Take No. 1 store as an example to analyze the 8 step business strategy framework of e-commerce websi

had the opportunity to contact professor Walton School of business, the implementation of e-commerce strategy layout of traditional enterprises, feel very practical, through a simple graph can put the electronic commerce business enterprise architecture said thoroughly. Today, I combine the 1 shop I have been working with to illustrate the business framework strategy of e-commerce.

1, service object: strategic planning begins with the selection of customers, shop No. 1 at the beginning of the establishment of service object is the supermarket groups in the network crowd, so start to Carrefour line of people is the core of our main crowd, rather than pan people. read more

Understand the process of Baidu collection, so that your site quickly included

search engine included process:

1, grab web pages

each independent search engine has its own web crawler (spider). Spider follows the hyperlink in the web page to grab pages continuously. Because the application of hyperlinks in the Internet is very common, in theory, from a certain range of web pages, you can collect most of the web pages.

2, processing web pages

search engine, after catching the web, but also do a lot of pre processing work in order to provide retrieval services. Among them, the most important thing is to extract keywords and build index files. Other things include removing duplicate pages, analyzing hyperlinks, and calculating the importance of web pages. read more

Stationmaster should insist not to do rubbish station

Now the innumerable sites on the

Internet, like tens of dollars on the A5 forum can help you make a stand, for example, I built a movie station, generally one or two hours to make a stand, so do stand easy to that extent, very warm when most of the webmaster began, every day to update your own website and around the link, looking for friendship; but after a period of time but not to effect, to give up, I believe that a few people, resulting in the site and only a few flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, webmaster can stick with it, so, the individual owners can stick to the station has been very good. read more

The gateway leads me to regain confidence

individuals do stand, also do some time, but because of poverty, has been unable to do so, and last year even thought of the domain name www.bbs.ac and www.index.name sell at a low price, from now on no longer stand,


came back from the Spring Festival this year and got a job again and finally got out of the dilemma of having a meal and a life with security. Unconsciously, he remembered what he was doing.


but I have not moved, has been on the sidelines, the biggest reason is that I can’t find a good space for my website, until last month, a friend told me that the portal is now good, as long as there is free flow, 2G to the top of the double space, I feel a spiritual one " ", Wenchuan; earthquake; earthquake than ifheavier! Because my big problem has been troubling as time to settle the read more

Why cross-border electricity providers will die Three cross-border sea Amoy model buyers trading mos

this is one of the most hot Chaoyang industry, it might be a bit too hot hot die industry, behind the explosive growth is sounded "death knell", after the end of the coming of cross-border electricity supplier which model can survive? Will now live better than


why would the sea die,


is known as the sea Amoy profit point is the difference between domestic and foreign brands, and overseas brands in Chinese sales suck. Simply put, the sea Amoy is earned originally belonged to overseas distributors and domestic agents profits. When more and more fire when the cross-border electricity supplier, seized further the interests of the brands, in more than a certain limit, the Chinese turnover beyond the cost-effectiveness of brands, brands of cross-border electricity supplier will be abandoned. The cross-border sea Amoy electricity providers to do things, is constantly helping overseas brands train domestic consumers, so when the brand comes, that is, cross-border electricity supplier death date, so the death is determined. read more

You see, can do it at this station

my forum made after 4 months, now keyword ranking in Baidu row second, Google also ranked on the first page, but every day from the search engine to flow to 10. and now I have shaken the confidence, is not my original location problem? My station is probably my story Solitaire forum www.jielongbbs.cn look, at this topic Forum yet, I was the first.

prawns to say, this forum is worth doing some advice?. Thank you,

He Lixiang how to do nternet soft text marketing in traditional industries

1, soft text marketing is an effective complement to hard advertising

marketing is about to moisten things silently, listen to the silent thunder, to the target audience easily accepted by consumers and consumers in the cut heart, often intensive local soft education, impress consumers, and ultimately a "soft" marketing promotion of consumer behavior. The "soft" marketing and traditional marketing methods have a lot of difference, usually the traditional marketing advertising links, usually through television, newspapers, magazines, radio and other traditional media, "hard" advertising, the advertising features usually focus on selling refined products, focus on the interests of consumers tend to direct drive. To consumers, accustomed to the traditional hard advertising form, the formation of a strong immune ability, and have a certain effect of rejection. This time if you can use the Internet, take effective marketing, to form an effective complementary, and the traditional hard advertising can often play act tough and talk soft, the integration effect is very good. Such as Wang Laoji, Pizza Hut and so on, it is a very good list of cards. read more

