The real name authentication micro-blog marketing way

real name authentication brings the most serious consequence is micro-blog’s speech, reprint was significantly reduced. After all, the network is a virtual, unstable environment, a large part of Internet users worry about revealing their true identity information, which refused to name authentication. So, there will be a large number only concern, not to speak, comments, fans reprint. Whether for personal or corporate marketing micro-blog, micro-blog marketing, real micro-blog marketing, are a lot of users with micro-blog’s comments, forwarding and other forms of interaction, can let more people know about their product or business in a short time. In a large number of canceled interactive group, micro-blog, micro-blog personal marketing enterprise marketing effect will be greatly discounted. read more

On the three main factors causing the change and the website

I think every webmaster should know the site space is not stable, much negative effect often can’t open it by our website are for. It has included the impact of it, we all know that the search engine for the page to grab is similar to a visitor to visit our site. A regular cannot open site how to make this a "tenant" on our site long trust and trust? No one trust and stable environment, it is not included on the site. As shown above the stage before the server problems, unable to access, Netcom speed is O, or even Ping up, and search for the day is just Disasters pile up on one another. big update in love Shanghai, the lead author of the site collection down rapidly, has plummeted, the author gets the the next purchase space should be more cautious lessons. read more

Looking for website optimization over the reasons for excessive risk aversion optimization

an important reason for website optimization is to enhance the website ranking in the search platform, so as to improve the site traffic, and then make a profit. It is now Shanghai dragon industry is very hot, this time to obtain profits, coupled with a little investment will be able to get more long-term profit, naturally attract many people to participate. However, it is to optimize the craze, leading to a lot of website optimization excessive symptoms in optimization, while in the field of search optimization, it is not equal to, excessive optimization for the site of the attack is also a devastating. read more

Optimization of the space crunch medical website optimization how to develop

seven, the medical enterprise standing at the end of a row, tenth, it is not easy to love, Shanghai also left a personal webmaster position.

three, Shanghai ranked fourth in the picture of love, the next is the female portal station picture ranked fifth, which indicates that the weight can also enhance the picture.

because of love Shanghai to increase efforts to suppress the website optimization, so we should consider using the method of love and love Shanghai Shanghai bidding optimization combining to the development of our website? Love Shanghai algorithm is changing all the time, just change the size of the problem. But for the website, "content is king, the chain for emperor" the king will never change, " read more

Not calm Hong special love to know a little emotional control in Shanghai keywords

said its author gives a direction to the grassroots, but also let the grassroots webmaster to do it simply be docile and obedient, good love Shanghai. Japan in 1942, how many people can ignore its run amuck, otherwise, it cannot explain why, turned 180 degrees from the revolutionary party Wang Jingwei was born, did all have a little sense of justice Chinese are not ashamed of the traitors? The day when the world’s few the iron and steel production in Japan has the total tonnage of ships; 69.75% of the United States; fighting Japanese forces of the then national government forces the ratio is 1:10; the Japanese original countries have the highest cohesion and fascism crazy, " read more

The painful lessons to modify the site title title station three please think twice

anyway, in Shanghai dragon’s point of view, modify the site title ranking on the website of the impact, the title of the site must be on the site after positioning as far as possible don’t change, especially to avoid frequent modification of title.

zxk4 online line two day in Shanghai included, third days, because the webmaster optimized modified title, lead to serious consequences of love Shanghai right down. Originally on the line after ranking first or to the first page of the key words are now very serious consequences disappear without a trace. Check a drop right related information to know, modify the Title Effect on the website ranking, especially the new station. Because the search engine in the early stage of development is based on keyword matching technology, and this is the main keyword matching is to let SE first sight is Title information. Although the search engine technology has been a breakthrough in the development of (many semantic analysis and other intelligent elements), but fundamentally and not from the most basic technology exists. read more

Keywords analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng longer is more accurate

obviously, if we want to find the consumers now buy a washing machine, then the attention type, price, size information search, more likely to be potential buyers, and for these potential buyers, home appliance giants are not planning accurate search marketing, not can not say it is a pity that.

