The competitive advantage of small and medium sized e-commerce enterprises

has been in the small B2C e-commerce enterprises in a relatively awkward and confused situation, neither Jingdong like VANCL, as the big companies to burn smashing advertising, brand culture, market share, there is no traditional retail tycoon as congenital brand capital, do not have their own products and more factories. Not like Taobao, pat that users of low cost and flexibility. So, in the era of rapid development of e-commerce, small and medium enterprises in the direction of development, compared to large enterprises, where is the core competitiveness? read more

The electricity supplier logistics development planning into the sign Cross-border electricity suppl

introduction: Electronic Commerce and logistics industry are closely related, but the logistics industry is still lagging behind the momentum of rapid development of e-commerce. The plan will include cross-border e-commerce, logistics and other international content.

With the rapid development of e-commerce, the current situation and development of logistics has also attracted the attention of the national


Chinese Federation of logistics and purchasing an unnamed staff told reporters recently, led by the Ministry of Commerce "to promote e-commerce logistics development planning" is currently signed, the specific content is not convenient to disclose. It is reported that the plan will include cross-border e-commerce, logistics and other international content. read more

Vertical and segmentation is not necessarily the future of e-commerce

in a forum for the first time to see this article, and then through the author blog to find the original address. Zhu Yi teacher in the article through a large number of Dangdang and Jingdong ten years of grinding sword on the history and future of their speculation quoted, trying to prove that the electronic commerce and the vertical segmentation is not easy, but is not reliable. In my opinion, it is not difficult to vertical segments of Zhu Yi teacher said. I have a few points can not agree with the views of Zhu Yi, in fact, is the main reason for the recognition of electronic commerce subdivision: read more

DELL intends to push wearable computing devices challenge iWatch and Google glasses

apple iWatch concept smart watch

Beijing on July 5th news, according to foreign media reports, the struggling computer maker DELL is considering entering the wearable computing field, in order to reduce the adverse effects of shrinking PC market has brought to the company.

DELL is responsible for personal computing, vice president of Burd Sam (Sam) to the British guardian, said: we are exploring some of the creativity in the field of wearable computing."

wearable computing devices has become one of the most popular areas of science and technology industry. Currently, Google (micro-blog) has thousands of people in the test of its head wearing glasses system, California’s Pebble company launched the Bluetooth connection smart watches sales of more than 85 thousand. The industry has been rumored that Apple will launch "iWatch" products, in addition, including Samsung, Foxconn, SONY, LG and PHILPS and other companies have announced a wearable device, but the real launch wearable devices are not many companies. read more

Talk about the details of Baidu for promotion ringtones

assassin " money online Canon " a paragraph I see a paragraph, each at will, after reading a great inspiration, also has no time, artificial ringtones, SMS strike time some time ago, also began to explore the ringtone, mainly Baidu bidding write some ideas, do not see, did not want to do may give you some help, not detours! Mainly on several points:
: first opened the Baidu bid, the choice of keywords, search the largest amount of keywords is not the best ringtone registered keyword this, you must use some key words which are chosen, not intelligent matching and theme promotion service, the two is the most no effect, more words do not necessarily registered amount is not good!
read more

Commission for discipline inspection organs Party members and cadres to open a Taobao shop considere


technology news January 25th morning news, according to "China discipline inspection report" report, the Party cadres in violation of the relevant provisions in the profit-making activities "will be given the appropriate punishment, specifically, Party members and cadres to drive a Taobao store, micro shop business behavior is a discipline.

"disciplinary action regulations" provisions of article eighty-eighth, "in violation of the relevant provisions in the profit-making activities, one of the following acts, if the circumstances are relatively minor, given a warning or serious warning; if the circumstances are serious, shall be removed from party posts or probation; if the circumstances are serious, expelled from the party, set out" do business "and other 6 kinds of specific disciplinary cases. read more

2015 novice micro businesses need to pay attention to eight issues

didn’t write an article for a few days and didn’t know what to write. Over the past few days, I’ve found that my friends are doing more and more. For other micro dealers, you do good and bad with me no relationship. However, my friends do micro business I need to help them, intend to write this article, I hope to help novice friends.

this article introduces the micro business, but I used a piece of the picture, we know what I want to say what I mean, I want to say, whether it is micro – agent, micro – business, most of them are liars. This micro business for a while and said how much money, said that while the goods is not enough to sell, to feel nausea nima. read more

A brief analysis of the Taobao passenger market

now everyone wants to make money by SEO, and the easiest way is to Taobao customers, without much cost, an independent domain name registration, buy a charging host can be started, get effective flow through the product keywords ranking to improve products to earn commissions. Zhang Qinglai today look at Taobao customer market.

what is Taobao guest?

Amoy Taobao is helping sellers promote commodity turnover effect and in accordance with the Commission (who may be an individual or a website), formerly known as Amoy, since January 12, 2009, officially changed its name to Taobao customers. read more

Linktech 99 online bookstores, the Commission doubled the third, increased to 15%

dear affiliate member:

– 99 double third Bookstore started ~~


where in January 15, 2008 18:00 began to sell orders between 24:00, the Commission doubled from 6% to 15%, the settlement to the actual amount of payment shall prevail.

members are requested to note: January 15, 2008 0:00-18:00 data return is still in accordance with the 6% pay commission!!



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Partner the failure in common founder only the boss but not the second youngest

Xu Xiaoping’s speech to share "on start-ups partner", we look back the failure of enterprises, most of them have common features, or very difficult enterprises have a common factor, is only one boss. Their founder, no second and third, not accounted for two digit partner. Founder to know how to share, to have relevant resources.

today’s theme is "on the startup partner". It refers to the founding phase, the two or three Co founders. For this speech, I prepared for a long time, changed several topics, and finally decided to talk about this topic. It is not because of the film "Chinese partner", this is an old topic. I think the importance of a partner in a startup is very, very important, more important than what you want to do. read more

Rural Taobao upgrade village Amoy partner or attract college students to return home Entrepreneurshi

the reporter newspaper correspondent Tang Zhili Bao Yafei / Wen Liang Jinming / drawing

rural Taobao, the concept from the beginning of the creation of a lot of people in front of the electricity industry.

Combining the

and the Tonglu Alibaba, looks more like an Internet connected to gas line experiment:

The first obstacle

Ali wants to enter the rural market from two levels of logistics, at this point, Tonglu not only has the advantage of a large number of express richly endowed by nature, agriculture, industrial products also need to the local market. read more

CPA SMS advertising online QQ coins

SMS advertising products CPA qq COINS on-line, 0.6 yuan / month.

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Admin5 alliance channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information. read more

National Agricultural electricity supplier to finalize the program will be launched in 10 provinces

in January 19th from the Ministry of agriculture was informed that the office of the Ministry of Agriculture issued a "plan" pilot agricultural electronic commerce, the Ministry of agriculture in 2016 in Beijing, Hebei, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Guangdong, Hainan, Chongqing, Ningxia and other 10 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to carry out the pilot agricultural electronic commerce.  


program to determine the main target, Beijing, Hebei, Jilin, Hunan, Guangdong, Chongqing, Ningxia and other 7 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) key pilot in fresh agricultural products e-commerce, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Hunan and other 4 provinces focus on electronic commerce of agricultural means of production to carry out the pilot, Beijing, Hainan pilot in leisure agriculture e-commerce. Through the pilot, and gradually explore the development path of agricultural products, agricultural production, leisure agriculture and other different types of agricultural e-commerce, the initial formation of the electricity supplier of agricultural products standard system, the entire cold chain logistics distribution system of agricultural products and agricultural quality and safety traceability and supervision system, leisure agriculture tourism product quality supervision system, the "base + city the community of fresh agricultural products, agricultural direct distribution mode online sales model and a series of operation mode and system of norms, in the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, the development of share economy and increase the farmers’ income, have made positive progress in the poverty-stricken areas of poverty, to achieve win-win situation, provide promote replicable practices and experience for the promotion of agricultural electronic the rapid and healthy development of business. read more

2016 Taobao eleven turnover will be how much See the data Ma arris!

tonight is an exciting night, whether the Alibaba board chairman Ma Yun, or we are ordinary people, to celebrate the double eleven to quickly cut the hand and excitement.

used to make people feel a bit lonely day, but because of the emergence of double eleven, let this man belongs to the single lonely day, became a high-profile shopping carnival.

for double eleven, relative to the rest of us are more concerned about the 2016 Taobao double the turnover of $eleven. After nearly 1 hours of official reported turnover, should be able to make an approximate trend forecast for this year’s turnover. read more

B2B electricity supplier errors blindly follow the B2C model

in the past year, B2B electricity supplier is not a good day. A survey shows that the impact of macroeconomic, B2B about half of the net profit decline in the site, while the number of paid members decreased by more than half. Thinking about the development path of B2B, is it wrong to start with


is currently the overall economic downturn, overcapacity in various industries, each enterprise sales is king, traditional enterprises, especially industrial enterprises on the net will strongly. In the B2B industry, in addition to one or two retail electricity supplier to support the category of a slight improvement in the vertical electricity supplier, the vast majority of B2B platform is always difficult, hard to live. read more

8 key points of e-commerce website construction

B2C e-commerce website has received more and more attention, then we should pay attention to the problems in the construction of e-commerce web site.

key point one: strategy

network marketing strategy must satisfy the need. Specifically, the strategy to answer four basic questions: one is the positioning of the site is what? What is the product line? Cash flow? Two is the function of the website is what? What is the price level is three? What is the link for promotion? Four is how to take the channel? How to control the cost of management? Implement? These problems, both from a macro or micro analysis, should be in place. read more

Witkey mode will successfully grafted to the Ali in

wrote an article yesterday, introduces the significance of the new function of Alipay and the balance of treasure. After a number of friends in the 84 place on the official website of the message or QQ chat expressed their views, we are very active. Thank A5 for giving me the opportunity to get to know so much ambition and congenial friends, thank you.

but closer to home, today’s theme is not Alipay, but a continuation of yesterday against Alipay’s view of the old cuts. An article mentioned Alipay deleted the guarantee options, we will turn money into Taobao I this section to help you. This plate and Witkey is really a bit similar to the content of plate mainly concentrated in writing and translation services, the development of the site, model photography and so on several aspects, which are basically non real business, and therefore committed to the sale of Witkey mode is very similar to intelligence. read more

Ali repaying 8 brand net forced transformation and upgrading of small household appliances

May 12th, the Alibaba announced the launch of the "net", the first to the small household appliance market operation — hemisphere, Royalstar, triangle 8 commodity category brand is a variety of the whole network repaying the punishment, involving varieties of electric water heater, electric cooker, electric Hot pot etc.. This means that some of these brands of goods due to quality problems, was banned in Taobao, Tmall, 1688 and other Ali’s electronic business platform to continue to sell, the rest of the product will also face more stringent sampling. read more

Five hundred white gold Pinyin domain name information combination

Xing Property

shangwu business

shangye business

shengyi business

lvxing travel

lvyou travel

qian money

zhuanqian make money

wangzhuan Wangzhuan

yinyue music

biaoyan show

yanchu show

meiguo USA

xinwen news

jiankang health

diannao computer

jisuanji computer

daikuan bandwidth loan

zhongguo China

fangdichan real estate



















































yishu read more

Net sales of beauty mask bacteria exceed the standard manufacturers said is fake

Beijing News (reporter Li Tingting) yesterday, Chinese quality around the release of the "investigation report" status quo China mask industry quality in 2014 showed 1 beauty mask and 2 ten year old beauty mask was detected in the total number of colonies exceed the standard; at the same time, beauty mask was also detected in pathogenic bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

this, two brands of mask manufacturers said that this is not a few problems mask its origin, but the net sale of counterfeit goods". read more

The ant take Bai sea Amoy market access Tmall international layout


] August 10th news billion state power network, billion state power network that ant flower chant is miluojingu layout sea Amoy market, Tmall has access to international flower chanting, then Taobao’s purchase will be opened one after another flower.

It is reported that the current Tmall

, all businesses have spent in support of international payment. The future users in Tmall international sea Amoy, can be directly used to spend Bai credit shopping, wait until after the goods next month. read more

Lanting Pavilion is a potential open platform to start cross-border logistics Zhitong Lanting Pavili


technology news January 26th afternoon news, Lanting Pavilion set of potential cross-border electricity supplier (LightInTheBox) announced the launch of "Lanting Pavilion Zhitong" cross-border logistics open platform, the platform will provide logistics services providers around the world for cross-border electricity supplier sellers.

according to reports, the Lanting Pavilion open price auction, the global smart intelligent path optimization, multi business collaborative logistics and distribution capabilities. At present, the first phase of the trial version of parity engine has been on-line today. read more

What is a good domain name

The basic principle of a good domain name is a good record, the basic requirement is that the user will think of your site will come to mind the site of your site at the same time, for example, think of the Sohu mind surfaced". Remember the domain name should be brief (with no more than 6 characters), and the second should be meaningful. This is actually the name of the person, and obviously, the name of three words is the name of ten words is better in mind, a meaningful name (we often say that the story of someone’s name) than meaningless names is better in mind that we have more or less experience. read more

My business in rural electricity supplier and rural love story

with the advent of the Internet era, the electricity supplier industry is raging like a storm. Every single day, people also have to "take off", have fallen in love with the online shopping. With the annual sales of 11 new year to create new myths, the Internet seems to build a convenient life for the people of the bridge.

however, the large number of the network shopping mall for express delivery and operation process cumbersome regional limitations, resulting in most of the countryside are unable to enjoy life so fast. But, you know? The old man recently quietly fell in love with my business in rural electricity providers, a real understanding of the needs of rural mall. read more co-founder, said the person in charge of the beautiful new strategy released


technology news April 20th afternoon news, following the merger with, beauty has been repeatedly exposed layoffs, its future development is also popular outside attention. Today, CEO June for the first time released a beautiful said the recent dynamics, and announced by the former partner of CTO said the new business as a beautiful person in charge.

June said, after the beauty competition with, leading to both business and some convergence trend, after the merger will reduce the internal friction of this part of the future, beautiful say will speak the target groups in the delineation of light ripe female white-collar 23-30 age groups. For the outside world about beautiful job cuts, June said, after the merger of the entire business really beautiful to say there are some adjustments to make snap. read more

Public comment Zhang Tao still pioneering companies trying to acquire the team

public comment CEO Zhang Tao (Figure)

Zhuang Chunhui ("Oriental Morning Post" financial reporter, commentator)

talked for a while, and I asked him what he was. Have you studied? – no, and I told him that I didn’t know much about him, but I’ve seen him two times. The scene is a little cold, as another point of view, "the most hated myself what point?" the man answered people smile, I thought, this is not an early understanding of Sagittarius, or know him a little earlier. read more

Site earnings need to pay attention to matters

webmaster’s job is to meet the different needs of users, may be knowledge, may be services, may be entertainment. Only to give users a better experience, the site can better development, the owners will get more revenue. Do not think that these attitudes and details and the development of the site is not very much, in fact, a large number of large portals will often become more attractive things. For example, a farmer has a family of 3 legs of the chicken, after being reported. May be some webmaster title into "discovered prehistoric creatures" and so on, to attract the attention of the user, which is also called "the title of the party". But when the Internet was blinded by this behavior many times after the fraudulent click form has the development prospect, for the larger portal, this behavior has a great influence on its reputation. read more

The acquisition of domain name Ali bank ready

reporter was informed that, recently, Alibaba domain name into the capsule, for the first shot into the banking industry. Alibaba insiders said that Alibaba microfinance Limited by Share Ltd has been established, then certainly do the bank.

reporter learned through the domain name Whois query, domain name registration in January 2007, registered as Timothy Alexander Steinert, the domain name of the current owner of Alibaba.

