State regulations give you the double 11 from which red envelopes

the general office of the State Council issued 7 "on the strengthening of the field of Internet infringement and counterfeiting management views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), strengthen cross sectoral and trans regional and cross-border law enforcement cooperation, improve the regulatory capacity and technical level, to strengthen the application of new technologies such as big data in the network transaction regulation, and the provisions of the against the electricity supplier channel and PPC "transparent", strengthen the supervision of the WeChat micro-blog platform. Double 11 electricity supplier war is coming, this series of new regulations, will give consumers what regulatory red envelope?


October 28th, Guangzhou, a merchant in the office to hang out "double battle eleven" slogan. Reporter visited Guangzhou several network to see, compared to previous years, most businesses start earlier for the double 11 online shopping Carnival in preparation, production, marketing, logistics and other sectors have entered a state of war. (Liang Xu).


large data combined with fake promote the regulation of the electricity supplier has entered a new stage of

has been one of the biggest "shoddy, deceptive consumer complaints of online shopping slots". In recent years, the "double 11" before and after the quality supervision department of industry and commerce, the online shopping launched special checks, always can find many fake problems.

7 released this opinion put forward to curb the Internet infringement and counterfeiting behavior of the timetable. Opinion pointed out that the target with 3 years or so, effectively curb the infringement and counterfeiting in the Internet field, the initial formation of government regulation, industry self-regulation, social participation in the regulatory framework.

The basic principle of

views, active and innovative ways and means of supervision, the development and application of new technologies to strengthen the big data, cloud computing, networking, mobile Internet and other information in the network transaction regulation, improve the Internet infringement and counterfeiting crimes clues found in the collection, screening, mining ability.

expert interpretation

Chinese Electronic Commerce Association policy and Law Committee Deputy Director of Allah wood pointed out that the opinion emphasizes the use of technical means, the use of big data products, using a combination of online and offline social governance, fake platform. Which also referred to the electronic commerce security service, help the original selling electricity supplier for many years, a lot of fake forsake heresy and return to the truth "in the accumulation of experience in the struggle in opinions reflected, is expected to form a new breakthrough of regulators and electricity supplier jointly crack, have a greater role to the whole legal environment.


November 3rd, the town of Dongan village of Shandong County of Yiyuan Province in the east of farmers in the handling of net sales of apple. "Double eleven" is approaching, many farmers in Yiyuan County of Shandong city in Zibo province to the sorting packaging, through the network platform to sell apple orchard in the village, one of the busy scene. (Zhao Dongshan)

WeChat micro-blog

selling and illegal land cloud storage and other new forms of communication into copyright regulation

is everywhere, the poor quality, amazing profits…… ">

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