JNBY listed! Gross profit has exceeded 60%, raising HK $1 billion to do

Abstract: fund-raising purposes, 37% will be used for the construction of a new logistics center, 30% for the expansion of the company’s brand and product portfolio, 28% for all channels to strengthen the interactive platform, 5% for the company working capital and other general corporate purposes.


The 37%

JNBY fund-raising will be used in the construction of the new Hangzhou Xiaoshan logistics center.



network operators in the world by Sun Shanshan

the largest designer clothing brand in the country to be listed on the 31 day of this month in Hongkong.

October 18th, JNBY IPO held in Hongkong will be offering, public offering in 19-24 days, the global offering 125 million h shares.

further show that the prospectus, including 100 million new shares, the number of shares in Hongkong and the international offering accounted for more than 10% and 90%. 6.08-7.73 per share price of HK $966 million, the highest fund-raising HK $9, at the beginning of this month, at 31 am, the stock code is 3306.HK". The sole sponsor and the sole global coordinator for CCB international.


IPO will introduce a cornerstone investor – Tianhai International Holdings, shares subscribed $15 million, accounting for the total funds raised by 12%-15.26%. Public data shows, the parent company of Guangzhou Tianhai lace Co. Ltd., is JNBY suppliers, the main business of manufacturing and other cloth lace design.

, director, founder of JNBY Group Chairman and chief executive officer Wu Jian said that the introduction of the upstream industry have confidence in the company’s development. At the same time, the company will come up with good cash flow, the annual net profit in 75% after the listing for the dividend for shareholders to share the company’s long-term growth.

40% funds for the construction of logistics center

fund-raising purposes, Caixin reported that 37% will be used to build a new logistics center. Wu Jian further said that the logistics center is located in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan will be completed in mid 2019, is expected to support the development of the company for the next 5 years, will assume the role of inventory and distribution back to help reduce costs.

for all apparel manufacturing and sales of the main business of the company, inventory is always one of the main points of pain. Therefore, the continuous improvement of supply chain and logistics management capabilities will further form a competitive barrier.

JNBY first will improve the supply chain and logistics infrastructure, to optimize the product replenishment and delivery coordination, inventory and quality control. For example, a new total construction area of 90 thousand square meters of logistics centers, the expected annual sorting and distribution capacity will be about 12 million 800 thousand products, the total capital expenditure of about $319 million.

at the same time, JNBY will also be on the supply chain management continued investment, upgrading inventory sharing and distribution system, to optimize the internal order and inventory.

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