One week news review Wan Hui online line to see Wanda electricity suppliers in the third party payme

A5 ( stationmaster net news: finishing in recent times, whether it is the electricity supplier industry or the financial sector or TV box and so on, in all areas of bigwigs move affects, many areas have greatly small change, some news industry is continuously below, finishing a news of the week, to share with you:

1 line to see Wanda Wan Hui online how to do business

news December 16th, Wanda to enter the electricity business! It is brewing for Wanda electricity supplier recently has been on the line, the site name is wan ibusiness". Wanda electricity supplier can not help but think of a year ago, Wang Jianlin and Ma bet.

everyone waiting time to see the drama, Wang Jianlin suddenly stood up and said, that is just a joke to warm field activities. Gambling is worth mentioning. Wanda is now going to enter the electricity business, so it is about gambling or joke there is no need to debate. So I can’t help thinking this is how Wanda electricity supplier model? Is the next Taobao? Tmall? Or a Jingdong? Or do their own characteristics?

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2 bitcoin was hit by a central bank to close the third party payment channel

December 17th news, bitcoin recently suffered a series of attacks, a number of governments around the world have shown that the position of bitcoin contrast, which is mostly negative voice. China’s financial regulator to prohibit the use of bitcoin financial institutions, in addition to South Korea, Norway and Thailand did not give the legal status of bitcoin.

, the central bank provides third party payment institutions shall not be provided for the bitcoin trading site hosting, trading and other services." Yesterday afternoon, the central bank convened a meeting of the third party payment company revealed the news. This is the central bank in December 5th issued the "notice" on guard against the risk of bitcoin, bitcoin bad policy check again. Bitcoin players said that the last notice of some of the content can also be seen as good news, but this policy is entirely comparable to the development of domestic currency in the fight against. Bitcoin Chinese worrying in the future development of the situation, they will choose different levels of "escape", or transferred to overseas trading platform bitcoin transactions.

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