Fla. Man Arrested for Assaulting Child & Paramedic

first_imgThe child started to cry, and Tambunga locked himself inside his room. The child did not require medical attention. The sister-in-law said she and her husband went out to the front porch. When Tambunga was arrested and inside the back of the patrol car, he became verbally abusive toward the deputies, Mackinnon said. He then began hyperventilating, spitting, coughing and foaming at the mouth. Nicholas Tambunga, of Fort Myers, was arrested on two counts of battery on an officer, firefighter or EMT and one count of cruelty toward a child without great harm. While Nicholas was going to his room down the hallway, her son … was walking down the hallway at the same time, Mackinnon reported. (The woman) stated she heard Nicholas yelling at (the child) to get into the living room. (The child s mother) stated she came around the corner to get (the child) when she observed Nicholas shove (the child), forcing him into a wall. According to deputy Ryan Mackinnon, deputies were called to the Prospect Avenue residence by Tambunga, who was reportedly intoxicated and arguing with his brother and sister-in-law. His sister-in-law ordered Tambunga to his room because he was drunk, but Tambunga dialed 911. center_img EMSwas called, and while en route to the hospital, Tambunga reportedly kicked a firefighter and blew snot and spit at an EMT. FORT MYERS, Fla. — A 21-year-old Fort Myers man was arrested by Lee County (Fla.) Sheriff s deputies Sunday after he reportedly assaulted a 5-year-old and a paramedic. He is being held on $21,500 bond at the Lee County Jail. After a time, Tambunga reportedly calmed down and apologized for his behavior. last_img read more

Elite Football League of India

first_img 1 Share this post Xodius Now there will be another place to play if there is a lockout in 2020 something. Staying on topic though I liked every logo and loved the defenders helmet the best. Members GriffinM6 Sign in to follow this   Posted August 7, 2011 We the North! Moderators 1 1 Posted August 7, 2011 SportsLogos.Net 55 Members Followers 0 SportsLogos.Net 9,940 posts Do you has the five bucks? Link to post Page 1 of 7   Link to post 1,264 Share on other sites 0 0 3,287 touchdownindia Link to post Just saw this from a post on the UniWatch site. Wow. Talk about bringing a professional look to a professional league! So much so I used TouchdownIndia as my username.http://www.gameplancreative.com/clients/efli/efli_launch/index.htmlSo this newbie posted this in a few threads, so I thought I’d help him out. The stuff is somewhat generic, like a small league here that ive seen logos for. But none of them are really bad.The league will start next year, and was just announced August 5th. Ditka, Jawarski, and Brandon Chillar were investors in this. I thought this was really interesting, too.Future ExpansionLeague officials plan to double the number of teams for the 2013-2014 season and four in each following season until 2022. This expansion would mean that the EFLI would boast 52 teams, one for each Indian city with 1 million or more residents. 18 Share this post microdragon 0 0 7,146 6 Posted August 8, 2011 21,575 raysox I noticed the address on the website is Chicago, IL. Don’t tell me. You guys outsourced management to the States? Panthers Link to post touchdownindia Share on other sites touchdownindia Members Share on other sites Posted August 8, 2011 LMU Panthers LMU Link to post 4,078 Share on other sites 0 26,933 posts Location:Torrance, California thespleenenator Members 34 Location:Tampa, FL 18 Share on other sites Share on other sites 89 4 Jamikel Sports Logos Sport Not affiliated with sportslogos.net Recommended Posts raysox 2,271 Lee. 0 71 Location:College 55 Share this post Share this post rams80 7,014 posts 1,264 10,968 posts 4 2,271 Share on other sites Elite Football League of India neo_prankster Share this post FiddySicks 34 Share on other sites 10,716 2,305 7,014 posts Members Members Posted August 6, 2011 Share on other sites Moderators 3,287 Link to post 419 Share on other sites Share on other sites 0 Share on other sites 6 2,271 Location:Tampa GriffinM6 what the hell is ccslc? 1 Link to post Share this post Location:Canada’s Vacation Paradise 10,716 Posted August 8, 2011 1 Share this post Link to post 1 3 3,287 7,146 Members Share this post So, O’Grady has to go to India for business now. Fascinating. 