brand promotion is suitable for large enterprises or well-known new products to market expansion strategy of small and medium enterprises, should go to mining the most accurate direct advertising sales. read more

List 5 methods to optimize the chain

> money The

four: soft Wen promotion

: website content relevance

website has a very wide extension, such as blogs, forums, quizzes, classification, Wikipedia, enterprise web pages, this blog recommended Sina, Sohu, NetEase, several big brother level network forum, do Shanghai dragon, a push, laggards, A5 forum, Q & a reference to love Shanghai, Soso Ask, network classification now popular with Ganji, 58 city, people network, Wikipedia has more well-known love Shanghai encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, Wikipedia etc.. Stay connected with useful quality can not only increase the website chain can bring convenience channels into the site for the user, you won’t have to worry about traffic. read more

Love of Shanghai domain accuracy

general webmaster love Shanghai domain query chain or more, but they are the original Shanghai dragon Er most of the chain of YAHOO search function, the basic reason for this situation is that the chain for YAHOO search relative love Shanghai more accurately, according to the analysis, the number of the chain YAHOO search, about 98% are real and effective, and in the chain of love of Shanghai there are a lot of query results is not real and effective outside the chain, and even some very ordinary web site, you have no web site, then what reason it is this? Today I to their limited knowledge we simply analyze. read more

Several ways of making money other than shlf1314 AdsenseTumblr founder Karp big business of light bl

Accelerator Media:


24/7 RealMedia: large network CPM

AdDynamix: CPM

LinkShare: large network CPA

MSN adCenter: closed beta CPC


ADServing Network: CPM

AdAgency 1: CPM 60% payment

. David ·: Karp has been fascinated by computer programming since he was a child. He began to teach himself programming at the age of 11. He left school at 15, started programming at home and went to school at home. At the age of 17, has been living in New York, David · Karp went to Japan to Tokyo leave the hometown, learning computer programming for a whole year. At the age of 21, he founded Tumblr in his mother’s apartment in New York. read more

Shanghai dragon is not equal to the rank of user experience is more important

a few days ago, a Shanghai dragon Er job, the interviewer asked him what he said is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is to make others through the search engine to search relevant keywords to your website ranking by technical means. I want to have this view of the people there are many, many people think that Shanghai is doing dragon ranking; and many business owners and executives had ranked as the Shanghai dragon is the only criterion of investigation of Shanghai Longfeng Er performance, I sometimes think, perhaps it is for this reason that many of the Shanghai dragon er this kind of thought. But if I put the Shanghai dragon only ranked too most probably it did not actually happen. Of course, the ranking is important, but I think we have more important things. read more

Analysis of the first half of 2012 fell in love with the sea station K trend

Internet Storm, the vast land, change unpredictably, who is the master? And Shanghai Shanghai dragon love ant elephant, will be how to interpret? But the goose flying as a grassroots webmaster, a slight force is small, in addition to frustration or helplessness, with a sigh: see.

may have the friend saw some of the above data or feel a little dizzy and not easy to understand, in order to know the change of data, Xiaoran for everybody Guyan Feite made a chart. Without further ado, directly on the map. read more

Common HTTP status code analysis and setting method of page 404

Analysis of the error situation about a variety of common HTTP return status meaning and the corresponding web

302: a temporary state when returning the page jump. It is generally believed that the use of 302 jump easily search engine cheating, that is early 302 jump abuse and sequelae. Leaves not very old webmaster, have not seen the abuse of what, however, 302 more as a function of the jump jump, will use the basic current of every website program, such as adding an article, automatically jump back to the list page; operation success / failure prompts automatic jump > read more

Social media ten road Shanghai Dragon

5, do

especially when we search some company or website brand word, row in search of many of the above is a social media platform, so as to cover the official account, ranking brand word with the integration platform.

is now a business or website only pure Shanghai dragon is very difficult, especially for commercial projects, the Shanghai dragon and micro-blog bidding and other network marketing integration together, let’s charge and free together more than two.

