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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 23rd news, recently LETV pictures announced B round of financing in the total valuation of about 5 billion.

public information, was established in early 2011 as the film music company belonging to LETV holding group, the current Music Studios has covered more than 108 City, more than 1200 cinemas, 85% cinema box office market contribution. In addition, music studios also actively explore new modes of strategic cooperation between China and the U.S. film, including joint operations, research and development, to provide China market service etc..

last August, LETV pictures completed the first round of financing, financing amounting to 200 million yuan for the first time, the completion of financing let music studios valuation rose to 1 billion 550 million yuan. In the new round of financing in the total valuation of about 5 billion LETV pictures.

just one year, music studios valuation has increased 3.2 times, which not only made clear to the outside world with great potential as the film music broke out, also means that the film music as internet film company, positioning to get the capital side of the stage of recognition.

April 2012, LETV pictures held their first strategic positioning for the conference, will film music as the Internet Era Film Company, put forward the PGC+O2O mode of the butterfly butterfly theory; 2013 upgrade for some three guide (positioning, navigation, guide, guide) market system; in early 2014, Zhang Zhao announced that the next three years will be completed by the film company to complete the transformation of Internet Co. Zhang Zhao on film music as the future expected to break the traditional single box model, accelerate the transformation of the Internet, has opened five revenue model, namely the theater box office receipts; online distribution of income; membership income; income derivatives; viewing + service revenue.

as Zhang Zhao said, in the last three years, the performance is close to the music as the motion picture film company was founded more than and 10 years the level of resident camp film distribution company third.

today, through these models, through these results, through these cases, the Chinese film industry has become the leader of the Internet, resulting in the value of the industry leader. This is the first value, "said Zhang Zhao.

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