The new site how to do the chain

The chain of The chain

for the time just in Shanghai Longfeng me, on this line utterly ignorant of, do not know how to start, make the hair of the chain, the result is not a little effect, then later into the training class, your heart bottom, then slowly learning the knowledge, also have their own ideas, slowly start from the beginning of the new site, the author detailed talk about the chain construction site how to do the natural and steady relationship.

correlation is equal to the same industry recognized read more

Why do you love Shanghai frequently reform

is now the site optimization, Shanghai dragon ER in user experience, and through the observation we can also found that real love by Shanghai algorithm effect is more than the industry that competition is fierce, especially for the growing small and medium-sized enterprises, and the websites of the monopoly industry is almost not affected by the impact of the algorithm the. Those are "frozen" website is also through a study of love Shanghai algorithm to improve the ranking of the site through the use of the content and the chain of technology, this website is no user experience at all, so the algorithm is alternated in Shanghai out of love. read more

His website, one hundred million, was sold to Li Jiacheng, referring to the fact that he was afraid

? It is mainly based on your personal interests and abilities. Of course, you should try to select some commission products, and find products with a large market demand. Because we sure the goods will determine their own e-book will be written, the selected goods decides the content and content directly determine our income, so do check when goods do not blindly follow the trend can look to find a good starting point, of course, if conditions allow, or can you make a small range test. If the result is good to increase efforts to promote, to increase your income! For example, we choose whitening products, acne products and so on, are relatively large demand read more

Customer service is one of the key factors affecting transformation rate

we know that the influence of good reputation for customers is very important. So, in this step, we want to let buyers laugh with good attitude and service, buyers happy, he will give you good evaluation in time, which for us to build a good reputation with the help of a very good.

in Guangzhou Shanghai dragon people (贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon) for Taobao sellers, the customer service does not exist deception, the description of the goods itself is exaggerated, if the customer is not honest, after the buyer receives the goods with the expected far, so, in the time of evaluation, the effect of the three elements of the Taobao word-of-mouth marketing certainly will give low. Good customer service is not a simple thing, to achieve gold customer service level, we need to constantly sum up and efforts, especially the need to master the skill of communication. read more

Not for destruction beauty website design optimization

who is the real customers? They are not, search engine is not only the most direct users and visitors is. We have designed web site to the user, to do site optimization every day carefully, but also for users to more easily find our website. Based on this idea, in the construction of website design and website optimization work before the implementation, we must carefully consider the site user groups. For example, if your customers are most of the design work, such as advertising company’s website, it must be in the design efforts; if you are just a trading company, is more focused on product display and search engine ranking, may be appropriate to sacrifice some design and Optimization in multi some Kung fu. read more

Link test skills website

The In addition to

link test can be performed manually, can automatically. Link test must be all pages in the development of Web site after the completion of testing. In order to improve the efficiency of link test, this paper introduces several link test software, hope to all the webmaster in website link test, help improve the efficiency of testing links.

page of the site is connected to each other, click the hyperlink called text or graphics can link to other pages. The web site is like a huge spider web, a little attention will be missed. Although the website link test does not seem relatively advanced technical content, but at the same time, especially for a large site, involving hundreds or even thousands of pages, link test to test large quantity, therefore, improve the efficiency of the testing has become an important aspect of web link test. read more

Analysis of mobile search in three aspects of the future development trend of large

personalized search and localization has been the goal of the development of search engine. Because it can provide more in line with the search to search information. With the noble baby launch some products listed in search, such as encryption, noble baby + >

with foreign apple Android’s siege, rise of the domestic mobile phone millet, we had to make the Internet the next spring in the mobile network. The development of mobile network. It brought about the development of mobile search. According to statistics, the current search has 1/5 traffic flow from the mobile search. With the continuous development of its, this data will continue to double the growth. And to search traffic increased for us to optimize the staff is the opportunity is a challenge, the future will be more difficult to optimize, because we have to face a variety of mobile search. So why mobile search will diversify? The author simply share three points in the future of mobile search trends read more

How do enterprise web content optimization

search engine is how to determine the content of a web site quality

The number of

1, users in the search results page for a web site click rate.

both from Shanghai dragon’s point of view or from the user’s perspective, we should first understand the user search habits, users often know what words to search related topics. Therefore, we must use good keywords recommended tools, love Shanghai love Shanghai, love Shanghai index related search and noble baby Adwords keyword tool to understand user search habits, and the layout of the keywords in the web content in our. Only in this way, when a user searches for a keyword, we have a chance to show the content to the user. A mature webmaster tend to study a lot of long tail keywords, and according to these keywords for the site to write content, this method can often bring a lot of precise users for the site. read more

Further analysis is the key to success of rival website optimization

everything is not perfect, if a site is really perfect, then the ranking may not always change the floating. >

why competitors’sites can row in your front? This is a problem, because it relates to the most direct and most fundamental ranking. Want to know, the competition website ranking, to analyze competitor’s website, on their website to find problems, and continuously improve the problem. But the reality is that the ranking has decided to remove the site of age, as long as you have enough execution, are able to imitate and surpass. The analysis of the competition website is to find the website optimization focus in what place, and where is the weak link. In order to understand baizhanbudai, we could never miss a shot. read more

