Do you know there are six nternet thinking lost

understanding of the Internet, everyone has their own point of view, but on the whole, digital is recognized by everyone. Under the premise of digital, now talk about big data, some people say that big data is fudge, nothing more than is to transform the past argument, this can be understood. In Chinese, a lot of people say the concept is not very clear, is borrowed, is an occasional thing.

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2014 college students need to be cautious in autumn

from the 2014 college students have a month’s time, there will be a group of people to enter the hall of the heart. Then this school season is coming, it was found that college students entrepreneurial opportunity has come, but you must know that you need to join the venture carefully.

catering Entrepreneurship

20 in his early years, Zhang Xiaofeng, Henan, Luoyang, graduated from Kaifeng University 1 years ago. In order to encourage students to start their own businesses, the school provides a convenient condition for graduates, such as discount store rent, management fees, etc.. read more

Habitat coffee form

ranks first in the world’s three largest beverage coffee, has a pivotal position in the world. Is he still has an important role in the economy: it is the second most widely traded commodity after oil, has been used as western life necessities, now has to enter the China, and has gradually gained people’s approval, the position is consolidating. What are the best coffee brands in China?

nest — "heart nest habitat", where you can let your heart be perched third living space! Nest (Anhui) coffee chain brand group is based on the study and absorption of many European coffee culture and the essence, characteristic and cultural connotation to create local brand of coffee. Habitat nest is a coffee shop as the carrier for the dissemination of coffee culture, for customers to create a fashion, leisure, physical and mental release of the third living space! read more

China’s online education platform is not a good time to get involved in the end

The development of

education industry is advancing at an unprecedented speed. In recent days, the online education sector can be described as waves. First, the operation of the 15 months of the chalk network announced the closure, after the launch of the two business ladder Gong Haiyan officially launched.

the domestic education market, there are a lot of walking platform education enterprises, including C2C mode B2C mode multi Bay networks, Shanghai River school, 91 teachers, B2B2C mode, YY sky education, pass class network, C2C+O2O model the ninth classroom, online class B2C+O2O mode and Jun School of business. read more

Be careful in doing business

since the store opened the door to sell goods, and customers will naturally have money above the transaction. This, after all, involves the interests, if not handled properly, not careful, it is likely to cause a variety of contradictions, and thus affect the further development of the store business. So, do business money must be careful, this will make the business more popular.

this morning, just before dawn, I was a knock at the door awakened from a dream, I quickly put up and opened the door to see a female customer, quickly said to me: "Wang, do you remember last night I came to buy beer, give you two ten yuan, including one is fifty yuan, I was wrong, when I get home, my old man gave me fifty yuan, think of it. You want to think!" read more

Chinese snacks to join the election Zhou Suzhen wonton

food and beverage industry market, how can you say, what the industry is to stay in the spring of the year, that is the catering industry, because this is the most essential requirements of human survival. Food and beverage industry catering projects are in full swing in the development, especially in recent years, the rise of Chinese snacks, traditional taste in line with the Chinese people’s eating habits. Among them, Zhou Suzhen wonton soup because of its beauty is more sought after by the public. read more

500 yuan venture fund hit a monthly income of 200 thousand

now many people want to work, small business is what they desire, then 500 yuan venture fund should be regarded as a model of small business, and how to use the 500 yuan 200 thousand of the monthly income? Let’s get together.

500 yuan started, this is really a small business, and now, the monthly sales of about 200 thousand of the revenue, Liang Bo’s Emerald business bigger and bigger! He started from the first day of online shop, they set the business bigger and stronger goal. Now, Liang Bo has not only domestic buyers, but also a few large buyers abroad, to start a cross-border trade, 10% of gross domestic income is higher than the domestic one. read more

2016 chicken to make money so the most profitable chicken 1000 yuan a

is a chicken on the table poultry we usually eat chicken, also has many kinds, good chicken prices are very expensive, such as ginseng chicken, just listen to this name that this chicken should be very expensive, of course, if the chicken breeding, business is certainly is very hot, go to look at it!

and the special culture of the market is the key to determine the special breeding project, because of special economic animal breeding cost is higher, and the price is more expensive, consumer, product demand elasticity, for people do not understand things, promotion is difficult.

