Peel Web2.0 gorgeous coat

      compared with the huge success of foreign Web2.0 site, many Web2.0 websites in China have not found a suitable profit model, has entered into a period of cold winter, this situation makes many people feel the concept of Internet industry in China Web2.0 Web2.0 prospects pale; the concept of a very short time in the domestic experience the introduction to the process, the hot end.

      while Web2.0 has no clear definition in China, but it certainly is UGC (user generated content) is Web2.0 the most basic attribute, in a broad sense, not only production, upload content belongs to UGC, user reviews and ratings also offer content for the website tribute category, these behaviors the common construction content and interactive platform website; and with the fall Web2.0 banner, UGC prospects in China is also being questioned.

      fatal injury – Internet users younger

    the proportion of Internet users in China under the age of 18 to 17.2%, under the age of 24 Internet users accounted for more than half of all Internet users, and the users of mental age is generally not mature, coupled with the knowledge level and structure, there is no rational understanding of things, in the attitude is very easy influenced by others, action with blindness and great emotional tendency, which determines that they created a lot of content will inevitably be superficial and one-sided.

    in addition, another characteristic is brought about by the young Internet users have great demand for entertainment; it can be clearly seen from Baidu’s annual ten words, ten words in 2006 Baidu respectively: MP3, QQ,  , kart, audition, thunder; Li Yuchun, martial arts, network television, the World Cup and the eight honors and eight disgraces, and entertainment has nothing to do with only one; this shows that Internet users attention focused on entertainment, can produce content is limited to entertainment; from these words we can also see that the chat, online and download is netizens online most often do, this suggests that these younger users are not suitable for independent to produce content, and one-sided Web2.0 is emphasized by the user independently to create within Capacity, while the characteristics of domestic Internet users seem to have become a "Web2.0" development of the fatal injury.

      uncover Web2.0’s mask

      although Web2.0 calls in gradually become weak, but there are still more and more SNS, friends, comments, WIKI, blog sites surfaced; although these sites in the form of Web2.0 site, but due to the lack of interaction mechanism, and not really.

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