JOB VACANCY: First Choice Bathrooms and Tiles seeking to hire sales assistant in Portlaoise

first_img RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Pinterest Electric Picnic Facebook WhatsApp Electric Picnic Mary Sweeney elected Cathaoirleach of Portlaoise Municipal District for next 12 months JOB VACANCY: First Choice Bathrooms and Tiles seeking to hire sales assistant in Portlaoise Facebook Pinterest Home Jobs JOB VACANCY: First Choice Bathrooms and Tiles seeking to hire sales assistant… Jobscenter_img Council Previous articleFrom the LaoisToday Archives: Former Knockbeg College student is a millionaire in the Big AppleNext articleDeaths in Laois – Tuesday, March 30, 2021 LaoisToday Reporter Twitter Electric Picnic organisers release statement following confirmation of new festival date First Choice Bathrooms and Tiles in Clonminam Industrial Estate in Portlaoise are seeking to fill the following position.Sales AssistantHours per week: 409-6pmExperience in sales neededReady for immediate startTo Apply:Email: [email protected] 8681680SEE ALSO – Check out the dedicated jobs section on LaoisToday Electric Picnic apply to Laois County Council for new date for this year’s festival WhatsApp Twitter By LaoisToday Reporter – 30th March 2021 last_img read more

Maggie Rose & Friends Recreate Bill Withers’ ‘Live At Carnegie Hall’ In Nashville [Full-Show Video]

first_imgThis past Monday evening, the sublimely talented Maggie Rose invited some of her musical friends to join her in Nashville, TN for a recreation of Bill Withers‘ seminole live recording, Live at Carnegie Hall. The live album is considered by many music critics to be one of the finest ever to put on record. Back in 2015, Rolling Stone even ranked the album 27th on its list of the “50 Greatest Live Albums of All Time.”Rose felt compelled to pay tribute to Withers, who passed away in April, via last night’s livestream as well as with her recently released single, “20/20”. Rose indicated in recent interviews that she was actually thinking of Withers and his music when she penned “20/20” alongside co-writers Alex Haddad, Larry Florman, and Sarah Tomek.In a previously released statement regarding how “20/20” came together Rose commented,It started to form when those endless days under quarantine began to blur together, right around the time when all of those bread starters people had been making were ready to yield some loaves. Instead of bread making, I opted to trudge up the hill in our backyard to our shed where an old electric keyboard had been patiently waiting for someone to play it. Performing my songs on piano was the big one on my list of ‘things I will do when I have the time’ and let’s face it, I had the time and desperately needed the inspiration.Rose had some of Nashville’s rising stars join her for this past Monday’s stream that included local singers David Gilfillian, Joy Oladukun, and Wil Merrell. The songstress also tapped a few industry veterans for the performance such as R&B and adult contemporary artist Wendy Moten, the Barber Brothers horns, as well as her long time collaborators and tourmates, Them Vibes.Highlights from the evening of music were not hard to come by as the entire performance turned out to be brilliant from beginning to end. Rose herself may have had her best moment at the very beginning of the night with an effulgent and funky performance of the Withers’s classic, “Use Me”. The song lends itself to people coming together, embracing and even dancing with one another, thus it served as the perfect vehicle to start things off in Nashville.When Rose reached for the high notes in “Use Me” I’m guessing the walls in many viewers’ homes began to shake, rattle, and roll to the delight of any and all of the viewers taking in the performance from the comfort of their own living rooms.Another noteworthy performance from Monday evening came via Olakuden and Rose’s take on one of Withers’s most recognizable hits, “Ain’t No Sunshine.” The song ended up having an uptempo reggae flavor to it with the two singers trading radiant harmonies throughout. Olakudun turned out to be an excellent choice for “Ain’t No Sunshine,” as her own music is raw, passionate and breathtakingly real. Anyone who knows Rose personally must not be surprised in the least that she and Olakuden found a way to find one another in Nashville.Another moment of brilliance from Monday night’s stream came in the form of Gilfillan’s slow burn take on Withers’s, “World Keeps Going Around”. The Nashville-based singer is an admirer of vocalists spread throughout the worlds of rock, soul, and blues thus he seemed to be the perfect choice to take a run at a song that aligns closely with his very own musical DNA. Gilfilian’s music itself has a classic sound interwoven into it, yet he’s seamlessly able to inject something new and contemporary into the equation. The singer’s performance of “World Keeps Going Around,” this past Monday in Nashville did little to alter that narrative.Another standout from Monday evening came via Merrell’s emotive rendition of “I Can’t Write Left Handed”. Withers wrote the song for a buddy of his he served with in Vietnam who had been shot and injured at one point during the conflict. Merrell shared a personal story of his own that was tied to his brother’s similar experience in combat while serving in the Army throughout several tours of duty in the Middle East.  There’s a certain kind of melancholy and darkness tied to Merrell’s own music that’s also laced with themes of hope and redemption. Thus for a number of reasons, it seemed quite apt that Rose tapped the singer to perform, “I Can’t Write Left Handed.”Rose herself rose to the occasion throughout the evening countless times. However, the singer seemed to make a point of ensuring that all those that shared the stage with her in Nashville were equally represented with each of them having their own time to shine in the spotlight. And you know what, that may have been the whole idea or even the theme behind the live stream altogether. Unity, friendship, love and music.If that was the mission statement Rose was seeking to represent with her recreation of Withers’s Live at Carnegie Hall, man oh man did she hit that one right out of the park and into the starlit skies Withers likely gleefully took in the performance from.Rose has been keeping quite busy throughout the country’s seemingly never-ending quarantine. On the heels of Monday’s performance Rose will be putting out another ‘Quarantine 45’ on September 20th in the form of the B-Side for “20/20”, entitled, “Only Human (I Want to Get Out)”. To celebrate the song’s release Rose will be hosting yet another live stream this upcoming Thursday September 17th.For all things Maggie Rose, including tickets to her upcoming live stream this week from Tweed Recording Studios in Athens, Georgia, simply head on over to her website.Watch the full performance below.Maggie Rose & Friends – Tribute To Bill Withers – Nashville, TN – 9/14/20[Video: Maggie Rose]Setlist: Maggie Rose and Friends | Undisclosed Venue | Nashville, TN | 9/14/20Set: Use Me, Friend of Mine, Ain’t No Sunshine, Grandma’s Hands, World Keeps Going Around, Let Me in Your Life, Better Off Dead, For My Friend, I Can’t Write Left Handed, Lean on Me, Lonely Town Lonely Street, Hope She’ll Be Happier, Let Us Love, Harlem/Cold Baloneylast_img read more

