The eleventh session of the five northwestern provinces (regions) flowers concert sing Lantau Peak

The summer mountain summer water, Xining’s most beautiful girls……" July 2nd morning, Xining, Lantau Peak immersed in a happy, peaceful atmosphere – organized by the provincial cultural center and other units of the eleventh session of the northwest of the five provinces (area) flower concert venue performances held here. From the northwest five provinces (regions) of the flowers to the original singers singing to the tourists all over the mountains and plains intoxicated. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and the flowers from the country, experts and scholars in the study carefully listened to the feast of flowers in this regard, the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference of the people’s Republic of China, the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). read more

Qinghai social security level improved significantly

Reporters learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, in recent years, the province has significantly improved the level of social security, social insurance significantly increased the number of insured. 2014, the province’s basic medical insurance for urban workers and residents increased 371 thousand and 500 than in 2011, an increase of 24.23%.

Xining month were born 196 small and micro enterprises

this year, the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce in market access, administrative approval, personnel training, training and other trademark Small and micro businesses to help many Small and micro businesses, healthy growth, 11 months ago, Xining City, the new Small and micro businesses 2166, 196.9 Small and micro businesses "the birth of every month".

in order to better promote the development of Small and micro businesses, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau relaxed business name, business scope, investment, residence registration and enterprises to set up conditions and other aspects of the access conditions, allow individual businesses and individual proprietorship and partnership enterprise restructuring and upgrading to retain the original size and Industry terminology for Small and micro businesses, and the implementation of the administrative fee waiver policy, which is free of the registered capital of 500 thousand yuan the following Small and micro businesses change registration fees, registration fees, business license and food distribution license fee and annual fee of enterprises. The first 11 months, the cost reduction of $393 thousand and 400 for each of the 3971 companies. read more

Xining Bao Zi Zhen greenhouse vitality

in November 8th, although it is winter, the North District of Xining City Bao Zi Zhen Tao Nan Cun greenhouse has vitality, the villagers Gou Tinggui is picking the ripe tomatoes. In order to adapt to the cold winter natural conditions, the agricultural sector to carry out the "winter shed greenhouse experiment in the Xining region," winter shed "will further enhance the winter greenhouse vegetable yield, abundant market supply, increase farmers’ income.

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The province introduced a new version of the green building evaluation standards implemented in Apri

Province issued a new version of the "Qinghai green building evaluation criteria", will be formally implemented on April 15th.

it is reported that the development of green building in our province from the start in 2012, up to now, has been identified by the design of two star green building to reach a total of 13 square meters, with a total construction area of 1 million 162 thousand and 600 square meters. A total of 11 renewable energy application demonstration cities, counties, demonstration area of 10 million square meters. The new version of the "Qinghai green building evaluation criteria" than the old version of the requirements more stringent, more extensive content". The new standard has changed the number of index selection method, according to the old standard selection, several indicators can reach the requirements of green building, the new standard is in accordance with the index weight category, adopts the scoring mode selection, when the green building total score reached 50 points, 60 points, 80 points, green building grade were a star, two star, Samsung class. It means that the more important the index score, the higher the rating of the green building will be more reasonable, while the new standard further increases the difficulty of star rating. read more

Provincial Population and Family Planning Commission to carry out research on the floating populatio

March 16th, Li Qing, deputy director of the provincial population and Family Planning Commission and the floating population office staff to carry out the investigation of the floating population of Xining family planning work carried out


; >
3 16, the provincial population and Family Planning Commission Li Qing, deputy director of the floating population and the office of the relevant staff of the floating population in Xining family planning work carried out research.

research group and his party in Xining population and Family Planning Commission led down to the West District, first listened to the report of the west district population and Family Planning Bureau in 2011 the floating population family planning work. 2011 is the year of the national "chess" mechanism construction, but also a key year to strengthen and innovate the management of floating population service. West District Population and family planning bureau work function changes, focus on population development, attaches great importance to population and family planning service management, collection, entry, regional floating population basic information between the information submitted online, feedback, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the floating population, the application of PADIS information system, the work of floating population service management specification do the specific arrangements. Provincial Population and Family Planning Commission deputy director Li Qing on the flow of population and family planning work West District affirmed, and put forward the principle of the work of family planning work "floating population from easy to difficult, demonstration, key breakthrough, overall progress" requirements, 2011 in Xining City, the floating population family planning work to create a model community for floating population the starting point, strengthen the management of the floating population family planning service function. One is to establish a floating population grid service management mechanism, to form a community workstation as the main body, residential property management, building information service as the starting point of the network; two is to establish a floating population autonomous organization, in the floating population area, large market to establish the flow of population and family planning Association, chamber of Commerce and association self realization, promotion, self management and self service; the three is to strengthen the coordination between various departments, to truly understand the floating population production, life and family needs, the integration of the relevant departments, formulate a series of preferential policy of floating population, to achieve the equalization of basic public services. read more

Excellent Journal Award 2015

In September 9th, by the Qinghai provincial Journal of audio-visual (Electronic) association, Qinghai Delong cultural creative limited liability company to undertake the "2015 Qinghai publishing seminar cum third session Williams culture art festival opening, in many famous writers and major journals and editors responsible person attended the art festival.

Holiday is expected to travel by train 344 thousand

Finger counting, National Day holiday has been getting closer and closer to us. Reporters learned from the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in September 29th, the company will officially launch the National Day Golden Week passenger transport from September 30th. According to statistics, during the National Day holiday this year, the railway is expected to send 344 thousand passengers, sent an average of 43 thousand passengers.

– transport time: September 30th to October 7th

– return peak is expected in October 6th and October 7th.

– passenger flow characteristics: this year’s National Day "Golden Week" period, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in passenger traffic increased significantly, showing the characteristics of highly centralized, passenger to travel, visiting relatives, students flow stream.

– ordinary passenger travel hot tube location: passenger traffic in Delingha, Golmud, Lhasa, Shigatse direction is more concentrated; through passenger traffic in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, Urumqi direction is more concentrated.

– high iron hot locations: the National Day holiday, the Qinghai Tibet Railway EMU high-speed rail to Jiayuguan, Turpan, Urumqi and other tourist attractions of the passenger flow will increase, will also attract tourists to Gansu, Xinjiang and other places come in a throng to admire Takahara Meijing. New high-speed LAN (Qinghai section) is expected to send 30 thousand passengers, 3 thousand and 800 people daily. October 1st, 7, a single day to send visitors will reach up to 7 thousand people.

– Additional multi trip EMU Linke: and to meet the demand for passenger travel, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company based in the opening line of both Xining to Jiayuguan South D2757, south of Jiayuguan to Lanzhou West D2758 times, Xining to Lanzhou D27245 times EMU trains, plans to open the line many times high-speed EMU, respectively is: October 1, 2015, the 2 day, 6 day, 7 day trip to Xining, D89012, D89034, Menyuan D89078 EMU trains; in October 3, 2015, 4 days, 5 days, 12 days on October 8th, CDB Xining to Menyuan D89012, D89078 times EMU trains. At the same time, to meet the demand for passenger travel from Lhasa to Shigatse and Xining to Golmud, the Qinghai Tibet railway company plans to open 8 pairs of temporary passenger trains, pull on railway are: September 30th, October 1st, 6 days, 7 days add Lhasa to Shigatse Z99034 passenger train; in October 7th, an additional 1 times Xining to Golmud K6819 temporary passenger train.   read more

Datong County Education Bureau organized the county preschool teacher etiquette training

In order to strengthen the preschool teachers’ etiquette, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of preschool teachers, promote the healthy and orderly development of early childhood education, recently, Datong County Bureau of Education organized class etiquette training of preschool teachers, the county more than 200 kindergarten teachers and teachers participated in the training

in order to strengthen the preschool teachers’ etiquette, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of preschool teachers, promote the healthy and orderly development of early childhood education, recently, Datong County Bureau of Education organized class etiquette training of preschool teachers, the county more than 200 kindergarten teachers and teachers participated in the training. read more

Establish a good image of the judge to maintain the judicial authority of Justice – the north of the

in order to improve the understanding of the judge judicial etiquette, safeguard judges occupation image, the afternoon of June 11, 2012, above all the middle north court organization leaders held the Party Central Group will expand learning conference, "Xining City Intermediate People’s Court of the judicial etiquette specification (Draft)" conducted a special study and discussion.
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Eastern talent work fruitful

in recent years, east around vigorously implement the "talent strategy", through the integration of various fields to promote personnel training, selection, use, by increasing Zhaocaiyinzhi efforts to make the talent work knot fruitful, as of now, a total of 3279 professionals, among them, the party and government personnel 472 people, professional and technical personnel 1224 people, professional management and technical personnel 1260 people, 90 rural practical talents, social management personnel 233 people, personnel and improve the overall quality of the total, the working mechanism and further optimize the environment for the development of talents.

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Municipal government held a special meeting on the work of lake fish cultivation

Municipal government held a special meeting on the work of lake fish cultivation

municipal government held a special meeting of the lake fish cultivation work

to earnestly implement the "implementation" the relevant provisions of the People’s Republic of China fishery law "approach" and "Qinghai Lake basin environmental protection regulations" in Qinghai Province, the municipal government held on January 10, 2012 in Xining City sealed sterile lake fish work conference. Zhou Renyi, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, municipal agriculture and animal husbandry and poverty alleviation bureau director Wang Weihua, four district leaders in charge of the county, agriculture and animal husbandry secretary attended the meeting, the meeting chaired by the Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, comrade. read more

Huangyuan County ndustrial and Commercial Bureau take measures to carry out near the shelf life of

In order to strengthen the

circulation near the shelf life of food management, to prevent improper disposal or near the shelf life of food after being recycled into the market again, Huangyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau take measures to carry out near the shelf life of food shop (District) administrative guidance, obvious effect. In the specific work: first, grasping learning, master the work requirements. The organization of supervision of cadres with close to the shelf life of food related management system, seriously study the "Huangyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau circulation near the shelf life of food administrative guidance", clear tasks, grasp the work content, work to lay a solid foundation for publicity and guidance. Two is to guide, supervise the implementation of supermarkets. Through field visits, interviews with some of the supermarket responsible person and other forms of the "opinions" of administrative guidance and administrative guidance "feedback form" issued in place, and the scene to carry out inspection, guidance to regulate the implementation of the supermarket near the shelf life of food sales counters (District) management. The three is to grasp the focus, highlighting the effectiveness of the work. In order to close the shelf life of food safety management as the focus, with 3· 15 international consumer rights protection day activities, increase publicity, distribution related promotional materials more than 800 copies. And strengthen routine inspections, focusing on checking the supermarket near the shelf life of food counters (area), the implementation of counter sales, eliminate food safety risks.

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Jia Yuanyou advanced deeds will be held in Xining

The morning of August 23rd, the provincial military hall All seats are occupied. applause. By the Central Propaganda Department, the PLA General Political Department and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League jointly organized by the Beijing military infantry regiment of a machine four Sergeant Jia Yuanyou Comrade deeds report will be held here. The people’s Liberation Army deputy political commissar Zhu Yuwu, Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja, provincial military commander Zhang Shuling, vice governor Ma Shunqing, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Li Zhongbao, deputy commander of the provincial military Angwang suonan, provincial military chief Li Songshan, garrison soldiers and youth on behalf of thousands of people to participate in the meeting. The report will be chaired by Miu Wenjiang, director of the Political Department of the provincial military command. read more

How to choose investment jewelry store

jewelry in the market demand is very large, for entrepreneurs, choose to do jewelry business, rich hope. In the opening of the jewelry store above, many entrepreneurs do not know how to start the site. Investment jewelry store how to choose? At this point, many people are very confused, then Xiaobian to summed up the points, we work together to understand, to help themselves to select the right location, bring good business for myself.

jewelry stores in the choice of shop address, you can choose in the bustling business district. Is a bustling commercial street usually go shopping or bestie in knots of the sweet couple, these are the jewelry stores target customer groups. Because, in the bustling business district is also a good choice. read more

Cool Xining tourism consumption in August to boost the total retail sales of consumer goods 3 billio

this summer, the tourism industry in Xining to bring huge traffic, but also on the development of urban commerce has played a huge role in promoting and upgrading. Reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, driven by the tourist season, Xining consumer market gradually warming, in August, the city completed a total retail sales of social consumer goods 3 billion 225 million yuan, an increase of 17.45% over the same month last year.

room and board travel entertainment, tourism is the six elements. In August, increasing the purchasing power of high-end department stores in our city, commercial street Yourenruzhi, local characteristics of goods, souvenirs and entertainment catering accommodation industry hot line…… According to statistics, in August, the city’s total retail sales of social consumer goods 22 billion 290 million yuan, an increase of 14.4% over the same period last year. Among them, the wholesale industry grew by 15.22%, the retail industry grew by 14.44%; accommodation increased by 4.99%; the catering industry grew by 9.01%. read more

The province of Xining Airlines investment company opened direct flights to Sanya 1 classes a day

The reporter learned from the Qinghai Airlines Cci Capital Ltd, to further meet the needs of people of all nationalities in our province and travel routes, adjust and optimize the structure of our province aviation investment company, in close cooperation with the China Eastern Airlines Co, from October 28th onwards, Xining opened direct flights to Sanya.

the opening of Xining to Sanya non-stop flights flight arrangements for the daily 1 round-trip flights to Sanya, Xining, MU2253, 08:10 departure, 11:20 arrival; Sanya to Xining flight number MU2254, 12:20 departure, 15:50 arrival, flight time and fare discounts in our province at present the same route of comparative advantage. read more

Survey data show that Xining resident population of 2 million 267 thousand and 600 people

National Bureau of statistics Xining survey team released February 27th survey data show: by the end of 2013, Xining resident population of 2 million 267 thousand and 600 people, representing an increase of 0.90%.

