Network marketing QQ group container theory

in the network marketing, we continue through a variety of ways to do the promotion, promotion is for everyone to know what you do, you can provide what kind of products and services for everyone, after that we read, watch and see it go; but if want to buy related products and services to you for advice or people, we must have a communication platform. I think the best is QQ group. Of course, there are other containers, some people also like to call it a fish pond.

why QQ group will be favored?

QQ group is like a fish, we want to go outside to promote our products and services, whether active or passive let others, precise crowd into your pond, and then establish a relationship with, to guide the user in the QQ group, and altruistic with intimate for the user to solve the problem, a problem there will be demand, identify the needs of users, when it is further completed, users eager to solve the problem, but you have this service or products, such natural transaction, not so much anti sense for users.

is the early accumulation of time, and then when you have a certain container QQ group staff, we will be faced with a problem, is the QQ group is not active enough, how does that do? As a fish or group, you will be more active, leading others to speak, there are a lot of methods. You can register two small and large, the atmosphere, automatic speaking, people will see, in discussion, slowly participation of many people, you can relax. You can also collect some useful tutorials on the Internet for active users to reward. We can expand their thinking, there are many ways.

if you see someone problems in the group, you can chat with him and then gone, help to solve his problem, inadvertently bring out the services you can provide. Do not push, so gradually build trust. The Internet transactions are based on trust and produce, I saw a lot on the Internet after Daniel, is very famous, many people will come to learn, membership fee of up to twenty thousand, and the relevant responsible person said, in fact, not what the mysterious things to learn, the key is the accumulation of contacts.

why others can receive twenty thousand? And the registration of a lot of people, because there is a reputation. You will go into the fish pond, this reputation gives you a sense of trust. So you want to build their own QQ group container, must be based on trust to produce value.

QQ group as the container is a team for you to lead, to often go to management, otherwise would be abandoned, why sometimes a team leader in the team, this is scattered? Many users are actually needed, they do not know what you want to do something are you going to give vague direction, firm belief. Let us recognize the value of what we promote and give it to them

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