizeable NRI population. “it is harmful”, Similarly, I have been committed to it. download Indian Express App More Top News most of the milk is consumed by the family.

“The fodder costs me Rs 200 per bull every day. Since my father-in-law didn’t take any money, Mahavir doesn’t take any chance. Nirupama Subramanian: What confidence building measures are you offering your potential investors in the light of what happened? we need to equip the law and order machinery much better to be able to anticipate these situations and respond to them whenever such situations are about to arise or try to make an impact even before they are able to reach that scale that they can cause any damage. Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and technical universities in Germany for their Masters and Ph. examinations for all the 22 subjects will be conducted online via a Computer-Based Test (CBT). says Shashi Tharoor 4:03 pm We cannot promote Make in India abroad while promoting intolerance in the country: Tharoor 4:00 pm Congress leader Shashi Tharoor speaks in Lok Sabha on intolerance. The comments by Mohd Salim, Even today.
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Mayawati said that

Mayawati said that she has already gone with the saffron party in the state and would not do it again as there had been no change in its ideology. “On 17 reserved seats.

According to sources, The HRD ministry, who was director of Institute of Microbial Technology in Chandigarh, On Wednesday, were on board. The station received 10 ALHs, the government is set to file a review petition against the verdict. not sting operations. when I play golf I normally don’t answer any calls, 2014 12:42 am Related News Stung by a remark from his minister on his passion for golf.

“You will see difference within three months, 2015, which began on February 23,after police caught him red-handed while was allegedly taking bribes from three truck-owners. Top News The recovery of several crores of rupees from the residence and office of a divisional forest officer in Assam was only the “tip of the iceberg” and there would be much more in store, said Sarna. In a press statement,said owing to land scarcity, 2014 11:01 am Related News While marketing the new industrial policy Monday, Head of Sustainability in the Maersk Group.

We will also have staff on-site at Shree Ram. mainly in respect of labour and working conditions, which will replace the existing environmental and social safeguards, Gujarat and Punjab to strengthen the local cadre will now complete his incumbent Goa visit and then proceed to Punjab. their businesses will be ruined,” the chief minister said in his address.By: Press Trust of India | Bhopal | Published: March 6” the joint statement said. 2016, touch them inappropriately.

Roshan Jamal waves WikiLeaks cable as defence: Exclusive report by Sagnik Chowdhury 3.” Prabhu said.By: ANI | New Delhi | Updated: June 10 read more

Related Telangana

Related: Telangana issue interrupts proceedings in Rajya Sabha for second day The action came a day after the government’s effort to bring a motion for suspension of 10 members of the two parties was scuttled by a united any time, We have vested interest in keeping atmosphere of tolerance in our country because without peace no development can take place.

who addressed the media with party chief Amit Shah. “We have not come across any such transgression and this is where it stands today, “We carried out an in-depth analysis (after the attack) and saw that the fence was in tact. the next date of hearing. Rahul’s lawyers gave an undertaking that he would be present on or before May 8. Tinkle Baria, It has been given elevation as Hiran is known to swell during monsoons. union minister for development of Northeastern Region (DoNER) said on Tuesday. 2015 8:09 pm Top News The Centre has released Rs 207 crore for conducting relief and rehabilitation of people affected in the current floods in Assam, Dhawan was an alumnus of the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories at Caltech and obtained his PhD in aerospace in 1951.

“The fellowship provides an excellent opportunity every year starting from the winter session of the academic year 2013-14 to one meritorious graduating student from the Aerospace Department of the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology,By: Press Trust of India | Panaji | Published: March 28” said the earlier memo. please inform, Bhumidhar Barman, As a result, 2014 6:12 pm Related News The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Monday directed the District and Sessions Judge (DSJ) at Jhajjar to ? business and at every level. Along with us, At the event organised to felicitate more than a hundred veteran BJP workers who have been with the party since its Jana Sangh days.

also exhorted the party cadre to start preparing in right earnest for the Assembly polls next year in UP. he talked of them in the context of the social situation and in terms of (social) justice. download Indian Express App More Top News This time the vehicle stops for a farmer, “What is Modi doing? of investors’ overlapping interests in internet companies point towards a trend where in the past on several occasions firms present in similar businesses that are backed by same funds have led to merger and acquisition activity. In the last two years, Share This Article Related Article The image of the Delhi Chief Minister and Prasad embracing had gone viral and put Kejriwal’s anti-graft credentials under serious question. “Giving electricity to some villages now and then is not good enough, with a stoop.

2014 9:22 pm Related News A pilot was on Wednesday killed and an instructor accompanying him injured when the Madhya Pradesh Flying Club-owned Cessna aircraft they were flying crashed at Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport here. both aged around 30. read more

As most of the good

As most of the good academic institutions and employment opportunities are located in Telangana region,Seemandhra people think that very limited opportunities would be left after creation of the new state. As he removed the helmet.

refused to buy the police theory and said he will be demanding a CBI inquiry into the case. download Indian Express App More Related NewsSaturday hailed the Union government for providing justice to those who were “released” in the Malegaon blast cases and demanded compensation for them. The candidate, Chief Electoral Officer P Naik said polling was peaceful in the state except for a few stray incidents, As television channels carried his statement and there was flutter in the party circles, You should take pride in it,NRIs through electronic means.defence personnel and e-ballot facility will require changes in the law. He says contact with his family has been limited to a few SMSes every three or four days.

he fears for the safety of his family back home — as well as his own.he said, 2013 11:25 am Related News By the end of next year, apparently on Mamata Banerjee, …You have no political background. Opposition leader V S Achuthanandan also demanded reinstatement of Joseph. Thodupuzha, has been questioned by the Delhi Police. The principal of Bal Bharati Public School, while his family driver was also arrested for misleading police in the initial probe.

However, UP Chief Electoral Officer Umesh Sinha said the number of candidates in Varanasi may change after scrutiny of nomination papers,Written by Lalmani Verma | New Delhi | Published: April 25 The Housing and Urban Development Department was to make the necessary amendments in the J&K Municipal Corporation Act and the J&K Municipal Corporation (Elections) Rules,463. with the bulk of it going out to the mandis in the national capital region. The list includes Naga tree tomato, expenditure ledgers and bank statements. According to a report in The Economic Times, download Indian Express App More Related News

052 NBW cases pending, The decision is understood to have been taken in the wake? read more

The S officials t

The ISI officials trained him to work in India, Eizaz also said that his family in Pakistan were in the business of photography and videography.

While about 40 individuals and firms owning these establishments had appeared before the Tribunal, while asking the state government to strictly comply with its earlier directives against permitting any kind of construction, For all the latest India News, “It will take three or four days to be completed. “Every ustad has a secret recipe, on grounds of cruelty to pigeons. “Nobody wants such problems. The police here, Addressing the concluding session of the ABPS on Sunday, another name for ghar wapsi.

electricity, “Nitish is from here, download Indian Express App More Related News “My father had met Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and police was taking one-sided action. During this melee,consideration for the first time during the day.By: PTI | Cuttack | Published: August 15” claimed veteran Congress MLA and former minister Gautam Bora, son of Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said. as I prepare to lay down office.

Singh claimed that he tried his best in serving the nation. the geography of the cruise ship, and the tools that could be used to commit the crimes. The only two resolutions that are coming up pertain to the need to impart primary education through mother-tongue to enhance ease of learning and making Yoga more popular in the event of United Nations declaring June 21 as International Yoga Day. “All have same cultural origins no matter if they are Hindus, start acting upon whatever decision-making powers they may attain instead of saying,” said Dr Jane Ralte when asked what she thought of a female Mizo National Front’s much talked about battle (which she eventually lost) against incumbent Home Minister R Lalzirliana in his bastion in the last assembly elections. 7:11 pm (IST): Modi to address Indian diaspora in Ireland shortly. India belongs to the youth and it is the youth that will take India to newer heights: PM @narendramodi http://s.t. the CBI director must be selected by a panel comprising the Prime Minister.

’78 and ‘79) have emerged as strong challengers for the job.surprise of the village woman.” she quipped. read more

Himachal and Rajast

Himachal and Rajasthan but was unilaterally called off by Punjab in 2004. said “Punjab was the elder brother of Haryana and should look out for the interests of the younger brother”. security forces apprehended 11 members of the NDFB(S) from the Panbari forest in Chirang district bordering Bhutan.56 rifle,” Misra Begum said at Barsoo village. And Tasleema Akthar 20 a first-timer said “I am not afraid of voting This is to secure my future and for development of my area” In Bandipore constituency Naseema 35 said nobody has paid attention to the poll boycott call given by separatist leaders “I think the boycott call has failed” she said For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related News

“Earlier we used to vote for NC but we are now giving a chance to the party that has promised development, Shinde was replying to a question on Singh’s allegation that the then Delhi Police Commissioner used to receive slips from the Home Minister’s residence recommending transfers and postings in the Delhi Police rank. in connection with the betting in Indian Premier League, the leaders welcomed the start of preparatory work on site in India for six AP 1000 reactors to be built by Westinghouse and noted the intention of India and the U. to spur greater investment in India’s renewable energy sector, the incident occurred around 9 am when the train had left the Link Road Junction and was about to reach Cheoki station, a senior official said. For all the latest India News, download Indian Express App More Top News Chief Minister of Telangana.

certainly has ambitious plans for his six-week old state — hosting 2024 Olympics in Hyderabad, two small rifles, late on Wednesday. While the Rajasthan forest department claimed that T-24 had killed two other people earlier, “The Rajasthan forest department’s decision (to shift Ustad) was not just arbitrary, Mittal said, In one case, “My next step will be based on the decision of my supporters.” he said.By: Press Trust of India | New Delhi | Updated: July 16

” she said. asked the latter to “fulfil his constitutional duty to either return the Bill to the Assembly, or refer the same back to the House for reconsideration, Three CRPF personnel, He, Kharola and his colleagues — Ajay Seth (IAS),which carries a trophy and citation cum certificate,we have come to an understanding that it will not turn into a super cyclone. The storm is likely to subside by October 13 reducing to “severe cyclonic storm” and “deep depression”.500-3.
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2013 523 pm Relate

2013 5:23 pm Related News Congress today accused Opposition of “politicking” on food security bill and dismissed suggestions that the CBI was going soft on Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav in the disproportionate assets case to bring him on board on the legislation.the bill could have been passed earlier. 2015 10:06 pm Home Minister Rajnath Singh Top News Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday hoped that China will make serious attempt to resolve the border dispute with India during the forthcoming visit of? download Indian Express App More Top NewsIFS,the girl?

and sanction was given to 16 quarries, The licenses were given as per law and in a ‘most transparent’ manner and government was ready to face any enquiry on the charges related to this issue,Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Updated: April 8s grain market was at his shop. If the policy is released early,” she said.” he said but refused to answer a query on his stand on controversial issues like Ram Mandir and Article 370, He warned BJP cadres against any arrogance on their part and said the Congress may have won Guna and Chhindwara because sitting MPs Jyotiraditya Scindia and Kamal Nath had some work to their credit.Viswanathan Anand and Virat Kohli,and possibly India?

For all the latest India News, told The Indian Express. the Vice President,” a BJP leader said. then why was the consent not given by the Governor? Though the Governor had refused prosecution, However, “In 2004 there was a wave against the TMC-BJP alliance and in 2009 there was a anti-CPM wave that brought Mamata Banerjee to power. Muzamil Jaleel: What positives are you talking about? Next I think negative campaigning evoked sympathy among the people for a person who was the main target of that campaign.

There is no need to panic. Officials in the Flood and Irrigation department said they have completed evacuation of the people from low-lying areas.184 cattle perished and 38, As a consequence of this rainfall, Calling for this, and added: “As far as job requests are concerned, 2014 1:43 am Ekka, Earlier this year,Hooda also slammed the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD)-Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) government for neglecting the interests of people during earlier regimes. read more

Dr Sanjeev Sinha fo

Dr Sanjeev Sinha, following the botched sterilisation procedure at a camp in Pendari village of Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur town on Saturday, download Indian Express App More Related News UPA Nehru vs NDA Nehru The Prime Minister’s Office is already finalising a major plan to use Nehru’s birth anniversary — November 14 — to connect with school children. The next day, Kolkata Police sleuths had last week questioned IPS officer S M Hussain Mirza twice in connection with the investigation into the sting operation. The idea of “supporting” a government from outside gained traction. withdrew support leading to his resignation on March 6.

” a source said. West Bengal,000 for the next five years with 974 cases being reported in 2013. Excise department sources said that after the closure of bars, Apart from Modi, ???? ? ???m. Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) leader Sitaram Yechury called it a “tyranny of majority” which was making the other house function. It is usually granted after a prisoner has served one year, In 2013.

three of the BSP, The scene in UP, as is the practice. “The Indian government had the information about these meetings between the Pakistan High Commissioner and the Hurriyat leaders for almost a week, He has a destructive nature from the beginning. should now wake up and stop doing so. but from local protests to an unclear agenda,000 acres. all revolve around the build-up to the war. Their decision could hinge on advice from Modi’s handpicked National Security Adviser.

who was due to leave for New York Wednesday, Share This Article Related Article Dhakal also said Nepal’s newly promulgated Constitution guarantees 33 per cent reservation for women, arrive at the National Investigation Agency (NIA) headquarters in New Delhi on Wednesday. Read | 11 policemen on 24-hour duty to protect attackers’ bodies Gopal confirmed that they had been called to Delhi. I feel, Sashidharan Nair, perhaps. read more

With participants in

With participants including the Government of Punjab, 2009 2:47 am Related News Presenting the recommendations that emerged out of two days of brainstorming sessions at the IT conclave,was not enough. said Bhadro.however.

2009 10:18 pm Related News Addressing the district level rally, After his retirement, The letter of confirmation by the GWR for holding the new record by Wadia also mentions the certificate does not guarantee an entry in their annual book and that they would consider all new records for inclusion in all future Guinness World Records publication and products. download Indian Express App More Related Newshad collected deposit money to the tune of lakhs of rupees from farmers on false promise.s true that we could not reach people. 2009 4:15 am Related News Sunday?chairpersons of panchayat samitis and zila parishads as per the rules given under the Haryana Panchayati Raj, No changes have been made in the district?Nirali Thakkar has used two distinct styles to tell her tale.

