Count shuangshier Taobao online shopping highlights new interface

December 12, 2012, Taobao " twelve " officially launched, at the same time is not the same feeling in shopping. I believe many of my friends to see the Taobao " twelve " event page, in different forms, to show Taobao intentions in the " ", twelve; for shopping lovers not the same feeling of shopping, this type of marketing is very awesome, Chen Chen network marketing work room count down " – " Taobao online shopping highlights the new interface.


highlights: select sellers joint promotion

in " twelve " Taobao online shopping interface, we can see there is a Taobao moving footprint, which is Taobao selected seller, to carry out joint promotion on the same page. Any kind of products are included, at this point, Chen Chen network marketing studio editor has seen Taobao’s intentions, this page, not only generous, and the integration of all the information, is a very awesome event page, this is " twelve " a new highlight of Taobao online shopping interface.

highlights two: fine publicity, a little bit to attract your attention.


said in front of the Taobao select seller joint promotion, but also in a classification of products to do the relevant description. For example: 100 heart custom oil painting propaganda language, custom romance, original happiness, which is undoubtedly very touched by the hearts of lovers. Especially " Yuan Fang how do you see? " " Yuan Fang what you want to say? " recently on the Internet; it is that Taobao learned to get in by every opening!, sell a lot of products, coupled with exquisite propaganda figure, a little bit to attract your eye.

three highlights: moving stories of the seller, the seller and the buyer to narrow the distance.

in the double 12 campaign, Taobao launched the page cover story touched by the buyer the seller highlights, a warm reply made of beautiful pictures, touched by the words, these stories highlights, enough to let us see the Taobao ", this is " heart; Taobao’s emotional marketing, who said that buyers and sellers will not be able to generate feelings of


highlights four: creative ideas is the key to the development of electricity supplier.

from the 12 activities, it is not difficult to see, for the development of the electricity supplier, the most critical lies in creativity, when your idea is a very creative thinking for product packaging and marketing is the key. However, it needs to be clear that creative ideas must be appropriate to your product line. Rather than malicious ideas can be, so that the idea is the key to the development of the electricity supplier.


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