2013, the city of Xining, a population of 22 thousand and 600 people, the death of a population of 10 thousand and 200 people, the birth rate of 10.02 per thousand, the mortality rate of 4.53 per thousand, the natural growth rate of 5.49 per thousand. Where the urban population of 1 million 239 thousand and 100 people, the population of three counties, 1 million 28 thousand and 500. The city’s population of 588 thousand and 100 people, accounting for the resident population of 25.93%. (author: Jing Ji) read more

Xining Seismological Bureau to commemorate the 7.28 Tangshan earthquake campaign

in order to further improve the public awareness of earthquake disaster reduction, according to the Seismological Bureau of Qinghai Province, Qinghai Provincial Department of Education jointly issued "on the anniversary of Tangshan earthquake earthquake disaster mitigation science education work notice" requirement, I Bureau jointly Datong earthquake office in Datong County, Jingning square held a large-scale promotional activities to commemorate the 7.28 Tangshan earthquake "the theme of the.
the event to release albums and propaganda of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction information provided on-site consultation, exhibition panels for the masses and other forms of publicity, welcomed by the masses. The activities of the CPC on display boards of more than 30 pieces, including the knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction and seismic characteristics, first aid knowledge, show more than 10 hanging banners, issued the "earthquake to do", "4.14 Yushu earthquake does not fall, Qinghai Changqing knowledge of popular science knowledge, more than 400 copies of promotional materials, and to provide on-site consulting hundreds of passengers. read more

The province will hire 350 college students village official

recently, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of human resources and social security, in 2015 the province plans to hire 350 college students village official, the 400 one and one help (rural special post) college graduates to grassroots services.

it is understood that the 400 "three help" college graduates hiring plans this year, will go to the grassroots township schools, agricultural technology extension services, medical and health agencies, relief organizations, rural cultural services, employment and social security services grassroots units of service, service period of 2 years. Plans to hire 350 college students village officials, will go to the countryside as assistant to the village Party branch secretary or assistant director of the village committee, the service period of 3 years. The service expires, assessment of qualified college students "village" and "three help" college graduates can enjoy to participate in civil service examination can apply for direct jobs, in public institutions to recruit candidates, plus the province college graduate recruitment services, plus various preferential policy service period calculation seniority, participate in free occupation and entrepreneurial skills enjoy training, public employment service agencies and personnel to provide. read more

Xining Expressway around preferential access

December 24th, the opening of the South Xining beltway, not only is the province’s first two-way six lane highway, but also the province’s first use of the entire monitoring system of highway. With its opening to traffic, not only the formation of the city of Xining, the outer ring of the urban traffic pattern, but also to make the idea of Xining Expressway charges around the adjustment of the concept of reality.

at the same time, in order to alleviate the rhyme ieguchi interchange traffic congestion, improve traffic safety, high-speed Beijing Tibet Xining East (Xiakou) exchange implementation of the reconstruction, reconstruction after the interchange will be a two-way exchange of things Xiakou unimpeded, traffic flow around the entrance of the effective diversion, for the smooth flow of traffic in Xining play an important role.

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ring in the setting of the entrance and the arrival area

loop free interval, the Si Ying Toll Station East, West Xiakou yanggouwan ring ring entrance free interval; a total of 15, which formerly, West, West Huang Pingxi transit and highway entrances 7, 8 at the entrance of New South city.The following read more

Road sweeper posts for sanitation workers burden

in order to prevent dust pollution to the air, reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. Recently, the Urban District Urban Management Bureau, the new acquisition of a road sweeper, the main road in the area of the night cleaning.

in recent years, sanitation workers in the operation of the traffic accident occurred, the vast majority of sanitation workers cleaning the road due to the central waste caused by motor vehicles. The first to reduce the workload of environmental sanitation workers, and reduce the risk coefficient of city district urban management Sanitation Department purchased a sweeper, clean hand cleaning dust, mechanical sand, garbage on the road, the water head, on the other hand can prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents at night and the sanitation workers. "Now that we have this mechanical sweeper, our safety factor has improved a lot." City District, a sanitation worker told reporters happily. In addition, with the environmental protection department for comprehensive management of air pollution, reduce the pollution of the atmosphere dust cleaning cleaning, Chengzhong District Urban Management Bureau of sanitation services for various transport vehicles along the Nanchuan road along the way to throw the dust, heavy pollution, increase the area road sweeping machine dynamics, daily practice two times of scanning, do people don’t rest break car. At present, Nanchuan road along the dust pollution status improved significantly, by the public praise. (author: Tang Rong) read more

Xining Bureau of land and resources to actively promote the work of land law enforcement supervision

to strengthen the land law enforcement supervision, to ensure that violations of land and resources have been effectively curbed, from the source recently, Xining Municipal Bureau of land and resources to take "three" measures to promote land law enforcement supervision to develop in depth.

these three measures is to report to the municipal government to coordinate the county, District People’s government to restore grassroots township (town) do a land management functions. Is mainly to the area of land and mineral resources dynamic inspections, timely check and report violations, coordinate land petition cases investigation and land disputes, assist the departments of land and resources to do publicity of laws and regulations and geological disaster prevention etc.. Secondly, the establishment of village land and resources monitoring information. In each village to determine a earn (and) the work of land and resources monitoring information, and into the general management of land and resources. Third, smooth petition channels, consciously accept the supervision of the community. For the convenience of the masses, as far as possible to report the masses, letters and visits reflect land disputes, illegal occupation of land, illegal mining and other issues at the grassroots level, in the bud. At the same time, the three county land and Resources Bureau through the Internet, local television stations and other channels, to the public to set up a new set of land violations supervision and reporting telephone and e-mail. read more

Xining Cuisine the face of a city

Xining is a bright pearl on the Tibetan Plateau; Xining, Hehuang Valley City in the gathering of talents. Living in such an ancient and young plateau city, people feel very comfortable. The first of the city on the Tibetan Plateau, as quietly flowing through the Huangshui River, no loud to her quiet life, but also for the local residents and guests always on the move show her charm, dedication with years of brewing, delicacy…… Unconsciously, the local people in the nourishment of Xining cuisine, accustomed to the attachment of Xining, and outsiders are from the Xining cuisine, the city, remember the city…… Xining, the nation will bring different food culture to be integrated, so that the table becomes very colorful. Here, you can see the familiar dishes and eating, but compared with previous experience, you can always find a difference. Many people never thought, Xining snacks actually have such a big temptation! read more

Xining City District Office of the office of the warehouse gate Street residents to test invigilator

on the afternoon of July 2nd, the city of the District Office of the office of the office of the door and the community of all staff, a total of 78 people in a primary school held a special business competition – community work training examination.

what are the elements of the new modern community?" What is the minimum living standard and the per capita standard?"…… Business examination, involving street party building work, community knowledge, business knowledge and other daily work encountered problems. The invigilator 6 teachers are employed to the residents of the area. read more

National unity a pro – Qinghai National College Students’ knowledge contest held

4 month 29 days, in order to further strengthen the college students’ Party’s national theory, national policy and the basic knowledge of national learning in the university campus to create "various ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development" harmonious atmosphere, by the provincial Party committee, provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial United Front Work Department, the Provincial Education Committee, the provincial civilization office, province the education department, the Provincial Federation jointly organized the commemoration of the 97 anniversary of the May 4th Movement and fifth college students in Qinghai province science and technology culture and Arts Festival series of activities of the "national unity yiguqin" national knowledge contest of College students in Qinghai Province, in the province launched the final health of Career Technical College. read more

City Forestry Bureau earnestly study and implement the spirit of the twelfth Party Congress

After the victory of the twelfth provincial Party Congress closed, the city forestry bureau system quickly set off the provincial Party committee to learn the spirit of the upsurge of the Twelfth CongressAfter the victory of the twelfth Party Congress in

Province, the system of the city forestry bureau quickly set off the upsurge of learning the spirit of the Party Congress of the province’s twelfth. Recently, the city forestry bureau Party committee held a global kejiyishang leadership and cadres study, bureau Party Secretary Zhang Fujun presided over the meeting, the meeting conveyed the Secretary Qiang Wei makes working report, and implement the spirit of the Party Congress put forward the request. read more

China nformation Security Technology Forum held in Xining

May 28th, sponsored by the enterprise information security led by the provincial domestic Topsec information center support, "2013 Chinese information security technology forum held in Xining. More than 150 experts from the province’s industry to participate in the event.

with the rapid development of information technology is becoming more and more popular and public life in our province institutions and enterprises informatization construction, Internet security protection technology and system has been closely linked with the development of social economy and people’s life. At present, although the system has formed a relatively complete information work, but also faced with the construction of information security system is not perfect, information security products and solutions deployment issues. The forum, experts from the Topsec Company for participants on how to construct the network information security technology "participants will pass precious knowledge to others, how to construct the network security and how to solve the existing problems in information construction is discussed and suggestions. (author: Li Xin) read more

East to carry out the four winds special rectification activities

According to the East District to deepen the four winds outstanding issues special rectification work program, the district focused on the implementation of the actual work to increase the intensity of rectification, and achieved positive results. The style of writing will be improved and the efficiency will be greatly improved. It is clear that the meeting will not be scheduled every Friday. Regional special meeting will not exceed half a day, general meeting no more than 2 hours. In principle, each subject is not more than 8 minutes per person, usually not more than 5 minutes to speak. On the number of generic documents made clear that all kinds of briefing compression submitted range. Up to now, the district government to streamline all types of documents 142, down 25%, streamline the meeting of the year, down by 43%. At key nodes, Hensha extravagant wind. Strict control of public expenditure, simplify official reception, curb public funds, public reception meals are all in the canteen. Up to now, travel expenses fell 44%, entertainment fell by 83%, official car costs fell by 21%. To carry out a thorough investigation, strengthen the dynamic supervision. 3 unannounced visits to the region’s 45 units to conduct a comprehensive supervision and inspection. As of now, to carry out a thorough investigation of more than 50 times, focusing on more than 20 times, the rectification of the problem more than 30. Serious financial discipline, deepen special rectification. Based on the 78 budget units of self-examination on the 2013 annual financial discipline implementation, 40 of the region’s budget unit financial discipline implementation, public consumption and three funding situation were the focus of inspection. Standardize the project process, the implementation of livelihood projects. The project of the project, bidding and other personnel to supervise the inspection of key projects, and resolutely investigate and deal with the first batch is not approved, super scale, super budget and other violations of discipline. Up to now, the region’s 5 major categories established early in the year of the livelihood of the people of the project to do practical projects have been completed in the 5, the remaining projects are actively promoting the. Strict examination and approval procedures, the implementation of sunshine subsistence. On investigating human security, the relationship between Paul "case, rural residents in the audit approval, and resolutely correct and prevent without investigation into the family economic status guaranteeing practices, effectively curb wrong security issues.   read more

Organized by the owners of nternet cafes in Xining legal training courses

step to strengthen the management of Internet bar in Xining City, the majority of business owners to improve consciousness of management according to law, to promote the healthy development of the Internet industry, recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of SMG in island base held the "Xining area business owners of Internet cafes legal training, four district cultural market inspection personnel, City Bar Association Internet business owners of more than 150 people attended the training.

training, the Provincial Department of culture, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of SMG related personnel are formulated by the State Council "Internet service establishments regulations", "public information security" and the recent internet campaign vulgarity action, to purify the campus surrounding cultural environment and Internet cafes Chuangwei work content of the detailed explanation. read more

Municipal leaders to urge rural highway construction project

3 29, the municipal Party committee, United Front Work Department Liu Fade to Datong County and rural highway project supervision and research, Xining city traffic bureau, director of the investigation accompanied by Ma Haizhou.

minister Liu Fade came to Huang Jia Zhai Zhen Dong Liu Zhao Datong County – mill rural highway construction sites and road Dong Xia Zhen Guanghui Temple site, listened to reports on the construction of highway project, and aiming at the impact of highway engineering construction schedule, design and construction defects and specific problems, put forward specific requirements: one is the city traffic the bureau should strengthen project management, according to the actual construction of the adjustment construction plan, and organize Dong Liu Zhao – mill 2 construction units as soon as possible recovery approach construction; two is the emergence of land acquisition problems in the construction of the project, by Huang Zhaizhen Datong county government is responsible for the overall solution, not because of land acquisition problems affect the progress of the project, and to actively cooperate with the to solve the engineering in the construction of other issues; three is the requirement of Datong County Highway rural highway maintenance to do publicity and education work, improve the road Management and maintenance measures to ensure the integrity of the road and traffic capacity; four is to attach great importance to the temple road construction planning, the implementation of national and religious policies to facilitate the religious people travel. read more

Hao Peng in front of the teacher education research and visit condolences to front-line teachers