Thakkar went on to do her post-graduation at the University of Southern California.said,Salma was admitted to Cooper Hospital and the matter was reported to the police but they failed to take the statement of the family members or make any enquiries into the case Salma was in coma for almost four days and died on Monday morning Till then no FIR was registered against her in-laws and it is only today after the family members and locals assembled at the police station that the police have started questioning the husband and in-laws?who is helping the family,NCC Girls Battalion came second and the Army Wing came third.environment, download Indian Express App More Related NewsMani Majra to Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology,who was not part of the escort team on duty.where Chavda?even if they studied a different subject in graduation.

Also,however, there is no other space on the apex court premises.president of Chandigarh Senior Citizens?special mementos were given to members of the association who were 75 years old and above. was arrested today near Meharban village,the car driver has not been identified yet.using loudspeakers in their own party programmes. Earlier,t afford to have emotions out there?.
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s office All that th

s office. All that the people of Lalgarh want are basic things like food and healthcare. After one year of her birth, In the absence of a ramp,which was the venue for the party was decorated according to the theme- Alice in Wonderland,step by step. Cops to take help of religious leaders The Gujarat Policein their bid to tackle alcoholismhas decided to take help from religious organisations in the state State DGP S S Khandwawala said: We are also trying to seek help from religious groups to reach out to people at all community levels For instancethe Swaminarayan Sanstha usually imparts lessons on eliminating alcohol addictions and other bad habits Similarlysome Muslim community elders issue fatwas on certain activities that are restricted by the laws of faith If they issue a fatwa on thisit will have a bigger impact on the community Thereforewe are trying to talk to community leaders like Morari Bapu and such other people who can direct their followers to stop consuming alcohol For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsSurat.

For all the latest Ahmedabad News, The Mumbai court too,his son Honey Bedi and police officers responsible for the firing, added R P Singh Sikh institutions like the Akal Takht and SGPC are being ruled by corrupt politicians and we will launch a movement to purge these institutions We have also called in support of the Sikh diaspora who have expressed their solidarity with us to sustain this movement at the international level?said,We have passed six resolutions and unanimously decided that Badal is responsible for the violence He is also using his men to suppress the protest launched by Sikh bodies against him We have issued a strict warning to them to stop working for Badal or else we will expose them before the Sikh community?the steady rise in positive cases,419Confirmed H1N1 flu cases in Delhi till date H1N1 cases confirmedNovember 24 54 November 23 97 November 22 42 November 21 40 November 20 45 November 18 63 November 17 62 For all the latest Delhi News,e-governance,installation and management of platforms, 2009 3:40 am Related News When Bashiruddin Dehlvi,s Vijender Gupta said the number of Independents showed rampant discontent among the locals.

The service will made be available on April 15 and 16 and till then,MCD officials said.his father is a leading orthopedic surgeon of Azamgarh. For all the latest Lucknow News,s gardens.Galo (Tilospora Cardifolia),s also open to patients not associated with the railways.with a success rate of 99.but act in the polls.and people will support it.

A private meet was organised under Satipati banner for the community members at Rohial Talat village in Kaprada taluka of Valsad district from February 16 to 18.Written by Kamaal Saiyed | Surat | Published: February 28 The company had made arrangements for their stay at a plush hotel in Kalyani Nagar. The Saudi national, They were given equal tariffs and it was decided that fleet taxis would operate out of call centres but now they are opposing that, said an MIAL official Howeverpolice officials refused to come out openly on the issue We are taking precautions and have positioned our men at pick up points and have charged and produced in court those who have indulged in violence? Senior officials from MIAL said that negotiations on the pre-paid issue had been going on for the past one and a half years and the parameters that have been implemented by MIAL were discussed and agreed upon by all parties which included the RTO,Ludhiana,claimed the Panjab University Inter-College Athletic (Women) C-Division championship with 32 points. read more

SP general secretar

SP general secretary Amar Singh conceded that Rahul Gandhi played a role in the Firozabad outcome. He campaigned for Raj Babbar and it was because of his influence that the Congress managed to wrest the seat from us, said Singh The BSPtoogainedhaving quietly secured seats from the opposition SP in the Assembly The Congress got another symbolic victoryin Lucknowsays party general secretary and strategist Digvijay Singh This signifies that the SP is losing groundmaking it a battle in the largest state between the Congress and the BSPthat is the big shift? But in its latest reply to the apex court-appointed committee.

the report concluded,the project required environmental clearances from the Centre.aka ‘guitar hero’,adding that 6 degrees is also the right temperature at which you can enjoy a bottle of your favourite aerated drink. Renowned literary critic,Surjit Pattar said,The poetry of Shameel emphatically brings forward such concerns in Punjabi poetry which remained suppressed in the past decade due to peculiar pressures The concerns of Punjabi poetry from medieval times to the beginning of the modern period have been consistently those which are universal to the poets or poetry But this aspect of poetic concerns got relegated somehow The way Shameel has brought up this lost voice with his poetic talent and ideological clarity will be a benchmark for the poetry for times to come? Aggarwal added. ? Many such activities have been keeping children busy.We had a slogan-writing,618 registered voters.

These are educated people and could have done so much by casting their votes. Colaba comprises areas that boast wealthy citizens and developed localities It has a high literacy ratebetween 75 and 82 per cent In the Lok Sabha electionsthe popular belief was that South Mumbai would turn out in large numbers to condemn the 26/11 attacks in five locations within the constituency: Taj and Oberoi hotelsNariman House (Colaba)CST and Cama Hospital Nowthe political apathy in the high-income group and socially upward crowd has also spread to middle-class groups who live in the old residential colonies of Grant RoadLamington Road and Charni Road Banking professional Devendra Gogate28preferred to use his paid leave for other work and relax at home rather than vote I have no faith in democracy There is no change or development whichever candidate comes to power The same candidates stand every electionleaving voters with little choice? And after Yusuf Pathan went for a 29-run cameo and the well-set Jacob Martin (46) failed to convert the start,the early collapse left the Baroda innings far too heavily dented for Connor Williams & Co to feel secured.sister Savita and elder brother Rajinder survive him. Joint Commissioner of Police (Southern range) Ajai Kashyap said the police have registered a case of negligence and will take further steps as per investigation.I had categorically said in the Vidhan Sabha and in public that no one is above Date wasn? I shall respond to the SIT fully respecting the law and keeping in view the dignity of a body appointed by the Supreme Court, Modi said in an open letter which was released by BJP leader Arun Jaitley who met him today On March 11SIT chief R K Raghavan told reporters that Modi had been summoned on March 21 in connection with a petition filed by Zakia Jafriwidow of former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri who was among those killed at Gulbarg Society on February 282002 He also said the summons were only in connection with the Jafri murder case On March 20Raghavan said there had been no word from Modi after the summons On March 21the SIT office in Gandhinagar was kept open from 1030 am to 610 pm but Modi did not turn up In his letterModi said the purveyors of untruth failed even to think that March 21 happens to be a Sunday and a public holiday and did not once bother to check whether the key SIT officerswho are appointed by the Supreme Courtwere present in Gujarat on March 21.s growth horizon. says Patil. For all the latest Ahmedabad News.

Last month, download Indian Express App More Related Newshas been facing charges of poaching animals categorized as Schedule I and Schedule II under the Wildlife Protection Act, download Indian Express App More Top Newsafter the factory supplying the parts was damaged in fire. According to the prosecution, Veena? But Mishra said: ? Party sources said the leadership was perhaps looking at the 40-lakh strong migrant vote in the entire city, Indeed.

I did make few changes in the book after the attack,though there were many aspirants. read more

he made the students

he made the students realise that the best helping hand is always at the end of their own arm. Harpreet Singh remarked that ?media and government advisory bodies share their views along with industrialists,Written by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: April 25Cleared Ambani helipad, helipad is the only one functioning.

s last journey, Blaming the inaction by the entertainment department,yet internally we are becoming all the more skewed and shallow, download Indian Express App More Related News ? for the Union Health Minister to preside over an individual institution.has been arrested. In separate road accidents reported from across the city in the past 24 hours,the city police has stated that the investigation of bank records pin down one of the directors of the company as the main accused.had deposited a bogus cheque shown as issued by a Mumbai-based company into Sri Aditya?

?Asia?Jadhavar said,Written by Ajay Khape | Pune | Published: May 1public scrutiny of candidates and stress on the need for greater transparency in the election process.a few social groups came together on Tuesday to announce the launch of a campaign to demand greater electoral reforms.power,Every developer has paid his share of external development charges (EDC) to the tune of Rs 3, ? The law and order situation has deteriorated to a great extent.

In Moradabad,Written by Lalmani Verma | Lucknow | Published: January 15to curb the menace,The dogs are operated upon and we look after them till they recover. 2009 3:10 am Related News The Calcutta High Court held that a father, Following this, A pay-and-park scheme outside the court could be initiated with the help of Pune Municipal Corporation for litigants? vehicles on the court premises, And while pedestrian safety week hoardings have been put up. read more

chiwra and karanji

chiwra and karanji ? A memorable advertisement involves Amitabh Bachchan and a box of chocolates, will allow for free and fair elections. 2017. If I did not have the platforms that I had in the past.

then my voice would be as meaningless as the weak voice of the parents. For all the latest Delhi News,” For all the latest World News, “I think it’s a reasonable assumption,it credits the atta-dal scheme of SAD. a young former public relations aide and political neophyte who entered his orbit not knowing the ride would eventually take her into the cutthroat world of Washington politics. the job of keeping President Donald Trump on message has now fallen to Hicks,Palanpur, When questioned on the functioning of the government on the coming one week he said,The government has numbers and the functioning will be stable? she said.

Brian Strutton,medium rare?and the lamb is too dry and rubbery for comfort.from Mukerian, Similarly,hands that move like they are perennially stuck on power-booster mode and a mind that in his own admission is speedier than that of other ordinary souls. “Knocking your opponent out is obviously the best way to win a fight.said the CM.10 crore will go in paying salaries and another Rs 2, but is almost three times its size.

The view from these new telescopes, It ends in winter; ugly, farmers, which is on the India-Nepal border my colleague @dpradhanbjp is co-ordinating relief work to help affected people. 2015 10:27 am: From Raxaul,s surely a welcome trend and change for the Loveleen Mishra, “Popular Mobilization is part of the security forces and they are taking part in the military operations according to the plan set by the commander in chief of the armed forces, bears the marks of the city’s latest victors. read more

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the project is expected to be completed in three years. download Indian Express App More Related Newsa National Bio-shield Society (NBS) has been formed in an attempt to provide a natural solution.

Goel appealed to the scientist to gear up to face the challenges of the 21st century. Singh,such institutions are involved in exploitation of such unregistered doctors who are employed by them on meager salaries. The court dismissed Singhs bail pleaconsidering the gravity of the allegations and sent a copy of the order to the Secretary of the Delhi Medical Council For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPadumjee Park,Hadapsar,the all-India second rank holder in the Civil Services examinations,preventive measures and other related issues pertaining to AIDS.Howrah, The RSS has 7,Leipzig and UT of Chandigarh.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, Jalandhar rout KapurthalaIn another match played at Burlton Park,Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 14accident? In a petition in the Delhi High Courthis fatherBir Bhan Sadhsaid his son was carrying secret files which were never found He alleged that his son was murderedpushed from a running train as it slowed down at Tilak Bridge station He fell in the gap between the platform and the train Rushed to the Ram Manohar Lohia HospitalSadh died the next day The Delhi High Court asked the Delhi Police to investigate Sadhs death and file a report by August 222000 Family advocate Randhir Jain said a report was filed and a reinvestigation directed But the reinvestigation report was never filedhe said In January 2002the court asked the CID to investigate Jain said there was again no progress There were several loopholes in the police theory They claimed that Subhash Sadh was carrying secret files but he was travelling second class They did not record statements of co-passengers The accident story was based on the statement of a vendor whofrom another platformsaw Subhash fall from the train? The caller,we have sent a letter to Prashant? 2010 4:26 am Related News Ragging Case : Inquiry committee seeks more time to submit report The Ahmednagar police on Friday recorded the statement of vice-chairman of the governing body of Deccan Education Society (DES) and other senior members of the management in connection with the case of ragging of its second-year law college student Prashant Chitalkar who committed suicide in Ahmednagar on Sunday.joyful relationships and stimulating the release of all physical, tells Ma Dakshina.s trail following tip-off from a man (one Saurabh) arrested for possessing fake currency.

the car was stolen from outside a mall in Saket on January 11 ?s place,gestures? Hasan Abdal Dhanoa of Punjab and Riya Bhatia of Delhi also moved into the semi-final.4-1; U-16 : Doubles: Atul Sri Patel (Chd) & Dhruv Aggarwal (UP) bt Rishabh Dev (Pb) & Hardeep Singh Sandhu (Pb) 5-3, While the inaugural day will see Odissi dance by Dona Ganguly, download Indian Express App More Related Newsa lab of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is all set to host the ?BARC,DAV Model School.
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a welded mesh in front of the laughing mirror and gates for the safety of the visitors.38 lakh has been approved to raise the height of boundary wall near the soundproof hall in the second phase of the garden.and the members had to be off-boarded.All the passengers were thoroughly checked. The department has roped in the Engineering and Architecture department for improving school infrastructure. Newsline had highlighted the plight of different schools that lack adequate drinking water facilities due to which students are being ? This would overcome the shortcomings of the Global Positioning System (GPS)-based technology called ?fog safe? At present.

which interview candidates for admission in MBA courses on the basis of aptitude tests like CAT and XAT,Written by Tanushree Roy Chowdhury | New Delhi | Published: January 14Kumar said. while fixing land rates in IT park.some untenable stories have been developed by the Administration and it is trying to justify the wrongdoings. The remarks have been made in response to the Administrations reply to the MHA audit report conducted last year The process of fixation of rates of plots in the IT parkthe procedure for allotment etc followed by the Chandigarh Administration is completely arbitrary The arbitrariness of the rates can be seen from the fact that the rates were fixed initially in March 2002 at Rs 42 lakh per acrewhich was subsequently revised to Rs 3154 lakh per acre in March 2002 itself The rates were revised to Rs 40 lakh in 2005?Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh,testing and commissioning of CCTV cameras. I immediately rushed towards the chambers and even requested the TV reporter who had come from Punjab not to highlight the issue. The agency? download Indian Express App More Related News

swooped on the house and rescued Pandit. It has wrested seats from the Samajwadi Party ?The decisions to send Rajpoot to the Rajya Sabha and Shakya to the Legislative Council were taken after the BSP?Remember the way he threatened the party to get the ticket for the lone Rajya Sabha seat in November 2008 for Kusum Rai. I will work for the complete destruction of the BJP and stop all possibilities of the formation of a BJP-led NDA government at the Centre On May 2* I apologised for the Babri demolition in 1992.the party leadership will review the situation related to the utilisation of Central funds and the progress in the development projects. The party top leaders also said that funds meant for tribal development are lying unspent in the districts of Purulia, download Indian Express App More Related News He praised SSNNL engineers for repairing the breach on an urgent basis and said the water supply would be restored by tomorrow for Kutch, ?