2015 chicken to make money? Relative to these special breeding projects, chicken or money. Of course, if you want to make a lot of money, these traditional breeding project also hides great opportunities, now the small series for you some examples, look at these rural yangjihu money trick: read more

How to manage the snack stores you know – the whole

delicious snacks are a lot of us can not be missed, an industry is a lot of entrepreneurs are optimistic about the snack market unpopular attracted many franchisees attention, so many people began to get involved in the snack industry, but to their leisure snack shop business is hot, not only depend on the characteristics. But also from the daily management of constantly sum up experience, to develop the most reasonable strategy, so as to ensure your long-term profitability. Specific methods are as follows: read more

Hawker to join security steak

is now the Internet development mature stage, in this world, can have a correct and useful information for the first time, then you have wealth, for catering entrepreneurs, timely and accurate information acquisition ability is very important. Take the steak shop investment.

steak for ordinary people with surname, steak is a luxury, until haokelai steak, let people have completely changed the delicacy, the delicious steak done is to bring the price down to most incisive, the lowest, walked into the tens of millions of people’s hearts, have a better market. So many people asked to join what security hawker steak, you can go to the official website to understand some steak haokelai join for this project to protect read more

How to open an organic food stores

now consumers are concerned about the health of the food, especially now that genetically modified food is increasing, people in the choice must pay attention to, now many people love to choose organic food, drive the development of organic food, many entrepreneurs choose organic food stores, to the successful implementation of the management and development of normal store, entrepreneurs need to be able to do the store management.

1. positioning your consumer groups

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How to retain more customers for the lighting design shop

how can we retain more customers for the store, what kind of design can improve the operation of the store? All along, how to attract, please and retain customers, shopkeepers are most concerned about the problem. In this regard, the operators have a variety of options, but the lighting design is far more effective means of improvement, good lighting can easily attract and guide customers to stop and linger, coupled with its relatively cheap investment, shopkeepers worth serious attention.

takes the cake Square as an example, and its lighting design usually gives the customer a distinct and individual impression. Most of the stores filled with soft warm color, of warmth and even slightly quiet atmosphere, the goods in the bright light is elegant and vivid. At the same time, contrast coordination to further strengthen the store’s sense of quiet, small spotlights indistinct hint of orange, and the color of the goods store lighting lighting warm, the more prominent the color contrast. read more

Moderate price off-season help of business

business season, even if the goods are sold at high prices, do not worry about sales problems. However, the annual Spring Festival season is popular in general after a month at the beginning of ten business will gradually cool down. Right when I count it inventory, found most of the product sales is also good, in addition to the beverage brand because of too much inventory pressure a lot, there are a lot of other goods inventory, and did not appear out of stock and squeeze phenomenon, therefore I also secretly. read more

nvestment hele surface make money

pasta delicious, I believe a lot of people are bearing in mind. So, the small business choose to join pasta promising? Of course, the quality of good business projects, always very business opportunities. Then, the small entrepreneurs choose to join the hele surface? Good project, good choice!

is joining the hele surface Beijing Sheng Kee Qingcheng restaurant chain brands, there is Hege bone soup, bone meat cake, taste powder is soup, sauce pig bone, nutrition food series bar meal products, is the fastest growing Chinese fast-food chain brand, but also the integrity of the catering to join the project. read more

Malatang stores location techniques

opened Malatang stores, to choose a good location. We usually observe, you will find this kind of store market adaptability is strong, whether it is in the vicinity of the larger commercial street or neighborhood, you can see its figure, mainly to see the brand and scale. If you want to shop, how to choose the appropriate location?

Malatang for open stores for friends to go on the road, the investment recovery is very fast, but the address is must choose carey, it is involved in many aspects, any one link on not careful may lead to success and the success of entrepreneurship location so as to cause the location of these points? The attention of investors: read more

Yunnan mining fish Township hot market prospects to join

as everyone knows, Hot pot is always people in the winter the best selection of fish with delicacy, Hot pot and traditional Hot pot out of the ordinary taste, Yunnan mining fish Township unique taste, Yunnan mining fish Township headquarter heritage Zuzhuanmifang, always select the original high quality grouper, Yunnan mining township worth many fish consumers.

