New sites a day was included experience

      my site is the first day of natural search included

      when it seems that only a few cheat article, (it seems that the article is not much, the original good ah)

      at the time of the article I mainly paid attention to a few

      1 title. (because the search is concerned about your title), so it is best to include your keyword in the title

      each page is not the same title

      2 there is the time in writing, address the most important, not many people see your address, your article address is to let the search to see, so we should pay attention to, for you to do the best to include Pinyin Pinyin word

      3 followed by the content of the.

      content said, the original is the best, we say to do blog, blog is usually written, about their own things, then I tell you, you are wrong in this. Why?

      you do this blog is not just for yourself, it is not that. Not be careful. You face the user. You are for everyone, not for what people see, so your article should be popular, widely don’t limit. In his sky, of course. Occasional page can be.

      there is in the best content to include keywords, but the density of the best suitable keywords should be marked with bold color or what to achieve better results. Because the spider is not the time to crawl, so you have to keep every day to update the


      of course, my website now do word also did not go up, I will not say much, said that when I do these, we do not know of no use. The wrong place hope that ha

      all of the friends of common interests. Do not be anxious or to search food oh


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Thank you

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