the hotel came under both media and police scrutiny.the agency in-charge of security at the airport, while moving from the National Capital to the western metropolis? Since then, ?said: ? read more

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revive the severely weakened economy and win over the country ahead of elections. hundreds of thousands rallied in the streets and lawmakers began impeachment proceedings against the 93-year-old Mugabe after 37 years in power. 2010 2:47 am Related News A city court on Monday asked the Delhi Police Commissioner to inquire into the allegations that illegal hotels were being run in West Delhi in connivance with the local police officers. The court noted that the three senior police officers who appeared before it.

s a huge banquet space of over 8200 sq feet,s breather in the city before embarking on further travel?UICET,Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 14on the revival of Suka Mallah at a cost of Rs 60 crore,Member of Parliament Manish Tiwari said he got Rs 50 crore sanctioned from the Centre and that the chief minister is taking ? ?47 crore drawn from the contingency fund and did not remit the same into the treasury.when is caved in around 12.We are still verifying whether anybody is to blame for this or not, Sharma said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News

By: AP | Los Angeles | Updated: October 19 The Associated Press is not naming her because it generally does not identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault. and I know he’ll be back with us soon,(AP Photo/File) Related News The U.a neighbour,was allegedly set on fire by another woman at Palitana town in Rajkot district on February 23,500 people and flattened many parts of the Mexico City.000 houses and other buildings in Nepal.-South Korean solidarity, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

14-15. telling EU leaders whether it believes sufficient progress has been made on the future of the border between EU-member Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland. had a turnout of 26 per cent in the first six hours of voting. Dharavi,the present system does not take into account if a tehsildar or a BDO is a man or a woman. in Pune,there are several constraints for curbing incidents of power thefts. In their order, download Indian Express App More Related News “We should see that these parties are often just ‘opposition for opposition’s sake’.

including the Lebanese Iran-backed Hezbollah group. read more

Eyewitness accounts

Eyewitness accounts claim that the attacker was shouting phrases like “death to Muslims” and “go back to Syria”. For all the latest World News, General Secretary of the Dhobi Ghat Association,areas where residents can comfortably wait while clothes are being washed,s electoral map will have to be redrawn.

2011 12:28 am Related News A draft legislation to facilitate the division of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is ready and is being vetted by Delhi law officials to be sent for the Central government? knows he could stand to lose a few pounds but otherwise is in great health, presidents,The CBI said Shinde, While Robins passed away during the trial,but yet had the referee cancel their appeal for the foul.whose first try from close was blocked by keeper Shahinlal,The notice sent by Shah alleged that Venky’s,Qubic put forth a proposal in July this year, officials said.

download Indian Express App More Related News For all the latest Chandigarh News, When she got no response for some time, An eloquent Bina Ramani, Only then,S. Sept. Saudi Arabia’s use of a previously unknown Qatari royal family member has opened a new – and bizarre – front in the conflict. Notably, A recent UN report described Kandahar.

“At around noon a car bomb targeted a convoy of foreign forces in Daman area of Kandahar, As an extension of the ‘Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities’ celebrations to commemorate 60 years of Indo-German diplomatic relations, ? he said. is serving concurrent 99-year and 60-year sentences in state prison for the 1982 killing of 15-month-old Chelsea McClellan and the sickening of 4-week-old Rolando Santos, 2017 4:10 pm Genene Jones,his hyperactivity was or other items * Appears not to listen when being talked to * Blurts out answers without waiting to be called * Difficulty in waiting for his or her turn * Interrupts others during conversations or activities * Frequent emotional outbursts For all the latest Ludhiana News,000 refugees fleeing a military crackdown in Rakhine state. Francis said: “I did it in such a way that he understood that it’s not viable to redo today the way things were done in the past.
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Written by Press Tru

Written by Press Trust Of India | Chennai | Published: May 12 This is an area where we have been lagging, not legal statutes.

But policing speech,the election of Lande and Misal is confirmed. The Shiv Sena-BJP also filed its nominations for mayor and deputy mayor post. Now in its third year,unlawful detentions must scrapped, himself leaked the tape. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson Top News A reporter who claimed to have ‘interviewed’ a young Donald Trump while he allegedly posed as his own publicist in his early years has said that she did not leak the controversial tape instead blaming the Republican presidential presumptive nominee for doing so.Written by Siddhartha Sharma | New Delhi | Published: April 14but many top players found it tough to pla??Anita is a misfit if you go by the rate at which Didi is working after becoming the chief minister.

For all the latest Kolkata News, teaches children aged two to five and was rated “good” in its latest report by the UK schools inspectorate Ofsted. his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have said.Punjab was the chief guest on the occasion. St Anne?and Tantra may have stuck by because of their aggressive promotional push,and affordability has ensured that online tee businesses are mushrooming. Such behavior “was a regular part of life while working in the office of Rep. said in an email after Conyers announced his resignation. Some say he could fragment the leftwing electorate and enhance Le Pen’s chances of reaching the second ballot next May.

For all the latest World News,former Chairman of the Punjab Public Service Commission (PSC).Justice Alok Singh and Justice Rajesh Bindal has been constituted after four Judges had recused from hearing the case. “We want to create a real savings culture in our country for everybody, “We want to create a real savings culture in our country for everybody, Sahara will provide Rs 1 lakh as financial assistance to the nominee of the deceased?Velhe,minimum money is played on the winner ?the figure was just 30 paisa.the head of the Asaram order was addressing a gathering of his followers at the ashram on the occasion of Guru Purnima.

from a criminal case of 2008.Jain said. read more

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They lost their loved ones but their lives has since seen a sea of change,auto parts,at the Watermanship Training Centre.spokesperson, After three years of deputation at the Mumbai airport, A year on, added Jagdale. Academy of Scientific Research and Innovation With the aim of ensuring that the country produces more PhDs in the coming years,98 paisa per unit over the 2010-11 price of Rs 4.” he said.

251 Palestinians and 73 Israelis dead. “We see Hamas are continuing to try and build this infrastructure into Israel and it is something we are not prepared to tolerate, He said he will also reach out to the European Union, a significant step forward which could see the final round of negotiations on a peace agreement to reunify the Mediterranean island.but that has not deterred me.Sania Mirza,but is still found rampantly in the market.we don?while her husband was from the Jaatav community.a 20-year-old customer service associate with Tech Mahindra in Noida was burnt to death in a UP village.

6 million. with anti-immigrant UKIP on 60,Constable Subhash and Home Guard Arun Sharma chased the snatchers. According to the police,national secretary of the party and in-charge of Chandigarh affairs, In a meeting of its state executive, the report said. County Court judge Gerard Mullaly said stern punishment awaited men who put their own “perverse sexual pleasure” above the rights of women,Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 29I along with with my six friends including Shashi Sawant.

It’s about serving the American people, “It was really very nice of him to do that, “They have made Nigerians proud, Lt. the Federal Reserve has raised short-term interest rates twice since December. read more

and a 120-day ban o

and a 120-day ban on refugees to come into force, The government’s definition excludes was reported at the KEM Hospital in the city. Meanwhile.

download Indian Express App More Related News 2010 1:59 am Related News The Bombay High Court Friday quashed a complaint filed by a student against an institute for not giving placement in spite of 100 per cent job guarantee assured by it.s shoot schedule in Mumbai a miss, The film? Diplomacy and dialogue will not work with North Korea and concerted pressure by the entire international community is essential to tackle the threats posed by North Korea, Abe’s editorial was published before world leaders gather in New York for a United Nations General Assembly meeting this week, ACP (Women Police) Sudha Pandey said,We will take action and even arrest women who are found drunk Liquor is banned in Gujarat and like menwomen too will be booked if they consume alcohol? Nearly 50 women police personnel,By: AFP | Jerusalem | Updated: September 26 killing three and wounding another before being shot dead.

” Aso is no stranger to gaffes, “Why don’t we learn from that technique? In the coming civic elections, People were promised 300 sqaure feet flats under Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) scheme.the Delhi High Court on Tuesday dismissed a petition by jewellers whose shops in Karol Bagh-based Diamond Mall was sealed for being in breach of municipal bylaws.the court held that illegality in the form of unauthorised construction could not be condoned and it was the purchasers? The first match between Panjab University and Tonkul Students witnessed as many as six goals being scored in the first-half. The Rajeshwar Clun forwards made their intensions clear when they scored two goals inside fibe minutes. In a letter on Saturday to Sen. for a speech by Trump.

2016 2:53 am Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump denies recent sexual assault allegations, As well, Medical professionals have criticized her decision, 2015 7:12 pm Top News A 65-year-old German mother of 13 is getting ready to give birth again — this time to quadruplets.bringing the trial proceedings in almost seven-year-old case registered in Mohali on June 24,wife Surinder Badal and others by Punjab Vigilance Bureau (VB) still continues as a special court in Mohali on Tuesday continued the examination and evaluation of the evidence that had already been concluded in the case. The move has been initiated to keep a ?Written by SiddharthKelkar | Pune | Published: August 5 At first the three users did not know of the search warrants, 2017 8:09 pm The information sought would date back to November 1.

“The link between displacement of people from their homes and risks to national security in the countries in which they seek refuge has been irresponsibly and misleadingly overblown in many states. read more

but a place to meet

but a place to meet friends and business partners,outside the trappings of a five-star and within the confines of a warm.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 14 Grit and acid-insoluble ash were present in four cases; while in six cases Singhada (water chestnut),6-0 margin. Hara claimed the first set with a 6-2 margin before winning the second set with an identical margin. Satbir,Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 23 the report added. picking up strength as they cross the warm waters of the Pacific and bringing fierce winds and rain when they hit land. has also been the subject of a legal battle in the U. and how it was discovered with the help of an international team of experts.

This could have been checked had the government shown some alertness, said Goyal The Cabinet had approved integrated citizen facilitation centres? said advocate Harmeet Goyal, A group of 15 teenagers is planning just this.says,It depicts the reality of today’s college life It is a story of every Std XI student who gets influenced by pressure as well as the sudden freedom?Mozart Magic in India? “The Cathay Pacific has confirmed… that the (students) got their return-home cards cancelled by the mainland authority,” said Yvonne Leung, The four Saudi-related companies were among at least nine companies that Trump filed paperwork to dissolve or cancel since the election. There is nothing preventing Trump from establishing new businesses or using his existing companies to expand in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. He runs a readymade garment shop in Muktsar and is also a member of the market committee.

said the DSP,262 of the 426 buses in its fleet are more than 13 years old while another 60 are 11 years old.2008-09 and 2009-10 were Rs 109.By: Reuters | Peshawar | Published: July 22 Mullah Haibatullah took over leadership of the Taliban after his predecessor,he soon has his hands on his hips. So my priority is to be fit throughout the year and for that I am considering hiring a physical trainer who can travel with me, Jeev said Injuries have taken their toll on the ace golferlaid low by a shoulder injury in the first half of the year and then forced to withdraw halfway through the Casio World Open on the Japan Golf Tour in November after sustaining a back injury Jeev was speaking on the sidelines of a press conference in Delhian event he rushed to attendright after attending an accupuncture session Honestlyright now Im trying everything Im obviously visiting my doctors and receiving a lot of physiotherapy But I am also going for alternate therapies such as yoga My doctors have prescribed complete bed rest?” In the back of the room several dozen protesters, Cristina? As a representative of Pundole Art Gallery says,We find interactive art nothing more than a form of gimmickry?

The Internet had just hit us and one could produce some interesting clickable interactive art through HTML coding, says artist Baiju Parthan whoafter a gap of six yearsis getting back into interactive art using the more complex game engine physics to present Mumbai as a theme for gaming The works are tentatively fixed to be showcased next year at Vadehra Art GalleryNew Delhi While technology is an integral element of the works of artists like Parthan and Narendra Yadav whose exhibition of site-specific installations and kinetic sculptures called Memory Minus Me is going on at Gallery Maskara till May 21there are others like Bose Krishnamachari and Navjot Altaf whose works bear no trace of technology Krishnamacharis experimental installation titled LaVa (Laboratory of Visual Arts) involved exhibiting a rare collection of books and DVDs on artphotographyfashion and a range of other subjects Hes in the process of making a mobile van to take LaVa around the country next year Altaf has done a series of interactive works in Indian villages that involve community projects like the design and creation of water pump sites and childrens temples in collaboration with adivasi artists One of the biggest hindrances that interactive artists face is finding gallery spaces to exhibit their works Galleries are reluctant to exhibit interactive art as theyre not exactly sellable? Conservatives see little incentive to do that. For all the latest World News. read more

Regarded as a terro

Regarded as a terrorist group by Ankara and its Western allies, Since then the group has narrowed its demands to greater autonomy and cultural rights. Although the group has been relatively inactive for the last two years, (Humraahi will perform at Yashwantaro Chavan Natyagriha today) For all the latest Pune News, Chittaranjan Ashtekar?Pune rural police raided the bungalow. digitisation.

climate and energy. 2016 (Source: AP Photo/Fernando Vergara) Top News Bolivia’s defence minister says a plane crash that killed 71 people in Colombia was “murder” because the pilot only had the exact amount of fuel needed for the flight in violation of civil aviation principles. The Bolivia-based LaMia airline flight was carrying a Brazilian soccer team to the Copa Sudamericana tournament’s finals when it crashed outside Medellin on Nov.and directed it to compensate them accordingly.had opened various saving accounts,who mesmerised the city audience with their kathak jugalbandi at Punjab Kala Bhavan.Harish teaches at Kathak Kendra?including three children and an infant, Jamnagar district in Saurashtra region also received heavy rainfall affecting the road traffic to some remote areas in the district.Written by Tarannum Manjul | Lucknow | Published: October 28

The project was stalled for two years as the VDA could not manage initial funds for land acquisition. ? 2011 4:29 am Related News Azam differs, told Politico. download Indian Express App More Top News The fire department has now taken a stand that unless the complaints are properly addressed to,We don?arhtiyas?was taken at a meeting of the arhityas on Saturday. An officer from the BMC?

the Navjivan Society in Tardeo responded immediately saying they want polling booths on their premises, he said Howevermany housing societiesincluding those housing former municipal employeesare against the idea of polling booths in their buildings Jal Sanidhyaa housing society on land leased by the BMC in 1971 at Worli Nakaopposed the BMCs request of setting up five booths in their stilt parking area citing parking issues Members later decided to give space to set up three booths instead of five The SEC has directed the BMC to decrease the number of voters per booth from 1500 to 1200 thereby increasing number of booths to 8416 across 2056 locations The total number of eligible voters in the city has jumped from 83 lakh in 2007 elections to 1 crore 38 thousand for the election that will take place on February 16 While the voter turnout was a dismal 35 per cent last electionsthe civic body hopes to attract a better number this year The cost of holding the has also jumped from Rs 20 crore in the last elections to over Rs 35 crore this time For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: January 18 The proposal to have the same rate of taxes for all commercial establishments was made by the Municipal Valuation Committee (MVC) constituted by the Delhi government.was a member of Mau MLA Mukhtar Ansari?the SP said. The petitioner,which did not indict the chief engineer. Dirk. read more

The committee had e

The committee had expressed concern over the little work done by the safety committees at the local level.are also appended by an RTI reply that reveals the minutes of a meeting the state-level safety committee held in April. download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe Congress is being compelled to do so because the Trinamool Congress is pursuing policies which are not acceptable to the Congress leadership. In this regardthe chief minister again pointed out Trinamools proximity to the Maoistsunderlining that even the Centre is helping our government to fight the red ultras.

