By 7 ~ 17, fresh electricity supplier how to create a shopping section and eat

even if you only need a reason to buy and buy, they are willing to create thousands of.

sold only 7.17 yuan for peanut candy, priced at $717 juice machine, equivalent to the usual price of seventy percent off yogurt machine…… These prices with 7· 17 related "chowhound welfare" in July 17th appeared in the kitchen "bazaar" channel.

this just trying to make a transition electricity supplier near start-up companies, by July 17th homonym for "eat", do three days of "717- Chi Li" chowhound day. The activity started ten days ago, the circle of friends began to spread from the 200 yuan red kitchen, at midnight on July 16th, the brewing for more than a week shopping desire, poured in the "minutes seconds empty" under the kitchen market.

today, "7· 17 big promotion has been in the past several days, the kitchen office is still in a state of full customer service, a few full-time service girl was already in the office lianzhouzhuan ten days, and expedite orders and deal with the issue of phone is hit in Everfount.

in the kitchen prominently hung out of the home page page


July is a special month, not what the holidays, "neither new nor the holidays," with CXS founder Wang’s words, "we choose this day, is to give the industry a debut, tell the whole industry and users, we also do business."

choose this time to promote the electricity supplier is not just a kitchen.

if the "kitchen 717 market" the purpose is to let more users know in their own selling things, such as the original life network, every day, to this kind of fresh fruit orchard fresh, this invariably take advantage of "7· 17" promotions, even Haier, this and "eat" unrelated business also joined in, is reminiscent of "6· 18", "double 11" of this kind is made from scratch, the electricity supplier network shopping festival.

the origin of things is a "go home to eat" campaign

under the kitchen "market" has been launched more than half the time, when asked why choose "7· 17" instead of "5· 17 (I eat)" and "7· 27 (eat)", such as the time to do the activities of Wang Xusheng said, "by fresh electricity suppliers have been inspired life."

last year, we took part in the life of the ‘go home to eat’ Union, Wang Xusheng told curiosity daily, but it was not to participate in the electricity supplier’s identity."

"go home for dinner"

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