[Yunnan mining fish Township how]

Yunnan mining fish Township? Yunnan mining grouper fish Township Hot pot, adhering to the principle of healthy delicacy, high quality fresh fish slices boiled food, the maximum extent retained the fish nutrition, nourishing health, to bring the ultimate diners to enjoy delicious. Yunnan mining fish Township after strong research and development for many years, has accumulated a rich product line, covering the Yuanyang pot, pork ribs, three medicated Hot pot juice, fish, Yunnan Hot pot flame Hot pot ribs Hot pot, Taiwan seafood sauce, sour Hot pot etc. regularly launch a variety of delicacy, plateau special snack delicacy, everything, surprise escalation. read more

What are the stores open wood floor business skill

solid wood flooring is not only comfortable, but also a small environmental pollution, is now a lot of home improvement process will choose a material. However, even if the market demand is very large, once the operation of the brand more, the competition in the industry naturally fierce, want to do a good job, but also need to be able to grasp the relevant operators. So, open the solid wood flooring franchise business skills?

now joined the stable development of solid wood flooring shop, a lot of people’s minds become recognized profitable projects, so the solid wood floor, want to shop for better performance, which is to master the correct way, pay more attention to understanding the skills. read more

How to open a fruit shop to earn more profit – Business

since the shop, who want to earn more money, but want to achieve this goal, often need to do more work. But in today’s market, the fruit is a kind of comparative income welcome fresh products; especially in recent time, the rise of health craze, with people to lose weight dedication, this also makes the market today, the demand for fruit has been increased greatly; and this also makes the majority of investors are beginning to join the fruit shop as their investment direction.

of course, a high heat industry, if we want to in this industry, to create one of their own new stores have great difficulty, because the competition in this industry pressure is very large, if we are entrepreneurs in this industry, so if our personal project can not have obvious advantages; for us, it is easy for us to venture on a large scale under the pressure of death. If we want to enter the fruit retail industry, how should we open a fruit store to bring us more profits? read more

How to do the purchasing cosmetics shop

as long as the shop is in kind, if you want to have a very good business development, nature needs to do a good job in the procurement of products. With the continuous development of cosmetics franchise industry, business channels sinking makes a lot of entrepreneurs are eager to join the cosmetics industry, invest in a cosmetics store might be a simple thing for entrepreneurs, but want the better is not an easy thing, the first is the purchase, cosmetics store buy cosmetics to join? Cosmetics to join the purchase channels and where? How to establish a stable supply and so on are needed to be resolved, the following editors to share the problem of cosmetics store purchase. read more

Join the dregs cake pie delicacy advantage can not be ignored – the whole era

want to ask the food business opportunities? Has always been a very advantageous choice. In the food and beverage market, the choice to join the gourmet market, is a very good choice. How is the era of dregs cake pie? Very advantageous, with the strength of choice.

we all know, continuous innovation is the source of a company is an enterprise of continuous progress, so the cake dregs pie continuous research era efforts, it can directly guarantee the manufacturing team of chefs and scientific you with strong, so, it can be in terms of food technology development and innovation are the characteristics of food and beverage impressive results. Join such a company, to become one of them, the return will be more. read more

The world’s ten largest car brand quality rankings

to raise the level of economy, more and more families to buy a car, a lot of people will consider when buying a car, one of which is the automobile brand quality, now the countries automobile brand automobile brand to good quality too many to count, let people lasting form below, will bring the world’s ten largest car brand rankings for quality everyone.