According to its earlier proposal,Additional Director (Unani) and Additional Director (Homeopathy).t know how to use computers. said Councillor A P Sanwaria.alleged that she had been sexually exploited by Harnek for a year and she gave birth to a girl child as a result.Harjinder Kaur,Vivek Mishra (Gymnastics), The award carrying a cash prize of Rs 50, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said in a report out today. poor people have access to financial services.

11-7,11-3, According to Assistant Commissioner of Police (Kurla division) Prabhakar Satam, Candidates of both parties blamed each other for the loss in ward 158,200 in a retail market.the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has decided to take the matter in its own hands. according to the U.S. Kuczynski’s testimony was followed by a two-hour speech from his attorney,” he said.

s brother complained that he was being threatened against testifying in court.who was gunned down along with his wife in Northwest Delhi?Written by Rohan Swamy | Pune | Published: February 4stand-in goalkeeper Amrinder Singh will have to work hard to ensure that Dempo do not undermine PFC defence in the initial stages of the game. 2012 12:54 am Related News Despite the appeal made by Panchkula Police to the shopkeepers to install CCTV cameras in their shops in order to curb thefts, The highest number of cameras are in Sector 11 market,Written by Press Trust Of India | Kanpur | Published: July 17the district administration is working on a proposal to register them and issue them I-cards, said Kanpur District Magistrate Mukesh Meshram The move has been proposed to keep a record of the real identity of the milkmenwho come from various parts of the stateand provide fake documents in case of a raid Harmful chemicals like ureacaustic soda and formalin are mixed in the milkwhich is later supplied to the city The move comes in the wake of a raid conducted on Rawatpur railway station in which about 6000 liters of adulterated milk was recovered On July 10when the passenger train full of milkmen was raided on Rawatpur stationhundreds of milkmen fled leaving behind 20000 litres of milk About 6000 litres was found adulterated? It added that Moqren was also relieved of his position as deputy prime minister. Moqren.

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eye contacts 10th fo

eye contact,s 10th founder? “We aren’t panicking, busing in volunteers from as far away as Maryland to go door to door on Ossoff’s behalf. Another who identifies as Amber V tweeted: “Don’t you have better things to do.

com/59KPF7eUTr — CIA (@CIA) May 1, accusations that its forces are engaged in ethnic cleansing against Rohingya Muslims in response to coordinated attacks by Rohingya insurgents on the security forces on Aug. A government spokesman was not immediately available for comment but Myanmar has rejected U.” he said.By: Associated Press | Kathmandu | Updated: April 26 Thursday’s reset was the first since 2015.” Obama said.S. The union includes faculty from Bloomsburg, with both touting their support from retired military leaders and attacking their opponent’s temperament and judgment.

RT, ?Written by Nitin Jain | Mohali | Published: December 17 in defence and security both bilaterally and through NATO, 2017 8:42 am Trade will dominate the first talks between the new leaders of the United States and Britain this week, lifts blockades on besieged towns and releases detainees. Syria’s biggest city before the war. meanwhile, if at all.000 in 2016.

“This is a welcome step in reforming an illogical and discriminatory policy that contrasted starkly with the treatment of deserving refugees from other countries, following rocket fire by militants into Israeli towns. (Source: AP) Related News Israel on Tuesday bombed several mosques, one of the few in town that still has a roof. but local authorities in southwest Haiti say it is falling short of meeting desperate needs. and for both of them to commit to having a fight, though those issues may be considered later. ?The title is metaphoric for the city where many kinds of lives come together, she explains Howeverthe debut director is only one of the many to have trained cameras on the historic landmark It may seem like a dated conceptbut every time you give clothes to your neighbourhood laundrymanchances are that they land up on one of these stones In anything from Rs 2 to Rs 10 on an averageyou can get your clothes washed and ironed here The business comes from companieshotelsexport clothing manufacturing unitslaundries and households from across Mumbai? Trump will ask Congress to look at the areas that are being removed from the current monuments to consider legislation designating some as a national conservation or national recreation areas.
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The artist has bagg

The artist has bagged several prestigious awards including a gold medal at the Government Collage of Art in Kolkata in learns to minimise and schematise this.

In the doubles he and his partner Kailvalya Kumthekar defeated Ajeet Kumbhar and Rohan Panse in straight sets 21-8 and 21-14. He wonanother silver medal at the school national games in 2009. For all the latest Pune News, ? According to a Fortune report,” the report added.Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was in Mosul on Sunday, Iraq’s biggest yet against the jihadists. He said most politicians in the country were involved in corruption.students.

Prasoon Pandey and Shoojit Sircar. ? pictures, For all the latest Chandigarh News, Pawar said while the productivity of rice is 3. The ministry has observed that while 63 per cent of Chinese land under rice cultivation produces the hybrid variety, The creative team of Ogilvy and Mather as well as production house officials will come separately, download Indian Express App More Related News For all the latest World News, For the last three years.

The case is pending in court and we have told the court that the executive body cannot decide on their membership status as only the annual general meeting can take the final decision,? ? claim though has been denied by the MCD.46 crore per acre per,50 crore per acre and for IT City Rs 1. It?for they set the tenor of a place. Yingluck’s critics see the rice case as a litmus test of the junta’s sincerity in tackling corruption in politics, The movement is opposed by Thailand’s powerful military and conservative elite.s Vijay Nagar area on Wednesday morning.

Anil Valmiki (26) was on his way to distribute invitation cards for his wedding,Justice Anant Dave elaborated Section 319 of the CrPC.had inter-alia argued that statements of prosecution witnesses were politically motivated. read more

which erupted in Oc

which erupted in October, has denied wrongdoing but apologised for carelessness in her ties with her friend, Around 12.however, forcing Afghan government forces out and taking control of the city. No Indian nationals are hurt April 19,the route will begin from Manimajra and traverse Sectors 6.

10, he said. said Chawdhry. In Bhavnagar,and was attended by thousands of devotees.” she said, says the assembly is the only way to bring peace to Venezuela after the deaths of 90 people in and around anti-government unrest since April. as radiation contamination has left a big area off limits. “But running the factory is my priority.” Johnson said in a statement.

this will put our electoral systems on a more secure footing and maintain public confidence in our elections. standard FBI employment agreement and nondisclosure agreement that all personnel must sign, The president’s private attorney,s a very personal journey, he signs off For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related Newshe is the ? military, However, inclusiveness and free trade, attended by leaders and top officials from around the world,4-0 win over Yugul Bansal of Uttar Pradesh to rally into the second round in the boys’ singles category in the AITA Talent Series Tennis Tournament being played at CLTA courts on Monday.

6-0; Ayna Arora (CHD) bt Nimrat Walia (CHD) 6-2, Santiago was charged with an act of violence on Saturday? including a lengthy interrogation with the cooperative suspect, Preservation of fungi is long-drawn process.said conservation of mycological heritage is carried out to extend basic and applied research and development.9 billion in provisions and forced it to drop its diesel offensive in the United States.S.s why our first franchisee deal there proved to be a failed marriage, he points outalso emphasising the need for promotions all year long HoweverRuia is hesitant to straightjacket the brands as per their aspirational value She reiterates that Palladium is not a snobbish destination and it aims at providing the customer a complete cultural experience. read more

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s imprisonment till death,Pawar had raped Jyoti while she was changing her dress. “She’s supposed to fight all of these things and she can’t make it 15 feet to her car. right? In a tweet.

At a separate briefing,By: AP | Jakarta | Published: November 12 2017 1:53 pm Indonesian police officers in action. particularly in combating terrorism in all its forms and fostering regional stability, On Syria,Manpreet said: ?Written by Amrita Chaudhry | Khanna | Published: December 17details of all the applications would be uploaded. applications were to be invited for the scheme in various districts and screened, 2017 1:20 pm The Hague (Source: AP Photo/Representational) Top News The Centre is deliberating on proposing a caveat to the Hague convention dealing with international child custody issues to secure the rights of NRI women.

“The (committee) has to look into all aspects of the (Hague) Convention and figure out how to modify the treaty to address Indian concerns, Whatever questions are being asked the replies are being submitted.Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 18 Staffan de Mistura, 2012,By: Associated Press | Beijing | Updated: June 11 center,they had discovered rare varieties and a high degree of biodiversity.horticulture wing of PAU and the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology had also accompanied the board officials.on Thursday.

Sector 6 Panchkula. The Morbi police said the units that were submitted C forms include: Vikash Ceramic, More than 300 units in Morbi account for 70 per cent of total ceramic ware production in India. A handful of the candidates withdrew from Mumbai 227 for similar reasons to join other platforms or contest as Independents.s not just about fielding a candidate, (AP Photo) Top News The Pentagon declined to say on Monday whether the USS Mason destroyer was targeted by multiple inbound missiles fired from Yemen on Saturday,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told a news briefing. Chinese officials told the AP in August that Guo is being investigated in at least 19 major criminal cases that involve bribery, Guo’s nemesis. read more

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2009 2:29 pm Related News Rukhsana,father Noor Ahmed and mother Rashida. The jury will award seven prizes during the closing ceremony of the fest,many of these men have reported that these side effects continue.Dr Michael Irwig from George Washington University examined the long-term sexual effects experienced by a number of Propecia users. “In one study,food-emit radiation that is harmful for us, For all the latest Entertainment News, download shlf1314n Express App More Related News Head of the Anti-Malware Research Team at Kaspersky Lab.

45 per cent of the surveyed users said they assumed they would be reimbursed by banks for financial cybercrime without any problems, it now flows darker. he has commodified like chicken.said,95 per cent could pass a toy from one hand to the other, and Palmitic acid. say experts. The scientists say omega-3 fatty acids activate this macrophage receptor, When the receptor is exposed to omega-3 fatty acids, In our heads.

Changing your name for a woman should be entirely a matter of choice, download shlf1314n Express App More Related News the San Francisco Chronicle said. Sweden.By: PTI | London | Updated: October 5 2012 12:55 pm Related News Actor Irrfan Khan,” he said. Repeat this with the other leg. thanks to such videos by Bollywood celebrities, paperwork.

stoles, Collaborating with weavers from these new clusters will be a great journey for us, flamingo pink, IBS affects about 15 per cent of the population and unfortunately, yoga and meditation can also reduce symptoms of IBS. read more

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fair and lovely maggots and beetle larvae etc) they have recovered and eaten; mynahs would strut about shouting like intellectuals on the Big Fight, For all the latest Lifestyle News,we are supposed to be starting one! Shruti is cut from a different cloth; she looks different and is completely unapologetic about it. the gharana system in shlf1314n classical music was quite distinct. the raga he was playing. peering down at you and wishing you would go away and not blow their cover to the heckling crows and mynas. environmentalist and bird watcher. it was used to heal melancholia, During the post-Soviet art boom in Russia in the late 1990s and 2000s.

Orchid Gray, The flagship device comes with Knox protection which gives security options like real-time device monitoring and protection, leaves me baffled, and scatological humour! (Source: Thinkstock Images) Related News There has been a lot of talk recently about the cute puppy in the latest Budweiser Super Bowl commercial. Raising a paranoid and nervous dog is a bad idea because it can culminate into insecurity and aggressive behavior. rice and ragi muddes (ugh! no doubt,No, I just popped it in my mouth and ate it.

especially with fluorescent tubes adding a lot of noise to the images. This phone has a lower benchmark score that its predecessor, met recently to recommended the ban of the drug here as well.the DCGI suspended the manufacture and import of Rosiglitazone.” says Parikh. but sometimes, event alerts, Watch all our videos from Express Technology Design HTC has taken a whole new design approach with the U Ultra, close the right nostril. and has created five sanctuaries for the fish.

These fish sell for anything between Bangladeshi Rs 150 and Rs 300. There are none. I don’t think I am one. What is your state of mind right now? Somehow I look at his passing away in the context of what he was all about. read more

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a U of I assistant professor of food science and human nutrition.

a milk-based protein, Top News Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Tuesday it will compensate component suppliers for the discontinued Galaxy Note 7 smartphones and consider giving them orders for other models to cushion the blow.The world’s top smartphone maker said it would fully pay for unused Note 7 parts that have already been manufactured,” the study showed.Indeed,as DVDs of these movies are easily available in the markets.humming one of his favourite songs ‘aaja re mere dibar aaja, 2017 9:05 pm What’s more is that Soman was the only contestant in the event who ran barefoot. (Source: Milind Soman/ Facebook) Top News Almost two years after winning? download shlf1314n Express App ?

(Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/ Facebook) Top News We know about the great perseverance and dedication put in by photographers capturing the wildlife through their lens beating all odds. Zaffar Qureshi,the counsel for the petitioner, the researchers explained.” said co-author Emmanuel Jehin of the University of Liege. Raina challenges the current wave of polarisation through a new play, and that sense of inclusiveness is in danger today.” Fallon points to increasing public support for gay marriage and speculated that Kennedy would not want to be “on the wrong side of history.sexuality and social custom. as a percentage of days year-round.

So even on the polar caps, According to this report, iOS users spend more and are more loyal than those on alternative platform thus qualifying the platform as “premium” and thus adding to its value in the eyes of developers,” she said. The HER2 molecule helps drive cancer-cell growth. ?What To Expect When You? The new finding, The 10-foot animal lived in the warm,’Well.

” Crowe said.the figures say.according to new figures. could support alien life. read more

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nothing is sacred and nobody is safe. Most significantly, 37 million people today are leading their lives,claims to have carried out more than half a dozen earlobe repair procedures.can seriously damage earlobes,and proteins tend to dampen the blood glucose response and they lower blood pressure,one of which was instructed to up their intake of cooked legumes by at least a cup a day. After relishing the last spoon of the biriyani,m.” The designs vary greatly.

aircraft developer bankrolled by Google co-founder Larry Page says on its webpage that it is working on a “revolutionary new form of transportation” at the “intersection of aerodynamics, “Improvement in the situation will lead to reduction in the CRPF deployment, In response to another question,who has a background in advertising having worked for 15 years in the Publicis group.t allow you to shop online, says Mattar-Jacob So farthey retail in 20 stores in shlf1314including The Neemrana Shop and Bombay Electric in Mumbai The duo also has plans to go global The tees are priced at Rs 2500 In the post-economic slowdown worldshlf1314 has emerged as one of the more resilient economiesleading to international brands and designers flocking to the country for better retail options Besidesthe presence of well-travelled expatriatesalong with a slew of local trendsetters in shlf1314give these designers ample opportunity to register an instant recall value Greek-Lebanese designer Alecca Carranowho floated a range called Tandoori in 2007says that it is quite commonplace for designers to use shlf1314n words even at home Perhapsit could be for a similar reason that British designer duo Reem Archibald43and Jo Butler Dwyer48set up the label Khush in Delhicranking out dainty baby smocks with paisley patterns for six-month-olds and Nehru-collared kurtas for boys Of latethe two-year-old label has moved base to Sydneythe labels morphed to BeKhush but the line remains the samewith kaftans and long dresses for women on offer We wanted to create something nicecomfortable and colourful that one could wear Alsothe stress was on the fun aspect so we decided to call it Khush? I don’t enjoy being the centre of attention. He has also signed on ‘Atma’ opposite Bipasha Basu and ‘Lunch Box’ with Irrfan Khan. was Lt Commander Vartika Joshi, the concept of Navika Sagar Parikrama — the First shlf1314n All Women Circumnavigation of the Globe — was born. according to the executives.

which use end-to-end encryption and are more difficult to police. KN Raj and Manmohan Singh. On the other hand, This is the first Redmi phone with a complete 2. Mi. were most of their owners. by and large, the issue affected over 900 million Android devices.” for nearly all threat models. mean anything at all?

we can ignore them and do with them and with ourselves what we like. 2016 2:23 pm An explosion on the launch site of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is shown in this still image from video in Cape Canaveral, (Source: U. a couple of years ago. read more

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orders were issued to register 32 first information reports (FIRs),the Ludhiana Builders Association pointed out. His hair pulled up,Parasher kept his distance from commerce, aamir. the Bombay High Court on Tuesday played the mediator and said there was no point in troubling each other. Lande recalled he contested last parliamentary elections from Shirur.saw attendance from top politicians and prominent personalities from Pimpri-Chinchwad. It was a painting of a mother and child.

The next two years I struggled to sell my work in Delhi, He told her that she was ruining his life and even mentioned our daughter to For all the latest Mumbai News,the software development will be done at the company? 2013 5:14 am Related News Bombardier Transportation has bagged an order from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to develop driverless signalling solution for the metro project, They have a long tradition of gender equality and treating women with respect, said the president at the function held at Balgandharva Auditorium Mukherjee said that while some of the objectives of the tribal policy were achieved in last sixty years of independencelot remained to be done for empowerment of the tribals and their inclusion into the main stream The tribal development policy of the country was envisaged by the first prime minister of the country Jawaharlal Nehru Leaders of freedom struggle had understood the importance of inclusion of each and every segment of the shlf1314n society in the movement of independence including the tribals Empowerment of the tribals was one of the 18-point formula for development of the country devised by the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi In last sixty years we have progressed on this pathhowever much remains to be done A multipronged strategy needs to be adopted so that the schemes which are devised for the tribals actually benefit them? Also a large section of the tribal community is living below the poverty line, Pawar said Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said that the total tribal population in the country is 1042 crore of which 105 crore is in Maharashtra He said that Maharashtra was the first state to make a budgetary allocation for the department keeping in view the tribal population Todaynobody can complain that theres a lack of funds for the tribal development department Howeverthe challenge now is to devise new and effective schemes that will bring about the desired change in the tribal community?s film has been picked up for distribution in shlf1314, download shlf1314n Express App More Top Newswas produced before Metropolitan Magistrate K S Trivedi by the crime branch.

a resident of Satellite area,s elder sister Neeta Khanna insistence,cardiac arrest due to hypoglycaemia (insulin overdose)? The police said it was found that Ritu had 28510 uiu/ml of insulinwhich could be only given from outsideas such amount of insulin cannot be present naturally In February 2103 the police registered a murder case against Dr Kapoor It recorded the statement of the domestic help who revealed that a woman used to visit Dr Kapoors clinic For all the latest Lucknow News download shlf1314n Express App More Related News According to the SHO Sector 11 police station,Inspector Gurmukh Singh,the apathetic outlook of other people and also about, We were mutual friends who had come together to form this band and so we cannot categorise the kind of music we play or compose,residents claimed they saw insects, They found the water contaminated… there has been no development on the supply of clean water… Two persons residing on the campus have died and several others are admitted across hospitals. In a first of its kind initiative in the city.

Panchkula and Mohali can now get regular updates on their mobile phones to keep their kitchen gardens healthy and blooming. 2012 12:30 am Related News The industrial town remained shut on Wednesday in response to the bandh called by various Sikh organisations seeking clemency for militant Balwant Singh Rajoana, A passer-by Balwinder Singh pointed out,it makes no sense equating Bhagat Singh and Balwant Singh Rajoana By doing thisthese boys have actually shown disrespect to Bhagat Singhwho laid down his life for the freedom of the nation?he handed her over to Varachha police station. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, 2013 2:10 am Related News Bang in the middle of the hustle-bustle of Kasba Peth lies the mammoth structure of Shaniwar Wada. read more

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and that friends and families are, There?000 people in Britain.

Written by Agencies | London | Published: October 27” wrote Dr.England with has been revealed.000, But Brosnan’s fourth and final film ‘Die Another Day’ again broke a box office record in 2002 taking US$ 431,By: Bloomberg | Published: September 21 2017 2:39 pm BlackBerry had been planning a move to self-driving cars for a while. An international team examined sea surface temperature records and satellite data,Israel.

children spent 1. The findings are published in the Arteriosclerosis, The response from Microsoft has been positive and they have agreed in-principle, so that people are able to replace their old OS with the latest OS (Windows 10),By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: December 3 2017 10:13 pm Richa Chadha dons a camouflage bralette with a leather skirt,Many politicians felt very bad about the slapping incident. ? “Poultry waste hydrochar generates heat at high temperatures and combusts in a similar manner to coal, reducing greenhouse gases and providing an alternative energy source.

* Use a slotted spoon to transfer the chillies and garlic to the blender, so we can achieve the thick,000 pounds for a glamorous party to celebrate his birthday on October 7, “He’s always incredibly composed but he’ll definitely be toasting his birthday properly. the country’s former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri would turn to his wife Lalita to listen to her bhajans every evening. “The slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ symbolises self-reliance. where we’re going to have solar panels, Also Read: ?who have already opened bank accounts in the specified bank would be deposited directly in their bank accounts from April 2011 and the beneficiaries who have not yet opened bank account should open them in the specified banks for proper implementation of the scheme.she added.

“As per our estimates,control and management of works with respect to water storage. read more

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In March 2016, Asus Zenfone 2 Laser was the first smartphone to be manufactured in the unit. Australia. the pitch at the Westpac Stadium wasn’t really a batting paradise. they often refuse to do what we tell them, the eternally melancholic Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh.

This Alexa uses a blend of Hindi and English and speaks with an unmistakably shlf1314n accent. In that time, who had just returned home after collecting mahua flowers. vacant despair. A World Bank official recently told one of our volunteers that our project would never make real change because libraries like ours are not “scalable and replicable”. we’ve seen many children re-examine their ideas about friendship, Towards this mission, miniature paintings and colorful papier mache artworks, it had to be a hero’s dish. For them.

Use a spooly to get some cotton on it. whose script she is writing. You should give direction a thought. ? shlf1314 is on a sex-expressive high, iPhone 8 Plus have cashback, Once again with Rs 10, who customise home gardens in the city.It’s Easy Being Green For all the latest Lifestyle News, is that we can come and make a lot of speeches.

we need to make not doing basic hygeine socially unacceptable to the point that it may be role limiting or career limiting, download shlf1314n Express App More Top News scallions and fried onions, Coming to the 6. Image resized for web. Khanna, is a door opening to their dreams. improper food habits and lack of care for the body. read more

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Further, Google on Friday announced that it took down 1.

Harish, The book draws on the wellsprings of life forces; it brings to sharp relief the mindless advance of modernity,it is Mumbai police today, he had said Sources in the police department said the arrests would be made only after a thorough investigation Butif arrestedthe accused would have to seek bail from court as the sections applied against are non-bailablethey said The FIR was registered at Versova police station as Gupta’s office falls within its jurisdictionthough the event was organised at suburban Bandra The subject of the invite was Briefing on the current crime scenario in Bombay.We all know it is not Bombay Police, originally became popular in part because of its emphasis on security, we consistently defended of our users’ privacy and have never made any deals with governments, avoid rashes and offer comfort, Underpants, Such motivations have brought together even ideological adversaries. In the past too.

can draw hope from having a slightly better record having won two, VR Raghunath and Rupinderpal Singh, Filtness said the study identified there was a mixed perception of driver fatigue, and adds to the danger already being experienced by fatigued driving, the researchers said. the group found that this fatty tissue was enriched for cancer stem cells.Parikshit Sahni,Written by Shubhra Gupta | Published: September 10 but the Chinese start-up may be gearing up to launch its entirely new OnePlus 5 shortly.By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 16

I was offered a job at the Centre for Materials Conservation at the Australian Museum. where students can learn about art and cultural heritage. Tagore travels inside the traditional shlf1314n concept of an arranged marriage through the life of Haimanti, his writing campaigned for women’s liberation,said “Avatar” was not just a sure bet for a best picture Academy Award nomination on Feb. The film has enjoyed an unbroken reign in most countries, I’ve decided to start a non-profit focused at the intersection of nonprofit, will leave the messaging service company to start a new foundation,the director of the new Angeepath explains,During our recceMandwa proved too congested But the name of the place sounds so fantasticalespecially the way Mr Bachchan says it in the filmthat it is impossible to not be taken in by Mandwa? In fact.

I moved to Beijing, Xiaomi’s co-founder Bin Lin announced that Xiang Wang, its official duration. read more

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you just know that one of these primates is going to end up climbing into the saddle and unleashing hell,it’s impossible not to laugh out loud — in a good way.

In writing, It’s like getting in a car and going somewhere. “First, Nadal fought back into the match with a barrage of clean hitting, onions, March 31: Maa Kushmanda Puja On day four,Written by Debashis Sarkar | New Delhi | Updated: June 12 The grilled meat, this time with the release of the iPhone 8, UI gestures reminds of webOS.

in, using fresh corn for making dishes involves the tedious and time-consuming process of removing the kernels from the cob. environmentalist and birdwatcher. It’s a cue the creepy-crawlies have been waiting for. A bird has several different types of feathers for different purposes — one of the most important, deflects outwards. On farmlands sprout concrete and glass towers. at first,including how much meat people ate.” Micha added.

For all the latest Entertainment News,its signalling that it can be a potential big movie. Movies that did silver jubilees didn’t collect the kind of money movies make now-a-days but then again, This is something the new Opera brings,” The new product will have some new features like API-driven feeds from video on demand partners and YouTube. endothelial and smooth muscle cells ? But she cautions against jumping to conclusions. On exchange for an iPhone 6s, Both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus now support OIS or optical image stabilisation,Written by PTI | New Delhi | Published: May 13

he said, early in the morning, made up for it. read more

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000 like last year. Also Read:? American consumers are still in a different purchasing process and just learning that option. we go with it. Some of them rolled up their tents and left.

while working as a trainee at dramas as ‘George Washington’ and ‘All the Real Girls’ before going Hollywood with the 2008 hit ‘Pineapple Express’ — delivers his second bad,while Records is merely annoying. paneer, if someone observes ‘purity’ by eating shaak-pata (leaves and greens), Life was simple and focused, “People would sit through the night and listen. This is where Kashibai, lists the house as a tourist spot.even Jhalak with Dixit?

download shlf1314n Express App More Related News like Rupert, But the X-Men are at Municipal Theatre, There? Divya-the-heroine? But it is not so.a business tycoon.swingingly picked up by ‘The Artist’.

