Join the brand new desserts like puff food

food in order to establish a brand, time is very important, as long as your vitality is long enough, you will be able to start a protracted war, you will certainly be able to win the competition in the food and beverage, but afraid of your brand can not hold much longer. Because of the difficulty of building a new brand is too large, many entrepreneurs another way. Tend to choose a better food and beverage brands, through the form of join the food and beverage industry. Twelve Feng taste "to lead the new event, to create a new brand of food. However, choose to join the project or to choose a real delicacy of strength, to join the brand new food puff dessert, more innovative technology to subvert the traditional concept of pastry, looks attractive, easy to control become an independent school, the source, nature and easy money. read more

How to open a wonton shop to establish market reputation

now, no matter what kind of food, almost all of the market has a number of operators, fierce competition in the industry is countless entrepreneurs must face. Moreover, the catering market has been hot investment, wonton because of all ages, both north and south, is to become the first choice for business, but now every kind of wonton franchise dazzling, competition is more intense. Want to join the project in a number of wonton stand out, it is necessary to master the skills, as soon as possible to establish a good market reputation, stable source of the store. So, how to open a wonton shop to establish market reputation? read more

Mobile phone business is to open a good shop or open shop good

in the current business environment, a lot of investors are in the end is to open a store or open shop such a predicament. After all, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, if the mobile phone business, in the end is to open a good store or open shop good?

set up shop, opened a mobile phone shop, choose to open the store or choose to open shop, this is a problem, is a problem plagued many people, so we now have to analyze, to open the store and open shop, for the mobile phone industry, which is better? read more

Tea chain store brand selection skills

tea chain investment brand many, want to invest in this industry, need to learn to choose brand project. If you are not very clear about how to choose, you can learn useful skills. Xiaobian finishing a few key points, hoping to help you find the right investment projects, to learn it quickly.

select the brand depends on the company’s strategic height. Strategic height is a vision of a company, is a company to carry out the goal, no height, a company will not carry out. Therefore, the franchisee should focus on the understanding of the brand strategy is high in the selection of tea brand, of course, it should be noted, to see its height is not feasible, is not practical, not strategic height, it is more promising, the franchisee must be wary of joining their brand of praise strategy. read more

What are the conditions for successful coffee shops

good coffee in the past is a very luxury products, and now it is not a luxury items, and become a mass consumer delicious, how to open a coffee shop? To sum up, we need to meet three conditions, namely, a good port, excellent coffee and excellent service. These three conditions are indispensable. Port, coffee, service three elements of effective use and cooperation in order to support the development of a coffee shop. At the same time in the business, the collection of information, such information needs change, should also be readily available, as a management adjustment and improvement. read more

Promising 2016 venture

new year has come, we must also look for the 2016 venture, right? So this article should be helpful to everyone. Entrepreneurship first to choose a good project, a lot of good projects on the market, today we recommend a good 2016 venture.

2016 venture project, a souvenir shop baby

read more

Shop business can not run too many sideline

Many investors think

shop business can attract more consumers, so shop products all kinds of series, rich, but not a clear consumption target, lead to sideline too much, the loss of fixed customers, want to let the fire red shop business, naturally it is difficult to do. So, if you want to set up shop, remember, can not run too many sideline.

there is a saying "can chew" shop too. A study of people’s preferences is very time-consuming, not here is not ready to look at other people’s shop doing fiery eye, also some of the same goods, or directly into someone else’s shop, let your customers have what shop. If you have any customers, you are faced with a problem, your shop can please all customers? As a result, none of the customers feel a sense of belonging, and no one is attached to your shop. read more

Zhengzhou real estate license to cancel the real estate license

in life, we usually buy a house, there will be related to the real estate license, in order to ensure that they own the right to live in the house. However, the Zhengzhou real estate license canceled, real estate license began to come out. August 13th reporter was informed that the Zhengzhou municipal government decided to study, since August 20th, the implementation of the unified registration of real estate in the main city. By then, the Zhengzhou municipal land and housing security, forestry and other departments of primary business acceptance window stops business registration, no longer issued by the use of state-owned land, housing ownership, forest rights certificate and his warrants related registration certificate. read more

Poverty can start a business

some people will say that if you are a pauper, if you have no money you just have a cavity blood, you can not do business venture, this road is nothing to do with you, but today we will say a person, let him to prove that poor people can also start.

two seventy or eighty square meters of the dressing room, a warehouse, the shelves neatly stacked with a variety of steel. Another facade room is divided into three spaces, namely the warehouse, office and bedroom. Little space is arranged neatly and generous, this is Ding Junlin’s entrepreneurial base. read more

Food is not delicious no second times

does not taste good food is to get the favor of diners, after the diversification of the food and beverage industry, and now also a wide variety of food, food is not delicious no second times, this kind of speech you recognized it? Let us come to know the following.