Alibaba acquired a lot of domain names, such as Ali uncle, aunt Ali, etc., these are a kind of accumulation, maybe one day will be able to take out, is the same logic." Alibaba insiders say. It is understood that, in addition to, and alibank.Org also for Alibaba. read more

Complete swallow Shop No. 1, but Jingdong has played a good hand hit this card

Jingdong recently announced a series of depth strategic cooperation with WAL-MART, and to issue 5% of its share capital of the latter’s core assets of No. 1 shop. Yesterday, Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu is the first to disclose the progress of cooperation.

The Jingdong

, let the shop No. 1 was extremely awkward

in accordance with the cooperation agreement after the disclosure, WAL-MART Shop No. 1 Jingdong 5% equity capital, Jingdong will get 1 major assets of WAL-MART mall transfer, including "shop No. 1" brand, website, APP. According to Shen Haoyu revealed that there are suppliers in the initiative to contact Jingdong, hoping to share some experience on different platforms to promote. He said that for suppliers, Jingdong, shop No. 1 cooperation with WAL-MART will bring more synergies. read more

About YSOU and SOGOU domain

The last is a release of YAHOO (, let us know that there is a 1 search ( exists, this is Sogou ( release, and let us know that there was a dog ( and SGOU, the SOHU launched the SOGOU domain name, from now SGOU bought it, it is said that Zhang Zhaoyang has been looking for people with, the holder of a domain name on the domain name acquisition thing. These 3 domain names, to the dog a little bit of a relationship, but SOGOU a little imitation of the meaning of GOOG.

here, and can not help but to look at the domain name BAIDU and GOOGLE:

It seems that BAIDU and GOOGLE

the gap not only in technology, brand protection is also so poor.

read more

What is the transformation of the commercial short rental platform Amoy venue

[Reuters] the state power "we are in the business transformation process, some ideas are not necessarily correct, overall or in a process of exploration. Today, in the era of Internet traffic is over, many enterprises in the return to reason. We hope to find the entrance online, to do business promotion. This is a rigid demand, it must be an upward trend in the business. Many people can not find a way, we came into being." Amoy the co-founder and COO Yuan Changbing told billion state power network. read more

Le Amoy Baidu donated 61000 pairs of shoes to barefoot children

in June 1st ushered in a holiday for children "children’s Day", used to open the Baidu home page when a headline on the front page is a rare language center: "Le Amoy Baidu donated 61000 pairs of shoes to greet children barefoot.

in the open Le Amoy little feet to le Amoy to join Baidu, let every child to wear shoes "campaign slogan is added to the Sina micro-blog forwarding: a forward, a love to pass! Sina exclusive serves as a messenger of the transmission of love, no doubt once again Sina micro-blog to lead micro-blog China pushed in the teeth of the storm. But micro-blog forward transfer love although reasonable, but always feel in the children’s day this "Baidu music Amoy to barefoot children donated 61000 pairs of shoes in the activities of some commercial taste from the full. read more

Expedition 11 South Korea are behind the clothes have a house of 007

Wen / Yang Rong

[Abstract] 007 "ghost" to the starry magic double 11, this is the starry had frozen the explosion point! Starry to show in the most wonderful way to brand the 28 high-profile, and "007: Ghost party" was released in November 13th, more like for the upcoming 11 double gift! Xi Jinping’s visit to Britain by Xing Dongfeng, Chinese starry encounter 007 of the UK, the best we can double 11 to


at the same time, the Korean homes are involved in the film and television drama gimmick for the industry to add more imagination. read more

2017 how to open the export Nine overseas B2B platform you need to know

[Reuters] billion state power to export electricity supplier, to find a suitable platform and channels is the key. In addition to the usual Amazon, eBay, fast selling export platform, such as the new electricity supplier platform for the export of the seller is also a great gospel.

but because of the number of Chinese vendors to understand the overseas business platform to be understood, aimed at the market and platform, can help the seller to seize the export opportunities. The day before, billion state power network statistics overseas nine B2B business platform, they have their own strengths, hopes to help find new sales channels Chinese export seller. read more

China Mobile officially launched B2B e-commerce services

December 25, 2009, Chellona Mobile Communications Corporation Cmcc in Guangdong Shenzhen held a "China Mobile supplier B2B e-commerce service startup and B2B e-commerce forum for business users, officially launched electronic procurement, procurement, hotel reservation, ticket booking, machine procurement information dissemination services five. Deputy Minister of industry and information technology, as well as the SASAC, the Ministry of Commerce, the Shenzhen municipal government leaders were invited to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. Shanghai Baer, Datang, China Putian, HUAWEI, ZTE, Ericsson, Nokia, etc. more than 60 companies were invited to participate, of which 18 enterprises as the first customer representative and China Mobile site sign service agreement. read more

Good dog O2O, pet business rise

whether it is desire, or disregard, the traditional pet franchise stores and related industries are facing such a realization: the user is a large number of migration from the Web to the Mobile end. No matter you are big giant, or small and beautiful, can go on in this big trend, will determine the future is in the "tide", or "wave base". According to industry insiders, due to pet consumption is mostly based on the nearest consumer, therefore, compared to other industries, community pet shops and pet hospitals electricity supplier transformation is lagging behind a lot. The person even admitted, the pet industry has missed the best time, the traditional business transformation to catch up from behind, from the breakthrough of mobile Internet start-ups is undoubtedly the best choice. "After all, it’s a whole new area, and we all stand together." read more

Mai Mai Jiang Qitao Based on the user experience and service efficiency of the new used car S2R mode

according to the Traffic Management Bureau, Ministry of Public Security Association of the automotive industry, automobile circulation association and data statistics, the current Chinese car ownership has exceeded 190 million units, will be over 200 million vehicles; 2016 new car sales have more than 28 million 28 thousand cars, up 13.7%, the new car market growth steady; 2016 two hand car trading volume of nearly 10 million, more than last year. More than 10%. Many data show that China’s second-hand car golden period has arrived. Prior to this, although there are many industry experts predict that the second-hand car will be achieved in 2016 to focus on the outbreak, but the embarrassment is that in 2016, under favorable policies, the premise of market prosperity, but did not achieve the majority of people’s expectations. That is to say, the second-hand car trading still exists or fatal factor to the rapid development of second-hand car clamp. read more

How to take out the delivery system to effectively shorten the delivery time

takeaway after the rise of the convenience of people’s daily dining. At the same time, delivery time is too long, especially in the winter rain and snow weather, ordering and delivery staff room number soared, slowed down, consumers from the hungry when not hungry, greatly reduce the user experience. How to solve the problem of taking delivery time is too long, has become a hot issue of social concern.

Some people say that

takeaway delivery time is too long is a root pressure can not solve the problem of controllable factors, not controllable too much, for example, the number of delivery staff weather, traffic and accidents, and the business cooperation etc.. Is there any way to effectively solve these problems, in order to achieve the purpose of shortening the delivery time read more

SF and Ctrip cross-border O2O plot, is such fun


] April 29th news billion state power network, billion state power network that SF sea Amoy, Ctrip, Taiwan telecom operators "Taiwan star" and 14 Taiwan local businesses quadripartite cooperation in cross-border O2O project has launched today.

shopping process

of the cross-border concrete realization of O2O form is: Taiwan businesses will store some goods uploaded to the SF sea Amoy new on-line "authentic" channel, when the mainland tourists in these businesses in store experience goods, you can order in SF sea Amoy and WeChat official website, SF is responsible for the goods back to the mainland. Ctrip is responsible for the accuracy of the promotion of the duties, will be carried out in Ctrip to buy the ticket to Taiwan users recommend this event. Taiwan star will provide users with a 5 day unlimited flow SIM card to facilitate their online shopping in Taiwan. read more

Small Adsense on how to use hot word domain name

with hot words Pinyin as their website domain name. This approach has been controversial, most people tend not to use, because in the network era, hot words to go faster, the risk is relatively large.

With the beginning of the 2012 Jeremy Lin

broke out in New York Nicks team, the domain name to someone broke out two hundred thousand. Hot word domain is concerned about unprecedented heights, this trend has continued until the 2012 Olympic games. The past are after winning the domain name was registered, and the London Olympic game after a few days ago, almost all possible winning athletes of the domain name has been registered in succession. read more

Lotte traced three pain points advertising expensive disorderly sort

[Reuters] billion state power in August last year, conducted a survey of electronic products is not satisfied with the System Development Corp AI-bridge Le Tian is Japan’s largest electricity supplier. At present, the top three ranking in the big market known Lotte disadvantages are many, Gaoyou advertising fees and useless sort.

The survey covered 500

Japanese consumers. It is understood that Lotte is not satisfied with the "mail received massive advertising". Users complained that the landing Rakuten shopping site, first page pop-up please users subscribe to advertising messages window; if there is no interest to pay attention to the choice of the types of goods, people will receive a lot from Lotte magazine advertisement. read more

Amoy brand of the terminal as much as want to open up the O2O exhaust all the skills to strengthen

[introduction] the Amoy brand in the network has a good sales and reputation, but the lack of terminal line so that they always touch line temperature, unable to direct dialogue with consumers. Thus a large number of the Amoy brand began to try the next line store. In the first tier cities, Amoy brand premium is not large, so have pegged the two or three line city market.

"you try right here, scan the two-dimensional code to our official website to buy, you can also reduce 40 yuan." In the creative exhibition center of Foshan Creative Park, the staff of the "non color" shoes to experience the introduction of customers. read more

Online shopping entrance battle

what website will become your first stop shopping? in the era of domination, you only need to login Taobao search you want the baby can; and now with the development of all kinds of shopping sites, you may go to buy cosmetics Sasa network, NO5 Fashion Square, red child to buy milk and diapers for the children to buy. In the book of excellence and Dangdang, buy digital products will go to the mall Jingdong. In addition to switching between sites, you now have a new option to use a shopping search engine. In January this year, the NetEase’s search engine has launched the first shopping search, through the collection of the B2C website of commodity information, so that you can carry on multiple shopping sites are on a web site on the comparison and selection, then Google in June 10th also launched a low-key shopping search, the search range is extended to C2C field. Yes, Taobao products have also been included on. read more

Ali mother to do a little successful advertising experience

      is the so-called avenue to Jane, Ali mother is also very easy to succeed.

      when I found that Ali’s mother to do a few of the principles of success, strict performance. Advertising a few days to sell all the time, every few hours to check the mailbox, you can receive Ali’s mother’s message tips: XXX advertising successfully sold.

      my site Shanghai classification information navigation you can observe my mother’s mother Ali advertising! read more

Alipay war black five send 100 thousand direct purchase shipping bonus

news November 24th, following last year and many U.S. businesses sponsored "black five big promotion, Alipay will continue to host the five Black Sea Amoy activities this year. Industry experts believe that the move is also an important measure to expand the Alipay payment scenarios, traffic entrance and closed-loop payment advantages will be further strengthened.

it is understood that this year’s black Alipay five big promotion, not only has the merchant payment envelopes for Alipay users, Alipay will provide 100 thousand free shipping yards, two pounds (about 0.9 kg) of the goods can enjoy free shipping. In addition, users can also use the flower chanting in the sea Amoy scene, the black five big promotion and flowers chant the highest stand by activities, more than 100 yuan can be randomly set by 5 yuan or 55 yuan. read more

Bureau of science and technology is still mobile portal solution poly popular business model

this is a trend that can not be missed, mobile portal will create a new wave of economic." The well-known mobile e-commerce solutions and services provider in Zhejiang poly is Technology Co. company insiders in an interview with the media on the mobile portal business model made no secret of their confidence.

in Chinese and even the global economic situation has launched a winter mode, the mobile Internet is 10493 as in the past, entered a period of rapid growth. Over the past few years, the collection of map positioning, mobile payment, mobile social networking, etc. ushered in the rapid development of the spring. The mobile Internet after Mobile Games, mobile phone browser, mobile social networking, mobile terminal and other popular market snatch, and began to mobile portal landing layout. read more

Suning and Jingdong is a number of for three jumped into the pit

home appliance store is the essence of retail, electricity supplier is also the essence of retail. However, doing online retailing is a completely different game. 2014 is the year of big change mobile providers, see he reflection, feel Suning with the Jingdong sent several

[in the retail industry in the development of traditional home appliances, Suning is still relatively positive, also can assess the situation in the face of the mobile Internet frenzy timely turn transformation. Just as the home appliance industry in the ship, and then how to adjust the direction also has great inertia of existence. Suning’s earnings will fully illustrate this point. Following the 2012 Su Ningjing profit fell 44.37% year on year, in 2013 net profit fell again by 86.32%. Students will be the total net profit of 2 billion 676 million yuan from 2012 fell to 366 million yuan, basically only a fraction of. Suning why encounter such a big gap? We see Sun Weimin vice chairman of the board under the Su ningyun group to do self reflection. [ read more

Beat the traditional retail industry is the trend of the need, rather than double 11 Carnival

2012 e-commerce double war has come to an end, through the following data we will be able to understand, to defeat the traditional retail industry is the trend of the need, rather than the double 11 Carnival of the eleven.

, a traditional retail freeze

due to the economic crisis has not yet dispersed, the overall economic downturn in the pattern, the traditional retail line is also true. From the data we can also see signs: Gome listed after the first loss, the first half of the net 500 million; Li Ning Co closed 1200 stores during the first half of the year; Parkson retail group single store sales rose less than the same period of 2011 1/4; in September 2011, the Pacific department store not to rent, Beijing Sanlitun gold’s store officially closed…… They were once popular retail giant, now a receded, there are two reasons: high rent and the impact of e-commerce. read more

Taobao training summary to come out and share with you

selling things on the Internet: service logistics?… )? Marketing? Personality? – must find their own personality and characteristics, as long as there is a character and personality is his will to sell the

a, what kind of goods to sell to what value?

