nternet marketing is actually a door psychology

Internet marketing determines the success of Internet products can enter the world of users, and for users of Internet marketing, is to let users mind identity products, communication with the users, the most important thing is to start from the user’s emotions, and depends on the user’s emotions is to seize the user the psychological, rather than the Internet marketing is a marketing as a psychology. Since it is psychological communication, it is necessary to find a breakthrough in consumer psychology. We face the consumer groups are weak, and are eager to improve and prompt, it is precisely because of this reason will produce consumption.

first, everyone has vanity. How many people have a little bit of vanity, this is without rebuke we are hoping to get the recognition of others. From the point of view of Internet marketing, a lot of high-end health care products on the network, luxury, high-end gifts will lead to a strong vanity user groups. This part of the crowd because they want to get a different service and attracted the attention of the public, so it is easy to produce the impulse of high-end consumer products, the probability of reaching the final transaction is greatly improved.

secondly, everyone has a sense of fear. Some people say that this is in fact not afraid of death, who fear, and fear is a major characteristic of human nature. In the Internet marketing, why the current network pharmacies can be higher than the number of entities under the line a few times the performance of the pharmacy, and continue to profit and do better, which is also the Internet marketing. Our health care medicine, medicine and other common health are used to solve the user users fear the disease means, it is because of fear of disease, so when faced with difficulties will no doubt to buy these drugs, but on the Internet there are many products will have certain advantages than offline store in price and variety, consumers selection of online pharmacies certainly no ground for blame.

third, everyone will have a sense of inferiority. We all have different degrees of inferiority, because we are constantly improving their own situation. If the Internet marketing can directly put me in the user’s sense of inferiority, then the marketing effect can be twice the result with half the effort. For the most common example is the shaping, weight loss, sexual health problems are now a lot of these people face, slim body plump woman to cause attention, men want to get rid of privacy sense of inferiority, so if internet marketing can solve these problems, both men and women, who are willing to pay.

at the same time, everyone has a heart of regret. Internet marketing is often reflected in the heart of regret to miss the online shopping, a typical example is the hunger marketing, psychological fear of regret by users on the network in a short time to launch a limited price goods gathered to attract users, thus creating marketing on the peak, double 11 and other special time a few minutes how many billions of sales is embodied by the user’s heart regret.

in addition, the person has. The psychology of the user can not always be out of comfort, especially for most people, if there is no work

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