Links we determined not for eleven cases

and cheating website, do not link with them, because they will involve you. The other site is K, then you will be affected. For the query whether a site for cheating by K, can go to love Shanghai site about his website, home page snapshot is not in the first place, domain: is not the first home page can also be used, you can also view the site included see history have pulled hair, then you have to analyze or to a question. There is some love Shanghai, Google shield sites, and they must not do. Exchange Links please the webmaster must be careful. read more

Effect of ALT tag in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

do not pay attention to with a lot of ALT tags is relatively in ALT over stack keywords, the purpose is to increase the page keyword density in a text, the actual accounts for the main part of the site without deliberately using ALT embedded keywords, the text will be enough, only those pictures, it is necessary to stand down in the ALT of Shanghai dragon Kung Fu, of course not words enough, ALT can be empty, this is not a good habit. First you make less of a reference factor for search engines to read a picture, is search engine friendly. Secondly, the appropriate description and embed relevant keywords, can increase the image in the ranking is love Shanghai in the picture, the noble baby, Sogou are the same, but only this factor is not enough to make pictures of the rankings, as already mentioned, identification, search engine has the ability to carry out certain dimensions of images such as watermark. Such as pixel resolution, such as the scarcity of gallery. Will affect whether he has the chance to be included and given ranking. read more