WTF? MLB Mascots in Diapers!

first_img 245 13,831 NJTank Posted February 25, 2014 Link to post Share on other sites Posted February 26, 2014 Share this post 42 There are more than the ones pictured in the first post, including Bernie and Lou Seal. Only place I could find them was on the FatHead site.These are very weird. Posted February 26, 2014 Houston should wear their baby Kazoo on their sleeve. They’re still growing up, nothing wrong with that 2 Sports 1 Location:Effington DC in Da House w/o a Doubt 42 DC in Da House w/o a Doubt 111 111 Link to post Posted February 25, 2014 10,716 Location:Seattle 6,236 posts Posted February 26, 2014 Share on other sites NJTank DL Watt 53,174 posts 1 FiddySicks 0 1,129 Link to post Jimmy! um why is Arizona’s a cat? they cant make a cute kid like snake?? Location:Sacramento, California 53,174 posts By Patchez, February 25, 2014 in Sports Logo News Link to post Hail to the Redskins…forever.,1&op_sharpen=1&resMode=bicub&op_usm=0.5,0.2,0,0&iccEmbed=0&$product_template=is{Fathead/51-51535_mlb_milwaukee_brewers_baby_mascot?scl=1%26$layer_1_src%3dis{Fathead/shim%3fscl%3d1}}Hat ‘stache…well played. Link to post Sodboy13 Location:USA Jimmy! Share on other sites Link to post Operator, number, please; it’s been so many years 1,438 posts 5,159 44 The artist formally known as Bucfan56 Share on other sites 377 posts 2,792 monkeypower Members Share on other sites 16 Favourite Logos:Sacramento Republic FC Share this post 399 Share this post Share this post 0 Location:The DMV Share on other sites Link to post Next lilben777 154 10,716 Doing it the Leon Phelps way!!! Sports Logo News 0 Forums Home Members 0 6 Favourite Logos:Sacramento Republic FC Link to post 44 399 44 Posted February 25, 2014 6 5,159 Being a Mets fan is like being water boarded on a nightly basis 0 Share this post Share this post 5,159 Member No. 14 It’s Hockey Time, Folks. Sports Logos FiddySicks Banned 16 10,716 Share this post DG_ThenNowForever 1,129 210 Link to post WTF? MLB Mascots in Diapers! Link to post 31,371 posts Members Share on other sites The artist formally known as Bucfan56 Share on other sites Location:Seattle “Boom Boom”, Washington Buster 7,233 posts Posted February 25, 2014 Followers 1 Sodboy13 0 Members WTF? MLB Mascots in Diapers! FiddySicks 1,954 posts 245 Followers 1 0 Sign in to follow this   What,no Bernie? 245 Share on other sites 13,831 2 973 posts Guy_Gardner SuperLeafsFan 6,127 posts PhlyBoy 2,792 Link to post Members No San Diego Chicken? No Lou Seal?! Come on now! 245 Link to post Where’s Ace? I wanted to see a little Ace badly, but alas he isn’t here. Link to post Share this post 923 Link to post FiddySicks Share on other sites SportsLogos.Net 111 Posted February 26, 2014 42 Being a Mets fan is like being water boarded on a nightly basis Share this post Link to post Share this post Posted February 26, 2014 Banned That Mets one is downright unsettling. center_img Favourite Logos:Hartford WhalersSeattle SeahawksMonster EnergyUIC Flames1994-99 Houston Astros1998-2010 Golden State WarriorsSan Jose Sabrecats 0 Hail to the Redskins…forever. Go To Topic Listing 8,994 posts 0 Posted February 26, 2014 0 245 Lord of the idiots. 