J.D.Power to a hundred car failure rate (Problems reported per 100 vehicles, referred to as PP100) as a scoring dimension, the lower the number of points on behalf of the better quality of the car. This makes the top 10, the United States Department of local brands reached 5, accounting for half of the country, including Ram and Lincoln of ninth, General Motors accounted for up to 3 seats. There are 4 Japanese brands, while Germany is only a Porsche. read more

One can not miss the whole brand goods stew delicacy

called you know the goods chowhound stew this brand? Do you know the name of the braised goods come from? There is a long story behind it.

legend of Emperor Qianlong Jiangnan, eat lunch, for carrying food is not much, it is difficult to complete, then select some herbs, chef main ingredients were rare and secret deployment, more than ten kinds of flavor sauce, used to brew "bear, deer tail" and other valuable ingredients taste, the perfect show Manhanquanxi brilliant. The emperor Longyan, given name "Han stew", inherited. read more

How to improve the whole of customer emotion.

shop operation, it seems that is not subject to control, but only the people who really do know, business is not simple, many shopkeepers in the course of the business will have a feeling of disgust. What happens if the workers go on strike? A lot of customers will see his wife all day upset, want to go out to work, I want to hire one or two people, she was tired, I want to score some goods, do more, she said you can not be dry; I want to get promotion, she said no, always to work, that is for the sake of my home simply, I hired someone else do it, but some people really do not worry, everyone out of ideas, we have to hire business? I walk the line? read more

Amy joined the women’s money – the whole

how about Amy? In the women’s market, the choice of brand strength to join the project, is a very wise choice. How about Amy? The choice of a good project is also the first step of our successful business. Open a belong to their own Amy, is a very good choice is not it?


since listing by many businesses and consumers, now the brand strong landing CCTV-11, CCTV-7, across the strong first half of the launch of a new round of brand advertising, publicity strength it on the strength of the strong, long and high coverage in the domestic industry is one of fast fashion. What brand of women’s clothing to sell more money in winter? Amy shop set up, so that you earn pours. read more

What are the advantages of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurial choice is very much, we can choose a big brand to join the investment, of course, can also start their own businesses. Of course, different business models will have their own advantages. So, what are the advantages of self? Let Xiaobian for you a brief introduction, so that you can choose a really suitable for their own entrepreneurial way.

on the road of business, many people have chosen to join the brand, because from the headquarters to join many support and help in the early entrepreneurs can easily get started. Even so, there are still a lot of people who chose to start their own businesses, indicating that the advantages are very obvious, the following is to introduce what the advantages of independent entrepreneurship. read more

City Women’s Federation 1115 to allow women to benefit

In the party’s mass line of educational practice, the Municipal Women’s Federation Party firmly relying on the "1346" practice carrier, combined with their own reality, focus on the implementation of the "1115" method (around a target, based on a fundamental, highlighting a starting point, the implementation of the five act), seriously practice the mass line, to help women get benefits.

to put into the construction of city women’s Federation of women’s strong position, warm home "as the goal, do a solid job of organization of women, women, women, guide service work to safeguard the rights and interests of women and children. To "serve the overall situation, service for women and children" as the fundamental, to maintain good, to achieve good, the development of women and children, the most fundamental, the most direct, the most realistic interests. In "100 100, 100 couplet to do 100 activities as the starting point, the city’s women’s Federation cadres contact 30 Village (community)" women’s home ", actively for the broad masses of women to do practical, problem-solving things. At the same time, the implementation of women’s business to promote the development of urban and rural women in action, leading to join the economic development and social progress of civilization in building a new work; the implementation of women’s civilization harmonious action, leading women to contribute in maintaining social harmony and stability; the implementation of women’s rights and promote the stable operation, leading the majority of women play a unique role in the social and family construction; the implementation of women taught the strong quality of action, leading women to enhance the value of your life in society; the implementation of women’s services to improve the ability of action, leading women’s organizations at all levels to further enhance their level of scientific construction.   read more

Cabbage hearts and dolls can not distinguish between the Xining industry and Commerce thorough inves

cabbage heart and doll like the shape of the business staff can not distinguish. 26 afternoon, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry Branch of the city branch of the market, the staff and workers of the Mo Street industrial and commercial street in the market to check the true and false doll.

for the Xining market, some of the Chinese cabbage cabbage dish as a food selling event, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce Bureau of the city branch of the market and the Department of Commerce and industry, Mo street, check the Mo street market. Marked "Dian Xing" "farming" and other brands of baby stalls are sold either, of which there are 3 food providers simply put a small head, no packaging of Chinese cabbage as baby food to sell 2.5 yuan a pound. "Some people think of it as a dish, and some people think of it as a Chinese cabbage." A young man said with a smile. In the other two stalls, two are selling women said: "this is not the packaging of Chinese cabbage cabbage." read more

Chinese and foreign photographers focus Xining xiadou

On September 20th, Chinese and foreign photographers "beautiful Qinghai photography collection" the last station in Qinghai city of Xining province held. The same day, the photographers came to the provincial capital Nanshan Park, in the face of the plateau forest landscape, the masters issued heartfelt praise.

