August webmaster activities – Hangzhou webmaster registration list update…

      hot August, hot mood, let us High up!

      face the computer every day, whether the body is no longer flexible as before?

      every day in the face of the machine, whether the emotional no longer as before?

      now is the time to clear the tibia!

      what do you like and what you want to play? We all have a chance to meet you.

      we act quickly, adding to the discussion of the content of the T2C no theme activities.

      what to play, it’s up to you!

      registration contact: QQ: 340687612

      event organizer: T2C

      theme: Collection ~ ~ ~ ~ you decide!

      activity time: August 18, 2007 (Saturday)

      active urban area: Hangzhou

      active object:

      the purpose of the activity: T2C strive to build an informal interactive platform, so that the network owners at the same time they can communicate with each other.

      here we have the following suggestions, please vote for your favorite sports. Of course, you can also give us more interesting activities theme! T2C look forward to your participation.

      bowling game
      table tennis match

      badminton competition……

      registration list update……

      people’s movie network

      Hangzhou vent

      Zhejiang vent


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