Pinterest how to go through the development of the road, the future roadmap is how

(original from TechCrunch, translated by Sina Technology)

Pinterest in recent years, the rapid development of three people from the early stages of development to the current team of a team of 140 people (including the Engineer) to get $338 million investment. Engineering Supervisor Joan · Jenkins (Jon Jenkins) reviewed the development of the past few years,

2010, the business was founded in 2011, expanding the size of

Pinterest its goal is to help people find what they like and do it in real life". In the case of only 1 engineers, Pinterest was lucky to attract the attention of users. Jenkins introduction, in 2011 every half a month Pinterest traffic will double (Figure). He said that the initial development of the Pinterest site is not sustainable. "The initial website uses Python to develop. When you develop a web site for a small number of users, you don’t think too much about modularity. But when 1 million users visit the site, you need to ensure that the site will not be a problem."

2012, mobile force; in 2013, to enhance the content value of

August 2012, Pinterest released a new version of iOS and Android applications, which became the basis for the development of the application on small screen devices. This year, Pinterest provides content development capabilities, such as recipes can display the required ingredients, the film can show the film, and the product can display the price. Recently, Pinterest also uses content source editor to recommend more content to the user. In addition, Pinterest reconstructs the entire site. This is not only to deal with traffic growth, but also allows engineers to improve the site at the same time, and will not affect each other.

future, Pinterest’s 5 important projects

1 "interest map"

Jenkins said, Pinterest is not to help users to establish links between, but to help users find something interesting. Pinterest users in the past can only find their own content. Based on the analysis of large amounts of data, Pinterest will provide users with help. Use recommendations to increase the viscosity of Pinterest for heavy users, and help Pinterest retain new users.

2 big data

Pinterest has been active in the field of machine learning, data mining, operations and infrastructure.

3 makes content more useful

future, Pinterest will provide more types of content expansion function, "useful" in the end may mean "can buy". Pin>

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