89 Location:North Carolina Location:Cincinnati Members Sports Logo News 0 Share this post 28-9, Sweet 16? Yeah, I’ll take that. Lee. Members 21,575 34 Link to post 133 posts Forums Home Share this post 419 Brian in Boston 0 The artist formally known as Bucfan56 None of the logos are bad, and I actually like some of the color schemes.However, I hate the league name.Either should just be Elite Football League…or Indian Football League. I rarely like when an acronym is used with an “and, in, the, etc” also in there. I love every logo. Well done. Share on other sites thespleenenator 71 touchdownindia Posted August 8, 2011 28-9, Sweet 16? Yeah, I’ll take that. So, O’Grady has to go to India for business now. Fascinating.You may be on to something… Share on other sites Page 1 of 7   The logos are awesome, but the helmet are quite generic. Would’ve liked to see some more time put into the design of them.center_img Banned Epiphany: It’s called the elite football league of India. Does that mean there’s a pretty good football league of India, followed by the average football league of India, and finally the bad football league of India? What if more leagues became more descriptive of themselves? The vastly overpaid steroid powered baseball league of America and one Canadian team? Or the inaccurate ethnic representation of the United Sates and one Canadian team basketball league? Or perhaps the whiny 300 pound men who throw tantrums at 5 million dollar checks football league of the united states? And finally, the nobody really cares except for a few teams where its cold hockey league of united states but mainly Canada? It’s thoughts like these that prevent me from having maintaining a long term relationship. 69 posts Posted August 7, 2011 Share on other sites Link to post Posted August 6, 2011 0 71 Location:Sacramento, California IceCap $1 Cans of PBR 6,930 posts Prev Link to post Posted August 6, 2011 neo_prankster 133 posts Posted August 7, 2011 Share this post Share this post Next 0 Brian in Boston Link to post 26,438 posts Share this post Share this post Favourite Logos:All WLAF logos, Bucs pirate flag, Arizona State pitchfork, Notre Dame leprechaun, Albany Firebirds, Iowa Barnstormers, SD State eagle warrior 0 0 TouchdownIndia is Tom. Just waiting for proof for permaban purposes. Link to post IceCap To all new posters: please search for the members “bricknivy”, “meangreen”, “spanishinquisition”, and am I missing anyone else Tom?Or just look for previous mentions of gameplan creative. 0 My favorites of the bunch are Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.try thishttp://www.efli.com/team-logos.php 1,240 posts By raysox, August 6, 2011 in Sports Logo News thespleenenator 45,948 posts Members Cola Link to post Location:College Share on other sites 71 Forums Home 10,716 My favorites of the bunch are Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. Sport 1 Posted August 7, 2011 1,264 Posted August 8, 2011 I really like the Vipers color scheme and helmets. 0 microdragon 23,667 posts 4,793 posts Wow. A red tiger logo for a team called the Black Tigers. Gameplan Creative really dropped the ball. 21,575 2,305 Posted August 7, 2011 2018 NFC West Champs! Banned touchdownindia Prev Peachy Thanks for popping by, Mr. O’Grady. Couldn’t resist a bit of self-promotion, huh? 0 419 5 13,075 Location:St. Petersburg, FL 1 Share this post Posted August 7, 2011 1 1 55 Banned 18 0 13,075 FiddySicks Sports Logo News 71 4,078 Cola Favourite Logos:Pensacola Blue Wahoos Primary Posted August 6, 2011 4,078 Sports Logos touchdownindia 0 Share this post thespleenenator Xodius 2 Share on other sites 3 Link to post Members Favourite Logos:Sacramento Republic FC Followers 0 Hi Brian- Hope you are well. You humor, wit and dry sense of humor have been missed. How have you been? Congratulations on the Stanley Cup win by the way. The launch of a new American-style football league in a country the size (and income potential) of India is an ENORMOUS story. How a League brands itself and its’ teams identities a perfect topic for sites such as Creamer, UniWatch and other sports branding blogs. I look forward to feedback from Creamer and UniWatchers since there are still small things we want to work out on the marks and this forum is ideal to listen to ideas and suggestions for the new League. Forum members, please let me know your thoughts? I welcome the chance to take suggestions and make those for the next wave of revisions moving forward.I hope you enjoy the new work and the chance to dialogue on a project of this scope. 71 0 133 posts Posted August 6, 2011 1 Link to post Posted August 8, 2011 Members 707 posts Members 0 Thanks everyone for all the positive words and ideas. It’s refreshing to see a new group on the Creamer site who embrace what they see and not succumb to the “mob” mentality of the old forum members from the back in the day. A breath of fresh air and greatly appreciated by the designers who did such a great job on the EFLI brand identity. Special thanks to Chris Creamer and RaySox for allowing us a forum to present our work. Greatly appreciated. And please continue to provide your feedback, it’s already stirred some new thinking. Link to post Location:Atlanta 0 Share on other sites Share this post 12,366 posts Share this post 31,371 posts rams80 0 0 89 2,305 7,146 Banned 35,626 posts Location:Back to Back division titles! First time since 78-79 (!!) Sign in to follow this   I love how the Gladiators logo is clearly based on Russell Crowe’s helmet from the movie of the same name. Next Elite Football League of India All Activity Posted August 8, 2011 Share on other sites Share on other sites 2 Posted August 6, 2011 Jamikel Banned 5 All Activity http://www.demotix.com/news/777860/elite-football-league-india-launched-mumbaihttp://www.gameplancreative.com/clients/efli/efli_launch/index.htmlElite Football League of India launched – MumbaiAmerica?s top sport and one of the world’s most powerful economic forces in professional sports, American football, is all set to change the sporting landscape in India with the launch of the Elite Football League of India. 