9 month 9 days, the thirty-second teachers’ day, governor Hao Peng came to Qinghai in Sanjiang province and Xining City, the first source of national secondary occupation technical school, visit condolences teachers, understand the school situation, education research, greetings and good wishes to the educators, hope they remember our mission, dedication, SHUTER Education, efforts to build a beautiful rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai to cultivate more qualified talents.

autumn sun, warm, Qinghai Province, Sanjiang source of national middle school new campus has just put into use early this month, dressed in camouflage uniforms, freshmen are military training. Hao Peng has entered the teaching building, dormitory, canteen, carefully study and living conditions, ask the school construction, move, equipment and so on, I learned that the school for Tibetan province enrolled 800 junior and senior high school students have been enrolled in the new campus happy, Hao Peng is very happy. Hao Peng sent flowers to the teachers, on behalf of the provincial government to express their greetings to the festival. He said, in the development of key talent, in fundamental education, ultimately depends on the teacher, I hope everyone to have ideals and beliefs, there are moral, have a solid knowledge and caring heart of the "four good teacher", shoulder the glorious mission of teaching. Hao Peng pointed out that we should give priority to the development of education in a strategic position, promote educational equity, improve the quality of education, and strive to do a good job of people’s education. He told the person in charge of the school, to rely on the advantages of the provincial capital, with first-class concept, first-class management, first-class style of study, first-class quality, and strive to build a national middle school in Sanjiang province national education demonstration school. read more

110 outstanding works of literature and Art Award

in the morning of November 26th, the seventh session of the Qinghai literature and art award ceremony was held in Victory Hotel. 11 categories of literature and art of the outstanding works of literature and Art Award winning 110. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin and other leaders attended the meeting of the people’s Republic of China, the Chinese people’s Congress, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy governor of the provincial people’s Congress, deputy governor of the. Gio de Maja speech, Party Secretary of the Federation of literature and art, the chairman of the class fruit presided over the general assembly.
Gio de Maja on behalf of the provincial government expressed warm congratulations to the award-winning authors and units, to extend my sincere greetings and highest respect to the majority of artists. He must be nearly five years especially of the party since eighteen, Qinghai has made great progress and literary achievements, and the creation of the majority of artists produce a large number of ideological, artistic, ornamental, readability and outstanding works, achieved gratifying results in the "national five project" level important awards in. Gio de Maja encouraged the majority of literary and art workers to actively practice the socialist core values, adhere to the direction of advanced culture. With high quality, high taste of literary and artistic works, vivid manifestation of socialist core values of the profound connotation and spiritual essence, let people enjoy the beauty of the inspired and enlightened; initiative to adapt to the situation, the overall service work, uphold the lofty pursuit of deyishuangxin. Closely around the party and the government of the center, around the development goals, through artistic creation, great achievements, reform the construction of inspiring Acura, cohesive force, the incentive for the construction of new Qinghai, people of all nationalities to create new life and make unremitting efforts to highlight the characteristics of Qinghai; the creation of fine art, promote the emergence of a large number of excellent works. The creation and production of more rich China style, national style and characteristics of Qinghai excellent works, to make unique Qinghai art just like Sanjiang, Pentium, Kunlun, into rivers and oceans, to the country, into the world; to enrich the people’s basic cultural needs, rooted in the social practice of the rich fertile soil. To reflect the people’s spiritual world with outstanding works, and constantly meet the needs of the masses, multi-level, diverse spiritual and cultural needs.
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Huangyuan county public security video surveillance system was officially launched

Recently, Huangyuan county public security integrated monitoring system officially started running, marking the construction of social security prevention and control system in Huangyuan to a new level

recently, Huangyuan county public security integrated monitoring system was officially launched, marking the construction of social security prevention and control system in Huangyuan to a new level. The total investment of 1158 million yuan, since 2008 to start the implementation of the construction of the monitoring point 258, has the full realization of county public security complex place, focus on prevention, public security unit complex road, crowded places and main road entrances and other key parts of the 24 hour monitoring, construction the combination of point line combination, air defense, anti technology combine control combining online and offline, all-round, all-weather, full coverage of the social security prevention and control system. Officially launched the operation of the system, will effectively prevent and reduce the county regional criminal cases, to improve the speed of the police and public security case detection rate, enhance people’s sense of security, promote social harmony and stability play a positive role. read more

Chinese fast food stores need to pay attention to the details of the shop

People with

continues to accelerate the pace of life, also let the people’s diet has great changes, Chinese fast food tastes good, and simple and convenient, and time consuming, the foundation can stand, to meet the consumer demand for food are now the delicacy! I believe entrepreneurs also paid attention to the Chinese fast food market opportunities, so the earth appeared so many Chinese fast food stores, small in here we summarize some Chinese fast food franchise shop experience!

Chinese fast food franchise business is good, the key to see many tourists, stability is not stable, so which factors affect the customer’s interest, the key point is dishes, whether can meet the needs of different customers, the choice of ingredients is good, clean? These are the key, so, Chinese fast food franchisees to work hard in these areas, to ensure that the dishes are rich, health standards, must be able to get the customer’s affirmation! read more

Xining sprint construction of national health city review

Xining recently mobilized and deployed the work to meet the "Jian Wei" review.

to meet the National Health City review is the focus of this year’s work in Xining. Now to the middle of August, is the national love and Health Council of Xining "health city" review of the time period. Xining City, increase the garbage collection containers of public toilets, garbage transfer station, health management, strictly implement the cleaning time and cleaning system, in some key areas to prevent sticking, do not stay hidden and dead; straighten out the mechanism of market management system, according to the standardized management of farmers market, the implementation of management personnel, strengthen management and supervise the implementation the health management system; and the food processing, production, sales, consumption and other aspects of enterprise management, shop stalls, seamless supervision of food safety; carried out the summer mosquito, fly and cockroach activity; fully clear health corner, old garbage, "psoriasis" and Jeeves phenomenon. read more

The third Three North fishery science and Technology Cooperation Association forum held in Xining

from June 23rd to 25, sponsored by the Heilongjiang Institute of fisheries, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Qinghai fisheries environmental monitoring station hosted the third session of the three North Fisheries Science and Technology Cooperation Forum held in Xining. Nearly 50 experts from the northeast, North and northwest provinces and provincial fisheries research institutions attended the meeting of nearly 17.


conference has carried out extensive exchanges and discussions on the reform of the institutions of fisheries research institutions, the exploitation and utilization of saline and alkaline land, the development of modern seed industry, and the cooperation of fishery science and technology. Responsible fisheries licensing experts for the development of trout breeding in Qinghai province and the "strict control, carrying capacity of the most stringent bio safety management measures, the most stringent water quality supervision measures" and "two main varieties, two main push technology" development ideas and fully affirmed, and related research on the trout fry seed breeding, disease prevention and control, fishery science and technology cooperation projects implementation of the exchange. During the visit to the province’s first factory circulating water salmon breeding field. (author: Luo Lianjun) read more

Xining push the most stringent dust control measures

in order to promote the comprehensive management of air pollution, the city construction, urban management, environmental protection, real estate and other 4 departments joint law enforcement, not in place of dust control measures in the process of demolition, demolition work will be halted, on the construction work is not standardized, the construction units will be in the industry to be informed by a number of stringent measures strictly the construction site dust pollution control.

it is understood that in the future demolition units in the demolition process, the demolition work is not standardized, dust prevention measures are not in place, the real estate sector to suspend the demolition work, the urban management department shall not handle the formalities of removal. Dust pollution caused serious by the real estate sector to inform, and restrict its future engaged in the demolition of the project, the impact of the poor by the construction sector to revoke its construction qualification, clear the construction market.
  read more

Safe and smooth and peaceful Qinghai tourism Mid Autumn Festival holiday warmth

Mid Autumn Festival holiday in a flash, Qinghai tourism market presents a safe, stable and peaceful atmosphere. Reporters learned that three days time, the province of Guide, Haidong Haibei, such as tourism market warmth, family travel, family travel, leisure travel and tour excursions, evenly divided, dominate the market, Qinghai tour Qinghai strong performance. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday good overall situation, is to undertake the season situation enhances Qinghai tourism season coherence, and preheat the wake of the "eleven" Golden Week tourism market, the autumn and winter tourism across the province have a relatively good start. – moist climate, Haidong cuisine "hot" farmhouse rural tourism, because of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday time is short, both inside and outside the province long-distance tourists corresponding less, tourists in the province and the adjacent provinces are mostly tourists, rural tourism, rural greenhouses picking guest. read more

Qinghai and Chengdu signed 4 billion 200 million investment large single

The reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, held recently at the fifteenth session of the Chinese western international exposition, characteristics and advantages of the province industry, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products and cultural tourism and other 12 major projects to attract investment in Chengdu’s favor, I successfully signed a total investment of 4 billion 280 million yuan in the 4 economic and technological cooperation projects. It is understood that, with the help of the Expo platform to expand outreach in our province, to attract more strategic partners to invest in Qinghai, the construction of Qinghai Province, my delegation around the exhibition ", innovation to lead the development of reform and opening up the future" theme, actively participate in the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, vigorously promote the "three zone" construction achievements, characteristics industry development and investment environment, showcasing new material and biomedicine industry characteristics and advantages of industrial and agricultural products deep processing, tourism and other 12 major categories of more than 50 kinds of products. The Expo, our province outstanding investment promotion, technology exchange, project negotiation and other investment activities focus on planning, involving new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, oil and gas chemical industry and modern service industry in 9 areas, a total investment of 31 billion 883 million yuan of 50 key investment projects, and Chengdu investors to negotiate further docking eventually led to the 4 economic and technological cooperation projects with a total investment of 4 billion 280 million yuan, mainly involving new materials, equipment manufacturing and modern service industries. Through participation in regional technical cooperation, and further expand the results of investment.   read more

Xining Municipal Audit Bureau held a mobilization meeting of loyalty education activities

March 12th, the Xining Municipal Audit Bureau held a mobilization meeting of the party loyalty education activities

  in March 12th, the Xining Municipal Audit Bureau held the   the mobilization of the party loyalty education activities. Carry out the party loyalty education activities of the arrangements and deployment.

party secretary Yu Yong expounded in his speech of great historical and realistic significance of party loyalty education activities, to further clarify the specific contents and requirements of the bureau to carry out loyalty education activities, he asked the global cadres and workers especially Party comrades must seriously study and deeply understand and resolutely implement the municipal deployment that put the thoughts and actions and requirements to a highly unified municipal arrangements, to be loyal to the party organization, to carry out educational activities, to ensure the effectiveness of. Taking this event as an opportunity to promote the liberation of audit concept and promote the development of audit work. read more

Xining state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission held financial statements and fi

To make our city state-owned assets supervision enterprise statistics and financial statement preparation, the morning of December 30th, the SASAC organized 2010 annual state-owned assets of the enterprise statistics and supervision of enterprise financial statement arrangement training session, arrangement of 2010 annual enterprise state-owned assets supervision enterprise statistics and financial statements for the task

is a good city state-owned assets supervision enterprise statistics and financial statement preparation, the morning of December 30th, the SASAC organized 2010 annual state-owned assets of the enterprise statistics and supervision of enterprise financial statement arrangement training session, arrangement of 2010 annual state-owned assets supervision enterprise statistics and financial statements for the task. County, District State owned regulatory authorities, municipal finance related enterprises attended the meeting. read more

Western Economic Development Seminar

In order to further explore the new path of economic development in the west area under the new situation, to create a new situation of economic development, with fair investment development in Xining City, West District will be held in July 27th in the west area of culture and Art Center (Jiahao Plaza), held a seminar on economic development of the West District of Xining city. This symposium will focus on the development of the west area of the service industry, mainly discuss how to rely on the west area advantage, accelerate industrial upgrading, promote economic development, and invited well-known experts to give lectures outside the province.   read more

Snow leopard has now three densely populated areas

reporter in April 10th from Yushu Zaduo government department was informed that since 2015 the Tibetan New Year to date, the wild snow leopard has at least three times in the vicinity of Zaduo county population is more intensive.
is often due to snow leopard activities in the vicinity of the snowline named "Mountain King", also known as the "high altitude ecosystem health of the barometer". In early 1996, "China" red list of endangered animal species has been classified as endangered species. According to incomplete statistics, the total number of wild snow leopard in China is only about 2000 to about 3000, less than the number of giant pandas. The source of the Lancang river is located in the county, the territory of China has the largest contiguous snow leopard habitat known as the snow leopard".
according to Yushu county magistrate more miscellaneous Caidan week, in late April 9th 7, a report to the masses of Zaduo county government said: found three snow leopard in the county Sirilu road slopes, and moved slowly down the hill. After receiving the report, the deputy head of the county government quickly led the staff to inspect, when the road has gathered more than and 60 cars, 300 pedestrians. Follow the direction of the masses, the staff saw, more than and 100 meters away from the roadside ridge, there are three large snow leopard is hillside lying under the hillside, overlooking the pedestrian, does not get up and walk around. After a while, five or six stray dogs do not know where to run chasing a few snow leopard, snow leopard pounced back, no sense of fear. Because it was late, more than half an hour later, the snow leopard gradually along the ridge to leave. Onlookers also gradually dispersed. The local people said that the snow leopard in the Tibetan traditional culture is regarded as "god horse", because the number of rare, it would have been difficult to find, now suddenly appear frequently in densely populated county, relatively rare. Dr. Xiao Lingyun of the Peking University
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Xining City the real environmental law reporting prize

let the sky more blue, the air is more fresh is the dream of every one of us, for the air pollution control a force is the responsibility of every citizen. Recently, the north of the city to strengthen social supervision, the development of a series of measures to protect the environment, to encourage people to jointly protect the environment.

it is understood that the North District has developed a "reward measures" Chengbei district to report environmental violations, clear environmental violations reporting channels, reward object, reward and reward amount, etc. 16 items of confidentiality. Informants can by telephone, website, WeChat and mail to the real name or anonymous form North District Environmental Protection Bureau reported north area of various types of environmental violations, illegal sewage report must provide the name and address of the enterprise, illegal behavior and other basic information. read more

Wang Ning in Lama Temple next to the office of 90 entrepreneurs

in the era of Internet entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs have to plunge into the single plank bridge, less than 5% of the success rate for many enterprises aborted. In 90 years after the entrepreneur Wang Ning seems to want to get the success of APP business, the most important thing is to be able to precipitate".

in the mobile Internet era, do a APP explosive materials, is a lot of young fashion creating entrepreneurial dreams. But the cruel reality is that there are hundreds of thousands of APP born every day, and quietly. read more

Operating a jewelry store to maintain a good state of mind is very important

would like to open a home jewelry store to make money, people will usually tell you what to prepare for the opening, how much to set the cost of business, business skills are also taught to you, in fact, open a jewelry store, with a good mood is very important.

operating jewelry stores want to business success, we must first seize the customer, reputation for the guests. It is the biggest key to long-term operation, as the owner of the jewelry store if you can really, carefully concerned about each guest, in order to continuously become a guest. read more

Xiamen University special college entrance examination is how

college entrance examination is a very important threshold in many people’s lives, into the elite, the majority of candidates are the same wish! Xiamen University is renowned in China, is the choice of many candidates. So, Xiamen University special college entrance examination is what kind of? Here we specifically understand.

