EBay injection to return to China catwalk electricity supplier network does not rule out future PO

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, eBay (Nasdaq:EBAY) China e-commerce market return to labyrinth. November 12th at 2:30 in the afternoon, Shenzhen, eBay and China local fashion electricity supplier website serves network announced jointly launched online shopping channel "eBay Style show", now Chinese users can search, browse and purchase currently available in the eBay global product and brand, "eBay Style show" will be the first global access to eBay including clothing, bags, footwear and jewelry brands such as 5000 and 500 thousand number of trendspot.

"we are able to buy the world’s goods, and the advantage is still unmatched." Chen Xiaofeng, vice president of eBay global, said: but rather than talk about eBay chose China, rather than China’s consumers chose eBay." Chen Xiaofeng said: in 2011, the number of Chinese consumers to log on eBay English website to buy goods grew by 40% in the first half of 2012, when Chinese users browse eBay English website as long as up to 17 million hours.

2006, eBay chose to exit the Chinese market in the Department of Ali Taobao free strategy of attack, leaving only the connection between China’s small and medium enterprises sellers and buyers of global consumer business. EBay also has a center for technical excellence and payment solutions in China PayPal. Beginning in 2008, eBay the United States has experienced three years of difficult transition.

previously, the new eBay’s Chinese District CEO Lin Yizhang expresses to the reporter, the transformation of eBay global success, has great impact on the eBay China business, also has a great influence on the future changes of eBay China strategy.

other words, two or three years before the eBay is high profit, but not by Wall Street favor, the expansion around the behavior is more to attract the attention of investors, but after the success of transition strength, eBay of the opportunity cost of the idea has changed, one of the important performance: investment place must be high rates of local.

November 12th, eBay’s turn of the line finally launched a substantive map, Chen Xiaofeng stressed that the day, eBay is now back to the Chinese market is in a "right time" and adopted a "right way"".

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million level show?From the bottom of

architecture, the cooperation between the two sides can be simply understood as: China consumers in the "eBay Style show" channel orders, serves network by unified order data to the eBay American headquarters, the headquarters of the eBay then began to make the goods to the United States and Hongkong warehouse warehouse, and finally by the go show network unified goods into China, serves network will be responsible for all including logistics, distribution, customs, payment and return customer service service throughout the process.

"our site’s target users are highly coincident." Chen Xiaofeng said, this is the eBay network serves as.

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