Can not say to make money Thirteen secretsGet traffic in the first half to get financing, the second

promotion really valuable?

diagram: 7.

for sexual desire, can be sublimation transfer to other forms of desire and action, can promote the people to the extraordinary realm.

barrier between you and the great achievements of the enemy is lack of perseverance. Brave look enough to overcome the shortcomings of the reason of perseverance.

is said to be talking about the mobile Internet in the second half, there are such a wave of people, investors money breaking flowers, traffic and then your teeth hit up, the user data looks pretty pretty, but even their conscience. Because the front blowing too hard, behind the more difficult, to the serious, when growth, revenue, profits, growth is weak, weak revenue. Investors want to harvest entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to harvest flow users, but how much traffic, garbage, conversion can not go up. read more

From the inside to the outside of the building site

site layout is an important project, many webmaster to the external image to attract users and the pursuit of the website, the website built fancy, no availability. In the layout of the site we should avoid long, should streamline the site layout, should streamline the code, from reality, seeking truth from facts, put their own content to stay, remove the dross and repetitive content. Learn how to give up, learn to excel at doing fine and meticulous. This is the best. Allow users to easily browse. To do this without advertising get rid of advertising, the removal of flash removed flash, as long as these factors hinder the user browsing, you should learn to give up. Such as: the website Ning real network advertising is the arrangement of middle small banner, so that the entire site visually not eyeful is advertising. The flash website, almost No. No matter how the Internet and search engine algorithm changes, the site development objective is: meet the needs of users. read more

A look, let users love you

. Readability is also called understandability, said.

When we


3, in line with

2, the use of

, 1 points (,), a comma (,), (in parentheses). Such as:

. This mainly refers to the unreasonable title, causing the user to click on your website, because between keywords and keywords can be mutually exclusive, for example: some keywords are regional demand, regional users generally do not choose the region outside the region service, such as moving company, if you are in Wuhan the moving company, Beijing users search on "love Shanghai moving company", even if your website ranking very near the front of the users not to click, because does not correspond to the demand. read more

Discussion the long tail keywords what is useful

no matter what the industry, most of the corporate website, product category will not run too much, a website together might need that dozens of hundreds of pages, the nature, in these pages will be provided with a lot of long tail keywords, then how to expand the long tail keywords have? A lot of information related to mining, for example, manufacturers of products, price, product parameters, pictures, product model and so on.

The number of search

is to follow a principle, products are the same, behind the front of the latter with some words, this is common practice, of course, really anything, certainly far more than so many long tail keywords Oh (I do care, because the medical bidding to do more fierce, so the long tail word got from bidding over there can be said to count) million. A lot of Shanghai dragon is thought to rely on these long tail keywords can lead to a lot of traffic, but in fact, all of the pages only a small part of the page in the search engine can be ranked in the home. read more

Honesty is a self-cultivation of the Shanghai dragon er

in the first place?

Er why Shanghai dragon to the integrity of


is a very awkward phenomenon do not know many Er Shanghai dragon have the feeling that the credibility of Shanghai Longfeng industry more and more worthy of consideration. Especially now the personal blog of Shanghai dragon rampant, as long as the Shanghai Longfeng practitioners can own to build a Shanghai dragon blog, then optimize several key words, such as: Beijing Shanghai dragon, Beijing site optimization, Beijing site promotion and so on and so on keywords, online orders to bring many convenience. As long as the QQ and customers to talk about good, do not even need to sign any contract. It also exposes a problem: integrity, today I want to talk about the Shanghai dragon Er of self-cultivation, talk about this stuff very easily by people. read more

How do the new website Shanghai dragon optimization

included time to the new nobility baby soon included and love of Shanghai is the most slow, this is related to the search engine algorithm, which belongs to the core secrets, most of the owners can not say clearly, I can only guess the reason.

meta optimization, layout optimization, internal link optimization, the optimization method and so on, can you think of using. At the same time ensure website content updates, not too frequent, also cannot update.

appropriate active submitted to the search engine entrance, exchange the same type of Links, website optimization Website optimization, it is best to last in the promotion, this is consistent with the natural law of development site, at the same time by "K" in the direction of the wind to low. read more

How the enterprise own website optimization

second, vigorously develop high quality Links. Do link with those famous and related website. Natural and related external links is the search engine of gold. Focus your strategy to those in the search engine has a high natural ranking website Links request. In addition, some "linkbait" — link a visit in Riga high quality content. Published free articles and press releases is a good way to get high quality external links. More information can continue to update the article or the station or to the domestic webmaster forum Admin5 forum, how to push the forum 18. How long do link please refer to. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee static search results page will be dealt with harshly

Dear webmaster friends:


Lee share content:

love Shanghai web search anti cheating team recently found a part of the site to generate a large number of popular keywords traversal search results page to get search engine traffic, which is not related to the contents of a large number of serious damage to the search engine user experience and occupy the corresponding area of high quality website revenue, we will make a website for such harsh treatment I hope this problem webmaster timely corrective adjustment. read more