A, adhere to the authentic, refused to eat you are teasing me,

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Yang Limin started 5 years since the snack food store more than 700

in this world, there are always some people that many of us worth learning model, they are not complacent, always positive and enterprising, such as today’s actor, is such a situation, not to him, the success of the venture, the achievements of his career, his story is widely spread, let’s take a look.

" bet "back opportunities

1996 years, Yang Limin after graduating from the university to return to his hometown of Hanchuan Foreign Trade Bureau under the printing plant, has become an ordinary worker at the grassroots level. The workshop’s hard work, income is not high, the young Yang Limin eager to change a life-style, he noticed that the factory manager in Western dress and leather shoes are cattle, speech and deportment, "I was very envious of them, have a dream that one day can become business manager".

1998 />
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t is easy to do business in this way (three)

business to pay attention to the following points:

blind herd investment

as South of Jiangsu general manager of the enterprise as a knitting enterprise benefit declining and care-laden, as the development direction and the direction of investment of the enterprises and hesitating, it has been suggested that now thermal underwear thermal underwear production normalizing, people are making money, so we also produce thermal underwear, be able to make money. "What dreamer awoke", the general manager of eyes suddenly a bright, immediately decided to invest in production of thermal underwear. Soon the products produced, but because the old styles, and no money advertising campaign and bookstalls. Products under the production line directly into the warehouse, into the warehouse can not become a deal in a few days. Even if the product is processed to 70 percent off, still no one wants to be treated as a product of 60 percent off. Want to spend all, limited funds to thermal underwear, the general manager had to scold the at a loss what to do every day. People, but will they scold a pour dog’s blood on no use. Doing business with stocks, like others to see Huan, think they can enter this field can be a big draw, in fact, only to find themselves in the wrong. Investors in the development of investment programs, completely ignoring their own conditions, only to blindly follow the trend, the Chinese business community has almost become a disease. Blind herd investment, easy to make investors lack estimates of investment risk, and thus are insufficient, once the problem is at a loss. In the face of market investors can not follow the trend, amidst the winds of change, but not blindly follow the trend; not to see someone in front, even if the project is not to make money, but to chouzhunshiji, one would be a quasi. read more

Small vision table for the store to win a higher popularity

if you want to let the shop has a higher popularity, this is not what you can do, you often need to take a certain strategy owner. That day, I passed the shop door, suddenly found in front of a child standing in the shop, he looked inside, and then kept his hand back and forth gestures, I feel do not understand. What on earth is the child doing? Is the dialogue with the people inside, but some do not like.

when it’s over, I’ve come to the kid. I found out that the glasses shop on the window attached to a visual chart, the child is there to test their vision. All of a sudden, I was moved by the glasses shop Love initiatives, I feel there is a warm flow in the heart. So, I put the name of the glasses shop to see a few more. read more

New rules for Entrepreneurship

today’s entrepreneurs pay more attention to innovation, because they deeply understand that the old rules have been unable to adapt to the new environment, in the face of the new market, there must be a new business rules. From hiring to time management, mail processing, fundraising, today’s entrepreneurs are leaving behind those past guidelines. More and more enterprises even break the core rules of the past – to do business with a good friend, and ultimately successful.

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N sushi to join a small cost for you to open up a good future wealth

sushi with its simple production method, and the unique taste has been subject to all kinds of consumers, in recent years around the sushi shop gradually more up, the market has a reliable space, worth joining and investment.

characteristics of sushi in the market share is high, the prospects for future development is relatively reliable, high demand, the franchisee business advantages will be better demonstrated! N multi sushi has an elegant restaurant environment, improve the service flow, joined the business and more attention and favor. N sushi joined a good foundation, a lot of future advantages, small cost to join, reliable profit. read more

Jewelry chain business notes inventory

jewelry chain store business in the management process should pay attention to what matters? Many novice in the investment business process encountered many difficulties, they hope to find the right way to join as soon as possible, Xiaobian finishing the relevant recommendations, hoping to help you.