good content with appropriate social media platform, the user can cause spontaneous spread, the last time Yang Tao wrote "an old webmaster and network marketing training about ten directions" now in search of more than 2000 results, most of them are users or sites of spontaneous forwarding. read more

Small nameless experience is how to make the website snapshot

relatively, a snapshot of the site in Shanghai is on the second day of love, love that Shanghai search engine began to pay attention to your site, at least love your site, also proved that the frequency and importance of love Shanghai spiders crawl. I believe that many webmaster all know, if the snapshot of a site is the next day, and publish content in a few minutes or the day included words, that the weight of this site is quite high, especially the released content directly seconds if the site weight high not to say. For update snapshot, the following is a little personal experience. read more

Search engine optimization through data from the diagnosis of website optimization details

third, external flow channels should not be overlooked. A lot of people outside promotion purpose just leave the chain, the chain that as long as the existence of website promotion purpose is achieved, in fact, this idea is very narrow, as a senior staff to optimize our objective is to develop, make website benign then website benign development as a normal growth in children vegetables, meat, halo elements should be combined with the consumption of it, and in addition to the content of the chain website we must through the external channels continue to increase website traffic and popularity, the popularity of continuous accumulation and growth, through the platform of high weight and flow channels to expand the site traffic sources, operation method specific. read more

The era of precision marketing Shanghai dragon to intensive and meticulous farming

therefore, don’t blindly play technical means to insult the search engine and user intelligence, technology should become a basic work, the basic link it can. Shanghai dragon and other aspects, should be more user oriented, people-oriented.

yes, Shanghai dragon is a very classic channel steady flow, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng services, is the only commitment to flow, will not consider the benefit for you, and this extensive flow looks very cool, is actually useless.

The same is true for read more

Picture optimization of website optimization in three steps

images with title tags, title tags to allow users to better understand the viewing pictures, the user moves the mouse to the picture will be displayed on the picture text.

The second is to optimize the

from three aspects: teach you how to do image optimization:

the best way now is: add a ALT tag.

picture ALT tag not only tell the main information search engine of the picture, when the loading failure appeared in the picture, also can let visitors understand the picture of the content.

optimized itself read more

The discussion on the design of website of the reasons of the poor user experience

content update frequency is low

in recent days have been strange, why the content look down, didn’t find a link anchor text? Do the webmaster know this website is an important part of the internal optimization, is the site of the whole organic composition, can be in the design of VI type website is not to see, so far I don’t know what is going on, do not know because they don’t need to understand it, or do not understand, perhaps, two, if you look carefully will find that this type of website and not too many specialized personnel in Shanghai Longfeng do promotion, promotion of the website on the Internet is not enough attention, but now many, there have been more and more business owners have a network of this big market. read more

The cause of super chain cheating what

four, most people think that Shanghai is the hair of the chain

, a high quality links to more and more rare

with love Shanghai search engine algorithm constantly updated, can be said to be way more and Shanghai Longfeng construction of Er chain is less. Before the love Shanghai foreign propaganda said that if Links more than how much you have to punish, use love Shanghai product promotion can not be derived weights, so Shanghai dragon er for the chain is very long.

? Too much

three, industry competitionIf the read more

What is the breadcrumb navigation website

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain The

attribute breadcrumbs are generally used for listed attributes or categories of products, commonly used in the electronic commerce website, this type of navigation can be of different properties listed products, can be a number of attributes is more intuitive to show to consumers. read more

The three key site keywords ranking stable!

two, a good experience.

We want to

according to the analysis of the characteristics of the industry and the important position of the website data, content and plate users often click on the site, in order to better serve customers. You know, in addition to large website of NetEase, such as Sina, basically all of the sites are just a part of the meet the needs of users, our website is so natural. But we can according to the majority of the user experience, ranking on the site of important content, important contents can be modified or deleted, conducive to the development of the website. read more

How to choose search marketing to achieve supply and demand


in word-of-mouth marketing also needs to create their own search. Apple did not do a "tablet computer", they made a iPad. Then a consumer search for "iPad", so a long-term brand has been popular content. Because users love this brand, Google said it will continue to be the interests of users in the first place, the information content related to this brand of some corresponding effect.

