BBS become chicken ribs users cited collective nostalgic feelings of youth will be gone

you play the BBS? The answer was positive, nine out of ten is emotion, we eventually lost youth ah "80. College students are now keen to BBS this classic forum is not much, so now the big BBS is also facing a bleak, even the fate of adjustment or even closed. The day before, BBS was the main force of BBS and several universities facing "live or die" was recently entangled, the youth film normalizing, BBS decline also caused netizens nostalgic sentiment: BBS, that is our campus life is only a short while ago, everything……

love why ah

BBS now become chicken ribs

27 this month, one of the earliest BBS I love Nankai BBS "will usher in the eighteen anniversary celebration is also a new station," I love Nankai BBS’ birthday. In 1995 the establishment of the "I love Nankai BBS last year launched a new version of". At the same time the old version of the BBS will enter the read-only state, in addition to continue to use the domain name, post, issued a personal anthology stop function, which means that at the earliest well-known university in BBS, and a member to withdraw from the stage of history". I love Nankai BBS network in prehistoric times worked with SMTH and other famous universities like BBS, become a part of University culture. Now because of the impact of micro-blog, Renren, WeChat and other new social platforms have also been forced to make adjustments. The adjustment also is a "conservative", in fact many well-known universities such as Fudan University, BBS has closed a number of version of the discussion, and even a lot of the BBS has been quietly completely close the curtain call. Now the BBS registration through the real name authentication, students must fill out the name, student number, identity card number and other information, address and even to be accurate to the dormitory, not the real name authentication user can browse. Reporters yesterday login had been renowned Shantou University BBS tulip, has been unable to browse anonymously, online number was only thirty people. While the number of online BBS Xi’an Jiaotong University, Southeast University and other famous universities is basically a tepid more than and 800 people. Once topped the "National College of SCUT ten BBS" kapok BBS and Shanghai Jiaotong University from the number of online BBS is less than 2000. There are many colleges and universities BBS station name does not exist or full screen rental part-time advertising information, as well as the employment information or graduate exchange platform.

micro-blog WeChat

BBS cheese was carved up

has selected the "top ten BBS" Lily in Jiangsu and the country has always been the most active BBS. The number of online yesterday maintained at more than 3 thousand, the data in the current is quite prosperous. But reporters yesterday in the "top ten station station posts found in the highest ranking number of posts with about 50 people in it, which forwarded hundreds of thousands of times with micro-blog can not match, of course as a campus BBS platform with micro-blog is not in a level >

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