Master network visit to break through 100 thousand to create the first online learning platform

June 9th, teacher network has more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide college entrance examination on the clear version of the line, the day the network traffic exceeded 100 thousand passengers.

Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Materials Department responsible person and teacher net value is not only the click rate, but the net before the college entrance examination do "college entrance essay" actually forecast and 5 provincial college entrance essay "coincidence", "which marks the great network for Hunan investment holding group. The customer service service to enhance the quality of teaching materials, and teacher net network purpose is to provide a full range of services for teachers and students in primary and middle schools."

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Hu Lifeng reported Changsha

wholeheartedly serve the candidates

this year before the college entrance examination, teacher net invite teachers across the country to the composition of counseling and material analysis of the candidates, announced the national college entrance examination papers, site staff were surprised to find that there was Anhui province 5 essay andcounseling composition similar or nearly identical.


" is not only a language composition, it should be said that the network provides a huge database of candidates." Nearly 10 years around the college entrance examination and college entrance examination set syllabus interpretation, each subject review guidance, sprint Title set…… Teacher network person in charge of the network cited a number of college entrance examination topics and resources. Around the college entrance examination, the website has made a series of services, exam hire counseling experts counseling; after the test, the teacher hired around the interpretation of the college entrance examination; at the same time, to provide services for voluntary reporting.

the next Hunan academic proficiency test, all over the country in the exam, the teacher network will spare no effort to serve candidates." The official said, to serve all primary and secondary school teachers and students, from the students to the third year of high school graduation, with the support of learning and test counseling, physical and psychological counseling and a series of full range of services. Service based education, which is one of the original intention of the Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group to set up the site.

"allows teachers to better plan their careers"

December 31, 2008, the official network formally launched.

specializes in providing publishing services publishing center in Hunan, why should we set up a network of teachers, teacher network official said, the network was born with only one goal: for primary and secondary school teachers.

"we have learned that in many remote mountainous areas, teachers are less likely to receive training, and teaching resources are scarce." The person in charge, commissioned by the government free of charge for these primary and secondary schools to provide teaching materials at the same time, can enrich their educational resources through a channel


network to do a responsible, public welfare website. The responsible person said, the first half, great network attention to basic education, to provide professional services for basic education teachers; at the same time, based on the advantages of teaching business, provide professional education and training services; provide massive quality lesson plans, courseware, teaching material and so on