Discussion on the thinking of selling products on independent websites

, who has been working in the company as an optimized service, has recently wondered whether he can sell his product on an independent website because I don’t want to use Taobao and Jingdong as the two platforms. Studied a lot of websites that use independent websites to sell products, and found that many website patterns are good, so they have the following personal ideas.

first of all, the status of domestic Internet shopping

at present, 90% of the domestic consumer shopping may choose Taobao or Jingdong such a large B2C platform. Take me, if one day I want to buy a mobile phone shell, my first thought is Taobao, and Taobao is partial to all kinds of features, if the valuables, the first thought is Jingdong, Gome, Suning, the platform of authority. If I am a businessman, I want to wholesale some daily necessities, and I will choose Alibaba. read more

Another year of Valentine’s day, new dating abroad, dating websites

before the Spring Festival, a "young man home trouble micro-blog buzz, most said home for Spring Festival the most hate to hear" object? ", the most hate to hear the blessing is" I wish you a new year next year to bring back a object ", the news is" friends hate you look at the object so"…… For older single young men and women, is not easy to block the cross examination of the relatives and friends, ushered in Valentine’s day, seeing other couples to you my Lennon Lennon, but he is extremely lonely lonely, that taste really hard. read more

nternet financial investment platform how to do operations and online promotion

P2P traffic status

from the favorable net early, Lego box staking, ppmoney two years ago to bash the flow, to hit 2 billion this year to borrow treasure, and poured into the CCTV advertising, P2P method of flow changing, because the market is hot, in order to quickly get traffic and win a certain brand awareness, traditional TV advertising the subway, advertising, brand advertising is still the best choice. For example, e rent treasure crazy smashing brand advertising, its Baidu search index as high as 30 thousand, borrowing treasure is as high as 80 thousand. Compared to pure digital marketing, brand advertising can form a certain herd effect and brand impression, and later users’ activity and contribution are higher, but the cost is high and uncontrollable. read more

Listen to the entrepreneurial voice, laugh grassroots self-improvement

, the grassroots entrepreneurship program hosted by the world business network, has already concluded its first season and has been looking forward to the results. It can be said that this is a draft from the Internet world, it can not be said that it is the first, but in the eyes of the civilian population, for this class to build a successful platform, this point, it is standing in the forefront.

no super girl so with vigour and vitality, but it has been known for many people, and get a lot of support, with the success of the first season held, "" will be more grassroots entrepreneurship everyone knows, there will be more people to participate in, once popular it may influence than the super girl. But soon it will go beyond, this is not a slogan, not blind self-confidence, it is true, sometimes according to the. read more

China rent a car, walk through the overweight assets model Purgatory

Internet era, light asset model popular, then, Jingdong mall, China auto rental two "heavy assets" company’s successful listing and investors sought after, it is particularly eye-catching. Jingdong’s scenery has not said, China rent a car to obtain 201 times oversubscribed in Hong kong. Ali listed on the same day (September 19th), China auto rental trading at the Hong Kong stock exchange for the first time. The opening price was HK $10, 17.65% higher than the 8.5 Hong Kong dollar. read more

Lu Songsong Taking the navigation station as an example to discuss the application of frame flow

If the

A website to the website B framework code added to its web page code, when the A station flow, counter B station also changed, but in fact is not a real visitors to enter the station B frame in the code to iframe at the beginning, this is called flow framework flow.