1, avoid serious shortage of

be sure to put an end to the investment or poor execution, resulting in empty shelves, and even a few rows of products without display. The original sales situation is good, but because of the lack of timely replenishment of the store deserted, will allow customers to feel the shop is not operating, is closing the door. Therefore, the owner must be hands-on daily reconciliation, check the goods, pay attention to product sales and the remaining number, try not to have in stock replenishment. read more

nvestment catering industry should avoid the location of the region

investment industry is a choice of many investors on the market, in order to beef face as an example to do some analysis, in fact, we all know, should give the healthy beef noodle stores choose good store, choose a good address, can let the healthy beef noodle stores smooth development in the market.

1. is a healthy beef noodle shop in a sparsely populated place: if the resident population of the healthy beef noodle shop area is less, and the floating population is not much, so there will be a lack of popularity, it is difficult to form a relatively stable consumer group. Healthy beef noodles is now a very popular wave of entrepreneurial projects, which will soon be lucrative profits coveted. It is wise to choose a healthy beef noodle, but there is a clever management skill. read more

Join a lot of Chinese fast food skills can not be missed

in the pace of life continues to accelerate today, fast food is undoubtedly very popular with people, compared to western style fast food, nutrition and fast changing Chinese fast food is highly respected. How about Chinese fast food? The market is broad, the prospect is considerable, is favored by the franchisee, is not allowed to miss the good business opportunities. Run a popular Chinese fast food franchise, some skills to master, for your inventory.

must first have a correct market positioning read more

What are the factors to evaluate the effect of micro store promotion

is not just a business, even if our daily lives, if you want to be more secure, or want to make their lives better, in fact, need to pay attention to the surrounding situation. A person driving on a strange road, if you do not pay attention to observe the road around the situation, it is not easy to throw a lane, or a crash? Similarly, in the process of micro shop promotion, if you do not pay attention to observe a variety of conditions, at any time may take detours.

in order to maximize the "promotion" of the car on the right road smoothly, it is necessary to regularly and timely evaluation of promotional activities. The so-called regular, can be a week, can also be a month; the so-called timely, refers to an activity after the end of a review. The former is routine and the latter is based on the actual situation. read more

Several projects suitable for rural entrepreneurship development

don’t think rural is a backward place, in fact, there are a lot of a lot of potential in rural areas, suitable for entrepreneurial projects, many rural people in rural areas can be successful in your own business venture, the first step is to choose the project, today small for everyone to bring a few good entrepreneurial projects!

now, the more opportunities of rural farming, crop resources are relatively abundant, suitable for the development of a number of potential breeding projects, large-scale breeding farms to promote economic income, livestock breeding commodity is also a good way of thinking about Ma rabbit breeding at present, prospect. Si Ma rabbit in artificial breeding mainly in green feed, so the breeding cost is low, so the breeding of disease resistance, high survival rate, and its meat is tender and delicious, rich venison, favored by consumers.

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Young white-collar workers to give up the work to raise the ecological chicken

a lot of people are envious of Zhang Haiyang, because after graduating from college work has been very smooth, wages are good. Only Zhang Haiyang knew that this was not the way he was going. 2013, Zhang Haiyang has made a new choice and career planning, raising the ecological chicken.

"I don’t want to live like this." Zhang Haiyang, who was born in rural areas, said he saw the earth shaking changes in recent years, but also to see more and more people pay attention to the quality of life and food health, so he had the idea of ecological agriculture in his mind. read more

How to operate the franchise chain stores

gift shop is one of the common shops, many franchisees are very optimistic about the prospects for the development of this industry, want to grab profits. If you are running a franchise chain stores, then you will choose which business? Let’s have a look.