Nanshan, it was an opportunity in landscape photography, photographers came to Phoenix Pavilion, Nanchan temple, Glasgow Dandong miniature landscape and other scenic spots, through the lens of a true representation of the ecological landscape in Xining.

the large-scale photography collection activity is in accordance with the central propaganda office publicity planning and implementation, by Chinese photography Copyright Association and the Qinghai provincial government propaganda office organized a large-scale photography collection activity. The organizers invited from Italy, the United States, South Korea and the China intercontinental photographer photographer composed of luxury lineup, into the Hoh Xil line, Yushu line, Huangnan line, line and Golog around Qinghai Lake in Xining – Hainan – east sea the 5 coverage in Qinghai province and the national key ecological and protected areas along the line. The in-depth photography folk songs creation. Photographers photography collection activity rare this done their homework, they take on the aerial equipment, a photographer even with the value of 1 million 500 thousand yuan of sophisticated photographic equipment into the heart of Qinghai, shooting the beautiful Qinghai scenery and colorful ethnic customs.

"Qinghai left a deep impression to me, I love the mountains here very much, especially the spectacular landscape of snow capped mountains, grasslands is a must." The Qinghai folk songs, photographers have highly.  
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A quarter of the province’s 15 thousand and 200 new urban jobs

reporter learned from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that this year, the province’s employment continued to maintain a stable and good momentum. At the end of March, the province’s urban employment 15 thousand and 200 people, urban unemployed employment 7257 people, 436 thousand and 200 people labor employment transfer of agricultural and pastoral areas, the registered urban unemployment rate of 3.1%.

in the first 3 months, the province held a spring action, employment assistance month, routine recruitment activities in the field, to provide jobs for the next 30 thousand and 500 times, admission to apply for a job of 31 thousand and 500 people, to reach the employment intention of the 8176 copies of the work of the more than and 30. Employment at all levels (migrant workers) work leading group clear tasks, detailed division of labor, responsibility to the people. Xining City, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haidong City, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Government to strengthen measures to carry out special activities to increase overall employment, labor organization degree, the completion of the first quarter of urban employment accounted for 93.39% of the total; complete labor transfer employment accounted for 95.15% of the total. read more

Qinghai film and television industry, by boat to the sea

8 10 September, the provincial radio and Television Bureau, Qinghai radio and television Beijing jetsen video Polytron Technologies Inc signed a cooperation agreement. This is the province’s film and television industry, by boat to the sea, in order to speed up the province’s excellent film and television script to enter the country to achieve a more extensive exchanges, promote the film and television drama shooting provides a good channel and platform.

Qinghai is a rich and colorful national culture heritage, rich area, spirit, the spirit of the Qaidam Qinghai Tibet highway reconstruction of Yushu spirit for casting the spirit of Qinghai heights to lay a solid foundation, enrich the content; Qinghai mountains and magnificent natural scenery and cultural landscape, provide an important material for the movie. In recent years, the province’s local film and television creation into the active period, the province’s film and television theme collection to the more than and 150 outstanding film and television script, Qinghai local film and television drama in the domestic and international awards also get excellent results. The first half of this year, the movie "eighty thousand" in the "white yak" respectively participated in the sixth Beijing International Film national film exhibition, Shanghai International Film Festival, the film "night in Delingha" won the best film music awards in the United States at the thirteenth Losangeles World Film Festival, the film "forever green hijab" will be in theaters nationwide recently. read more