A snapshot of the site is not an important factor in Shanghai Dragon

if a web site’s home page is updated every day (usually the number of bytes occupied size, page change), actually any website can be updated every day snapshot effect; win network has every day at around three o’clock in the afternoon before the addition of a new article, the overnight snapshot will update to yesterday; but then a month or two months does not increase the new content, the keywords love Shanghai remains in place.

know love Shanghai Shanghai dragon people should know, different weights of the website, love Shanghai included a little difference and audit noble baby; such as a new product information and the establishment of the enterprise website, a popular included no relationship between original articles published after love; Shanghai likely will snapshot the site updated, but not included in this article, it reproduced more popular included articles, love of Shanghai are not included, this is a normal process of Shanghai dragon. read more

End from the noble baby by Shanghai dragon Optimization Bible Enlightenment (four)

      Web site sometimes involves a very broad, a good website ranking not only rely on your technique, sometimes by user behavior. While social networks can affect the user behavior in a large extent, the number mentioned in your website such as in others, the number of your article is reproduced website, links to your site number and so on, these are very valuable, because the search engine will pay more attention to the development of SNS.

      keep submit website read more

Click on the principle of the algorithm implementation crack love Shanghai Shanghai dragon fast rank

2, page popularity and page retention time

1, click Update

algorithmThis year’s

now love Shanghai update is almost every day, the purpose is to prevent others using the software brush ranking and traffic, but many software or in simulated users continue to click on the site. If you know of users to click on the algorithm to love Shanghai, and then to guide the user on the site that would be better. Today the sea Yao Shanghai Longfeng said method for ranking how Shanghai’s top 20 keywords and long tail words of love. read more

Huang Cong do you know what is your keyword conversion rate

many people do stand very blind, just to see what keywords flow do, lucky people may spend months up, there was a little income; and some people do a keyword, but found that the flow is not considerable, turnover is also poor, but what are looking for why not come out. This is many webmaster keywords conversion rate has no statistical consequences of habit.

The accumulation of Keywords

accumulation and accumulation

of course, the most important thing is you have to spend time to accumulate and accumulate accumulate!!!! read more

Beijing Shanghai Dragon share lead seven killer website down right

The The revision of the

5, outbound links in the fall right; export link implicated mainly in Links, refers to other websites linked to their own to be right down, so when your site when first to check to see if Links found, was implicated as being involved, immediately contact each other temporarily removed the other links other site recovery plus.

2, spam right down; website has a large number of acquisition, reprint, false original and irrelevant content is taboo

concluded that the above points are the main reasons causing the site to drop right, in addition to these, there are some other factors such as frequent repair of the site title, JS to deceive, hidden links, hidden text are likely to lead. read more

Fast to solve problem two the old station site included

B, code optimization


1, the old station to an antidote against the disease

2, the old station to develop innovative

code is generally not changed, so we should optimize just some simple things, meta tags, ALT tags, H tags and so on, we all know this, but with little real. Here I want to talk about is the innovation in the application of the H1 tag, you can go to see it Zhongguancun online, the H1 label use is rather good >


structure of the site do not seem to be the big move, because many webmaster said in the website will make our website ranking drop, will affect our website included, in fact, if the revision is to help optimize the direction, I think late to change it back. But to change out of new ideas, especially I have seen some enterprise website, began making when no considering the optimization problem, so many places we need to modify, navigation, sidebar, keywords layout etc.. read more

Open the website optimization method is too slow the speed of what ah

web content will be reasonably divided into blocks and using multiple tables, try to use static HTML pages (ASP, PHP, JSP and other dynamic pages), without the use of the design is too complicated "background and the navigation bar, if no special need not too complicated to use CSS or Javascript effects, will be appropriate to enhance the web page open speed.

deletion pageNot to display web pages

(no more than 10 seconds, in 5 seconds) is a potential customer for reading website information, a prerequisite for business consulting. There are many methods to improve the speed of opening ", can start from the feasibility consider the following: read more

Love Shanghai more out of temper big update do webmaster slavery


may be what this example does not show that, I remember the last L-carnitine station group captured during that time love Shanghai home, the network is also about the love Shanghai adjustment algorithm four rumor, indeed, after love Shanghai for some websites for cleaning a large area of the L-carnitine group is also a K station one. This love Shanghai big update, you can find traces, but people are very suspicious of 5.20 love Shanghai big update is not the server is out of the question, I think the other is reasonable but contrary to expectation. read more

According to the analysis of website optimization strategy of random user browsing

This will undoubtedly lead to a lot of

is actually from many users on the site has more than 80% users belong to random browsing users, so what is the random users? Mainly refers to and no clear purpose, enter through the Internet related introduction or a search engine to the web users, the majority did not enter the site through the long tail keywords, but into through the website of the core keywords. Since this part of the user group is so big, so for the optimization of this part of the user is very important, is to expand the site users and an important way to enhance website profit rate. But now many do Shanghai Longfeng optimization staff, many will focus on the optimization of the long tail keywords, and for the optimization of random user browsing do content is relatively small. read more

