Shopping spree after the express industry welcome exams 180 million packages to be digested


180 million, which is the State Post Bureau of the first half of this year, a total of 11 electricity suppliers to generate the order of parcels, while last year the figure was about 80000000. For the electricity supplier, the 11 day of the carnival is over, and the courier company, the real test has just begun. Yesterday, many users have to dance for joy in micro-blog’s sun, but the courier company has in order to prevent the explosion and worries can be profitable. There are those in the first line of the courier brother, their busy figure becomes the 11 double the final picture of the carnival dispersed.


express processing capacity increased by

With the November 12, 2013

zero bell rings, the Alibaba officially released data show that Tmall double 11 shopping Carnival all day long transactions amounted to 35 billion 19 million yuan, 167 million orders also brought 152 million packages, the average per minute 100 thousand packages. On the day of the online shopping carnival, express industry "Spring Festival" followed by the coming.

yesterday morning, Beijing Shentong branch in Asian Sports Village, one of the busy scene, the warehouse division filled with dense express, more than and 20 employees were busy busy shentong. 4 operators to express constantly scanning site from time to time issued a "beep beep sound scanning". Courier Lin Jie told reporters that the day of his express a little more than usual are basically 150 votes or so, the day more than 200 votes. "It’s impossible to get off on time tonight."

according to the State Post Bureau statistics, this year the 11 day of all electricity suppliers to produce orders to express parcels of about 180 million, is expected to total electricity supplier business day trading more than 40 billion yuan. All courier companies throughout the day to deal with about 60000000 express, is the last year, double the peak of 35 million times the number of 1.7, reaching more than 2 times this year, the average daily processing volume.

yesterday, there have been users around the country drying single, show has received parcels. According to previous practice, in November 12th today, the peak of the package out of the warehouse, and 13, 14 parcels to the trunk and the end of the transfer, the peak for transportation and distribution. Insiders said that these parcels at least a week to deal with the basic.




explosion explosionWhen

purchased the goods to each person is concerned about online shopping, the annual double 11 courier warehouse explosion due to delay in delivery problems also criticized. Although the number of courier companies responsible person yesterday are full of confidence that this year will not ruin, but some industry insiders said there is still the possibility of explosion.

said "every year will not burst positions, but still there will be explosion." An unnamed insiders revealed that the explosion may transfer to the other two or three line city, is not easy to be aware of." The source said yesterday, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other large shipments of coastal provinces and Zhengzhou, Changsha and other places of the ground