An article through O2O how to create a takeaway takeaway O2O business logic of success


is on the side of financing growing boarded the headlines: O2O platform takeaway life radius obtained 300 million yuan C round of financing, the main Crowdsourcing distribution of the adjacent interest announced the completion of the $10 million B round of financing, hungry is simply in the F round of financing of $630 million……

side of the business is to sing O2O constantly sound: "99% of the O2O venture will die", "what to save you take out O2O bubble blowing more big"……

the information fight in our mind, could not help but hit out a series of questions: what is the takeaway takeaway O2O? O2O actually have no value? Difficult takeaway O2O where? If I want to venture to do / can take away O2O


Q1: takeaway O2O exactly what it is just part of the electricity supplier.

corollary: so takeaway O2O must comply with the basic logic of the development of electricity supplier.

what is the electricity supplier it is the Internet as a means of commodity trading, including information channels, payment channels and logistics channels three. As shown below:



combination of these key modules to form the current three types of electricity supplier in the market:

1, the electricity supplier model: only provide information channel electricity supplier, represented by the earliest Alibaba. This period of history may not be clear to everyone, but when the electricity supplier is indeed "you only know in person selling", although you can see the graphic presentation, but you want to buy directly on the Internet are not to do. If you want to know the specific shopping scene, you can go to know almost inside ten years ago in the Taobao transaction is how the experience?. In fact, there is a big wave of Alibaba than earlier than the earliest start, only the Alibaba involved in e-commerce China pages more famous.



2, electricity supplier model two: to provide information channels and funding channels of electricity providers, represented by the current Taobao. Here we first say money channel response might be "Alipay", but the real answer is fuller than it, the money channel can be the balance of your Alipay payment function, you can Alipay flowers chant, is the balance of treasure you can pay to Alipay, Alipay is your bank card bound fast payment and every one of them and other functions are essentially different, a little of you will understand, here no longer.



3, electricity supplier model three: to provide information channels, capital channels and logistics

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