The competitive advantage of small and medium sized e-commerce enterprises

has been in the small B2C e-commerce enterprises in a relatively awkward and confused situation, neither Jingdong like VANCL, as the big companies to burn smashing advertising, brand culture, market share, there is no traditional retail tycoon as congenital brand capital, do not have their own products and more factories. Not like Taobao, pat that users of low cost and flexibility. So, in the era of rapid development of e-commerce, small and medium enterprises in the direction of development, compared to large enterprises, where is the core competitiveness?

just recently in a small and medium-sized e-commerce platform operation, mainly engaged in daily life activities of the online retail, a completely rely on product agent platform, will be how to develop their own ideas to enter the market, the customer base of small and medium enterprises? Less capital, small scale, therefore, according to the local market can a city of millions of families in the family culture into our loyal customers, believe the enterprise also can very good development.

local market, from the customer’s point of view, has the following advantages:

1: to meet the needs of user timeliness

large mall although many user groups, but the delivery speed is relatively slow, I have bought goods from Jingdong, Dangdang and other shopping malls, generally fast 3.4 days, slow is 5.6 days. For daily necessities, they obviously have no advantage, if for the local market, then the general day can be delivered to the user, to meet the customer’s requirements for time. In particular, like vegetables and some daily necessities, the user needs more timeliness, small and medium enterprises, of course, have a unique advantage.

2: to meet the needs of the user’s sense of trust

e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, but many users still have thousands of miles away from the shop in question, the local enterprise is different, have a good survey, even through oral consulting several colleagues and friends, can understand the strength of enterprises and credit, it is easy for users to get to the enterprise and the trust platform sense.

3: to meet the needs of users at low cost

is also a commodity, a user from the shop to buy and buy the supermarket, not only is the difference in price, with time cost, for the busy urban white-collar workers, save time and energy to go shopping in the supermarket after work, is also a good thing.

4: to meet the needs of customer service

online shopping users were most worried about the quality of the products, the customer service service is very important, return, replacement, the disadvantages of online shopping, e-commerce enterprises in the local terms, a few hours can be handled, can relieve the user of customer service service concerns.

local market, from their own perspective, also have great advantages, mainly reflected in the simplicity of marketing, promotion of a local enterprise in the mainland, the marketing work will be much easier, whenever and wherever possible. "