Website promotion to broaden the channels to seek diversified development direction

foreign media reports pointed out: a letter sent to Google Adsense users in today’s Google, Adsense ads can be open to the third party, which means that after the Google Adsense advertising must not through the Adwords to apply for any one, according to the Google privacy guide advertising network can be released, of course Google, the audit work will do well.

from this event we can find what? In fact, the practice of Google gives us a good inspiration for network promotion: broaden the channels to find the direction of diversification. It can be understood, at present Baidu bid and Google Advertising is the two most successful advertising alliance, the two sides of the fierce competition, hard to compete, who moves first means who can better capture the market, Google’s move is part of a LAN will always make out ourselves in the advertising industry, let the strength of the enterprise network has become the "agent", in order to obtain more market share. The market is like a piece of cake, and not a person eating the best, with others to eat, the benefit is maximized.

multi channel operation has been the essence of business operations, many such examples, the multi-channel Google triggered its leading position in the field of global search, BIWEB multi channel operation also ensures its enterprise management software industry leader, this one successful example is a good reference for our webmaster. For example, you run a SEO site, the first step, the early promotion of their own, post, write soft. When these accumulated to a certain extent, we should develop to multi-channel; the second step, SEO technology activities to promote, for example, to carry out SEO knowledge test to see how everyone’s SEO theoretical knowledge. The site held SEO contest, let us more practical activities…. is varied, can launch innovative thinking, and finally a part of this prize, learn SEO will leave, then for you to create a reputation, want to learn will be inexplicable and come; the third step, SEO business promotion, this is you use the site for profit, reputation, can do training, the training of students, now many well-known SEO training is the first from the website to do it. At the same time, you can also carry out SEO services, SEO services for large companies.

This example

above I am talking about a year ago I for a SEO to do the planning, now they have set up a company to do SEO business in the Shanghai area, a few days ago with their manager to eat, they still tell them now the business volume is very good, there are a large number of people in their early learning website and there are people to introduce them to order. This is a virtuous cycle.

would like to communicate with me further access to Web3.0 technology space, I am pleased to be able to tell you the experience of network promotion.

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