Shi Xianhui do a good job in the promotion of national day several practical methods

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National Day to National Day, is a national holiday, will inevitably cause the attention of many people, from the Baidu index, search the key words National Day over 12000ip, National Day Related words expand plus day is expected to have millions of people search for National Day related things. How do we grasp and make good use of these traffic network promotion experts Shi Xianhui teach you a few good national day network promotion practical methods.


(figure for the Baidu index: National Day nearly netizens on the "National Day" this keyword search volume)

national day network promotion method one: make good use of consumer psychology cheap

National Day to, will be your shopping spree, consumption of living, because of the holiday period is 7 days, so we have time to go shopping, or have free time to search for items in the network, so we can start a price war at the principle of small profits, a variety of East West collocation sales. Guide users to purchase desire.

national day network promotion method two: learn to use video marketing

National Day is coming, the country began to engage in National Day parade, then we can record the National Day Related videos, and then uploaded to the major portals, and insert ads in the video. National Day users to occupy the photosensitive. It is expected that every day millions of people search National Day video, will be a good means of promotion.

national day network promotion method three: learn the long tail keyword marketing


said, by National Day, daily users search traffic in the millions, we can do National Day related keywords, as long as the occupy 10% of the land, that our website, every day can bring more than and 10 IP traffic flow, although the quality is not high, but significant network brand publicity.

national day network promotion method four: the use of activities to increase the user zero distance

National Day joy is a national holiday, if we do the forum can hold some activities, because of the daily work of white-collar workers also have time to play, we know each other, to increase website credibility and appeal, can also be online with some big platform for cooperation, the prize activities, the marketing force is very high.

national day network promotion method five: the use of national day to recruit the spread of brand

we can go to some of the big recruitment website released some company recruitment information, these words, not just for someone who knows your company, users can also check to your site by Baidu, improve exposure rate.

The above is my

to National Day network promotion method is summed up, in fact, a lot of National Day network promotion method, the key point is how to adopt a consistent method to promote their own grasp time, make good use of National Day this season.