Buy site settled into the electricity supplier platform last straw

group purchase ranks, with the handle, Wowo listed hopeless, the collapse of 24 stock funds strand breaks, group purchase’s fate seems only give dying kicks are looking for, the final straw. 4, Wowo, jointly announced the full set up shop in Taobao, Taobao and Juhuasuan access group purchase platform, one-stop service life covering 140 city nationwide for consumers. This is big news in the industry group purchase group purchase, 2012 give you most of the news is negative, Juhuasuan may be sold out in Wowo this controversial and the suffering of the period in the 2012 group purchase industry New Year paintings.

electronic business platform to become the last straw buy site

O2O, veteran with network operations manager Wu Huiting said, group purchase industry already by the blue ocean into the Red Sea, group purchase website until September this year, has been reduced to 2919, after months in which there are a lot of top ten group purchase website have been closed down, such as the 24 tickets soon went out of business. In this turbulent O2O Internet era, Juhuasuan has not sold out into the nest before this happens, thousands of network products, Gaopeng has put Juhuasuan’s arms. Many of the top ten group buying sites have settled in electronic business platform, look at the development of the group buying site this year, a powerful electronic business platform can only buy the last straw site.


O2O will repeat the old road

group purchase in the future?

said a group of people in the industry, although not entirely O2O, but as a pioneer of O2O, the development of the group also affect the ecological development of O2O. The major electricity supplier platform have acquired the group purchase website, this may be a kind of destiny but the group purchase, many new O2O platform at the primary development stage, when you see the final fate probably group purchase so many O2O companies worry about their future development potential.

is the core of the purchase price for the entire process of services, including businesses, consumers, the service is basically not concerned about. Wu Huiting also said that for businesses, they care about is the passenger flow, profit, turn back and word of mouth, the low price of the group only brought the passenger flow, profit is not, the rate of return and reputation is seriously damaged.

O2O then the other forms of the platform how to avoid a repeat of the old road group purchase? O2O as a novel model of the Internet industry, the sustainable development of the other forms of O2O platform must create an ecological type from the customer and the merchant and the platform itself business model. First, the comprehensive strength of the platform itself must be with the team; secondly platform for businesses to users as much as possible to achieve a large passenger flow, considerable profits, high rate of back and help enterprises to create a good reputation; third, all kinds of operation and promotion to ensure user loyalty and stickiness.

O2O will be the future platform for the king, vertical will live well. Network and service industry is a vacancy on the market, the future of the O2O platform in order to avoid buying the old road, need more

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