8:30 yesterday morning, Xiamen University independent recruitment examination in Xiamen University campus open rhine. Reporters squatting outside the examination, for you to decrypt the special entrance". read more

Women do poineering work the two times the greatest difficulty from internal to well prepared

for female entrepreneurs, the failure is not terrible, adjust the mentality to stand up, the same can be successful. The day before, as a speaker to Beijing to participate in the theme of "entertainment and adolescent" 2005 China Youth Social Education Forum of the American cable television channel of female founder, President and CEO of Media Oxygen  Geraldine · Lei Boen (Geraldine  Lay-bourne) and MS. Beijing dodo culture art limited company chairman Wang Shuqi, Beijing Yingzhibao automotive sales service limited company chairman Li Ying female two undertaking the topic of the dialogue.

the greatest difficulty for the first time entrepreneurial women, often encounter a lack of funds, the project experience and problems, and for the two pioneering women from family to society to the workplace, it is difficult and the biggest obstacle from your heart.

select the appropriate project to start with three successful female entrepreneurs read more

Net fruit dessert has advantages

delicious, nutritious dessert, always very attractive to us. How about the dessert? High quality delicious, join the net fruit dessert project, is a very powerful choice. Join the net fruit dessert items, you are still hesitant what?

net fruit desserts in natural, fresh, delicious and healthy for the purpose, the traditional Hong Kong Style dessert with fresh fruit quality combination, do not add any additives, is the first choice of consumers dessert brand, strength, good prospects to join.

net fruit dessert, is the treatment of depression, relax a ready-made panacea. When most people treat yourself a little sweet love, forget, forget, forget those who lose weight slimming good-looking but bengzhuo body gorgeous clothes. In general, people who like to eat sweets, not bad temper, their bad mood can be chocolate, cake, pudding, cheese and other sweet food metabolism. read more

What should we pay attention to starting a business partner

now, in order to bear the risk of entrepreneurship, many people have chosen to partner venture, partnership venture in reducing the risk of entrepreneurship but also brought a lot of trouble. So, what are the problems that people should pay attention to? Let’s take a look at it.

early because of various business needs to choose partners to business partners in the beginning is nothing more than childhood friends, classmates and relatives; because like-minded, because a common objective, because of the mutual trust; go together and manage a project, there are many problems will be produced, in order to cooperate more enjoyable for a long time, in order to develop long-term goals we should pay attention to: read more

Open a special operating profit analysis of roasted wing shop

look at the food and beverage market, and now more and more varieties of snacks is more abundant, which brings a wide range of consumers to enjoy the delicious taste, but also for more entrepreneurial investors to provide a chance to get rich. In the current rise of a variety of snack items, the opening of a feature grilled wings shop? The lucrative business with a small capital. Let’s see look special grilled wings shop operating profit analysis:

    open special grilled wings shop to make money tips: to have unique features and read more

Small business to choose a good product franchise –USB

with the development of society and the progress of science and technology, a variety of high-tech products into millions of households, of which the most typical is the electronic products. The Internet era, the rapid development of electronic products, USB product interface products with fashion, sophisticated, practical, energy-saving and other characteristics, is very popular with the computer family. With the popularity of computers, its business opportunities are to be excavated. Open a USB interface products franchise stores, for those who want to engage in small business is a very good choice. read more

How much does it cost to invest in dessert

dessert although eating more will make your body shape, but the amount of desserts not only to meet your taste buds on the demand, more can bring on a happy mood, make your smile more charming. Then open a dessert shop is not just a simple venture so simple, to a higher degree to meet the needs of the public spirit. Dessert to choose what to choose the project is better. Full record dessert with its unique product features and taste advantages in many desserts to become unique, by the majority of diners sought after and recommended. read more

China’s 91 year old father of Transformers embarked on the road again

now can be said to be entrepreneurial and years is Never mind, whether some young or older people, as long as you have a business idea, practice can go into everything, because as long as the action will have the possibility of success.

1948, Hongkong’s famous industrialist Lin Liang produced the first generation of Hongkong plastic toy duck, not only for personal career tothrive, opened a brilliant page for the Hongkong toy industry. Today, the 91 year old Lin Liang with yellow duck continue to flex its muscles, to build their own brand dream. It is located in the last century in 80s Transformers introduced in the mainland, which was "the father of Transformers Chinese" reputation as a pioneer, hope to their own experiences to encourage young generation innovation, positive change. read more

Car beauty shop should pay attention to these five points

The rapid growth of the number of private car

, car beauty market opportunities Zhaxian, many novice entrepreneurs have seen amazing profits which have open car beauty shop. The following five aspects should be considered at the beginning of the opening of the beauty shop.

1, regular: usually in an area there are many car beauty store distribution, but customers tend to choose a formal feeling to do car beauty, normality is the primary standard car beauty join the store needs to be considered.

read more

Daily grocery store tips

Daily necessities needed in the life of

is many, large and small grocery store will be able to solve many problems, bring great convenience to our daily life, many people open the grocery store, but success is not much, can sustainable development and a few years are hot even less. However, there is now a very popular grocery store, followed by Xiaobian look at it. Beijing business daily grocery store had "totally" reputation. Store business tips can be summed up in the following three: read more

How to promote agricultural science and technology innovation in Dazhou

in the process of economic development, there exist obvious differences between the city and the economic development of rural areas, based on the economic development of the city, in order to effectively promote the development of the rural economy further, Dazhou city to take relevant measures to promote the innovation of agricultural science and technology.

in recent years, Dazhou City, take measures to vigorously promote modern agricultural science and technology innovation. First, to accelerate the breeding of new varieties of plants and animals. The implementation of animal and plant breeding technology research, is the cultivation of "Shu Xuan huaniu" agricultural new varieties of more than 50, which has independent intellectual property or share of nearly 30. read more

Four no girl open hand jewelry shop for seven years registered brand

modern girls for creative handmade jewelry has been favored, so the girl did not have any entrepreneurial experience aimed at the market, relying on 5000 venture capital funds, began his long entrepreneurial path.

Hero: Liu Xiaomei

: handmade jewelry business

it is difficult to see Liu Xiaomei, with her business fashion jewelry store manual together. The 80 girls smiled and said he was a "four products", no appearance, no body, no education, no background. But it is such a seemingly without any competitive advantage in the foreign girl, but he just borrowed a lot of aggressive, started to 5000 yuan for the bracelet, have their own brand in 7 years. How did she grow up from scratch, read more

Analysis of the key points in the management of postpartum repair stores

postpartum repair store investment prospects are very good, a lot of time to attract the attention of franchisees. In fact, such a shop in order to get a smooth development, the most important thing is to pay attention to methods. Good investment project is able to help businesses smooth suction gold, if you do not know how to operate, naturally can not grasp the gold tips.

first: self positioning, product positioning to consider appropriate. The product is the lifeblood of the development of an enterprise, can let the consumer satisfaction and best-selling products is a good product to a brand!! wins in the concept of strong in strategic read more

Beauty shop decoration tips

care for skin, I believe everyone has their own ideas, many people love to go to some of the more high-end beauty care institutions, now more and more women pay attention to their skin care, love to some beauty stores accept beauty care, which will drive the development of beauty market, some entrepreneurs choose to open beauty stores, to be successful entrepreneurs to do business, store renovation work, so, how to do beauty stores to shop decoration to enhance their competitiveness?

lamps equipped with moderate read more

Top ten brands of umbrellas

China’s geographical location, so that the umbrella has been used in a lot of time, so that the entire umbrella market is also a very rapid development. The use of what kind of umbrella is better, has been a concern of consumers. Xiaobian summary of multi statistics and user feedback to provide you with the umbrella of the top ten brands list for consumers to understand the umbrella brand as a reference.

umbrella top ten brands list: Paradise

paradise umbrella by Hangzhou paradise umbrella group production of domestic famous brand umbrella. Including umbrella, sun umbrella, straight umbrella, two folding umbrella, seventy percent off umbrella, four folding umbrella, advertising umbrella, parasol court, sunshade, beach umbrella, craft umbrella and other varieties. Light is paradise umbrella and new, strong, beautiful and well known, product quality and technology in the national leading position in the automotive industry, enjoyed a high reputation in the domestic market. read more

Women’s choice of cosmetics box

the majority of women have become the main force of entrepreneurship, and in each year will be new for some women and get rich entrepreneurial projects, in fact, society is suitable for the majority of women entrepreneurship and wealth are many projects now, for one of the cases.

refrigerators are now increasingly diverse, the refrigerator into the bedroom, private cars, refrigerators and cosmetics have emerged, also known as the cosmetics fresh-keeping box. Every woman has a different number of cosmetics, but the cosmetics after opening, biological activity of enzymes and trace elements which are susceptible to temperature, air, sunlight and other effects of the environment, to advance expired or spoiled, shelf life will be greatly shortened, and the cosmetics at low temperature in the active material life can be extended, cosmetics fresh-keeping box came into being. read more

Wangcheng District, Changsha launched the second youth innovation and entrepreneurship project selec

now throughout the government for entrepreneurs, that is to reward, and to encourage, but also to call, in short, all kinds of projects and entrepreneurial activities will be carried out. In May 4th, Changsha District, Wangcheng launched the second youth innovation and entrepreneurship project selection activities.

today, Changsha District, Wangcheng launched the second youth innovation and entrepreneurship project selection activities. Where the age of 18 – 45 years of age are starting a business or entrepreneurial projects, young people can sign up to participate in the selection, access to the support of the policy of the 6. read more

Marilyn dessert well recognized by consumers

has the characteristics of delicacy, always attract the attention of consumers, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very business choice. How about Marilyn’s dessert? Quality projects, worry free business, it is worth choosing!

nutrition delicious dessert Marilyn always attracts the attention of consumers, Marilyn adopts the secret recipe of authentic traditional dessert, made desserts taste good, attractive color, at the same time, many kinds of nutrition and health, delicious dessert, Marilyn is great delicacy lovers can not miss the delicious. read more

Open the door to do three steps

open the door to work if you want to do in place, it is not a simple open the door on it, but also need to do the work of the various steps. In fact, open shop guest is the theme of each of our retail shopkeepers work. However, in an increasingly competitive market today, in the face of growing customer demand for services, many of our retail customers do not know how to satisfied customers, some of them opened the door to wait for the visitors, but very not easy to wait until some customers, also not good to attract customers, customer service, just coldly stand, waiting for customers to choose goods checkout. read more

Venture to do as early as 2016 what business is good

business is to make early plans, now is the end of the 15 year, we are already in the next year to do poineering work? So, what good business to do in 2016? Is there a good project for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in 2016? Let’s take a look.

2016 what business to do? New wallpaper store

new wallpaper selection of high quality paper as the material, the surface after polishing, backsizing waterproof, not easy to fade, not easy to fall off, long service life, easy cleaning, low price, simple construction and decoration. A facade is only 2 meters long shop, rolling display, large capacity can; can also set up a mainly to the wholesale retail run wallpaper store, the display style is not the same. The common feature is that there are a number of books including decorative renderings, wallpaper sample book. read more

Three tips for college students to shop

now the employment situation of the whole society is not optimistic, and there are a lot of college students have chosen to start a business, college students in the business, you need to understand some truth. But how to open up the initial stage of college students how to succeed, avoid unnecessary mistakes? Tell you three tips.