Xining multi linkage for the Qing food exhibition escort

in order to ensure the smooth development of the 2015 food fair, in the municipal Party committee and government’s strong support and promotion, the relevant departments of the city invested a lot of manpower, material resources, and actively carry out preparatory work. So, the preparation of Xining? In order to ensure the smooth progress of the food show, Xining has done what work? In this regard, the reporter interviewed the Xining City Council Secretary General Zhao Zhixing.

to meet the Qing food exhibition, Xining has done what work? read more

Ministry of public security, the basic level of public culture, literature and art team in Datong pe

Ministry of public security, the basic level of public culture, literature and art team in Datong performances

Ministry of public security public security grassroots line theatrical team in Datong performances

recently, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Ministry of public security under the leadership of Liu Shibin, the Ministry of public security, public security and cultural base for "a line of 38 people came to Datong County of Xining City, dedicated to a wonderful performance for the local police, armed police officers and soldiers, by the local police and their families, Gong Anying strong families, difficult to police on behalf of a warm welcome. People of all nationalities. Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary Shen Sen, deputy director of the municipal public security bureau Party committee, political department director Dai Yanzhao watched the show. Datong County Public Security Bureau on behalf of the police, armed police, fire officers and representatives, as well as representatives of the model, some of the police, the family and the community of nearly 1000 people watched the show. read more

Chaos buried buried in the northern part of the Xining Civil Affairs Department launched a civil war

Beishan is a green area of Xining, but the chaos is buried here is a long-standing problem. Over the years, the Xining civil affairs department to governance, but the transformation of the Grave Tombstone, and take out in the near future. As of August, funeral Management Office of Civil Affairs Bureau of Xining City, the transformation of the 263 seat re pile up Grave Tombstone, which is higher than last year’s numbers rebound.

August 13th, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau funeral management office deputy director Shi Guode said, after several years of governance, Beishan rhyme ieguchi toll station west, east of the green area of Beishan market chaos phenomenon obviously improve buried buried strife. A lot of people will be grave in situ transformation, and a tree, each grave with flowers mourning, the phenomenon of burning less green area. No transformation of the tomb will be one by one by the civil affairs department. But after the transformation of many people will buried tombstone re erected, and pouring cement, flat head has been piled up high. read more

Care for children left behind pilot project flower chase

days ago, Datong "fairy tale love bags" and "donation, fairy tales, fairy tales series painting fairy tale" reading activities held in to the center of the school, marking the central government funds to support social organizations to participate in social services — "love left-behind children pilot project in Datong County officially started to implement.

it is understood that the care of children left behind pilot project by the Chinese care for the next generation of Working Committee organized, designed to convey positive energy society, and constantly improve the attention of the whole society on the left behind children. In the "fairy tale" as the starting point, "the fairy tale love gift bag" to carry out "pupils, fairy tales, fairy tales, fairy painting" theme activities, provides a good learning and communication with the outside world and opportunities for left-behind children, promote the healthy development of children left behind. The project covers four provinces of Anhui, Sichuan, Qinghai and. read more

How to deal with the poor farm dumplings dumplings

business is not bad, as long as we can find a strategy to deal with, it will naturally change the poor management of the status quo. However, if you want to find a response to the strategy, the first thing you need to do in the end. Here, the small series on the introduction of a bad business manual dumplings farmers to see what kind of coping strategies.

in xiangjisi Road, there is a small dumpling shop, two years ago, Zhang Wende of Yantai spent 80 thousand yuan from the local people on the shop, with farm dumplings business, "100% Handmade, every day fresh goods, with the promise of these two points, his reputation in the Boiled dumplings gradually with the surrounding residents. The turnover from the original 600 yuan / day rose to 1000 yuan / day, while the turnover has been maintained until June this year. read more

City Archives inspection team to inspect and guide the city human resources and social security bure

The afternoon of September 20th, the Municipal Archives inspection team of the city human resources and social security bureau file management work has been checked and directed

9 20 on the afternoon, the Municipal Archives inspection team on the city’s human resources and social security bureau file management work carried out inspection guidance. Check the group heard the Municipal Bureau of human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy party secretary Feng Longping on the archives management of the basic work report, and the Bureau of archives management system and the construction of archives, infrastructure, development and utilization of archives information, archives archiving, family archives collection conducted on-site inspections. read more