strategy 2: the establishment of real rights assets

long-term win-win marketing, not provided brief value, but by means of marketing the company and product brand can become a lasting discussion of the brand. It is noteworthy that, in order to achieve marketing purposes, not rely on search terms, the user through the relevant keyword search to find the brand site, but better to use word-of-mouth marketing customers, they may be the marketing of their friends, search your brand in Google. read more

use the web site statistics and love Shanghai love Shanghai share

love Shanghai love Shanghai statistics and sharing tools for web site:

1, as ordinary web tools to play its original role. Love Shanghai statistics statistics on visitors behavior data, the main site for data analysis, identify problems, solve problems, make the site play a greater effect. Love Shanghai will allow users to share their love content to share their common social platform, let more people see, let more people to share, and site owners can get a lot of reflux. So, love and love to share with Shanghai Shanghai statistical tools and other statistical tools to share no essential difference. read more

How to do web site chain optimization

Within the chain

related products and related articles recommended recommended generally at the bottom of the page, many of our small and medium-sized site for convenience or learn a station, automatic recommendation on its website, but we recommend can do better "

four, the small and medium-sized site related products or related articles recommend the best artificial recommended.

is an overview of our navigation website, through navigation users can easily find what they want, but many of our Shanghai dragon in order to make the site looks more dazzling, with pictures instead of text, which leads to the user clicks up very difficult, and the loading speed is relatively slow, the most terrible is that search the engine does not recognize the images. If the search engine can grab navigation contents of our website, then we will certainly affect the quality of the site, so as to affect the ranking. So we must make the content navigation text. read more

On the three may affect your title writing skills

for the title of the article is best to be unique, search engines love fresh content, if your title is several years ago appeared in the title, and repeat the high degree of the title, I think your article will be difficult to search engine value. For this, we consider a title can through the search engine search keywords repeat how to view the title, can check the number of search results in search results. Can those who repeat the title of the high degree, and then find a fresh and unique title. read more

Love Shanghai algorithm upgrade again hit mainly affect the user experience of the website

a collection of content on the Internet, can not help but make a lot of duplication of information, but also cause the content of the statement is not fluent, that our users have no way to get the content they need, so that only from the perspective of the user experience, this site is also very garbage.

users search for relevant keywordsThe growing influence of

in today’s announcement, mainly describes the 5 aspects, if they do not, then your website may be low quality sites.

still collected content, although it can be very smooth reading, but still make repeated spam, like most of the Taobao guest website, if you search for a commodity, is a product of Taobao’s detailed information, that is what field it is self-evident. read more

The chain should be guided to solve user needs as the goal

chain should be guided, solve the user demand as the goal, of course, related to different user groups, according to the demand is very different, such as tea Web links appear in the same industry, it can provide tea for the needs of users; and the link appears in the Webmaster Platform, such as A5, Chinaz in these websites so, it can be used as a reference station optimization, so many people think the A5 link is a just for ranking and links, in fact a lot of Shanghai dragon Er after reading, will go to the end of the article analysis leave a link site, it is also a good way to guide the user. The website nature can provide some ideas and methods to optimize for everyone. read more

Search topics immediate and Pangu why difficult foothold

1 resources do not represent success, having more resources can not realize the humanized function is no good, the failure of the immediate and Pangu not without opportunity, with government resources as the entrance is correct, at least allows users to eliminate professional concerns, but they still can’t make use of this article, and visible technology humane setting for the importance of search products.

for these two products, the search industry friends and comment several times, I think everyone is more or less seen, I think their operation is to seek long-term development but has not found the right direction. But today the electric grid blog revealed some content, and is likely to immediately said Pangu merger, the new company after the merger may not be the main search, but to use people贵族宝贝.cn and Xinhua news agency resources, the launch of the new new media products. It really made me very surprised, because although there is no immediate and the self realization of the value, but as the beginning of the article said, the mobile Internet is a new opportunity for everyone, if you can find suitable for the development of their own so energized is not impossible. Especially Pangu, but this time the exit or to the same search friends some enlightenment. read more

Shanghai Dragon Road Zulikuoyu petrifaction

After From



had studied civil engineering, came out to work at a company, with their own professional relevant in addition to the design scheme and some drawings in the office, most of the time will often run the site, run project, at that time very hard every day, overtime, but ultimately did not get the leadership of the identity, and the salary is very low, complete with their own pay gap is very large, may be a novice’s sake, have repeatedly been rejected by people, so when the angrily quit this job, find the main read more

Shanghai Longfeng novice to learn how to view and analyze the web log

the above code that someone in the 2012.5.17 spider visit my website return code.