1. make full mental preparation

read more

Listening is more important than speaking in retail management

said the business needs to articulate, so many bosses think in any case, if you want a good business, if you want to attract more consumers, we need to "play to the extreme. However, if the real business investors should know that, in fact, in the retail business, "listen" is more important than "say". However, although many operators have been aware of this, but let the customer end, said it is simple, but it is not easy to do.

"talk" is the most popular way to communicate with the customers and maintain the customers’ feelings. It plays a very important role in the retail business. It is an art to say "good", "listen" is an art. Some people are willing to listen, some people do not want to listen to others, like to interrupt the topic of others. Good is not good at listening to others speak, can let the customer to finish, for business, will produce different results. read more

Why is it so difficult for college students to start their own business

college graduates are now thinking about their own business to get rich, but there are always many difficulties in the process of entrepreneurship, but in the end it is difficult? "75% of college graduates eager to start their own businesses, but the ultimate real entrepreneurs accounted for only about 1.94%", which is a new data released by the Ministry of education in August.

In the "

entrepreneurship rate is low, only after the lack of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, action and other reports are widely concerned, all regions have introduced preferential policies in some areas of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, also set up a fund established students in business incubator. However, the ultimate real entrepreneurs accounted for only 1.94% of the statistics, or let a lot of people do not understand. So, the city of university graduates is how to look hard to do poineering work? read more

Reasons for the high rate of Chaozhou congee casserole flop

ask the catering market in Chaoshan casserole porridge do such a high rate of flop are relying on what? It is with the grandmother, Green Tea etc. restaurants as because of its powerful central kitchen, the turnover rate of taiwan. That’s not the answer. Authentic Chaozhou congee casserole full manual mixing, normally produced by flow speed will be restricted, the hot pot on the table, meal time will be relatively long. Even in the double test, the tide is still able to do porridge Hui higher average rate of over taiwan. So how does it work? Let’s take a look at what’s going on! read more

Project analysis for College Students

college students as a special group, once they enter the society, will be faced with fierce competition, and the future passive, many people began to walk on the road of entrepreneurship, but they also with the general business groups are not the same, they have no work experience, the operation may not understand the market, so suitable what are their entrepreneurial projects?

Taobao stores: now the popularity of the Internet,   online shopping more and more people. A lot of people in the Taobao online shop,   earn more than the reality of the shop also!   so how to shop in Taobao, I believe you want to know about it, then let me do a presentation. Taobao is the world’s best B2B platform Alibaba invested 450 million founded, is committed to the achievement of the world’s first shopping site.

read more

What are the conditions for joining AAA shoes

men’s market with men’s clothing market, is very hot. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the AAA men’s project, is very business choice. AAA men’s shoes? We should pay attention to and choose to join the project, you are also very exciting?

aaa shoes to join with what conditions?

1 a natural person or legal person with the capacity for civil liability.

2, with good business reputation and personality.

3, recognize and accept the AAA men’s business philosophy and brand value. read more

Shop name can be added to the name of the territory of the city

shop how to play a better name, which has been plagued by numerous people in the current, and the country in this piece is also a constant introduction of a variety of laws and regulations. In the future, the shop name preceded by "Hefei city" city name like will not be restricted; family residence, leased houses can be used as business premises. Reporters yesterday from the Hefei municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, the city before the introduction of the new deal, to encourage people to become self-employed, or the founder of private enterprises. read more

Zhengzhou airport available Alipay payment

fast payment has become a significant symbol of this society, whether in supermarkets or shopping malls we can quickly pay, no longer need to carry a lot of cash. Following the July 22nd Zhengzhou airport baggage charges, small storage, packing and transit service fees 7 outlets opened WeChat scan code payment service, since August 12th, the 7 toll added Alipay payment business outlets.

the excess baggage charge has 3 outlets, located in the T2 terminal 4 E check-in counter, excess baggage check-in D excess baggage counters and 2 layer Transit Center No. 5 check-in counters; packing has 2 outlets, located in the T2 terminal 4 floor No. 4 entrance packing counter and No. 6 entrance packing counter; transit service has 1 outlets, located in the T2 terminal 3 layer gate 238 on the opposite side of the transit lounge; in addition there is a small storage network. read more

Where should open tea restaurant

site for entrepreneurship, it is very important, just like you in a remote rural open a coffee shop, business, it can be imagined, if you open a tea restaurant, then how should the site? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

1. mall refused to shop. Looks not bad, but the investment cost is too large, increase the pre operation load: Dongguan City, Athens tea restaurant owner Mr. Qiu anxious, in the local gold sector investing heavily in a tea room, the monthly rent of 15 thousand yuan, and later by a high-end restaurant and has stationed in Starbucks, the local fast-food chain Kungfu impact, not to half a year after graduation. read more

Together with the small series of in-depth understanding of the story behind the shop business

in the first time to grasp the market development trends, in order to quickly profit. With the development of e-commerce, nowadays, online shopping is a way of life for many people. At home, at the flick of a mouse, you can buy special goods, into a large number of consumers especially young people’s choice. In the process of online shopping, cheap is one of the important factors.

read more

Suzhou children’s wear market advantage analysis

now the children of economic public good, more and more people began to join the children’s products and services industry project agent, especially with the national two-child policy enacted, many families have added new members. Every new life can not be separated from dressing, Suzhou children’s clothing has a great market. A lot of friends want to start to see the business opportunities, you want to join the children’s clothing industry in Suzhou, then the children’s wear in Suzhou what are the market advantages?. read more

How to deal with non – speaking customers

each person’s personality is different, in many ways will have different performance. Among them, the shopping market will naturally have a very big difference in performance. Then, the customer into the store can not only close to the customer not to utter a single word, how to communicate with customers, and to exert pressure not to the customer?

reception, do not say that

in accordance with the management of terminal stores, customers in the door, the guide should immediately receive. However, in general, the shopping guide in the reception of customers, often said, "welcome, what do you need?" "This is the * * area, I would like to ask you what to buy the price of the product?" "You have a look at our products, is now being discounted promotions"…… read more

How to choose the right place to learn how to master the secret wallpaper

although many consumers prefer to go to the store to buy home improvement products, but stores are always operating a huge market, do not give up. How to choose the right location? This problem Xiaobian to help you answer.

brand wallpaper stores location, should pay attention to rental price. Different geographical conditions, traffic conditions, the store structure of the building, there will be a lot of rent, sometimes even more than ten times. "Rent" economic benefits. At present, more than a dozen square meters of small shops are very popular, so the rent increase, while one hundred or two hundred square meters of large shops rent prices fall because of lag. In this case, suggested several entrepreneurs to group rental cheap way to "eat" the big shops, and then the segmentation, looking down can save a lot of cost. read more

Pharmacies how to sell high priced goods

is also the sale of one hundred pieces of goods, some of the high price, the overall profit naturally came up, and some may be a commodity itself only a few dollars, even if the sale of one hundred did not much profit. So, if you want a store of high profits, may wish to sell high priced goods. However, this is plagued by a number of operators of a problem. So, how to sell high priced drugstore?

small Shun open POS machine, see business data 28 stores, more than 9 thousand day turnover, but forget about the sales of the top twenty together has reached more than 6 thousand, of which the high price is the price of more than 100 yuan in half to, is really 80/20 the law. read more

Venture into the garment industry which has business with a small capital wealth and opportunities

clothing in our lives, has been a very development space for the project selection. Low investment, high return. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join into the apparel market, is very development space choice. Quality projects, worry free business!

clothing industry belongs to the traditional livelihood of the industry, has its own meaning can not be replaced, because people always have the needs of clothing today Xiaobian to take everyone to understand the wealth and business opportunities in the clothing industry. read more

Building materials store location five tips

how to make a profitable building materials store? Location is very important. Now more and more people of entrepreneurship, the market competition is increasingly fierce, although the building materials industry to be optimistic, but we can not deny that there is investment risk, how to reduce the risk, we have our own methods, following opening of a building materials store location recommendations for reference:

building materials store location 1 skills: to open up channels for shops

now there are many entrepreneurs like newspaper advertising, housing agencies, real estate fairs, the Internet and other shops to understand information. In fact, the store market has a 2:8 rule, that is, only 20% of the total number of public rental information shops, while private transfer and other ways to conceal transactions accounted for $80%. So, looking for shops to open channels, multi pronged. read more

Four links to help you experience the entrepreneurial process

a lot of entrepreneurs worry about no business experience, difficult to deal with the many problems encountered in the entrepreneurial process, through the four practice before the start, I believe you can experience business hard, understand entrepreneurship is not easy.

1. to put a stall, worked for a period of time, not two days fishing nets drying for three days, if you do, please don’t say these two words of entrepreneurship. This method not only allows you to experience how difficult it is to make money, but also allows you to experience the multi-faceted, so that you learn to endure the word, so that you experience in the hot sun under the bitter, in the cold shrink experience. read more

How to open fashion home accessories store

fashion home accessories store operators should be how to ensure profitable operation? Many franchisees are eager to further investment success rate, then you need to learn what knowledge? Xiaobian finishing the relevant recommendations, I hope you can help investment.

Xiao Bian believes that the opening of fashion home accessories to join the store’s biggest risk or site selection, only the site selected, in order to ensure that the source, to ensure that the store profitable, otherwise everything is empty talk. read more

How to use WeChat to do marketing you know

believe that everyone has a cell phone, there is a cell phone, then basically have the phone WeChat such software, the use of WeChat to do marketing, can be said to be the best marketing. But many entrepreneurs do not know how to do? In response to this problem, the channel made a detailed analysis of small series, along with Xiaobian look at it.

entrepreneurial shop can not be separated from the marketing, and now many of the software market is the old version of the previous marketing model, phone + SMS marketing model. Success rate is not low, but also disturb the customer’s life, affecting the customer turnover rate. read more

2016 graduation where to Yibin thousands of Posts waiting for you

is the arrival of a summer, but also a graduation season coming! In the summer of each year, there will be a number of students out of the school gate, to the community for employment. However, in the face of the vast market, 2016 graduate go? Also become a lot of people confused. 2016 do not go to the North Canton, Yibin thousands of Posts waiting for you, welcome your arrival!

to promote the employment of college graduates entrepreneurial work, from July 20th to August 22nd, South Sichuan human resources market is located in the commercial street of Yibin city will organize enterprises held in 2016, before poly Yibin "summer employment of college graduates special recruitment will provide thousands of jobs on the communications, sales, decoration, shopping malls, manufacturing and other industries. read more

When joining hot island

in the modern society, so loved by the people, as the popularity of the special delicacy, easy to Taiwan from Taiwan, Taiwan has always been easy chowhound favourite classic taste when Taiwan Rice and vegetable roll, fragrant glutinous rice, so many entrepreneurs are beginning to lead a person to endless aftertastes, interested in Taiwan to join.

[Taiwan] how easy

Since the

easy to enter the mainland island self catering market, as a base in Wenzhou, after eight years of history in Wenzhou has successfully opened a number of stores, and operating in good condition, has formed a chain of characteristic management system and has the characteristics of complete package making process, become popular when brand. read more

Milk tea brand investment aunt milk tea is good

Many people work to be

people are very tired of the kind of single way of life, unwilling to mediocrity life people want to realize their own value through entrepreneurship, but business is not so easy to do can do. The first thing to do is to start this project selection. Take now more popular tea to join, what brand will be better? Today Xiaobian recommend for you to join the project aunt milk! So, aunt milk tea to join?.


tea headquarters to give consumers more than just a card, a cup of tea, not only pay attention to the cultural and health drinks. Aunt aunt tea tea? Headquarters to do is to lead consumers to healthy eating habits, strengthen consumer awareness, strengthen consumer consumption of fast food products over the years by the pursuit of quality, the franchisee’s praise. read more

Steam cleaning machine ten brands list


way is the development of science and technology, and the demands of the people, in short, now has a variety of smart products is continuously available. Here, Xiao Bian will introduce you to the steam cleaning machine, the top ten brands, so that everyone can have a more familiar understanding of this emerging industry.

before the introduction of steam cleaning machine list, to understand the working principle of steam cleaning machine, it is steam generated by high temperature, movement speed high molecular surface dirt, by destroying the binding force between them, to eliminate all kinds of stains to use special steam generating system with water pump. Can quickly be strong into high temperature and high pressure steam water in 30 seconds. At the same time will be attached to the object on a variety of bacteria, mites, and microbial pathogens completely eliminated. With the function of nozzle, brush and other convenient accessories, without any chemical reagent, the concept of environmental protection, rapid decontamination sterilization efficiency. read more

Taste life fashion lighting green living space good choice

has a taste of life, always very attractive to consumers. How to taste life fashion lighting? Has always been a very attractive option in our lives. For those who want to join the business success of the venture, to join the taste of life fashion lighting projects, is a very taste of choice!

taste lifestyle fashion accessories to make money?

taste of life fashion lighting, taste life fashion lighting decoration industry continued to be popular, lighting industry ushered in an unprecedented burst of business opportunities! Lighting as the embodiment of family decoration style taste and taste of life become fashion lighting punchline, how heavy taste of home decoration in fashion lighting, but its effect is far greater than its function. The development potential of the taste of life fashion lighting huge realistic market, frequent updates, unlimited consumption, in the initial stage of the lighting market xuemaibizhang, everywhere was a wealth of gas read more

What is the shortcut to get rich

shortcuts are a lot of people want to go, but not everyone can go through! What is the shortcut to get rich? Can it suit you?