Hao Peng in the province to promote the integration of decentralization and decentralization of the

5 18, the provincial government held a meeting to promote the decentralization of decentralization and optimize the service reform video conference. Hao Peng at the meeting stressed the need to unify thinking and action to the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s requirements and arrangements, to deepen the reform, management, service "as an important measure to promote the supply side structural reform, further intensify reform, to" put "effect continue to appear," pipe "system continues to improve," the service system and gradually improve, promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation to facilitate more fair market environment, promote new economy, accelerate the development of new energy, to transform and upgrade traditional industries, strong support for the stable and healthy development of economic society. read more

Xining City Public Security Bureau to take six measures to implement the decisive battle net action

in October 17, 2011, the Ministry of public security held a "battle of the national public security organs clear network action television and telephone conference hall meeting venue, the municipal public security bureau Party Committee immediately convened a special meeting to study the deployment of the decisive battle" Qing nets action ", the rapid implementation of the spirit of vice governor Liu Jinguo and Vice Foreign Minister He Ting’s speech, decided to take six effective measures. Strong tackling, to ensure that in December 20th before the completion of the online fugitives decline rate of 50% of the target task. read more

Party secretary of the municipal Party committee secretary training students to observe the social s

October 24, 2012, the party secretary of the municipal Party committee of the party secretary of the training course for all students more than 40 people came to the north of the city social service management information command center for field observation and learning. Observe the scene, the center staff on the center of the construction, operation and work flow of a detailed explanation and demonstration. District Committee, vice mayor Jiang Lianshi made a further explanation of the information platform, Jiang Chang pointed out that social service management information command platform is the province’s first district social service management information command platform, the next step, we will build a town of two streets, communities, villages and platform three platform, the realization of the three level network interconnection. Through information technology, with the help of network technology, to achieve the goal of social management refinement.
  read more

How to carry out ten strategies of low cost marketing

consumers are now more and more critical, more complex market. A product needs to face the myriads of changes of consumer psychology, in this case to what marketing effective? Below recommended Chinese marketing strategy ten, and hopes to be helpful to you:

, a dynamic adjustment strategy:

the ever-changing market, entrepreneurs must follow the market, ready to make strategic adjustment.

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Six major economic construction help happy Xining

from January 17th to 18, Xining city municipal Party committee held thirteen plenary meeting of the twelve session of the economic and social development in Xining this year, the target is to optimize the structure, improve the quality and efficiency, from the steady growth of the city’s economy will see the effectiveness, expanding domestic demand to promote investment, and promote structural adjustment and transformation, the heavy Yan governance six aspects such as the construction of happy Xining. read more

To study the spirit of the Party Congress and promote the work of the Communist Youth League step by

October 17th morning, the Municipal Committee held a meeting of cadres, to convey the spirit of the city’s thirteenth meeting of the Party Congress

10 17 morning, the Municipal Committee held a meeting of cadres, to convey the spirit of the city to learn the spirit of the Thirteenth Party congress.

introduced the Thirteenth Party Congress, learning to convey the Secretary of municipal Party committee vice secretary of provincial Party committee, comrade Wang Jianjun in the Communist Party of Xining Chinese thirteenth Congress work report and Comrade Ma Haiying of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission for Discipline Inspection Report; learning Secretary Wang Jianjun in the closing speech at the thirteenth Congress of the Communist party. Everyone agreed that over the past five years is Xining economic and social undertakings in the rapid development of five years, Xining has undergone tremendous changes in the appearance of the city and the people’s living standards, the people of Xining is not only a more confident and open, and firm and indomitable and full of dreams. At the Thirteenth Party Congress, Xining has opened a new page, will have a significant and far-reaching impact on the future development of Xining, will further mobilize and motivate the cadres and the masses to advance new target stride. read more

Xining City Chengdong district to carry out the activities of common love love day the whole society

March 3rd, Eastern District of Xining City CDPF by the combination of centralized and scattered in the area, organized a "love day" publicity and education activities.