Common code

spider web log:

first enter your FTP username and password to enter the root folder, open the log folder logfiles, will see many of the.Log at the end of the file, this is the log file.

The common

as the Shanghai dragon novice must learn to view and analyze the web log, because from watching the web log code, we can analyze the general condition of a website.

site log:

#Date: 2012-05-17 00:00:37

PS: Shanghai dragon ER reflects on his website log have not seen these spiders, this spider is probably not recording function of the virtual host you use, this time you have to check your site or your host site is normal, if you have included normal, don’t get excited over a little thing. read more

That new Shanghai dragon navigation scheme how to layout

All the

as a new station, especially Shanghai Longfeng personnel of new sites, must write a new station in Shanghai Longfeng, through these days that new Shanghai dragon in the process, we have mentioned in front of the new station in Shanghai Longfeng scheme, location, title, description. Today we are going to see the new Shanghai dragon navigation scheme layout is the meaning of what. We take a look at love Shanghai and nobility baby J is how as webmaster should how to locate your site navigation. read more

A knife Google said the crackdown rubbish website ranking

Google’s move to change, to believe Google’s technology will make the search results to be purified, those who strive to create high quality original content website, will benefit not small. The procedure to mass production of garbage content sites, will be a certain degree of combat.

is about the content of a web site, the knife has said many times. A website to develop for a long time, have their own unique content strategy, content source to create high quality, even the need to upgrade to a strategic level issues. We had said, the search algorithm more perfect, for the core things, the higher requirements of. Included higher represents can get more opportunities and potential ranking flow. But the site to long-term development, it must have the content of sustainable development strategy. read more

Feather Shanghai dragon Er necessary advanced search engine advanced instruction (on)

in a few of my QQ group, some webmaster friends often ask questions such as "what is the meaning of" H1 tag "keyword density how to check it?" "where to find the high quality of the chain?" "why static pages" and other similar problems.


through the feather of careful observation, encounter this kind of problem, many veterans will do the following reactions: love Shanghai, You’ll see.; a "curse: love Shanghai not Google QQ expression; said mildly is: search engine is the best teacher, you know ah ~ ~ ~ read more

Four aspects to enhance the user experience of the website to increase income

is a brightly coloured website makes people feel frivolous, not stable, make it difficult to trust this station, my own personal love is relatively simple and elegant website, including my own station is, before I adjust the structure of the site, the user experience is better. A simple and elegant station makes people look comfortable, not chaos, looks more convincing, users can easily find what they want. Therefore, to enhance the user experience, web pages must be concise and easy.

server ? read more

What is the reason for the decline in ranking websites in 2015

is not good enough!

some time ago we are discussing the needs of users, many buddies began playing the evil idea, want to take a shortcut, think as long as the web page on the top 20, ranked by click on the brush flow software can quickly brush up, this kind of software is mostly simulated user search keywords, and then click on your website, use love later Shanghai ranking algorithm rules to operate. Although your website ranking will soon be painted, but for a period of time found, is down right or serious will be K off, is a great sin of deception, Li Yong here suggest buddies don’t for a moment and ruin your website. read more

The original article is not only standard ranking

I thought of a search engine to help identify the original good method. Is the search engine to develop a platform, the platform registered webmaster first, and then released. This can be a good read. But there is another problem. Is the copyright problem, search engines can only identify whether the original article on the network. And if you are from the reality from scanning up the article, how to identify it? And, if so, the original search engine to identify whether the system will gradually give out more transparent, let people take advantage of. read more

