The concept of network marketing

network marketing has been developed for many years, millions of small and medium enterprises have experienced such a new type of network marketing. Even so, the real gain from the Internet is less than 10%. Why do companies invest tens of thousands of dollars in the Internet? I think. The concept of the impact of the enterprise network marketing. The concept of entrepreneurs waiting for renewal. So there are several errors.

      misunderstanding 1: a lot of enterprises to establish a website but not to promote the site.

many companies just blindly follow the trend to do website promotion, but ignore what is the real purpose of the site? The corporate website is nothing more than 1, to promote their products or services to enhance the corporate image 2. 3, application. The ultimate goal is to actually do a value. The site is like a small point on the earth, if the world know you, not advertising is not enough. So the website is made, don’t let him sleep. Please do website promotion.

      misunderstanding 2: not blindly select the site to promote the way

a lot of companies on the Internet is not very familiar with the blind choice of website promotion. For example, I heard that such a search is very famous, I heard that such a well-known portal. Bought a keyword. As everyone knows, the flow of this site, how many clicks can really be generated; choose a certain price, but do not know how his traffic, do not understand how the real conversion rate, the input and output is proportional to. So choose a good site promotion is also particularly important.

      error 3: do website promotion but do not pay attention to

, for example, to do the bidding, do not pay attention to, a few days before the auction advance out of use, and then complain about the network company, the site did not effect. Do you know if you do not pay attention to how to get good results. Website promotion if you want to get good results, it is necessary to pay attention to their own business. For example, you need to understand your site is a significant way to contact you, so that users can find you through a variety of ways. For example, telephone, e-mail, instant messaging on the internet. Then the customer contact you, you can quickly feedback. Once a user chose nine days to promote the network marketing experts, the information released a day to check whether the search engine can be found, the results did not find. Do not think that there is no effect, so do not, do not know, this website promotion software need to adhere to. Best to use 2 times a week, not too much, so as not to cause resentment. I believe that as long as the effect is certain to adhere to.

      recommendations: finally give you some suggestions, it must be done, no matter how, the site is after all the facade. If you want to save money, you can consider the use of intelligent station to do, such as the nine day of the smart brand site. At least there is a basic function of enterprise introduction, product or service >

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