How to increase and improve the site’s PR value

recently wrote a few articles are about PR, although some old-fashioned, but it is always personal some unexpectedly, give a new webmaster tips.

A small

I have just made, about the network technology, from the beginning of December 8th to do now is close to 2 months time period, nor how hard to do, because there are several stations to deal with. I do most of the other station to waste half the original type site, of which 10% of the things is the original 90% turn, but turn to the things I have to change the title, making it easier to search engines, it will make your standing traffic and the pure garbage station the gap in quality. The current network aspects of the station just follow rubbish GOOGLE PR updates to 5, this is to be expected, for the calculation of Google PR I have dialysis is very accurate, for which I can use to describe the silent.

just like that, my previous article said PR, you don’t care about it, as long as the honest do stand, when it PR big update PR sure you stand up. Of course, this is not an honest do stand stuffy head, but to be flexible. For example, the layout of the article, Title Optimization is to do a little bit of it, but only a little, if you do have been K can not blame me. For PR, to do some of the station interconnection, and more to find some of the original high degree of small sites do friendship connection, it is best not to find a large site. Don’t look at the website PR, but outside one of his link page connection too much, the quality of the station to your post as a PR1. So to find the original station to find new sites, we are starting to do stand, who do not discriminate against anyone, we even benefit.

Google weighting algorithm PR algorithm and Baidu is different, don’t just as high PR weight of your Baidu station is large, this is a misleading, don’t know what it is before. You stand PR high does not mean that you stand by Baidu welcome is also high, it seems very contradictory, but it is reality. This is Baidu, which is the majority of Internet users in Chinese with search engines, it is overbearing, inhuman, also stubborn stubborn, and it is an idiot.

when you PR high do not forget those who are still in the early stages of the small site, do not look at what Alexa what PR, look at the content on the line, you may create a connection to a successful webmaster

website to develop, we all know that the flow is the most important, as long as the flow, there will be money, how to improve the site traffic, as we all know, the most effective way is to visit the search engine, search engine landing should say very easy, many search or free site, including GOOGLE, Baidu, Sohu, Chinese search and so on, but only on search engine is not enough, but also improve the site and search engine ranking can bring more visitors. Ben >

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