What does


1, Taobao mall website and the display of goods and merchandise categories if the line is clear, will attract more buyers to buy and sell women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, joint selling underwear, bag, let buyers one-stop shopping in the mall, had asked if the buyers with men’s good! Just as shopping malls or is the supermarket, but avoid line chaos, feel what are selling, but what are selling professional. read more

PO is not the ultimate goal to pull the net Awakening

buy the industry is the largest ever round of industry reshuffle, in this round of industry reshuffle, the small group buying site was mercilessly washed away, and the first camp of the group to buy the reshuffle is also in the continuous fermentation. Groupon first out, out group purchase, the recent F group and high friend group merged, in addition to the U.S. group and litters of the war, and the withdrawal of the IPO makes the handle network group purchase industry pattern has great changes. read more

O2O model is quietly changing the traditional Chinese business order


has entered a long winter, does not affect the entire Internet sector and the investment community on the O2O model of concern and sought after. Buy hot continued to make more insight to re-examine the role of online and offline conversion, traditional business civilization and the role of the Internet business logic.

in the field of O2O, China is not a lack of successful companies. Such as online travel giant Ctrip, eLong; life website public comment, go to the market, 58 city; diamond bird jewelry electronic commerce, real estate giant crane; carrying housing network, live off the show online and offline combined can produce huge commercial energy, and Internet brands are gradually large, many shops have been offline play " merchants " ", " Soufangwang shop; positive line shows that the Internet brand extension, especially the O2O business model is more obvious in the field. read more

Only boots landing electricity providers more tax bureau interviews business enterprise

April, Beijing, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Shenzhen and other major coastal provinces have interviewed the tax department, within the jurisdiction of the business enterprise. Among them, the Guangxi municipal government to carry out the IRS is a special tax inspection, e-commerce as the industry has never been included in the previous inspection for the first time appeared in the.

at the same time, Shanghai, Minhang District Local Taxation Bureau also registered on the electricity supplier companies issued a notice of tax self-examination. The name "interviews with Local Taxation Bureau is the tax risk management and tax assessment." Relevant tax sources said. read more

The business guild wars 618 Gome online record five big beat records of Jingdong

618 this year, the Jingdong is "clogging" first encounter, Tmall,, Gome online public electricity supplier and containment, the United States well-known investment consulting agency said in a report, the Jingdong’s sales by the existence of false, repurchase and transaction cycle of a single brush, fictitious transactions amounted to 35 billion yuan. Although the Jingdong announced the news, 15 million orders, orders grew over 100%, 4 million sets of mobile phone…… These figures look pretty good, but still can not stop the collapse of its share price. But more important is the Jingdong this year invested billions of advertising bombardment, advertising investment grew by five or six times, an increase of only 100% orders? Compared with the friends of Gome online orders increased by 486% over the same period last year, the report card didn’t seem to the Jingdong. read more

The Jingdong sell Meng to the strange mosaic reservation page cited hot

January 13th, Le lemon 3 officially opened the new machine appointment. Some netizens claimed that the computer from the ends of open Le lemon reservation page, the entire screen becomes blurred, and even make people think that their computer screen problem.

more friends broke the news, as early as a few days ago, had seen 3 creative advertising music lemon in the elevator, the main function of HD 1080P.

It is reported that

, the biggest selling point is that the music is 3 hundred Yuan Meng machine can only do 5 inch Full HD screen mobile phone. Jingdong’s mosaic spoof event, fit the core selling point of the product, conducted a marketing behavior, but also a perfect fit to let tomorrow clear can be the theme. read more

The e car was traced on the verge of collapse car O2O door concept Nengcheng long

recently, e car on the verge of collapse of the news spread like wildfire in the industry, as a representative of the market after the O2O car, e car exit has officially kicked off the car O2O shuffle. E car washing company, the parent company of Beijing calculus Network Technology Co., Ltd., said in a statement, I Division due to business adjustment, home business has been suspended operations to the store service related businesses will continue to operate". This also means that the main business of e car wash has abandoned the online individual customers, began to transition to the line. read more

Online business choose Taobao shop or independent website

as the title now has a lot of friends want to but to choose Taobao store or independent website to be very difficult to do business in the Internet, it can be said that the network shopping is an important branch in the form of e-commerce, but also our common user contact with most of the electronic commerce form, mention it friends may think,, pat Network, Baidu yes, the Jingdong store, Dangdang online shopping mall, and many excellent online shopping website, how to talk about the next person walking route Taobao e-commerce store or independent website. read more

2014 China’s failed electricity supplier inventory


I world network operators in 2014, the rise of mobile Internet, O2O, the business is highly competitive, into the high-speed development period. The transformation of the electricity supplier to survive, quietly collapse, was acquired by the rebirth of the drama continue to unfold. Let us look at the case of China’s electricity supplier Enterprise Library monitoring electricity supplier industry failure.

2014, the rise of mobile Internet, O2O, electricity supplier industry competition, into the period of rapid development. The transformation of the electricity supplier to survive, quietly collapse, was acquired by the rebirth of the drama continue to unfold. The following is the ten largest electricity supplier industry in China electricity supplier monitoring shows the case. read more

Russian customs and excise duty to mention the purchase of a package of online shopping is not let g

October 19th news, the latest learned billion state power network, according to Russian media "news" reported that the day before, the Russian Customs duty-free imported goods put forward to reduce the online shopping, online shopping import tax on stage international parcel recommendations to the Russian Ministry of economic development.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in accordance with existing laws and regulations, Russian Federation customs for imported package within a month, the purchase value of not more than 1000 euros, weight not exceeding 21kg exempt goods. The General Administration of customs, the Russian proposal is a duty-free imports from 1000 euros to 22 euros per month, and also put forward in the future to completely cancel "their own goods" this statement, referring to the entry parcels tariff goods VAT and determined by the customs of the encoding. read more

The cross-border electricity supplier price war ZhiNiaoKu ended, who is the ultimate winner

The first wave of price war

cross-border electricity supplier have ended, who would have thought the "war" first by the maternal and child supplies vertical electric off, around is not high profit margins of baby diapers, milk powder overseas. But much less publicity, price, marketing taste far exceeds the market grappling combat flavor. Until Tmall international, NetEase koala sea purchase and other integrated platform to join in order to scale and suppress the real price of the parties, only to find that in the face of giants, smaller vertical electricity providers who do not have much advantage. read more

Why do most micro businesses do not make money now

today I give you burst broke the news, speak of the situation, may be completely different from your previous cognition. A lot of people want to do micro business, but also to see the circle of friends in the sun every day to play the map, drying delivery delivery orders, drying the bank balance to come, in short, a feeling that micro business is able to make money. She looks very tempted to put in. However, it is not feasible, I read the article, came to ask me, but also nothing more than to confirm, verify their ideas. Because the people who ask too much, I can not do anything every day, only to answer the questions of these friends, so these two days to think, to do a concentrated answer to these questions. read more

47 Taobao shop brush attachment send an empty package brush reputation

[Abstract] this is the longest time to set up a shop for 107 months, the shortest time to shop for 4.


technology news (Sun Hongchao) May 22nd news, after the beginning of May the Alibaba retail platform for Tmall businesses out of May first fried letter ticket, today’s Alibaba has prescribed second similar ticket since May: 47 market Taobao business has been verified in simulation of brush ", according to the relevant rules of the Taobao platform impose the most severe punishment measures to check the closed shop. read more

County online shopping more than a second tier cities may only be a wonderful story

[review] data show that in 2012, China’s total county area of more than 30 million people on Taobao shopping, spent more than 179 billion yuan, the average person online shopping spend 5628 yuan, while a second tier city for 4700 yuan.

business will subvert the county, the rural traditional consumption habits? (Tencent technology plan)

July 29th, Taobao released the county online shopping development report (hereinafter referred to as the report), the country’s 2006 counties in the area of online shopping statistics. Data show that in 2012, China’s total of more than 30 million people in the county area on Taobao shopping, spending up to $179 billion, the average cost of $5628 per person online shopping, and a second tier cities of $4700. read more

The three hurdle in front of B2B e-commerce website

              Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center recently released "2010 annual China industry e-commerce website survey report" shows that the enterprise service industry of electronic commerce in China reached 9200, an increase of 21.3%.

the number of e-commerce websites in China has experienced a period of rapid expansion in recent years, showing a downward trend in the growth rate in recent years.

report that on the one hand, because the majority of e-commerce industry enterprises are still unable to break through the bottleneck of revenue, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger, when the cost increases abruptly nationwide B2B market expansion, leading to their difficulties and even serious losses, the size of the profit; on the other hand, the traditional e-commerce leading enterprises, such as Alibaba [12.86 0.31%], business treasure [15.12 -2.26% shares] in IPO after the rapid and stable development, to a certain extent to further squeeze the living space of small industry website. The above internal and external pressure, resulting in the industry will usher in the site reshuffle". read more

Turn to do the Taobao shop selling popular food in March rose diamonds from local portal

four years ago to register the Taobao account, the end of the store opened up until mid August this year, before the official operation of Taobao. Today, which lasted three months, and finally won the Taobao career today, the first diamond"……

switch, because see the light.


secondary school is a computer professional, but has not been in contact with e-commerce. Until the beginning of this year, by the door of the hometown of the webmaster invited, began to get involved in the field of community portal. The main work is the site management and advertising business, from the study of DZ, PHP to ECMall, for which the struggle for six months. However, the local market and Internet users have lagged behind the sense that I always can not stand up to the tree’s confidence. Anyway, the feeling is: the prospect is very good, but it seems far away. read more

There’s no dog on the internet!

My point is: "there is no dog on the internet"! Because all of the network marketing is concrete and real, for example, you can know exactly what the site visitors from the place, the long period of time to browse the pages, you know what the user from IP, you can also know your e-mail has opened many users, many users to click on them the link, you can exactly know the details of the order of the user, the use of special tools for customer service, you can even real-time communication with the user. read more

WeChat can not do electricity supplier or for three reasons


/ TMT Jin Xiao

, a blue whale

said the technology now, basically is three words from BAT, the three giants have abundant resources, up abundant funds, every corner, tentacles but, even so, there are some areas that BAT tears, such as social networks in Ali, such as the electricity supplier for Tencent.

said Tencent here, mainly refers to its WeChat in the field of electricity providers try. Tencent in only three years, the number of users of WeChat to reach 400 million, with WeChat wallet, it is over more than 100 million users open payment overnight in the WeChat platform, called the Internet miracle. However, WeChat in the electronic business platform behaved like fools, how can not help. read more

Talking about how to carry on the electronic commerce

2010 China Internet particularly lively, one of the biggest bright spot is e-commerce. Traditional B2C companies are not satisfied with a single industry segments, have moved towards the era of department stores. Jingdong mall, red child, and so on these B2C positive competition platform website is more and more intense, product homogeneity is further strengthened, the price war intensified, was a great TV war battle. Moreover, these platforms CEO who have said the profit is not the goal, the goal is to win more customers. In contrast, some do focus on the brand of B2C seems that peibenzhuanyaohe mode is not too interested in the Eslite, wheat bags, LVSHOU is doing the best brand. One of the success of the wheat bag is reflected from a side of Taobao’s focus on the development of money never C2C to B2C. From the simple C2C hypermarkets to build Taobao mall, and then the vertical category mall Electrical City and the recent on-line shoe museum, none of which verified this trend. Taobao company to sell bags with the help of the mall suddenly became a typical Amoy brand, it seems that any industry as long as the Internet, with the help of e-commerce can burst out new vitality. In fact, whether it is a sunrise industry or traditional industries, and even the sunset industry, as long as e-commerce is doing well, we can meet the needs of a large part of online customers. Combined with the translation industry, I will talk about how to get more development with the help of the internet. read more

Do you really buy online

Taobao has created a myth in the double 11 day this year, achieved sales of 54 billion yuan, all of the data surface, now more and more users love online shopping, Taobao space will be more and more. However, the big woods what the birds will have, Taobao is also a lot of criticism of the world’s most fake platform, and a little attention, then you can fall into the consumer trap.

what are the pitfalls need to pay attention to it?

first, don’t be greedy. I just before the data cube to see the background there is a down jacket sales is very good, one day we sold tens of thousands of pieces, then that is made of Juhuasuan. But when you click on it, you don’t see it. The price of this down jacket is 10 yuan, so a lot of people crazy to buy. But although there are tens of thousands of sales data, but it is not an evaluation, can not help but suspect. I think this price is very problematic, so there is no single purchase. The fact that I was right, that there are a lot of people through this approach, taking the buyer’s information, once the information is people want to sell after the late, there will be a lot of insurance or sell the phone call, it is very disturbing. So remember not to be cheap. read more

China’s online shopping frequency leading global average


Times News (reporter Gu Menglin) yesterday, PWC released the latest survey report shows that although China’s consumer online shopping consumers worldwide age is short, but the online shopping frequency of domestic consumers ahead of the global average.

it is understood that the scope of the report covering Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Chinese, Holland, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States and other 11 countries, involving a total of more than 11 thousand online shopping, covering the mature economies and emerging markets. read more

Online shop operation promotion inevitable market analysis

Hello, I am the wind leaf Gu city. Years later changed a job, began to study Taobao, Cenda digital mobile hard drive sales. Speaking of Taobao, I can be regarded as an old user, but a few years out of the way, and now is re employment. When it comes to specific market analysis, we first look at the history of the development of Taobao. N years ago, the first batch of sellers settled in Taobao is estimated to have earned pours, a group of combat; then Daoteng a few years time, the size of the seller rash and too much in haste have entered the era of online shopping, super wave was set off again. Then, in the last one or two years, the era began to change, the Internet is also changing, Taobao has entered the ranks of the transition. It is easy to fight the so-called Jiangshan difficult to be respected by the seller for the gods of the Taobao empire in order to operate the needs of changing the operating structure and rules. I estimate that this makes many originally not familiar with the Internet and want to shop in the operation of a big advantage of the sellers do not eat; and the other end, Taobao official has introduced by Taobao platform has become a successful example of wealth experts, more people suffering intolerable, envy envy hate. read more

Super P broadcasting network is not alone zishang wine online exclusive love gift

January 2nd, starring Zhong Hanliang, Angela Baby, Sun Yizhou, Liu Mengmeng and other Co, Zhao Jianling served as executive producer of the martial arts costume Romance Drama "shoegaze" solitary Fang not fiery landing Hunan TV crisis. It is reported that the "reward" alone not adapted from the popular Internet writer Feng Nong’s novel of the same name, Huace Hatton’s spirit by the blue whale to send music studio, film and television media, music video, film and television media CO produced flowers, music video is the whole network independent broadcast platform. read more

Let the small and medium-sized enterprise website no longer hold the pipa half cover

China has always been the center of economic construction, and the contribution of smes. Small and medium-sized enterprises have been focusing on traditional marketing, the effect of the Internet is always like holding a half of the cover of the pipa show no effect. Small and medium enterprises in the effect of the network there are still management, talent, capital and other bottlenecks, due to the impact of the economic crisis, although some companies focus on the network, but still holding a half cover. Total less than expected results. read more

Where to the imaginary — a powerful and unconstrained style Ma Taobao students

Ma is concerned about the recent thing.