Web site keywords ranking drop 8 disaster first

your web server recently whether there is not normal visit phenomenon? The server cannot normally access is lead to a drop in one of the most common factors, therefore, you do not need to make any changes to your site, to manage your server, to ensure the normal access, especially in the crucial time


site factors

3, frequently face let spiders do not recognize you

your site is pure in too much advertising? What static advertising, GIF advertising, text ads, pop-up ads and so on, in a word can be used on the space you never waste. Recently, the Shanghai dragon nobility baby expert Matt Cutts Pubcon held in Las Vegas conference, talked about the noble baby is testing a can detect "what is the really important things", which is how much content is mixed in other important content of "algorithm. At the same time, Matt Cutts said the nobility baby may punish too much advertising page. Although this is Google’s statement, but I love Shanghai, Sogou search engine also focus on the user experience. read more

What do the construction site within the chain

the bread crumbs navigation significance is that it can let the user know at present themselves in the site where the user through the navigation to quickly reach the higher page. For example, home column content, this is typical of the type of bread crumbs navigation links, whether the user can see the page to which this breadcrumb navigation links. Returns the navigation can not only improve the practicability of the website, but also can improve the site is friendly to the search engine, is of great significance for search engine optimization. All categories of three level content pages link to return to the corresponding category list page, this page weight category list will be more and more high, more conducive to search engine ranking and optimization. read more

Within the chain do to maximize the effect of internal website optimization

three, ensure the connection page associated with

In fact,

in the second small series are mentioned, correlation, when we each go to add a chain, we need to consider is that we link to the page and this has a kind of contact, whether there is any correlation? If you are a visitor, after you read this, the recommended the content of this to you, you will see this is very important?. Is not to say that you want to link to link, no scruples about user experience and spider.

many webmaster love add anchor text within the chain in many content, take some of our common text site in terms of it, there are many classified sections of these sites, such as "emotion, love, sadness, aesthetic, story and so on these columns, when they appear in the website keywords at the same time the webmaster will choose all the links to the relevant column. They think this is not linked to the same page, spiders definitely don’t think is cheating, but also can visit and share some of the weight of these columns. But it is not like this. Because long ago, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has clearly said that this technique belongs to the accumulation of keywords cheating, even if you can get a good weight in the short term, but will be search engine punishment. read more

n the original destroy three crux writing quality articles

many of the original artifacts, although by replacing the word order adjustment period of chaos "

original, engaged in website construction or site optimization is not strange. Both literary geometry, even copy pieced together pseudo original, webmasters like alwayses enjoy it, because the original website can bring weight and improve search rankings. Although the search engine has repeatedly said that the website construction content is king, the original rich website will receive the favor of users and search engines. But the reality is that many of the original hard to master, but for a long time not being included in the search engine. There is a website structure and programming problems, but the situation is more, website content. For example, now the search engine of semantic analysis and judgment to repeat the procedure based on, have identified a part of pseudo original. read more

Love Shanghai station search can fully open, site traffic promotion

it is worth mentioning that the love Shanghai station search can also submit address URL seed pages, improve your grasp efficiency and depth, which is conducive to the collection.

love Shanghai station search authority is now fully open, hope the webmaster can benefit from the website and the user

love Shanghai search – to build their own web site search engine. Always love Shanghai in search for the allocation of convenient for users and bring good search experience, has attracted much attention, the majority of the site every day, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform mailbox will receive hundreds of applications to open mail search. Then, in September 9, 2014, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform fully open search authority, who verified in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform site can see the entrance search under the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform home page, and can be set according to the relevant requirements. read more

How to improve the site weight fast

9: News advertisement is very important.

chain is like your social communication, only your communication range, the handover are also influential people then your weight, ranking will naturally become high, only more website links you will have more channels to let the spider grab you < /p>

summary; above all is the network for the website Debao some simple summary, welcome to post welcome to visit my website. Do not copy or I will pursue infringement. Welcome to reprint, htt> address read more

