The State Copyright Bureau Yan Xiaohong Jian Wang 2015 key specifications of music copyright


technology news Beijing time on June 16th morning news, the State Press and Publication Administration (National Copyright Bureau) deputy director Yan Xiaohong this morning, 10 points to 11 points at the Sina micro-blog micro interview, "Jian Wang 2015" special action "this topic with friends of the exchange.

Yan Xiaohong said that the State Copyright Bureau attaches great importance to the protection of the original network literature. In early 2015, the General Administration issued the guidance on promoting the healthy development of network literature. Next, we will further improve the laws and regulations, strengthen routine supervision, continue to combat piracy and piracy of literary works.

Yan Xiaohong in the interview that, Jian Wang 2015 music as key areas of governance, will strengthen the supervision of law enforcement of copyright music website, crack down on piracy without music licensing. At the same time, the State Copyright Bureau to carry out the active supervision of key sites copyright, will also be the main content of the dissemination of music into the website.

for users of the WeChat homogenization of content and content of plagiarism is serious problem, "Yan Xiaohong said," Jian Wang 2015 "will further standardize the network copyright reprint order, strengthen the copyright protection of digital publishing content, strengthen the Internet media copyright supervision, and severely punish illegal behavior of unauthorized reprint, spread the work of others piracy, protect and promote the traditional publishing and new media integration and development.

it is understood that since 2005, the State Copyright Bureau launched the network copyright protection "sword" special action, has gone through 10 years. (A Li)

following interview record:

Question: Hello, Yan

. See the news know that this year’s "sword action" has just started, what is "sword action"


Yan Xiaohong: Hello, this netizen. Jian Wang action is the National Copyright Bureau jointly with the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of Public Security jointly carried out special actions against Internet piracy, was started from 2005 of that year, known as the "first year of Internet copyright protection".

in April 2005, the national copyright administration and the Ministry of information industry jointly issued the enactment of the Internet copyright administrative protection measures, which is the first legal document copyright protection in the Internet field.

in September of the same year, the State Copyright Bureau in conjunction with the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of information industry and other departments jointly issued the "on notice" against Internet piracy special action, the first time to start the Internet copyright protection special action, this is the first level of central ministries in the field of network supervision of law enforcement action to carry out the exploration.

in October of the same year, the State Copyright Bureau on the basis of open legislation on the completion of the "Information Network Transmission Right Protection Ordinance" (Draft) of the draft, submitted to the State Council, the State Council approved in May 2006, caused great concern in the international community. >

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