Ma and his Alibaba as early as ten years ago has become famous, I was fighting in the SARS front, daily access to local hospitals, check the power supply is reliable, because I work in the power supply company, or a marketing service department deputy head, responsibility. Then read the media Ma photos and some of his sayings, find the man without that rich phase, with a single heroic utterance may not be able to succeed. Sina, the NetEase network company is the Internet mainstream, Alibaba of the Arabia is a poor boy, by chance to gain wealth, like a wedding suit rural guy, how to look like the city people. In recent years, with Ma and Alibaba more and more successful, also with the people around feel of traditional online shopping, Taobao store business impact, feel it to run to change our traditional way of life of the silent. This didn’t make me much to his attention a little, is the social progress, the electricity supplier you do not, others will do, the advantages of the Internet is far not developed yet, do you dare not say all the best. Until this year, Ma announced no longer when CEO, at the same time, TV and Internet broadcast a video Ma young Hangzhou TV station: I see 1995 Ma, riding a bicycle, shouted in theft covers behavior after being interviewed on television. At that time my heart is hot, seen too many so-called successful experiences, they are personal success stories, in addition to the ordinary people envy, and not too many people moved. If Ma did not today this achievement, I still like this video will be moved, he is a civilian hero, he has iron shoulders moral smell, is true and innate, is now some people get rich Ci Shanxiu can not be compared. This video is closer to me and his distance, because at that time, is the time in the summer of 95, 20 years old, I have done the same thing: one night later, riding a bicycle to go in the dark on the road, the front spread panic shouting men and women unbridled laughter. Is a group of hooligans riding a bike is also flirting with women. I looked around and there was no one who could stand up, not the heart beat, blood up. I slowly followed behind, suddenly accelerated chouzhunshiji feet against the hooligans, the bike suddenly swept across the past. Behind the car rolled over the sound and a bawl, I flew pedaling fierce run, run into my area, with ripe terrain where seven turn back home. I watched the hooligans angrily shouting in the village looking for my time on my balcony, the heart is still the "bang" jump, write this text heart like the original jump. Oh, I am not strong, will not fight. My brother see my panic, after asking why, the morning of the second day to find an iron pipe rack on the bicycle tap water to escort me to work. In fact, he did not know, I quietly in the army destroyed across the handlebar hidden in the kitchen knife. Sure enough, for a few days, the group of hooligans in me read more

After the acquisition of WAL-MART 1 shop approved electricity supplier headquarters Shanghai Shangha


lasted nearly 9 months of waiting, the global retail giant WAL-MART’s acquisition of domestic electricity supplier Shop No. 1 drama finally won the Ministry of Commerce approval.

in August 13th, the Ministry of Commerce announced the decision to approve the additional restrictive conditions of acquisition of Wal-Mart Store Inc Niuhai Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Niuhai Holdings") 33.6% equity concentration, so far, WAL-MART through its wholly owned subsidiary of GEC PTE. LTD 2. (hereinafter referred to as GEC 2) on the proportion of holdings of New Zealand sea holdings increased from 51.3% to become the controlling shareholder of the company, and through the New Zealand sea holdings achieved on the benefits of more than the number of stores on the Internet direct sales control of the business of 1. read more

China-pub2008 Spring Festival shopping promotions

everybody stationmaster:
        everybody is good!
      "in the first Zodiac     also

  reading head;         China-pub    2008 New Year Shopping preferential season


23 million college textbooks and 490 thousand kinds of books 2-8 fold!
              on campus the preferential price, more about the


        the user purchase over 50 yuan, the national free shipping (
EMS network express delivery, payment and delivery, billing channels except)

  925336123&nb> interactive Yingying; read more

E-commerce development planning

it is understood that the "planning" is to implement the "2006 ~ 2020 national informatization development strategy", "the general office of the State Council on accelerating the development of electronic commerce" several opinions of major initiatives, "planning" clearly put forward the overall goal of the development of electronic commerce in China 11th Five-Year "period: 2010, development environment, e-commerce support system, technical service and application of the coordinated development of the basic pattern of the formation, the e-commerce service industry has become an important emerging industry, national economic and social development level of e-commerce application in various fields is greatly improved and achieved remarkable results. read more

China ten years produced 32 million network

ten years, 10 million China users only 1% of e-commerce involved has been transformed into about 32000000 registered "network business", is also ten years, an independent Alibaba page has grown into a comprehensive service platform system of the world’s largest e-commerce, quarter revenues of more than 800 million yuan, the most typical case this is the ten anniversary of Chinese e-commerce.

inadvertently, people who do not understand the concept of electronic commerce, it has become a part of life China, enterprises in the promotion of products online, consumers in the home shopping, online payment, the term "electronic commerce" from fashion to popular to people used to go by, for 10 years. From e-commerce companies, online merchants and many cases, we try to comb the changes of this new business form. read more

To solve the employment to promote entrepreneurship policy clearly support, give support to the inno

rural electricity supplier policy support efforts continue to increase

2016, in conjunction with the relevant departments of the government, as well as Ali Jingdong and other relevant departments, the rural electricity supplier has been vigorously developed, helping the role of poverty alleviation is even more significant. Not only set up demonstration counties, to promote the sales of agricultural products, but also led to the large-scale employment, increasing the income of farmers, the development of a number of rural electricity supplier entrepreneurs, help them out of poverty to get rich. read more

The regional department store giant remote frequency crashed unknown effectiveness test water and el

editor press

as a curse, in the area of successful department is difficult to tap in remote replication success, Seibu exit Shenzhen, Grandbuy off Chengdu shop has become the latest retail expansion crashed out of the case.

"is the industry most reason The climate does not suit one." give in when the defeat, but the more simple but not simple truth is often easily overlooked, department stores used in the successful model of copying existing places expansion, which in Chinese market, consumer habits, the local department stores different situations only to the end of the wall also shows that, for the department store industry, success only belongs to the ground, and to carry out off-site expansion, we must re-examine the local market, and take the "when in Rome" mode of operation, the use of local department store industry leader, more important is to occupy the local gold district position. The only way to be successful in half off-site expansion. read more

Fifast spoiler 618 entity and electricity supplier war finally came

less than a week, the 618 World War is about to open fire. Ali first put down the "double 11" body frame in turn has continued to force the occasion, the initiator of the Jingdong, and the Jingdong of old rival Gome online, Suning and other non-stop challenge, the 618 battlefield has been very busy this year, and a spoiler, flying where the business alliance with the 3000+ entity that held the city of a hundred thousand crazy year celebration "in the 6.17-6.19 store with Wanda background, to create a real Carnival 618. As a result, a whale (Fei Fan), tiger (Guo Mei), lion (Suning), cats, dogs, the 618 war is about to start. read more

Domain hijacking Domain name loss

just colleagues say, Changchun Netcom website open, enter the URL into the interface of the website is English.

Changchun Netcom website:

North Netcom business developed, Changchun Netcom website, Jilin province is the quality of the information platform, undertake Netcom business promotion and service role, has been recognized and accepted by the public, and has very strong dependence. In the Internet, cannot do without Changchun 163.

went online to check the next whois: from the information display, the domain name registration date is March 31, 1999, the expiration date is on March 31, 2009, is the 10 consecutive year of registration. But when you look at the details, I’m disappointed: read more

Courier company collective absence star rating are worried about low satisfaction

since August last year, the State Post Bureau, China Express Association have introduced policies, like the same as star hotels, courier companies to assess the level of quality of service pricing. However, a year later, almost all domestic courier companies are reluctant to participate in the selection. China Express association secretary general said yesterday that a new round of mobilization has been carried out, is expected to be born in the second half of next year star courier.

does not have a five star read more

Alibaba to enter the online travel search where the emergency.

Alibaba ambitions in the tourism business sector is growing.

into the ticket booking, travel before the establishment of Taobao, Taobao and Alipay and will travel air travel air travel are collectively referred to as Alibaba, the Alibaba began to enter the field of online travel search, start hotel search comparison service, has invested ten million yuan to build user growth plan.

at present, a scouring with Ctrip, eLong, the same way, where to live, mango and other large online travel agents (OTA) reached a strategic cooperation, including more than 30 hotels and inns information search. read more

The future development of domestic e-commerce will be diversified

at present, the gradual popularization of e-commerce in China, the citizens of consumer awareness and purchasing psychology have been greatly changed. E-commerce in foreign countries, after the first theory of practice; and in China, just come down, first practice theory. Why do you say that, at first, China’s e-commerce is driven by foreign IT manufacturers, most of the types of products involved are IT products, such as computer hardware and software. Unlike now, so many products, so rich. read more

COM domain name is the domain name of the domain name of the arbitration

"CMZ" – see these three letters, you think of what brand or trademark? I am afraid that these three letters are difficult to "KFC", so that people immediately Lenovo, but little is known that this is a registered trademark in spain. However, recently, just a few trademark words abbreviated to "CMZ" of the Spanish Company, by virtue of the trademark said through arbitration, from the hands of Chinese registered legal domain name

"registration, I do not know there is such a trademark in spain." Registered Mr. Li lianhan wronged, he said, their own domain name registration intention is to build a website, just think of

read more

What kind of website can really Wangzhuan

now often webmaster asked, what website to earn money? In fact, what can be said to have the possibility of making money. Let me talk about my opinion:

first clear, what profit you rely on profit patterns are common now: advertising, membership fees, SMS, join the league, etc..

I’m going to talk about advertising. The Internet as an important media advertising, but also behoove, must have the skills to do advertising, advertising as a means of business promotion and marketing, the final purpose is to let the possible purchase of this product (or service) people remember their product (or service), there is a problem related to target customers, so do we also need to consider your target group visit where? Only in this way, will anyone want to advertise your website. For example: for example, the Webmaster Station, because the target access group is the webmaster, then the host, domain name provider is the main advertisers. The main goal of the Pacific computer network, Inc. network access is a group of computer enthusiasts, so computer manufacturers is their major advertisers. Now why many websites are *, but to advertise less? The main reason is that the target access group is not clear, such as 9Flash (responsible person once I have talked to their advertisers) are relatively small, they can also have other ways of earnings. read more

Welcome to buy new challenges in the future to lay the cornerstone of the success of new ideas

effect of this concept of small profits based on group purchase becomes a big upsurge. Whether it is a professional group buying site, or the traditional retail industry, have joined the industry to inject youthful vitality into its development. With this trend, slowly, group purchase consumption has become a habit of many people in the field of consumption, low price, convenient and other factors is an important reason why people sought group purchase, but in its hot group purchase wind, a series of problems exposed, some hidden traps, which especially online group purchase group purchase, become a how to deal with the risk of consumption, such as integrity, group purchase in various genuine goods at a fair price and other issues, to join the group purchase industry businesses to win the market, the key to win the future. read more

CHANET DHC2 monthly data authentication

dear affiliate member:

DHC CPS promotion in February has been certified for the time of the month of December 20th -1 month 18 data, the data will be provided in the data in the year after the certification in January 19th.

will be adjusted according to the ratio of the number of orders of the members of the alliance during this period.

thanks to the members of the alliance and hope to continue to support the new phase of the DHC offers ~



if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: read more

High temperature hot economic booming online shopping online shopping courier

sun is a small courier company salesman, responsible for the express delivery Zhenhai District street. Since entering in July, he found himself in the delivery of the package, online shopping products are significantly more up. More and more people enjoy the home consumption at high temperatures, driven by online shopping, courier and other industries. In this regard, the authorities said that the rise of online shopping, courier and other industries to bring people a lot of convenience, but consumers enjoy the benefits, but also should strengthen self-protection. read more

Super Sheng Hui electricity supplier to become rich win the future

2011, the electricity supplier industry boiling year.

Statistics Rui consulting recently released

‘s display, the third quarter of 2011 Chinese e-commerce market transactions amounted to 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 47.6% compared to the same period in 2010, the year 2011 is expected to e-commerce market size has exceeded 40 trillion and 600 billion yuan, which reached the B2B market size of $26 trillion, B2C will reach $1 trillion and 700 billion. Judging from the data, although B2B still occupy the volume of the big wall Jiangshan, but the potential of B2C can not be underestimated. read more

Liu Shuang the better the front end, the better the better the back-end

recently, the second sent on behalf of the annual meeting held in Beijing, the national 800 well-known electricity supplier and CEO professionals will focus on the theme of the annual meeting of "Shen" interpretation of the status of the industry, industry insight into the opportunities, break through the bottleneck of the development of enterprises, the driving force for the electricity supplier industry benign. China Electronic Commerce Research Center as a professional organization for e-commerce, for the conference to do graphic broadcast. read more

Tencent stake in Jingdong or will be a strong combination of Ali Ali really encounter opponents

settled, today morning news Tencent announced a $214 million stake in the Jingdong. Tencent will acquire more than 350 million ordinary shares of Jingdong, accounting for approximately $15% of ordinary shares in circulation before the listing of Jingdong, while the two sides to establish a strategic partnership. Tencent Jingdong so far into the powerful combination of the queue.

powerful combination or electricity supplier into the field of

shares, acquisitions and alliances become a hot word in the field of electricity providers, not just the electricity supplier in the field, it can be said to include the entire Internet field. One store alliance believe that after the dynamic past we remember, the grim situation in the fierce competition, Dangdang and one shop business platform two chose the road from competition to cooperation, leveraging each other to achieve better effect of hope. I believe many friends also know about Dangdang and one store in the field of electronic business platform is famous, although less than Taobao and Jingdong such a large platform, but also the one under the platform, from competition to cooperation has become a good platform for the combination of business case. The Tencent stake in Jingdong, the meaning is mostly the same, it is the ‘powerful combination’ the most true portrayal. read more

What should we do About fake, Taobao, SAC this thing

from the social benefits, as long as the outcome is not the east wind prevails over the west wind type, then the administrative power in the large environment, Taobao and SAIC will bring the positive effect of this. But it shouldn’t be a game that is more powerful than anyone else, so this article tries to find out how things ought to be from a detached perspective of rationality.

explores the basic methodology of right and wrong

if there is no clear definition of responsibilities and boundary in scale of selling fake platform definition, then everything is not only is a kind of subjective emotion, and ultimately it will become a game of pure force size, no justice, only the outcome, but the society should not be so. read more

After 85 mobile entrepreneurs Quanmeng.


LBE Zhang Yong: I work in a company before, may be working during the day, at night to do the things I want to do now is the day I do the things I want to do in the evening, do what I want to do.

LBE security master founder, CEO Zhang Yong is a 85, but when I saw a real person, even people think he was more than and 30 years old. "I’m worried." LBE pr manager said with a smile.

LBE security guru, including Zhang Yong, including the use of the LBE team to work on the development of mobile security products. 2011 to the present, LBE overcome the financial constraints, team members and other difficulties to escape, to become a mobile phone manufacturer with sixty million users. From hobbies to become a career, along the way Zhang Yong, who has what kind of story? read more

The electricity supplier chiefs launched fresh supermarket battle to snatch a strong category

a small tomato, not only let the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong and a fire, but also to make the Jingdong mall low-key half a day of fresh food channels did not take too much effort to go to the spotlight. Behind this, including Jingdong mall, including a number of electronic business platform for fresh food ambitious.

electricity supplier scramble for fresh highland


has been on the line at the end of last year, but Jingdong mall fresh food channel is only recently because of the tomato incident became popular. The reporter saw, the Jingdong mall fresh food channel includes vegetables, fruit and meat category. Among them, the work of the tomato has become the main product. read more

There are more than 90% of the owners do not understand the meaning of the domain name owner, to tal

domain name meaning: domain name as a special role of the Internet product, it has not come from any party. The registration of any party you have just used to keep the domain name and renewals period of use of power. As a matter of fact, the domain name is not allowed to be taken away, but it is not safe, and there are various factors and reasons which can not be thought at any time. It is necessary for the international domain name management agency ICANN to forcibly reclaim and redistribute it. If your domain name infringes the rights and interests of US’s law related businesses. Only for international domain name) read more

NPC and CPPCC personal taxes for online stores of small and micro shop into difficulties

Huang Yuan

tax bonus, which is the industry for personal shop does not pay a tax point of view. Discussion on the tax, almost every time will become the focus of attention.

on the evening of 9, held a press center NPC and CPPCC network interview, Zhang Peidong, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce Secretary in response to tax users on the individual shop said: the tax law is every citizen and business obligations, the tax law is unified on traditional enterprises and e-commerce businesses. Relevant departments have been paying close attention to this issue, and actively studying countermeasures; specific circumstances, it is recommended to the tax authorities. read more

Brother talk about profit business losses led to financial real estate logic

East America traveling in a year, and the full back. "Recover", weight reduction of 36 pounds, the Jingdong turnover has broken billion. Jingdong said the first three quarters of the year has been realized profit, large B2C for the first time to usher in the true sense of no loss. With certainty, heart very happy.