entrepreneurial wealth in many ways, there are also detours, straight but after all or for entrepreneurs to start their own requirements. Of course, the entrepreneurial success of the shortcut can also learn from the rich. And entrepreneurs to analyze the business to get rich seven shortcuts, hoping to help entrepreneurs make money!

select business paid business. read more

Who is the consumer

China’s popularity of law is not strong, resulting in a lot of retail store owners are not enough to understand the relevant legal knowledge of the industry, there is a very clear phenomenon, as long as the shop, the owner will think that consumers. So, who is the consumer? Next, let Xiaobian for the majority of the retail store owners to popularize.

shop operation, every day will face different customers. Customer is consumer. I found that many shopkeepers on the concept of consumer is not in place. A simple example: the individual owner in order to deal with the cigarette inventory, the cigarette sold to unscrupulous tobacconists. When monopoly inspectors investigation, they often use the "cigarette traffickers and consumers" on the grounds, all sorts of sophistry, obstruction of law enforcement, the legal sanctions, too late for regrets. Therefore, shop operators to find out what is the consumer". read more

How about steak steak fast-food million cattle

this is a project that can give you enough support to join the brand, which is a product with a strong advantage of the franchise brand. This is today Xiaobian to recommend the steak steak with millions of cattle fast-food brands.

cattle steak steak with millions of fast-food brands, belonging to the Chengdu Xin source quanta Enterprise Management Limited, is the "million cattle steak grilled rice" brand developers and operators. Strong management team, clear division of labor, professional management of nearly 100 people. read more

How small a sling Sichuan

China catering market is much, no one can give an exact definition, but just from our life can be seen, you can see countless snack shop anywhere, restaurant. Whether it is a school or commercial street, surrounded by numerous brands of food and beverage stores, food and beverage market is the kind of immeasurable. Everyone has their own choice, some people choose to devote themselves to the cause of science and culture, some people choose to start their own business, and some people choose to be a freelancer. As long as it is not suitable for their own inappropriate, and food entrepreneurs choose the same brand. Choose their own food and beverage brand project is an important step in the road of entrepreneurship. read more

How to operate a franchise

operating snacks to join the project, we must be very familiar with the taste of local consumers, understand that this product is suitable for local consumption is conducive to the smooth opening of the consumer market. So the operators in the taste of choice must make great efforts to contact a lot of wealth, good profit.

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How to minimize the risk of investment and

many people love of calligraphy and painting, who is in the pursuit of art, one is to create value, then how can the risk of big investment to minimize this |?

A: I play collection was started in 2003, started late, but also to seize some opportunity. Three years ago, it is China’s stock, real estate, art market, like the beginning of a miracle, I am determined to collect the famous painter, Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts professor Liu Jirong nearly three hundred works. Up to now, I have collected more than 400 works of famous landscape painter and Professor Hao Hejun of Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts. The old artist has become a scarce resource for art investment.

A: by western capital until the millions and tens of yuan price of young China in contemporary oil painting, is now fully collapse. Some young artists. Painting teacher, teacher’s teacher price is much higher, which may be the work of ten years, twenty years after the value of what investment? Some simply not enough on the professional level, the use of official or media do not understand the art, boast international level or masters and masters level, is almost palpable lies. But this part of the "artist" earned a lot of money, the boss wants to reduce the risk, there are professionals when the staff, squeezed water, can have the strength and distinctive personal artistic style, in the painting line, the price has not been fooled painter.

A: in my experience, specifically, the short-term may not want to make money for two or three years, five to ten years of midline value five times, more than ten years of long-term appreciation ten times. Twenty years ago who collected GuanShanYue, Li Xiongcai, Liu Dawei, Yang Zhiguang and other masters, masters, now up hundreds of times.

A, two hundred thousand yuan, is now the best choice for the less famous, talented young artists, the lowest cost, the expected maximum space. There are 500 thousand yuan, in addition to young artists, available 200 thousand yuan choose carefully established position in the artist painting. There are 1 million yuan, you can use the money to collect the master master 1/3 read more

Christina cake to make money

delicious cake, in our life, has always been a very powerful choice. How to choose Christina cake? High quality food. Worry free business, worthy of trust!

first we talk about the capital city, shop area is 100 square meters, the cost of rent is 9000 yuan a month, the decoration fee is 900 yuan a square, equipment fee is 40 thousand yuan, the raw material is 30 thousand yuan, advertising costs 30 thousand yuan, the opening fee is 30 thousand yuan, staff wages 4 people a month a total 3500 yuan, liquidity needs 50 thousand yuan, then the capital city of the total investment is 348 thousand yuan. read more

How’s the business health square Cereals

How about

grain health square? With the development of China’s catering industry, people on diet and health has been very concerned with the grain health square, many franchisees easily recognized, dream of entrepreneurial projects, looking forward to joining you.

grain by the old society is coarse, can now be different. People with the improvement of living conditions, food every day to eat, not greasy hypertrophy, high blood lipids, high blood sugar is high, more and more people, so now people to be conscious of health, health and eat what is good? That is the grain, so now do miscellaneous food business is fire. How to open a grain health square read more

How to choose Korean cosmetics brand

Korean cosmetics market in China is very popular, many consumers are crazy to buy branded products. If you want to act as an agent to join the Korean cosmetics brand, you have to find a strength brand project. How to find a suitable business investment projects? Xiao Bian a few suggestions, I hope you can refer to.

investment business where the market is Everything is going smoothly., join the risk, if you choose to join the investigation, the reality of the situation to join the program provides franchisees with their combined to do its own way to join. read more

How to choose the address of the dry cleaners

address is very important for a store, a good address can help you bring a steady stream of wealth. So, how to choose the location of the dry cleaning chain, from the United States well-known dry cleaning brand – the United States CAS dry cleaning summary site for many years experience, the following four points:

to select the address according to the business.

read more

See how to evaluate the display of goods

we all know that the goods are displayed in the supermarket have their own rules to follow, reasonable goods display allows consumers to find the products you want to buy the fastest, then, how to do a good job on display goods? How to display the goods and how to play it?

A. position. In the five layer shelves as an example, if the company’s products on display at the golden display line, namely second, have 4 points; if the display in the first layer and the third layer, have 3 points; fourth, 2; fifth, 1 points; if no goods, have 0 points. read more

Purifier franchise business skills which grasp these points

whether it is air purifiers, water purifiers, these products in the market demand is growing. So invest in this industry, occupy an absolute advantage. What are the operating skills of the purifier store? Master these, you can easily profit.

purifier stores in the daily sales process, in addition to relying on the excellent quality of the purifier to impress consumers, but also to the operator through the skillful product promotion and encourage consumers to purchase to achieve speed up. At this point, some of the necessary sales skills can make the staff in the purifier shop twice the result with half the effort. So, how to succeed in product sales and not to make consumers feel disgusted? The following method is the sales industry veteran summed up the essence of the purifier sales staff may wish to learn. read more

Xiamen mobile phone export

in the trend of economic globalization, a lot of products continue to go out of the country, to the world market is accepted by the world. So, Xiamen mobile phone exports go? Xiamen customs statistics, in the first half of Fujian’s exports of mobile phones 13 million 760 thousand, down by 19.4%, which in June a single month exports of 1 million 870 thousand, down by 29%.

data show that Hongkong is the most important mobile phone export market in Fujian, the first half of a total of 12 million 250 thousand exports, down by 19.8%, accounting for the same period in Fujian province’s total exports of mobile phones by up to 89%. Over the same period, exports to the United States 303 thousand, an increase of 70.8%; exports to Columbia, a total of 293 thousand, down by 15.5%. read more

Small business how to expand

although because of funding constraints, a lot of people have to start a small business started, however, does not mean that these people can accept their career has always been a small". Many business friends have asked me such a question, his shop belongs to the business with a small capital, has opened up the situation, to further development, also do not know whether to continue. Some people even for ten years or piaffe.

small entrepreneurial business philosophy is different from the big business, there are three points worth the attention of small entrepreneurs: read more

Sichuan entrepreneurship support policies to help college students entrepreneurship

Sichuan college students have a new gospel. It is reported that Sichuan for college students and graduated 5 years unemployed college students will give entrepreneurship subsidies and loan interest subsidies and other welfare policies. About Sichuan college students entrepreneurship support policies enjoy the benefits are as follows:

Sichuan college students’ entrepreneurship, can enjoy million business subsidies, entrepreneurship training subsidies and college students entrepreneurship loans secured loans and other benefits read more

Pan Chunting venture like yam soil sweet in the heart

now, "business" has become a magic word, so many successful careers to give up working for others, or for profit, or to have entrepreneurial dreams, crowded single plank bridge.

"new year, we are most busy!" Near Pan Chunting probably, but a moment not stop. At 10:30 in the night, she was still in the warehouse. "Tomorrow is the last time before the delivery of the last year, we have to put all the goods on the online order packing, light Beijing, there are 80 boxes." Pan Chunting speaks very fast, work faster. read more

Bone soup noodle baking join details allure

if it is not catering industry, presumably the following I would like to mention the restaurant brand will feel a little strange. Perhaps the first time you see the name of the restaurant when you do not know how to read, but it is indeed the industry’s relatively large star food and beverage project. It is the baking noodle soup.

bone soup noodle baking is the famous city of very large catering enterprises, enterprises under a number of brand, in order to promote the Chinese delicacy for oneself, so that hundreds of millions of consumers feel the unique charm of Chinese delicacy. Bone soup noodles hele Qingcheng Qingcheng is Sheng Kee joined the product brand, good brand reputation, has respected customers catering brand. Today, the major cities in the country set up chain stores, radiation is very wide. read more

How to set up a reasonable time to use

you set up shop business, once the guests less, such leisure time, how would you deal with it? Each owner for how to use this time will have their own ideas and practices, and the practice is different, the future operation of the store will have a different influence. So, how can we use the time to set up shop?

according to historical records, Ziqin asked his teacher: "teacher, Mo-tse said one more if there is no good?" Mo-tse replied, "what are the benefits of saying so much? For example, the frogs in the pond and all day long call, get it from the mouth parched and tongue scorched nobody noticed it. But the rooster, called twice only in the morning, we heard the know the day will dawn, so they pay attention to it, so to say in useful places." read more

Enjoy the popular online doll tracing five star hotel service

doll is one of children’s favorite childhood playmate, recently a rabbit doll was lost in a hotel owner. The hotel staff whim, help the doll in the online tracing and quickly became popular, and now this doll has returned to the owner side.

Ireland a Jellycat plush rabbit doll was host to a five star hotel, the hotel staff’s help, Facebook opened a magical "tracing" tour, popular network.

It is reported that

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Do a good job in the community store business has its own characteristics

for how to open a community store, each owner will have their own experience. After all, the same technique does not apply to all shops, and each owner will have their own views. For me, if you want to successfully open a community store, in fact, need to have their own characteristics.

I’ve been in Lotus Pond for more than and 10 years. Just settled when the business is not good, on the one hand is the area where there are several shop, competition is a large shop there is nothing attractive features. 2000, in the city of a well-known winery to do sales minister’s father retired, I took the old two mouth, on the one hand, there is a care for the elderly, on the one hand can also help us look after the store. read more

Chongqing fish frog Fondue

do you know there is a kind of fish called hot pot? You may be curious about what this is and what will be Hot pot Hot pot fish put together what frog, ha ha Xiaobian tell you, formerly known as the beautiful frog frog fish Hot pot head Hot pot. Is the head of two kinds of frogs and reasonable collocation into a delicacy delicious taste, rich nutrition and delicious dishes. Beautiful frog head Hot pot in recent years is just emerging in the market Hot pot Hot pot brand, is not known to the world, but its unique dishes collocation, believe in the future of the Chongqing market will Hot pot treasures exhibition. read more

Need to pay attention to the start of the minefield group

now business, most often are team partnership business, how to start, how to build that one of their own career success, the team’s strength is huge, but there are also many business groups need to pay attention to the "minefield" so as not to get involved in.

: a minefield of friends is the best partner of

in the selection of business partners, in addition to the family is a friend. Data show that the choice of friends with entrepreneurs to reach forty-five percent. Xiao Guoliang in a company to do business, although a lot of revenue, but always feel like this can not earn a lot of money to work. At a business party, he met Chen Boxin, a college student. The old man works in a scientific research institute, stable, but the day is not too warm. Two people feel that they are young, have the opportunity to have the ability to decide to start a software company. However, they are met within the industry down on the luck, the company did not have the shock, make a lot of money, but the back of a debt. At this time Chen Boxin began to miss their stability in the scientific research work and treatment, also regret making this impulse entrepreneurial decision, inside blame Xiao Guoliang pulled his business, but Xiao Guoliang thought that the old classmates did not help any busy, always drag, so that two people did not get rich partnership, but friends do not the. read more

The mobile nternet business Chalukou survival or death

market continues to refine and upgrade, so that many industries began to have a new development, new direction, a new way out. Experienced the past two years after the mushrooming of competitive, mobile Internet startups found that the day is not good.