29 site promotion lawRookie guest a year’s experience

three, learn to analyze competitor’s website and then summarize for the analysis of the competition website included we can start from the analysis of the situation, if included no breakthrough in tens of thousands of words, so you can catch up in the short term is very easy, and you must check the reverse link, each website snapshot time, these all you need is to understand and grasp the.

in recent years on the Internet the most fire is nothing more than Taobao mall, there are a lot of friends will be needed to buy their goods in there every day, there are a lot of people rely on the Taobao store to obtain a relatively good returns, and a lot of friends shop sales than the store to sell better, so Taobao in a short period of time has accumulated a lot of popularity, Taobao also launched in the success of the birth of Taobao customers for Taobao customers in this industry, many webmaster friends are now done, and the benefits are far more than the site is much higher, so today to talk about what the early Taobao guest novice to do some attention, let you novice friends to take some detours. read more

Ringing landing calls dotting the platform of paid advertising surfaced2 P brings 4 lists, how can

! Taobao

saw A5 today has a post written very well by GG send advertising for Taobao customers, is also worth to action. Since GG send advertising, use, also can be transformed. If you earn enough money can buy the traffic to sh419 or shlf1314 do, believe that these pay flow >

passenger slimming products, so we do not lose weight such keywords, it is difficult for you to do. We go to find the long tail keywords, in fact there are still many long tail keywords worth us to do some optimization! I believe that one day long tail, still can bring dozens of IP, do not underestimate the dozens of IP, 10 IP I not, exactly, that day I bring revenue only 2 IP. So the long tail word must be to choose the read more

A female guest webmaster Taobao month guest experience sharingChen Shijun two business push key layo

, in his opinion, many Silicon Valley Internet Co failed in Chinese market, because they are more just to Chinese translation and localization of foreign markets has a mature product, and not specifically for the local situation of product development.

1, when the guest, under the familiar operation condition of the mom. Do you want to be a guest, you can’t have to ask others what ah. At least you should know how to Ali mother to find goods, how to post, how to send the link to your space. In fact, this is very simple, I failed the first operation, at first abandoned, and after two or three days, and want to play, the whole two or three minutes will be. read more

Angel investor Wang Lijie and the Human effort is the decisive factor., the most expensive!!!Wangzhu


I’ve done many websites, and now I really can’t count them, such as pets, entertainment, military affairs, portals, etc.. But from the first, do the website are normal! Because the regular practical, regular easy! A friend told me, did Sifu station, if do normal station, it is absolutely the master! But I don’t think so, because someone outside the person, there is day outside! No one can say that they are the master, but I can say that

know how to access each person should know Wangzhuan meaning, but how many people can really understand the meaning of Wangzhuan, another point is how many people can really win the first gold Wangzhuan? I was almost 3 years of birds, others dare not say, for optimization, for Wangzhuan how, Wangzhuan or have research more! At the beginning, I don’t even know what is higher, a friend said to me you can Wangzhuan day tens of thousands, I was shocked, think it is absolutely a joke when listening to it. But slowly, I began to look at that time Wangzhuan, analysis of them, there are several aspects can earn money, such as pornography, gambling, lottery, PW and so on, but I finally decided it industry, began to delve into this piece, but it’s not easy, a website code if you don’t understand, that white blind! But I don’t advocate learning code program several years to do, because you learn, what have been too late! read more

Ranking from 70 thousand to 5 more than 1000, written on the occasion of the site’s operation 1st An

enfodesk will think, New Oriental online, Xing Shuai education, science education, science and technology, Shanghai river network tied 2015 as the China internet education market pragmatic, but in the flow.

In terms of market share, in fact, web presence has more than 1st anniversary, the domain name registration has already forgotten what time, from the Alexa know online began from the end of February 2003. Online Since:    21-Feb-2003, the first site is now the webmaster Flash: blue sky hole and the establishment of flash due to personal interests, with a news system change over, flash data update nearly 1 and a half years of hard work, accumulated some flash, but traffic has remained at around 1000-2000ip, Alexa ranking is also maintained at around 70 thousand.

the data, worry so much stuff which ah, before the space or a friend to provide free friendship, the speed is not fast, and then a virtual host friend to buy a server, we use the half space, so cool http://s. www.flashku officially had their own home. We use National Day holiday, crazy debugging website, every day make the night 4 points, then 8 in the morning and continue to get up, girlfriend’s sister play coming from the Shanxi school, Leng a day did not accompany the people to engage in the play, now also to me a lot.

read more

Partner Entrepreneurship failure common – founder, only the boss, but no second, thirdTaiwan entrepr


many entrepreneurs are eager to enter the American market, won the "Silicon Valley innovation incubator investment. But now in the form of a reversal, Jerry · Zhang is a Taiwan entrepreneur, he worked for many years in the U.S. technology industry, has made a decision, let a lot of American market have a strong hope of foreign entrepreneurs feel very unbelievable, because he is determined to be present in the United States business overseas the market, more precisely, is now in a period of vigorous development of Chinese mainland market in emerging economies. read more

Famous website taobao Amoy owners you knowWith money and leisure, it’s better to invest in the linge

used to buy underwear in department stores and choose an affordable style in a bunch of vague brands. Now, what kind of underwear you wear is more of a "lifestyle" look at the lingerie industry brainwashing, not just about comfort, but also about taste.

what do you just need? You can eat crabs without Internet thinking, but don’t wear underwear. Of course, if there is so little technical content in underwear, it will be more fun.

