nternet phone really stopped the wind This is not the case!

consumption upgrade and offline channels has become the strong rise of intelligent mobile phone market in 2016 Chinese two flags flying high, the corresponding Internet mobile phone mode in the market is changed from apotheosis to alienation, the mad chase Internet model manufacturers began to wander around the line, open channel mania. And this irrational market changes, the industry seems to give the impression that the wind has stopped the Internet phone. But is it really the case, from the market reality, the Internet phone is still not stopped, the Internet is still acting as a pioneer in innovation.

a, Internet phone, from myth to be alienated

market is like a pendulum, from the line to the king swing to the end of the line is king, the mobile phone market took only 1 years. In this year, the Internet mobile phone mode, also experienced a shift from deification to alienation, but this is a non rational transformation.

1 when we talk about the Internet phone wind stopped, what exactly is talking about


in fact, to a large extent, we are talking about millet in the past two years, the growth crisis encountered.

from the time point of view, we talk about the Internet phone stopped the wind, in fact, from millet in 2015 announced its first half results. At that time, millet official data show: millet in the first half of 2015 smartphone sales of 34 million 700 thousand mobile phones, an increase of 33%. But this group sales performance, and not as in the past so that the industry is pleased.

there are two reasons: first, the growth rate in half a year, compared with 2014, millet mobile phone growth slowed sharply. But the more important reason is put forward, in early 2015, Lei Jun millet is 80 million to 100 million in the 2015 sales target of intelligent mobile phone. But the results of the first half of the data so that millet in the second half of 2015 to sell at least 45 million 300 thousand mobile phones. This is for millet, is a very challenging thing. And later we also see that in 2015, millet intelligent mobile phone sales although more than 70 million units, but did not complete the Lei in the beginning of the year sales target. The time to 2016, millet in the intelligent mobile phone sales (first three quarters) still could not stop the decline, from the IDC data, millet intelligent mobile phone sales top three quarter has been in Chinese market fourth, five around.

2 why do not feel the Internet model is due to the shift in the focus of attention of the industry

and this has been in the spotlight for the industry millet, naturally not good news. Frankly speaking, the Internet mobile phone mode Chinese intelligent mobile phone is brought up by millet. It promoted the rapid growth of millet, making it a few years to become the industry giant, almost created a miracle in the history of China’s smart phone growth. And when the millet in the face of growing difficulties, the industry spotlight will also be transferred to the new topic of heat, such as

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