this year, the Twelfth "national love day" is the theme of "rehabilitation starts — to promote newborn hearing screening". Around this theme, the East District Education Bureau, district hospital, Hui District CDPF CDPF, Lane Street and Halal Muslim Lane communities, village residual Association, concentrated in the international village square, by hanging to recover from that began to vigorously promote the newborn hearing screening "and other slogans for the content of the banner, set point counseling clinic and show the students to ear ear for content creation, posters and Community Association staff residual elaborate blackboard, sporadic newborn hearing screening materials science knowledge, vigorously promote the newborn hearing screening of newborn babies in our country, meaning to screening the background and the present situation, after the intervention, the hearing screening of newborn hearing screening process, high risk children with hearing loss and other factors. There are 70 students dressed in school uniforms in the crowd distribute promotional materials, active atmosphere of the scene; Xining CDPF leadership inspection guidance, but also inspired the enthusiasm of the staff on site. read more

The new bus station to the end of May next year, put into use

Xining passenger transport center of public concern in the station has been completed before the main cap, how the car terminal station construction progress after the cap? When will we be able to formally complete the meeting with the public? With these issues of public concern, the reporter in July 7th from the Provincial Transportation Bureau Planning Department was informed that the current Xining car passenger station construction progress smoothly, is expected by the end of October, the passenger transportation center station will have basic station service function.

according to the project of Xining automobile passenger transportation center station of the person in charge, the main cap Xining passenger bus center station, the construction personnel stepped up the installation of masonry engineering and internal pipeline schedule, the masonry has been completed 1/3 workload, pipelines are being installed. Is expected by the end of October, the station has basic service function, and achieve the preliminary organizational acceptance conditions; the end of May next year, for the Xining passenger bus center station reached the pre acceptance conditions, and use of  
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The eight departments of the province jointly carry out special rectification of the salt Market

5 23 January to September 10th, Qinghai Province Economic and Information Committee, Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial public security department, Qinghai provincial health and Family Planning Commission and other eight departments jointly carry out salt market rectification, to ensure the safety of our province salt market, to create a good environment to promote the reform of the salt industry.

according to the State Council "on the issuance of salt reform program notice" and the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of "strengthening the safety management of manufacturing and selling fake salt salt to carry out special rectification letter" requirements, our province decided to carry out the special rectification of manufacturing and selling fake salt, to crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit and inferior salt and salt doping adulteration and other illegal activities, rectification and standardization of the salt market. According to reports, last year, the province handled a total of 117 cases of salt related cases, the confiscation of counterfeit salt of 43.85 tons. read more

Special inquiry focus on consultation subsistence

How to put an end to human relations, the relationship between Paul?" How to define the object of science?" "How to solve the problem of low household separation?" "Please reply"…… November 12th morning, such a dialogue in the Xining City People’s Government in the six floor conference room repeatedly appeared. This is not an ordinary question, but the City District People’s Congress organized a special inquiry.

why special inquiry choice is low? City People’s Congress Standing Committee, the relevant person in charge explained: this work has been the focus of attention of the people, hot and difficult, and directly related to people’s livelihood." To this end, the city people’s Congress from the beginning of August this year, began to layout related work. Not only to develop a detailed implementation plan, also part of the organization of the District People’s Congress and specialized personnel, by listening to the reports, home visits, discussion etc., to carry out preliminary research on the city residents of the lowest living security work.No effect of
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To participate in and support the creation of the city of Xining will be included in the assessment

Currently, the city of Xining actively into the 2012 annual national urban civilization index assessment work. In September 1st, the provincial organs, provincial civilization, construction of spiritual civilization, to the office of the steering committee of the provincial ministries, provincial organs and units, the central unit in Qingdao, the central and provincial enterprises, large and medium-sized financial institutions, all universities and colleges in Xining area, window industry units, National and provincial civilized unit issued a notice to the various units to support and participate in the city of Xining to create a national civilized city work. read more

The east area of Xining city in the establishment of military dependents legal aid station

Recently, the east area of Xining city in the province took the lead in the establishment of the first District People’s armed forces military dependents Legal Aid Center workstation. This is the implementation of the provincial government, the provincial military military dependents "on the further strengthening of legal aid work to implement the views of" the embodiment of legal aid, marks the east district work to a new level.