The framework of

flow which usually used to put the Trojans, plug-ins or brush ALEXA rankings, the general price for 3-15 yuan / IP, if it is put on the Trojan, the price may be more expensive, if the brush ALEXA ranking, the price is low. read more

n the twinkling of an eye, am already 18 years old


wrote this article, I didn’t know how to start writing it..

since I was 18 years old, has its own identity, can deal with Alipay. Haha feel really happy.! since the end of 2006 to contact people on the..QQ website now has more than 1 thousand. 800 people are friends in group..QQ have more than and 100 in. 07 years when I came to Admin5, I feel there is a big family. I love here. Every day here in the forum for..

always look at the articles written by my predecessors every day… So I know a lot! 18 years old. Do you have a future?%40 people tell me.. find something practical! But there are%60 people say let me do well! read more

f you can do so

is leveraging force, is to return to Jin Yong, in the novel, with its own coin taste, this principle is not only in the novel martial arts fighting StarCraft main useful in society, in the fierce competition in the market in twenty-first Century still work days. In wondering why Baidu, GOOLGE powerful, said that some people will say they don’t talk about the strong technology, search engine.

says navigation, such as hao123, 265… And so on, other navigation series, yes, are they good? There are experts friends laughing, they have the money, the bank laughed, they have content, Sohu, Sina, 163 laugh, they often update, the big grass laugh… They have no technology, no money, no big updates, but they have driven many big, small and small companies to imitate and worship for them. What are the contents of the navigation station, is very simple, the development of homeopathy, leveraging force, may have the ability of Chinese friends say LZ you are not nonsense, the title is leveraging the ah, you pull away, yeah, I want to say is hao123, 265 even now GOOGLE navigation page he they came into being, included site are all standing, regular Internet resources can be described as people know, they did not bother to look at the station… And only a lot of Internet users need the appropriate resources to go to the name of the station looking for, they will choose hao123 first… Or choose Baidu as home page…… read more

A week to teach you to build tens of thousands of P movie station

talk about film station promotion, talk about my views, a never stand woman, with less than 1 weeks IP million movie station, first put my photos posted.

started in mid 2007, never worked as a website, and stayed at home staring at my boyfriend for a movie station. From the time he added the movie to the background, it was true that it accompanied him many days and nights. At that time, he was just using ultra broadband for powercom player, have so far more than IP (shame).

by the middle of the month, he didn’t have much time to defend his movie station because of the change in the company position of his boyfriend. See he ended the way, in the heart, I quit my job, volunteered to undertake this work can not see the future. What do not understand, I can only start from scratch, is an ignorant beginner, early on the wall ready. Because tom365 (a movie station) influence, I decided to start building your own movie station. He also laughed at me, say for a year, he did not "useless" scores! Fortunately, circle of friends, many do stand, do not understand things everywhere consult, sometimes even take notes really, be a good student. That period of time, almost every day to eat outside (human food is unavoidable), chat with friends, tea, the purpose is only one: study! read more

Have you started your mobile site yet

has been Baidu K several domain names recently, I really can not help but apply for another: www.99licai.com.cn

later met a friend who was engaged in mobile phone software development, so the idea of making a mobile phone website (mobile phone website is not afraid of your Baidu K).

construction of mobile sites must first understand the current mobile Internet access.

today, a friend of the QQ group said a mobile phone client, in the spam headache era, has developed a mobile phone client software, is said to send video, MMS N free, then naturally users see text messages, see a 1 cents income, of course you you can choose to read a short message is rejected. The people in the group were against it and nobody was looking for it because the spam messages had made people behave too aggressively. Famous communication blog Bi Zhaohui said: "I am optimistic about spam messages, not optimistic about spam messages; I am optimistic about the Internet mobile phone, not optimistic about mobile Internet; I am optimistic about the TV mobile phone, not optimistic about mobile TV."." This remark is a classic summary of the functions of mobile phones, Internet and so on. Although spam messages are hateful, they do have advertising effects and practical value. Mobile Internet, in the future, mobile phones as a computer, the Internet access to the most important terminal equipment, because of its small and easy to carry, and other obvious features, is worth being optimistic about. However, the current mobile Internet access is not much real practical value. As far as mobile TV is concerned, it is at the experimental stage. read more

Analysis of what SEOke.org calls super SEO

recently saw a SEOKE.ORG on the ADMIN5 webmaster, made two what " the strongest SEO" works. I will two words to respond to " boast "

first of all, I’ll analyze the two stations of his ": """ and "


is the first tudou.com. We can analyze his meter. The meter itself over a long period of time, the weight is self-evident. In other words, I don’t know what is the predecessor of this station station. If this station has been saying. This meter made tudou.com ranking, also do not have what can boast of /p>. read more

Community 001 once in the O2O tuyere flying pigs, now fell disabled

001 only a short while ago, the community has become almost synonymous with the community, O2O and now, about the bankruptcy rumors, once the "O2O star" companies have not had time to grow to have aging or even death? Why?

