.cc enhance the value of the domain name business highlights

small and medium enterprises to use the web site marketing has been very common. Domain name, host, post office is known as the site of the three carriages. The Internet domain name is the most fundamental construction in the building, a domain name to access the specified IP, can not be repeated.

domain name is an important address resource on the Internet, which is unique and rare. On the one hand, "one of the characteristics of" making a web site can only correspond to a web site or a web page, only exclusive by the registrant, once the domain name is registered, the enterprise will not be able to get. On the other hand, due to the scarcity of domain names, who first seize the excellent resources, it means that the occupation of the network opportunities. In order to encourage and promote the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to build and protect the brand, the majority of domain name registrar of the domain name of the implementation of a comprehensive preferential activities.

".Cc" domain name is one of the world’s top international domain names, with ".Com", ".Net" and ".Org" and other domain names of the same nature, function and registration principles. The domain name ".Cc" can be translated as "Chinese Company" (Chinese company) or "Commercial Company" (business), Chinese Commercial (China business) (worldwide), Chinese community (Chinese Chamber of Commerce), meaning it is numerous and easy to remember, is not bound by the national boundary.

In view of the rapid expansion of

.Cc "domain development, international giants such as Nike, Coke and Intel have already registered their own".Cc "domain name and put into use, and this is regarded as an important business opportunities. This is a very valuable network assets, the industry is the hottest speculation 04 years Beauty.cc domain is a Losangeles company with a $one million price to buy success, more and more farmers and business owners issued a strong interest in the domain name ".Cc", ".Cc" domain value with the understanding on it has been favored. The author of the golden era of.Cc (www.now.cn) has learned that the domain name is currently in the global scope has a certain number of registrations, its domain name is rich in resources, great business potential. With the ".Com", ".Net" domain name resource is a large mining development, the ".Cc" domain began to receive more and more attention and minon enterprise, domain name registration volume also showed a rising trend. ".cc" domain name market prospect is promising.

network brand protection consciousness strong enterprises have begun to register with their brand and industry domain.Cc. Information technology experts also remind companies should recognize the huge value of the network brand and industry brand for their own business development, rapid action, in the network era to pay attention to the protection of enterprises in the online brand. Because the domain name is unique, enterprises or individuals should register their own ".Cc" domain names registered by others, eliminating the trouble as soon as possible to grasp the ".Cc" domain name > machine appreciation