"a lot of entrepreneurial projects have become a public welfare project. So far this year, the early teams were not doing anything good. Or 10 a year, but there are 500 VC waiting there." Bean fruit network founder Wang Yuxiang said. read more

What are the preparatory work of the franchise stores

car after the market is a good choice for entrepreneurs nuggets, the industry has great potential for development, businesses can turn on the crazy rich mode. And want to run a better car supplies stores, then we should do the preparatory work.

auto supplies chain management concept to rapid change. The change in business philosophy is to take a good prerequisite of chain operation, auto shop chain management mode, the first positioning must be clear, thinking clearly.

Technical service
read more

The three secrets of fast food restaurants

ten years ago brought food, believe that you might think of the "Kentucky" "McDonald’s" the western fast food brand, and now when it comes to fast food, mind brand to beyond count. In just a few years, Chinese fast food swept the country, becoming a dark horse in the food and beverage industry, entrepreneurs have become concerned about the choice to make money. Here are the three secrets to make money fast food restaurants, together under the discussion!

secret 1, two numbers need to keep in mind read more

Join the big advantage Jung juice ribs

relative to the small business entrepreneurs, want to gain a foothold in the catering industry, and to choose to join Jung juice ribs bag? Brand project, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Jung juice ribs big project, has always been a very hot choice to join.

on the road of entrepreneurship we will encounter difficulties, not their own business, Xiaobian tell you want to have entrepreneurial dreams friends here, in fact, all don’t need to worry about, because the experience is from scratch, not to mention the Jung juice taste your back ribs big, so we are not easy to play the. Jung juice ribs bag after years of development, has led many to join the development of the market. read more

Open milk tea shop need to close the four

delicious tea not only taste good, but the nutritional value is very high, so there is a high demand of the market, so many people want to open stores, many investors do not understand the business, do not know how to open a tea shop. In fact, open milk tea shop is very simple, as long as you do four points, I believe you must have a hot tea shop business, financial resources come. What are the four points? Let’s go and see it.

, a lot: open tea shops to choose the location, the large flow of people, but for the tea shop is often not so easy to find. A lot of tea tea brand to the story in the complaint: business partners are not short of money, had no talent, but can not find a suitable tea store. This time it should be noted that there is no suitable store to open tea shop do not do. read more

Tsinghua University held a special enterprise recruitment

in order to encourage college students to innovate and entrepreneurship, Tsinghua University recently held a special job fairs, to participate in the recruitment of enterprises are entrepreneurial enterprises. The school hopes to narrow the distance between students and entrepreneurial enterprises, so that students fully experience the difference between entrepreneurship and learning.

10 15, the Tsinghua University’s first venture enterprise recruitment will be opened, including hundreds of high-quality entrepreneurial enterprises Xinjiang, Sogou, knowing, destined network, pea pods, tenderness, to recruitment, providing a total of more than 3000 entrepreneurship training posts. read more

The community convenience store shop reading skills

in recent years, the retail industry growth is slow, while the convenience store is thriving, the momentum of rapid development. According to the Ministry of Commerce of China’s typical retail business statistics show that in the fourth quarter of last year, convenience stores in the area of sales and business areas have become the highest retail formats. So how to operate community convenience store?

area is not greater than 70 square meters

read more

Stationery shop note what

students to learn to use stationery, stationery market demand is also very large, open a stationery store is a lot of friends have ideas. Open a stationery shop, as long as you have a good business, making money is very simple. So, what should we pay attention to? Xiaobian today to introduce you in detail.


the width of the road conditions, traffic congestion and traffic control and so on, stationery stores, it is not only related with the passenger flow, and student stationery goods store speed has a direct relationship to join on. read more

100 thousand yuan to do what good what can be done for 100 thousand yuan

      100 thousand yuan to do what good what can be done for $100 thousand? Today, people want to get rich gradually increased, people are now concerned about the current investment projects. Now 100 thousand yuan to do what is also a lot of entrepreneurs are concerned about, but do you know now that the children’s clothing business is what you do a good choice of $100 thousand.

read more

Businesses and customers interact to create a higher cigarette sales

does not contact with customers, completely on their own initiative by the customer, in this way, how can we create a higher product sales? I am afraid that in the eyes of most operators should be very clear, want higher product sales, I am afraid it is not easy. The cigarette sales season approaching, some retail businesses appear to confound, no way, only complain it; at a loss what to do, some retail businesses choose to survive this long months of sales season.

and I think that, in the cigarette retail sales season, we should follow up the sales situation changes, timely adjustment of marketing strategy in the marketing service do not short off-season, actively explore the cigarette market, promote the cigarette market off-season sales. read more

7 signs that your company is in trouble

company in the course of the operation, we have to consider many factors, there is a mistake, it is possible to get into trouble, in fact, this is not terrible, terrible is already in it, but do not know, only to see the company step by step to decline. The following small series will introduce you to the 7 signs that your company is in trouble, I hope all of you help entrepreneurship!

It is said that

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Business analysis of the killing game club

game is not Chinese since ancient times, but after the incoming China has, popularity is very high, many people will be in the boring when a play to play, but you want to open a game club? And let Xiaobian for your analysis.

game into Chinese is a gradual process. The specific time can not be verified, first played the game Chinese is said to be in 97 years of play, and it gives us some new opportunities, new starting point, but a problem that is placed in front of us, how to set up a grade scale of the club.? This is a new topic we’re going to talk about, and we’re going to make a brief introduction to the investment and benefits of starting a club. read more

Guangdong CPPCC members talk about youth back to Rural Entrepreneurship

is now a "Internet plus" era, can be matched with various elements, behind the "Internet plus plus" such as in the field of entrepreneurship in rural areas, it can be a new mode of "Internet plus agriculture" in the form of a rural entrepreneurship, a new way of agricultural development.

the general office of the State Council recently issued a "guidance" to promote and accelerate the development of rural e-commerce is proposed, to initially built in 2020, unified and open, competitive and orderly, honest and law-abiding, safe and reliable, green rural e-commerce market system, rural e-commerce and rural 123 industry, the depth of integration, and achieved remarkable results in the promotion of farmer employment, develop rural market, promote rural poverty alleviation and development etc.. read more

How to improve the overall performance of the chain store cabinets

open their own cabinet stores, you need to pay attention to many aspects, performance is very important. So, how to do to improve the overall performance of the cabinet chain? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

the development of the overall cabinet chain stores have their own development plans and objectives, how to improve the overall performance of the chain store cabinets? Positioning a good market, business development, corporate culture, human management, that is, when the management of the hole to check the hearts of humanity, that is people-oriented. read more

How to deal with jewelry store security

for jewelry store operators, shop safety is the top priority. At the end of the year, there will be an increase in the number of criminal cases in the jewelry store and how the jewelry store should be provided with the knowledge that every jewelry store operator and shop staff must possess.

, a sense of responsibility and safety awareness

in the jewelry store safety accidents taking place, there are more than 80% due to Sales Consultant (Sales) of the safety consciousness and the sense of responsibility is not strong in the. Especially the new jewelry store, liars and thieves are generally looking for opportunities for new shopping malls repeatedly Caidian, and the newly opened shop the most attention. They entered the store can see what is experienced, those who be negligent. Our employees own carelessness and omissions let criminals have a chance. So our consultants should be vigilant from open to closed, always have a sense of security. read more

Beijing opened restaurants to impress consumers with services

high level of consumption in Beijing, a variety of food and beverage items are endless, want to take root in such a huge market, it is necessary to do a good job in every detail, so the operation of food and beverage stores to impress consumers with services! Smile to the customer is only a form of service, real is derived from the heart of sincerity! Good service will bring more dining customers, and can know the repeat customers, protect the old customers! Specific and Xiaobian look together!

on smiling service training, have to admit that KFC, McDonald’s and other Western fast food restaurant is in place. Walk into a McDonald’s, the attendant attendant’s smile, you can feel the standard management standards and good taste of the store. Now, such as the south of the north, such as a group of Chinese fast food restaurants also learn from the western advanced food management, improve the quality of service. At the same time to improve the dining environment, training for the waiter to smile to the vast number of consumers. Let each of the guests into the shop, before eating a good mood.

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Hunan bus accident driver abandoned passengers in spite of causing 35 people were killed

the number of cars is increasing, more and more cars on the road every day, the phenomenon of car accidents occur frequently. This time, the Hunan bus accident occurred, the driver quickly fled, regardless of the majority of passengers, has caused 35 people were killed!

"worry and fear is still there, but two years as a soldier, a bullet rushed." In spite of her neck and arms were the fire burns, leaving red marks, but the Yifeng maintenance company worker Li Qingyi is very lucky to own and other people together rescued at least 6 passengers. read more

How to open the shop just nine steps

e-commerce in recent years is very fire, a lot of friends want to enter this field. Investment to open their own shop, easy to make money. So, how to open shop? Need to pay attention to what the problem? Xiaobian to introduce the detailed steps.

A, with my ID card, it is best to have a copy of ID card;

two, to a nearby bank to open a bank card, recommend the state-owned banks, workers and peasants in the construction of four lines is read more

Entrepreneurial team is very important the need to keep in mind the investigation team

business is not just one thing, many are a team racing together bridle to bridle in business on the road, the team is very powerful, but if you do not unite the teammate is quite troublesome, take a look at how we know a good business partner. How to check whether the entrepreneurial partner is excellent:

, filial piety

a know your parents, know how to care for the elders, from your point of view, is definitely a worthy partner in the heart. In the work will strive to make people feel at ease, will have a good adhesion to the team. Will promote the stable development of the whole team. read more

How to do product marketing


store’s popularity in the end how many factors can affect, however, the product will naturally have a non normal impact. In short, the product is the most important factor in marketing. No product, no market, only high-quality products to gain a foothold in the market. Customers shop purpose is to obtain the use value of the goods, the quality of the goods is better, the use value is higher, the better the service is, the more able to meet consumer demand, customer satisfaction will be higher, this is the basis of cultivating customer loyalty store. If the store’s customers do not loyalty, " hit a shot for a place " do not regard the store as a " according to the ", the store’s popularity will not wang. So from the point of view of the product, the store should do: read more

Baby children’s market prospect

children’s clothing market, for franchisees, has always been a very desirable choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join a baby is very happy, has the potential to join the brand project selection. How do you enjoy your kids? Good to join the project, is the best choice for our business.

filed this brand baby Yi tours, many consumers will think this is a new trend of aggregation fashion brand, it can directly provide the ever-changing style for your children and four lock, all kinds of fashion, European style Japanese and Korean style of creative design, so this project of the source of consumption more than. Not only that, Yi baby also adhere to the online and offline double orders, making tide dad crazy mom send money. read more

Catering management knowledge take a look at the sea fishing enterprise, how to WeChat employees

The concept of "service first, customer first" has become the object of the study in the outside of the industry, while supporting the excellent service of the

is the internal organization of the staff and promote innovation. Zhang Yong, chairman of the sea fishing in an interview stressed: customer satisfaction is guaranteed and realized by the staff." The sea will be the first Internet application innovation into the catering industry, to create personalized service characteristics, but when we look into the enterprise, we will discover that the enterprise culture is the embodiment of the sea fishing system in the internal management. read more

How to open a small jewelry store location

small jewelry store, must be opened in a more prominent position. Now a large number of stores, a small shop in the integrated shopping district is difficult to be noticed. If you want to open a small jewelry store, then you need to do a good job in the siting. Xiaobian finishing some points, hoping to help you.

pedestrian flow. In general, a high level of customer traffic will increase sales. Jewelry store location should pay attention to what factors?

, however, excessive customer traffic will also be too crowded to prevent buyers from. At the same time also to analysis of pedestrian traffic, in order to determine the consistent characteristics of pedestrian and the position of the target market store. read more

How can you do poineering work quickly

entrepreneurs should have confidence in their own business choices and their own ability. In modern society, people in all walks of life are trying to make money, why others can make money, it should be more analysis and summary, continuous adjustment and improvement, through unremitting efforts, success must belong to us.