"lost contact" community 001


crazy subsidies, in 2014 to finance billions of dollars of "community 001" (Beijing home Czech Republic to send Agel Ecommerce Ltd’s electronic business platform) still can not survive the death of burning money". read more

Consignment goods mixed, how to distinguish

now sell a lot of network operators, but many of the novice fooled, to our experience to teach some of you to identify whether a good source of goods, and hope to provide reference for novice network operators.

1. enters the name of the affiliate site in Webmaster Tools and queries how many websites are on the server. If you have more than 5 sites with IP, then you can give up. Because even if you don’t like super large storage must provide consignment of independent servers, virtual host a picture more station has some visits businesses a little strength will never use 200 dollars a year, because the speed will be very slow. Even average 1 months, 100 of the shared server are reluctant to use, you dare to believe their strength? read more

A List Apart classic translation Web design Road (Part )

road in 90s, just like Zen in 70s. All can be affected by the road, or push the way. Web design, small technology, however in the moral, we will still find it contains a profound truth. Is philosophy, like the Buddha, is a kind of life and the way, from the ancient "moral", this part has 81 chapters of the obscure texts cover human experience, but it is always about a theme, harmony.

over the past few years, good or bad, my life is related to the Style Sheet, I write software, tutorials and guidelines; answered countless questions through the newsgroup or email through The Web Standards and Project. Slowly, I had a completely different understanding of the Web design and saw the connection between design and the tao. read more

The year of the ox cow cow advertising don’t be stepped foot in the year of the ox cow

In the opinion of the individual, it is a good beginning to leave the old and welcome the new year. The old saying goes, "tomorrow will be better".

. But in the year of the ox, always feel: what are difficult to do. But the reality is not difficult, even the Internet is also difficult to take step by step. Question: is this the year of the ox, whether we can as cattle? Ox will bring a better start for our personal webmaster? Not


first analysis and analysis: IDC class ads

a new year, looking for advertising, price is lower compared to 2008. I a station 30 thousand IP large column was connected to 400, a friend of Liangwanlai station, IP, was down to 250 yuan a month, strong!!! A new year, IDC big price pressure, have to say this, the year of the ox it is so powerful. read more

Site security is not just a webmaster thing

July 5th, Microsoft broke out major security vulnerabilities, together with Microsoft MPEG-2 video analysis module, 0day vulnerabilities large-scale network attacks have erupted. Short time hackers already made 967 site 7740 site was linked to horse. The attack site includes Meikailong website, in the video, China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, China leather net, Chinese coal network and other famous sites. According to statistics from the 360 security center, more than 150663 high-risk visits have been intercepted, but this figure is still growing at a high rate. It is reported that this is the Ministry of industry "Trojan horse and botnet monitoring and disposal mechanism" after the introduction of the most significant network security threats. read more

Stationmaster is really not easy

to do a website, 07 years from now, there have been a little bit of success, at least I think so, did not start thinking about making money, it seems that many things are so natural, website development is very good, but when something associated with profit when it is not imagined. Later, the site is more want to make money, in dealing with many problems appear very urgent, but also lead to some unexpected problems on the web site. In a word, it’s really not easy.

such as the title, this year, has been running his own site, the effect is not very good so far, including the tudou.com TV site, although in its infancy, still have great expectations, because inside their own efforts. Online yesterday 12, I was busy in front of the computer’s Web site, the wife has been urging me, then I say there are 2 minutes, wife complained not press have been Xiamang! I snappily said and not playing, wife then said the ghosts know in.. read more

The experience of the three stage of website profit development

stage: start the popularity of the site

is different from the traditional industry, the wine is not afraid of deep alley, the site in the entrepreneurial stage, the primary goal is to ring awareness, but also need to build a platform to support the brand of the platform, so that its steady development.

(1) excellent website platform includes:

1. website platform planning in line with the site positioning.

2. website design, elegant appearance, with characteristics.