10,716 Patchez Patchez Favourite Logos:New York MetsDetroit Red WingsBoston Celtics Link to post NJTank Phoenix is a bangwagon town I hate so much about the things these choose to be. 750 posts Members Posted February 26, 2014 Sports Logo News 0 6,127 posts SuperLeafsFan 3,074 posts udubs03 Guy_Gardner 5,093 posts 31,371 posts Posted February 25, 2014 Share this post Share this post Former Taz enthusiast Forums Home Posted February 26, 2014 Next Share on other sites Link to post Location:Candler, NC DG_ThenNowForever 3,583 Share on other sites lilben777 PhlyBoy Guy_Gardner 923 154 Share on other sites Members 0 SportsLogos.Net Share this post 33,394 posts 0 Link to post Share on other sites Share this post 10,716 377 posts I don’t know why, but those make me uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the coy smirk on Baby Met. Or that some of them have diapers and some don’t. These came from a weird place and I don’t get it. 2 Location:Belleville, NJ 10,716 CubsFanBudMan 0 Location:North of Milwaukee, WI Sign in to follow this   Share this post Share on other sites Here you go…at the Pelicans game! 245 um why is Arizona’s a cat? they cant make a cute kid like snake??It’s D Baxter the BOBcat. BOB standing for Bank One Ballpark. It’s an absolute clusterf*** of a mascot that uses an animal that hunts snakes Buster Share on other sites Members Sports Logos Share this post Banned Prev 3,583 1,129 Share this post 2 Members Members Share on other sites 13,831 19,560 posts Page 1 of 2   Posted February 26, 2014 Link to post Members Banned Posted February 25, 2014 Location:Belleville, NJ 6 210 0 Share this post Cute, especially the birds and the elephant.These would be great printed on onesies.I can tell none of you children have kids. Link to post Share on other sites Share on other sites Posted February 25, 2014 Guy_Gardner How about a map to your house, Drew Carey? WTF? MLB Mascots in Diapers! 42 16 2,792 DL Watt 0 0 Members 154 Recommended Posts 3,583 NJTank 1,129 The Pelicans fixed their mascot it was scaring children Banned 923 42 1,129 Favourite Logos:New York MetsDetroit Red WingsBoston Celtics 42 These are great udubs03 Share this post Posted February 26, 2014 Share on other sites Have you seen these yet?These are new MLB Baby Mascot Patches available. Posted February 26, 2014 Share this post Moderators monkeypower 210 Members 943 posts Posted February 25, 2014 Buster CubsFanBudMan Location:Sacramento, California 1,129 That Mets one is downright unsettling.That diaper’s dirty and he knows it. He also knows that someone else has to deal with it. Prev No Clark the Cub? 0 Page 1 of 2   Favourite Logos:Barcelona DragonsHartford WhalersUS Soccer RattlesnakeJoliet Slammers “J-Bird”NBA All-Star New Orleans Crawfish This topic is now closed to further replies. Location:Bossier City, LA What,no Bernie?Apparently babies don’t have sweet mustaches. Too bad because a mustached baby would have looked awesome! No Clark the Cub? His wang kept slipping out of the onesie. All Activity Buster Members 399 All Activity Posted February 26, 2014last_img read more

Benzema: I swear to God, I’m ready to fight – Football…

first_imgReal Madrid striker Karim Benzema is ready to switch to martial arts after he finishes football.He was answering questions from his followers, with an inquiry coming from French kickboxer Fuad Ezbiri, with whom the footballer is friends and has trained in the past.Gulliver/GettyImages“I love martial arts, it’s true. I love to train, we’ve already trained together. Why not train with you 6 months after the end of my football career? If you decide I’ll be ready to fight, no problem. I swear to God , I’m in.Working hard. I pay a lot of attention to everything I do, I take care of myself, I try to squeeze the most out of myself. I know my career is not starting now, but age means nothing, “said Benzema. Follow us anywhere and anytime with the mobile application of You can download it from Google Play, App Store and AppGallery.last_img read more