Amoy brand change the flow of dividends after the supply chain into the problem

Taobao traffic bonus in the past, Amoy brand situation some embarrassment. 2010 to 2012, the annual sales of these Amoy brand, with a rate of 2 times, or even 5-10 times. But from the beginning of last year, these brands grew up through the Internet, have suffered a slowdown in sales, profit margins are compressed challenges.

Amoy brand "

grid men" of CEO Wu Zhichao, in just two years, the company’s sales to reach 150 million. It called the 2012 Taobao’s flow bonus era". Amoy brand at that time to be able to quickly succeed, and the line has a direct relationship with the traditional electricity supplier brand awareness weak. When the traditional brand indecisive, with the rapid development of the space of the Amoy brand."

but with more depth of involvement in the Internet brand, Amoy brands are clearly feeling the pressure. The distribution of the flow is severely squeezed, the conversion rate is also greatly reduced. And with the rising cost of labor and materials, 100 yuan per unit price can not allow customers to maintain a healthy profit margins.


has the same feeling, also including the same, Crespo card control cowboy developed in the Taobao brand on the body. These annual sales in 70 million – 200 million yuan or so brands, encountered growth problems.

according to the data provided by Taobao, Amoy brand number, from 2010 to 2012, respectively, are the 108, 121 and 121. Although there is no significant growth in 2012, but the survival of the Amoy brand, are in a positive adjustment and transformation.

these "small and beautiful" business should then driven by what factors? In the multitude of strong brands in the world, they break a path in?

transformation of the vane

before 2012, Amoy brand experienced a rapid expansion of the good times.

to control the cowboy as an example, before the brand was founded, almost no mature Cowboy brand Taobao, in addition to Levi’s these foreign brands of imitation goods, is a variety of cheap jeans.

group founded by Jean to Hebei and other four partners in 2010. By 2012, Tmall’s sales in the cowboy group achieved 70 million yuan. The category and style of simple, low price and Tmall traffic bonus, boosting the group quickly became the top electricity supplier brand jeans.

and all the start-up of the Amoy brand, cowboy group at the beginning of the line, scanty sales. Even if each cowboy product only one hundred or two hundred, still worried about the market for ji. In desperation, he decided to open the market through Juhuasuan.

in the promotion of group purchase activities under the control at an alarming rate emerge in Taobao. At the same time, a large number of similar online denim brand to have to follow the line brand Levi’s also began the test of electronic.

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