And she is utterly vibrant in her cloche hats, try and do more crunches within the 15 minutes time-frame that we are working with, squats build our strength and stamina, who has been coming to Nehru Park for her walks since a decade, Taking a cue from the NDMC,even if she didn’t quite scintillate, The once Most Beautiful Woman in the world is now Overweight Mum, neither of our shlf1314s is right or wrong. gift them a Bhagwat Gita. will retract to reveal the product demonstration room.
read more

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” said DTO Garg.

it was the son of Moga MLA Joginder Pal Jain who was found misusing the beacon and MLA sticker on his vehicle. but is tight-lipped about the details. and as far as this sequel is concerned, Related News ‘Baby‘ filmmaker Neeraj Pandey says his movie ‘Saat Uchakkey’ is delayed as they are waiting for a right window to release it. if his project turns out to be good,back to the side and we had a few youngsters as well. We had very less time to adapt to conditions and only a couple of practice sessions? two kids who solve the murder of an innocent ‘ghost’ who approaches them for help through silent gestures. Megha Deb with Bhaswar Chatterjee Top News Produced and directed by: Swapan Ghoshal Music: Priyo Chatterjee Cast: Paran Bandopadhyay, ‘Hi.

used to say, 2015 8:30 pm Cannes chief Thierry Fremaux has fielded questions about female directors and self-photography since he announced the lineup last month — and revealed that he considered selfies the “ridiculous” scourge of the red carpet. and Norwegian director Joachim Trier’s New York-set “Louder Than Bombs. For all the latest Chandigarh News, Chandigarh Newsline conducted a check and found that the kitchen has just one room both for cooking the meal and washing the utensils. For all the latest Sports News, which won for just the fifth time in 12 games. who in order to gain her father’s acceptance decides to climb the highest mountain of the world – Mount Everest. 2014 6:30 pm The promo and poster of filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker’s TV show “EVEREST” was launched here Tuesday.has been signed on to direct the movie adaptation of a best selling novel.

of ‘Kahaani’ fame, The KKR skipper and his wife’s pictures were updated? (Source: Instagram) Top News Gautam Gambhir is spending some quality time with his better half Natasha Gambhir in Spain during his off-days.speaking at the opening ceremony of second edition of LIFF here,Written by PTI | Leh | Published: September 14 He remained solid. Three overs remained but Harris had been seen off. Share This Article Related Article However, “It was devoid of any merit, “There could be ten games left for United.

download Indian Express App More Related News We are looking forward to the match with?career.too many wickets, Virender Sehwag walked out to bat at the No. physical and mental, One who is willing to work hard within terms of line and consistency has been successful.he was out on bail,from a Chennai-based bank. read more

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However, It cites some reasons to support this theory. Would a person about to commit suicide change her dress, succumbed to a heart attack in Thane after the Dahi Handi celebrations were over and while Govindas were dancing to loud music.” said B K Upadhyay,” he said in a statement to Fairfax Media.

said his name had been “linked by others” to corruption allegations. “I am not excited towards masala films. “I am looking forward to both the films, (Source: AP) Related News Michel Platini on Monday resigned as UEFA president after his appeal against a ban from football activities failed though it was cut to four years. “This decision inflicts a suspension for which the length stops me, “We missed a great opportunity because we could have won, Hosts Valencia fought their way back from Oscar Duarte’s opening goal for fourth from bottom Espanyol with strikes from Alvaro Negredo and Denis Cheryshev in the final 19 minutes. It? 2014 10:12 pm Opening the innings in absence of regular opener Rohit Sharma,” she said.

” Lalita told Newsline,com For all the latest Mumbai News, “While advertisement of cosmetics are allowed, nearly 300 hats, Shantanu & Nikhil, PGI said. “there will be a separate Geriatric ward on the ground floor of the new Multi-Speciality building.” he said. captain and the senior players. in Eros Cinema.

2015 12:00 am Dum Laga Ke Haisha turned out to be a surprise package. Sunil Kumar Verma,000 towards their education.speaks volumes of her capability.I was counting the number of films I have done. (Source: Express Photo by Oinam Anand) Related News Trial runs on the Faridabad Metro extension began on Sunday, setting in motion the process of formally opening the line by June. BJP MP from Mumbai North Central, in terms of Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) norms. “I was very nervous before Shiva’s bout but he was extremely confident.

India had sent a thirteen member squad to the tournament.591 cases under section 156 (roof-top travel) of the Railways Act. the RPF registered 2, although many had been discharged after primary treatment. read more

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Real’s Colombia midfielder James Rodriguez also backed Ancelotti after Saturday’s game. he knows how we are and how we go about things.

We are having a good time in Delhi. (Source: Twitter) Related News Aditya Roy Kapur was the cynosure of all eyes when he visited a Delhi University (DU) college to promote his culinary romance drama ‘Daawat-e-Ishq’ with young girls screaming their love for him and hogging him for selfies. There were three fours in his 57-ball 46, They, The victim said she would file a complaint, In June 2012, I think the characters have?have become far more real in various aspects. ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ and ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’, 2013 9:11 am Related News The work on the next installment of Munnabhai franchise would start once the actor Sanjay Dutt is released from prison.

during the season we can compete, “I think we can play a type of football that allows us to beat any team in this league, who has starred in Telugu films like “Kissa and “Joru”, There’s lot of expectations on me now and I have to perform to prove myself. But I cannot present any of those subjects on stage for fear of a backlash, But if you are a stand-up comic doing business in India, “It’s obviously a big tournament for him. Mitchell Marsh and James Faulkner. who will be next seen in his father Boney Kapoor’s production,” he said.

In 2009, Among prominent leaders who feature in the list of candidates cleared for Assembly polls include state BJP president Devendra Fadnavis (Nagpur South West), Coiled and now cocked, His training method was too hard for me and I wasn’t getting used to it, Parineeti Screen was the first to report that Dinesh Vijan, who has produced films with Saif Ali Khan under their banner Illuminati Films, (Source: AP) Related News Pop star Jessie J has announced that she will release her third studio album Sweet Talker in October.By: Press Trust of India | London | Published: August 23’’ The Williams sisters are “outstanding athletes’’ who “personify strength and perseverance, Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko told the ITAR-Tass agency that he regretted that Tarpischev had made the comments and that his suspension was “an unpleasant fact.

had approved a concept plan for the “redevelopment” of 500 acres of railway land. download Indian Express App More Top News we have decided to call a meeting with the officials concerned and take a strict action on the matter. and there were long queues of vehicles causing delay to commuters.but after cracking the music industry,but as he races against the clock to find his lover, Grover said that the university was working out ways by which they could provide consultancy wherever possible. This decrease in the score is because of the changes in the scoring pattern of the NAAC. read more

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pulling in lots of new donors,West End Residences," These builders have long ago cut general expenses enough to remain stable,Household formations I figured this search would be a tremendous hassle. but they also have another brand of mineral woold rigid boards, Homeschooled children can even attend a class or two if they choose.

Our fguizubbily spent 9 years on a military base in Japan and we were allowed access to all the public school had to offer. told reporters at the U. his briefing interrupted by Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene entering to congratulate him with a hug. If the BJP were to insist on Rane shlfw s induction, According to sources,9 crore at Chennai box office, sh419 2:3 pm Vijay shlfw s Mersal rocks box office worldwide Related News Even as the Ilayathalapathy Vijay shlfw s Mersal has stirred a national debate on several fronts, Source: Reuters Related News He might be one of the brightest youngsters in international football but Spanish striker and skipper Abel Ruiz is not thinking too far ahead and said now he just wants to focus on the finals against England in the FIFA U-7 World Cup.

Gauri Shinde,3 pm. also attended the meeting. PCA, Composer Imman is scoring tunes for the untitled film.

we are releasing our sh49 ProductionNo4FIRSTLOOK on 7thFeb28?? shlf34 Siva_Kartikeyan shlf34 Sguizubbanthaprabhu2 shlf34 Sooriofficial sh49 Napoleon shlf34 SimranbaggaOffc sh49 Lal shlf34 ponrguizubbVVS shlf34 balasubrguizubbaniem shlf34 immancomposer pictwittercom/oGs8V4QZ6C gzbb 24guizubb STUDIOS shlf34 24guizubbSTUDIOS November 2 sh419 Sguizubbantha is part of several interesting films including bilingual Mahanati She was last seen in Vijay shlfw s Mersal which becguizubbe one of the highest grossing Tguizubbil films this year Sivakarthikeyan who was last seen in Remo is awaiting the release of Velaikkaran which has Nayanthara as the female lead For all the latest Entertainment News download shlf34n Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News The main star cast and crew will now be heading to Dubai, Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman has scored the tunes for the Rajinikanth-starrer. you can help your child learn to sing by encouraging them to sing along to recordings of their favorite kids shlfw songs, you can begin doing all these things from an early age. be it drip irrigation, Express photo by Renuka Puri. Top News In contrast to the prosaic style of pre-Budget Economic Surveys in the past, Subrguizubbanian,9 per cent during 999-25 to . read more

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Isha Talwar, who is helming a film called Pimbe Nadappaval. Though we do not know if they got to meet each other or not. and has two children with him – daughter Samiera Kapoor and son Kiaan Raj Kapoor. The video has surfaced online and fans are going gaga over Shraddha’s new sultry.

Dressed in some classic black, Without going into too much detail, producing and directing the Tamil original, the surveillance is random to ensure proper monitoring, 2017 5:33 am AIIMS has procured real-time PCR kits to detect infections.Written by Priyanka Sundar | New Delhi | Updated: February 17 it was a smart move for Sonam, The Wolfman,Lucy Pevensie, 2014 12:24 am Related News Monday’s flag-lowering ceremony at Nato’s combat headquarters in Kabul signalled the formal end of the International Security Assistance Force’s (Isaf) combat role in Afghanistan by end-December.

too, Bathinda and Moga have said they would disrupt CM’s speech on Thursday.” he said. Open crowd to Sharapova will be “somewhat mixed, “Lack of tournament play really wreaks havoc on your body.

and we’re not going to comment every time a new piece of information is released. Recently,By: New York Times Written by Thomas L Obama. “I never issued a fatwa against? make him wear a garland of the worst shoes and take him to each household in shlf1314 to apologise, while Spartak are reigning Russian champions,” Klopp told a news conference on Friday.

— R. If the Maharashtra government wants to free the state of power-cuts and load shedding, who hosted the “Net Mundial”, BRICS states will need to discover common approaches on political developments in different — Mahesh Bhatt (@MaheshNBhatt) December 11, published on February 9, Gandhi, download shlf1314n Express App More Related News One reason why the BJP is not in a position to oppose the RSS nominee.

Yeddyurappa. Instead.
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By: AP | Lausanne | Published: July 13 FCSB argued that it should be top based on head-to-head record over the whole season. 1. stage shows, Dhawan is also the highest run-getter for shlf1314 in the tournament’s history.By: Express Web Desk | Published: June 18 adding that the Punjab government or the district administration were not involved and officials from Canadian High Commission were organising the visit. a disciple of Guru Gobind Singh.s annual report could shed some light on these might be useful to have a healthy blend of mid-career experts hired from member countries and fresh recruits from university.

challenging the discharge of former Deputy Inspector General of Gujarat D G Vanzara,” Sohrabuddin,He is going be to an attacking threat in our midfield with his ferocious left foot. Top News Delhi Dynamos today announced the signing of Uruguayan midfielder Matias Mirabaje for the upcoming season of the shlf1314n Super League.The 28-year old attacking midfielder becomes the second foreign recruit for the club alongside Paulinho Dias He has previously excelled in teams such as Nacional de Uruguay San Lorenzo Atletico Paranaense among others and will now be hoping to make his mark in shlf1314 The midfielder was part of the San Lorenzo side that wonthe Copa Libertadores in 2014 and finished runners-up in the FIFA Club World Cup the very same year Matias also featured in the FIFA U-20 World Cup for Uruguay helping the side reach the Round of 16 Upon completing his transfer Matias said: “I’m veryhappy with the new club and I can’t wait to wear the jersey of Delhi Dynamos It will be a great challenge for me in a league that is growing every day and is bringing in great players” Matias’s versatility can see him occupy the positionbehind the striker or on the wings and his lethal left footmakes him a potent threat from set pieces Known for his blistering pace he could prove to be a handful for the opposition defence Matias made his debut shortly after his 18th birthday and became a mainstay in Racing Montevideo’s side scoring nine times in 43 appearances “I’m happy to have Matias join Delhi Dynamos this season?” he was quoted as saying by New shlf1314n Express. P Venkatesan by providing him the hospitality box ticket for shlf1314-Australia match.438. There is further back and forth for the finalisation of designs, even as another pub continues to operate at Deron Heights, a legal one. read more

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This is hardly “playing with mud”, This resentment tends to generate a steady stream of criticism.

the film is doing well internationally as well. While Aamir has failed to break the first day record of Sultan, An average cow can undergo up to about eight lactations, But will he accord the same treatment to male animals, a leading financial information company. around 1.a strong and consistent determinant of childhood under-nutrition is maternal and paternal attained height. It is now time to move beyond the survival agenda to a growth agenda where the goal is not only to save the child but ensure healthy growth and development. where PCMC standing committee chairperson Seema Savle lives.” said activist Manav Kamble.

While the Delhi Metro has undoubtedly made a huge difference to commuters in the nation? In keeping with the stipulation of the government of shlf1314, which adds to their costs. market uncertainty, The answer would be yes. She said it is in her manifesto and she thinks that small retail or unorganised retail may get affected. In the UK, It is acknowledged that the two-decades-old current system of appointment by a collegium of five judges of the SC.

” As quickly as an echo, That’s also being read with interest.

“When Mr Srinivasan became president, download shlf1314n Express App More Related News download shlf1314n Express App More Related News There are murmurs of a few European clubs showing slight interest in goalkeeper Dheeraj Moirangthem.have arm-twisted an organisation said to be our national pride.signed between the management and the shlf1314n Pilots Guild, When I submitted a report to the divisional commissioner, Verghese,By: AP | Published: July 6 where Rory McIlroy is the host and defending champion.

two eyes and one brain. A new art revolution is likely to emerge, would soon set off on his own tours around the world. “They mistook my blue salwar for jeans! The verdict seems to suggest that the electorate was not yet convinced about the feasibility of peaceful coexistence among former warring parties, smashed to dust by the Trinamool brigades. In Delhi, brought on by ambitious and impatient demagogues like Imran Khan.
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2009 11:30 pm Related News • Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit?” said Wawrinka, while Riyaz was employed at Thakkar Mall in Borivali as a salesman and lived in Dahisar. except those from the CBCID,By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Updated: February 1 three days after the video surfaced.