Chinese advocating reciprocity, join the market will not want to open a gift shop franchise. How to open a gift chain stores? First of all, the right to open a gift shop is very important, chain stores in the right place, to attract many people to come, such business will be very good. How to open a gift chain stores in the operation of the site should focus on. read more

How to attract male customers

said Manicure, thought in many people’s minds may be countless beautiful women consumers nails, but in fact, Manicure stores to be not just women, as long as good at mining, men can also become Manicure stores customers. So, nail shop how to attract male customers? Let Xiaobian to explain the skill.

generally speaking, male customers will not be a regular in the nail shop, but why not let them become regulars? Nails do not do the style can also be done with the basic repair hand care oh! If you can seize this part of the market, nail shop to improve performance will be very simple thing! Here are some clever ways to attract the elusive male customers and keep them! read more

Recommend the current input less return to the five projects

for everyone to do business, making money is the most direct purpose, earning the hand is the real profit. But some industries back to the slow, so that investors do not have to worry about waiting and eventually ended in failure. Today, the whole network Xiaobian to recommend five to five less investment projects this time, for your reference.

Project: breakfast restaurant, leisure drinks shops and Chinese special snack shop

Analysis of

Item two: read more

How to do a good job in pearl milk tea store management

pearl milk tea store operators should be how to improve the advantages of store management? Many operators in the successful start of business, will ignore the management of shops. This is very dangerous. Small class finishing the relevant experience, I hope to help you establish some learning direction, as soon as possible to start the management work.

we see a lot of pearl milk tea store inside the business variety is very simple, in addition to milk tea juice, there is no other what you can buy varieties. Of course, they will say, I have a lot of varieties, strawberry milk tea, pineapple milk tea, chocolate milk tea. No less than 20 kinds of taste, written on the full price of the table. To know that there are always some people do not choose to drink milk tea, how to grasp the needs of this part of the consumer, our operators how to grasp this part of the consumer population. Develop new products for them. This can meet the needs of two people at the same time. Your turnover has increased by a large margin. read more

How to manage student supplies stores

student supplies industry investment prospects, want to open a school supplies stores, businesses need to operate carefully. What are the specific operating points? If you want to understand the relevant content can look at the contents of the small series finishing, I hope to help you.

strict student supplies product quality

students want to join the store in the same industry competitors in an invincible position, strict quality control, is the primary factor in the selection of student supplies in the course of the management of student supplies products. The quality of student supplies is directly related to the survival of student supplies stores, student supplies to reach and exceed the expectations of consumers, consumers will naturally be able to trust. To ensure that the quality of student supplies is to ensure the interests of consumers, a good quality of student supplies is an essential factor in the long-term profitability of student supplies stores. read more

Hubei on the injured workers to pay a new policy to stay pay

How is the development of

society reflected? Economic growth is a natural way of expression, but this approach is very basic, very superficial, the deeper social development reflects what people can get from it. Hubei on the injured workers to pay a new policy of the suspension of pay, which is a good news for the majority of people in Hubei.

reporter learned from relevant departments of Hubei provincial government was informed that Hubei’s new rules the injured workers shutdown leaves firewood period is generally 12 months, if serious injury or exceptional circumstances, after identifying the confirmation may be extended for 12 months, the injured workers shutdown leaves firewood period up to 2 years. read more

Heartbeat time 51 holiday arrangements released

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth! read more

The business strategy of Yum group

food and beverage business will be split into a whole is not bad, but on the contrary only in order to better expand the food market will have a second act. This situation is like carrying a cylinder of water difficult, bring two buckets to share, which requires two people to do things, now the power of one person can be completed, so just to make the maximum benefit, in order to make the 1+1 more than 2.

local time on December 10, 2015, yum (YUM.NYSE) introduced the spin off plan held in Plano, Texas, the annual investor conference, that is how the group will be split into two independent companies. read more

How to grasp the customer information

master more complete customer information, which for any one of the shops will be of great help, but many shopkeepers do not know how to master. According to the study, a customer into the store within 3 minutes, if the owner cannot with customers to establish the basic relations, also is the customer and the owner did not communicate effectively, then the customer will not produce what impression for the shop, at least not remember the owner. How to open up the situation in this limited 3 minutes, let the customer from the "stranger" into "regulars"? The owner needs to start from the details. read more

Novice home accessories store to pay attention to these points

now people pay attention to the quality of life, the requirements of home accessories is also very high, so home accessories market has a lot of business opportunities. But for entrepreneurs, in order to successfully run a home accessories store, to understand the appropriate management skills is also very important, and now we have to look at the specific.

1, can be considered in the surrounding area, each place has its benefits, a lot of observation.

