The analysis and operation of the mutual linked website

"any website, as long as there is a visit to IP, will be automatically routed to the first!", believe that the webmaster do website of this sentence should not be unfamiliar. Yes, this is currently relatively prosperous against each other connected sites, the characteristic of this kind of website previously wrote an article "personal website will inevitably vulgar" which introduced before, this is a completely don’t need to spend energy to automatic promotion of the website. There are two main types of Web sites such as automatic chain and self-help chain.

is a kind of automatic chain, without verification, automatic extraction of Title keyword, automatic storage, automatic arrangement of the site, such as: automatic chain MAb (, such as long as the other site do friendship connection can, do not need to register the website information, very convenient. But there are also a lot of disadvantages, due to the current domestic personal website in order to modify the SEO site of TITLE, the automatic extraction of the name of the website is a mess, and no station, this also makes the automatic chain website no point readability, in addition to owners, users generally basically not to visit this website. The functionality of such sites is limited to the addition of the chain, can be ignored to increase the role of access.

is a kind of self-help chain, need to join the site to site registration information, get the connection code, on its Web site do connection, and mutual exchange connection effect of the site, for example, against each other links, such sites are actually developed in the website based on Web site navigation, so also have. The navigation function, but the function is weakened. Although the automatic chain self-help chain step registration website information step, but because the steps can join the site site TITLE and website name, but also possess the editing management function, can also be arranged in the operation, thus greatly enhance readability, but also have more development prospects.

cross linked to the operation of the web site, but also according to the characteristics of such sites. At the beginning of this kind of website must be intensive promotion, etc. to join the station to reach about 200, a day can bring traffic to 100-1000, the website has the function of self growth, can not spend energy in the promotion, because there are a lot of the chain, the PR value of the site is generally about 2 months to at about 3-4. However, most of the owners are against each other connected sites meet at this level, wasted very valuable traffic, the fact that the site can continue to open the webmaster related columns, to increase the marginal utility of traffic, such as the creation of webmaster information, forums and other columns, to increase the residence time of the depth of the website and visitors make the site more valuable. But do not dominate or against each other after all the main connection, webmaster information and stationmaster forum only as a supplementary column, a connection, don’t put the home page to occupy most of the space, that is the operation of the lost, because the current market is saturated in station, Chinaz and Admin5 completely >

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