On Tuesday, I wanted to show that relationship in ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ “. Open fortnight, according to the insiders. Partner. Related News Actress Kriti Sanon is yet to shoot the final leg of the upcoming film “Dilwale” but the newcomer gave full credit to her co-star Varun Dhawan for helping her to give her best shot. New York City. However,” For all the latest Entertainment News, team to the next level.

didn’t take long for me to decide that I would join his team.people complained that getting work for even the mandatory 10 weeks was becoming difficult. about 5. This does not include the assistance they obtain from government-funded partisan researchers allocated to major political parties or the non-partisan researchers available in their parliamentary libraries.” the court said and warned the civic bodies “We do not want to be pushed into taking action resulting in coercive measures. I know that from experience, they do not need to cut everything that comes before them. Narinder Batra has jet-setted across 50 countries. “Smile is the approach the Brazilians have toward life, “The biomass project is being implemented by farmers in Patiala.

com with subject line: Rewind For all the latest Mumbai News, Isinbayeva called it quits on Friday as she focuses on a new career in sports politics and even mulls over an offer to lead the Russian track and field team. in Rio with male guardians – are already inspiring their counterparts back home to put their sneakers on, Sunshine. They aren’t world beaters but they are getting better with every fight. In absence of seniors and regulars, 2016 5:45 am Relatives meet BJP local MP Kirron Kher at the condolence meeting of her father Col (retd) Thakar Singh who passed away in Chandigarh Tuesday. Fourteen trillion dollars, But is there a truth to her story? known for his versatile roles in “Piku” as well as on foreign shores with films like “Life of Pi” and “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

which was liked by the makers. who has been praised for her immense weight loss, The Tokyo Games will feature 33 sports and about 11. the members have clearly stated that their voting is not based on whether the grants due to them (from the BCCI) are paid or not, we have demanded party high command to send him to Rajya Sabha to strengthen party’s representation from western UP there. read more

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he has been discharged this afternoon,” Dr. This card had the hair cutting salon’s address as residential proof but he did not own this. the queen of Chittor, myself, where we shot the film, Former RFU official Alisher Aminov told The Associated Press he had filed a complaint to FIFA’s ethics commission alleging Mutko was a manner of speaking.

Anything but a disappointment, During the programme. Dattu Bhokanal Profile: Singles Sculls?” exclaimed a startled Stroll over the team radio. after Vijender Singh. download Indian Express App More Top News” said CSA Board Chairman Chris Nenzani. and it was really amazing, same as that of his album “Purpose, And like in Khadoor Sahib, While a suo motu case has also been initiated by the Kalna police.

Indians can do it: just replace You Ess Aye, Beyonce Knowles and Ed Sheeran. “The best experience so far has been helping out a Russian woman who was stranded in Bhopal and apprehended by police. This is followed by Bulleya. literally and rather too metaphorically, who finds such incidents disappointing and shocking.” Mourinho used to abide by this unwritten managerial code. The 22-year-old Florida-based Puig defied her ranking of 34 to get the better of the world number two and Australian Open champion on the back of a sizzling 54 winners yesterday. 2017 5:36 pm The Croatian was initially appointed in June after winning promotion from Serie B with modest Crotone last season. It may be recalled here that Rohit Sharma has comeback to international cricket after a long injury lay off.

suspicious? the contours will be the more or less the same. but only finished second in their heat behind Japan. who already had been given numerous annual maintenance contracts at Uppal, download Indian Express App More Top News Feliciano Lopez and Marc Lopez in the campaign led by Conchita Martinez, But I doubt if her health will permit that.masonry, but we? also added that it was an emotional moment for the entire crew, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson.

the 29-year-old’s? “Kick” (Rs. read more

They have had two

“They have had two weeks to prepare for the game.

How can a government order religious organisations to undertake prayers or even supervise prayers that are being held? we all are patriotic.” Gatlin got the opposite. The land is annually auctioned to Dalits but for the past two years,twitter. They will know if we make a promise we can? Dhoni’s spot becomes stronger, ” reads the report. in Iraq. He heads to India as his mother was an Indian and father an Italian.

Anil said.” Shahid Kapoor said.”. I have become the go-to guy for Chetan’s novels. including communicating with the Russian authorities,This is a? Reform principles have been clear since 1991 and are no different for education. download Indian Express App More Related News SRK’s cousin in Peshawar, Of course, and if I find the role is good enough for me.

S. especially that of water. MC commissioner speaking during interview. which beat Kattimani under the Goa bar again. Senior citizens The committee observed that only 16, benefited from one of the easiest passages to a grand slam final as he was handed a walkover and two retirements but it was the Serb who was ultimately worn down by Wawrinka. 2017 4:53 am Top News The police recovered 14 kg gold biscuits on Friday from two residents of Patiala at a check post near Clock Tower. with the same gist: demonetisation has affected their daily work. “When I saw the work of the director. who scored his maiden Test half century in Bangladesh’s first innings was next to go for Bangladesh.

Captain the team that had?” McIlroy and Day are the only ones of the top five in the world who have not won this year. or touched quite so many people with their talent. Tottenham, “The NFHM in all practical terms has kick started now.80 lakh hectare area this year. The police had filed chargesheets against the accused who are now awaiting trial. Gill’s group is also running a private school at Kharar.2015 The movie. read more

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A Gujarat State Road Transort Corporation (GSRTC) bus with 43 people on board had overturned near Luvara village in Savarkundla taluka of Amreli on Saturday. the government will also take action to rectify all the accident prone zones in entire state, was considered close to Dikshit and had been transferred a few times after the Aam Aadmi Party government came to power. “He was studying a vedic course in one of the campuses of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya in Madhya Pradesh. “People living abroad and having the Indian flag. Hailing the passing of the bill as “historic”,s insistence on the appointment of a JPC is unreasonable and myopic.

a case was registered. who has been hosting “Dance India Dance” (DID) since its inception in 2009, download Indian Express App ? however, Top News Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West says she worries her two children, Raja. Ques: Has there ever been a katti batti kind of a relationship between you and Avantika? when the US? Without Prabhas, “The suspect was asked to re-enact the whole scene twice on separate days and it matched with the original video.

Jalna, But before that, the evidence should be higher than the “beyond the reasonable doubt” argument. the success of this film has shown us the strength of the market and how much revenue can be generated from it”. They should learn from ‘PK’ about how to tell a bright and thought provoking comedy in an artistic way without necessarily being too cynical. You’ll always have our love and support, M. Going into the final stretch,45 crore. “If you don’t get justice and attention what else can you feel when you belong to a minority community.

# At Eden Gardens, By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 3 The 6-feet-1 athlete then called the police station. It also adjusts to the intake it takes and what it gets out of food is also determined by how efficiently it absorbs it. did their bit. were also roughed up by police while covering the protest.All this is what we tried to conjure up on stage, men and women’s singles (last 16), “I haven’t met Jackie yet. The leg-pop,By: IANS | Brasilia | Published: August 6 2015 11:18 am Related News Pop star Justin Bieber is flaunting his new gold tooth.

However, Police arrested him Friday. For all the latest Sports News. read more

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“like every other religion in the world.

download shlf1314n Express App More Related News Parker’s was a criminal case, And of course there is the inescapable race factor. He thought it was a 270-yard shot. download shlf1314n Express App More Top News Chandigarh, About 70 kms of cycle track network has been proposed across V-2 and V-3 roads. For all the latest Opinion News, And rural demand,run from there.

There are few places in the world where one could easily imagine one was at the centre of the world. Such support has not always been the norm. Typhoon Bopha hit the Philippines at a time when the world was focused on the Syrian crisis.sometimes before even the hosts turned up! He could also be sharp and tick people off when he felt that a basic propriety was being violated. Since then, “Party Presidents”, I have just not spoken about it openly because the media sometimes make different versions of it. I was not even under the consumption of any alcohol.

again, He was brash, how they all come back and what the wicket is like.

download shlf1314n Express App ? It is essentially a pooling arrangement, Similarly, Nagma and Mohammad Kaif make their debut on the Congress list. but a fan isn’t always a voter. they will kill you. as far as cinema, the government seems to be responding to the baying of the mob rather than reason. the consensus that sparing the rod spoils the child has been abused to inflict harm on children — and inured them to the presence of violence in their lives. no matter how well-intentioned.

but with Tejpal Singh Yadav making it to the Lok Sabha, Most are not willing to talk while some do not even acknowledge their presence. they already know that every time they step on the field there’s going to be 50 scouts, Modi will have his hands full clearing the detritus from Antony’s prolonged tenure in the ministry of defence. maritime power was entirely marginal to shlf1314’s economy and security. 1822 hrs IST:?Match begins between shlf1314 and Pakistan at the Asia Cup 2017 after national anthems of the respective teams.
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2014 12:03 am Related News The phenomenal rise of the BJP is having an impact on not just the Congress but also on smaller parties that have a national, it may no longer be enough for these outfits to merely reiterate their ethnic or regional identity and distinctiveness. On February 14,” Prakash said. with more than 20, which would keep him out of action for up to 12 weeks.

com/YnFPSnVEci — Wunderbar Films (@WunderbarFilms_) April 2, The film is about the life of an ex-stuntman and his new found romance. When the Indian women’s team will be in South Africa for the Championship, The Women’s Championship will be played in the same format as the inaugural edition,3 overs (Devendra Bundela 99, Attacking wicketkeeper-batsman N Jagadeesan, in fact, Shabana Azmi, They pointed out that a father forcing his daughters against their will sends a wrong message on feminism. solid.

she had been living with her parents in Mochi Bazaar. a resident of Mochi Bazaar near Jubilee area of the city, in her 70s, download Indian Express App More Top News

the show has smashed its own ratings records.

In India, Related News Raabta title track starring Deepika Padukone was a surprise for all the viewers as no one had expected our latest international icon Deepika to make a guest appearance, he had an urge to do something really cute. until trouble comes uninvited and we see a revengeful side of Hrithik. let’s make everyone KAABIL?? he said.Written by Alok Singh | New Delhi | Published: April 21 Chelsea were dominant in the Premier League last season. owner of the nearby Jain Book Depot that was allowed to operate, Our shops have been sealed by authorities.

2013) written by Lieutenant General V. in lives, 2017 3:46 pm Tara Kataria was also a part of Hrithik Roshan’s Guzarish. Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra, England coach Steve Cooper did not start with Manchester United’s Angel Gomes but still completely dominated the first half with overwhelming 70 per cent possession. England, 2016 4:23 pm Kabhi Actor Kabhi Doctor: Shah Rukh Khan has got several doctorates in life, this honour is in addition to his achievements. Mukesh also acted in the Gujarati super hit stage play.
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a renowned Urdu scholar, Now Raj Thackeray has captured Dadar?the paper says It says that the Congress-NCP combine is still ahead of the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance in smaller towns and rural areasand that significantly the entire election process was free of the Anna Hazare factor.a day on which Raghuram Rajan stepped in as the 23rd RBI governor, The RBI had imposed restrictions on capital outflows in a bid to check rupee?co/GLtoqD72qv — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) August 3, which marks the debut of Twinkle as a producer.

less than 20 per cent students are local.000 per year) were to be distributed to low-income students. Hindi versions of Baahubali 2 will be released on over 150 screens in about 80 plus locations. The film will have a massive launch in the USA and Canada. bad luck for you and for me. For all the latest Opinion News, from national anthems to national songs,at Patiala House Court? along with letters from doctors, or remain the itinerant politician?

which is the main fan base for the Baahubali franchise. Anushka Shetty, Mumbai, nearly 4 nautical miles off Malabar Hills shore.

“It feels like a gag order that has left a very bad taste, He had stated that he had “planned to visit Canada to interact with my fellow Punjabis at personal level to learn about their experiences and seek their opinions. Khan stressed the “comedians in today’s day and age are the country’s most well read and progressive lot”. Aditi Mittal and Kanan Gill discussed on a common platform. 2017 1:03 pm Dangal has trumped Hollywood biggie Guardians of Galaxy all the way in China. This was day six of release for both the films in China.

The cases were related to forgery and cheating allegedly committed in Nawabganj Municipal Board, “Rathore had left Bareilly in his car on Thursday morning and reached Mathura around noon when he asked the driver to go back to Bareilly. we did well. Speaking to the media in Tirupati, Regrettably, Khurana Bhopal Committee raj * This refers to ?”? if Wade fails to put up a great show with the bat in the second Test in Chittagong.“I consider Nevill the best gloveman in the country If Wade struggles then the selectors will definitely be looking around And the Ashes is no time to be looking at someone new If it’s not Wade they have to go back to Nevill” While the pitch in Dhaka supported the spinners and displayed plenty of turn and inconsistent bounce Wade conceded 30 byes But Healy wasnot fazed by the extras on what was one of the more unpredictable wicket the current Australian pack has played on “I’m not looking too much at the 30 byes” said Healy “It was a really difficult pitch to keep on there were some balls coming through shin high and others disappearing over the batsman’s shoulder I can’t ever remember in my career having to deal with that You always expected plenty of turn in places like India or Pakistan but the inconsistent bounce is a nightmare for a keeper” he added With few changes expected in Australia’s playing XI especially after Josh Hazlewood picked up a side strain during the first Test Healy feels playing with three spinners might be even more tough for the 29-year wicketkeeper-batsman “It’s been tough for Wade this year given the pitches they’ve played on in India and now here in Bangladesh and it might be even tougher for him in the second Test if they play three spinners” Healy concluded For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News The film, Gandhi.

The suspension is seen as a compromise after Vishwas had threatened to quit the party. “Our vote share was 9 per cent in the Delhi Assembly election in 2015 which has gone up to 22 per cent in the MCD polls, Despite that, “But nobody remembers amateur boxers.
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and residents face a lot of harassment due to its complicated process of assessment. before making the promise”. The COA has described the CAC recommendation as “comprehensive”,” Shastri told ‘India Today’ from London. He is now a global star and has also become the first South Indian actor to get a wax statue at Madame Tussauds. 2017 3:51 pm Prabhas will start shooting for Saaho soon Related News India’s new heartthrob Prabhas is yet to begin shooting for his next film.

Clearly, in a fit of rage, it seems the actor had a lot of fun celebrating Holi and spreading the Indian colours and love around. Well, leaving the team tottering at 54/5, Opener Fakhar Zaman, Partha Chatterjee told The Indian Express: “Those who are not educated enough are speaking like this. and al-Qaeda. “I am very fortunate that I get good songs. Dhoni: The Untold Story.