, however, this really means that Jingdong has been successful in the field of electricity providers break the ice?

in fact, under the veil of Jingdong electricity supplier, but it is a hidden financial real estate logic, since the meager profit, we analyze the benefits of where: read more

Follow the star to go shopping, the star wardrobe, tapping the potential of mobile providers

I horse: China’s first file star straddling fashion reality show "the goddess’s new clothes" was produced in wildly beating gongs and drums. Star wardrobe hit tens of millions of dollars to become a special sponsor of this program. Around the contents of the placement and advertising voice rendering and other issues, Lin Qinghua to the other end of the phone and ask questions.

this is a cross screen marketing mobile application star wardrobe. When you see this article, the program has been broadcast in the Oriental TV and Youku sync. read more

Pig CMS micro electricity supplier store personal center big revision, custom mode is capricious

code in recent days, perhaps his brother was to eat Hyun step, the development of new features can not stop the pace. Send off the A function, but also usher in B features, there is a C function behind. To tell the truth, so many new features, small series do not know who should be dedicated to the knee.

just 100 worry loss on the occasion, there is a significant improvement of micro locked small eyes faint. Revealing the martial air this function, small series can not help but secretly applauded. read more

The new extension for cross-border black five God assists Tmall international babe network homeopath

plays a very important role in football or basketball games, which is a very important step before scoring.

eleven has just passed, and has cross-border cross-border business electricity supplier and full of blood resurrection began to prepare for the United States " double eleven " black five shopping festival, and strive for the domestic consumer goods bring global focus. And in November 15th, the Ministry of Commerce paper a red head document, announced that, in order to steadily promote cross-border electricity supplier retail import regulatory model transition, the trial of six months of the new deal will extend the transition period to the end of 2017. This cross-border electricity supplier is undoubtedly a major positive, so that the cross-border electricity supplier who applauded, called black five before God assists. As for the upcoming cross-border electricity supplier in a hotly contested spot of the black five shopping festival, especially significant. read more

The blue ocean pier has prospects 2016 years to continue to consolidate the hand-made

DoNews January 27th news the day before, blue ocean pier CEO once the scene will be reviewed and summarized the 2015 cross-border electricity supplier industry and Ocean Terminal in the years of development once a year, and 2016 outlook.

Ceng Bibo said that 2015 is the cross-border electricity supplier industry heavy year, in flames, brutal competition, ocean pier just like a running on the highway of armored vehicles with hand-made model has achieved initial success. 2016, the foreign terminal will continue to believe that the power of faith, accelerate the pace of global expansion, improve service quality. read more

WAL-MART today announced a new $50 million strategic investment dada


technology news October 21st morning news, local time logistics and fresh super O2O platform new dada and WAL-MART jointly announced today that WAL-MART’s strategic investment in new dada $50 million, equivalent to 336 million yuan, the two sides will establish a comprehensive strategic cooperation.

it is understood that the two sides will integrate their respective services in the O2O, logistics and retail areas of great advantages for Chinese consumers to provide better quality products and more convenient service. read more

Shop consignment to find suppliers must pay attention to some of the items

talking to you today about "some matters" shop dealers find source suppliers must pay attention to what is called Gu Ming shop dealers is that you open a shop sellers to help others to make a modest in the middle because some of your post, do shop dealers must find source suppliers, find sources where to find it, in fact, to find supply as flat as there are many such as: Shop 515 source is a good platform. Often find suppliers in the supply is the most headache thing. There are a lot of friends when looking for suppliers cheated. read more

The new CEO or advance secretly by an unknown path Wanda Suning VP

Suning at the beginning of the second half of 2015 is Bo eye. The latest learned billion state power network, the Alibaba invested 28 billion 300 million, Suning is expected to Wanda electricity supplier business operations. Dong Ce after the suspension of the CEO post may be played by Su Ning VP.

After two

Wanda Huanshuai, had 8 million annual recruitment posted outflows, said the new CEO candidates must meet the age between 38 to 50 years old, served as CEO or COO in the well-known Internet Co; the ability to focus on operations, technical flow. read more

Double 11 online shopping hot Taiwan to call Ma to do business registration


technology news November 12th morning news, according to Taiwan’s "Economic Daily" reported that the double eleven Global Online Shopping Festival, Alibaba new sales record, all day long trading volume reached 91 billion 217 million yuan (about 468 billion 300 million NT). Taiwan’s finance minister Zhang Sheng and revealed that the recent opportunity to see the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Jack Ma, he will be expressed and suggested to Taiwan for business registration. read more

After the era of Electronic Commerce (three) the arrival of the era of new electronic channels


electronic channels to vertical market development

opened a physical store in downtown basically can guarantee every day through the doorway to the crowds, but in the creation of online B2C store as long as there is no publicity and no customers. Therefore, where the flow of operators to become the biggest problem. In the past, it was a question of where to vote. Now, we are more likely to interpret this as a "channel" problem of e-commerce websites.


problem is an opportunity. Therefore, the market was born in the franchise channel for students of electronic channels industry. They hand grasp the user (flow) source, a hand will be sold to the flow of electronic business operators, and get their share of income. There are several types of income: CPM (according to advertising exposure), CPC (click on ads), CPS (after sales commission), etc.. read more

Beautiful said western style Sea Amoy App international big sale


] January 30th news billion state power network, billion state power network that beautiful women vertical electric business platform said recently launched its mobile terminal overseas shopping channel HIGO, HIGO independent App also synchronized on-line. Has always been the beauty of civilians also said by the sea Amoy international big line.

billion state power network is observed, at present, HIGO is selected, and a new three point goods special, the main products include international brand clothing, bags, beauty skin care products, most of these products by beautiful overseas shipments from overseas buyers team. Compared to the beautiful has always been to the outside world of low price, weak brand impression, the relative price of goods on the high side of the HIGO, and more brand. read more

Electricity supplier website how to do valuable content

a lot of webmaster, perhaps already listen to tired of "content is king" this sentence. But the fact may be true, potential customers encounter problems, may first help or search engine. I don’t dare to say "Baidu, you know", but it does reflect most of the actual situation. However, many webmaster is at this point made a mistake, even if the site can continue to update the value of the content, but did not build the content as part of the network marketing program.

in the electricity supplier website, the focus of the content of the construction of only two goals: to establish a sense of trust, and the two is to educate customers. This is content marketing. In order to achieve these two goals, the content of the site should also be formal. read more

Forced to join the online marketing Chanel electric shock behind the deliberations

was forced to join the online marketing team, but is clearly not yet ready, be careful to test, step by step, is also good.

said the mouth does not worry, action is very agile. Chanel Chanel recently announced the fastest in September 2016 to enter the field of electronic commerce, but this week it announced in the luxury business Net-a-Porter, opened a three week online shop, selling fine jewelry series CoCo Crush. Three weeks later, this includes a series of 5 rings and the price of jewelry, the price of 1970-19000 euros, will be off the shelf and the sale of Chanel’s global physical boutique. read more

Ding Guodong Chinese e-commerce industry staged three kingdoms

electronic commerce in business "as the core, electronic means, the use of network technology to the traditional business activities shift from offline to online, to help businesses and individuals to break the traditional trade activities of the geographical barriers, realize the personalized collaborative manufacturing and scale effect. Compared with the United States, Japan, Korea and other e-commerce development mature countries, China’s e-commerce industry is still in the initial stage of development. With the growing scale of Internet users in China, the application of the terminal is more popular, e-commerce is irreversible into people’s production and life, into the golden stage of e-commerce development. read more

Mid Autumn Festival is around the moon cake buy website operation mode analysis

Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, a small part in the Baidu search area + moon cake shows large and small group purchase, group purchase site area moon innumerable retailers alliance network, the company has launched their own e-commerce platform, including most of the new entrants, hoping to seize this rare opportunity, in the field of group purchase moon cake earned a pours. Nanchang moon cake to buy a small group on the current moon cake market to do a simple analysis.

is mostly new entrants read more

Analysis of the current domestic and international e-commerce market

, a friend of mine told him when he was studying abroad, the local e-commerce market. After listening to a deep feeling, I hope you can learn more about the business model of foreign e-commerce market, so as to see the advantages of the country, and learn from the strengths of others, making themselves more perfect. The author makes some summary and analysis.

a shopper’s psychology of consumption: foreign consumers are not very concerned about the price of the product, cheap and can not decide everything. Pay attention to the product is the first impression, beautiful, practical and full service quality evaluation standard; foreign consumers can say no bargain, as long as the right of their products, and first-class service, then they will pay; foreign people love face very much, in the Chinese consumer shopping psychology usually love Zhanxiaopianyi, so a price of a cargo, we have a clear mind, so the high quality products of domestic competition, does not have to start from the price war in full service quality, and customer service response as a starting point in the competition, it is very feasible, and will continue to enhance customer viscosity. read more

The high price of foreigners is hard to resist

made a "through foreign text advertising to make" post yesterday, today published an article on the sale of links to tutorials, exaggeration to say actually everywhere is beautiful knife, see whether you would like to pick up.

Linkworth to Backlinks is different, linkworth (hereinafter referred to as LW) more, many kinds of ways to make money, but the sale price can be custom links in LW, that is to say, you think your site links a value of $50, you can set the price to $50. As long as there is a buyer feel that the value of the price, he will buy, so earn more than in the backlinks (hereinafter referred to as BL) to sell links earn more. read more

Domain deletion list April 20, 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn [email protected] 0516–83777726

phone / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

1 shop, Tmall and other ten sites illegal advertising exposure

City Administration of industry and Commerce issued a false advertising notice second this year, on the number of stores, the United States online, Tmall, UnionPay online mall and other sites on the release of 12 illegal Internet advertising exposure to the.

Illegal advertising

exposure involving ordinary food, health food, cosmetics and other goods, the main performance is: with the help of illegal ordinary food ingredient exaggerated propaganda function of health care, and the efficacy of the product as proved by the name of the consumer or evaluation, and the use of medical terminology or easily confused with pharmaceutical terminology; health food beyond the approved health care function false propaganda; propaganda cosmetics has therapeutic effect on disease. read more

Set up second headquarters in Beijing Tmall to go north

Alibaba finally bored in the belly of the North strategy out, announced the launch of Hangzhou + Beijing dual center strategy. In fact, the double center is not a new thing, the ant has served as a financial backing of Shanghai financial resources, the use of "Hangzhou + Shanghai" dual center strategy.

image source: CFP

September 24th, for Tmall moved to Beijing rumors, Alibaba has finally given a positive response: the Group officially announced the launch of Hangzhou + Beijing dual center strategy. And "no ceiling" to the northern market." read more

Depressed my domain was forced to delete CNNC

a few days ago, I registered a domain name, ready to do a related website, is considering how to do the station, suddenly received a notification email domain registrar Chinese channel, told me that the domain name is CNNIC forced to delete, because it does not comply with the "protection of Olympic symbols regulations".

China Channel sent me the original message is as follows:

Dear customer:

Hello! Our receipt of the notification, CNNIC about the domain name is not audited by refusal reason: violation of the "Regulations on the protection of Olympic Symbols", without the permission of the right owners of the Olympic symbols, no person shall be for commercial purposes (including potential commercial purposes) using the Austrian forest PEAK logo. Ask you to receive the mail within 3 working days after the client to delete the domain name, the system will automatically return, if you do not delete the domain name, I will cancel the domain name, and for your hand back. read more

Taobao search on the idea of revision

today on, search baby suddenly feel changed, a careful look at the side of a search about my feelings, opening a look out the following contents:

1 how to change the page, is not a revision of the


talk about how I use the search:

search results page want to default all baby sort

image display slow / unable to display

open web speed slow

sales order can be faster to find a good product

seller merger can be convenient for me to see more different goods

charts help me specify the direction of shopping read more

Electricity providers to do more to do after sales management

in early 2005, I thought again and again, in the Taobao store decided to do a little business, then a lot of products to the final choice of electronic products and computer accessories, the reason is that with the economic development and improvement of the Internet, the popularization of computer, millions of families of Chinese computer demand will be very considerable.

said, then set up a small team of 4 people, every day is to take pictures on the baby to a month, can not do business to sell 20 single, all income, wages are not enough, we are confused and helpless. read more

Google website alliance is not exclusive

"for partner sites, Google AdSense does not set exclusivity." Recently, held in Google speed lead trend, wisdom to win the future – 2009GoogleAdSense partner day media communication conference, Google Greater China advertising alliance manager Wang Ying told reporters that so. She said that the current Google China partner site revenue has become one of the world’s fastest growing areas of Google.

as an innovative means of network marketing, Google partner site as long as by showing Google ads and website content in the Union website, you can click on ads from visitors or browse gain, let site traffic into revenue. Only in 2008, Google has $5 billion to share with the global partner site." Wang Ying told reporters that the current Google partners in the world has more than 1 million sites, and Chinese area partner site has more than 100 thousand, "it can be said that the Chinese district is one of the highlights of Google global growth." read more

To treat the network in good faith to make money

Internet has created a lot of wealth to the people, make people realize the dream of wealth, this is it brings us good things, we should also see the other side of it, that is the cyber crooks everywhere, using a variety of fraudulent means a lot of money, this is the negative impact brought by network. Today is to talk about the existence of Wangzhuan liar is how to use the greedy people to cheat, we should take what measures to do Wangzhuan project to what kind of mentality? Is not greedy, in good faith to have treated the network to make money, this way is a permanent solution. read more

Google AdSense not to be divulged the secret

    the truth is to scold scold Google AdSense, and do not feel worthy of a curse, and N of the webmaster besottedly, see "blog Alliance Google Adsense account is disabled (seal), see the famous blog Moonlight blog questioned the Google awarded me $250, than 100 users earn more than $Google, so the money come from? Google how to make profit?" The question, I believe that the normal blogger and AdSense to Google webmaster is much larger than the famous question of moonlight, and see the station graph king did not do GG promotion, so I decided to reveal the secret Google AdSense not to be divulged. read more

The advent of the vertical Web Era

Dragon ( great wonders of company general manager Ceng Yu for the twenty-first Century creation of human beings and the Internet has shown great potential, which triggered a surge of online business activities. It can be said that, as an independent economic form, the Internet economy has begun to take shape. In particular, Yahoo, AOL, Amazon as the representative of the first batch of Web site’s success, marking the Internet created by the great myth and the great impact on human life.

and Yahoo at the same time regardless of their website, in which field, there is a characteristic that is like Yahoo, comprehensive information, abundant resources, wide coverage, but not in depth, therefore, can make these sites are called comprehensive website is the website level.

read more

Entrepreneurship eyes this year, the 14 most trick technology trends

reported in January 6th (compilation: hunting cloud network balls)

note: hunting cloud network technology is possible which broke out in 2015, and continued to grow until 2016. And let the enterprise engaged in related fields to get rich overnight? The answer, we must research on Shuoyuan research about IDC, Gartner and Forrester this kind of top consulting firms.

