Using online marketing strategies to enhance the visibility of light

online stores and traditional stores, like the need for careful care of the owner. Therefore, it is very important to develop the marketing strategy which is suitable for the shop and the network environment.

a, attract customer strategy

‘s "how to attract customers" is how to get customers to find your products in a wide range of products, and be drawn into the store. At present, there are a large number of online stores, the competition is fierce, to allow customers to find your goods in a large number of goods, and generate interest, the following needs to attract customers strategy.

1, competitive goods, such as well-known brands of network agents, or "new, strange, special" products, are easy to get the favor of customers.

2, the contact point of information to be more, that is, the use of a variety of means to display commodity information, such as forums, links, QQ group, search engines, blogs and other effective online marketing tools. Especially when the goods forum, pictures and text skillfully arranged into signature, it became a mobile advertising, in our post replies, commodity information naturally get publicity.

3, each e-commerce platform in the station search, is the most used tools in the purchase of goods. Customers usually to search related products through keywords, to increase the chances of being customer search, using commodity title key combination is the key.

4, some people use events to hype themselves, which is itself a marketing strategy, any new concept, a kind of abnormal thinking will inspire a new thing. For example, Ma met and became the accepted business mentor Wang Xiaobang, the first is to let users PS the image, as many other shocking, and the "thunder" is the most prosperous of today’s network vocabulary. The thunder down, it basically can reach the purpose of famous network, but this is a double-edged sword, sometimes have unintended consequences, get both praise and blame.

two, trust building strategy

"trust establishment strategy" is when customers come to shop attract a commodity, the seller through a display allowing customers to build trust in the shops, and are willing to buy goods, or even interested in store other goods strategy. Compared with the store, the shop is the biggest characteristic of virtual entity class goods, invisible, only through pictures and text to understand, it is easy to make the customer distrust, thus affecting the purchase decision. Therefore, the establishment of trust strategy is what customers want. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the customer’s mind, to explore their needs. In short, should be a variety of professional display store image, to help eliminate the doubts or distrust of customers, which is the key to the customer purchase orders.

three, sales promotion strategy

sales to customers to shop strategy "is established on the basis of trust, when he is interested in a product, has the desire to buy but have no idea, how to promote its sellers from" to buy "to" going to buy "transformation. >

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