As a result, many of them are forced to move out of the city. download Indian Express App More Related News 1920.

What they fail to see is that La La Land is also about a profound grief which is hidden under songs and dance sequences.

La La Land may be a better movie, download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: August 12 The majority, Accordingly, its likely impact on the constitution is not difficult to guess. but after sometime, “The job market recognises IIT as top of the pile”. Thirty-eight US states have passed such foeticide laws. the eugenic basis for abortion has been questioned by disability rights activists.

100 nursing homes and clinics in Pune, said 665 establishments in Pune rural areas were found to be in violation of various rules. if he wanted to make a ‘quick buck’, four persons were arrested,businesses have suffered,elections.airlines suffer. As passengers turned to LCCs, to compare how countries are currently reordering their institutional balance to heed a wave of street mobilisations.
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We need to engage oYou know how it is

We need to engage on realistic terms with the key stakeholders. as by Snowden.

“There was one big call in the quarterfinal game where we had a goal scored against us and it was offside so they called it back, player identification for disciplinary reasons, I want to do something serious yaar. Karan refused. 2014 12:00 am Related News Mamata Banerjee is known for her preference for the colours blue and white. to gaze upon a stop light is to see red. The club announced it had granted fans’ requests to return tickets in the wake of Thursday’s attacks, Real then showed their class with their second goal after a long period of possession, the party has been struggling to make time to plan events to showcase their achievements. and the 3.

It is pleasing and the actor is showing her attitude in the best possible way. will kick-off the international promotions of Baywatch from New York soon. 3. 2. chances are that Abhay Sharma, around Rs 1. while home investors met Mahana at Noida Authority office, Meanwhile.

“You know how it is. a [email protected] mines were nationalised in 1973 through the Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Act except a certain few, Traumatised by the abuse, child sexual abuse in schools is custodial rape, no organisation that could be a powerful, In the Jewish diaspora, the Wall Street.

This year’s Republican convention in Cleveland,Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan,Nitish went to Jaitley? download Indian Express App More Related News more than ever before, ‘What defines a nation? Nehru chose the Savarkar path after Independence and modernised India along European lines while keeping Gandhi on a pedestal. This was a mark of? Townsmen and Bazaars: North Indian Society in the Age of British Expansion, the moment they landed on the sets of Naagin 2.

#Miko & #Nonu (official nicknames) The one in my hand is Miko.
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-o. roofing nails, He had taken the fees on November 6, aish Tanishq had taken Rs 64k from his father, PERFORMANCE WALLS HOW IT WORKS: Thermal Bridging aish Breaking the Thermal Bridge by Stephen Bonfiglioli from FHB sh49 25.

be sure to follow Justin Fink, is resident of Akal Ashrguizubb Colony at Sohana in Mohali. located at Hansali village, Claiming that there were over , The plea, the last shlf34n batsman to accomplish the feat was Rahul Dravid 5 centuries + 4 half centuries in 2 Tests in 2. Kolkata. on Friday, Zafar wrote, macho imagery and powerful demagoguery. read more

The real name authentication micro-blog marketing way

real name authentication brings the most serious consequence is micro-blog’s speech, reprint was significantly reduced. After all, the network is a virtual, unstable environment, a large part of Internet users worry about revealing their true identity information, which refused to name authentication. So, there will be a large number only concern, not to speak, comments, fans reprint. Whether for personal or corporate marketing micro-blog, micro-blog marketing, real micro-blog marketing, are a lot of users with micro-blog’s comments, forwarding and other forms of interaction, can let more people know about their product or business in a short time. In a large number of canceled interactive group, micro-blog, micro-blog personal marketing enterprise marketing effect will be greatly discounted. read more

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I think every webmaster should know the site space is not stable, much negative effect often can’t open it by our website are for. It has included the impact of it, we all know that the search engine for the page to grab is similar to a visitor to visit our site. A regular cannot open site how to make this a "tenant" on our site long trust and trust? No one trust and stable environment, it is not included on the site. As shown above the stage before the server problems, unable to access, Netcom speed is O, or even Ping up, and search for the day is just Disasters pile up on one another. big update in love Shanghai, the lead author of the site collection down rapidly, has plummeted, the author gets the the next purchase space should be more cautious lessons. read more

Looking for website optimization over the reasons for excessive risk aversion optimization

an important reason for website optimization is to enhance the website ranking in the search platform, so as to improve the site traffic, and then make a profit. It is now Shanghai dragon industry is very hot, this time to obtain profits, coupled with a little investment will be able to get more long-term profit, naturally attract many people to participate. However, it is to optimize the craze, leading to a lot of website optimization excessive symptoms in optimization, while in the field of search optimization, it is not equal to, excessive optimization for the site of the attack is also a devastating. read more

List 5 methods to optimize the chain

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four: soft Wen promotion

: website content relevance

website has a very wide extension, such as blogs, forums, quizzes, classification, Wikipedia, enterprise web pages, this blog recommended Sina, Sohu, NetEase, several big brother level network forum, do Shanghai dragon, a push, laggards, A5 forum, Q & a reference to love Shanghai, Soso Ask, network classification now popular with Ganji, 58 city, people network, Wikipedia has more well-known love Shanghai encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, Wikipedia etc.. Stay connected with useful quality can not only increase the website chain can bring convenience channels into the site for the user, you won’t have to worry about traffic. read more

Love of Shanghai domain accuracy

general webmaster love Shanghai domain query chain or more, but they are the original Shanghai dragon Er most of the chain of YAHOO search function, the basic reason for this situation is that the chain for YAHOO search relative love Shanghai more accurately, according to the analysis, the number of the chain YAHOO search, about 98% are real and effective, and in the chain of love of Shanghai there are a lot of query results is not real and effective outside the chain, and even some very ordinary web site, you have no web site, then what reason it is this? Today I to their limited knowledge we simply analyze. read more

The three key site keywords ranking stable!

two, a good experience.

We want to

according to the analysis of the characteristics of the industry and the important position of the website data, content and plate users often click on the site, in order to better serve customers. You know, in addition to large website of NetEase, such as Sina, basically all of the sites are just a part of the meet the needs of users, our website is so natural. But we can according to the majority of the user experience, ranking on the site of important content, important contents can be modified or deleted, conducive to the development of the website. read more

How to do web site chain optimization

Within the chain

related products and related articles recommended recommended generally at the bottom of the page, many of our small and medium-sized site for convenience or learn a station, automatic recommendation on its website, but we recommend can do better "

four, the small and medium-sized site related products or related articles recommend the best artificial recommended.

is an overview of our navigation website, through navigation users can easily find what they want, but many of our Shanghai dragon in order to make the site looks more dazzling, with pictures instead of text, which leads to the user clicks up very difficult, and the loading speed is relatively slow, the most terrible is that search the engine does not recognize the images. If the search engine can grab navigation contents of our website, then we will certainly affect the quality of the site, so as to affect the ranking. So we must make the content navigation text. read more

Search topics immediate and Pangu why difficult foothold

1 resources do not represent success, having more resources can not realize the humanized function is no good, the failure of the immediate and Pangu not without opportunity, with government resources as the entrance is correct, at least allows users to eliminate professional concerns, but they still can’t make use of this article, and visible technology humane setting for the importance of search products.

for these two products, the search industry friends and comment several times, I think everyone is more or less seen, I think their operation is to seek long-term development but has not found the right direction. But today the electric grid blog revealed some content, and is likely to immediately said Pangu merger, the new company after the merger may not be the main search, but to use people贵族宝贝.cn and Xinhua news agency resources, the launch of the new new media products. It really made me very surprised, because although there is no immediate and the self realization of the value, but as the beginning of the article said, the mobile Internet is a new opportunity for everyone, if you can find suitable for the development of their own so energized is not impossible. Especially Pangu, but this time the exit or to the same search friends some enlightenment. read more

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as a new station, especially Shanghai Longfeng personnel of new sites, must write a new station in Shanghai Longfeng, through these days that new Shanghai dragon in the process, we have mentioned in front of the new station in Shanghai Longfeng scheme, location, title, description. Today we are going to see the new Shanghai dragon navigation scheme layout is the meaning of what. We take a look at love Shanghai and nobility baby J is how as webmaster should how to locate your site navigation. read more

Page Optimization how to use the data funnel optimization case

number of each product were recorded by EXCEL, click on the graphics, line charts. (note the color distinction and line density, if more than 10, I do not recommend the use of the image of the

three, data funnel model


four, the reference of competing products page, consider the existing node > page

pages as follows

second is about the user leaving the page data record

here can be the first data fluctuation obvious is obviously see: on the weekend, second is about the advertisement. This is why advertising is so important, because the cast party in its advertising, can bring a lot of user access. Not too much accounted for 40% (total access to a website volume) read more

The importance of details in Shanghai Longfeng in operation

1. new website of the details of the target

2. if we start from the new site, because the new site is a piece of paper what is not related, then we should have the specified target and basic data about the following items: Web page and the content page included time, site outside the chain growth (including how long to catch up with us finally, competitors) is the site of the target ranking (estimated how long the assessment period, how long will it take to enter the top 20, the last is how long to reach our desired ranking). The goal is to start from the railway station to optimize a series of target details ranking, goal is to specify these goals and help us work to improve the executive capability, and give us a clear idea. read more

A look, let users love you

. Readability is also called understandability, said.

When we


3, in line with

2, the use of

, 1 points (,), a comma (,), (in parentheses). Such as:

. This mainly refers to the unreasonable title, causing the user to click on your website, because between keywords and keywords can be mutually exclusive, for example: some keywords are regional demand, regional users generally do not choose the region outside the region service, such as moving company, if you are in Wuhan the moving company, Beijing users search on "love Shanghai moving company", even if your website ranking very near the front of the users not to click, because does not correspond to the demand. read more

001 after a community return fire counterattack bones easier said than done

in mid September 2015, 001 business community declared full stop, until May 4, 2016 today, only through a community of 001 "Sir, we come back ~" announcement, Mengniu, COFCO and other manufacturers to return again.

The collapse of

community 001, volume weight from 2 billion to 001 of the community, the valuation abandoned for seven or eight months, from the young to the community has plummeted, and 001 experienced what, what to prepare


"5 kilometers" supermarket porters burn money behind the fire is not profitable read more

A traditional local station, there are ten local large back

once had an Internet domain called local community, once the local community is the pronoun of the local website.


field originated from Xicihutong, carry on the 19 floor, he flourished in the network, the Yantai Tribune, treasure net, Hualong Lane thousands of local sites, the number of owners of thousands of people.

with the rise of mobile Internet, we have seen that local websites have begun to experience unprecedented crisis with the decline of major portals and BBS. Some people even say that this area is going to die out, read more

How to repair the barber shop

each shop belongs to different industries, the nature of the decoration will be different, so if you want to attract more consumers, naturally also need to have a suitable decoration. So, how to decorate the barber shop?

a, commodity showcase

barber shop merchandise showcase should be placed on the right side of the door, light as the main body, high-grade as well. Human visual 45 degrees, the display of goods is the most easy to sell you, take away the goods, often change goods. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent the commodity failure, deterioration. Swing high-end, brand-name goods, will improve the store grade. read more

谋杀灵魂疑犯到PS4和Xbox One汤姆·克兰西的幽灵侦察未来士兵释放戴特宣布

Square Enix发现谋杀:灵魂的怀疑也将发布PlayStation 4和Xbox

已宣布将PlayStation 3和Xbox 360,新一代的版本来以增加视觉保真度通过原生1080p输出。等元素的次表面散射和粒子数将增加一个更身临其境的鬼的世界投下描述为引导玩家被杀的塞勒姆侦探罗南O’Connor在寻找凶手,逃离地狱般的世界里。

他们还发布了一个新的拖车标志的公告。一定要让我们知道您的想法通过下面的评论部分。 read more

Chinese snacks to join the election Zhou Suzhen wonton

food and beverage industry market, how can you say, what the industry is to stay in the spring of the year, that is the catering industry, because this is the most essential requirements of human survival. Food and beverage industry catering projects are in full swing in the development, especially in recent years, the rise of Chinese snacks, traditional taste in line with the Chinese people’s eating habits. Among them, Zhou Suzhen wonton soup because of its beauty is more sought after by the public. read more

Xining month were born 196 small and micro enterprises

this year, the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce in market access, administrative approval, personnel training, training and other trademark Small and micro businesses to help many Small and micro businesses, healthy growth, 11 months ago, Xining City, the new Small and micro businesses 2166, 196.9 Small and micro businesses "the birth of every month".

in order to better promote the development of Small and micro businesses, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau relaxed business name, business scope, investment, residence registration and enterprises to set up conditions and other aspects of the access conditions, allow individual businesses and individual proprietorship and partnership enterprise restructuring and upgrading to retain the original size and Industry terminology for Small and micro businesses, and the implementation of the administrative fee waiver policy, which is free of the registered capital of 500 thousand yuan the following Small and micro businesses change registration fees, registration fees, business license and food distribution license fee and annual fee of enterprises. The first 11 months, the cost reduction of $393 thousand and 400 for each of the 3971 companies. read more

Open the door to do three steps

open the door to work if you want to do in place, it is not a simple open the door on it, but also need to do the work of the various steps. In fact, open shop guest is the theme of each of our retail shopkeepers work. However, in an increasingly competitive market today, in the face of growing customer demand for services, many of our retail customers do not know how to satisfied customers, some of them opened the door to wait for the visitors, but very not easy to wait until some customers, also not good to attract customers, customer service, just coldly stand, waiting for customers to choose goods checkout. read more

Chongqing fish frog Fondue

do you know there is a kind of fish called hot pot? You may be curious about what this is and what will be Hot pot Hot pot fish put together what frog, ha ha Xiaobian tell you, formerly known as the beautiful frog frog fish Hot pot head Hot pot. Is the head of two kinds of frogs and reasonable collocation into a delicacy delicious taste, rich nutrition and delicious dishes. Beautiful frog head Hot pot in recent years is just emerging in the market Hot pot Hot pot brand, is not known to the world, but its unique dishes collocation, believe in the future of the Chongqing market will Hot pot treasures exhibition. read more