Page Optimization how to use the data funnel optimization case

number of each product were recorded by EXCEL, click on the graphics, line charts. (note the color distinction and line density, if more than 10, I do not recommend the use of the image of the

three, data funnel model


four, the reference of competing products page, consider the existing node > page

pages as follows

second is about the user leaving the page data record

here can be the first data fluctuation obvious is obviously see: on the weekend, second is about the advertisement. This is why advertising is so important, because the cast party in its advertising, can bring a lot of user access. Not too much accounted for 40% (total access to a website volume) read more

National Day the most offbeat search engine must Hengping anxious to find a toilet which is stronger



find the toilet, the next step is to help you find your way navigation. When I choose to go the bathroom after click navigation, the puzzling scene appeared, mobile phone love Shanghai navigation functions need to install love map of Shanghai can achieve navigation APP. Just imagine, only love map of Shanghai APP light the size of the nearest 40M to download, in the mobile network environment.

is the second important, route navigation. In a good search search results click "this", will be a one-stop direct side public toilet. This process is fully integrated in the search APP, no need to download any third party APP, also do not have to find a toilet and download offline map navigation and such a big fuss. read more

Some methods of Shanghai Longfeng experience love Shanghai station was updated every day included

! ! !

in a certain extent, love Shanghai love a regular website, but also love those websites more original, if you want to make love on Shanghai included and update your site, so webmaster must find a fixed time every day to update the website, then when updates, if if you can send more more original content, if it is not the way to find or write original content, then reproduced in or when collecting other web content, be sure to make false original type to modify it, when you change more places, and for the more is not the same, so this article pseudo original content quality is higher, and the higher the quality of your content, then Shanghai would love more love, love as long as Shanghai love on the axe website, whether in the update Is the collection of speed will greatly speed up the read more

The construction site of creative marketing the title and content of the important

standards: good creative anastomosis site theme

what is the creative? For website construction and search engine marketing, creative is a site in the search engine’s performance. Such as the title of the site, site description etc.. Although the love of Shanghai and Google have expressed that statement website weight and website content to describe the relationship between small, but creative content description always attract users more attention. Familiar with the love of Shanghai phoenix nest promotion account background is clear, the key factors affecting the quality of account is significant ratio, the best way to optimize the quality of the account is to increase the click rate. The best way to love Shanghai recommend is to optimize the creative account, attract more attention. The optimization ideas include: in the premise of ensuring the smooth and reasonable statement, implant more keywords in the title and advertising description, let the creative and keyword matching degree is higher and so on; creative optimization also includes using highly personalized language (of course, the premise is the search engine can be identified, the size of the domain name) write interchangeably, let creativity keywords and website content, more matching etc.. read more

The coffee machine industry should be more conducive to the optimization of love Shanghai ranking

many webmaster friends all know optimization meta tag is very important in the whole website, but really can do this three big label optimization I think is still a little less easy, especially the "title" label optimization is the most important of all meta tags in the most is not how good the optimization of why say? Because of the weight in the search engine the most important title tags given is the highest, but for now has not paid much attention, now some webmaster for the Meta Tag Optimization even when the label directly cut off. The coffee machine in the optimization of the station when the optimization of the title tag really spent a lot of time also kill a lot of brain cells but is only 30 words, then I put the optimized title tags to the table for everyone to share out the "coffee machine – household coffee machine rental and price buy maintenance in Shenzhen Coffee Trading" McCoy and the general public website optimization headline: the keyword 1_ 2_ keyword keyword 3_- company name Title Optimization that is not wrong but not the most perfect in more detail. read more

Shanghai Shanghai dragon love love Shanghai how to use the index query tool

One of the four major functions of

people can easily picture help us locate keyword search and search keywords provinces, city, people.

love love Shanghai know

love Shanghai index keyword demand map

love Shanghai index detection function

love Shanghai Index Related words classification

love is a very important index of Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng query tool, which integrates the online love Shanghai massive user behavior information. It can tell us a keyword in Shanghai love search index is the number, sex ratio, search the keywords users area distribution, age, and they also search about the related keywords and so on. The sea dragon Yao Shanghai Xiaobian one to analyze how each function index of Shanghai love. We love the search box to search "Shanghai love Shanghai index read more

Shanghai dragon let enterprises do network crisis public relations no longer when the suckers


1, consumers and customers reflect the true story: This is one of the most common, many consumers or customers buy goods or service experience, which exists for the goods and services of the vent and exposure.


let us work together to analyze the negative information come from

by Shanghai Longfeng for enterprises to get rid of negative information online by

negative crisis!For example: !