5th August 2011America?s top sport and one of the world’s most powerful economic forces in professional sports ? American football ? is all set to change the sporting landscape in India with the launch of the Elite Football League of India(EFLI). The inaugural season of the EFLI will be played from November 2012through to February 2013.The first season of EFLI will be held at a custom-fit stadium in Pune between eight teams from Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Bhubaneswar, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Punjab and hosts Pune. Each team will play the other twice, which adds up to 56 games plus two play-off games to decide the top teams. One of the country?s leading sports broadcasters is on-board with the story with the intention of being the official broadcast partner and will air the games, including the Saturday and Sunday games as well as 13 Monday Night Football games.Speaking at the inauguration, Sunday Zeller, Founder, EFLI said, ?The launch of EFLI in India is a momentous occasion for us and indeed for the game. American Football is an inherent part of the American way of life. With a history of over 100 years, the game has acquired cult status in US, which can be mapped alongside its history. India has been known to assimilate cultures like very few countries have done, and that, coupled with the immense pool of talent makes it an ideal choice for a concept like EFLI. We are certain that these factors will combine to make India a force to reckon with in this great game of American Football, apart from creating the most lucrative sports league in the country.?The EFLI will comprise of Indian players and coaching staff who will be ably supported by professionals from American teams. One of the purposes of EFLI is to promote football as a culture and to do that a lot of programmes will be conducted at schools and colleges across India to provide opportunities for deserving candidates at the grassroots level. In the subsequent seasons, similar programmes will be conducted in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. The idea is to eventually attract talent from all these nations to be a part of EFLI which will add a lot of flavour to the league.The EFLI will work on a franchisee model, and like all franchise sports, the team ownership will be determined through auctions. What differentiates EFLI from other sports operating on the same model is that the bidding for ownership would be open to Indian and non-Indian bidders alike, making it the first truly international sport league in India. The games will be broadcast on television and will be well supportedby other forms of marketing including the very attractive merchandising model which has proven its worth in recent years. In addition, are the opportunities present in the electronic, fantasy gaming and new media platforms all of which offer explosive potential to brands for consumers outreach.Talking at the opportunities offered by EFLI, Richard Whelan, CEO, EFLI said, ?With a population of over a billion and one of the highest rates of economic growth, India is beyond doubt a great market for the sports and entertainment sectors. A concept like EFLI presents a huge opportunity and the perfect platform for brands, both, currently operating in India and thoseplanning to enter the Indian market, to get visibility and reach out to theirpotential consumers.?The EFLI has been working with the Government of India and the Sports Authority of India (SAI) to bring this sport to India. The SAI recently allowed its facility in Balewadi (Pune) to be used for an orientation programme conducted by EFLI. SAI has also consented to support such programmes across other major cities which will host similar programmes in due course of time. On its part, the Elite Football Federation ofIndia (EFFI) will share 15% of its revenue with the Ministry of Sports, Government of India which will go towards maintaining many of its ongoingprogrammes and facilities.Speaking about the partnership, Manohar Bangera, COO, EFLI, said, ?Sport as a culture and way of life is a relatively recent phenomenon in India. While the government agencies do their bit to promote sport, in our opinion, the private organisations including sports governing bodies and corporates have as much responsibility. We are glad that the Government of India and the Sports Authority of India have been very forthcoming and supportive for EFLI and hopethat this is just the beginning of a historical and mutually beneficial partnership.? Link to post Share this post 13,075 Go To Topic Listing Link to post This topic is now closed to further replies. Share this post Link to post 2,439 posts Elite Football League of Indialast_img read more