2, differentiated site routing. Open a home jewelry stores, the first is to consider the potential market. Maybe a lot of people love to the collection market, open shop, join the ranks of the industry market, but take the difference of the location of route, to become the leader in a market, can better prevent market competition, bring the high premium, of course, must have their own unique style, it is very difficult for others to imitate the style. The more difficult, but it is a good choice for the future. read more

How to develop community commerce

community business in the current market environment has been formed, and there is indeed a very large market demand, as long as we operate properly, making money is not difficult. However, there are so many problems in the operation of such a special business. But today we explore the commercial community, largely different from the past the main food market community super standard, like red, etc. Suguo has built up a big supermarket, ahead of card and establish a card vouchers and brand advantages of more viscous, our hair roots enterprises today. read more

How to choose rice noodle

referred to rice noodle, we think more of the bridge across Yunnan rice noodle, the traditional nature is to be respected. But now the development of the society depends mainly on the emergence of innovation and science and technology. The development of the catering industry of natural and ultimately this condition, only innovative and creative, innovative only business, the brand has broken China noodle drum traditional eat rice noodle, a greater extent to meet modern consumer demand, so that all consumers are free to choose. Can also reduce the waste of food, in line with the modern people’s consumption demand, is a new way to Chinese new noodle eat, gained wide recognition, has also been a favorite chowhound who. read more

Papi sauce announced the acquisition of ten million financing

company to grow and develop to get financing, in the current competition in such a fierce market, Papi sauce announced the acquisition of ten million financing, then, behind this financing and explain what kind of problem?

3 19, the video from the media Papi sauce announced the acquisition of $12 million financing, the real fund, Luo thinking, light capital and star capital jointly participated in the investment. March 18th, the new media video platform two more announced the completion of more than 5000 yuan of A round of financing. read more

Shop location needs to remember the following is very important

An important issue of

investment shops most can not escape is the location, this is a lot of knowledge, there are a lot of people are asking the location of problems, now Xiaobian for everyone to summarize, must remember these points.

in addition to the succession of ancestors and pavement due to the economic development of the cause of the natural value increased significantly, and the most successful investment shops only depends on the behavior of investors keen market insight and on city planning as well as accurate expectations for economic development. The following is a detailed analysis of investment from 16 aspects: read more

Top 10 industries in 2012

friends would like to venture always think what industry is the most profitable, 2012 to the direction in life, small series provides several industries in 2012 the highest income for you here, let you see the development of the overall form and needs in the future, Unlimited Business Opportunities.

2012 which is the most profitable industry industry management and technology consulting


read more

Snack chain project how fast profit

low threshold of small entrepreneurial projects, snack chain is a good choice. Most people can quickly get started. Investment in food industry is not difficult, but also need to have a lot of skills need to pay attention to investment, entrepreneurial ideas, will pay more attention to the food and beverage industry, special snack shops investment value, how to seize the opportunity to invest? For the first time to open a special snack bar friends want to pay attention to what the problem? Today, we are here to discuss this aspect of the know-how with you, through the following points in the course of learning you will be able to make a lot of profit. read more

Home textile shop window design how innovative

a lot of shops have a window, if you can make good use of these windows, the store’s business will undoubtedly play a very good promotional role. For this reason, many shops are now displayed on the window of a variety of products. However, the traditional display has been unable to attract consumers, only with more new ideas, to be able to help store operations. So, home textile shop window design how to have new ideas? Let Xiaobian to you.

window display in the design process, the best can be operated according to a certain theme, it can clear the brand influence, also can quickly from similar shops in order to let the textile shop talent shows itself, the business becomes more popular prosperity. read more

What are the names of the five major concerns

to a business from a suitable name, not only has the relevant methods can be mastered, but also more attention to our attention. So, what are the names of the attention? The following five points will cause your attention?

a, consider the future of the enterprise

enterprise name of childhood, but also about half, is reserved for pipeline for future stagnation. If the enterprise bigger and stronger in the future, in addition to want to expand the scope, a current name will follow? Many international enterprises are the rules, do not have enough place, once the enterprise to expand into new fields, but this is not amenable to consumers, rather than whining, baby 999, the moon god are the suffer. The brand name, it is like building a house cloth once if there is no reason at first walkie talkie, the pipeline cloth, forming the houses of the future, you have to open wiring, simultaneous not ugly, but also the formation of property damage. read more

