Want to be a monkey 28 online learning website that turns you into a monkey!


is considering changing jobs into a full-time program ape, or trying to build a website, or want to learn more skills, in short, now more and more people are learning how to program. Although the program is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but for more in-depth understanding of the relevant knowledge is always there are some benefits.

before the formal introduction of these learning sites to everyone, I would like to share some advice from Marissa Louie. Marissa Louie Ness Computing is a self-study tutorial designer. She says the most difficult part of learning, whether it is design, programming or any other discipline, is the courage to overcome your fears.

Marissa also said that once you have mastered the basic knowledge and skills, you should create opportunities for yourself in the process of continuous trial and error accumulation of practical experience. Please keep this in mind when you are teaching yourself online. So, let’s talk about these online learning resources. (no matter whether you have any suggestions, please leave a message.

                MIT Open Courseware

MIT ‘Open Courseware offers 2100 courses covering different topics, including electronic engineering and Computer Science (s). Free resources include online textbooks, exams, multimedia content, assignments and projects, examples, etc.. These are the lessons taught by MIT in the past few decades.



Coursera offers more than 600 courses in more than 108 prestigious universities. With Coursera, you can learn a full set of college courses taught by real college professors without spending a penny.



Udacity offers 24 free courses to help you achieve your learning goals by challenging the world’s leading university lecturers. These courses not only teach you how to code, but also strengthen your knowledge of mathematics and physics, and even teach you how to start a company.



Codecademy became particularly popular in early 2012, as the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, issued a statement on tweeter that he said in 2012

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