3. web site features convenient, fast operation, meet customer needs. read more

Web site design what kind of evaluation method should be adopted for different objects

in social, application download and business class website, often can see all kinds of evaluation system. They are the object of evaluation is different, such as watercress evaluation is to music, books and movies, Taobao’s evaluation is purchased for customer goods, evaluation of pea pods is for the user to download the App. But generally speaking, there are mainly two kinds of evaluation methods, such as scoring evaluation and two-dimensional evaluation (such as likes / dislikes, top / step, approval / opposition, etc.). read more

My net life was full of tears

              the price is not necessarily the best, low price is not necessarily bad; good service to bring you a chamber of a peaceful environment, to create a foundation for success; space directly determines the quality of your website is successful.

speed is slow, users will not come again, frequent crashes, broken line, we will not come; space server site layout is irrational, Baidu and Google will not like, then those space service providers do?

If you want to say to read more

Tastes good name to create a good business shop

to the shop name, different people have a different understanding, some people think as long as the novelty is enough, as long as it can attract consumers can, however, if the name is too vulgar, even attract consumers also unable to obtain approval. The name can be very elegant, very profound, can also be very ordinary, very straightforward, can express the owner of the business philosophy, can attract customers to win business, recently found for the featured name, name and tastes a lot, these shops have a common characteristic: the business is very good. read more

Website revision must slowly

website revision is a taboo. A lot of people because of the website correcting, appeared a lot of problems. For example, after correcting the spider can not, included straight down, and some even directly to the K. Often in the major forums to see such information, many friends see the information, are afraid to revision, think revision is undoubtedly suicide. No one likes to kill himself, so many people don’t change it.

in fact, everything is relative, and it is a quantity problem.

website to be revised? Of course, the revision, but you can not revision every day. You can wear new clothes every day, you can wear new clothes every day, but the website can’t change every day. Although they are meant for others, the way of seeing things is different. Good, for example, every day to face your wife, you have to see the numbness, and she suddenly change hairstyle, you will feel good. If she suddenly had plastic surgery, you might not be able to accept it. Why? Because the surgery is risky, it’s likely that she’ll turn into Angie Chiu, and she’ll probably be a spice girl from jurassic. read more

Site 2 months search engine included analysis

actually, my blog, http://s.youxia.org, has been a domain name registry for a long time, but it hasn’t appeared as an independent website. Has always used the URL turn: when I use Sina blog, go to Sina blog, and use 163 blog when you go to the NetEase blog…… Later, these providers are not very satisfied with the service, think about simply do it yourself, what they want to become what it is like, fun,

!In 2008 January 20th,

downloaded a Blog program and uploaded it to space. He wanted to buy a double line at the time, and it turned out to be garbage…… With it, the effect is really hanging every two or three days, the mood; don’t you buy, but also feel very pity. Depressed. read more

The conflict between local community websites and local news portals

in a series of articles "breakthrough in the predicament: two or three line city community website development", in Chapter 1, I give some ideas about the selection of community website interest groups. Then, in this article, I’ll discuss with you about the competition between local community websites and local news portals. In competition with local websites, there is one kind of competition most difficult: direct confrontation with news portal. Such websites are directly founded by local news media, and have absolute advantages in news and content resources. In addition, they have an absolute advantage in the fields of funds, informers and social credibility. These advantages will have a high rate of transformation, in a short period of time will be able to form a citywide influence. read more

Quanliquanwai is a personal struggle or work

recently heard many webmaster said: "after this month’s resignation, to do at home station for XX months to earn much, also heard many webmaster said:" take this month Google Advertising, next month to find a job well, personal webmaster do alone station the day is too tough "

at home full-time webmaster, sad, sweet and bitter, who knows,


to be a stay at home, in the imagination of others is a matter of how comfortable, natural sleep wake up to sleep, do what you want to do, no boss oppression, no colleagues intrigue, did not leave, no card, can be said that every day is Sunday, when all the time free. read more

Return to the origin, stationmaster, silly, hold on

              how many domain names have you bought? How many sites have you built? How many sites have you shut off? Maybe you see a giggle and say, "too many to remember.". But you must remember your dreams, your career, your vision. Once excited, once excited, once sad, in mind, because the webmaster, so silly insist on…  

          I was one of you, since 1999 has been indulged in contact with the network, website construction, and not to rush around all day, I may also be for their paradise and running, how can I do not know to. But with this faith, there must be this opportunity. read more

The Tencent micro why was Cai Wensheng’s beauty shot to grab the limelight

lead: short video App "home micro Tencent" the pressure is a little big recently, because of the limelight by Cai Wensheng’s beauty shot away.

