Big data secret old comic special marketing routine

Apple’s new product launch is known as the Spring Festival of science and technology, and hammer technology conference because of the Luo Yonghao has become a special comic dialogue. Is different from the previous 10 months, the face of the 2016 collapse, leaving executives, takeover rumors, and the remaining 200 million net worth of 200 thousand odd painful data of this conference, once the industry speculated that hammer technology "sealing performance, life hangs Luo, is it a last ditch.


sales of less than one million, comparable to the topic of apple; 100 – 600 yuan fare, 21 days to million comic special".

today said the number of secret story from the perspective of big data by netizens ridicule hammer technology marketing conference dinner routine.









propagation rhythm points














as of the afternoon of October 21st, there is no replenishment channels mall. All along, the next line sales channels are a weakness. The domestic market, because the channel is not so good to defeat a few, such as millet, is also the disadvantage in the desperate repair. Now, the hammer is also gradually make up their own channels short board, such as cooperation with Suning, Suning also shares hammer. In the face of the four cooperative business platform were not scheduled or replenishment, users have to guess, or it is hunger marketing routine. < >

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