1, defensive hacking insurance

Forrester, like Taghit (a famous concept store in the United States), home depot and SONY will receive all hackers. read more

Female Jobs 19 year old venture, with fear of small pain points to make a $9 billion valuation compa

I dark horse note: a small pain in the blood can create a $9 billion valuation of the company. 11 years ago, only 19 year old sophomore girls Elizabeth Holmes from the Stanford University decided to drop out of school, "reckless" by borrowing, set up a company Theranos, now has been valued at $9 billion.  

11 years ago, only 19 year old sophomore girls Elizabeth Holmes from the Stanford University decided to drop out of school, "reckless" by borrowing, set up a company, now has been valued at $9 billion. She and "blood" for more than ten years, one step at a time, and finally break out of their own world, which will soon set off a revolution in the medical world, then this is what kind of company? read more

Several basic modes of nternet money

Close friends often have not satisfied with the status quo, now want to get rid of the tedious work, set up their own business, and I occasionally chatted through the Internet business problems prompted me to consider the question carefully to the Internet to make money. Over time, I have a certain understanding of the Internet business. Now gradually write out, I hope to have the help of friends through the Internet venture.

In fact,

my initial intention is to write a website about how to make money, and also wrote the first article, introduce the most basic things, is the essence of the Internet. But after that, I was busy with the development of 2 websites, and it took a long time. Write this now, even if it’s second. read more

Confessions of an American entrepreneurs how to find the shortest time of your partner

if there’s anything I’ve learned in the past week, I think there are two things:

1 more questions.

2 entrepreneurship is very difficult thing.

story begins:

on Wednesday afternoon, I found that I was looking forward to an angel investment project interview failed. This is a big blow to me, because I really want to get this opportunity to invest. I can’t think of their projects where is the problem, so I called to ask why adrian.

he gave me a simple answer: "you don’t have a partner.". If you can find one before Saturday, please let me know." read more

Ali Alliance December 31st integration plan to terminate


Ali Union integration plan will end in 07 December 31st, thank you for your long-term support for our work

08 years from January 1st, the original integration rules will no longer be implemented, please note that

08 years in January 1st, you will no longer get points, points will be accumulated to stop; but the available points in 08 years after the original January 1st still can exchange gifts (date exchange gifts will advance notice to inform you)

original levels of membership incentives will stop read more

Ma, founder of Alibaba how should women start their own business

Alibaba CEO Ma

Ma Yun think that China has two great women, one is Wu Zetian, one is the Empress Dowager Ci Xi. These two are very, very great women in Chinese history, it is not easy, to do this position, the country, the development of the future, despite the evaluation of the history of the people are not the same.

The common

has all the great features of women, that is to appreciate a man, good man! I am very happy today to see the stage without a woman say, I am a woman, I’m stronger than a man, I should like, a common characteristic of this is great that women have, it is to appreciate a man, so please remember, enjoy your husband, your boss, your son, all the people around you, when you admire someone else’s perspective when others appreciate the vision to see you. read more

Local Drunk let someone take you a drink in a strange city

open Local Drunk, you can find a warm-hearted person in a strange city, let TA take you to drink a cup of

for alcoholic people, came to a strange city, most of them unbearable thing is probably hard to find like-minded friends "". Don’t worry, an application called Local Drunk can help you easily get it all.

when you come to a strange city, Local Drunk allows you to establish a connection with a local person familiar with the city’s drinking. However, you must first log on to Facebook to verify that you are in the city, and that you are not a Local Drunk user. read more

The students work hard to find how to create a way to make money online

always wanted to write an article about the college students’ articles, today finally knocked. I am also a college student, graduate, employment, or even unemployed college students. No one can predict 100% in the future.

this article I would like to write about the current status of university graduates, and college students how to use the Internet to make their own way to make money, or even a way of employment. There are three purposes: to straighten out their own ideas; to help you analyze the status quo; recommended to some college students to make money online skills; read more

n 2011 Taobao guest road in where

mention Taobao off, no webmaster do not know. However, in 2009, Taobao has not yet been old Adsense eyes. Until last year, many customers do Taobao owners to easily make money, have more and more attention to the Taobao customer of this business.

however, when the novice webmaster almost all from Taobao customers at the beginning of the flood when you like a swarm of bees, found here is a piece of the red sea.

huge single product competition, brand flagship store was all carved up, rest and do not want to be neither hot nor cold, or too difficult, or the profit is too low. All in all, the gold rush has been carved up. read more

Google Adsense revenue optimization

      recent research Adsense, finally know a money rule, according to this rule, should be able to optimize the Adsense to improve the income of the bar. This rule is actually very simple is the following formula:

      income = unit price × browse /1000

      see the formula we analyze, formula which has two variables, that is to say that the two variables determine your income, so to improve the income, must from the two variables to start, we summarize the following formula: read more

Create the maximum value with the least P

heard that the network industry bigwigs are ready for the winter, our meat thin grass roots are the Pythian how it? Usually rely on tour bigwigs to eat, although also often complain about the gangster is not kind, but we think the amount of deduction, the fine horse really led his children a dry hibernation, we these small grassroots this winter is really tough. The door of Baidu is on the roof, the threshold is too high to reach. SOGOU the door still doesn’t know where to turn. GG is not reliable, from time to time to send a message of intimidation, the only way to live long personal station afternoon to eat two lines. read more

Network to make money all Raiders

due to the recent half more access to the Internet, and also a teacher learn to engage in network related knowledge, through their own experience and observation, found that if good use of Internet, we can get a lot of things on the Internet, also earn appropriate rmb. Here are some of the ways I’ve come up with money online.

if there is no good way to mention, welcome to add!

: a web editor, help forum posting replies. This is a relatively easy and free to make money, if you can find a job, a month to earn a sanwubo right as a part-time Why not?. I’m doing this right now, I feel great! read more

GOOGLE 5000 years of patience to win the Chinese market

      Li Kaifu revisit the reasons to join Google. He said that when he joined Google CEO Schmidt have exchanges, his most concern is that he is not enough patience for the Chinese market, the other side of the response to its satisfaction.

he said, "we will win China market in the long run, Chinese has 5000 years of history, Google in China market success also has 5000 years of patience, so I dare to join the company." Li Kaifu said.

Li Kaifu also pointed out that in order to fully understand the local needs of users, Google Chinese built a big team in the past two years, the team is the main China local engineers, let them go to the headquarters of innovation research in Chinese market. read more

Money paid through advertising platform to launch points for QB activities

official address is:

Tencent pay through the official advertising platform announcement advertising platform officially launched the integral exchange QB activities! 5627

in the money paid Tongqun in chat yesterday morning, integral caifutong advertising platform may want to exchange QB, is when in doubt the authenticity of the news release, the main group. Money paid through advertising platform revision, the introduction of the function of integral exchange QB… read more

Network pushing industry vertical search

"domestic Internet the first" Hi2000 (002095) recently announced that its "affiliate business treasure" ( will promote the implementation of the "professional search engine strategic plan", launched a thousand industry website search platform "business search based on B2B in the field of electronic commerce, special location for business people service.

business treasure this move will bring a new impact on the current competitive B2B market.

build resource islands read more

September 17th to September 23rd nine wins have begun issuing Commission

Every webmaster:

        September 17th to September 23rd, the Commission has started issuing payment cycle, beginning on Wednesday, the latest five days to complete payment, a slightly different time according to different bank location please wait.

Union address:

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 mail:[email protected] read more

Uncover the message inside the union to make profits insider

opened the message to make money inside the union profiteering!

is now the country’s SMS alliance advertising alliance was not poor, why? The reason is the trend of interest

I saw on the Internet a few days ago in the first half of 2005, according to incomplete statistics, the number of Chinese Internet users more than 100 million

only with the United States, according to the world second, and the overall quality of China’s Internet users are not high lead to registration will not be canceled, etc. read more

nduced by QQ flow should not overdo sth.

a lot of friends love Wangzhuan through QQ to get traffic, including QQ chat software, QQ group, micro-blog, QQ Search ask, QQ space, QQ games, Master City, and the original QQ dating service, are our Wangzhuan friends trodden, including a Xing also in 07 years when using QQ and dating service do Wangzhuan more. And now, spread in the major forum called Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial, a great part of the induced flow of content, including flow induced by QQ.


, I saw a group of Wangzhuan in such a message, so I have to is currently busy with hair standing on end, to induce drainage Wangzhuan brothers sweat. read more

Entrepreneurs attitude towards VC these entrepreneurs why reject VC

popular camera application Camera+ founder John · venture capital casasanta rejected a few days ago, also called "swearing, not love investors as the company set the direction", "fuck the wind", micro-blog has become one of the hot.

yes, since the angels can gang a book called "why I want to invest in you", the entrepreneurs should also have emboldened to ask "why should I accept your investment". Not all the enterprises must accept the venture, not all businesses are suitable for venture capital, not all venture entrepreneurs are worthy of acceptance — of course, there is a sentence: not all refused to venture entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects are really hard". read more

nternet hunting kocho CEO SM entrepreneurs should dare to shoot first and aim at

lead: as long as one is smart enough and firm, this process, in a straight line to squirm, eventually went to the end point. This process is how to produce? First of all, you have to twist, do not be afraid of twisted

May 15, 2014, held by IDG capital and entrepreneurial state IDG campus entrepreneurship contest will be held in Zhejiang University,, the successful conclusion. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate school, aimed at mining talented developers and technology geeks on campus. The original traditional search later leather own life into the Internet the Internet hunting kocho CEO SIM with his eight years of business experience, dare to think business people are "not obedient", is to dare to shoot first aimed at "silly bold". read more

Venture ten reality and risk assessment inventory of their network of contacts

decided to start a business is a major decision, because the business needs to master a number of skills, and lifestyle will be affected by entrepreneurship. However, there is no standardized test or mandatory certification to help you determine whether they are suitable for business, or to determine whether the business for you. In addition, MBA or other academic credentials can not be used as a standard of judgment.

so what you can do is to use a number of self assessment tools, and to comply with the newly established CarolRoth entrepreneur formula guide, which highlights the importance of the entrepreneurial personality and skills necessary. I hope that one day there will be a more formal business practitioners certification, as lawyers, accountants must pass the certification. read more

O2O market gap small businesses, entrepreneurs still have the opportunity

O2O Festival, A shares of listed companies as long as O2O and related stocks rose immediately, while the domestic Internet, traditional retail giants are heavily pound O2O market. O2O the temptation is too great, everyone wants a piece, in addition to the giants, there are many small enterprises and entrepreneurs want to squeeze a share, but the market threshold is somewhat high, those vulnerable participants into the only occasion.

light applications for small businesses, entrepreneurs provide a possible entrance read more

Domestic SNS site over 200 difficult to break a large number of loss of shackles

Zhu Weilian 10 years ago, under the banyan tree, gathered a group of the country’s first original literary elite, and in the next 10 years, Zhu Weilian hopes to gather more people with the same spirit.

only this time, he hopes to be in the MyTupa (graph flower).

, founded by his main investment SNS (Social Network Service) MyTupa website officially launched, however, and before the business is different, this time he faced the situation much more severe.

domestic dating market chaos

what is SNS? The core idea is American psychology professor Stanley · milgor lamb’s "six degree relation theory", namely in the interpersonal context, to meet a strange friend, it through as much as six friends will be able to achieve the purpose. In foreign countries, including the famous SNS Myspace, Facebook, etc., which Myspace will enter the Chinese market this year. read more

nterview with Yu Jiawen who does not want to be young and who don’t want it

better than the slow fire. The challenge of 90 percent of the adult business world, experienced by the storm is still no sign of public opinion. Poor students, entrepreneurship, investment of 100 million yuan, 90, Ali, personality, these labels intertwined "more than good" become a public topic.

Internet insiders from multiple dimensions of Yu Jiawen were questioned, resume, sensational stories, the company’s products, as well as the business model has been pointed out that "Yu Jiawen boast", more micro-blog marketing experts "Bachu Yu Jiawen pointed out that the old micro-blog" character problem". read more

On the road of Baidu Wang Zhan Occupation do the right things in the industry

012 years in July 31st, "Baidu certification" conference held in Hilton Beijing Hotel, from the well-known enterprises, universities, industry associations opinion leaders gathered to open the "Baidu certified" comprehensive social promotion curtain. In the conference site, Baidu vice president Wang Zhan shared his career experience, and stressed the need to do the right thing in the industry."

Chinese has a saying: "men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman lang." Wang Zhan said, I am very lucky, in the early development of the Internet China entered into this industry, into Baidu, "for each person, the most important is to choose the occupation career of the industry, to choose a suitable for their own development and industry play. Today, the Internet is undoubtedly the most advanced in this era, the fastest growing, the most promising future of the industry." read more

Dress with community Chicisimo $800 thousand angel investment

fashion this topic is never outdated for women. There are many start-up companies in this field to dig, and won the favor of investors. Chicisimo, a Spanish woman dressed in a community with a $800 thousand angel investment.

users can upload and dress in Chicisimo photos, and marked out the clothing brand, evaluation and sharing of other people to discuss fashion topics. Chicisimo also opened a brand page for presenting collocation the brand recently in Chicisimo, the most popular. In addition, the brand can also design medals, rewards to loyal users. read more

Web site virtual and reality – the local network – sales

network is a virtual thing, that is, the reality of the news items in the form of image information to the network (song……)
is a total learning and communication platform. Web site in my mind there are 3 meanings, the 1 bridges, connecting each person’s heart and vision of the on behalf of a person’s self-cultivation
3 money making tool. Open the website is not difficult to find a program to dabble in it. Open a good website, and want to make money on the site is difficult.
  many friends will say that I open a website on the Internet is IP optimization and PV to help GG BAIDU advertising is the first thing you should know you are an individual or group
this topic is every webmaster headache.
network is really a golden hill, we are all in one mine. read more

Entrepreneurs need to correctly understand the importance of cooperation and competition

correct understanding of competition

we often say, "shopping malls such as the battlefield". Obviously, the Internet is full of competition, this competition may sometimes be very intense form of expression. It is self-evident that entrepreneurs do not need to make a fuss about the existence of competitors.

entrepreneurs must maintain a clear understanding of the purpose of market competition

real battlefield, even so, entrepreneurs on the Internet is not necessary to eliminate competitors as the target of competition. To maintain the competitive advantage, to pay attention to the strategy, to retain some good competitors, to build a good business ecosystem, but to help create a good external environment. If you always want to kill rival, is likely to lead to competitors take drastic measures against, causing the industry profit margin is more and more low, the final result can only be a lose lose. In some time Gome, Suning, Jingdong price war on the full description of this point. read more

To SEOer dare to wait for success will grow out of their own

many SEOer will encounter such anxiety things in the work of the study, when we do something, there will always be a moment, don’t know what to do next, what to do? Especially very afraid to be asked to say "do not know".

read such a story, originally a very assertive and daring SEOer, appear in the search engine, the fluctuation that for a while, when he peers are like ants on a hot pan, to study the variation, discussed how to change the site, he is the only decisive choice stood aside, wait. Just a simple, regular updates, send the article, a chain, a day later, there was a very surprising result, all major changes of the site have been K off, but only managed to retain his website. read more

Zhi Yi Circular on intelligent data delay into the system notice

Part of the

data during the new year’s day delay into the system, in the meantime to our website the main inconvenience please forgive me, all the data into the system we will be in the news to tell you that the majority of the main site timely care Chi Yi news.


intelligent contact:

010-58203453 (line) AI phone: 13910311411 MSN:[email protected] advertisers to join cooperation and business development

010-58208181-8922 (extension) Miss Zhang phone: 13810732200 MSN:[email protected] advertisers join cooperation and business development read more

Start-up companies need to grasp the nine tools as soon as possible

article starts in IT ear micro signal: erduomi

since last year, we found that more and more friends around to start a business, a growing number of Internet and mobile Internet Co to get an early angel investment, and a large number of access to A rounds and follow-up financing. That’s right, according to statistics from a number of service agencies, China’s Internet business tide has come. On the one hand, the tide comes from the Internet is becoming more and more infrastructure, the transformation of the traditional industry is more prominent, on the other hand from the government’s new deal in the economy to highlight the decisive role of the market decision. According to prime minister Li Keqiang said in a meeting with Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and other representatives of the new economic giant data, 2014 national net start-up market more than 1000, the rapid development of. read more

Sohu alliance and CCTV international strategic cooperation

      CCTV CCTV International Network Co. Ltd and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games announced the Internet content service sponsor both sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, together for the first time this is the key news website and domestic business portal, the two sides will brand, content, channel resource sharing expand comprehensive cooperation.


