Taobao shop how to promote

opened a shop in Taobao, how to promote it?

1 in the high quality post forum illustrated promotion

popularity of the forum is also at least a thousand good, a good stick can win you more customers to patronize. Obvious direct marketing stick will be delete, everybody is also very hate to sell, so can not send naked advertising stickers, to use your head, the weak type illustrated post marketing.

2 Ali Wangwang group to promote

but we must pay attention to, not overdo sth. not provoke idle.

3 full use of Wangwang online chat function promotion

will want to set up as a publicity, set a want automatic reply, is set to "I’m not here right now, busy, this effect is not good, as:" I’m not here right now, busy, 09 years of the most beautiful fashion. I love my dress up". To let people not into your shop also know what you sell. This is not illegal to sell it!

4 using QQ and other chat tools to promote

QQ communication in a timely manner, convenient, it is also suitable for online friends to use it to communicate and publicize.

5 multi auction, you can pull the popularity of small shops to promote

dollar auction or low price auction, which can attract a lot of buyers come to the store to see. Increase in the number of visits, the purchase will increase the probability of.

6 as much as possible discounts or gifts, help to promote business and increase repeat

set out in their own store a baby two price, one is the market price, one is the mood price, the practice is somewhat similar supermarket discount deduction. When buyers see two prices, often feel has preferential, even if the price is not too heavy handed. And customers to buy things, must attach one or several small gifts you mail, this small gift is his own shop can be small commodities, also can be printed with their own store small key chains and other small commodities. This is the key, which will allow customers to get their favorite products, and get an unexpected surprise. He’ll come back to your Taobao.

7 pictures when the picture on the shop and add logo address.

in the hair of the article with pictures, pictures printed with his shop logo and address.

8 and more exchanges to discuss the owner

open shop is a knowledge, we can experience more exchanges can not point progress. You can also often open shop flow guide websites, such as Taobao shop collection ( tutorial websites etc..

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