MeUndies is one of them. The lingerie company based in Culver City, California, started three years ago to build the world’s most comfortable lingerie. Currently, they have raised $1 million and are in touch with more potential investments. In CEO Brian Lalezarian, American underwear sales are up by fifteen billion a year, which is a huge market. read more

Wangzhuan over 10000 is how to do itWangzhuan is a dream for me and believe can achieve

for example, hello than in Taobao, then you can put the experience you write it all down, and then made a textbook, so do the Tao people, pop up, then you can put your is the production of materials sold out, while at the same time you hand Amoy the income increase gradually in the guest you have declined, so you can take to sell the tutorial to compensate for the reduced income. If you develop more then you can get more income, if a good project, it can be said that it is "training", this is one of the best projects, but this project you have to have a convincing case or something to let others believe you. read more

Video site profit model to see my seventy-two changeTeach you to change the E7 address bar to Adsen

Figure 1

competitive pricing policy, youku CEO Gu Yongqiang always hold the opposite opinion, he thinks pay to watch video content time is not ripe, if there are special video content can meet the future charging conditions, plus the user can accept, the company may have a very small part of the contents of the charges.

in addition to Youku, PPS relevant person in charge also said it would not consider charges. Previously, PPS launched the VIP system, users pay 10 yuan a month, you can skip advertising directly to see content. Presumably PPS is also deeply aware that their advertising has affected the user experience, if you are willing to spend money to buy a comfortable, they are willing to help shield advertising. I wonder if this will hurt the advertiser’s "self-esteem", and its sad sad. read more

The 10 most profitable wordsQuality view of website operation

      platform quality; that is, the quality of the hardware and software systems that the site runs on. The quality of the hardware and software of the website, the system program, the website space or the server, the bandwidth, etc., is good enough, can it adapt to the development of the website, how is the security performance, and how about the technical support? Is it easy to upgrade and convert? The domain is short enough and meaningful and so on, all of these should be incorporated into a website platform for quality. read more

Linktech Monroe underwear net 08 year surpriseMaster of Peking University selling rice noodles do no

currently, Zhang Tianyi selected locations for third store in busy. He told the China Youth Daily reporter, after the two stores have been on the right track, each shop can sell more than 200 bowls of rice noodles every day, the amount of water in Hunan more than 4000 yuan. Now, his daily life is seven or eight a.m., to store the whole day, the middle of the night to go home, he said Rice noodles shop can at the pace of expansion, but is "up".

! !

but as a group in the Internet era of young entrepreneurs engaged in traditional industries, the Internet brings us in the end there is no change? I couldn’t deny that, the Internet is indeed have an impact on our business, but only limited to three points: read more

A Taobao novice station experience summaryAlliance promotion change promotion ideas, starting from g

3, with fair skin spring guest alliance person in charge to do, to get a fair skin spring sales authorization.

1, domain name and space choice

CPS class promotion alliance group purchase many webmaster brothers will feel unbelievable, like take GA, but I am in the white skin spring guest alliance is through this mode of operation.

2, site program selection

1, whitening skin spring to research through retail policies. Find the best combination and make a firm order.


is mainly above it, now the group purchase website business is not very good, easy to find opportunities for cooperation, of course, if you have your own website group purchase better, should be able to earn more, but still need to do. read more

Sina, micro-blog, AcFun, Phoenix’s video to be closed Because they have no audio-visual licenseSecre

Jeff Bezos

@ micro-blog administrator announcement:

Fire on Amazon why Phone has such a strong ego? The key is because the company’s manager Jeff Bezos, he never lost confidence in this product, it is also possible and never yield in spite of reverses, the best resources for Fire Phone. It reminds us of the beginning is "unpopular" Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, head of tesla. They have a common point that is experienced many failures, but keep on fighting.

in accordance with the "management of Internet audio-visual program service provision" SARFT and the Ministry of information industry No. fifty-sixth, only made "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" micro-blog users to upload audio and video programs, not made "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" users upload audio-visual programs can. Micro-blog users upload non program class videos without being affected. read more

The United States for seven years, the king can not eat riceZhigang notes entrepreneurship is the so

Wang Xing in 2006 for $2 million to the school network to thousand oaks group, the campus network with their own resources to integrate, make renren, directly from the $430 million financing and listing Softbank. Of course, now Renren is no longer the former Renren, and it has nothing to do with Wang xing. Wang Xing made a good idea, made a good project, made a little money, and then made Chen Yizhou.

campus network got tens of thousands of pieces of Tang Yang angel and Amazon former chief scientist Weiss shore’s angel investment, but the profit model is not clear, get angel investment is little, how do you actually follow, psychological did not end, so in front of the wily Chen Yizhou, they chose to surrender. read more

