“European Instrument for Democracy & Human Rights Israel”

first_img Leave a Reply Cancel ReplyYou must be logged in to post a comment. Similar Stories 2021 DRAPER HILLS SUMMER FELLOWS PROGRAM Tweet Share 0 January 26, 2017 Published by sanja Open Call: The new Democratic Wo/Men of the Western Balkans Fire Safety Engineering Erasmus+ Scholarship → LinkedIn 0center_img Reddit +1 Pocket “European Instrument for Democracy & Human Rights Israel” Deadline: 17 March 2017Open to: legal persons, civil society organisations, including non-governmental non-profit organisations and independent political foundations, community based organisations, universities and private sector non-profit agencies, institutions and organisations, and networksGrant: between EUR 150,000 and EUR 300,000DescriptionThe European Union (EU) is currently accepting proposals from eligible organisations for a programme entitled “European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) Israel 2016-2017” in order to the promotion and protection of human rights in line with international and domestic standards and obligations and to the upholding of democratic principles.Objectives:Reinforcing respect and protection of fundamental freedoms;Advancing the rights of persons belonging to minorities and persons affected by discriminations within Israel;Reinforcing respect for international humanitarian law and human rights in the occupied Palestinian Territory.EligibilityLegal persons;Non-profit-making;Civil society organisations, including non-governmental non-profit organisations and independent political foundations, community based organisations, universities and private sector non-profit agencies, institutions and organisations, and networks thereof at local, national, regional and international level;Public sector non-profit agencies, institutions and organisations and networks at local, national, regional, and international level;Be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicant(s) and affiliated entity(ies), not acting as an intermediary;No nationality restriction applies to applicants and, if any, to co-applicants and affiliated entities;Potential applicants may not participate in calls for proposals or be awarded grants if they are in any of the situations;The lead applicant must declare that the lead applicant himself, the co-applicant(s) and affiliated entity(ies) are not in any of these situations;The lead applicant may act individually or with co-applicant(s).GrantThe grant is between EUR 150,000 and EUR 300,000.How to apply?In order to apply please fill the application. Deadline for submitting the grant proposals is 17 March 2017.For more information visit the official page. ← [email protected] Postdoctoral Fellowship Applications for Commonwealth Youth to Lead on Human Rights and Democracylast_img read more

Maggie Rose & Friends Recreate Bill Withers’ ‘Live At Carnegie Hall’ In Nashville [Full-Show Video]

first_imgThis past Monday evening, the sublimely talented Maggie Rose invited some of her musical friends to join her in Nashville, TN for a recreation of Bill Withers‘ seminole live recording, Live at Carnegie Hall. The live album is considered by many music critics to be one of the finest ever to put on record. Back in 2015, Rolling Stone even ranked the album 27th on its list of the “50 Greatest Live Albums of All Time.”Rose felt compelled to pay tribute to Withers, who passed away in April, via last night’s livestream as well as with her recently released single, “20/20”. Rose indicated in recent interviews that she was actually thinking of Withers and his music when she penned “20/20” alongside co-writers Alex Haddad, Larry Florman, and Sarah Tomek.In a previously released statement regarding how “20/20” came together Rose commented,It started to form when those endless days under quarantine began to blur together, right around the time when all of those bread starters people had been making were ready to yield some loaves. Instead of bread making, I opted to trudge up the hill in our backyard to our shed where an old electric keyboard had been patiently waiting for someone to play it. Performing my songs on piano was the big one on my list of ‘things I will do when I have the time’ and let’s face it, I had the time and desperately needed the inspiration.Rose had some of Nashville’s rising stars join her for this past Monday’s stream that included local singers David Gilfillian, Joy Oladukun, and Wil Merrell. The songstress also tapped a few industry veterans for the performance such as R&B and adult contemporary artist Wendy Moten, the Barber Brothers horns, as well as her long time collaborators and tourmates, Them Vibes.Highlights from the evening of music were not hard to come by as the entire performance turned out to be brilliant from beginning to end. Rose herself may have had her best moment at the very beginning of the night with an effulgent and funky performance of the Withers’s classic, “Use Me”. The song lends itself to people coming together, embracing and even dancing with one another, thus it served as the perfect vehicle to start things off in Nashville.When Rose reached for the high notes in “Use Me” I’m guessing the walls in many viewers’ homes began to shake, rattle, and roll to the delight of any and all of the viewers taking in the performance from the comfort of their own living rooms.Another noteworthy performance from Monday evening came via Olakuden and Rose’s take on one of Withers’s most recognizable hits, “Ain’t No Sunshine.” The song ended up having an uptempo reggae flavor to it with the two singers trading radiant harmonies throughout. Olakudun turned out to be an excellent choice for “Ain’t No Sunshine,” as her own music is raw, passionate and breathtakingly real. Anyone who knows Rose personally must not be surprised in the least that she and Olakuden found a way to find one another in Nashville.Another moment of brilliance from Monday night’s stream came in the form of Gilfillan’s slow burn take on Withers’s, “World Keeps Going Around”. The Nashville-based singer is an admirer of vocalists spread throughout the worlds of rock, soul, and blues thus he seemed to be the perfect choice to take a run at a song that aligns closely with his very own musical DNA. Gilfilian’s music itself has a classic sound interwoven into it, yet he’s seamlessly able to inject something new and contemporary into the equation. The singer’s performance of “World Keeps Going Around,” this past Monday in Nashville did little to alter that narrative.Another standout from Monday evening came via Merrell’s emotive rendition of “I Can’t Write Left Handed”. Withers wrote the song for a buddy of his he served with in Vietnam who had been shot and injured at one point during the conflict. Merrell shared a personal story of his own that was tied to his brother’s similar experience in combat while serving in the Army throughout several tours of duty in the Middle East.  There’s a certain kind of melancholy and darkness tied to Merrell’s own music that’s also laced with themes of hope and redemption. Thus for a number of reasons, it seemed quite apt that Rose tapped the singer to perform, “I Can’t Write Left Handed.”Rose herself rose to the occasion throughout the evening countless times. However, the singer seemed to make a point of ensuring that all those that shared the stage with her in Nashville were equally represented with each of them having their own time to shine in the spotlight. And you know what, that may have been the whole idea or even the theme behind the live stream altogether. Unity, friendship, love and music.If that was the mission statement Rose was seeking to represent with her recreation of Withers’s Live at Carnegie Hall, man oh man did she hit that one right out of the park and into the starlit skies Withers likely gleefully took in the performance from.Rose has been keeping quite busy throughout the country’s seemingly never-ending quarantine. On the heels of Monday’s performance Rose will be putting out another ‘Quarantine 45’ on September 20th in the form of the B-Side for “20/20”, entitled, “Only Human (I Want to Get Out)”. To celebrate the song’s release Rose will be hosting yet another live stream this upcoming Thursday September 17th.For all things Maggie Rose, including tickets to her upcoming live stream this week from Tweed Recording Studios in Athens, Georgia, simply head on over to her website.Watch the full performance below.Maggie Rose & Friends – Tribute To Bill Withers – Nashville, TN – 9/14/20[Video: Maggie Rose]Setlist: Maggie Rose and Friends | Undisclosed Venue | Nashville, TN | 9/14/20Set: Use Me, Friend of Mine, Ain’t No Sunshine, Grandma’s Hands, World Keeps Going Around, Let Me in Your Life, Better Off Dead, For My Friend, I Can’t Write Left Handed, Lean on Me, Lonely Town Lonely Street, Hope She’ll Be Happier, Let Us Love, Harlem/Cold Baloneylast_img read more

