Do stand like a Baidu

SEO do not know what time to start the first time I heard the word although not deliberately to get, but usually also according to some articles that related materials said what the title deliberately to write a little "read".

today (November 8th) more than 10 in the morning to find the site’s traffic statistics search engine in the absence of Baidu was K oh..

I still feel wuleihongding began more than a year of painstaking efforts of the Forum ( was K?

without any reason?

but through more than and 10 hours of observation I found that although not Baidu but the forum’s popularity or not that I speak a bit so we have repeatedly rambling now I do not find this article in the sentence ~~

is now more than 11 in the middle of the night to look at my online forum… Although the tourists are as usual but a little bit less popular (Baidu to the majority of people, take a look at the walk on the tourists, huh, huh huh)


here I want to say is not only rely on Baidu

with non mainstream the wind I also played non mainstream non mainstream now but the edge of flowering and non mainstream PS great relationship can also be said to be all over the Internet

but you copy me I copy you you collect me I collect your life like this is not Baidu K you live interesting?

a site can not Baidu but can not have no original why my BBs popularity Ct=301989888& rn=20& pn=0& db=0& s=8& word=%B7%C7%D6%F7%C1%F7%C6%DA%CF%E0

look at the Baidu video only the contents of these two pages are not a few of my disguised advertising

there are a lot of people say that their original fear of being collected by others to their original

actually, even if I told you that you could change your mind to

potatoes SEO stronger than you 56 SEO than you are not the same keyword you can do to go above them?

but what if you do a video upload to the "ad"?

here’s my original desktop forum is said to have a few now

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