Most of the domestic use of shlf1314 AdSense mumbo-jumboDo Wangzhuan rookie easy to encounter what p

, I’m a rookie, :358821890, I’m a great cook. And share your experience, I hope you like it. Huan.

first requests space for speed! Not enough. Please go to the free space. If you are ready to join the shlf1314 AdSense program, visit /html/5/1/20061113/7931.html and click apply here". After you have created your login information, check the email sent to you by shlf1314 AdSense in your registered mailbox to confirm your email address.

address: principle first small big. The Chinese like to say "big" first, then "small", such as * * * * * * *. Foreigners love first small after said, such as
**, * * * * Road area, so you should write small write big in the translation of the. For example:
Province, China
note the road name, company name, the name of the village are not translation as agreed English, as long as the written spelling on the line. Because your check is China mail sent over
important reminder: Post encoding you must write the correct letters, because foreign middle few postal links are on the postal delivery area encoding. read more

Join the mobile nternet little storyAdsense promotion is not playing with China

8 years ago, Steve was admitted to the school of software at Tongji University and, with curiosity, walked into Apple labs, where Apple and apple were co operating. This experience excited him, but also contributed to a series of risky behavior – not yet graduated, went to a small company in Beijing alone, help people do iPhone outsourcing applications, thus making the first pot of gold. When he returned to school, he and his classmates started a studio, specializing in the development of apple games. Before graduation, many students were busy looking for work, but he was busy looking for partners to start an undertaking. read more

s the nternet suitable for individuals or for team work in 2015Reverse play fox is empty but dinne

, the counter attack conference was a great success, and they got together. And also the high-grade cock wire also gathered together. Then, then collect members VIP, called senior cock wire to train them. This is a ring of cock silk, >

after reading this sentence, Shao Lianhu felt very interesting, and I also commented: "I’m not fighting alone, I still have my faith."". Yes, I worked hard on the Internet for four years, I have always had my own beliefs, I believe that as long as I work hard, I pay, the Internet will eventually give me everything I want. But, for four years, I was still the ordinary me, and never reached my ideal height. read more

Paradox of online advertising allianceHuang Zhongren talk about a few do station feelings and experi

in another way, if you do not cheat owners, advertisers do not deduct the amount, advertising alliance first-class technology, should be all the statistics to the statistical data, then the market is going to look like? Look at the real estate market, do well the real estate intermediary, provide tracking services, the seller in order to sell as soon as possible, with each the house is good, the price is low is low, to buyers in order to buy the heart >

online advertising in China’s development is obviously very rapid, and everyone wants to get a slice of it, the advertising alliance will be answered. read more

A poor webmaster personal experience

foreword: I’ve been poor and have no money. Before writing this article, I might be someone who even tried to solve it on the Internet. I have no money. Not because I’m lazy. I don’t want to do anything. My home is Shaanxi, 4 years ago, home school, because obsessed with online games. I’m obsessed with it. I can’t help myself. At that time, the family environment is not very good, I was blind at that time, take dad’s tuition fees to the Internet, because it is too obsessed, so did not go to school. I ran away from home and came to Guangdong to work. I didn’t understand anything at that time. Work for two years outside. Bitter and sweet. read more

001 after a community return fire counterattack bones easier said than done

in mid September 2015, 001 business community declared full stop, until May 4, 2016 today, only through a community of 001 "Sir, we come back ~" announcement, Mengniu, COFCO and other manufacturers to return again.

The collapse of

community 001, volume weight from 2 billion to 001 of the community, the valuation abandoned for seven or eight months, from the young to the community has plummeted, and 001 experienced what, what to prepare


"5 kilometers" supermarket porters burn money behind the fire is not profitable read more

Local website operations chapter utility is king

now more and more people do web site, do a lot of local sites, this is a new popular industry, the country’s webmaster are doing local sites.

now, in this case, Discuz is more of a local web site; but I feel that they’ve overlooked a very important thing. What’s the user experience and what does your website bring to local users?

had a lot of seniors said: life events, providing news, information, recruitment information, real estate information, gathering information and so on local websites for local users; though, I feel they can do the most is the local news, Party chat. Webmaster all clear, do absolutely not to party, chat, drink, sister. read more

American agricultural thoughts the investment domain is in need of skills

Some of my friends will

domain investment as an opportunistic industry, for the word I am not very exclusive, because the domain name investment risks and contingency is indeed great, no one will be at a loss, but also to make money in a nidea. However, domain name investment also has a lot of skills, many of these techniques has a direct impact on us as the rice farming occupation career.

actually said minon * * *, I think in addition to some basic skills, professional knowledge, the most important thing is to learn from the information around selected useful things and to predict. As mentioned earlier, domain name investment itself is a very fortuitous industry, money is always associated with opportunities. A simple example, a friend had fancy Jeremy Lin will fire, and registered a domain name spelling Jeremy Lin, you said he finally sold much money, $50 thousand. This is a good example, as a qualified rice farmers, we should from the news surrounding in anticipation of our favorable or unfavorable news, and then take measures as soon as possible is what we should do. read more