      Sohu chairman of the board and chief executive officer Zhang Zhaoyang said, two new media platform, technical standards, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will bring a variety of opportunities, hitherto unknown viewing experience for the majority of Internet users and TV audience. In addition, from the current trend, the internationalization of media development, interdisciplinary cooperation has become the trend, CCTV and Sohu signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the Sohu will share the new Sohu in 3 and the CCTV network platform. read more

The first pull ad Wangzhuan risk free road station

believes that many webmaster for website traffic to sell a good price, to pull more advertising and sent a worry. I have therefore sent a worry, but now I don’t worry about not to advertisers, instead of the.

website is not enough to worry about

how do I do? The opposite way! The first advertising and then promote the station!

sites are not, to pull advertising, this is not a joke? Some people have questions, you don’t worry, listen to me. Before the station, is to see what the heat most probably it did not actually happen, what to do. The station is made out, it is difficult to rank up. Some rankings up around. For advertising, ADSENCE or Baidu alliance, income is very limited. Later, I contacted a few friends, we have nothing. We have a frank exchange of information, found the problem: read more

Repeat the site, but also how far

Chinese people are very smart, but why do you like the original site to copy? In addition to the interface change, other places with the same site is repeated, or only with some of the functions of the site is repeated.

you look at China’s classified information network? The difference seems to be only ".Asp" ".Php" ".Html".

you look at China’s video sharing site?

you look at China’s blog?

you look at China’s forum?

you look… ..

  read more

Tea words lead the trend of fine reading

Project Profile:

Chengdu sentence funny Technology Co., Ltd. is a new Internet creative media companies. Its core products for the comma net, the website of micro-blog mobile phone and Internet culture, cultural model, based on mobile Internet technology, focusing on product development, micro cultural field of network communication and marketing, is committed to create a set of activities, news, forum, the world’s largest Chinese search is one of the micro interactive community culture. Network culture propagation through the characteristics of the Fuju Zhuo funny, open Internet, reading, reading fine heart interest in reading and reading in the new era of poly. read more

How to make money on an old topic

I believe most of the webmaster do stand are for money, including me, then we can think of a station is the most important data, if the data is his own doing, it would be more trouble, it is good that the Road Station Road, do more new station data and maintenance is very important, if you are a powerful data update that would be wasting your fortunes, now it can be used in this collection, I agree with you to do well, but must be in the form of HTML to the people, I also love the direct data, increase the database, rent a server yourself, or a few more virtual space what, how to get data, these are not problems of maize. read more

Online human resources service provider Workday intends to raise $400 million listing

Beijing time on August 31st morning news, the U.S. human resources software maker Workday announced today that it plans to start IPO (initial public offering), financing $400 million. Workday provides HR, payroll and financial management services for the company.

according to previous reports, Workday in July this year began quietly planning IPO matters. Because of the employment law (JOBS Act), the company did not disclose the details of the preparation. Now, Workday announced the S-1 file, the news has been confirmed. read more

Novice to understand whether you do Wangzhuan

1 legal perspective. As a novice Wangzhuan legality is certainly the most concern, this point I’d like to introduce an objective description, we are all under the leadership of the party, the party is not allowed to let us do what we can’t do what, but there is a friend to see the legal provisions are not allowed to do Wangzhuan (if issued provisions you dare, attention is not even, Wangzhuan? Real expressly illegal MLM metamorphism and still have people do). That someone might say Wangzhuan mode like MLM, how do you explain read more

The experience and thinking of an nternet Education Entrepreneurs mouse + cement is still a good mo

over a period of time, the domestic Internet Education speculation is very hot, as a member of numerous business related field, I founded Chinese Aorui ( is also growing in this wave. Due to the particularity of the industry (Chinese as a foreign language), the road of my career may have some differences, here to share with you.

a, start-up process

as early as a few years ago, when I was studying in France, they have had a business idea.

at that time I met a lot of Chinese friends who grew up in France, although generally do not volunteer to learn complex Chinese, but their parents are very much hope that their children can learn the mother tongue. Know this demand, I began to teach some Chinese friends in Chinese, later even the non Chinese students, because in a foreign country, thinking is the dissemination of national culture, so do very seriously very energetic. read more

How do earn 100 knives a day to talk about my website

station is 5 years, from the beginning of 2003, I made a small station, do the education resources of things, every day is hard to add something, some original, some are reproduced, carefully edit their own, then released in the website initially, the flow is very small, do not know what time the acquisition, it is a plus, with the increase of resource, traffic is slowly increased, up to more than 5 thousand IP per day, and later because of various reasons, the station to stop, but the domain name is kept. This station made a total of a few hundred dollars, when I spent 500 yuan on the light space. So there’s no money. In 2004, I used the original domain name, and a type of article site, due to maintenance of their own, on time every day to add new content, so after 2 months, I had IP to 8000, because at that time I was 200M virtual host, website is dynamic so, to the virtual host provider’s server, causing great pressure load, they found me to buy more space, when I was taking a day, decided to change the space is replaced by Edong Network Star host, 100 month at the time, it seems that prices. And all of the site generated a static page, IP traffic is crazy up, when Baidu every day included. I remember most of the time more than ip8, Alex ranking to less than 30 thousand. This time, my income is Google helicopter, from 10 to 100 knife knife did start every day. read more

ad4all360 circle advertising test has been completed, will stop the promotion notice

dear members of the alliance, hello!

Hello everyone! The 360 circle to promote the launch of product testing has been completed, decided on August 20, 2007 (Monday) to suspend the promotion, by the end of the day before the cost of clearing up, please switch to other products!
in addition, I put on the code of advertising alliance JS members such as not to replace the ad code, I will through the background of the pie alliance network advertising advertising circle of all 360 switches to my alliance, we will provide you the product automatically opened on permissions, you can see the next day to our platform before the product returns one day. read more

Wangzhuan risk entrants need to be cautious

Wangzhuan attributed to the Internet to make money, a lot of people think the one-sided * * * Wangzhuan Wangzhuan is a network cable to a computer that, in fact, the Internet is more complex than the real money to make money, not easily click the mouse, typing can make money. A lot of new entrants in the industry often Wangzhuan only saw Ma Yun so successful figure, very envious of their success, but did not see what they experience before success to failure of blood and tears they left behind. In this industry, not Wangzhuan Everything is going smoothly. fruit waiting for you, no matter what you do, the Internet money project, first you have to think of failure, to withstand failure, set up with stocks as stocks risk awareness, there is a sentence "stock market risk, entrants need to be cautious," then I will make money on the Internet this sentence gave all Wangzhuan "Wangzhuan risk, new entrants need to be cautious". read more

bask in the pig pen on the first higher income

contact Wangzhuan should be considered for a long time, since I started college, but basically did not earn what money is earned, even earn a two pieces, such as the pig on the post by the ah, can get a piece of the two, a post game one of the largest is in pig do, I spent several days time, got a third-prize, waiting for nearly a month to get my hard work –160 yuan, plus before 00 or a block two, a total of 173.6 yuan, ha ha, this is the biggest one since I Wangzhuan income, not over hard, than work hard! For everyone to see a map, is a revelation to the novice door: read more

The network novice how to go the road network

the Internet is a place where gold can be put into use — and many people think so. So more and more people have joined the tide of the Internet to make money, there are failures have success. Yesterday, Zhang Qing met a new friend do Wangzhuan in a group, her purpose is very simple, is to make money on the Internet, but very confused do not know where to do, don’t know what to do. Such a situation, almost all newcomers have. I also come from the new, so I would like to talk about some of their own point of view in order to be able to give new friends some help. read more

Foreign lead market analysis is still a big cake

Hello everyone I am little, before the A5 to share a lot of knowledge about foreign Wangzhuan, some friends from childhood fly blog understand and learn foreign Wangzhuan, some people have earned a lot of dollars formally entered the foreign Wangzhuan industry. To bring such a big harvest is really little pleasure, today I give you analysis of foreign Wangzhuan prospects.

when we do Wangzhuan abroad mainly do is foreign lead, a foreign lead article before the boats had many of the analysis, we can also go to your blog to learn foreign boats. read more

To people after 80 entrepreneurs business behind Xu Huan

business card:

Company name: Beijing

network the number of Polytron Technologies Inc (formerly Beijing Youlian Huitong Technology Co. Ltd.)

founded: 2005

founder: Xu Huan

company website:

team size: 100+

When the

electronic commerce to later speed into to "trillion" as the unit of time, so many traditional industries to the huge pressure in the feeling at the same time, more is to make up their own development short board urgent.

insight into the line of business net eager demand, the number of the whole network of Beijing Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as: the whole network’s number) came into being. This is a telecommunications, radio and television operators and enterprises to provide e-commerce solutions to provide a full range of technology oriented companies. The company has successfully landed three new board listed in December 21, 2012. read more

Free entrepreneurial ideas to help you profit from the positioning of entrepreneurship


project at Baidu I have seen, this project has the certain risk, which belongs to the technical investment, need capital and R & D time. Website: real-time positioning of different game player exchanges, this idea appeared in a few months ago, a dating website to that time, but this type of website of many "what’s new type of site?" I think and think and think for a long time, still want to come out, want to bother to start the game. Suddenly a clap of thunder in the game, an inspiration from my mind "can I know which city real time game player in this game this area?" immediately, my new start pounding, immediately open Google (sometimes the more accurate, recommended) search game city friends, but I found that dating sites are rigid, submit information on the OK, there is no game data in real time, and then carefully to find other sites: read more

The story behind Sequoia Capital


venture capitalists encounter difficulties in the enterprise is too demanding, when progress is too hasty to cash out, but Sequoia Capital act in a diametrically opposite way, perhaps it is because entrepreneurs sought.

in 1968, when Glass · Leone (Doug Leone) came to New York, Mount Vernon, the 11 year old Italy immigrants feel lost. He failed in a math exam at school because the two words "True" and "False" made him confused.

He was wearing

from the Sears department store (Sears) bought very inappropriate casual pants, all the classmates laugh. After school, he is a person to watch "Mike Hale of the navy in the black and white TV" (McHale s Navy), I hope to learn English, to integrate into the local community. read more

Why did the founder fail Learn to jump out of the product CEO dilemma

Tencent Francisco (David) in Beijing on August 11th news, according to foreign media reports, the well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalists · Horowitz (Ben Horowitz) recently published an article that the company founder and CEO is not easy, especially vulnerable to the CEO dilemma". To solve this problem, we need to grasp the "participation" and "exit"".

the following is the main content of the article:

This is Horowitz

· venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz co-founder and partner was Opsware (previously called Loudcloud, has been acquired by HP) and co-founder of CEO, has also worked in the Netscape Department of a number of products. He currently serves on a number of corporate boards, including Capriza, Foursquare, Jawbone, Lytro, Magnet, NationBuilder, Okta, Rap Genius, SnapLogic and Tidemark. read more

The analysis of Chinese personal website’s money making model

1, operating news information, such as DoNews ( techweb (, Adsense network ( to earn money in terms of news guide and traffic.

2, business information, such as the Yellow Pages model of enterprise information classification model, the world executive model of network information to the publisher charges.

3, the spirit of the product, such as novels, professional papers, to the reader charges.

4, the operation of information intermediaries, such as Baidu, GOOGLE and other search engines, to business information publishers charge. read more

Guidance on College Students’ Network Entrepreneurship

College Students Network Entrepreneurship first of all to analyze their entrepreneurial talent. Through communication with teachers, students and parents, to fully understand their own character, knowledge and ability structure; if they have the technical expertise of one aspect of the study and lasting interest, can strengthen the learning technology, accumulate steadily, choose to serve others business mode; if their lack of technical expertise for the unique advantage of the but, with a stable supply and good at communicating with the human personality, can choose the type of commodity trading. read more

What is the core product of the talk about the higher in bidding

There are a number of factors that influence

‘s revenue: Web pages, aesthetics, design, language, telephone, company, customer service, delivery, price…… But this is a minor, because these are what we can ascend, only one thing is we can not change, that is the product, and the product is the core of the auction, so if you want to get a good income, it is necessary to find good products on the packaging, by posing as to get high income the product is certainly not the beginning, opportunistic earn some money, but after all the others copy or imitate others, not always stand in the sun. read more

The way of personal webmaster Wangzhuan

five thousand years of civilization of the Chinese nation, Taoism is also a long history, the way of life, the first view of its virtue, make money, first look at the road of life.

The so-called

way, the key to see how you understand the word "Dao", in ancient times, King Zhou road, harm the people, no good. In the new democratic revolution period, represented by Mao Zedong, always adhere to the interests of the people as the first, the development of the masses, the masses of trust, finally achieved a great victory in the new democratic revolution! This is the two example of the contrary, Zhou expensive for the emperor, if people can understand a hundred responses to a single call, for the road finally, how will the violent death of the wilderness. Mao Zedong, in the beginning did not want to make the fantasy, but to seize the essence of things. On behalf of the interests of others, in a way, but also on behalf of their own interests, as we Chinese to be strong, we must, each person or the majority of people are rich Caixing! Always only see their own interests, regardless of the feelings of others, to benefit even in a short period of time, certainly not long the. read more

Baidu search private bidding refers to the cost of default users increased by 50

source: Beijing Yuyuexinbao Author: Ren Hong

"to do business, the key is to allow customers to find you, in this regard, lawyer Zhang Xinwei found Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd., signed a contract bidding, hoping to promote the network through the company’s search engine. I did not expect to just signed a contract in May 31st, Baidu Inc in June 1st to adjust the relevant price. In June 12th, Baidu believes that Zhang Xinwei will default Baidu Inc sued the Haidian court, requesting the court to order according to the contract price bidding starts at Baidu (0.3 yuan) to fulfill the contract. read more

Enterprise network development strategy plan outline

The application of the network in the enterprise is a very active field of technology application in the new technology revolution. Make it systematic and scientific throughout the entire enterprise, finance, personnel, administration, business and other departments have become the three major business flow (logistics, capital flow, information flow) is an important part of, and can as a basis for strategic decision making of enterprises.

The first part of the macro analysis and Market Research:
Analysis of the 1.1 whole Internet market situation and the growth of read more

Make a profit of $6000 over the course of one day by selling e-books

at 6 this morning, I pressed the send button and began to wait. In ten minutes, my Gumroad more than $1000, until now, income is still increasing.