Monell Williams to be installed as UWP senator

first_img Share LocalNews Monell Williams to be installed as UWP senator by: – June 27, 2014 Share Share 292 Views   no discussionscenter_img Tweet Sharing is caring! Monell WilliamsThe Dominica Parliament is expected to welcome a new female senator next week.Monell Williams, the Opposition United Workers Party candidate for the St Joseph constituency, will be sworn in as a senator on July 1 replacing former senator Ronnie Isidore whose candidacy was withdrawn by the Party in May of this year.Ms Williams will replace former senator Ronnie Isidore whose candidacy was withdrawn by the Party in May of this year.Opposition Leader Hector John confirmed to Dominica Vibes that the UWP wrote to President Charles Savarin on June 24, 2014 seeking his endorsement. Mr John said Miss Williams’ appointment as a senator will bring gender balance to the Parliament.He added that she will bring effective representation to the Parliament “as a woman, as a single parent, a very articulate, very bright candidate for the United Workers Party in the St Joseph constituency”.Felix Thomas (Facebook picture)“In terms of the different issues we will be dealing with she will be making a presentation as a young woman looking at issues within the St. Joseph constituency that she can bring at Parliament,” she said. He added that she is expected to deal with the many challenges that single mothers face at present particularly in the St Joseph constituency.The other UWP Senators are Ezekiel Bazil, Norris Prevost, Daniel Lugay and Ronald Green.Meanwhile, the United Workers Party has a new candidate for the Mahaut constituency. Felix Thomas, a contractor by profession has replaced Ronnie Isidore and will run against the Dominica Labour Party’s candidate, Rayburn Blackmore in the general election constitutionally due in May, 2015. “The people from the Mahaut Constituency Association has nominated Felix Thomas to represent the constituency on a UWP ticket for the next general election and the management committee of the UWP accepted the nomination,” John told Dominica Vibes on Friday. The United Workers Party (UWP) sacked Isidore in May, due to “trust and respect issues”.Mr Isidore, who contested the Mahaut seat at the 2009 general election and lost, was subsequently named a UWP senator.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Airbus Dorong Penerbangan “Fello’Fly” Guna Capai Efisiensi Bahan Bakar Hingga 15…,Bangkitkan Kebersamaan Antar BUMN, Makna dari Hari Perhubungan Nasional

