Buy Legion can detonate group economy

Taobao annual turnover of 203 billion 800 million yuan, not only to create a Chinese e-commerce C2C miracle, but also detonated the home economy". In order to represent the Group buy treasure industry, just six months to develop into the scale of the army to buy thousands of people, and will give birth to a new economic model – the group economy". Needless to say, thousands of army group will be the main part of the group economy. In this regard, Zhu Min, a senior researcher at the China Enterprise Research Center, Columbia University, gives a novel and profound analysis. Zhu Min pointed out: the group economy can only refer to the Internet to buy the industry itself, but also to rise to the Internet by the Group buy mode trigger, a new economic aggregation. Therefore, there is a narrow sense, broad sense. To promote the growth of investment in China for a long time, the group economy is incremental, the economy from investment to consumption will be the path, it will grow as people’s awareness of consumption and development.

half a year, there are dozens of sites to buy the first surge of thousands, the group economy has formed a broad foundation. However, the group economy can become a new economic form, depending on whether to buy the industry as healthy as the C2C industry and the development of a certain scale.

from the first group to buy the site was born so far more than six months, explosive growth in the industry to expose some problems. According to the Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center "in 2010 China network group purchase survey report" disclosed that at present our country network group purchase industry faces ten major problems, including: cloning unknown site, the user is fishing; goods does not match with the actual, deceive consumers; drive up the amount of group purchase hot grab falsehood; lack of guarantee mechanism of online payment credit assets; lack of customer service service without security; user irrational consumption "group slave" groups. The most deadly point is that the domestic mode of the online shopping industry is too single, completely cloned Groupon model of the United States, the site at no cost to snatch users.

from the industrial point of view, to buy the industry in order to form a scale, not only to have the right to buy the model for the Chinese market, but also to solve the lack of integrity and service is not standardized and a series of problems. Right now, some buy site has clearly been aware of the serious problems of the group buying industry, and began to try to develop some measures to solve these problems.

according to NetEase news reports, the first group to buy the industry to take the lead in the introduction of treasure network first payment and other three safeguards to protect the interests of consumers. In accordance with the definition of the group treasure network, the third is the strict security review, the whole process of monitoring and pre payment. The first two main measures for businesses, the first payment is for consumers.

Groupon launched the "Xianhengpeifu" three safeguards intention is to protect the interests of consumers, to solve the present group purchase industry ills lack of honesty, and try to establish the standards of service, leading the industry into the track of healthy development group purchase. Mission treasure network of this approach, no doubt played a role in the industry leader. In addition, the group also created a network of treasure for the domestic market to buy the mold >