Ali support three shopping guide new two is a copycat

said,, when the beautiful street, 800 fold as a large number of large shopping mall platform have the transformation of its own B2C, the Alibaba began to look for new love and support guide". Billion state power network noted that the Alibaba’s "Ali rivers" wireless products special support program, has been aimed at the field of many mobile shopping business projects, and today’s mobile electricity supplier in the field of mainstream star product model is similar, can be described as a "copycat".

"mom is worth buying" – copy "what’s worth buying"?

this product can be seen from the name of the intention to learn what is worth buying model. Its biggest feature is to get the mother of the mainstream consumer groups, through their own consumer experience in Taobao, the product information to share a single sun, and evaluation scores. At the same time, in a single page, will also be attached to the purchase of the goods.

in addition, the APP also includes various websites and promotional information, in cooperation with the brand manufacturers, providing some exclusive promotions for users.

officially launched from 2013 to March this year, "Mom to buy" has accumulated hundreds of people "Master" team, users reached 600 thousand people, the 80% shopping goods from the Alibaba owned by Taobao and Tmall, only a small part from Jingdong, Amazon, shop etc..


and diversion site of the same model, the company is the most profitable model is also the commission model, that is, when the user to buy the recommended products, the company will get a certain percentage from the seller. From the current information about the mother’s goods, the mother is worth to buy, the price of most customers in the following 100 yuan.

was founded in 2010, what is worth buying is to evaluate, recommend as a shopping guide mode, is different, what is worth buying the category is very rich, including cosmetics, clothing, shoes, baby products, technology products etc.. In addition, what is worth buying at present more inclined to diversion of sea Amoy products.

"week clothes" APP – copy star wardrobe? to cut the hand of the party who is the biggest surprise star of the same paragraph, "clothing week" is the use of this market demand independently developed, and earlier this year was officially launched.

the core functionality of the APP is collecting the major stars photos with in the same paragraph of goods, usually is the first link in the original brand, different price range, evaluation items with high, quality good rest link selected by the operations team in Taobao or Tmall., from the current point of view, these commodity price is low.


it is reported that at this stage, Zhou clothing is the most important mode of profit commission mode, through the guidance of the user to complete the consumer, which was

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