first_imgIlustrasi penerbangan fello’ fly. Foto: Airbus via CNN Usai mengujicoba program ‘fello’fly’, yang terinspirasi dari angsa untuk mencapai konsumsi bahan bakar pesawat yang lebih rendah sekaligus mengurangi polusi tahun 2016 dan 2019 lalu, Airbus bertekad untuk mempercepat diterapkannya fello fly atau penerbangan formasi di tahun-tahun mendatang. Langkah itu akan dimulai kembali dengan uji coba lanjutan penerbangan fello fly bersama sejumlah pihak, seperti Frenchbee, SAS, Direktorat Jenderal Penerbangan Sipil Perancis, NATS, dan Eurocontrol.Baca juga: Airbus Tiru Formasi Angsa dalam Uji Coba “Fello’Fly” untuk Menghemat Bahan BakarDilansir CNN International, fello’ fly merupakan terobosan dalam sebuah penerbangan dimana dua pesawat atau lebih terbang secara bersamaan dan berdekatan untuk membentuk formasi “V” dalam penerbangan jarak jauh, layaknya angsa yang bermigrasi. Program ini sebetulnya pernah ditargetkan bakal terlaksana di dunia pada pertangahan tahun ini, namun, wabah Covid-19 memaksa peneliti Airbus UpNext menundanya. Proragm fello’ fly umumnya ditargetkan bakal terlaksana pada penerbangan jarak jauh. Tak harus lepas landas dalam waktu yang bersamaan, pesawat yang sudah berada di udara nantinya akan diatur sedemikian rupa oleh ATC untuk bertemu di sebuah waypoint untuk kemudian menerapkan formasi fello’ fly. Bergantung pada rute dan jam, dalam satu airways usai bertemu di waypoint, fello’ fly bisa saja melibatkan banyak pesawat.Selama menjalankan fello’ fly, pada skema dua pesawat (detail skema fello’ fly lebih dari dua pesawat masih butuh uji coba lanjutan), antar mereka akan dibatasi jarak masksimal 3km (1.5nm) dan pesawat yang berada di belakang akan memposisikan di bawah leader (pesawat yang ada di depan) di ketinggian 304 meter (1.000 kaki). Dalam perjalanan menuju bandara tujuan, leader yang akan memimpin komunikasi dengan ATC.Nantinya, pesawat yang berada di belakang akan menikmati updraft atau hentakan ke atas (biasa juga disebut vertical draft) efek dari wingtip vortex yang dihasilkan pesawat yang berada di depan. Sehingga, pesawat tak perlu mengeluarkan tenaga ekstra dan pada akhirnya membuat penerbangan jadi jauh lebih hemat bahan bakar.Fello’ fly AIrbus. Foto: Airbus via CNNSelama fello’ fly, untuk mendapati hasil yang lebih maksimal dan aman, pesawat perlu didukung oleh teknologi autopilot yang ajeg untuk mempertahankan posisi, baik ketinggian maupun jarak antar pesawat, serta menghindari efek wake energy retrieval yang berlebihan.Pada prinsipnya, fello’ fly akan membuat penerbangan jarak jauh lebih efisien hingga 5-15 persen. Namun, dengan memperpendek jarak antar pesawat menjadi 1.5 nm (Nautical Miles), jauh lebih kecil dari batas 5nm atau sembilan kilometer yang ditetapkan oleh FAA saat ini, ruang udara yang bisa dijajaki pesawat jadi lebih luas.Baca juga: Pesawat Punya Kecepatan Jelajah dan Kecepatan Maksimum, Apa Bedanya?Hal itu tentu bagus mengingat IATA telah memprediksi bahwa jumlah penumpang yang bepergian melalui udara akan mencapai 8,2 miliar pada tahun 2037 atau terjadi peningkatan sekitar 3,5 persen per tahun hingga 2037.Bila saat ini saja 40,3 juta penerbangan dan mengalami lonjakan sekitar 3,5 persen per tahun, bisa dibayangkan, berapa banyak penerbangan yang akan terjadi di tahun 2037 dan di tahun-tahun selanjutnya? Luas langit tentu sudah paten, namun, jarak aman antar pesawat, termasuk jarak saat lepas landas, taxing, dan lain sebagainya antara satu pesawat dengan pesawat lainnya masih bisa diubah untuk mendukung banyaknya perjalanan udara di masa mendatang.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedAirbus Tiru Formasi Angsa dalam Uji Coba “Fello’Fly” untuk Menghemat Bahan Bakar17/03/2020In “Analisa Angkutan”Pesawat Punya Kecepatan Jelajah dan Kecepatan Maksimum, Apa Bedanya?10/09/2020In “Analisa Angkutan”Pertama di Dunia, Airbus A350-1000 Berhasil Lepas Landas, Landing, dan Taxi Otomatis! Pilot Terancam?30/06/2020In “Featured” Fello’ fly atau penerbangan bersama dengan membentuk formasi V dalam pelaksanannya tak selalu bisa benar-benar terbang bersamaan dalam jumlah banyak seperti migrasi angsa. Sebab, hal itu cukup rumit dan butuh kerjasama dari ATC, maskapai, dan regulator seluruh dunia.last_img read more