, 2 competitors malicious slander: in fact, negative information caused by competitors malicious slander, in today’s Internet era has even superior to the first one, became the largest source of negative information! Common industries such as courier, medical and other read more

Website optimization simplified keyword layout or to read around a word.

first appeared "title tags, title tags should be combined with the website optimization keywords to write, and have enough appeal to users.

The true meaning of

well around a word, for the website, is an overall layout, not a single person will be able to complete the. Here we relate to the custom website and template site, custom websites available on the website title, keywords description and the rest of the page layout of fixed words, for a simple template site, if the operator does not understand the program, then, means that the web page keyword layout around a word basically less than two, the effect of natural little. read more

Thinking is down right after Shanghai love

classified information platform once love Shanghai in limbo, is considered to be the most serious place full of spam, but the classification information is also a perfect place of promotion, one can improve enterprise and website exposure using classified information. Two if the popular industry, can use classification information to do long tail keywords. Now.

, enhance the user experience

The word "

2012 this year is Shanghai love a turbulent year experience such upheaval, Shanghai dragon the road to our grassroots webmaster fewer opportunities, the road is more narrow. As everyone knows, the Internet is a big cake filled with unlimited interest, many businesses want to in this piece of cake on a spoonful of soup, so now on the Internet since the Shanghai dragon dragons and fishes jumbled together, the promotion of technology into Chinese, many far sighted entrepreneurs are to look into the search engine, but when the technical strength of Shanghai dragon company less and less in Shanghai in China has just started the dragon’s, just increase the keyword density and the establishment of open source blog can let the keywords have very good ranking, so the domestic company to Shanghai dragon like bamboo shoots after a spring rain suddenly a lot, because the search engine has been incorporated into the user’s life among them, the benefit is great. read more

The importance of details in Shanghai Longfeng in operation

1. new website of the details of the target

2. if we start from the new site, because the new site is a piece of paper what is not related, then we should have the specified target and basic data about the following items: Web page and the content page included time, site outside the chain growth (including how long to catch up with us finally, competitors) is the site of the target ranking (estimated how long the assessment period, how long will it take to enter the top 20, the last is how long to reach our desired ranking). The goal is to start from the railway station to optimize a series of target details ranking, goal is to specify these goals and help us work to improve the executive capability, and give us a clear idea. read more

The new station in the chain construction and promotion and other aspects of attention

One of the first

. I think about the site stability as a webmaster we have the experience, for no 0 new sites to ensure that the site stability is particularly important. Here comes the stability actually consists of several means, first, we should keep calm in mind, don’t be too utilitarian, as the saying goes, eat hot tofu, anything must follow the law of development, if we are eager for it will "

third, the chain do not always confined to a few platform above, we need to pay attention to the outer chain wide. As far as possible the variety called the chain widely degree is the release of the chain platform number. If we are often in the above several fixed platform is very easy to cause the fluctuations of the chain, it will bring many unstable factors to the site. This error in the novice webmaster often appear in. Although we all know that the number and the weight of the chain is good, at the same time, we also need to know the chain widely degree also must pay attention to. read more

The signs site is down right after Shanghai love

included quantity reflects a site traffic source. Typically, a website search engine rankings, included the amount of traffic is more. The hands of the website included quantity decrease suddenly we need to look at before the ranking page if there is, if there is love can be inferred Shanghai adjustment algorithm. If you drop it may be right down. So we should analyze the existence of collection, copying or pseudo original tools included page deleted phenomenon at. Love is of no value in Shanghai to identify the page needs a period of time, no value for page sooner or later will be deleted. But if all of a sudden to remove too many pages, or have a certain impact on the site. read more