A traditional local station, there are ten local large back

once had an Internet domain called local community, once the local community is the pronoun of the local website.


field originated from Xicihutong, carry on the 19 floor, he flourished in the network, the Yantai Tribune, treasure net, Hualong Lane thousands of local sites, the number of owners of thousands of people.

with the rise of mobile Internet, we have seen that local websites have begun to experience unprecedented crisis with the decline of major portals and BBS. Some people even say that this area is going to die out, read more

Discussion on the techniques of pseudo original writing

The core of

content should be to provide the most appropriate content to as many people as possible, and you are the real winner.


strategy is listed as follows:

first stage Title Pseudo originality method

the first recruit digital replacement method to achieve pseudo original, such as you see the article title is "how to let the site included in three days", then you can change to "how to let the website in six days included"

language second strokes substitution method, we most advantage is that we Chinese language, so to speak a word is broad and profound, can use a variety of means to express, such as "how to make your website within three days" so we can also be changed to "three days is how to make the website included." this is another way of expression. read more

Rankings are not equal to traffic

a lot of friends about your website by the hair that is K in the webmaster online for a long time, I have a feeling that many owners are in the pursuit of a so-called ranking, on the one hand ranking to increase exposure, increase the chance of being found, but on the other hand, because of this but forget the popular search engine is designed to increase the results they want to the user, and crazy cheating, the handle.

China the current Internet situation, the search engine is still the first choice for users to obtain information, especially when Baidu dominate the world, many webmasters have to see Baidu’s tune, we want to pursue and worry about being ranked Baidu K. Many of my customers are doing Baidu PPC, according to their use in recent years, Baidu’s feeling is that Baidu’s high cost, but the effect has not been obvious before. This problem is the Baidu customer product or industry, I concluded are not the most important factor is the most important keywords the conversion rate is too low, only the general flow, instead of actual production, so here I also advise those who do PPC friends, pay attention to your choice of keywords I personally think that each industry has its own special needs of customers, these target customers have their own unique search habits, so some of the so-called popular words is not necessarily the customer needs. I understand that many of the PPC customers are made by the agents, so the search results may not be the target customers, it is likely to be the source of cheating. I use this example here to also is to give the webmaster friends to speak a truth, the new owners do not necessarily find the station very hot words, but taking into account the uniqueness and difference of their own website, for example our server hosting this industry, the company managed to do many colleagues, including many large and small operators. read more

New online education model three popular online programming tutorials, website comparison

in order to be able to effectively learn all kinds of technology and programming, to master a few very good web site is still necessary. In this article, we will recommend 3 very good technology sites, Codecademy, CodeSchool, TeamTreeHouse, so that you bid farewell to programming white, and bring you into the magical programming world.

has a saying: "skills don’t matter." if you have time and interest, you may as well learn more about programming skills. In order to be able to learn all kinds of technology and programming efficiently, it is necessary to master some very good websites. This website technology we will recommend 3 excellent, to help you quickly learn programming, they bring you is not only learning content and learning fun. Let you say goodbye to programming white, bring you into the magical programming world. read more

A novice friend who is afraid of tigers

water is very deep, this sentence describes the market is not good, very complicated. Engaged in Internet work friends should have deep experience, understand the depth of water is not deep. In my opinion, it is very deep indeed.

this time, free time, nothing to do when joining a few groups, is on the CMS imitation station group. There are not friends with ah, just getting started with HTML began to pick up, but every single amount is also a lot of it. I thought, I was too underestimate myself, or to build enterprise accounts for enterprise anxious. Finally, by talking and explaining some questions to them, I see. Is a novice friend’s psychological state is good. read more

How do websites rapidly develop member users

I pulled the CEO, Cai Liwen told me that the members of their website had exceeded 120 thousand, and I didn’t care. Today, remember, last time he told me that their website broke through 100 thousand member users, it seems not long ago. I landed, I looked at the net, only a few days, and members have increased a lot, "this station has 123855 members registered", this is today’s figures.

, it seems that simple measures can also effectively increase the number of registered members of the user, so want to write this: read more

Looking into the classified information network, there is no need to hesitate to find information

in recent years, the Internet smoke four onwards, businesses have taken their eyes to the Internet, a variety of information on the Internet continues to enrich and expand. According to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) statistics, as of the end of June 2008, the number of Internet users in China reached 253 million for the first time, significantly more than the United States, the netizen scale ranks first in the world. The information users and beyond count extremely large number of gathered into a bright spot in the new era, the network information is its comprehensive, high efficiency, scalability and can participate in the rapid penetration into the lives of thousands of households. read more

Determine some details about the development of grassroots team and grassroots webmaster

a few years ago, a kind of fate, a coincidence, a dream of persistent and impulse, I and friends together to plan business, during three years of bitterness, eventually ended in failure. As the development of a PHP enthusiast, I am both a developer and a grassroots webmaster, some of the details today I from the perspective of grassroots webmaster briefly as a grassroots team and grassroots webmaster should grasp, I hope to achieve the dream or plan to realize the dream of grassroots help. If you’re a developer, when you decide to join the Internet to make your dreams come true, be aware of the role changes, and you’re no longer just a developer. If you are not a developer, as a grass root webmaster, learning a little development knowledge will also make your vision more open. read more

