Analysis the derivative chaos is not without remedy

According to the WeChat

circle of friends in the sale of cosmetics, medicine, food and other bad behavior, must be focused on combat, in order to produce a demonstration effect, and in this process, the new law should also be to fill the blank area.

recently on the "micro business chaos" reports up more gradually, a large number of media exposure derivative "crazy mask": the name, the profit amounted to dozens of times, difficult for consumers rights, sales means similar to pyramid schemes and so on, the media appeal, to achieve "derivative" orderly and non savage growth, avoid becoming friends three products, MLM "outside the law", has become an important question in front of the society and relevant departments.

objective that the derivative of chaos does exist and familiar, many people can feel the morning of an open circle of friends, it is all sorts of "Mask", "weight loss" information scraper, dazzling, and micro business profits, how much behind the operation method of how vulgar scripts directly hand in the circle, also secretly spread the false or true "small people can get rich quickly through the circle of friends of the story, have strong demonstration effect, so that more people put in, in the search engine, micro business how to do" and "how to find the source of micro business" has become a hot key field vocabulary.


said "chaos", to mention the "regulation", but the derivative of this new thing, but it is a problem of supervision. In accordance with the traditional thinking, to regulate the micro business is nothing more than two roads, one government law enforcement shot, the two is to put pressure on the platform. But these two roads are likely to be difficult for micro business. Of course, the law enforcement departments hand can hit bad micro business, but which has a law enforcement cost, micro business face like Army soldier ants, the existing means of law enforcement can only be exhaustive. Someone suggested punishing severely on illegal derivative, so not illegal, or the establishment of the standard system, improve access to the threshold, but a chicken is the value when? Regulatory resources limited, harm micro business really have to strike the punishment? Because there are people selling profits in the circle of friends of the mask?

put pressure on WeChat, micro-blog platform, to assume the responsibility of micro business may be a good idea, but the problem is that WeChat micro-blog’s operator is very unfair, because they are not derivative "leasing", even the derivative bearing are not. The so-called micro business, refers to the product display and sales through social communication in the social network of the seller, they do not like Taobao as WeChat registered in the shop, do not have to accumulate credit through WeChat or micro-blog WeChat deal, after all, is only a derivative sales channels, they are lack of effective a means of restricting derivative.

of course, this is not to say that the "derivative chaos" cannot be. The advisable way is to encounter, give full play to market forces. For those by derivative sales of fake and shoddy, serious harm, such as the sale of inferior cosmetics, medicine and food, harm the health of consumers, must be focused on combat, in order to produce a demonstration effect, and in this process.

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