Short video App

Tencent home as "the pressure is a little big recently, because of the limelight by Cai Wensheng’s beauty shot away.

Key product

as a Tencent to launch at the end of the micro Tencent micro-blog to absorb a lot of manpower and budget, also has a circle of friends, QQ space, Tencent and Tencent micro-blog video resources, but the effect looks worse than to beat the United States in recent months of growth. What the hell is that, read more

Stationmaster does a station, do not earn money, also do not suffer loss

I always read the article on A5, I feel I have many similarities with my site experience, or I can learn something new, today I want to dry out my website experience and share it with my friends.

I have been in school during the learning of C language and ASP’s experience, can be said to make a rough website, but also to a few friends enterprises do a few small business website, once a relatives asked me on the Internet to sell it to a machine, I go online to Baidu for a long time. Can not find a suitable site, so I had to do a local second-hand network idea. read more

When barbarism is no longer respected, how should the customer continue

legend vancl.com, once inside the business, marketing and word-of-mouth will rapidly increase brand awareness in the short term, there is meaning to many products, and prices began to stall with almost frenzied raids on the low-end market, such a savage growth also caused everyone’s pursuit, first after the market profits become Buddha but when we golden laws and precious rules, the real heat faded, we started to become more rational thinking for the electricity supplier to understand. Recently saw a negative message of every guest, the news that every guest owes Lining tens of millions of money, but in recent days, every customer into the double pressure of debt and funds, the development of pressure is very large. Although the news not long before we came out of the rumor that the public relations department, where all the normal operation, but for every guest this crazy mode of development, the electricity supplier practitioners is still somewhat slim. read more

Web site online customer service really good

just a bit of GG online online instant customer service, about 402000 items in line with online online instant customer query results, and now do this industry is also quite a lot, and use a lot of sites,.

a lot of websites go in and take the initiative to pop-up online customer service, I am scared!


everyone uses the purpose of one, that is, active communication with customers, seize the transaction opportunities,

, but in actual use, at present, active pop-up customer service online, okay? read more

Three years’ experience of career failure

          and today to resign to the company, suddenly felt a lot of old. When you pack your office supplies, don’t just think about your 8 years of professional experience. 2000 from the well-known military academy and later to Beijing, in the Army Research Institute for 5 years, from a software R & D personnel gradually become experts on radio and television networks, Internet and multimedia industry. While I was in the army, I attended graduate school, which was the happiest time for me. read more

The website full of bitterness for three months at a monthly income of 5000

often go to A5 diving, see the articles written by everyone, learn what you do and stand experience. In the past, the old station couldn’t make much money, and now the income is good. Every month, there are altogether 5000. Although this income is not worth mentioning in the eyes of most stationmaster, but to me this gives up the job, the person that makes a station personally, still is good. And my previous job was only more than 2000 dollars a month, so relatively speaking, I was more satisfied. The most important thing is that before work to work for others, but also by the boss’s anger; now, good, free and easy, how to think of how. read more

The analysis of dynamic website transformation into static website

The development of

website through the static to dynamic, from now to the new trend of static dynamic regression, with the influence of search engine on the web is more and more big, more and more owners choose to dynamic web static, because the static page, is very easy to be search engine grab and included, which are of great help to enhance the site’s weight and ranking, but I have found that many owners will be transformed into static dynamic web site, but found that his site was K, what’s the reason? Visible, dynamic web static, it is not an easy thing, need to pay attention to many problems read more

Talk about the hottest O2O business model from the 11

O2O entrepreneurial vocabulary is undoubtedly one of the most popular words in the field of Internet entrepreneurship, there are many O2O companies born in the wave of the Internet, there are countless O2O company and therefore died. How should we look at today’s hottest O2O business model?

when the big screen digital frames in 57 billion 100 million, 2014 double 11 Shopping Festival Ali ended. 57 billion 100 million of the total turnover of the wireless side of the contribution of 24 billion 300 million, accounting for more than, in 2013 the proportion of wireless terminal was 15.3%, the growth rate of almost two times. This is a surprising and intriguing figure, it also means that China’s business model will be how to change? read more