I released my ebook "The App Handbook", which is a description of how to design a beautiful interface IOS procedures manual Design. I wrote this book for 3 months, and a total of 795 people ordered the book in advance. The original $1000 was from the list. Before I started writing this article, today’s sales amount has reached $6000. read more

Angel with gold coins through the valley of death

as an important way of personal financing, angel investment in China’s development is still in infancy. Whether it is "not without" concept, or angel investment institutions trend, are essentially the definition of angel investment is also a business. For entrepreneurs and angel investors, the successful passage of death valley is the primary goal.

is not every project is not dead, but not every project has Facebook potential, the only thing that can be sure is that the angel, the angel with gold coins. read more

The social network light Heron comments template design competition started

If you have

design inspiration full without platform can play, whether you very much at home but have no place to attempt on the template design, do not hesitate, do not hesitate, there is gold, you will realize the ideal of


in order to let more love template design, good design Master have more space to show the unique talent out of the ordinary, provide more better and more personality is more powerful and more excellent personalized templates provide a better user experience for the majority of users, Heron network ( light to hold the first template design contest! Welcome template design lovers are widely involved in! This contest will be responsible for the review from the media and websites of senior judges, outstanding works will be fully committed to the promotion and publicity of light heron network. At the same time there are a wealth of prizes —- iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and so you get Oh! What are you waiting for? read more

How much personal website can earn four aspects to analyze

can earn much, the problem is that most of the owners do not want to know. In the end how much money can not say. This and the site’s visit, the type of site, the quality of advertising, advertising has a great emphasis on the relationship.

1 access

no matter what station, no access, what do not want to, a point can not earn.

2 site type


is also very important, two visits to the same type of different stations, the absolute income will not be the same, for example: pure literature station is the general entertainment station, the latter must earn more than the former, because the audience is too small, relatively small ads also face. (this is related to the issue of advertising) so if you intend to make the site profitable, you have to consider the type of problem before the site. If other hobby does not consider it’s different. read more

Buyren Zhang Zhiyong new opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money

March 10th news, 2006 China Super Adsense entrepreneurship contest " entrepreneurial practice " training held in Beijing today, Tencent science and Technology Conference on the exclusive broadcast.

following is Buyren general manager Zhang Zhiyong speech:

Buyren Zhang Zhiyong: Adsense venture to make new opportunities

Zhang Zhiyong: Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to communicate something. Today, for the first time in the face of so many people speak, his heart a little nervous, so I will forget the words I hope you can understand and encourage. Just wear a total, including the king of the map than I may not be a very well-known personal webmaster, may know my name is less than 10%. Chinese has some of the most famous and successful websites in this circle, you know he just graph king has been commercialized, including wearing the total company also can be said to have a huge investment risk, compared to some personal website is not commercial, but also have very high earnings, I learned about the income of hundreds of thousands, not over millions of websites, compared to my personal income barely subsistence. Today, Mary billion company to give me such a company about such things, is not to say how much I, how cattle, there may be some pessimism webmaster circles, I actually have some different ideas out to share with you. read more

From the gold chain to Taobao frozen door Taobao guest where to go

December 15, 2010, Taobao "freeze off door" Ali mother discovered network, Taobao does not give the guests their hard-earned money, this is very angry, to a reasonable answer as soon as possible.


review, since the acquisition of Alibaba phpwind, Taobao alliance began to shift the battlefield, believe that pay attention to and use of the phpwind forum friends, know that there is a very powerful tool called Taobao off the gold chain.

they define the gold chain like this:

install gold chain, when users click on the site of the Taobao link in a flash, the link will be automatically converted to Taobao link. After a successful transaction, you will get the corresponding Taobao commission. read more

Mobile nternet start-ups grass root and their stories


Yuwei times"

" author Malcolm had heterogeneous statistics the success of the U.S. high-tech age, found that many great men were born in 1955, such as Jobs, Gates, Bill · Oracle founder Erickson, and Sun founder Max Litt. He believes that in the last century, the Internet in 80s and 90s they are young raging like a storm, and environment makes them.


Jobs, Bill Gates; they appear and start the other side of the Pacific, many young people Chinese, their story was widely spread. Influenced by their decision in the wave of mobile Internet, allow yourself to follow the pace of the times to go crazy. read more

Touch screen analysis services $400 thousand investment

Poland venture announced the completion of the seed round of financing, access to $400 thousand investment. This means that it will be the first to test the touch screen test period, officially released on the market. As for the source of funds, the company did not disclose, we are not interested to know. is a small iOS framework, less than 80KB, and he can be installed into any iOS device applications. When the user is operating, the data is transmitted to the data center, which converts the information into useful images (like temperature maps) and statistical data. Moreover, these data can be used in the form of custom reports output, PDF format makes it easier to share data. read more

Google AdSense picture advertising problem

Google AdSense type of advertising is more varied, in addition to pictures, Flash and video advertising language, including video ads appear less, we see pictures advertising problems.

is the first matching problem. Due to the relatively small picture advertising resources, and advertising can be set in the background only display image ads, now rarely show public service ads, so when only the display picture advertising is often not related to the content. For many advertisers, it is more likely to show an alternative advertising or public service ads, but also do not want to show irrelevant advertising. Once is not related to advertising, it is easy to reduce the click rate, if delayed many words will affect the price. read more

Web site

Elong online hotel distribution alliance

: * * * to split the credibility of split: * * *

split assumes: * * * to do of split

Sohu content code embedded into their own website, the cumulative flow can be converted into a "Gold Alliance", awarding points.

will bid advertising code on the station, as long as someone clicks, you can obtain the income. According to the amount of daily traffic will have a certain size

the limit, the monthly payment

split assumes: * * * to do of split

: * * * to divide the credibility of equally: assumes

Caixiu MMS union

: * * * to divide the credibility of equally: assumes

successfully send a MMS you can get at least 0.8 yuan each of the Commission, good reputation, and real-time statistics. 10 per month about money in time.

do of equally:
read more

Yin Fei loan to help companies die also will be the first practitioner

text: Xu Xu

he had wanted to go Mohamed · the way of Yunus.

Yin Fei had hoped that he would be able to serve as a farmer’s Bank like Yunus. This focus on rural urbanization of small and micro gold clothing P2P platform loan to help network "is now facing a sum of up to 12 million 800 thousand yuan of overdue risk of collapse.

however, the whole industry is shocked, Yin Fei made adhere to the "do not reveal the position of investors. Yin Fei has reported this case to the Public Security Bureau, but in August, 3 months after the Public Security Bureau has not yet filed. Yin Fei and the loan to help network "fallback" also means that before they want to go all the legal procedures, the investment projects all the losses will be borne by the 500 individual investors on the matter. read more

Only CPS advertisers DHC official on-line!

. The advertiser Name: DHC (

. Advertisers:

uses natural ingredients to meet all kinds of skin’s desire is the purpose of DHC skin care. To this end, DHC with superb technology to develop products to meet customer needs. At present, DHC has been a high degree of attention to skin care, strict selection of Japanese brands trust. But also favored by many overseas people.

In order to make the

China Amy also enjoy the same with Japanese high-tech products, DHC for two years, through a rigorous review of the Ministry of health, China MHLW, finally realized "100% sales of all goods imported from Japan, it products from Japan to China. read more

Several problems must know the success of Taobao customers

see a lot of successful Taobao customers a lot of money to make examples, do more and more Taobao customers. A lot of people hurry up, after a period of operation found that: where the money is not so good. To do anything, you must have enough understanding to start. The so-called enemy, only more in-depth understanding of the Taobao customer can do it.

want to be a successful Taobao guest, the necessary 3 points must be home, that is:

1 choose good products and shops.

good start is the beginning of success, began to go well, you can get twice the result with half the effort. The best choice for a product or store is the following: read more

Recommendation sad can make money to make the industry

with the economic tsunami gradually increased, in addition to real estate, finance, domestic industries have ushered in trouble, unemployment, wage cuts and pay cuts, more and more people sad, as the saying goes, chance favors the prepared mind, in this economic environment, some grassroots website frequently gains, however, it is reported that a just on the line less than a month, the small website "sad net" has just won the 100 thousand angel investment, of course, the 100 thousand is very few, but as a small website, has achieved initial victory. read more

Amoy difficulties in PD, program back door, who moved my income

for many people, Taobao customers to promote it is not an easy thing, although there are a lot of people in the jar and how to quickly earn a lot of money. There is no denying that each industry has a master, really make a lot of money, but I believe that most people may not be able to earn a lot of money. In particular, there are some empty with enthusiasm, do not stand and procedures do not understand and want to use the site to promote a friend, even more so, the results of their hard work may be, but others have been mercilessly deprived. read more

How to design director from Web Designer

the status quo, the word is always different people give different meaning. What was the status quo, what time the status quo? As a web designer if you let yourself smug? "People go up, the water to flow", which is All the world knows. a saying, as a web designer for you, is ready to let yourself go up.

?However, from the

web designers do design director, we need to do what? The stubborn girl to understand and talk about their feelings.

the spirit of dedication

do a line, love a line, this is a lot of people know a word, really few people. Dedication, we often are listening to the word, but no time to really think about the meaning of it. Whether a person loves his job may be difficult to decide, after all, a lot of people are forced to make a living at work, but at least to be responsible for the basic responsibilities of their own work, not to escape. This is like a person with the basic honesty, we all know that a person without integrity is difficult to be accepted in the workplace, in fact the reason is the same, you can not do on their work due diligence, so you will not get the attention of others. read more

Rookie veteran to earn money is good.

money is the ultimate goal of every webmaster, a way of higher 10 million, it’s actually saying that it cat cat, catch mice is a good cat, in our webmaster, I want to say: rookie veteran to earn money is good.

as a grassroots webmaster (except genius and family) Wangzhuan way everyone has to go through from the old rookie transformation, then this transformation is a process of what? I think like Wangzhuan the reality of the work, the metamorphosis of old rookie is the transformation from wage earners to the boss, let let’s take a look at what read more

Then this Baidu alliance and Google alliance Adsense

    do Google Adsense fast a year, Baidu Union (theme promotion) also have a few days. Here is a detailed comparison of the two major domestic web site alliance.

      1 application conditions: now almost the same as the basic two, Baidu to reduce the theme to promote the application conditions, basically the same as Adsense, can be passed.
google Adsense application. Baidu alliance application

      2 content match: Google is better than Baidu, Baidu often appear public service ads, and public light all point to Baidu know and encyclopedia. Google matching precision is also relatively high. read more

Taobao to do a single page of a few must understand the knowledge


Google China’s exit, small webmaster friends seem to feel some adverse effects. I also have to do Adsense a year, 80% of traffic from the search engine, and Google accounted for more than 75% of the search traffic. One can imagine, Google’s exit, has given us these traffic by eating a small head of a great impact, Google included sharp drop, traffic plummeted, Adsense revenue is only about 30% of the previous. Ma and the timely launch of Taobao alliance, has whipped a whirlwind in the small owners. read more

By the English language software promotion activities on-line

dear Webmaster:


is an online learning software for English lovers and to improve their English level. (including online classroom, one to one service, IM and other multi-functional products)

Commission: 0.5 yuan / effective installation registration. (definition: download, install, register is a valid user).

please according to the provisions of the normal release of advertising, strictly prohibited cheating on the promotion behavior.

Yiqifa alliance marketing platform

network service sales read more

Ali Mama please don’t flicker!

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > >

      online rumors of Ali mother and domain name a series derived: Uncle Ali, Ali kept woman… But….., I always thought it was a spoof, do not believe that Ali’s products are authentic.

      but the day before yesterday received Ali alliance paid mail, encourages people to register today. What users received more Ali alliance into the Ali Mama Easy Access mail. Since Ali alliance again and again linked to that view is really a family, that I will follow Easy Access look inside, is really true the relevant data, Ali alliance has been imported into Ali mother. Internet rumors will destroy the rumors Ali alliance appears to be true, not Weakness lends wings to rumours. read more

Reward Jiangsu excellent personal website in Admin5 station banner round of advertising, you also ha

      as long as your site can attract visitors, a good website not only by the brilliant appearance, also rely on their own internal content, not just rely on the acquisition to fill the page, even if the copy is also copied a character, copied to edit articles, for example said tidy paragraphs, remove some useless statements, fix typos, then you also carefully.

      I often go to a website, is the classic game Raiders and download games are inside, childhood childhood memories of the game, although there are some website navigation slightly confusion, but the site still can clearly distinguish it, and not with CMS, no such skills, each page is the author of a software like frontpage do HTML page, even if the speed is very slow to access read more

How to make use of Sina blog to promote Taobao guest


off the threshold is relatively low, do not like the shop that shipment delivery, no station can not, zero cost business, so now more and more people want to do Taobao, Taobao has become almost synonymous with guest wangzhuan. For those who do not have the technology or no time to promote the site, the use of Taobao blog is the most appropriate choice. While the number of users in the blog and the highest weight than Sina blog, but Taobao off Sina blog use there are also many problems, there are problems to solve, the so-called foot step ahead. read more

Vientiane, the capital of winter the golden age of the entrepreneur

days to the ground, a vast gray. The oncoming person hurried footsteps, wearing masks, and don’t wear. The 22 year old Celia is that any protective measures do not, she stood on the side of the road, looking at the heavy traffic, silent, smoke.

a cigarette burn, she in the circle of friends to write down these words: haze days, smoking seems to have started up at the. In late October, the eaves team CEO said the budget is tight, half of all wages, she quietly accepted this reality, to encourage themselves this is the norm of entrepreneurship, and now the investment environment is so good. read more

Dotting the pedigree of advertising advertising

      they should be in 2007 Chinese advertising network advertising alliance in the most legendary company, in a very short period of time the development of a large number of high-quality advertisers and publishers, has become a leader in embedded advertising keywords.

      precision marketing advertising (the dotting advertising) is a network of Internet users are most concerned about the final page of the main text as the carrier, real-time analysis of reader behavior and web pages, according to the correlation between the interest of consumers and the content of the article, automatically tag keywords, and through semantic matching system, the implementation of new forms of online advertising ads with text matching precision. read more

Confessions of a serial entrepreneur entrepreneurship is not bitter, but loneliness

introduction: founded in 2009, P2P lending platform for student loan ha, let him penniless. In 2012, he began his third venture, the online laundry website.

was born in 1983, Yao Zong field, has been pioneering three times. In 2005 the creation of Bain advertising, which earned him 2 million yuan of venture capital. In 2009 the establishment of P2P lending platform for student loan ha, let him penniless. In 2012, he began his third venture, the online laundry website.

washing Thai flute in Shanghai, in July this year to get 10 million yuan A round of financing from investment institutions invested in SF express yuan wo origin. The world’s first online laundry site, in June this year to get $10 million 500 thousand A round of financing in the United States and the United States is also the application of laundry washing in the Thai flute after washing Washio. read more

New Taobao money off five steps to select products

in the flow of the king under the domination of the concept, the webmaster put most of the energy on the flow. But I personally think that to make money to make Taobao customers, select the product is also a very important part. Select products, targeted traffic, turnover rate, is the soul of the three elements of Taobao customers to make money, indispensable. Before explaining how to make money to choose a Taobao product, we must first clear: the importance of the right choice of products.

first, the importance of the correct choice of products read more