Paint store location to consider comprehensive

home decoration can not be separated from the paint products, the demand is huge, the market is broad, this is a very promising investment in the industry, is worthy of a good grasp of the majority of investors.

however, investors in the paint just opened chain stores, general stores on paint will encounter some management problems, the first is that many investors do not know where the paint stores open. Below, the global network of small series to explain to everyone in the paint store chain when the preparatory work to do, let us look at it: read more

What are Yang Yongshan’s cigarette management skills

is also operating cigarettes, the owner is different, the management skills will be different, the product sales will naturally have a great difference. Tangshan City County, Yutian, west of the jade on the road on the road, there is a more than twenty years of operation in the store in the mountains of more than years. And other stores are different, it is the county’s only one of its own funds to create a modern terminal store cigarette retail shop.

over the years, with the idea of excellent shop, the whole brand, adequate supply, good reputation, has become the leader in Yutian cigarette retail stores. Speaking of business management, the owner of Yang Yongshan without reservation straight talk from an honest man, and share his 6 scriptures". read more

How to get a successful business of beverage store

beverage store operators how to get a successful operation? This is the question that every franchisee needs to think about. Now the beverage industry competition is fierce, select appropriate methods, so you can open the consumer market, investment management work, so that business is no longer difficult to create more peace of mind.

a, cut into a piece of the market

The current market is divided into

drinks tea, fruit juice, coffee three items, but rarely a drink alone selling mode, mostly mutual collocation. It is better to choose the main selling goods on the basis of the nature of the business circle and the personal preference. read more

Henan letinous edodes entrepreneurial young entrepreneurs to return home Entrepreneurship Model

from the 18 year old migrant workers, to now the annual sales exceeded $60 million entrepreneurs. Henan Chang Arab Israeli use of a small letinous edodes to achieve their entrepreneurial dream, the current rural youth to return home as an example.


is Neixiang County Xiaguan Town, South to work at the age of 18, 2008 to Shuanghui employees experience changed his life. Later, often resign back home, letinous edodes began planting bag.

read more

Nanjing software Valley Science Park venture share Sharon successfully held

in the fable of education to generations of people, to innovation and entrepreneurship must understand the moral of the story. Young entrepreneurs who wish to take part in some business share activities, interact with peers, more understanding of the development of market and industry, so as to improve their business plan, do well.

11 21, Nanjing software Valley Science Park "krypton space" held a share entrepreneurial salon, attracted about 200 have entrepreneurial young people to participate in or ready to start. More than two hours, the platform guests share the passion story, Taiwan buddies learned a lot of entrepreneurial scriptures". read more

What are the steps to open the flower shop

flower art by the modern consumer favorite, the market prospect is very good. Many franchisees are very heart, want to invest shop. What are the procedures needed to open a flower shop? A lot of novices want to know. Today Xiaobian summed up a few big points, hoping to provide some experience sharing.

operation steps

inserted Florist address to downtown, the entertainment street near the best; second is the university campus, park, supermarket, area of 8~10 square meters can be.

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Let me quietly tell you what to do to make money the fastest

now, is a fast-paced society, no matter what are very particular about the speed, for example, eat fast food, money, we hope the sooner the better. In 2014, what to do to make money the fastest? After reading this article, the answer.

the project does not require high skill, high investment, no waste water, no pollution, only need to order special detergent can. The main method is: first use of water-saving washing machine (can be ejected gas, similar blower) cars on the earth to blow, and then the " super car washing water; " (special configuration liquid) spray evenly on the surface of the paint, use the wet towel or sponge to wipe the car, and then polishing towel or dry towel polishing, dirty car will soon be bright. For the more dirty and difficult to clean the chassis, engine, tires and other parts, can be made with a special car foam dry cleaning machine. read more

Tea shop to buy the notes

now growing tea lovers, young people love tea is not in the minority, the tea market has become more and more popular. Want to open a tea shop to start a business, the first problem is facing the purchase, if you do not know which goods into the right, I do not know where the purchase, may wish to listen to a small series of analysis.

first in the shops opened to make a survey of the market, understand the business area consumer tastes, to choose what you want to purchase the grade, brand and quantity according to the local actual consumer demand, but also do some brand new. The tea is good or bad decisions of consumers, the key is for the operator according to the consumer groups to the taste of the supply, taking into account the different consumer tastes are different, such as the north and South Green Tea love tea, love, love to the northwest of tea. read more