2 years, only a professional forum feelings

2 years to be a professional forum,


my forum is 06 years in May 9th on the line today, over 2 years, has always insisted during only one station, although the IP of the poor, but I love this aspect, so there are always interested in doing things. Their love, their interest in things that are slowly collected right, when my forum as their own hard drive. So from the beginning, IP development is very slow, because I updated slowly, things are modified and finishing their own things, I think at that time, good stuff is not afraid of no one knows, so don’t call what propaganda until this year. The Chinese new year, IP is only 1000, ha ha, is now the case, up to 2500 IP a day, but I IP how to really have no idea about what many people say is more important, IP has good content, in fact, IP will certainly come up, just watch 91NOW The article, think he said it is really not that we do, 2 or 3 of the station’s stream flow, as long as you can keep stick to it and one or two years to the monthly income of a few K, it is not practical. According to my understanding, no major investment website in 4 years if you can maintain the running down, the fifth years should be the beginning of the harvest year, although only speculation, but shows a problem, insist + confidence = harvest, although the harvest may not have hundreds of K million, but as long as there is little income can be, do not require too high, foot it field do not blindly to do as the only way to make a living read more

Talking about whether to choose CMS or write code yourself

many webmaster and I have the same confusion, do, in the end should be used off the shelf CMS, namely Content Management System, also known as the "content management system", should learn ASP or PHP scripting languages such as

to design their own website?

I think there is a degree problem here. This degree is a range. It’s a personal certainty. I simply divide the concept into several aspects:

1) the first aspect of degree: is your creativity unique?

is the "creative" in the first place, because of Internet development in China for so many years, almost all the methods you can think of, others will think, this point I want to register a domain name in all the time, will feel more deeply, you can think of the domain name, others a chance think of, so a COM domain must be a small fortune, here of course requires you to put the COM domain name stick, for example, every day to update a, so, see to the end, your COM domain name is also not a small income! This is another question, to return to the "creative" the subject, say if your idea is not good enough, just imitate others, or even just do a "dump", then you should be determined first by CMS, to take your site Built up, and then do the content, must not be on this issue again shilly-shally, otherwise you lose is not only more time, you from the days after harvest to read more

Personal webmaster please don’t for promotion and harassment

I usually do the site, sell domain names, but also to help friends do technical work.

Two days before

, a classmate told me that his forum recently always be Shuabing replies. Replies content is a pile of keywords, with seven or eight links. This kind of return card every day, but also usually in the morning one or two when the hair.

I know what happened when I listen: I want to increase the chain. (SEO kill people ah) so go on, ah, in case of being punished by search engines, my classmate’s forum program is DZ6, so I helped him URL automatic identification off. A day later, there were still a lot of garbage messages. read more

Summary of the seven types of hot blog articles

what kind of articles can have more links and traffic? This is every blog will ask the question, here I summarize seven kinds of content, these seven categories are often able to obtain more social media attention and get links and access to a certain amount.

1, resource list

The list of useful resources for

requires two elements: time and quality. If a list of resources seems to be useful, then many readers will add it to the collection or vote on it. Useful resource lists can bring considerable traffic and links to your blog. read more

Website promotion experience sharing

The essence of

promotion is: let others see you, remember you, think of you when you need, and buy your product.

leveraging force promotion method: in the high flow platform, study the flow platform rules, in the rules allow, reasonable borrow flow, is the best use of flow method.

Optimization of

Chinese website, the main flow is Baidu, but also is the Baidu series products: Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia! Good use of these places, your website can get a good flow.

preliminary investigation and preparation: every high traffic platform, there are many opportunities, if direct advertising, in fact, is contrary to the rules of the platform, nature is deleted, if it is in the premise of not violate the rules, then the advertising perfect foil, then it is very good advertising form, so early or to do market research, I put the Baidu on the Guangdong province Henan city in Shandong province Jiang Jiangsu know all posts are sorted out for help, because according to the analysis, the main IP my site from these places, then look at the classification, ask what sorts of problems were the most later, find out the category of all the people to start at this category, then analyze, ask in this category, which is a small problem most, then we The main attack of this small class, then you can seize the core. Of course it’s about my website, read more

Opportunities are for the minds of people prepared

Luo Dan said, "life is not the absence of beauty, but the absence of eyes.". We often ask, where is the opportunity? In fact, life is not lack of opportunities, but the lack of wisdom to grasp.

April 15th Adsense reported an article entitled "I use 20 yuan in a day to earn 110 thousand" article, this article from press time to now has 1961 hits. From the single click rate, many owners of wealth accumulation is of considerable interest, that how to accumulate wealth? People is to earn 110 thousand in one day? Click into the reading that event master is not what he is very ordinary, superhuman powers, and he said similar opportunities seem to come in everyone, we just ignore the opportunity, go gently as it gently. read more