Dark black market silk road is back

"Silk Road" is a perfect business miracle, if it does not sell drugs.

as a "brand value" in the dark net electricity supplier, the "Silk Road" after several ups and downs. Recently, known as the new version of the Silk Road 3 again on the dark line. This is the fourth anniversary of the Silk Road, the site of the resurrection".

of the Silk Road "bearer"

if the selection of the history of the most dangerous occupation, the silk road is estimated to top the list.


The founder of the Silk Road:


Ross Ulbricht;The famous

hacker Ross · Ubu Leigh F in 2011 created the "Silk Road" to the drug trade based website. With the prosperity of the dark network, the website is based on the human desire rapid expansion. Because of the anonymity of the dark network itself, coupled with the extraordinary Ulbricht anti reconnaissance capability, make it smooth operation of the Silk Road for two years. During this period, he earned more than $100 million in profits on a commission of 10% per transaction. With FBI, betrayed by friends and led a series of dramatic stories, Ubu Rishi was arrested, but the dark net first drug trade website silk road also.


[request for the release of the web site]

, however, the "brand value" of the Silk Road did not detract from the fact that Ubu Leigh F was sentenced to life imprisonment. In November 2013 2, the silk road was born. Its founder is Holzer Ubu Leigh F’s followers bent, at the end of 2014, who once worked for Space X’s engineers finally the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, chained and thrown into prison.

soon after the Silk Road 2 was closed, the silk road was established in 3. Who is the founder of the Silk Road 3, is still unknown. Because he has not fallen into the hands of FBI.

, however, the Silk Road 3 business is not smooth. After two big shake, serious damage to the reputation of the Silk Road, the new "standard bearer" does not seem to be showing extraordinary charm. In January 2016 3, the Silk Road linked to the "mianzhanpai", suspended service to technical reasons.

so, this time of the silk road is the fourth resurrection. From the version number, the return of the silk road was not upgraded to 4, reminiscent of the relationship between the head of the new and old boss. From the revised page view, the new Silk Road 3 and another dark network electricity supplier Crypto Market sharing a portal forum, and the site also shows that the electricity supplier behind the boss for a person of the two.

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