A, need to grasp the opportunity to make money business as soon as possible

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Beverage shop had to know the decoration design skills

today’s drink is no longer a traditional only to solve the problem of thirst, but also modern people a casual fashion diet. So open a shop not only to drink a good taste, but also depends on the store decoration style, which is also a major factor in attracting customers. Let us see to drink shop decoration design skills:

beverage store decoration design to simple fashion, and drink temperament corresponding chapter, both stylish and interesting! Also, when you have a drink on the decoration shop, we must first make sure the design finalized, determined to do many things, and then to understand the material price of building materials market. read more

How to operate a self-service hot pot restaurant

do not know is not related to small series, love to eat buffet delicacy, so if you can eat what you like, the feeling is very cool, self Hot pot is common in our life, for many people, are more love to eat the Hot pot. Open a self-service hot pot shop, business is pretty good, do a good job, but also quite profitable. So, how can we operate a self-service hot pot restaurant?

put the dishes into the small dish plate

is not designed to reduce the amount of food provided, but better to attract customers eye. Reducing the size of the dishes in the premise of the premise of the size of the dishes will seem to have more vegetables. People will have more appetite, but also allow customers to think that this is really generous self-service chafing dish shop. It’s like ice cream, 8 ounces of ice cream in a 4 ounce glass, looks than 10 ounces of ice cream served in 8 ounce glass looks much more, consumers will be more consumer desire. read more

How to choose a good home wallpaper shop location


Home Furnishing wallpaper, and also a lot of business opportunities, as investors continue to focus on this industry, competition is bound to be a lot of friends for the first time, development investment began to get better from this industry in the entrepreneurial process, what to do to prepare? The location is very important, so open Home Furnishing wallpaper how to store, location is good? Xiao Bian introduced.

to determine the location of the home wallpaper store is the basis for stable development, business stability, open home wallpaper shop need to address? Clear understanding of the location of the method, we choose the location of the store, we must first clear their business scope and business positioning. Simple is to choose to be able to close to the target consumer groups. Under normal circumstances, most of the shops are suitable for people in the larger traffic flow, especially the local commercial activities are more frequent, more mature commercial facilities. read more

How to choose a hotel chain franchisee

hotel chain franchisee how to find the right place? This is a shop, hotel managers are more concerned about the topic. The importance of location has been recognized by more and more people, if you want to find a suitable site, you need to conduct an investigation. How to find a suitable location? Xiaobian take you to see.

what lots for open chain hotel to find the location, therefore, is the basis of stable development in general, the hotel chain sales usually have certain geographical boundaries, which is relatively stable values. Because of the differences in the operation of commodities, traffic factors, geographical location, business scale and so on, there are great differences in the scale of the business circle and the business circle. Choosing the business district is the basis of the reasonable location of the new store, which not only helps to formulate business strategy, but also helps to develop the market development strategy. read more

How to join the nine section of hot pot

as one of the catering industry, catering project Hot pot development momentum in recent years, but caused many investors, such as leisure time shopping on weekends and holidays, when large and small shops everywhere Hot pot wind, but business is still good, more and more Hot pot brand on the market, but only a handful of species, but for many the Hot pot enthusiasts don’t know what to eat. Nine section of the hot pot market, not the same hot pot, not the same way to eat. So that consumers can enter the shop in the nine section of the hot pot to eat fun. read more

How much does it cost to open a fried chicken shop

has a unique cuisine, always very attractive. Today, the prevalence of delicious snacks, has been very attractive. So, for a business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to open a fried chicken shop how much money?

how much does it cost to open a fried chicken shop? Estimation of space cost

first, is the cost of investment, money is the key, want to open a fried chicken shop, we must first determine the cost of investment. The beginning of the opening of the fried chicken shop, we must first consider the site, find the right place, the estimated rent and price, which have a very important impact on the shop. read more

What kind of display to attract customers

how to do a good job in the display of goods, but this is a technical work, after all, only to do a good job related to the display, can attract more customers, will make the shop business better. In fact, the display refers to the commodity as the main body, the use of some display techniques, with the necessary items, the goods in accordance with the idea of operators have a way of accommodating, show the rules, to facilitate the purchase of customers.

display is an art, to make the product display displays its unique charm, is to focus on the customer’s visual perception, to show the characteristics of the goods, but also by the appearance of the display design of commercial charm show strike a deep chord. Reasonable display can play to show goods, stimulate sales, the effect of convenient procurement. The data show that the sale of the same goods, good display can improve about 10% of sales. So, what kind of display in order to attract customers, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales and profit? read more

Men’s franchise in the off-season how to do business

even if the men’s market is indeed a very large demand, however, almost any business will encounter a weak season. Therefore, do a good off-season, for any one of the shopkeepers are very important point. A lot of men’s reaction to the first season is to join in business promotion, price discount, the way of boosting sales, but men’s franchisee the most basic approach should seize the channel market in the off-season, established a sales network, to lay a good foundation for men to join the season. read more

Small series for you to analyze the 5 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

each entrepreneur’s entrepreneurial path is different, each choice has a result. But despite their differences, great entrepreneurs have some traits that lead to success. We started from last year to sort out all kinds of business reports, and for social media, innovation and business areas such as successful entrepreneurs, outstanding corporate leaders screened out to get them to confirm the 5 characteristics. Let them help you better understand how to make your dreams come true. Share their passion for

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The flower shop promotion is the door to the knowledge society

we know that the market demand for large flowers, is a very good investment options, open a flower shop is the dream of many entrepreneurs. Do not do business promotion, then, how to do the flower shop promotion? Flower sales promotion is the door of knowledge, so business is more fiery.

1. the most simple tricks – discount

it is common to many tricks florists are used for many customers, they seek cheap psychology, some would rather sacrifice their own interests, to arouse the desire of customers to buy, although the techniques seem old-fashioned a little, but should still have a certain effect, and the operation is also very simple. How to open a flower shop promotion? It is worth mentioning that the general people will always think of things at a discount to the quality of some time, if you do it every two or three days discount, it is easy to cause your goods shop customers a lot of impression, then you will probably The loss outweighs the gain.. So, this move never worn out and is best when the holidays used several times, gather popularity also even to the purpose. read more

What are the factors that affect the cost of milk tea

chose to join the venture through this means of investment, naturally need to be prepared to join a variety of costs. The brand is different, join the fee will be different. As we all know, the price of milk tea to join the high and low, affected by many factors, then the headquarters of the tea company, in determining the cost of milk tea to join, which key factors should be considered? Next Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

milk tea join headquarters in determining the cost of joining, should consider the following key factors: read more

Pig pizza franchise details

many people will have such a question: pizza, after all, is not a traditional Chinese food, really can go deep into the Chinese food market? What is the market prospect of pizza franchise? Which is better to join the project? Look at the following small series to introduce you.

after product introduction for nearly 20 years, pizza tastes, using the method of Chinese has gradually been accepted, the next 20 years, pizza will usher in a peak consumption, it is estimated that there will be billions of market economy scale of a year, is expected within five years of the consumption scale will exceed 10 billion. Join the pizza shop is a good opportunity to be missed. read more

Ma Yun’s suggestion to the shop owner of Taobao

entrepreneurs need merchants to spend time and energy, continue to do fine, pay attention to improve their entrepreneurial ability, Ma Yun is such advice for entrepreneurs, I hope you have a good look at Taobao for his advice, don’t start into the rugged.

7 2 evening news, Ma today through the get together and get together, and Taobao owners share their experience. Ma Yun said that doing business is never easy, from dawn to dusk, fear, worry about personal gains and losses, busy for a year without even lose everything, "destitute" are naturally very normal thing. Over the past more than and 10 years, those who want to open the shop to get rich quickly basically failed and gave up. And those who insist on the open shop as fun, and when people communicate with people basically succeeded. read more

On several psychological errors of female entrepreneurship

is now more and more women, but women have many differences in the business process and the male, the most important is the psychological aspects of performance, at the start of a wave after wave after wave of today, successful business woman in China or female entrepreneurs are few, into the atmosphere generating very little. Experts believe that the key is that the woman did not go out of the psychological errors in entrepreneurship.

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Open a lamp shop decoration and opening of the notes

with the people’s living conditions continue to improve, in the furniture on the requirements of the people has gradually improved, a lot of people want to have better furniture, then open a lamp shop how to decorate? Opening and matters which need attention? Today is to tell a lighting store business and investment in people, the shop decoration and during the opening, you need to pay attention to the


decoration notes:

(1) ceiling height not less than 2.8 m;

(2) store decoration should not be too bright, do not have too much natural light; read more

Successful opening of young children to join the necessary details

to join the early education industry businesses, although the market prospects, but in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, but also businesses need to be considered in many aspects, especially the attention to some details of the operation, which is to reduce investment risk and an important guarantee for the long-term development of the shop. Want to occupy a place in the field of education, businesses must pay attention to this issue.

2, investment in the operation of young children to join institutions need to pay attention to investigate the potential of children to join the brand. Now early childhood brands, but the quality of motley crowd in order to protect their interests, but also to investment after sufficient development stamina, joined to consider before early childhood brands are worth the investment, the first is how to examine their potential. read more

The content of the two cases of food and beverage entrepreneurs wary of interpretation

catering industry demand, but the competition is particularly fierce, for an initial contact with the food and beverage market investors, in order to operate a good food and beverage business is not an easy thing. If you want to succeed, you need to be aware of some of the wrong behaviors.

1: the money spent is not willing to spend, should not spend a lot of money to spend a lot of flowers.

storefront, renderings in store environment, before I go has been revised three times. The boss spent 3500 yuan on a so-called designer. Designers agreed to make the design, in line with the main idea of the planning case decoration. Then out of the floor plan, effect drawing, construction plans. read more

Ji’nan put forward a new model of combining medical support for the elderly

old man on the age, how will do? For this problem, many people will know or go home, do you live with children in Shandong, Ji’nan, Shandong province is located in the rehabilitation in the Central District of Ji’nan City, the goodness of retirement home, 80 year old Fan Chuncai is doing leg exercise with the assistance of staff, this is a medical support combined the nursing home, the old people can get 24 hours of care in here.

Ji’nan good nursing home is located at the foot of a mountain in southern Ji’nan, although far away from the city center, but the environment is beautiful, quiet. read more

Open the steamed stuffed bun franchise these equipment to be ready

baozi is a popular food, many people like to eat steamed buns. Do not need to spend a lot of money to join a steamed stuffed bun stores, suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. So, what do you need to open a steamed bun franchise? Different shops operating projects, the equipment needs to be prepared for different, but the main equipment is not much difference, today we introduce the open bun than the equipment must be prepared.

: meat grinder

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2012 small cost money project

small cost can also be achieved in your life, as long as the right idea, seize the opportunity, the next owner of wealth is you, we have to look at what the small entrepreneurial good project!

small cost to join the project: young people DIY jewelry store

for position: the place where young people gather. DIY jewelry, because of its unique characteristics, by the 80, 90 and other favorite, has a huge potential market.

small cost to join the project: chestnut – Soybean Milk

position: suitable for high traffic areas. A chestnut – Soybean Milk because of less investment and quick, the popularity of higher a series of advantages, in the entrepreneurial project promotion is very welcome to come to consult, surrounded by small booth in front of the public. read more

How much money is needed to Manmao coffee

so a coffee shop, the franchisee can provide the most powerful support, to provide consumers with the best quality of consumer products, to consumption in the Western dessert package to meet customers — Manmao coffee. Give you a simple and warm full of artistic atmosphere of the dining experience, completely subvert the people’s impression of no extravagance and waste heart Western-style food, the restaurant business situation Museum experience.


said: coffee, Lanshan king, Mocha can be called after. Mocha has the world’s most unique and most abundant, the most complex flavor with fragrance and flavor, wild red wine: dry fruit, blueberry, grape, cinnamon, tobacco, sweet spices, wood flavor, and even chocolate flavor. The taste of Mocha coffee is special, the level is changeable, like the woman’s mood, taste slowly when you can experience the feeling from beginning to end will not repeat, change constantly, the more the more tasted like a glass of wine. read more

Shop three pieces of treasure can not be less

shop is not a simple enough to have the goods, often need some small tools, only these complete, will have a greater help to the business. Preliminary friends shop, regardless of your store size, in the author’s view, at least three pieces of treasure shop, mirror, clocks and convenience you must complete enough good stool.

mirror will increase the brightness to your shop, and a broad sense and attractive, people could not help but want to come can at least look at your own appearance is neat, beautiful enough, all the people to appreciate that he is never bored of the move, the mirror installation, may bring some unexpected business opportunities and profit to you. read more

Rural electricity supplier consumer market is about to open

rural electricity supplier concept has been proposed for a long time, the Internet era for the development of the rural market provides a lot of convenience, can effectively stimulate the potential of rural consumption. In the "Internet plus" era, the rural electricity supplier will usher in a historic opportunity for development.

11 2, China business newspaper, China business press and the China Federation of Commerce jointly organized the third China Business Innovation Conference held in Beijing. The general assembly to "Internet plus new business" as the theme, focus on innovation and economic Chinese bottleneck, "Internet plus" era of green business, e-commerce development path selection, commercial channel innovation, risk investment and business innovation and other issues, in-depth discussion from many aspects of policy interpretation, expert theory and practice case etc. among them, the development of the rural market and rural electricity supplier opportunity by the participants concerned. read more

What is the most high, the most profitable

everyone is constantly looking for new business opportunities, and constantly looking for the most high, the most profitable industry, but the year is about to pass, but what is the most profitable this year?

now what money? Open a small jewelry store


has car owners want their car from the inside to the outside are highlighting the car owner’s personality, however, has been in the car when the car is on the set, leaving only the interior soft decoration. These parts in textile more, mainly car ground pad, door trim panel, roof soft bottom, seat and so on. If you open a car inside the soft decoration of small car jewelry store, must be able to be favored by those who have a car. read more

Premium sales can bring back to the store

any one of the shops in the sale of the time it is easy to encounter some of the downturn, this time in order to increase the store’s repeat customers, but the owner racked his brains. Here, Xiao Bian recommended a business strategy, which is the sale of prizes. For the issue of the sale of prizes, we have a lot of retail customers will think it is a way to engage in the sale of some hypermarkets. We are a canteen, do not need, also is not necessary to engage in thought. If you think so, that’s wrong, hypermarkets hypermarkets highlight our small stores also have a "small boat U-turn advantage. So, how do we do small and medium-sized retail sales to win the old customers, win new customers? read more

The current business opportunities are attached to the personality choice

seize the entrepreneurial opportunity, in order to be able to win business opportunities faster than others, harvest wealth. It should be admitted that the current consumption in the continuous upgrading, eating, dressing, communication, the basic appeal has never changed, but to highlight the personality is to update the mainstream of higher consumption and demand. And business opportunities are also attached to the provision of personality choice.

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