Ali was SEC survey double eleven data share prices fell

NetEase Francisco May 26th news, Alibaba on Wednesday submitted 20F annual report disclosed in the documents, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating the company’s accounting behavior, in order to check the practice is a violation of American law. The specific contents of the survey include the behavior of consolidated statements, the compliance of related party transactions, and the authenticity of the data of "eleven" shopping festival. Ali said the company took the initiative to cooperate with SEC, to provide documents with the investigation, and the investigation does not mean that there is an illegal behavior.

Barron’s published an article in September 2015 questioned the number of users and per capita consumption data Alibaba. Alibaba had published an article rebuttal. In October 2015, analysts Pacific Square said that the Alibaba did not fully disclose the large investment information, accused Ali sometimes use complex investment holding rookie network company, and will not bring these losses recorded in the balance sheet. In 2016, the well-known short Zhechanuosi of Alibaba logistics operation cost statistics also issued a similar question, and express oneself in short the shares of the company.

Alibaba today closed at $75.57, down $5.43, down 6.70%. The stock was down 8.1% intraday, the recent stock price to support the breakdown of the moving average of the day, approaching the 200 day moving average of 50. Alibaba shares in January 29, 2015 recorded the largest single day decline, when the world fell 8.8%.

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